Azerbaijan – A ‘democratic dynasty’ and Israel

In the good old days, there were kings, dictators and sultans who ruled the world with iron fist. Now, the West has instutionalized some of those – as it has done to pornography, adultery, drugs, etc. – under more ‘civilized names’. One of the most beat-about is the ‘democratic system’ – which no matter who wins – works for the powerful establishment instead of the people who cast the votes. Take for example the US – no matter whether Democrats or Republicans win – the winner has to dance to the tune of a foreign government – Israel. On the other hand, in Israel, whether Likud makes the multi-party government or the Labor party – both have the same agenda – Holocaust of native Muslims and Christians. Same goes for India (Nehru family), Bangladesh (Mujib family) and Pakistan (Bhutto family).

This ‘democratic bug’ is becoming quite hereditary among several Arab countries. For example, Syria, Egypt, and Libya – where the dictator first becomes ‘life president’ and then appoint his son to be the next president after his death. A similar process is going on currently in Azerbijan.

Azerbaijan’s current president Ilham Aliyev inherited the top post from his father, Gaidar Aliyev (d. 2003), a former Russian KGB general and USSR boss in Azerbaijan. His ‘stamp parliament’ ran a referendum on March 18, 2009 to amend 29 articles of the Constitution and clearing the way for Aliyev to become president for life (originally there is a two-term limit).

Baku and Tel Aviv established close working relations in intelligence sharing and a defensive platform for the Zionist entity in April 1992 – one year after its independence from USSR. Middle East International (October 23, 1992) reported supply of Israeli arms to Azerbaijan via Turkey. Ilya Bourtman writing in Middle East Quarterly (Summer 2006) wrote: “At the heart of Azerbaijan-Israel coperation lies their fear and distrust of Iran. Israel has obvious reasons (??) for distrusting the Islamic Republic……Azerbaijan has more complicated relations with Iran. On one hand Azerbaijan shares historic ties and a religious bond with Shi’ite Iran. For more Azeris live in Iran than in independent Azerbaijan…..Today, Iran and Israel play a cat and mouse game in Azerbaijan. Both has developed vast espionage networks in Azerbaijan. Israeli intelligence maintains surveillance and listening outposts on Azerbaijan border with Iran….”

Last January, Mossad faked a planned attack on Israeli embassy in Baku – and interestingly – instead of blaming Al-Qaeda, as a rule – blamed Hizb’Allah!

The oldest inhabitants of Azerbaijan were of Persian stock. Islam was introduced to the area by the Arabs during the 7th century. In the 11th century, Turkish nomads overran the area. In early 16th century, Azerbaijan was the Turk Safvid dynasty. It was the Safvid rulers who introduced Shai’ism into Persian society. In the 17th century, the Turks were expelled by King Nadir Shah. In the 18th century, Russian hordes invaded the area. Under the Treaty of Turkmenachai of 1828 CE, Azerbaijan was divided between Iran (southern part) and Russia (northern part). During the late half of 19th century, oil was discovered in Azerbaijan and by 1900, the region had become one of world’s leading oil producer. The country was occupied by Ottomans during WW I. Azerbaijan was occupied by Russian Army in 1920 and a Republic of Azerbaijan under communist-rule was established. In 1945 Russia set-up a short-lived Kurdish Republic in western Azerbaijan, but Iranian forces regained the area in 1946-47.

Azerbaijan declared its independence from USSR on October 18, 1991 – but the old communist bosses kept the power in the name of nationalism. Eighty-five percent of country’s population of over 9 millions – is Muslim (75% Shias and 25% Sunnis) – and the rest 15 % Christians. More than twice the country’s population – Azeris live in the neighboring Islamic Republic of Iran. However, like Bengalis in India and Koreans in the South and the North – Azeris are also being kept divided for the interests of forein powers and their local puppet elites.

Azerbaijan’s two trouble spots have been – the Nogoro-Karabakh enclave with sizable Christian Armenian population and Nakhichevan, an Azeri enclave landlocked by Armenian territory.


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