Palestine – The Death of Two- State Solution

All the so-called Peace Process sponsored by pro-Israel US administrations – were meant to fool the Zionists’ Palestinian victims and to provide more opportunites for the Zionist-regime to occupy more Palestinian land. The so-called Two State solution has never made sense to a political-aware person. In a simple words – A Palestinian state, if ever established, in Gazzah, West Bank, and East Jerusalem – will always be at the mercy of the militarily powerful Israel, which would control its airspace, borders and any land route to the outside world. Israel could suffocate the Palestinian state by economic sanctions, and expelling most of its Native Arab population to that tiny state – plus could invade the new state at its whim, knowing that there would be no conventional Army, Air-force or Navy to stop it doing that.

The Map on the top shows how much land was donated to European Jew settlers by the western powers, who wanted to get rid of their Jewish communities – as the did in past during their Dark Age.

Bush-regime’s lip service and shuttle-diplomacy has also provided Zionist regime to build as much as 200 new Jewish towns and colonies in Fatah-controlled West Bank. In addition to that Tel Aviv has already allowed over 500,000 fanatic Jew settlers to live on Arab properties in West Bank and East Jerusalem.

It’s reported that once an Arab reporter asked Yasser Arafat about the Jewish loot of Arab land – and after some hesitation he responded: “We cannot belie Allah’s word and Allah says that Yahud will gather in Palestine, only to be vanquished into smithereens (based on Qur’anic prophecy)”.

Practically, the “Two State” solution make sense for the survival of Jewish occupation. That’s why both the US and EU want it to work for the pleasure of powerful Jewish Lobbys in their countries. They all are waiting for the time to blame the victims (Palestinians) for not responding to their ‘deceitful’ offer of peace: “Stop the bloodshed. Let everyone forget the past (that foreign Jews are occupiers of an Arab country). Arab and Jewish children deserve to live in peace, etc. etc.” However, when the victims, who are already pushed to the wall – cry for justice and fairply, they would be blamed being warmongers, who want to dump the Jews in the Sea or for creating another Jewish Holocaust.

Two years after Islamic Resistance Hamas landslide victory in internationally monitored election, whose government was shrunk to Gazzah only by USrael’s successful move to divide Palestinian Islamic and secular resistance groups – and imposing world-wide sanctions against Hamas government – some western leaders have come to the obvious conclusion that the Palestinian majority has not been cowed to accept the so-called “Two State” solution. As a result, the EU funded “Palestinian Strategy Study Group” – a group of 27 leading Palestinian figures from across the political spectrum – to come up with some alternative in favour of Jewish settlers. The group report published on Wednesday, came to the conclusion that the current two-state framework for peace talks is failing to bring the promised independent state. Instead, it suggests ending the negotiation process that has gone for nearly 20 years, reconstituting the PA into what might become a “Palestinian Resistance Authority”, and developing a form of “smart” resistance (like Hizb’Allah). In order to save the huge cost of occupation to Israel and its ally, the US taxpayers – the report recommends a “Single State” based on “bi-national” status – most probably like in Canada.


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