The “Interfaith” Card

After having the bitter experience of exporting the so-called ‘democracy’ to the Muslim world – especially in Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Occupied Palestine, and Sudan – Inter-faith became the buzzword in 2008 – in West’s quest to mould the Muslim societies into western moral decay and submissive to Zionist control. The leading figure in this latest charade could not be anyone other than the Saudi Royals.

Saudi King Abdullah sponsored three ‘inter-faith’ conferences in 2008 – Makkah (June 4), Madrid (July 16), and United Nations’ headquarter (November 12). Interestingly, while the first two conferences were attended by ‘moderate’ Muslim scholars – no Islamic scholar was invited to the UN conference. However, the president of Zionist entity, who was called a ‘war criminal’ during his address at Oxford University on November 20, 2008 – for his part in the genocide of Muslims in occupied Palestine and Lebanon, Shimon Peres (a Zionist Jew), was not only invited, but also addressed the conference!! On wonders, how King’s buddy in the White House had reacted if Iranian president Ahmadinejad (King’s fellow Muslim) was given the opportunity to address the conference!! The political agenda of such conferences was quite clear from King’s own statement – “The time has come for us to learn lessons from the ruthless past (he must have believed that Crusades were initiated by Muslims) and unite together on moral values and lofty examples we all believe in. We can leave our differences for Allah to make His judgment on the Day of Judgment (Kiama).” In other words – forget fighting against non-Muslims occupying Muslim lands of Palestine, Chechyna, Afghanistan, Iraq, Philippines, etc.

The puppet rulers of Muslim nation-states have long given up on liberating Muslim lands occupied by non-Muslims. They have always been interested in doing for what they were put on in Muslim governments – to look after the interests of the past colonial powers. However, now they have even stopped pretending – and making desperate attempts to create excuses to meet Zionazi leaders to break the taboo.

Zionism is not a religious but an imperialist ideology – conceived by European Jewish elites, who had nothing but contempt for the non-Zionist Jews. Theodor Herzl and rest of leaders of World Zionist movement were looking for a ‘homeland’ for European Jews to escape from 2000-old Christian hatred. Christian Europe has had a long history of racism and intolerance; Jews bore the brunt of this intolerance along with Gypsies and coloured Christians. The European solved their own problem, to some extent at least, by transfering it to the Middle East – while creating a colonial beachhead in the heart of Muslim world so that it remain engulfed in wars and turmoil, which they could exploit. The last 60-year has proven that.

The other Abdullah – Jordan’s King Abdullah II, though no less fearful of Islamic Resistance groups (Hamas, Hizb’Allah and Ikhwan) than Saudi King or Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak – did give some lip-service to Palestinian cause (60% of his subjects are Palestinians in exile) – “It’s impossible to talk about interfaith harmony, especially between East and West, without resolving the Israeli-Palestinian problem through a negotiated solution that bring statehood and freedom for Palestinias and security and more regional acceptance for Israel.”

King Abdullah II hosted a conference among Muslim scholars belonging to various ‘Islamic Scool of Thoughts’ in Ammano in 2005 – known as Amman Message.

Ms Wendy Campbell, a California-based political documentary producer – in her article The Secret Relationship Between Israel and Oil: What the US Media Hides, published on October 1, 2004 by, wrote:

“Even in Michael Moore’s Arab-bashing, misleading, daring expose’ documentary ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’, he made it clear that the Saudis are heavily invested in some sectors of American business, and that the Saudis are and always have been very cooperatives with the US government……not popular with a vast majority of its own people, who see their government as selling out to the American government, which supports Israel’s brutal persecution of Palestinian people……By the way, did you notice how Michael Moore did not mention the word “Israel”? Or “Zionism”? Or even “Neoconservatism” in his documentary? Not surprising. His agent is top Hollywood Jewish Zionist Ari Emmanuel whose brother is Rahm Emmanuel, a hyper pro-Israel Senator from Illinois (now Obama’s White House Chief of Staff)……”

Abu Dharr, a senior Islamic movement intellectual, in his latest monthly column wrote:

“As the war of wits continue between Washington and Tehran – the rulers in the Egypt of Pharoahs and in the Arabia of America are gradually losing touch with reality. And therein lies the spectre of these presidents and kings acting out of their final act of treason and nifaq.

The black man cannot change the color of the White House. He will do as his masters (Jewish Lobby) tell him to. It is as simple as that.”


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