The spy who exposed Zionists’ plan to invade Iraq

Katherine Gun worked at the British intelligence agency when she discovered a memo from America’s National Security Agency (NSA), which she used in her attempt to stop the US invasion of Iraq and as a result was fired from her job and prosecuted by the British government. The memo described an effort by NSA to wiretap offices, home phones and intercept mail – in order to blackmail six members of the United Nation Security Council, whom the Bush Zionist administration expected not to vote in favour of invading Iraq. However, in February 2004 – The British government dropped all the charges against Katherine Gun. During the same month, former British cabinet minister, Clare Short, said that UK spied on UN secretary general Kofi Annan.

On March 19, Katherine Gun testified before British lawmakers, asking them to commit to a full public into the decision to invade Iraq, saying: “What we were being asked was to politicize intelligence, and we subsequently found out that policy was being fixed around intelligence.”

Iraqi occupation which was carried out for America’s thirst for oil and its imperialist links with the Zionist entity – has cost to the taxpayers’ over US$1,000 billion so far and according to The Washington Post – it could go as high as US$3 trillion + (the amount of USAID to Israel since 1960s).

Since the US lead war on Iraq bsaed on American, British and Israeli spy agencies’ false information on so-called “Saddam WMDs” – the US casualties in Iraq – are 4262 dead and over 100,000 wounded – and the major benefiary of this horrible cost is not the Americans but Israel. The oldest Jewish daily FORWARD on May 28, 2004 reported Former US Chief of Central Command, Gen. Anthony Zinni as saying on “60 Minutes”: “The neoconservatives’ role in pushing the war for Israel’s benefit was the worst-kept secret in Washington.”

Marcia Mitchell’s article “The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War” is worth reading.


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