Anwar Ibrahim and Malaysian politics

Dr. Mahathir has destroyed the institutions of civil society because he represents the old –obsolete views about Asian values and the need for authoritarian rule in many Asian countries. To him the destruction of the democratic process is nothing. It’s nothing to be considered. It’s quite irrelevant. Because those, who call or clamor for reforms are only seen to be tools of the west. On the contrary I see it as very much Asian value. Very much as Islamic position to respect human dignity freedom and justice,” – Anwar Ibrahim in an interview to TalkAsia, CNN, October 5, 2004

Datuk Sheri Anwar Ibrahim, the former Malaysian deputy prime minister, who was arrested on September 20, 1998, under the Internal Security Act after leading one of Malaysia’s largest anti-government protest. He’s was tried by a kangaroo court and found guilty for corruption and sodomy. He was imprisoned and beatened. Lost loved ones. And this, to a man who was once former Malaysian Prime Minister’s Mahathir’s protégé and heir apparent. In September, 2004 –  his sodomy charges were unexpectedly overturned, allowing him to become a free man overnight. But the federal court’s decision to reject his corruption appeal bared him from holding political office, until 2008.

Ten years after his victimization – Anwar Ibrahim is dominating Malaysian political arena once again and after leading the opposition to a surprise gain in the March election – he has possed a similar threat to the corrupt ruling class as he did during Mahathir’s dictorial regime. Many world leaders consider Anwar Ibrahim as “a moderate Muslim Islamist”, who is not fighting for the establishment of a theocratic Islamic State (like in Iran). However, the pro-Israel ‘Islamophobic’ western media paint him otherwise – “he doesn’t play by our (Zionists’) rules”.

Anwar Ibrahim has once again been accused of some of Mahathir’s orchestrated allegations.  Abd Rahman Koya has written a detailed article in monthly Crescent International, August, 2008.

Malaysia is a country of 24 million people of various religious and ethnic groups – with Muslims making 60% of the population.



One response to “Anwar Ibrahim and Malaysian politics

  1. I just received the following e-mail from zeynab abdullah – which I post here with some minor spelling corrections….

    Anwar now is “seducing” voters by showing how great he is because satanic verses supporters are supporting him.(they did supporting him)

    He also claimed that Tony Blair also supports him now and Amerikka and Israel gangs as well. Gosh. Some people dont want to see this truth and keep supporting him crazily and they could even be a killer for Anwar’s sake. Why would the West is so interested in him? He is their “good islamic boy” They even made a campaign to “save” Anwar before but dont want to make a campaign to save Palestinian .

    Now I know why Israel hate the Malaysian government. Because the government donate to Hamas not to Fatah – hah!

    You can read this blog(written in 2006):

    Pak lah is our Prime Minsiter’s nick name: means “Daddy Lah” Lah is a short form for Abdullah.

    And this news(2006):

    I still remember how Al-Gore gave him support when he came to Malaysia for Apec.

    Note that: Sheikh Qaradhawi is supporting him (Anwar) too. Anwar said;

    Anwar is seducing the people with economical power through westernize of Israelites power like Singapore.

    He want to demolish the Islam of rasulAllah (sawaws) and put up the liberal Islam created by Zionist in here.

    The knocked-out ex-president of two far east countries (Phillipines and Indonesia) Joseph estrada and Gus dur are supporting him too!(those two are Amerikka’s puppets)

    My purpose of this email to you is – I dont want you to see him good while he is destroying Muslims in here.

    They are propagating him as a good- doers outside.

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