WEF – Erdogan, Peres, and Gaza

On January 29, Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan walked out of World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland – after being not allowed enough time by the Jewish-Armenian Islamophobe moderator, David Ignatius (b. 1950), a columnist at Jewish-owned newspaper The Washington Post – to respond to Zionist entity’s president Shimon Peres who ranted for 25 minutes about Israel’s right to attack 1.5 million Gazan civilians.

Under the smoke-screen, all world financial institutions, such as, WB, IMF, and GATT are based not only western greed to loot natural resources of poor country but also to project Zionist agenda. Former US Under Secretary George Ball admitted this in his Memoirs: “Our foreign aid, small as it is, has largely become a selective instrument of political coercion.” No wonder every USAID dollar given to Africa is matched with US$240 to Israel.

Erdogan, who was honoured with “Courage to Care Award” by Abraham Foxman, national president ADL, an Israel Lobby group, on June 10, 2005 at organization’s headquarter in New York – should have known that during 2006 gathering at Davos – WEF founder Klaus Schwab did to Mazin Qumsiyeh PhD article Boycott Israel, which originally appeared in WEF Global Agenda Magazine but subsequently deleted with Klaus’s apology to Zionist entity for its publication. The gathering was addressed by US secretary of state Condoleeza Rice which was attended by Shimon Peres (Israel), Gen. Pervez Musharraf (Pakistan), and Bill Gates (Microsoft Corp.)

Klaus spilled his Zionist beans in his opening address when he recommended that the Wall Street crooks who helped to cause global economic crisis should not be shunned but included in the hunt for a solution. In other words – like 9/11 Commission – let criminals be the judge and the jury!

Kemalist Turkey was the second Muslim state to recognize Jewish colonization of Palestine (Israel) in 1949 – the other being Iran under Pahlvi dynasty. Since 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran – Turkey and Egypt are considered the most trusted Muslim allies by Zionist regime.

In September 2003, Sabahattin Atas interviewd Dr. Noam Chomsky – in which Noam said: “Israel cannot help Kurds to establish a Kurdish state without American authorization….. The lesson in democracy Turkey taught to the US is deeply resented by US elites, and may elicit retaliations, but that alone is unlikely to lead to significant cooling of relations. However, many other processes are underway….Turkey has independent reasons to improve ralations with Iran – in many ways a natural trading partner. These are the steps the US will strongly oppose (to please Israel), as long as Iran retains some measure of independence. There are many sources of tension…”


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