Zio-Hindutva Fascism and “dinga dinga dee”

Last February, India held a five-day international air show in Bangalore – which was attended by 600 armament manufacturers – half of them from foreign countries including the US, Germany, Russia, France, UK, and of course Israel. India with the largest poor population in the world (over 600 million earning less than two dollars a day), plans to spend billions of dollars on military equipment – to protect itself from its small neighbours, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and its local ‘terrorists’, who want independence from Hinduvta Mother India.

All participants brought some samples of their deadly products accompanied by promotional videos and literature. However, Israel’s one of largest arms manufacturer Rafael had something more than the others. As part of Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) – which in addition to Zionist lies – also includes pimping Jewish girls (as IOF did in Maxim magazine) – to attract military recruits and tourists to Israel. (See Rafael video for the Indian customers at the end of this post).

India’s annual military budget is US$32.7 billion and Israel’s is US$13.3 billion (almost half of it paid by the US). As compared to Israel (6 million population), Islamic Iran’s military budget stands at US$4.8 billion with a population of over 65 million.

Zionist entity is world’s fifth top merchant of WMDs (over US$1000 billion annual industry) – after the US, Russia, UK, and France. It has become India\’s No.1 arms supplier with US$1 billion annual sale for the last two years.

defense supplier to India after breaking US$ 1 billion mark in new contracts signed annually over the past two years.


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