Bangladesh – ‘Hinduized’ via Bangla language

Last December, the Urdu-speaking Muslims living in Bangladesh were given the right to vote since the separation of Eastern wing of Pakistan by local majority party, Awami League leader Sheikh Mujibur Rehman (killed in a military coup in 1975) under Hindu tanks in 1971. He named the former East Pakistan province – Bangladesh or “Bangla country” (borrowing the Zionists’ concept of Palestine for “Jewish people” only). Mujib declared Hindu religious days as ‘national holidays’ and used to attend all Hindu festivals personally.

An unbaised reader of Indian sub-Continent will find that under British occupation of India – both Bangla and Urdu languages were turned into sort of racist cult – with the differnce that while Urdu-speaking conmmunities based their identities both on Islam and language – the Bangla-speaking communities have no religious bariers – Muslims, Hindus and Buddhist are all considered part of the same ‘Bangla Brotherhood’ as long as they speak Bangla and are born in India’s West Bangal or Bangladesh. In order to abolish such racism – based on language or birth land – which is against Islamic teachings – Quaid-e-Azam (a Gujrati-speaking Muslim) declared Urdu as Pakistan’s official language, though the majority of Pakistani population in 1947, was Bangla-speaking. However, after February 21, 1952 language riots at Dhaka University resulting in the death of three students – Bangla language was made into ‘lanuage Holocaust’.

There are 160 million Bangla-speaking population (82% Muslims, 16% Hindus and the rest Christians and Buddhists) – while India has more than 75 million Bangla-speaking population in West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, and state of Jharkhand. Some Indian leaders suggested to Mujib that if he could get a divorce from Pakistan – India maybe willing to let its province of West Bangal merge with Bangladesh – in order to unite the two Bangals, which the All India National Congress fought to get divided fearing being a Muslim-majority province under British Raj – its people may prefer to join the newly created Pakistan.

Persian was the official language during the Mughal Empire in Hindustan. During that period, Urdu (meaning army in Persian) was evolved out of Arabic, Persian and Turkish speaking Muslims who established Muslim rule in Indian sub-Continent. A great number of Urdu words became part of Bangla grammar. It was William Carey (1761-1834), an English missionary, who Sanskritized Bangla language between 1800 and 1813 with the help of Brahimin intellectuals. British imperialists made it compulsary for Muslims to learn this Sanskritized Bangla language to join government services. The Christian-Hindu agenda was to convert the former Muslim ruling class into tailors, boatment, peasants and rickshawalas . After division of India into two sovereign states, the anti-Muslim Hindu elites in India – went for the big kill – to Hinduized Muslims via Bangla language. However, their hatred of Bangla language is obvious from the fact that while Bangla is official language of Bangladseh – 75 million Bangla-speaking Indian citizens (25% Muslims) in West Bengal – have failed to get Bangla to be recognized as one of the state languages of India. In fact, New Delhi has refused to issue a postage stamp with Bangla script on it.

The Hindu crusaders believe that by Sanskritizing Bangla language they will be able to de-Islamize Bangla population. There is no shortage of ‘Islamophobes’ on both sides – Sufia Kamal, Nilima Ibrahim, Ali Ahsan, Shamsur Rahman, Kabir Chaudhry (Minister of Education under Mujib) and Kudrate-e Khoda (communist Chairman of the Bangladesh Education Commission) to name a few. Bangla Islamists were mostly killed by the thugs of pro-India  Rakshi Bahini militia. Islamic academic in Universities were replaced by Mujib’s trusties, the Tagorites, the anarchists and the communists. Muslim history books were polluted with Hindu ones. The literary works of anti-Islam Hindu writers such as Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), Samar Sen (1916-1987) and Sri Krishna-Kirtan instead of Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899-1976) or Abdul Kadi (1906-1984) – have become part of Bangla literature in Universities.

Some of the Islamic terminoloy purged from school textbooks included Allah, Rasul, Nabi, Hajj, Wudu, Azan, Mu’azin, Ka’aba, Jihad, etc. etc.

It’s interesting to note that All India Muslim League was born in Dhaka in 1906 – and the “Pakistan Resolution” that called for the creation of an independent Muslim State in Indian sub-Continent – was proposed by A.K. Fazlul Haq, a Bangla leader on March 23, 1940.

The current prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina Wajed is the daughter of slain ‘Father of the Nation’ Sheikh Mujibur Rehman – and the only member of the family not killed in 1975 military coup for being out of country (in India).

And finally, here is a ‘conspiracy theory’ by a paranoid Hindu Zionist – who believe that Pakistan (ISI) and Bangladesh (DGFI) intelligence services are planning to split India by linking the two Muslim-majority countries through a northern corridor in India and naming it  Mughalistan. As usual, the ignorant Zionist creep don’t want to admit that the Mughal Muslim dynasty ruled the entire Indian sub-continent and the present-day Afghanistan for several centuries.


10 responses to “Bangladesh – ‘Hinduized’ via Bangla language

  1. “However, their hatred of Bangla language is obvious from the fact that while Bangla is official language of Bangladseh – 75 million Bangla-speaking Indian citizens (25% Muslims) in West Bengal – have failed to get Bangla to be recognized as one of the state languages of India.”


    Bangla is the official language of West Bengal. So it is an official state language in that province.

    As for national language, it isn’t a national language because only 75 million out of more than a billion Indians speak Bangla. That’s around 7%. 🙂

    Also, I love how all South Asian Muslims claim they’re being Hinduized, and all South Asian Hindus claim they’re being Islamicized. Everyone’s a victim. Talk about inferiority complexes. 🙂 Clearly, Muslim-dominated Bangladesh is secretly controlled by Hindus, just as Hindu-dominated India is secretly controlled by Muslims. What nonsense!

  2. First let me congratulate you on your ignorance of Indian sub-continent plus your stupidity of being sacastic.

    Bangla is not an official language in any state where Bangla communities live.

    The only other south Asian country which has Hindu majority – is Nepal and it’s the only country in the world where Hunduism is the official religion. There are Hindu minorities in Muslim-majority Malaysia and Indonesia – but none of complain being converted to Islam – because those two countries are governed by secularists.

    In India – Pro-Israel facist political parties like BJP have governments at the center and provincial levels. The leaders of these political parties have records of having ‘brotherly’ relations with Zionazi state of Israel, which has trained them in terrorism, which we saw in Mumbai last year and a few days ago in Lahore.

    Finally, judge your own nonsense from the link below:

  3. I have just read one of the strangest blog ever.

    I am a Bangladeshi, and I have been involved with islamic politics here for several years. The writer of this blog has been imagining and daydreaming while have a unreasonable hatred toward Bangla.

    Most of the people of Bangladesh is pro-islamic, peaceful and friendly. They are not extreme or violent like some other muslim countries.

    The language of Bangla is blessed with great islamic heritage and traditions. I have noticed many hindus also frequently use islamic terms like imaan, Allah, dua, takdir etc. We all acknowledge that both hindu and muslim writers have contributed to our literature and few people think about the religion of the writers.

    Bangla boast great amount of islamic literary works. Almost all the tafsir, hadith and fikah works of islam has bangla translations. Even the leftist writers now a days use islamic words instead of sangscrit words. Anyway, we dont think using sangscrit words will de-islamize Bangla. Every language is the creation of Allah. One can write islamic writings in Sangscrit also, as many Bangla writers have wrote quality islamic writings prolificly using sangscrit words in Bangla.

  4. I would like you to keep visiting this “strangest blog” to learn more about what is not written in the Jewish controlled western mass media.

    Now your being a “Bengali” – I can say that I have met hundreds of Zionist propagandist on internet – pretending to be Muslims from all over the world – but their little knowledge or name-calling exposes them as being Jewish Talmudic-educated bigots.

    Now if you read my post with open eyes – it doesn’t say that Bangladeshi Muslims are not good Muslims. What it exposes is the Hindunization of a Muslim society by Bangla language which idolizes Hindu culture; Hindu poets and Hindu heroes.

    I, too, lived in East Pakistan and know what wrote here. I also worked as an activist with Jamait-e-Islami and Nizam-e-Islam party.

  5. I don’t want to know where Bangla came from! I just know that when I was born, I learnt Bangla. Unless my parents are also involved in any of your ‘conspiracy theories’, I don’t have any problem speaking Bangla.

    The fact is, no matter where it came from, it’s my mother tongue. I love it no matter what. Suppose, if you come to know now that your grandfather was a jew, does it necessarily mean that you have to hate your mom for that????

    Give the answer to yourself.

    • When I lived in Dhakka in 1960s – there were no bangla speaking Jews in Dhakka. Which year your Jewish mother put you for adoption in Bangladesh?

  6. I am Bangladeshi. when we were in school most of us saw left-leaning teachers create cult-like outlook around the Bangla language. some students digested so much of that, that many of them grew up to imagine the 1971 war was “because of language”. although your column has some inconsistencies, it is not necessarily “strange”. most Bangladeshis will find that their grandparents who were educated during the British era were adept at Urdu and/or Farsi beside their mother tongue Bangla. maybe the conjoining of BD and PAK in 1947 was an absolute blow to our Muslim heritage. here is a hint of how an alien culture has gripped our historical Bangali-Musalman culture: i would like to ask you (since you say you lived BD) what is the difference between the various dialects of informal bangla in BD compared to the “book bangla”?

    • Bangla which is written in Sanskrit dialect -became a uniting force between the anti-non-Bangalis and anti-Pakistan Hidutva facists. Before the British Raj, Bangla was written in Persian (Urdu) dialect. I found some old books in Dacca University.

      Yes I lived in Motijheel during 1967-69 as Mechanical Construction Engineer for the new head office of State Bank of Pakistan (now State Bank of Bangladesh). During my stay, I found so much racism among the Bangalis and Bihari Muslims that I could not believe that All India Muslim League could have been established by Bangali leaders, such as, Khawaja Nazimuddin and Ahmad Isfahani.

      • I think “book Bangla” is highly Sanskritized even when compared to the divisional and district spoken dialects in Bangladesh. this “book Bangla” was developed by the Hindu Bhadralok classes and importing that has had profound negative effect on the overall degree of perceived “Bangali-ness” of Muslims, i.e. a trend started that someone is perceived to be more “Bangali” if he or she adopts a more Hindu-leaning culture. i respect and cherish long existing heritage and culture of all communities of the world. and only in line with that do I believe Bangali Musalman identity is endangered.

        I am very free thinking and i try to learn about the roots and originality of many cultures. however i know the least about my own roots. please give me links or references where I can know more about Bengali written in Persian script

        And I believe that there were racist sentiments during that time. and they possibly arose out of short lived political sentiments. the majority of present day Bangladeshis are nothing like that. Is it true that Punjabis were also racist back in the day and they still are towards other Muslim ethnicities? but I have heard from my relatives who had jobs in Karachi back then that Karachi people are generally hardworking and pious

  7. Adnandasgir – Every society and religion has racists and bigots among them. So why should some Punjabis be different? Punjabis are hated because they’re the most hardworking people and make the largest group in British India and Pakistan Armed Forces. Bengalis were banned to join the British army with the exception of the airforce, due to their anti-British feelings.

    I don’t agree with your claim that Bengladeshi, in general, are not racists anymore.Even aftter 31 year – the Bengladeshis are still treating their fellow Muslim Beharis as Hindu Dalits.

    For more than 600 years (from 1203-1837 AD) Persian was the state language in Bengal. During this vast period, thousands of books were written in Persian, and hundreds of poets composed their poems in Persian. Copies of these contributions have been preserved in different libraries of Bengal as well as in the subcontinent either in book or manuscript form. From the middle of the 18th century to the end of the 19th century, five to six Persian dailies, including Sultanul Akhbar and Durbeen, were published regularly from Calcutta, suggesting that Persian was a popular language of the region.

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