Muslim charities targeted by Zionists

According to Timesonline (September 5, 2008) – Zionist regime has listed 36 major Muslim charities as supporters of so-called ‘terrorism against Israel’ – meaning providing some humantarian aid to 1.5 million Palestinian, 60% of whom are children, jailed inside Gaza by Israel or helping Lebanese, whose homes and fields were destroyed by Israeli thugs in 34-day attack in 2006 or providing helping hands to Muslim refugees, who are victims of western wars and their puppet-regimes in the Muslim world.

Many of these charities, under pressure from fro-Israel Jewish organizations have been banned in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, Britain, Morocco, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, etc. Germany banned Al-Aqsa International Foundation, a Muslim charity in 2002 for sending money to Palestinians, some of whom support Islamic resistance group Hamas (seizing US$296,000 from its accounts). In Pakistan, Al-Rasheed Trust (banned in the US in 2003), and charities linked with Jamait-i-Islami and Jamaat ul-Dawa, which provide help to victims of natural disasters or victims of Hindu fascism in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir – are targeted for also supporting Hamas. Sydney-based Muslim Aid Australia was banned last July for ‘distributing aid’ in the Palestinian territories through British ‘Interpal’ (banned by Australia’s Zionist foreign minister, Alexander Downer in 2003). Saudi-based Al-Haramain Foundation was banned internationally by United Nation Security Council on October 15, 1999 for having ties with Al-Qaeda.

In December 2000, America’s largest and well known charity, Holy Land Foundation was shutdown by Bush Zionist administration for allegedly sending money to Hamas – but in 2007 the government prosecutors no longer claimed that Holy Land Foundation provided support to Hamas or paid for the so-called Suicide-bombers. Toledo-based KindHeart was closed down in 2006. Islamic Heritage Society, Global Relief and Benevolence are also closed down for their ‘dealings with anti-Israel groups’.

Canada closed down several Muslim charities, such as, Benevolence International, the Islamic Relief Organization, the Muslim World League and SAAR Foundation to please the local Jewish lobby groups, Washington and Israel.

In May, 2006 – Zionist regime accused Birmingham-based largest Muslim charity, Islamic Relief (one of 13 leading UK charities which make up the Disasters Emergency Committee) for having links with Hamas. The other prominent Muslim charities listed ‘terrorist supporters’ by Tel Aviv include Muslim Aid, Human Appeal International, Muslim Hands, and Muslim Relief Foundation and Educational Aid for Palestinians.

Now, the Palestinian Relief and Development Fund, Interpal (est. 1994), has been notified by its bank, the Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB) that after January 30, 2009 – that “all transactions into or out of Interpal accounts will be blocked and IBB will be at further risk of all its customer payments being suspended”. This shows that IBB and its clearing bank Lloyds TSB are on the side of Zionazi thugs, who are bent on starving Palestinians in Gaza Strip since they elected Islamic Resistance group, Hamas, to represent them in January 2006. HSBC has also closed down accounts of several Muslim activists in UK and charity organizations.

Zionists’ aim behind the closer of Muslim charities world-wide is clear; by targeting Muslim charities involved in assisting the oppressed in places such as Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Kosova, Bosnia, Iraq, etc., they hope to discredit the valuable work these charities do and deter other Muslims from such activities.

It’s amusing to learn that some the European countries, which in the past, treated their Jewish communities as outcast and expelled them blaming them corrupting their societies and acting against national interests – now want Zionazi state to be part of Europe, even though it’s located in the Middle East – so that NATO can provide military protection to Zionist-regime against Hizb’Allah and Islamic Iran.

On November 5, 2008 – The Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Security of the European Parliament endorsed the European Commission and Council proposal about Israel participating in European Community programs. This new protocol of cooperation would allow Israel full access to the EU scientific, academic, research and technical programs.


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