The ‘kosher jungle’

Not many Sunday-to-Sunday church-going Christians are told that it’s not Holy Qur’an – but Jewish Talmud, which is full of hatred toward Lord Jesus, his mother Mary and the rest of Christian. However, this fact has nothing to do with my writing this post – as I would rather leave this truth being found out by Christians after burning their fingers by their “best ally”, Israel – as the Indian have found after the latest Mumbai terror.

As a matter of fact, it was the Editorial, published in New York’s oldest Jewish daily ‘Forward’ on August 7, 2008. The Editorial exposes the abuse and hatred being carried out at the kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa (USA), owned by Agriprocessors – a business established by Aaron Rubashkin, a Russian Orthodox Jew, in 1945. According to Forward’s own independent investigation of the activities at the said plant – “We found compelling indications of sexual harrasment, shorted wages, favoritism and bribery in work assignments, inadequate safety training and horrific work accidents in the place we called a kosher jungle.”

“This is a company , that is , by any reasonable standard , what the Talmud would call Mu’ad.”

Before the US$700 billion scam – Agriprocessors filed for bankruptcy after its owner Sholom Rubashkin was arrested for bank fraud involving a US$35 million loan. This after the State of Iowa levied US$10 million in fine for 9000 violations involving illegal wage deduction, child labor, and employing 400 alien workers from Guatemala to Palau, who were arrested and jailed.

Professor Stephen Bloom, a Jew himself, studied the conditions in the slaughterhouse in 1987 – to have a first-hand knowledge of Jew-Gentile relationship. He discovered more about Judaism and causes of so-called ‘anti-Semitism’ which shocked him. He documented his experiences and findings in his book ‘Postville: A Clash of Culture in Heartland America’, published in 2000. He wrote:

“Initially I had gone to Postville to learn from the Hasidim [orthodox Jews], to share with them a sense of identity and belonging. Instead, what the Postville Hasidim ultimately offered me was a glimpse of the dark side of my own faith, a look at Jewish extremists whose behavior not only made the Postville locals wince, but made me wince, too.

I didn’t want to partake in Hasidim’s vision that called on Jews to unite against the goyim and assimilation. The world, even in Iowa, was too bountiful to base my likes and dislikes solely on religion. The word Hasid …literally means ‘the pious one,’ but the Postville Hasidim..were anything but pious. You couldn’t become casual friends with them…They required total submission to their schema of right and wrong, Jew vs. Christian — or you were the enemy.” (291) -In other words, if you’re a Jew but don’t buy their insanity, then you’re no better than the goyim.

American consumers are forced to pay kosher tax on many items.


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