Fake Christians fabricate conflict with Islam

Evangelist leadership have a long history of being on Jew Zionist payroll. It began long before Cyrus Scofield (d. 1923) was funded by Jewish money to corrupt Bible with pro-Zionist commentaries – helping World Zionist movement to brainwash Christian public to support its dream of establishing a western colony in Palestine for western Jews, who suffered 20 centuries of Christian hatred (so-called “anti-Semitism”), and were expelled from almost every European Christian country.

Currently, the pack of anti-Islam wolves – is lead by John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Graham Jr., and dozenss of more fanatics like those, who are ready to sell their so-called “Christian Souls” for Zionist money and sex. These evildoers are no more Christians than US and Israeli created bogey, Al-Qaeda’ is Muslim. These people are given media coverage by Zionist-controlled US mass-media. Many Christian organization and churches has been infiltrated fanatic Zionist Jews, faking as convert to Christianity and project Zionist hatred and lies about Islam and 1.7 billion Muslims around the world.

The church goers are kept out the true Talmudic hatred for Jesus, his mother Mary and the rest of Christians. They are kept ignorant of the fact that it’s a crime to teach Christianity or gift a copy of Bible to a Jew in Israel or that no new church has been allowed to be build since the establishment of Zionist entity in 1948 or hundreds of copies of the New Testament are burnt by Jews in Israel or many times priests have been spit on by Jew youth or that since 1948, the Christian population in occupied Palestine has been reduced from 13% to 5%. At home – pro-Israel Lobby group, Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) national director, Abraham Foxman, has called the New Testament, a hateful and anti-Semite book.

The non-European Christians have a long history of peaceful co-existence within Muslim majority lands. They’re allowed to carry-on their missionary work, build new churches, some of their religious holidays have been declared national holidays, and some Muslim nation-state, Christians has the highest postions in administration, military, judiciary and business.

Now, why it’s that every Muslim country the US influence goes – local Christian communities start having problems and start disappearing? It could be a great news for Zionist regime in Palestine – but is it a good news for the Christian world? The recent exodus is found in Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Indonesia, and Sudan.


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