Trump’s $1 trillion plan to save America from Muslims

Donald Trump administration’s proposed immediate budget cuts of US$18 billion from programs like medical research, infrastructure and community grants (97% of which are given to Jewish groups) would supposedly cover the cost of a 20 feet high anti-refugee wall along the US-Mexico border. Some independent sources have claimed that the proposed wall could cost US taxpayers more than US$22 billion.

Well, if you think that’s ridiculous – you would be happy to know that new Zionist administration plans to spend US$1 trillion to keep America safe from plastic-knives holder Muslims.

While Donald Trump claims that such cuts in government subsidiaries would save over US$2.5 trillion over ten years – he seeks additional US$54 billion in military spending to defend Americans from Russia which is the best fake news I have heard so far.

An American who is lucky enough to study United States’ history from some object source will learn that the US has always terrorized, invaded and occupied foreign lands in its past 400 year history. Currently, its active duty military personnel are stationed in 150 countries.

The US and Soviet Russian never fought a war even during 46-years of the so-called Cold War. In fact, the US and USSR collaborated against Nazi Germany during WWII. Since the nuclear war-age, the Pentagon has never declared war on a country with nuclear deterrent even North Korea which has the lowest numbers of nuclear bombs (9). Pentagon has always picked on nations which didn’t even conventional army such as Vietnam, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

The WWIII hoax between the US and Russia is meant to scare Putin in order to make him stop supporting Syria, China and Iran. That was the very reason both the US and Israel created the Russia-Georgia conflict in 2008.

No matter how Israeli poodle Sen. John McCain paint the Russian threat to America – a demoralized US military cannot defeat Russian army. Don’t take my word – just listen to Michael Peck, the Jew military expert and editor at Military Times. In an article published at Forbes magazine, entitled, 7-Reasons Why America Will Never Go To War Over Ukraine. One only needs to replace Ukraine with Syria to understand America’s military threat to Iran which is backed by three nuclear powers – Russia, China and Pakistan.

Pentagon’s new offense budget (against China, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Venezuela, etc.) of US$664 billion is larger than military spending by Russia, China, UK, France, Germany, India, and Saudi Arabia put together.

In addition to the US$664 billion, the US taxpayers would be asked to shoulder several other security expenses to save themselves from those brown Muslims who have allegedly planned to destroy the White race through large immigration and mixed marriage such as veterans’ affairs, nuclear weapons, so-called homeland security, and maintenance that take the budget up to $773 billion. Add to this paying for the ‘foreign contingency’ wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Plus hundreds of bases around the globe and black programs, adding up to about $1 trillion annually – and let us not forget US$38 billion to Israel to keep Muslim population passing 2 billion mark.

Papua New Guinea and the Shylocks

A human rights group in Papua New Guinea has accused police of burning down 150 houses in a village near the Porgera Gold Mine, during an early morning raid over the weekend.

The Akali Tange Association claimed that the police mobile unit rampaged through the Wangima village in an early-morning attempt to forcefully evict residents. Eyewitnesses claim that no warning was given, nor were any eviction notices presented prior to the onslaught. Eight young school-aged girls were allegedly gang-raped during the raid, yet their whereabouts are presently unknown. Six men also faced harsh beatings during the raid.

McDiyan Robert Yapari, the leader of Akali Tange Association, claimed that a local police officer revealed to him that the raid came under orders from Barrick Gold headquarters. Yapari said the officer said, “The Company gave us orders and that we had no choice but to follow their directives. We are here working for money and if we don’t follow orders, we will not be paid our daily allowances.”

In 2013, editor Sakura Saunders underscored the systemic nature of police abuse in Papua New Guinea in a report on abuses connected to the gold mining company, “This is the true tragedy with Porgera. Here, abuses can’t be confined to a few isolated incidents, but a structure of impunity that terrorizes residents who resist it. Here, the crisis does not exist only in moments, but is tied to an environment that is over run with waste, toxic dust, landslides and tailings, creating hazards that take lives on a regular basis.”

Barrick Gold has a lengthy rap sheet, one that includes allegations of worker mistreatment and waterway pollution. For environmentalists and anti-mining activists, the company has long been the ne plus ultra of capitalist wrongdoing. While it conducts 75 percent of its business in North America, Barrick’s sites are located across at least four different continents and employ more than 14,000 people in countries as far-flung as Argentina, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Saudi Arabia, and Zambia, often in the face of violent opposition from locals

The Porgera Gold Mine is owned by Canada’s Barrick Gold – world’s largest gold mining company. It was established in 1983 by Hungarian-born Canadian Jewish billionaire, Peter Munk, who claims to be a Holocaust survivor. Dr. Norman Finkelstein in his book, The Holocaust Industry, claimed that half of Israel’s Jewish population insist to be Holocaust survivors even though most of them never stepped outside Israel.

Peter Munk reminds me the views of American Jewish academic Daniel A. McGovern, columnist, author and director of Deir Yassin Remembered of the Jewish oligarchs.

As the list of Bernard Madoff’s victims grows, their common characteristic is not philanthropy, but rather political Zionism. Virtually all have worked to build a Jewish state with little regard, and often downright hatred, for the non-Jewish population living there. The money from this type of mogul or “ganzer macher” has been used to dehumanize and depopulate non-Jews in Palestine for over 120 years. But in spite of creating a strong Israeli economy based on guns, diamonds, and security services and in spite of walling Arabs in Bantustans in the West Bank and in the KZ lager known as Gaza, they have failed. Non-Jews outnumber Jews within the borders controlled by Israel, which makes a mockery out of calling it a Jewish state,” wrote McGovern at Dissident Voice, December 2, 2008.

Papua New Guinea is less than half the size of Ontario (Canada), with just 7 million Christian majority inhabitants. The country is rich in natural resources but nearly 28% of its population below national poverty line (less than US$2 a day).

There are over 5,000 Muslims, mostly local converts (watch a video below).

Rabbi honors UK Muslim student leader


On March 27, 2017, UK’s Muslim News gave its annual Good Citizenship Award to Malia Bouattia, the first-ever Muslim president of Britain’s National Union of Students (NUS).

The citation said she had campaigned tirelessly for equal rights and the underprivileged as well as opposing the government’s prevent strategy. Malia Bouattia has taken on these tasks although she has herself been vilified in the (Zionist-controlled) media for taking up principled positions.

The Good Citizen Award is named after Bosnia-Herzegovina’s first president Alija Ali Izetbegovic who died in 2003.

Fifteen Muslim men and women were given various awards for their excellent contributions to British society in 2016.

The winners were selected by a panel of five headed by US-born UK’s Rabbi Janet Darley. She was chief rabbi at South London Liberal Synagogue until last year.

The guest of honor was Sajid Javid, the Israel-loving secretary of state for communities and local government. I wonder why Jewish lobby’s favorite London Mayor Sadiq Khan missed the presentation.

Malia was chased by Israeli propagandists and White Christian racists even before she was elect NUS president last year. Why? Because she supports Palestinian struggle against the Zionist entity and refuses to apologize for her religion for the actions of terrorists working for CIA, Mossad, and MI5.

Last week, the Jewish press accused Malia of not mentioning the “murder” a policeman as result of a car accident on Westminster Bridge which was a false flag operation conducted by MI5. Adrian Elm aka Khalid Masood, 52, was born to a White Christian mother and a Nigerian father. Elm had Gambian Rohey Hydara as live-in partner, and the union produced two kids like French Jewish president Francois Hollande. That’s is proof enough that the dude could be a Jew or Christian – but not a Muslim.

Last year, Zionist thugs chased MP Diane Julie Abbott, UK’s Labour Party shadow home secretary over sharing a platform with Malia Bouattia.

Farrakhan warns Trump about Zionist traitors

On March 23, 2017, Farrakhan posted on his Twitter account: “Mr. Trump: You say, “America first.” America is never first. Israel is always first. Ask any Jew, even your son-in-law.”

There is no antisemitism in Farrakhan’s twitter statement. On January 26, 2017, Josefin Dolsten boasted at the Jewish Daily Forward that there were eleven pro-Israel Jews, not including Ivanka Trump, in Trump’s administration even though Trump received only 24% of Jewish votes.

Dolsten’s list included Jared Kushner, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt, Steven Mnuchin, Stephen Miller, Carl Icahn, Gary Cohn, Doris Epshteyn, David Shulkin, Reed Cordish, and Avrahm Berkowitz. Is it need to say that the rest of the team members are Muslim-hating Israel First Zionist Christians.

Last month, leader of the Nation of Islam took another shot at the organized Jewry. Addressing thousands of members of NOI attending the Savior’s Day event in Detroit he warned Afro-Americans and Muslims in particular during next four years under Trump’s Zionist controlled administration.

He said some of Afro-American politicians were not ashamed to sell their souls to the organized Jewry. He mentioned Rep. Keith Ellison as an example who failed to become chairperson of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) even though he sat at the feet of Jewish leaders (listen to his speech below).

Farrakhan brought a huge laughter when he said that he didn’t vote for either Trump or Hillary because both of them were Biblical Satans.

I have always enjoyed Farrakhan’s oratory especially his grip on America’s Deep State, his concern for fellow Afro-Americans, and his support for Muslims fighting Judeo-Christian imperialism around the Globe.

Louis Farrakhan Sr., 83, is author of several books, notably the Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, in which Farrakhan proves that Jews played a far greater part in the African slave trade than European Christians. He is a good piano-player which he learned from a Jewish teacher.

The organized Jewry hasn’t forgiven Farrakhan since 1983 when he threw support behind Rev. Jesse Jackson, a House Negro who was opposed by Israel lobby groups for meeting PLO’s leader Yasser Arafat.

I have always admired Farrakhan for his support for the Islamic Republic. He never missed a chance to meet Iran’s former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whenever the later came to New York to address UN General Assembly meetings. In February 2016, Farrakhan visited Tehran to attend 37th anniversary event of the Islamic Revolution.

Yemeni leader says no to US, Saudi Arabia and Israel

On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of Yemeni citizens poured into capital city of Sana’a to mark the second anniversary of Israel’s proxy war in Yemen fought by the US and its poodle regime in Riyadh.

The leader of Yemen’s Houthi movement, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badreddin Houthi said in statement that the US-led war on Yemen to install a pro-Israel regime in Sana’a has failed.

He stressed that while Saudi Arabia has been relentlessly attacking the country, the kingdom has not reached any of its goals. The root of the aggression, he said, is Saudi Arabia serving Israeli interests, as well as US hegemony in the region.

Yemeni people reject U.S. hegemony as they show hostility to the Zionist entity and voice support to the Palestinian cause,” Sayyed Houthi said in the televised speech Saturday.

Houthi Shi’ite Ansarullah movement leader also said that the kingdom’s almost-daily airstrikes against civilians in Yemen are nothing short of war crimes, seeing as Saudi Arabia is using the most lethal armaments.

The US-Israel-Saudi Arabia war against Yemen began in March 2015 in an effort to reinstate the toppled US poodle president Maj. Gen. Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Yemen’s Legal Center of Rights and Development announced on Saturday, that the war has thus far killed over 12,040 Yemenis and left more than 20,000 others wounded.

Washington and Tel Aviv have been accusing Iran of interfering in Yemen’s internal affairs long before the Houthi rebellion against pro-Western regimes in Sana’a. Both Tehran and Sana’a have refuted the fake news.

Yemen has a great strategic importance to the Zionist entity for its shipping to foreign countries via Sea. Yemen also served Israel as source of human-trafficking. Last year, the Zionist regime acknowledged the sale of 5,000 Yemeni Jew babies in the 1950s.

On March 26, Jew-billionaire Jeff Bezos-owned Foreign Policy magazine reported Trump administration plans to sell more deadly arms to Riyadh in order to continue its aggression against Yemen in future.

Several Defense officials told Foreign Policy the prospect of more American help for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen was under discussion even as the administration examines its broader strategy in the region, including looking at ways to counter Iran. The Pentagon views increased support for the Saudi-led coalition as one way of potentially pushing back against Iran’s influence in Yemen, as well as shoring up ties with an ally that felt neglected by the previous administration,” wrote the magazine.

Regime changes in Yemen, Syria and Iraq are meant to eliminate Iran’s growing influence in the region. If the Western plan succeed, as mentioned in the notorious Oded Yinon Plan – it will eliminate a future threat to the Zionist cancer in the Middle East.

On February 3, 2017, British journalist Brian Whitaker debunked White House lie about Iran attacking a US war ship in order to set the stage for a US-NATO attack on Iran to please Israel and Saudi Arabia.

India: Save cow, kill female babies

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s ruling BJP won recent state election in Uttar Pradesh (UP). BJP fought the election based on Hindu majority’s old hatred toward non-Hindu minorities especially Muslims. So party’s choice of Mahant Yogi Adityanath, 44, as new state chief minister did not surprise Indians who still believe in a secular India which in practice it had never been due to racism-based Hinduism – ask a member of 220 million Dalit (Untouchable Hindus). Dr. Rajshekar in his 1995 book, Dalit: The Black Untouchable of India, wrote: “Every hour – two Dalit are assaulted. Every day – three Dalit women are rapped, two Dalit murdered and two Dalit houses are burned.”

Late last week, Yogi Adityanath dropped his Hindutva dhoti by starting a financial war on state’s largest Muslim minority (32.2%). It closed down several slaughterhouses run by Muslims. India is world’s largest exporter of beef. UP state plays a majority role in this export. However, Muslims and Dalit are the main villains as far as the Hindutva mafia is concerned. Interestingly, non-practicing Hindus, Sikh and Christian minorities too consume beef.

Who is Yogi Adityanath? To put it mildly, he is incarnation of Bal Thackeray, the anti-Muslim late Shiv Sena Supremo. Some Indian writers have equated the Yogi with the US president Donald Trump. Yogi not only hate Muslims and Dalit but also women and gay people.

Yogi Adityanath is like a God to us,” said Kiran Rana, the mother of one of the 14 men arrested over the killing of 50-year-old Muslim Mohammad Akhlaq on suspicion of slaughtering a cow as Eid offering in 2015.

The way the BJP campaigned in Uttar Pradesh particularly at the last phase converting the entire campaign to Hindu Muslim binary, resulted in the massive mandate in favor of BJP. If the Delhi journos who have been ‘fascinated’ by the big ‘money’ of Hindutva party to talk about its ‘developmental’ agenda believe that the election was a stamp on Modi’s #notebandi or #demonetisation or #surgicalstrike have got the answer today that Vikas (development) for the Hindutva means war between Shamshan and Kabristan. Those who know Yogi’s past well do understand his uncontrolled fulminations against Muslims,” Vidya Bhushan Rawat, Indian human rights activist wrote on March 18, 2017.

Many Indian don’t know the past history of Hindutva – the so-called “Hindu Nationalist” parties such as Hindu Mahasabha and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh which boycotted the Quit India Movement (QIM) 74 years ago. The Hindutva camp not only opposed QIM but also provided multi-faceted and multi-dimensional support to the British rulers in suppressing this historic non-violent mass upsurge involving Hindus and Muslims followers of All India Congress Party and All India Muslim League (here).

Now, compare the fanatic Hindu concern for their so-called Holy Cow with the born-unborn female babies – one million of whom are aborted or killed every year. In 2012, United Nations designated India to be the most dangerous place in world to be born a girl.

Chutzpah: Nude protest at Auschwitz gate

Antisemites are the best friends of the organized Jewry,” Theodor Herzl’s book, The Jewish State.

On Friday, entrance gate to Poland’s State Museum at Auschwitz was closed down for a few hours as result of nude sit-in.

According to Jewish media – a group of dozen young White males and females took off their clothes, slaughtered a sheep and chained themselves to the gate with its famous sign, Arbeit Macht Frei – or Work Makes You Free – meaning hard work would lessen an inmates stay in the labor camp.

The interesting part of this bizarre Jew-hating event as reported by Jewish Daily Forward (March 24, 2017) is that naked fools even used a “drone” to film the ‘nudist colony’ show. But only one Polish Jew Marcin Makowski was the lucky one to have copy of the nude protest sit-in photo which he posted on his twitter account, and it was copied by the entire Zionist propaganda brigade.

Polish police was called in. It arrested all the nude stunt-persons for questioning. Auschwitz management plans to file a formal complaint with the prosecutor’s office.

Using the symbols of Auschwitz to any kind of manifestation of happening is outrageous and unacceptable. It’s disrespectful to the memory of all the victims of German Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp,” said the statement issued by the museum director Piotr Cywinski.

Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, condemned the action, saying it was wrong – regardless of the motives.

In 2014, the gate to Auschwitz was reported stolen despite the Israeli surveillance cameras. The gate, real or a copy, was found in Sweden a few months later.

In 2015, Polish-born professor Jan T. Gross (Princeton University) in an article claimed that Poles killed more Jews than Nazis during the WWII. The article was published in pro-Israel German newspaper Die Welt.

International Red Cross report revealed the actual Concentration Camp total death toll was 271,301 (watch a video below).