Knowing Jesus (as)

An Italian  monk, Fra Marino, was invited to lunch by Pope Sixtus V in 1549. Intoxicated by wine, the Pope fell asleep. Monk Marino, to fill the time, browsed through the Vatican library of the Pope – where he found a copy of the book – which Irancus (130-200 CE) mentioned as teachings of Jesus recorded by St. Barnabas under the directions of St. James. He took the book home , copied and returned the original on his next visit to the Pope. Fra Marino’s copy fell into Royal hands and was eventually lodged at the Museum in Vienna (Austria). This book is the authentic Gospel of Jesus (as), which he preached in the Temples (Synagogues), where he worshipped and later in primitive communes and outdoors as situation demanded. Jesus followed Moses’ Law (unadulterated Torah).

According to the New Testament – Barnabas, surnamed Joses, was a Levite of the Island of Cyprus and half-brother to Jesus, by his father Joseph, from a previous marriage (Matthew 13:55 and Acts 4:36-37). He had a nephew, John Mark, through his sister Mary. St. Barnabas understood both Aramaic and Hebrew.

Though the Gospel of Barnabas was not included, like hundreds of other manuscripts, at Roman pagan King Constantine’s convened Nicene Council of 325 CE – it was the Canonical Gospel of the Nazarene Church in Alexandria (Egypt) for hundreds of years. In 451 CE, the followers of Jesus (as) including the Copts in Egypt were declared hereticsand excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church. In 492 CE, Pope Gelasius, who got hold a copy of Gospel of St. Barnabas, issued a Bull, prohibiting the use of the Gospel and ordered that all available copies of the Gospel be burned – leaving the Constantine Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Pope Innocent (465 CE) and Pope Hormisdas (514-23 CE), followed similar views on followers of Gospel of Barnabas.

Since Gospel of St. Barnabas’

narrations of Jesus’s virgin birth and ‘Good Tidings’ given to his mother, Mary, almost coincide with the story of Jesus (as) in Holy Qur’an – the Nazarenes (Donatists) in North Africa and Egypt, accepted Islam in 641 CE.

The Jesus, like John the Baptist (Yahya), only preached to the House of Israel – as their message was tribal and not universal. Muslims believe in all Biblical prophets including Jesus (as). However, they, like many many Christian scholars, don’t believe that the present-day New Testament is true message of Jesus (as). For example – The New Testament expert and founder of California-based Weststar Institute, Dr. Robrt Funk, along with several scholars from major Christian denominations – took a critical look at the Bible. The examined the authenticity of Jesus’ words, sifting facts from fiction. After six-years’ (1985-1991) study – there findings were – “Eighty percent of the sayings and parables attributed to Jesus in the Bible are either false or possibly so; and that twenty percent only of those sayings and parables are true or possible true.”


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