Judeo-Christians pushing for the Doomsday

Jews, Christians and Muslims – all believe several great events (Armageddon) and appearance of ‘the promised individuals’, before the end of this world. Jews are waiting for their ‘promised Jewish Messiah’ as they don’t accept prophet Jesus as ‘the promised Israelite Messiah’ – and there have already been 50 Jews, who claimed to be ‘the promised Jewish Messiah’. Christians, on their part, are waiting for the ‘second-coming’ of their Lord Christ, for taking revenge from Jews, who killed him 2000 year ago. He is believed to kill the Anti-Christ (a Jew), and would offer Jews to either convert to Christianity or die. Muslims believe that Dajjal (Anti-Christ), Imam Mahdi, and Jesus (as a Muslim) will come during the same period of time – and it will be Jesus, who will kill Dajjal, but wouldn’t force Jews to convert to Islam.

While Muslims believe that the timing of events preceding to the Doomsday are divinely fixed – the Jew and Christian zealots believe that they can be hastened by creating great world turmoil (WW III) – and hence, they’re pushing for more wars on Muslim lands even after the great set-back they received in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon.

The so-called “prophecy” that God of Bible promised Palestine is nothing but a myth created by the Zionist bribed Christian priest Cyrus Scofield. US Army officer, Col. Warner Farr in his report also exposed the myth of Israel being a ‘Jewish State’ – “Israel is a nation with a state religion, but its top leaders are not religious Jews. The intricacies of Jewish religious politics and Eabbinical laws do affect their politics and decision processes…..”

“The Israelis are supported and egged on in their expansionism and intransigence by the Armagaeddon Lobby (Christian Zionists), who believe Israel must expand to its Biblical borders in order to bring Armageddon and the return of Jesus Christ. …..Of course, all believe that all Jews who don’t convert to Jesus will perish. Some believe that two-third of Jews must die for prophecy to be fulfilled. Those right-wing expansionist Jews (Zionists), who recognize the biblical reasons for Christian Zionists’ real fervour – ignore the obvious anti-Semicism of their religious views as long as it serves Israel’s purposes,” – Carol Moore.

European Jewish occupation of once Muslim-majority Palestine – is a parasite and bully state, which after acquiring nuclear arsenal – has been able to blackmail both its neieghbours and its greatest ally, the United States. Jewish investigating reporter, Seymour Hersh in his book “The Samson Option” writes: “Israel used nuclear blackmail to force Kissinger and president Nixon to airlift supplies during the 1973 Yom Kippur war – and they passed US secrets collected by Jonathan Pollard to the USSR when it serves their (Israel’s) interests.”

Currently, German author and historian, Wolfgang Eggert 46, is carrying his Internet Crusade – demanding action against powerful Jewish and Christian evil cults who are pushing Americans to start a new nuclear Holocaust for the benefit of Israel. He point out Jewish Chabad Lubavitcher cult that wants to hasten Armageddon to facilitate the arrival of ‘the Jewish Messiah’. The cults founder, Rebbe Menachem Chneerson’s, birthday was declaraed a national holiday by US Senate on March 26, 1991. When Chneerson died in 1994 – he was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. He is reported for saying – “All Jews are good by nature. Jews are the pride of creation, the Goyim (Gentiles) are scums, who still have role in serving the ‘Chosen Ones’.” The President-elect, Barack Obama and several other political leaders have paid their allegiance to the Chabad cult.

According to Eggert, both Russian president and prime ministers are Jewish – Vladimir Putin through his Jewish mother and Medvedev being son of Jewish parents.


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