Mumbai Carnage Revisited

I posted an article Mumbai attacked by Judo-Hindu terrorist during the peak of the conspiracy labeled as “India’s 9/11” by western pro-Israel mass-media. Since then, many new ‘theories’ have been cooked-up by anti-Muslim Gurus to blame Muslims for Mumbai carnage – as they did in case of every Mossad-CIA operation (9/11, 7/7, Bali bombing, Madreid bombing, etc.). Let me count some of the stories, which they don’t want to mention.

1. According to Andrew Marshall, author of Divide and Conquer: The Anglo-American Imperial Project – “The terrorists looked like an Anglo-American covert operatives. The entire Mumbai operation was an attempt by Anglo-American forces to destablize India and push it further into Israel-US orbit….Americans are keen to dismember Pakistan and need India as an ally in this project.

2. Amaresh Misra,an Indian blogger has reported that according to eyewitnesses, the gunmen both at the Jewish Center and railway station were “fairskinned and blonde”. Indian TV also quoted a Mumbai policeman seeing “fairskinned” gunmen at Nariman House before the story was blacked out. So who were these “fairskinned” gunmen – Israeli soldiers or JDL militants?

3. According to ‘Maharashtra Time’ the terrorist who killed Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) Chief Hemant Karkare, his deputy Vija Salaskar and Ashok Kamte – spoke fluent Marathi. Karkare had arrested several Indian military officers and Hindu priests for their involvement in the Malegoan attack of September 29 – which killed at least 10 people including Lt. Col. Srikant Prasad Purohit, who was under interogation for his involvement in the bombing of the Samjhota Express train in February 2007 in which 68 including 50 Pakistani passangers died. Muslims were blamed for the Malegoan attack but investigations revealed that attack was the work of Hindu terrorists. After the arrests of people connected to Hindu fascist organizations (Shiv Sena, Abhinav Bharat, Sang Parivar and BJP) – Karkare was called ‘”traitor” and “Indian Muslim lover”. A day before his assassination on November 26, Karkare had received a death threat – warning him to back-off from his investigation against the Indian Army officers and Hindu priests. Now, the question is – Why terrorists, if they were Muslims – would kill one of their friends?

4. The western Zionist-controlled mass-media put blame on Jihadi groups in Pakistan even before Indian government thought about that. In the meantime, the the Hindu extremist group (some of them are known for their close links with Israeli Mossad) – declared Karkare a ‘martyr’ and Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujrat state, who played a major part in the killing of 3,000 innocent Muslims in 2002 – visited Karkare home and offered his widow Rs. 10 million as compensation. But knowing her husband’s possible murderers, she refused the offer.

5. Indian opposition forced Union Minister for Minority Affairs, A.R. Antulay to resign for his remarks that assassination of Karkare was the work of Hindu Zionists.

6. Pakistan’s president Asif Zardari, as expected, displayed his loyalty to Washington by agreeing to the insulting demands of India and the US – by agreeing to send a team of Pakistani ‘terrorism experts’ headed by ISI Chief as demanded by Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh. Zardari’s government seems to be interested in implicating Pakistanis in Mumbai attacks for USraeli interest in the region.

7. On November 28, 2008 – the UN Security Council (the same world body which has failed miserably to condemn Israel for its week-long rampage of Gaza, killing more than 600 people including women and children for using their free-will to choose Hamas to represent them) placed a number of Pakistani groups and individuals on the ‘terrorist list’. Washington has also demanded that former ISI Chief, Lt. General Hamid Gul, be handed-over to American authorities to be tried for his possible links to Pakistani Jihadi groups. Hamid Gul as ISI chief under General Zia-ul-Haq’s government – was a trusted ally of CIA, MI6 and Mossad during Russian occupation of Afghanistan. However, he crossed the line with America’s powerful Jewish Lobby when he blamed Mossad for 9/11 – in an interview he gave to UPI on September 26, 2001.

8. The Nariman House aka Jewish Center – is run by fanatic Chabad Lubavitch Jews, who are suspected of being engaged in pedophilia, sex slavery ring, drug trade, money laundering, and fraud.

In his  Special Report, Dr. Perwez Shafi wrote: “The Zionists have given President-elect Barack Obama a tight agenda to destablize Pakistan and eliminate its nuclear capability. To carry this agenda forward, Obama has asked Robert Gates to continue as Secretary of Defense to oversee the war on Pakistan. The US is withdrawing its forces from Iraq and wull deploy three more combat brigades in Afghanistan by late spring. They are not to fight the Taleban who already control more than 70 per cent of the country and have almost encircled Kabul. They will be deployed mostly in the South, according to Gates during his visit to Qandahar on December 11, 2008.”

I have found a very informative artical at Khanverse News blog – Mossad did Mumbai attacks for Israel with CIA, RAW, and RSS help?


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