Jewish power

There is no denying the fact that western mass-media, Hollywood, top banking institutions, crime-mafias, politicians and governments of the US and most western nations are controlled, directly or indirectly, by the powerful Jewish lobbying groups, Jewish money and Jewish propaganda. However, all these facts will be denied by every Zionist propagandist – calling the people, who dare to admit these facts in public (may it be former US president Jimmy Carter, former South African president Nelson Mandela, Iranian president Dr. Ahmadinejad, Bishop Tutu, Dr. Finkelstein, etc.) – “anti-Semite”, “Jew hater”, “self-hating Jew” and so on.

World’s Jewish population is a small fraction of world’s total population (0.002%). Though the US has the largest Jewish population in the world (more than in Israel) – It’s not more than 2% of its total population (lesser tham Muslim population in the US) – but anyone familiar with US political arena – would know that every presidential candidate has to bend backward to the Jewish Lobby (AIPAC) in order to win the election – and that’s what both John McCain (R) and Obama (D) are doing right now for Election 2008.

Mohamed Khodr wrote an article on this subject in October 21, 2003 – in which he wrote:

“Israel’s founding – the last colonial power on earth – is a testament to the historical transformation of the passive persecuted Jew to the most powerful political nation on earth. A nation that silences and intimidates the world and all criticism through the stick of American power, its own military and intelligence might, Jewish money, media manipulation, movies, and above all its own myths and lies. No nation has successfully withstood international laws and condemnation and told the world to go to hell. Factually and admittedly by the Zionists themselves – there would be no Israel without Jewish “proxy power” in colonial Europe and in today’s cowardly pandering of the U.S. Government, not the naive, uninformed, and good hearted American people goaded and led by a culture of “mass media lies” into paying and dying for Israel.

In secular Israel and the west, you can curse God, Jesus, all Prophets, your parents, religious leaders, politicians; but you not dare even mildly criticize anything “Jewish” or “Israel” lest you be branded for life as an “Anti-Semite”, or even still “murdered” in “self-defense”. Most of the world is ignorant of the Rabbinic teaching in the Babylonian Talmud deliberately mis-translated into English or purposefully unavailable. Yet scholars such as Dr. Israel Shahak, an Israeli, in his book “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” offers some of those anti-Christian and anti-Gentile teachings.”


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