Yemen – Mossad and Al-Qaeda

In October, 2008 – Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh said that security forces has arrested a group of so-called “Islamic militants” linked to Israeli intelligence – Mossad.

The Zionist entity is always involved in foreign invasions and local civil war in Muslim nation-states. It was also involved in Yemen during civil war to keep Egyptian army traped there.

According to Israeli daily Ha’aretz , December 15, 2008 – former Yemeni president, Abdul Rahman Yahya Al-Iryani was a “Trainee Rabbi”. He was a Jewish orphan by the name Zekharia Hadad, who was raised as a Muslim by his foster Muslim parents. According to the same article – Israeli Prime minister Levi Eshkol approved the campaign to assist the royalists in Yemen. The task of coordinating the connection with them was given to David Karon, the head of the Middle East department in the Tevel (Cosmos) section of the Mossad which had several agents in Yemen, whose goal was to gather information about the Egyptian army there.

In 2000, USS Cole while refueling in Yemen – was attacked by a boat filled with explosives. The US and Israel immediately blamed Al-Qaeda for the attack.

USrael’s No.1 bogeyman, Osma Bin Laden’s family has Yemenite roots too!

According to Jewish sources – there were over 5000 Jews living in Yemen before West’s creation of Israel in 1948. Now only 400 Jews live in Yemen while the rest have migrated to Israel.

Yemen (Sabah) could be as old as Egypt and Palestine. Holy Qur’an in Verse 27:20-46 mentions the story of prophet Suleman (Solomon) and Queen Bilqis of Sheba, who accepted the Abrahamic faith and married King Solomon.

The majority of over 18 million population of Yemen belongs to Zaidi Shia sect (it’s the closet Shia sect to the Sunni sects). The Southern Yemen has Sunni majority, while the Northern Yemen is almost entirely Zaidis. Some Yemeni tribes accepted Islam during the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) lif-time. Yemen was part of Umayyad and Abbasid Khilafahs. During the 10th century, Zaidi Imami rule was established in Northern Yemen.

Yemen became a member of Arab League in 1945 and the United Nations in 1947. In 1962, army staged a military coup and declared a Yemen Arab Republic. Civil war ensued between royalist forces, supported by Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel – and the republicans were supported by Egyptian military. After several decades of internal fightings – On May 21, 1994, independence of the new Democratic Republic of Yemen was declared with Aden as its capital.

Oil, natural gas, fish, rock salt and small deposits of copper and coal make country’s natural resources.


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