10,000 Ugandan insurgents in Iraq

“The Iraq opportunity brings in about US$90 million, whereas our chief export, which is coffee, brings in around US$60 to US$70 million a year,” – Mwesigwa Rukutana, former state miniter for labour, employment and industrial relations, who is currently minister of higher education.

According to the reputed media organ, The Christian Science Monitor, in its March 6, 2009 issue reported that there are more than 10,000 Ugandans serving in occupied Iraq as private military recruits. Since the invasion in 2003, the US Department of Defense has doled out contracts worth estimated US$100 billion to private firms. One dollar out of every five dollars the US spend on war in Iraq – ends up in the pockets of these private firms.

When someone mentions Uganda – the country reminds me of Black slavery, Theodor Herzl, Entebbe hijacking fiasco (Israeli thugs call it “Operation Thunderbolt”), Lake Victoria, and of course Dada Idi Amin.

Rabbi Dr. Marc Lee Raphael in his book Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History wrote that Jews played a disproportionate role in the African slave trade – from shipping, selling and owning the African slaves. According to one survey noted by Jewish scholars Lee Soltov and Ira Rosenwaike, 75% of Jewish households surveyed in American south owned slaves, more than double the average 36% for all southern households.

British government offered Theodor Herzl (d. 1904) its African colony of Uganda – for European Jews to settle there and establish a ‘Jewish State’. Herzl agreed but he was opposed by Russian Jewish leader, Chaim Weizman (first president of Israel in 1948), though himself an atheist but wanted British colony of Palestine on religious ground to fool the Jewish majority and the West. the Orthodox Jewish leaders did not with idea of a Jewish state before the arrival of Hashem, whom they bleived to lead the world Jewry to Palestine. They feared that if they began to desire their own state – it will lead to more Jew hatred – which was almost zero as compared to ‘anti-Semitism’ in the West.

On October 9, 1962, when British Raj awarded independence to it former colony of Uganda, its British-trained prime minister, Milton Obote, declared himself the president of the country in 1966. It was Obote who promoted Idi amin to the rank of deputy commander of country’s Air Force amd Army in 1964. Idi Amin took his paratrooper training in Israel and cultivated friendship with General Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir. Idi Amin (d. 2003)was son of a Muslim farmer and an animist mother, who like Barack Obama’s parents – seperated after Amin’s birth in 1925. On January 25, 1971 – while Obote was attending the Commonwealth conference in Singapore, Idi Amin staged a military coup with help of Israel. Israel and Britain were the first two countries to recognize Idi amin’s government. Idi Amin’s first state visit to a foreign country as the president of Uganda – was to Israel. However, in 1972 – Idi Amin cut his ties with Israel and started supporting Palestinian resistance. Barbet Schroeder even made a documetary Idi Amin Dada, a bit of character assassination as part of Zionist propaganda.

On June 6, 2007 – BBC reported that a document released by British National Archives – mentions that the 1976 hijacking of an Air France plane which was hijacked in Athens and flown to Entebbe (Uganda), where its 98 pessengers, mostly Israeli Jews, were kept – was carried out Israel’s terrorist arm, Shin Bet, with help its moles in PFLP. The document written on June 30, 1976 by DH. Colvin of Paris embassy, saying: “The operation was designed to torpedo the PLO’s standing in France and to prevent what they (Israeli) see as growing rapprochement between the PLO and American.” While Idi Amin oppered to negotiate with the hijackers, the Israeli Air Force stormed Entebbe airport and destroyed some of Uganda’s old-fashioned Air Force planes; rescued the so-called “hostages” after killing all Israeli moles including sacrifying three Israeli Jews and one Israeli commander, Yonaton Netanyahu, brother of current Israeli prime minister, Bibi Netanyahu.

The Lake Victoria is one of major tourist attraction in Africa. Lake Victoria is the main reservoir of Nile River and also the largest lake in Africa. It’s located in Uganda and Tanzania with a small part extending to Kenya. Lake Victoria is 210 miles long and from east to west 150 mile wide and 270 feet deep.

Uganda has a population of a little over 32 million. Muslims constitute 16% of the total population. There is also a small community of Abayudaya (people of Judah) Jews. These Jews follow the Old Testament and not the Talmud, which is religious book of more than 90% of world’s 13.5 million Jews.

Idi Amin Dada, tried to stop the western exploitation of Uganda by expelling European and Asian settlers – but he was owerpowered by the colonial powers. Since his downfall – situation has gone back to normal – African slavery under another name.


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