Washington woos Tehran

Tehran has accepted Hilary Clinton’s invition (extended on March 6 in Brussels) to attend the US-sponsored conference on Afghanistan to be held on March 30, 2009. Tehran’s decision was also welcomed by Spanta, Karzai’s foreign minister, saying: “We are much eager to see a more active role by Iran in regional policies.”

This shows Washington’s realization that after 30-year of economic sanctions, occupying two of its neighbouring Muslim countries to stop spread of Islamic Revolution, threatening military strikes in defense of Israel and bent on stopping Iran ushering into the industrized world by targeting its nuclear energy sector – Islamic Iran has emerged both regionally and internationally stronger than at the start of Bush Zionist administration in 2001. Tehran has not only established good relations with American puppet-regimes in both Iraq and Afghanistan – It has also culivated a strong alliance with Islamic Resistance groups in Lebanon and occupied Palestine.

It’s such US overtures which scares the Zionist entity the most – not a nuclear Iran – because Tel Aviv fears the day when US administration realize that a friendship with Tehran is indespensble for its colonial interests in the region, which are threatened by Washington’s blind support for the disloyal Zionist entity.

Sadegh Zibakalam in his article Overtures toward Iran in which he throws several questions, which the Iranian leadership and all supporters of Islamic Revolution around the world must consider before trusting Hussein Obama – who is surrounded by the largest number of pro-Israeli senior officials in US history and his Chief of Staff even is an ex. Israel Occupation Force (IOF) officer.

“Does this really mean that the US has adopted an entirely new approach toward Iran? Are we to assume that the long-held strategy according to which “Washington will not tolerate a nuclear Iran” has ceased to exist and the US has succumbed to a nuclear Iran? Is Iran indeed no longer asked to stop “supporting international terrorism” before it can be allowed into the international community?”

The reality on ground is that during the last two months in the White House – Obama has proved without any shadow of doubt that as far as Israel and the rest of Muslim world is concerned – his foreign policy would not be much different than Dubya Bush. Personally, I believe after failing in bullying Tehran – now USrael has decided in favour of “the soft regime change” by buying the loyalties of the so-called “Reformists” within Iranian clergy, politicians, bazaris and secularists – by throwing some ‘friendly gestures’. Fortunately, the person who hold the real power in Islamic Iran, Rahbar Ayatullah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, is aware of this “soft Zionist coup”. He told the visiting American puppet, Pakistan’s president Asif Ali Zardari, last week:

“The presence or influence of Americans in any country only complicates issues and create more problems.”


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