Hizb’Allah – “The Party of Allah”

Although prepared for martyrdom, I preferred that it be postponed – Sir Winston Churchill.

The Lebanese Islamic political party and Resistance movement, Hizb\’Allah, is classified as “a terrorist” organization by only three members of United Nations, the US, Israel, and Canada – for putting military resistance since 1982 to recover Southern Lebanon occupied by Israel – most of which was liberated in 2000, with exception of Sheba Farms.

In Summer 2006 – Hizb’Allah fighters attacked an Israeli tank inside Lebanon’s territory, catured two Israeli soldiers and killed the rest of them. Israel, with US blessings unleashed its might 30,000 Army with Air and Naval support to “rescue” the two captured Israeli soldiers. The attack continued non-stop for 34 days, and UN only saw it fit to call for a “cease-fire”, once Israeli loses start mounting – 160 bodybags (mostly military personnel) acknowledged by IOF counting – while over 1,200 Lebanese civilian killed including less than 50 Hizb’Allah fighters. According to some sources, Israel’s invincibility has been shattered and Hizb’Allah is more popular and powerful now than in 2006.

Hizb’Allah emerged as a local Shia resistance to Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon in 1982. However, the Americans and westerners are unable to get true picture of Israel’s barbaric treatment of Lebanon or occupied Palestine or Hizb’Allah. Israel has a history of assassination of leaders of Islamic Resistance groups like Hizb’Allah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and even secular resistance groups – who are portryed as “terrorists” and “a threat” to the survival of world’s fifth powerful army, Israel Occupation Force (IOF). The victim of Israel’s latest assassination was Imad Moughniya.

In March, 2008 – Sheikh Nasrallah and his allies in opposition – gave another defeat to pro-USrael Siniora government and other forces- as result of Doha Agreement.


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