War on Islamic Revival

The term “War on Terror”, like Al-Qaeda – is a hoax coined by the neo-cons and Zionist Jews in the Bush administration. Since September 11, 2001 – it has been used for looting oil resources within Muslim countries and providing a protective shield for Israel and western puppet regimes. Bush administration kept this hoax alive for eight year, which is now inherited by Obama administeration, which happens to has the largest numbers of pro-Israel Jews and Christians in the history of America.

The politically oriented Muslims have come to conclusion by know that the so-called “War on Terror” is in fact a “War on Islamic Revival”. It’s interesting to note that since WTC tragedy – most of acts of terrorism in America were carried out by Israeli agents – but not reported in the Jewish-controlled mass media.

Abu Dharr (pen name of a senior Islamic movement intellectual) in his February editorial The \”war on terror\” as a cover for squashing Islamic self-determination wrote:

The Israeli Amalek just do not get it. Their military failure in the summer 2006 against Hizb’Allah in Lebanon did not register. Their American supplied weapons have gone to their heads. And now they are not relearning the lesson they failed to learn in Lebanon; and that lesson is: you cannot defeat the up-and-coming Islamic forces of self-determination – Hizb’Allah in Lebanon, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine. The Israeli head is just too hard for this lesson to penetrate. The Islamic self-determination around the Holy Land cannot be eliminated by a Zionist, Talmudic and imperialist technology. And if the Israeli officials will not get it, you can forget about their official American political slaves in Washington getting it!

We are going to take our gloves off, because the mask has fallen. The Zionist military establishment is not fighting for the Jewish people; it never has. It is fighting for the ruling classes in imperialist countries and in the buffer nation-states around them. Some Israeli officials have let the cat out of the bag, bragging that they are fighting this war against Hamas on behalf of the “moderate Arabs” by which they mean practically all the governments in Arabian countries from Morocco to Kuwait….

These descendants of Abu Jahl and Abu Lahab are enjoying their mushrik moment with the descendants of Huyay ibn al-Akhtab and his brother Abu Yasir ibn al-Akhtab, the decisions makers of Bani al-Nadir (Jewish tribe) in Medinah. We’ve seen this act before…

We believe desperate politicians will do desperate things. And before they they do these desperate things we all are going to have to get something straight – that the Israeli-American axis of exploitation and aggression is not at war with the “Taliban”, or al-Qaeda, or Saudi Wahhabism, or a new breed of American inspired “Sufis”. The Israeli-American war is against Islamic self-determination, Islamic independence, and Islamic Revolution.

The Israeli bug, in the American political head says that Iraq has been politically snatched from the Islamic fold. Pity the American soldiers, sailors, marine, airmen, and guardsmen who died in Iraq for no good cause at all, except maybe, and this is a huge “maybe”, to delay an imminent fusion of popular will between Iran and Iraq…..

The Islamic core in Iran remains the strategic enemy of the Washington-Tel Aviv-Riyadh nexus. The past four years of president Ahmadinejad’s administration has brought closer the “less-than-political” segments of the Islamic State and the Islamic Movement. It is tribute to the current president of the Islamic Republic of Iran that Hizb’Allah and Hamas have been joined together by the trans-denominational struggle against the Zionist aggressiors occupying the Holy Land of Palestine. It is because of the un-Khatamized approach to Hizb’Allah and Hamas that the rank and file Muslims are closing ranks, and in the process exposing the hypocrisy of the so-called “Sunni” rulers who have more in common with Olmert and Livni than they have with their qiblah brothren in Palestine.

If the “softies (reformists)” win the election (due in June, 2009), they will shed the lesson of the past four years. That lesson stands today for everyone to contempolate: the Israeli military and society cannot sustain an extended popular war of attrition, demonstrated courtesy of Hizb’Allah and Hamas. The Islamic command in the Islamic State and movement have to understand that the coming military encounter with the Zionist war criminals is going to have to be a grand multiplier of Hizb’Allah and Hamas.

And on that day, the committed Muslims shall rejoice due to Allah’s (provision of) victory.

The Zionist thug connected to 9/11 and London bombing, Captain Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, in his first speech after being ‘selected’ to replace Olmert – said nothing about the stalled talks with Palestinian but just talked about Zionists’  Iranophobia.

According to Online Journal – Mossad and CIA are involved in the assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientists (Ardeshire Hassanpour and others) and other covert operations in Iran.


4 responses to “War on Islamic Revival

  1. Professor Mohamed Elmasry (University of Waterloo) is the founder and past president of Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) and editorial board member, The Canadian Charger. He wrote in his latest article:

    Just as some Jews betrayed their co-religionists by aiding the Nazi propaganda machine before and during WWII, today there are Muslims just as eagerly and effectively helping the Islamophobia industry to stereotype and marginalize their brothers and sisters of the faith. These Muslims are very much appreciated and celebrated by those who stand to benefit from the promotion of Islamophobia; in fact, they are in such demand that the hate-and-fear industry can’t find enough of them.

    Islamophobia has been around for quite some time, but since 9/11 it began to take on form and structure, supported by financiers, researchers, writers and academics, many of whom were self-styled “experts” on Islam and terrorism. The Islamophobia industry directly filled a need created by right-wing politicians, war mongers, racists, lobbyists, and the military war business (from professional mercenary companies to arms dealers and manufacturers). Every time a perceived need is revealed in a capitalist society, an industry is created, sometimes by design, to fill that need.

    The West led by the U.S. saw and promoted the need for an Islamophobia industry; and now that it is established, it will be around for years to come. ……


  2. Al salamu alikum,

    This is NOUH a poster from IslamCan: Forum,
    what ever happened to it?

    I hope you don’t mind that we are using some of your article at this site:

    As always, Baraha Allahu Bikum for the great work you are doing.


  3. Brother;

    It me again, I just wanted to ask you about this:

    Ayatollah’s grandson calls

    for U.S. overthrow of Iran
    ‘My grandfather’s revolution has devoured
    its children and has strayed from its course’:


    Please let me know by E-Mail:

    Jazakum Allahu Khayran


  4. Wa Salaam brother

    I stopped posting at IslamCan when I realized it’s sectarian – run by some idiot who cannot differentiate between a Muslim poster and a Zionist propagandist behind a Muslim ID, such as “Muslimah”.

    I searched Google and you can reach the Forum at:


    YES – you can post any of artical from this blog – two which I have already noticed on ‘Jews-for-Allah’ forum.

    Ayatullah Ahmad’s two sons were misquoted by Jewish MEMRI, just like it sticked “Wipe off Israel from map” on Iranian president Ahmadinejad. Many in the Islamic movement including myself – are not 100% happy with things going on in Islamic State – thanks to the old secularist beaucracy, bazaris, and sectarian mullahs – especially during Khatami’s presidency – but that doesn’t mean that we all wish that a pro-Israel Jewish-controlled government (US) should eradicate Islamic Revolution from Iran. Don’t forget the words of the top Sunni cleric of Lebanon: “If Islamic Iran goes down – all Arab countries would be occupied.”

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