Did Muslims hate the Jews?

“And there are, certainly, among the People of Book (Torah and Injil), those who blieve in Allah, and that which has been revealed to you and in that what has been revealed to them – humbling themselves before Allah; They will not sell the Revelation of Allah for a miserable gain! For them is a reward which their Lord, and Allah is swift in account,” Holy Qur’an 3:199

“Of all the women in all the worlds – the best ones’ are Asiyya, the wife of Pharaoh who rescued baby Moses from the river Nile – Maryam (Mary), the daughter of Imran and mother of Jesus – Khadija bint Khuwaylid, the first and the only wife of the Prophet (pbuh) for 25 years and mother of all his surviving children – and Fatima, the youngest daughter of the Prophet (pbuh),” – Hadith.

“At a time when most western Orientalist took Muhammad for scheming imposter, equated Islam with fanatiscism, thought that the Qur’an was a crude and incoherent text, and believed that the Arabs were incapable of abstract thought, a growing number of Jewish scholars often took opposite positions. They accepted the sincerity of Muhammad’s mission, described Arabs as “Jews on horseback” and Islam as evolving faith that was more democratic than other religions and debunked Orientalists claims about a static Islam and a dynamic West. It appears that these Jews were anti-Orientalists long before Edward Said (a Christian Orientalist),” – Professor M. Shahid Alam, Norteastern University, Boston.

When the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) emigrated to Yasrib (Medinah) in 623 CE – he expected the Banu Israel tribes of the area to accept him the prophet mentioned in the Torah – but the Rabbis (Resh Galut) were expecting “The Promised One” to be descendent of prophet Isac and not that of prophet Ishmail. The powerful tribal chiefs of Banu Mustaliq and Banu Nadir – even after admitting in privacy that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the one the Banu Israel have been waiting for – not only tried to kill him on several occasions – but also helped the enemies of the new faith to eradicate it from Arabia.

However, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not take revenge from the families of those criminal leaders or the ordinary members of those tribes. To show his tolerance and mercy toward these tribes – the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) married Barra (Juwayriyya) bint al-Harith 20, daughter of al-Harith, Chief of Banu Mustaliq in 628 CE. The Prophet (pbuh) also married widowed daughter of Huyayy ibn Akhtab, Chief of Banu Nadir – Safiyya bint Huyayy 17, in 630 CE after the Yahud tribes were defeated in the battle of Khaybar. Safiyya was the direct descendent of prophet Harun (as), the brother of prophet Moses (as).

Under Muslim rule – for the first time since the Babylonian destruction of two Israelite kingdoms of Judea and Israel (586 BC) – the Yahud could model their lives after the Torah and do it legitimately, supported by the public laws of the state where they reside. It was the first time that a non-Israelite state put its executive power at the service of rabbanic court. For the first time, the state institutions took the responsibility to protect Israelite minority rights and declared to use all power at its diposal to do so – against both Muslims and non-Muslim citizens.

After centuries of persecution at the hands of Greeks, Romans and Christian Byzantine – the Jews, for the first time, were able to develop their Hebrew language and culture and enter into the circle of power – becoming ministers, advisers, and physians to the Khalifahs. It was under Muslim rule that Hebrew got its first grammer, and the Torah its most highly developed Jurisdiction. Hebrew found its first philosopher, Musa ibn Maymun – and its first mystical thinker, Ibn Gabirol. Cordoba’s ruler al-Rahman III, appointed a Jew by the name Hasdai ben Shapirut, his prime minister.

Under Ottoman empire – Jews were treated with Islmic tolerance and some of them became favorites of Sultans.  The only case of Turk intolerance recorded – is in 1666 CE when Sebbatai Sevi proclaimed himself to the “Promised Jewis Messaih”. For fear of his life, Sebbatai converted to Islam on surfce. There are several hundreds of thousands of Sebbatai followers in Kemalist Turkey, some of whom have held very high military and political positions since General Kemal Pasha abolished Turk Khilaphat.

Norman Gershman, a Jewish photographer, during his five-year research BESA:Muslims Who Saved Jews During Holocaust, contrary to Zionists’ propaganda – found out that many Muslims, as individuals, put their lives in great danger to save Jews, who otherwise had died due to indifference of world Zionist organizations. A documentary based on his research is expected to be released this year. So far 70 Muslims have been honored by Yad Vesham, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem for sving Jewish lives during the Nazi era.

“I believe that the stories of Albanian religious tolerance left a legacy that runs in the face of stereotyped portryal of Muslims….My message to the western world is that there are so many good people in the world and so many of them are Muslims….I defy if anyone sees my pictures, especially in the West, and say that these people are militants or supporters of violence….Islam is not what many westerners think. To me Islam is poetry, is science, is to be with the divine. Islam is beauty,” – said Gershman.

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, one of the first ten women rabbis in the history of Judaism – visited Islamic Iran in May 2008. She was interviewed by Iranian daily Tehran Times in which she said:

“It’s important to remember that Islamic world has sheltered the Jewish people throughout our long history……For the last 41 years I have been working constantly on raising up, in my own community and in the Christian community in the United States, the desire of Palestinians for national sovereignty in their own land – and calling for an end to Israel’s military occupation of Palestine as the only way that will allow peaceful negotiations and settlement between our peoples.”

The “Jew-hating” has been part of the Christian West’s culture for many centuries. It only entered the Muslim world when Europe’s unwanted Jews began emigrating to British occupied Palestine in the 1930s. The past history tells us that while Jewish communities were expelled from almost every European Christian country – such thing never happened in Muslim countries untill the creation of Zionist entity in 1948.

Furthermore, “Jew-hating” is not “antisemitism” – as the great majority of Jews are not Semites (Israelites), but Asiatic Turks, who converted to Judaism during the 10th century. There are 100- times more Semite people among the Arabs than the in the entire world Jewry of 13.5 million. Anti-Semitism, like Jewish Holocaust – is used by Zionists to silence any criticism of illegal Jewish occupation of Arab Palestine or the anti-Judiac Zionism. If one study the writing of Zionist leaders like Theodor Herzl, Ben Gurion, Lenni Brenner, Chaim Kaplan, Chaim Weizmann, Ari Shavat, Abba Eban, Kaufman, and many others – one will find more anti-Semitism in them than all the so-called “Islamists” put together.


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