Western Nationalism Vs Islamic Brotherhood

“And among His (Allah’s) wonders is the creation of the Heavens and the Earth, and the diversity of your languages and your colors; verily in that are messages for those who know,” – Holy Qur’an 30:22

“I have met, talked to, and even eaten with people who in America would have been considered White – but the white attitude (racism against non-Whites) was removed from their minds by the religion of Islam,” – Malik al-Shabaaz (Malcolm X) in his letter from Makkah.

“What is Wattan (Nation) is Islam’s Kafan (Shroud),” – Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal.

The concept of nationalism originated in Europe in the 17th century after the Protestant movement challenged the authority of Catholic Church (Vatican). The western nations came into existence on the basis of common language, culture and shared history. After the break of Papal authority – there was no religious ground to unite the Christian world. Since Islamic Shri’ah bonds both the faith and politics – Islam have survived the western separation of religion from the State’s authority – fuelling the anti-religious plague of secularism – the power of a fews over the rest of the humanity.

No matter, how much the westerners love to live in ‘self-denial’ – they cannot erase their long past and present history of religious, national and skin-color bigotry. Twenty centuries of common religion (Christianity) has failed to unite them, except, during the Crusades or Ottoman’s conquests of Europe. The current proud pall-bearers of Judeo-Christianity always put their heads between their legs when they’re reminded that Jews were always persecuted within Christian European nations – while during the same period of time – the Jews were living in their ‘Golden Age’ in Muslim Spain.

This western nationalist plague has never died – and always returns with more aggresive fascism. For example the systematic extermination of over 100 million American Natives and 80-100 million of Africans for European slave trade – and the two great World Wars (WW I & II) of the 20th century were fought on nationalism – though over 100 million of its aggressors and victims happened to be Christian, followed by Gypsies, Jews – and expulsion of eleven million Germans from Eastern Europe. Muslims, too, have share of ‘national’ victimization – Bosnian Muslims (persecuted as ‘Turk’, which they’re not); Chechen (persecuted as ‘Asian’); Native Palestinian (persecuted by European Jew invaders as ‘Arabs’); Kurds (persecuted as ‘non-Turk’), and Kosovar (persecuted as ‘Albanian’).

During the 20th century – western imperialism made more people refugees (over 60 million) on national, religious and ethnic reasons than any other century before. The great majority of these refugees happen to be Muslims – from Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovar, Philppines, and Thailand.

Contrary to western nationalism and racism – Islamic ‘Brotherhood (Ummah)’ provides the solution to barbaric history of nationalism, race and religion. Muslims, Christian and Jews have lived in peace and friendship since the creation of first Islamic City State of Meddinah in 622 CE. Until the Ottoman Khilaphat was dissolved by Crypto-Jew, General Kemal Pasha, in 1920s – the majority of its Grand Wazirs (Prime Ministers) were not Turkish, but Albanian, Greek Christians, Croats, Cherkessians and Jews. In Muslim history, it doen’t matter whether Ghazi Salah-Uddin al-Ayubi – the liberator of Al-Quds (1186 CE), was a Kurd, Syrian or Tatar – what it matters is that he was a devout Muslim.

The Nationalism plague was brought into Muslim world by the western colonizers. They divided Muslim Ummah into small nation-states on color, tribes and ethnic grounds. During WW I – British agent, Lawrence of Arabia succeded in pitting Muslims against Muslims by applying ethnic and nationalism – Arabs against Turks. Turkey’s Kurdish problem is based on the same ‘evil of nationalism’ – which had not arisen if, in the 1920s, pro-western Kemalism (dominated by anti-Islam Crypto-Jews) had not destroyedthe Islamic bond that had held together the multi-racial and multi-lingual Ottomon Empire for 500 years.

The great yearly even of Hajj – has proved year after year since the establishment of the first Islamic State of Meddinah – that there is no place for nationalism, rascism, and color of one’s skin in Islam.


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