Shame on You

During October/November, 2007 – A survey was conducted among Muslim and non-Muslim residents of London (UK) – asking their opinion on various social and religious issues being faced by them.

Like the US – the Zionist-contrlled mass-media in Britain also tells the public that Muslims are becoming a threat to the so-called “Western values”, refuse to integrate with local non-Muslim societies and don’t accept nationalpractices of “liberalism” and “freedom of speech”. Now, how idiotic these blames are, can be found from a speech given by professor Martin Amis of Manchester University – “Muslims are gaining on us demographically at huge rate. A quarter of humanity now, and by 2025, they will be third. ….Muslim community will has to suffer until it gets its house in order….I don’t hear from moderate Muslims, do you?….Strip searching Muslim people. Discreminatory stuff, until it hurts the whole Muslim community and they start getting tough with their children.”

Now, just imagine someone make the same statement with replacing the world Muslim with “Jews” – and find out how much “freedom of speech” exist in UK or the US or in UE countries. Mind you, it was in Europe that Jewish communities were expelled from almost every country – England being on the top of the list – for 350 years!

British prime minister, Dr. Gordon Brown (son of a Zionist Christian minister), showed a similar prejudice against Muslims in his speech at Labour Party Conference (2006) – “I believe that we British people must be far more explicit on the common ground on which stand, the shared values which we stand, the shared values which bring us together, the habit of citizenship around which we can and must unite. Expect all who are in our country to play by our rules.”

It’s a common knowledge that when it comes to demonizing Muslims in western countries – it’s hailed as “freedom of speech”, but a Muslim, Christian or Jew writer or a leader make some ‘negative’ remarks about Judaism, Zionism or Israel – hell get loose and the fellow is labeled as “anti-Semite”, “Jew hater” or worse “Hitler”.

On February 7, 2008 – The Archbishop of canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, gave the foundation lecture at the Royal Courts of Justice – in which he recommended that considering British Muslim community’s (1.8 million strong) wishes to live by Islamic Shari’ah law – should be put in force: “The adoption of certain aspects of Shari’ah law in UK seems unavoidable…..” These innocent comments, landed Archbishop in very hotspot with Israel Lobby and other Islamophobic groups and individuals. The outcry generated so much lies about Muslims and Islam in Zionist controlled UK mass-media that even Gordon Brown was forced to come in open and back the Archbishop in Sharia\’h law row.


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