The West’s “Modern Islam”

“Change and progress are endemic to human society, and essential part of Islamic experience. The task of Islamic scholars is not go back to some past ideal, but to implement the principles and values of Islam in the contemporary world,” – Dr. Kalim Siddiqui

What Dr. Kalim Siddiqui meant that Muslims, like the early generations, should apply ‘Ijtehad (progress)’, based on basic Islamic principles – and not ‘Taqleed (blindly following all the centuries-old Muslim traditions)’.

The western colonial powers and their proxy-governments in the Muslim world consider Islamic political activities (Jihad and implementation of Islamic Shari’ah) – as the two greatest threats to their dominance of Muslim world and open access to their natural resources. In order to counter Islamic revival – the western governments and Judeo-Christian missionaries are spending hundreds of millions dollar each year to ‘modernize’ Islam – a submissive religion with no political muscles. They apply all kind of propaganda tactics – media to apologetic Muslim Ulema and all kind of shaddy Muslim characters (“the moderate Islamic scholars”). The western Zionist owned mass-media is the leading edge of war against Islam. There are many Jewish organizations, which sponsor even lesbian writer like Irshad Manji or Ayaan Hirsi and many others.

The ‘modernization (westernization)’ of Islamic world is a deliberate brutal campaign of western post-colonial imperialism and the continued survival of occupation of Muslim lands by them. The western strategy of Muslim societies is to control their state machinery via pro-western secular elites, who would then only control local governments but many other aspect of society, such as education, econmy and armed forces – in order to ensure they are cleaned off people with possible Islamic tendency. It’s only within this framework of total political power that the West is trying to implement its social, cultural and intellectual strategies for westernizing Muslim societies to keep them corrupted and away from the true nature of Islam.

In the recent past – noticing the mass unrest within countries ruled by its puppet regimes – the West tried to fool the world by claiming that it wants to bring ‘democracy’ to Muslim countries. Anyone, who is familiar with the ‘democracy’ being practiced in the US and some EU nations – knows that it’s a charade – played every four years to fool the public – while elections are either rigged (voting fraud) or at the whim of Jewish Lobby (AIPAC, AJC, ADL, etc.). Interestingly, the West backed-down from this ‘democratic crusade’ after the Islamist parties made land-slide victories in occupied Palestine, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon and Turkey. The dual standard of the western democratic thinking can be seen when one compare elections in Israel and Islamic Iran. In Israel, the voters (some native communities are not allowed to vote) make their selection among over a dozen odd Jewish political parties and not the politicians – and paries are allocated seats in the parliament according to the percentage of votes they received. The members of Israel parliament are then nominated by the leaders of the respective parties. In other words – if a community which voted a certain party – it has no parliament member to complain – because, even if a member belong to the same area – was not voted in by the community votes – so he/she would not give a damn, if the public in that area don’t like him/her. This how West’s “omly democracy in the Middle East” works! On the other hand – Iranian have gone to poll every four year – since 1979 – even during the 8-year Iraq-Iran War (in fact Iran is the only Muslim country which has conducted democratic elections on regular basis) – but according to western standard – Iran doesn’t has a  ‘democratic government’ – because, it supports resistance groups fighting against western imperialism.

In western book – all crook leaders of Muslim countries follow ‘moderate Islam’ – such as King of Jordan, King of Saudi Arabia, King of Morocco, president of Egypt, Col. Qaddafi (added up recently) and the recently installed president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari – with whom I rest my case against ‘modern Islam’.


3 responses to “The West’s “Modern Islam”

  1. “In western book – all crook leaders of Muslim countries follow ‘moderate Islam’ – such as King of Jordan, King of Saudi Arabia, King of Morocco, president of Egypt, Col. Qaddafi (added up recently) and the recently installed president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari – with whom I rest my case against ‘modern Islam’.”

    lol..very well said..

    I won’t say that Islam is outdated..Allah’s law are for ever..But sadly,many things in islam have been changed and some are too rigid ,with no compassion to people around..and thatz what makes us,muslims,outdated…Once we rectify ourselves,we can conquer hearts easily

    Pls visit my blog..

  2. The strongest enemy to our submission to Allah lies within ourselves, we can either make it submit or submit to it…………..Our Nafs!

  3. Moderating Islam and Muslims is actually destroying us because it changes our fundamental values. Our success always has been and will be in the hands of Allah and he wants to see a paticular level f deen and practice from us. When it reaches that level Allahs help will come..thus moderating our practice of Islam will me we lose Allahs help.

    jazakallah 4 sharing your thoughts

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