Muslim Canadian take-on Islamophobes

Allah don’t help those, who don’t help themselves – Holy Qur’an

Canadian Census 2006 figures put Muslims as the top non-Christian minority (over 800,000) of the country (32 million) – outnumbering Jews, Hindu, and Sikh minorities. It also showed that Muslim population increased 128.9 percent in the decade begining 1991- making Islam the fastest growing faith in Canada. Anti-Muslim Zionist Jew Orientalist, Daniel Pipes called even the 2001 Muslim Canadian population of a little over half million – as “disturbing” on his blog. He also called Liberal Party Mississauga candidate, Omar Al-Ghabra, an Islamist threat. This Islamophobic parrot did not even spared former Mississauga MP, Carolyn Parrish, a Christian, who became famous for calling Bush “a Moron”. Daniel’s problem with her is – for her understanding of Muslims’ concerns in Canada and occupied Palestine.

Islamophobia among some Canadian is not a new phenomon – though it has been brought in the open by pro-Israeli organizations and Zionist controlled mass-media. An article blamed UN Peace-keeping force in Bosnia, Gen. Lewis Mackenzie, being openly pro-Serbian with strong anti-Muslim sentiments.

On July 3, 1990 – Canadian mass-circulation daily, The Toronto Star, published an article by Gwynne Dyer, “Islam is not alone in Patriarchal Doctrines” – describing the Islamophobic reaction of Jewish and Christian women rights activist, participating a conference on women held in Montreal – when famous Egyptian feminist, Dr. Nawal Sadaawi made the statement – “The most restrictive elements towards women can be found in Judaism, in the Old Testament, then in Christianity and then in the Qur’an….Veiling of women is not specifically Islamic practice but an ancient cultural heritage with analogies in sister religions.” The participants could not be sitting down while their faiths were equated with Islam.” Dr. Sadaawi’s comments are unacceptable. Her answers reveal a lack of understanding about other people’s faiths,” – declared Bernice Dubois of World Movement of Mothers. Alice Shalvi of Israel Women’s Network could not control her bigotry – “I must protest – there is no concept of the veil in Judaism.”

Christians and Jews have been doing religious arbitration since 1991 – but they lost all those privileges, when in 2007 – Ontario government tried to extend a similar privilege to its Muslim population – the monster of Islamic Shari’ah raised its head through Zionist media. The proposal was voted out – and as a net result, now protestant, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh and other faith school may pay the price for the fear of Muslim schools being funded by the State.

Canada’s leading magazine, MaClean’s, in its October 29, 2006 issue – published an article by born Jew writer, Mark Steyn (converted to Catholism) – full of hatred against Islam and Canadian Muslims, calling them “a demographic, ideological, and security threat to the West.”

Muslim Canadian, in large, now don’t want to take such propaganda lie sitting down. Several Muslims have started exposing such Zionist Lobby groups on internet and through printed media. One of them is professor Mohamed Elmasry of University of Waterloo and national president of the Canadian Islamic Congress. In his today’s article, Canadian Muslims care enough to make every vote count, wrote:

Gone also are the days when the key issues among Canada’s Muslims centred on immigration and peace in the Middle East. Today Muslims have mirrored those of all politically engaged Canadians — health care, the environment, Afghanistan, the economy, child poverty, proportional representation, etc. – and yes the rise of Islamophobia.”

Canadian Islamophobes (among them, both Muslims and non-Muslims) tried very hard during this election to smear their records, discredit them, and even force them out of the race. They also used negative media spin to disinform and misinform the public, but in all these undermining attempts they failed.

As Canadians woke up to another Harper minority on October 15, Canada’s right-wing National Post newspaper smugly declared; “The Conservatives won a majority in political power if not in name.” But I would strongly advise Mr. Harper not to let all that media spin make him dizzy with self- grandeur.

Canada’s Muslims are staunchly left of centre, progressive, and pro-Canada. They want to see their country reclaim its rightful place as a world peace-maker and peace-keeper. They want all Canadians, regardless of wealth, influence, age, ability, culture or belief, to be treated as if they matter.”


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