Algeria – From frying pan into fire

Current Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika 72, of ruling National Liberation Front (FLN) like the other Muslim dictators, is seeking his third five-year presidency term in the coming April 9 elections. Under Algerian Constitution – there was a two-term limit, which was removed by the rubber-stamp parliament a few months ago. The only opposing candidate, maybe, is Algerian National Front (FNA) leader Moussa Touati.

Yesterday, Algerian minister announced the death of 16 Al-Qaeda members at the hands of security forces. Jewish Lobby groups are behind US-Algeria flirting – as they’re behind Save Darfur campaign.

Since 1827 CE, when French colonialists invaded the country and kept under its brutal occupation for the next 135 years – and later under French puppet secularist regimes – Algerian Muslim majority has not been able to live in peace. Like all the other anti-Islam western colonists – French and the Church went in hand and to destroy Algerians’ Islamic identity and culture. First they replaced Arabic with French as the official language – then they targeted Islamic scholars, mosques and the religious schools. All resistances to the colonial rule were savagely put down.

During WW II, both France and Algeria were occupied by Germany. During that period thousands of Muslims were either killed or sent concentration camps for fighting alongside the allies. On May 8, 1945 – a large crowd of Algerian unfurled the Algerian flag to mark the end of WW II celebrations. French colonialist did not like this mational gesture and French troops opened fire on those carrying Algerian flags, killing 40 of them. This barbaric act fueled more Muslim protest rallies all over the country. When it all stopped on May 22, 1945 – known as the Setif Massacre – more than 45,000 Algerians were butchered by French military.

In 1954- two secular resistance groups, the National Liberation Front (FLN) and the National Liberation Army (ALN) were founded. The seven and a half years of independence struggle which followed – resulted in the death of more than 1.5 million Algerian civilians at the hands of French army and armed French settlers. But this genocide could not make to the Holocaust – which happens to be reserved only for the mass death of Jews!!

Since July 3, 1962 – when France ended its colonial rule – the life of Muslim majority has turned to the worse under FLN rule, lead by the so-called “Father of Nation” Muhammad Ahmad Ben Bella (b. 1918). The country was run under one-party dictatorship till 1989, when a multi-party system was allowed. Under the new system, elections were held on December 26, 1991. It was to be a two-round ballot, and the results of the first round – announced on December 30, 1991 – shocked the western leaders. The Algerian voters chose members of Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) over secularist members of FLN. FIS won 188 seats out of the 232 seats of Algerian Parliament. FLN won only 15 seats. The real surprise was that the great majority of the elected FIS members were not only highly educated but 40 of them held PhDs from western universities. The second round was seen as just a formality. It was certain that the FIS would the next ruling party. This was against the interests of France and other groups who were exploiting country’s natural resources. Therefore, a military coup led by Chief of General Staff, Gen. Khalid Nezzar and a series of terrorist and assassinations were carried out against the FIS members. The FIS leadership tried to keep the public under calm – but could not succeed much longer.

Former Algerian prime minister professor Abdelhamid Brahimi (1984-88) spoke against FLN fascism against Algerian Muslims – “Algerian people have been hurt in their dignity since the coup d’etat of January 1992. Mass and arbitrary arrests of innocent people including teachers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, merchants, and students; people sent without trial to internment camps or thrown into prison in inhuman conditions of detention…….”

James Phillips, a paranoid Zionist Middle East expert at the Heritage Foundation wrote in his ‘research’ article November 9, 1995 – “The radical Islamic victory in Algeria would pose significant threats to US interests (Israel and the puppet Arab regimes) in North Africa, Middle East and the Muslim world generally….. In the worse scenario a radical Islamic Algeria could become another Iran”

Israel collaborated with France during Algeria’s war of liberation (1954-1962) and voted against Algeria’s membership in the UN. Algerian president AbdelazizBouteflika met Zionit prime minister General Ehud Barak at King Hassan II’s funeral in Morocco on July 25, 1999 – and discussed Algeria-Israel relations. Jewish communities have been livining in Oran and other cities since late 14th century. After WW II – a  great majority of Jews migrated to Israel (1948) and later to France (1962) after the end of French colonial rule. In 2000, there were 400 Jewish families in Oran – and currently none.

Arabs introduced Islam to Algeria’s indigenous tribes, called ‘Berbers’ by the Romans – during early 8th century. The current population of Algeria is estimated to be a little over 35 million (99% Muslims). The country has sizeable natural resources of crude oil, natural gas, iron ore, phosphate, lead, zinc, mercury and Uranium.


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