Wars for oil resources


The energy padits have long predicted that whoever, controls the oil/gas resources of the world – would control the industrial world. Unfortunately, though, most of the oil resources happens to be within Muslim world. This has given the Zionists and other anti-Muslim forces – the chance to kill two birds with a single stone – entice the western rich and powerful countries with oil resources – and use their military power and economic sanctions to destroy a possible Muslim threat to the Jewish occupation of Palestine.

Iraq War was another case of energy greed – though the security of Israel was the prime reason for destroying a Muslim country of over 26 million people. No the greatest beneficiary of Iraq occupation are international oil cartel, which is pushing to upgrade the existing old Haifa refinery to process Iraq’s huge oil reserves. According to an Israeli Think Tank report in 2003 – once the full oil pumping is in place – Israel could earn as much as US$45 billion per year.

The ‘Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan’ oil pipeline and South Caucasus gas pipeline – starting from Azebiajan to Turkey – passes through Georgia and bypass Russian territory. Georgia is ruled by a Zionist-controlled government – and in order to blackmail Russia to stop its trade and military co-operation with Tehran – Israel with the help of the US started the current war between Georgia and Russia.

Among the top 20 countries with greatest oil reserves – 12 happen to be Muslim, leading Saudi Arabia with 264.3 billion barrels followed by Islamic Iran (132.5 billion barrels) with tens of  billion barrels found lately.

Till the dismemberment of USSR in 1991 – Russia controlled the oil reserves of its five Muslim republics and Chechnya. On the other hand the other world super-power, USA, controlled the oil sources in the Arab world and Iran untill 1979 Islamic Revolution – though the US import most of its oil from South American countries. After, USA became the so-called “sole super-power” – it shifted its greedy eyes to the oil reserves in Caspian Sea, which is littoral part of Russia  plus four Muslim states, Islamic Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, and Turkemenistan.

It was the proposed pipeline from Turkemenistan through Afghanistan, to Pakistan’s port Gwader (planned to be started in 2010) – which initiated America’s brutal war against Taliban seven year ago with no end as yet. The Jewish Lobby fabricated lies about Al-Qaeda to push Washington into a war with a country which never threatened the US.

China, emerging industrial power depends on its declining Daqing oilfields (160 million tons), therefore, is looking for new oil reserves and nuclear enrgy sources. China is building a new oil pipeline from Kazakhistan to China. China is also involved in drilling and importing a large section of known oilfields in Sudan, which is main reason for Jewish Lobby’s propaganda against Islamist government in Sudan and hoasting of Olympics in China.


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