The Canadian Jew who believed in Halal

“Today, Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth, both by birth and conversion. With Muslim population estimated to exceed three billion by 2010. With the global Halal market estimated to be worth US$150 billion a year and the Halal food industry pegged to grow at the rate of 2.9 per cent annually,” – Asia Inc., July/August 2007.

Based on this reality and his faith in kosher food consumption, David Muller, an Orthodox Jew, established first food processing plant, Al-Safa Halal, in Cambridge (Ontario, Canada) in 1999 – where David insisted that the chicken nuggets and beef burgers must always be prepared based upon the guiding principles of Islamic Halal and Zabiha.

Within next eight years, Al-Safa Halal products have become a household name among over 10 million Muslims in North America. The brand name has been recognized for its quality and convenience, consumer-ready and produced under strict Islamic Shari’ah  requirements. However, a non-Muslim being the owner of the company – created many problems, most of which were religion-related. Considering that, David sold his portion of company’s shares to Adnan Durrani, a Muslim, in 2008.

David don’t regret his decision. In an interview last year – he was quoted as saying: “I recently told my wife that I think G-d put me on earth for more than just to sell chicken nuggets. Given that there is probably no Jew who has been to more mosques than I have, no Jew who has been in more Imam’s homes than I have, I feel that I have given a unique insight into how similar Jews and Muslims really are.”

David plans to devote himself full time to forging closer Jewish-Muslim relations in North America specially.


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