Mosques under attack

“Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear off errors: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most truthworthy hand-hold that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things,” – Holy Qur’an, Surah al-Buqarah, Verse 2:256.

Based on the above Divine injunction and the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) several quotes on respecting the founders of other faiths and their worship places – Muslim rulers are known for their tolerance toward Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Budhhist and Sikh worship places. In many cases they even helped non-Muslims (Dhimmies) within their domains to build their worship-places – by donating land or money and some cases even building the entire place from their pockets. Even the former US ally, Saddam Hussain, later hanged for being threat to Zionist entity – donated US$1.5 million toward the construction of Sacred Heart Chaldean Catholic Church in Detroit in 1980, which was vandalized in 2007.

Islam’s second Caliph, Omar ibn al-Khattab, cleaned and gave the site of Solomon Temple in Jerusalem to City’s Chief Rabbi in 638 CE, which had been used as a city garbage dump by Christians for many decades. There have been a few incidents of destruction of churces in 1400 year history of Islam. The famous being the destruction of  Church of Sepulcher, where Christians believe Jesus was crucified by the Jews and was buried – by Caliph al-Hakim Bi-Amr Allah in 1009 CE, which was rebuild during Crusaders’ occupation of Palestine. However, when Salahuddin Ayubi recaptured Jerusalem in 1186 CE – he entrusted the keys of the entrance door to two Muslim families of Nuseibeh and Joudeh – in order to stop fighting among the pilgrims belonging to various Christian denomination. The keys remained in the possession of those two Muslim familiesfor for the next 800 years.

Muslim conquerers not only allowed their non-Muslim subjects to continue in existing worship-places, but they event permitted additional worship-places to be built under their rule in Spain, Sicily, Hindustan, Balkan countries, Greece, and Turkey. How else non-Muslims would be able to visit the famous Byzantine Chora Church and the Greek-Orthodox and Armenein cathedrals or Hagia Sophia in Istanbul or Sikhism’s Vatican, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India?

Contrary to Muslim tolerance, the history is filled with thousands of cases of Mosques being raised to ground by Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhist and communists. For example:

Algeria – The French colonialists tried  everything in their power to eradicate Islam from Algeria – by replacing Arabic with French language and closing or demolishing mosques including the Grand Mosque of Algiers.

Bosnia – More than 217 mosques were destroyed by Serbs and Croats during 1991-93.

Burma – 5,000 mosques have been destroyed by Buddhist regime mainly in the Muslim-majority province of Arakan. 

Cambodia – There were some 75 historic mosques till 1975 – now there are a few, which survived communist rule of Khmer Rouge regime.

Chechnya – Russian forces have destroyed several dozens of mosques since 1999.

China – Most of mosques in Xinjiang have either been closed or taken over by the communist regime. The earlist mosque, the Great Mosque in Xian was built in 742 CE. During Olympics, a mosque was demolished for not putting a sign in support of the Olympic.

Europe – Islamic Human Rights Commission report, dated March 8, 2007 – says volumes on “Islamophobic” being created by interested groups, most Zionists, in almost every European country.

Gaza – In the recent 22-day bombing of Gaza Strip, Israel Occupation Force (IOF) have destroyed 20 mosques.

Greece – Ottomon Muslims ruled Greece close to 350 years. At the end of their rule, there were 73 mosques in Athen alone. Now only one of those mosques is left.

Israel – Between 1948-50, more than 600 mosques were destroyed by Jewish terrorists.

India – More than 6,000 mosques have been raised to ground during the past century. 500 mosques were destroyed during Muslim genocide in Gujrat in 2002.

Russia – Under Lenin and Stalin, both of them were Jewish, rule several hundreds of churches and mosques were destroyed but not a single Synagogue was targetted.

North America – Several mosques, both in the US and Canada have been vandalized by pro-Israeli Jewish terrorist organizations. On December 11, 2001, leader of Jewish Defense League (JDL), Earl Leslie Krugel and Irvin David Rubin were arrested for attempting to blow-up King Fahd mosque in California. Rubin 57, committed suicide on November 4, 2002, while waiting for trail in the federal detention center in LA. In 1987, the FBI announced that Jewish extremist groups had carried out 24 terrorist acts between 1981-86, seventeen were the work of JDL.

Sri Lanka – Tamil terrorists, supported by Israel, has destroyed around 100 mosques in the North of the country.

Spain – Muslims created Europe’s Golden Era in Spain which they ruled from 711 CE to 1492 CE. During the last century of their rule, Christian Crusaders killed between 3-5 million Muslims and destroyed all mosques, libraries, public baths and universities in the areas which they captured from Muslims. By the middle of 16th century, all mosques were destroyed and their doors, windows and the decorative tiles were used to build churches. The Cathedral of Valencia and Sagunto Cathedral are two of the many churches which were built over the destroyed mosques. After the Reconquista, the Christians had brutally destroyed each and every mosque – from Malaga to Granada, and from Seville to Toledo. The magnificient building in Cordoba was saved, in mutilated state, only because it could be turned into a cathedral.

Turkey – General Kemal Pasha and his Crypto-Jewish allies in Young Turk Movement, brought 70,000 mosques under his secular government in order to devoid Turks of their glorious Islamic history.

Thailand – Muslims are the largest minority in this Buddhist monarchy. Pitani is the Muslim majority province, which has been brutalized by successive governments since 1944. Buddhists are encouraged to settle in Pitani.

Hagia Sophia

Cordoba Grand Mosque turned into Church


3 responses to “Mosques under attack

  1. Virtual Walking Tours of Alhambra (Spain) and Suleymania Mosque (Turkey) may be seen on the following website:

  2. This comment may have nothing to do with this post, but it involves Mosques…

    Why do Al-Queda Terrorists in the middle east fight this “Holy War” with US troops, but consistently retreat to mosques and places of worship knowing that the US cannot, legally, enter. The terrorists store weapons and active troops there, which appears to be a clear violation of their own religion and the US receives the blame for firing on mosques.

    Do the civilians there support Al-Queda troops decisions to use places of worship as military compounds?

    If so… why? Isn’t that obviously hypocrisy? Religious hypocrisy?

    If not, then why would damn US Troops for trying to clear out these terrorists?

    Just curious as to what your views are on this subject..

  3. I am sorry to inform you that your sources are the western media owned by Islamophobic Jews.

    Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist. It is the brainchild of Zionist Mafia to cover-up their involvement in 9/11 and 7/7 and Mumbai terrorism last year. A so-called Al-Qaeda cell working for Israel was captured by PA in 2002.

    American army like the Jewish army – is never known for respecting Muslim religious places, whether mosques or library or children schools or hospitals. American soldiers are trained for their barbarism by no other than Israeli instructors. all these things have been proven during American occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq – for oil greed and mostly for the dominance of Zionist state in Arab region.

    Hyporites can be found in all religions – but the Jewish hypocrites top them all. Members of no other religion has murdered their fellow religionists as the Zionist state official did to non-European Jewish youth – by killing 100,000 by experimenting heavy doses of nuclear radiation in the 1960s. I suggest you grab a copy of Israeli documentary “100,000 Radiation” to find out who are the real evils – Al-Qaeda or Zionists?

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