How Islam became West’s Enemy No.1

“The social and legal position of an Israelite wife was inferior to the position a wife occupied in the great countries around……A Jew husband could divorce his wife, woman on the other hand could not ask for divorce. The wife called her husband Ba’al or Master, she also called him Adon or Lord, she addressed him, in fact, as a slave addresses his Master or subject, his King…..The wife doesn’t inhert from her husband, nor daughters from their father, except when there is no male heir. A vow made by a girl or married woman needs, to be valid, the consent of father or husband, and if this consent is withheld, the vow is null and void. A man had a right to SELL Her DAUGHTER. Women were excluded from succession,” – Rev. Ronald de Vaux, a Christian priest and archaeologist.

“If someone educate his son, he educated a person – but if he educate his daughter, he in fact, educated an entire family,” – A Hadith.

Islam and Muslims are always blamed by the so-called ‘western intellectuals’, especially, the pro-Israeli Islamophobe – for keeping female gender enslaved and backward. However, in reality, it’s not the western ignorance of Islam – but a well planned mass propaganda to replace Islam as West’s No.1 enemy after the collapse of USSR in the 1980s. During the so-called ‘Cold War’, USSR occupied that position for nearly two decade and put hundreds of billions dollars in the pockets of armament and security industry moghuls plus blind support for Zionist entity, which was, basically created, to ensure western homogency in the heart of Muslim region.

Then Zionists carried out September 11, 2001, which Washington blamed on Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden – the same Al-Qaeda, which was established and supported by CIA and Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. Al-Qaeda fell from Washington’s favour when its leaders banned opium-poppy cultivation in 2000 – which totally wiped out world’s largest crop within one year (from 4,000 ton to 175 ton), bringing shock waves to Zionist owned Wall Street – losing hundreds of billions annual trade. Mulla Omer was asked to cancel his ban on opium-poppy cultivation, a requested rejected by Taliban leadership – making them enemies of international bankers (mostly Jewish). After the regime-change in Kabul – according to UN Anti-Drug Agency’s 2007 Report – the cultivation of opium-poppy has “reached a frightening new level, twice the amount produced just two years ago” – amounting to 93% of world’s opium-poppy production under Washington’s occupation since December, 2001.

Dr. Elias Akley, an American Christian writer in his recent article Islam is not the Enemy says:

“Islam is a wide spread religion in many different cultures and traditions. Islam is a religion and not a culture. Almost one third of the world populations are Muslims. There are hundreds of thousands of volumes written about Islam. Reading some of these volumes we discover that the Islamic prophet was a humble and an ascetic man. He did not live in luxurious homes, rather in a very humble one like any other citizen. He did not own gold and silver rather he was poor. He did not wear silky and colorful clothes, but had only one rough garment. He did not stuff his stomach with fatty rich meals, but mostly rice and milk. Those, who accuse Prophet Muhammad of being a womanizer, should read the Old Testament to learn about womanizing prophets; Abraham and Moses had multiple wives, Jacob married two sisters Rachel and Leah and their maids Bilhah and Zilbah. Solomon had a hundred wives (that is a real womanizer). Mohammad was not incestuous unlike Abraham, who married his sister, or Lot, who impregnated his two daughters, or Judah who slept with his daughter-in-law Tamar. He did not cause the death of a person to steal his wife like David, who, although having many wives, caused the death of Uriah the Hittite to steal his wife Bathsheba. One needs only to read the Old Testament to learn of more similar stories. It should be known that Mohammad’s wives were given to him in political marriages as a sign of tribal loyalty.”

“Islam, in its core, is a peaceful religion. The word “Islam” means total surrender to God’s will. Sufism, a life dedication to meditation and praying to recognize God, is the ultimate form of Islam. Muslims believe in all the prophets starting with Adam down to Noah, to Abraham, to Moses, and all the way to Jesus Christ and talk about all of them venerably unlike the Old Testament that describe many of these prophets as womanizers, incestuous, murderers, and warmongers. One needs only read the Qur’an to realize this fact. Every chapter (Surat) in the Qur’an talks about these prophets and some are dedicated to their names such as Surat Ibrahim, Surat Joseph, Surat Meriam, Surat Prophets and many others. Muslims consider Islamic creed as an extension of the creeds of all the previous pre-Islamic prophets. Islam recognizes the “People of the Book” and their scriptures (Surat Imran 3, Surat Al-Ma’idah 47-51, Surat An’am 154 and many others). Qur’an states that their God and our God is the same (Surat Spider 46). ”

Contrary to the claims of politicians and political clergy, Muslims do not strive to forcibly convert people to their religion. Islam respects, and calls all Muslims to respect, true Jews and Christians calling them “people of the book”. Islam states “no coercion in religion”. Only through dialogue religion can be spread (Surat Spider 46). Islam considers true Jewish God, Christian God and Muslim God as one and same God. On the other hand we read in Judaic Hilchoth Melachim, c.viii, 4 that Talmud commands the Jews to convert the heathens to Judaism by the power of the sword and to murder all who refuse and to take away their children.

“Unlike political Judaism that describes Virgin Mary as a whore (Sanhedrin 106a and Shabbath 104b) Islam reveres Jesus’ mother, Virgin Mary, and dedicates a long chapter in the Qur’an with her name; Surat Miriam. Unlike Judaic false Rabbis, who hate and insult Jesus Christ, Islam recognizes Him as a divine messenger (Surat Imran 45, Surat Women 170). Muslims venerate Jesus and call him “The Word of God”, “Logos”, “Messiah the prophet” and a “Messenger of God” (Surat Imran 35, Surat Al-Ma’idah 47,49 & 78, Surat Cow 87 among many others). False Rabbis, especially Orthodox Jewish Hasidic Lubavitch group, insult Christ and describe him as a sorcerer, sexually immoral, a dangerous prophet, and call for his murder according to their god’s commands.”

“The status of women under Islam is one of the most intentionally misrepresented and falsely exaggerated issues by Western politicians and their political clergy cronies. Islam had liberated women long before women’s liberation movements in the West even began. I had lived in Islamic, Israeli and American societies, and have found higher percentage of Israeli and American women being abused, enslaved and victimized under the flag of so called Western women liberation movements, freedom and democracy. Women prostitution slave-trade, in its many forms, is very common within these two societies. One needs only to watch televised news and reads local newspapers to recognize this fact.”

“Islam respects and cherishes women as mothers, wives, daughters and sisters and grants them all human and legal rights. Mohammad’s wife was a very successful business woman. The Qur’an dedicates a long chapter for women (Surat Women). Islam stopped female infanticide, gives women the right to inherit parents, husband and siblings, assigns married women dowry and divorced women alimony and child support, forbids arranged marriages and gives women the right to refuse marriage (Surat Nur 23), and gives women freedom to become contributing members to society in every form. Muslim women in all Islamic countries, even the most economically impoverished, are involved in every aspect of life even though some of these countries barely provide such chances for men themselves. One needs to watch televised broadcasts and listen to radio stations of these Islamic countries to recognize the contributions of Muslim women to media, art, music, social services, politics, education, business, finance and industry. ”

“These examples are just a drop of an ocean. It is not the Islamic holy Qur’an, but the Judaic “holy texts” that call for terrorism, genocide, oppression and destruction; a holy war against all non-Jews based on prejudiced god with divine racist ideology of “God’s chosen people in God’s promised land” . It is not the Islamic madrassas (schools) but the Judaic Yeshivas (Talmudic Academies) that teach racism, terrorism, genocide, and a religion of death to disillusioned Israeli students.”


2 responses to “How Islam became West’s Enemy No.1

  1. Salam,

    When the title says “Rehmet’s world” it really does reflect on the content of the posts, Your world. lol

  2. You’re right that the war in Afghanistan was about protecting opium production ( among other things ) .

    I don’t see what Jewish bankers have to do with opium though.

    From what i heard it is the CIA that traffics heroin / opium from Afghanistan ( as well as Cocaine out of Colombia ).

    911 / Afganistan / Iraq really seems to be a point where the interests of Zionists, CIA and Military-Industrial Complex coincided. that’s why it happened in the first place – it was a good deal for everybody involved.

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