Albania – World’s First Atheist State

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is not worried about Wall Street Zionist thugs sucking over US$800 billion from American taxpayers (51 million of whom cannot afford proper medicare) – has warned Albanian government of prime minister Sali Berisha not to increase salaries and pensions ahead of coming general election on June 28, 2009.

Like Turkey, Albania being a Muslim-majority country – is kept at a bay by the ‘Christian only’ European Union (EU) – but that did not stop EU using 4 million Albaians as its consumers. EU is the biggest trading partner of Albania. In 2007, EU exported US$1.8 billion worth of goods to Albania and imported US$0.6 billion worth of goods.

Like Palestinians – half of seven million ethnic Albanians have been forced to live outside of their ancestral land – in Republic of Kosova (2 million), Greece, Macedonia (900,000) and other European countries.

Terrified by the mere thought of Europe’s first independent Muslim nation-state emerging out of the ashes of Ottoman Empire – some of the Allied Powers wanted to dismember Albania (formerly a Wilayet of Ottoman empire, during 1455-1912) and divide it between the Serbs and Greeks after WW I. However, it was US president Woodrow Wilson who voted against this division in the Paris Peace Conference. However, the other Albanian dominated (90%) Ottoman Wilayet of Kosova was not merged with Albania – but handed over to Communist Yugoslavia under Marshal Tito. Albania was admitted to the League of Nations until it was occupied by Italy in 1939 CE followed by Germany in 1943 CE.

After the German forces retreated in 1944, the Communist National Liberation Front took control of the country on November 29, 1944. Its leader Enver Hoxha (d. 1985), a Soveit stooge – abolished all Islamic institutions and proclaimed Albania “the first Atheist State in the world”. Since 1990s, the absolute restrictions on religious practices in public have been relaxed to some extent and as a result Islam and Christianity are slowly re-emerging in Albanian society.

Albania, Kosova and Macedonia are all victims of America’s oil greed . Since 1993, US military has been using Albanian military base Perlat, 35 mile southwest of Tirana. A small numbers of Albanian soldiers are also helping US occupation forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Albania recognized Israel in 1949 – but never established diplomatic or trade relations with the Zionist entity until August 21, 1991. Tirana hopes to receive American aid through the help of the Jewish Lobby. The other Muslim nation-states under Communist rule have diplomatic relations with Zionist entity – are Chad, Gambia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

In September 2006 – Tirana hired former Secretary of US Homeland Security, Tom Ridge (a Zionist who has close links with Jewish Lobby) as its lobbyist for US$480,000 one year contract to get Albania join NATO. When Tom retired, Bush gave the post to a dual citizen Jew, Michael Chertoff, who during 9/11 attacks, as Head of the Terrorism Task Force, let several Israelis arrested for allegedly involved in 9/11 released and got them deported to Israel. Obama’s appointee as Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, is not only Jewish but her picture can be seen on the cover of Lesbian magazine – Sort of hiring a terrorist to catch another terrorist!!

According to Israeli daily Ha’aretz, about 300 Jews lived in Albania until the collapse of communist rule in 1990 but most have emigrated to the US and Israel since then. On January 17, 2007 – Israel lobby group Anti-Defamation League (ADL) presented its “Courage to Care Award”,   posthumously, to two Albanian Muslims, Mefail and Njazi Bicaku – for saving 26 Jews from Nazis. Albania was the only European country where the local and foreign Jews were protected from Nazi/Zionist thugs by the local Muslims and Christians.

It were Ottomans who in the 14th century unified the various ethnic Albanian tribes and feudal lords who were in constant fighting with each other. It was during the nearly 500 years of Ottoman rule that the great majority of Albanian people (Illyrians) entered into Islam – which offered them a way out of the spiritual misery and exploitationthat both of the Christian churches had for centuries afflicted Albanians with. Some Albanian Muslim rose to very high positions in Ottoman military and administration including four Grand Viziers (Prime Ministers).

Albania’s current population of 3.8 million consists of 70% Muslims (80% Hanafis and 20% Bektashi Shias), 20% Orthodox and 10% Roman Catholics.


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