Roger Garaudy: The French Philosopher

Garaudy[1]The legal and political systems in the West works in many mysterious ways. For example, the very European newspaper which refused to publish cartoons doubting the existence of Jesus – was glad to publish insulting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad; the very European nation which has elected a former Israel Mossad agent as its President – fined US$40,000 one of its philosopher and deputy speeaker of French parliament for authoring a book ‘The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics’, which challenged the Jewish myths of a national home land. When a similar statement “Giving a manadate for a national home for the Jewish people has been demonstrated to be a grave lethal mistake ” by British famous musician of Israeli-Jewish origin, Gilad Atzmon, British Jewish Lobby did not take him to court for making such ‘anti-Semite’ statement.

Roger Garaudy was born into a Catholic-Atheist family on July 17, 1913 in Marseille in France. He joined French Communist Party in 1933 and was imprisoned inside Camps Vichystes during 1940-42. During 1959-62, he served a Senator de Paris. In June, 1970 – as the Director of the Center of Marxist Studies, he became disident and converted to Catholism.

Roger taught at the University of Clermont-Ferrand. He is author of about fifty books on subjects of history, religion and Communism.

Roger converted to Islam in 1982 and established Roger Foundation in Cordoba, Spain – a Visigoth city, which was conquered by Muslims in 711 CE. During Muslim rule, the city became the most populated European city with a population of 500,000 – with four Universities, more than thousand mosques and close to six thousands public baths. Muslims lost control of the city in 1236 CE when it was occupied by the forces of King Ferdinand III of Castille.

In his book The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, Roger Garaudy several Zionists’ myths created by Zionist lying propagandists, such as:

1. Zionists being ‘Anti-Fascism’.

2. Nuremberg trail were ‘unbaised’.

3. The number “Six Million Died” must be accepted as a divine revelation.

4. Jews did not force the Palestinian Natives – because no one lived there when the European Jews arrived in Palestine – “A Land Without a People for a People Without Land”. Though every Jewish settler now living on Palestinian land – had a motherland and carried a passport of some European or Arab country.


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