Muslim Bosniaks Holocaust

Yugoslavia was an artificial state created by communists dominated by anti-Muslim Serbs. After the death of its founder, dictator Marshal Tito in 1980 – the state started crumbling and resulted in the collapse of communist rule in 1989 – when Serbia and Croatia declared themselves as undependent sovereign states and were quickly embraced by western powers as UN members. However, when Muslims of Bosnia-Herzegovina followed Serbia-Croatia lead and declared its separation from Yugoslavia into an independent state – the West’s centuries-old fear of a Muslim state in heart of Christian Europe raised its head again.

In March 1991 – rulers of Serbia and Croatia made a pact to carry-out ethnic-cleansing of Bosiak Muslims and divide their state among themselve. In achieving their agenda – invading Serbian and Croatian regular arm killed over 200,000 Bosniaks, mostly unarmed civilians, rapped over 60,000 Muslim women and made two million Muslims refugees in the neighbouring countries.

During this western Holocaust since 1940s – no western power or UN came to rescue of Muslim victims of latest Crusaders. The puppet Muslim rulers also took no action due to fear of their western masters. Islamic Iran was the only Muslim regime, which was accused by the US and western powers of supplying light arms and advisers to Bosniak Muslims.


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