Ex-CIA official: Rex Tillerson works for Israel

Robert David Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer, the second-ranking civilian in US Marine Corps Intelligence, and former CIA clandestine services case officer, in June 21 interview with Javad Heiran-Nia of the Tehran Times said that the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson works for the Zionist entity and not for the United States.

Rex Tillerson is pursuing the foreign policy of Israel, not the foreign policy of the United States. The US Department of State is controlled today by a mix of Zionists, bankers, neoconservatives, and pedophiles. The US government at the highest levels does not do evidence-based decision-making, nor does it pursue the interests of the American public. Evidently President Donald Trump, after promising to forego elective wars and regime change, has been bribed to betray the best interests of the American people. As Donald Trump said during the campaign, our policies are pay to play. The Saudis do the paying and the Zionists do the playing,” said Steele.

My opinion is that everything the US government is doing both overseas and at home lacks both intelligence and integrity. Our legitimately elected President Donald Trump is surrounded by traitors, pedophiles, and incompetents of his own choosing. His son in law is probably a Mossad agent who was targeted against Ivanka Trump on the basis of psychological and taste profiling done by known Mossad agents Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. There are ten Goldman Sachs bankers on Trump’s intimate staff, and over fifty Ashkenazi Jews controlling every aspect of economic and foreign policy in favor of the Zionists and Wall Street and City of London (which are in turn controlled by the Rothschilds and the kosher Pope Francis), and against the best interests of the US public or the US Constitution which has been dishonored for a quarter century,” added Steele.

In May Rex Tillerson made the organized Jewry very happy by refusing to host Ramadan event which was held annually during Barack Obama’s presidency. However, later he watered-down Zionists’ excitement by claiming that blacklisting Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood would be problematic.

In March 2015, Steele claimed that most terrorists were false flag operations created by our own security services (here).

It seems Steele likes Israeli shill Donald Trump but despise Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the pro-Israel creeps in Trump administration. Listen below RAW interview with Robert David Steele.

Like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Steele is also an admirer of former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Steele says that ISIS was created by the US and Israel. We are the ISIS, he said. He also claims that Trump son-in-law Kushner is a traitor being his connection with Israeli Mossad.

On June 4, 2017, in an interview he suggested that if Trump want to go in history as a good president, he should appoint Cynthia McKinney his vice-president.

Otto Warmbier: Israeli Hillel hooligan died

Former US Jew president Barack Obama spokesman Ned Price (Jewish), and his former White House National Security Council spokesperson in a statement claimed that Obama tried his best to get American student activist Otto Warmbier released from North Korean jail. “During the course of the Obama Administration, we had no higher priority than securing the release of Americans detained overseas,” he said.

I’m sure Obama must have tried his best to get Warmbier’s released as he did for years to get American Jew spy Allan Gross released from Cuban jail. Incidentally, both Warmbier and Gross were convicted for 15-year in jail for allegedly involved in anti-government activities.

Warmbier, 22, who spent only 17 months in jail was released in coma last week on humanitarian basis so he can receive proper brain tumor surgery in the US – died on Monday.

According to Jewish press, Warmbier was an active member of Hillel International at the University of Virginia, an Israeli anti-free speech group at Campuses in the US, Britain, France and Canada. He joined the group after participating in a Birthright trip to Israel in 2014.

The university’s Hillel director, Zionist Rabbi Jake Rubin, called him “a beloved member of our Hillel community.”

On November 23, 2015, Batya Ungar-Sargon at the pro-Israel Foreign Policy magazine quoted Gordon Gladstone, a former Hillel director at Berkeley saying that donors are pushing Hillel International to be anti-liberal Zionist and anti-BDS.

The Birthright trips to Israel are fully paid by Israel’s ministry of information (read US taxpayers) to doctrine young American with the false history of Zionist occupation and its nine million Palestinian victims.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually it’s exposed that Otto Warmbier became a sacrificial goat for Israel to gear-up more pressure on North Korea, a close ally of anti-Israel Iran and Pakistan.

Jewish media in the West has tried its best to immortalize Warmbier as it did to WSJ investigative reporter Daniel Pearl who was put to death once his captors found out that he was snooping around Pakistan as Israeli Mossad.

As if that was not enough, Israel First Sen. John McCain accused Pyongyang of the murder of Otto Warmbier as if the dude developed brain tumor in Korean jail. Many Americans consider Sen. John McCain father US Navy Rear-Admiral John S. McCain II a traitor for his major part in the cover-up of Israeli attack on USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 – murdering 34 Americans and wounding another 171 on board (watch below).

Iranian missiles hit ISIS positions in Syria

On Tuesday, Iranian president Dr. Hassan Rouhani praised IRGC missile attack against headquarters and logistics of the US-Israel created ISIS terrorists in Deir Ez-Zor, the largest city in eastern Syria, on Sunday night (watch below) to punish perpetrators of the June 7 twin terrorist attacks  targeting  Iranian Parliament (Majlis) and mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Iran’s approach regarding regional and global issues has not changed, but if a group wishes to harm Iran’s glory, it will receive a crushing response. The Islamic Republic will continue its path with grandeur and dignity,” stressed Rouhani.

After the ISIS terrorists’ attacks in Tehran which left more than a dozen killed and many more wounded, the IRGC had announced that the shedding of innocent blood will not go unanswered.

During the operation, a number of surface-to-surface mid-range missiles targeted ISIS terrorists from IRGC’s bases in Kermanshah and Kordestan provinces, in western Iran,” said a statement by the IRGC after its missile attacks.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said in a statement that the strike killed a large number of ISIS terrorists as well as destroyed important equipment and weapons.

American journalist, author, peace activist and blogger, Robert Fantina, penned an article on June 20, entitled, For the First Time in 30 Years Iran Has Bombed Anyone, A Warning to the US and Israel.

“The peaceful Iran, which has not invaded a country in over 200 years (are you listening, US?), recently bombed ISIS strongholds in Syria, in retaliation for the recent ISIS-sponsored terror attack in Tehran. This is the first time in thirty years that Iran has bombed anyone, which indicates that the patience of the leaders of that country is wearing thin. Israel and the US would be well-advised to proceed cautiously, before widening a war that will include Iran. When one plays with fire, one is bound to be burned eventually,” says Fantina.

The missile strike by Iran could be a mid-term game changer in the sense that it places Iran squarely into the frame of fighting international terrorism and ISIS. Up until this point, parties in the US led by pro-Israel neoconservatives, the Trump White House, and the sister lobbies of Israel and Saudi Arabia – have tried hard to enforce a strict party line that Iran is somehow The number one state sponsor of terror on the planet, despite the fact that no evidence is ever presented to back this sensational geopolitical plank,” Patrick Henningsen wrote at the Consortium News on June 21, 2017.

Remembering Rev. Brockmann: A friend of Palestine

H.E. Father Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, M.M.

Rev. Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, former Nicaraguan foreign minister and president of the United Nations General Assembly died on June 8, 2017. He was also a leading voice of conscience on Middle East peace. He is mourned by supporters of nine million Palestinian victims of the Western colonial project in Palestine.

Within hours of the first airstrikes against Gaza, Father Miguel condemned Israel’s actions as wanton aggression by a very powerful state against a territory that it illegally occupies. He insisted it was time for the General Assembly to take firm action if the United Nations does not want to be rightly accused of complicity by omission. In following days, the UN Security Council – which under the UN Charter is supposed to take primary responsibility for peace and security issues – discussed and debated and consistently failed to respond to the growing Gaza crisis, mostly because the veto-wielding United States was active in blocking action. Then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in the midst of the slaughter of Gazan civilians, famously remarked, “We don’t need a cease-fire yet,” wrote Richard Falk, while paying tributes to Rev. Miguel on June 14, 2017.

The small Latin American nation of six million, has long been victim of American imperialism including the notorious Contra guerrilla insurgency that had been funded, equipped and trained by United States.

In order to fund its regime change in Nicaragua without the blessing of the Congress, Reagan administration created the Iran-Contra scandal. According to Barbara Honegger, a member of the 1980 Reagan-Bush campaign team and Reagan White House policy analyst, stated that the Reagan-Bush campaign negotiated with Iranian authorities to delay the release of American embassy staffers in Tehran until after the presidential election, and that military spare-parts sales to Iran pre-paid by the deposed King Reza Shah was part of that bargain. In order to discredit the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the shipment was publicized to be made by Israel. In June 1984, Robert McFarlane claimed that he got the money from Saudi ‘royals’ to fund the Contra rebels.

Barbara Honegger, author of book October Surprise deny the official 9/11 story. “Behind the Smoke Curtain: Or Everything You Think You Probably Know about the Pentagon Attack on 9/11 is Wrong,” she says (video below).

On January 11, 1987, Bernard Gwertzman reported at the Jew York Times: “In May 28-31, 2010, Robert McFarlane and his party of ten made a secret trip to Iran using falsified Irish passports – carrying a Bible with a handwritten verse from President Reagan for Iranian leaders, and a key-shaped cake to symbolize the anticipated ”opening” to Iran.” However, the mission failed when then president Ayatullah Ali Khamenei ordered the party to be deported immediately.

Nicaraguan socialist government build-up an alliance with Cuba, Venezuela, and the Islamic Republic to counter American imperialism. Iran-Nicaragua relations reached the peak under Ahmadinejad presidency. Ahmadinejad along with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez visited Nicaragua in January 2012 to attend Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega inauguration. Speaking at the ceremony Ortega attacked the US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, condemned the killing of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and supported Iran’s right to pursue its civilian nuclear program. He also urged the Zionist regime to destroy its nuclear weapons to foster peace in the region.

President Daniel Ortega visited Iran in June 2007 and met president Ahmadinejad and country’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei.

Ahmadinejad provided over US$550 million aid to Nicaragua to build a hospital, a university, a power plant and an agricultural research center.

Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega severed diplomatic ties with the Zionist entity in 2010, in protest over Israeli commandos storming Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara vessel carrying aid workers – killing nine Turkish citizens aboard. In late March 2017, the serial liar Netanyahu claimed that Israel-Nicaragua agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations immediately which have not materialized as yet.

Iranian foreign minister Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif  visited Managua last year.

Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega government hosted the UN International Conference on Occupied Palestine in Managua on February 4, 2017.

Nicaraguan is a Christian-majority (90%) nation with only 1,500 Muslim community.

WSJ: Israel funds ISIS in Syria

On June 18, 2017, one of top Israeli hasbara (propaganda) outlets, Wall Street Journal, admitted the fact that Israel had been funding the ISIS terrorists in Syria for years.

Rory Jones reported that “Israel has been regularly supplying Syrian rebels near its border with cash as well as food, fuel and medical supplies for years. a secret engagement in the enemy country’s civil war aimed in carving out a buffer zone populated by friendly forces. Israel army is in regular communication with rebel groups and its assistance include undisclosed payment to its commanders that helps pay salaries to the fighters and buy ammunition and weapons.”

This fact had been denied by the Zionist regime and the Jewish-controlled mainstream media for years.

Rory Jones, WSJ’s reporter in Tel Aviv and Dubai desperately covers his Zionist AZZ by calling six year insurgency as civil war. In fact Israel and it agents were behind the armed campaign to bring an anti-Iran regime in Syria from day one. For example, on July 4, 2011, a conference of Syrian anti-regime groups was held in Saint-Germain in France. The meeting was attended by 200 people representing none of the Syrian groups calling for reforms in Syria – the ‘Democratic change in Syria’. The meeting was organized by La Regle du Jeu (The Rule of the Game) magazine and website which is headed by Zionist French Jew millionaire Bernard-Henri Levy. The other Zionist Jews who attended the meeting included Bernard Kouchner, former French foreign minister, Frederik Ansel, a member of Israel’s ruling Likud Party, Alex Goldfarb, former Knesset member and adviser to Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak and Andre Glucksmann, an Islamophobe French writer.

The only border Israel has with Syria is the two-third of Syrian Golan Heights the Jewish army occupied during the Israel’s 1967 aggression.

On October 12, 2012 Shimon Shiffer reported at Israeli daily Y Net that Netanyahu offered to handover Golan Heights to Bashar al-Assad in return for his promise to distance himself from Iran. The secret negotiations were held by Dennis B. Ross, Obama’s then special assistant for Middle East, Michael Herzog, a former chief of staff to Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak, and Frederic C. Hof, former US State Department official with Syrian foreign ministry officials.

On March 28, 2013, Aluf Benn reports in Assad is Israeli friend for Ha’aretz that “Damascus and Jerusalem were very close to an agreement in early 2011, which would have had Israel withdrawing from the Golan Heights in exchange for full peace and Syrian disengagement from Iran.”

However, the US-Israel trap failed as Bashar al-Assad refused to cancel his ties with Iran, Hizbullah or Palestinian resistance groups.

 On April 21, 2016, Gershom Gorenberg wrote at Jewish website, The American Prospect: “On Israeli maps the Golan is simply part of Israel, unilaterally annexed for all practical purposes nearly 35 years ago. On the rest of the world’s maps it is Israeli-occupied Syrian territory.”

The Wall Street Journal is owned by Australian-born Jew multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

In December 2015, candidate Donald Trump claimed that Israel funds ISIS.

Kashmiris celebrate Pakistan win over India

On June 18, despite mourning the recent killings of a dozen of Muslim Kashmiris by Indian Occupation Force (IOF) in India’s annexed state of Jammu and Kashmir – firecrackers were bursting all over the Valley as it erupted in celebrations over the unexpected victory of Pakistan at the Oval (London) in the ICC Champions Cricket Trophy.

Thousands of people including elderly, women and children came out on the roads and streets across the Kashmir valley to join the celebrations of Pakistan’s victory over arch rival India.

Amid pro-Pakistan and pro-freedom slogans, firecrackers lit up the skies in occupied Kashmir. The ‘moderate’ Hurriyat chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq congratulated Pakistan over the winning the ICC Championship trophy.

In response an irked Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir posted .”Fireworks all around, feels like an early Eid (the end of month of Ramadan) here.”

In Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, residents accused officers of India’s Central Reserve Police Force of smashing cars and beating up people for celebrating Pakistan’s win. Many residents in India’s only majority Muslim state support Pakistan’s cricket team.

A cracker dealer in the city claimed to have sold firecrackers worth Rs 3 lakhs in a matter of some hours, “I was not the only one who opened up Sunday. The demand for firecrackers was huge and we had reserve stock as Eid is coming up,” he said.

Indian Hindu reaction to Pakistan’s victory over India was reported smashing TV sets, burning posters (watch video below) while Hindu media branding Kashmiris traitors for celebrating Pakistan’s victory. The only sensible comment I came across, was from a Hindu female journalist Angshukanta Chakraborty. She commented at Daily O India on June 19: “Why it shouldn’t matter if some Kashmiris are celebrating Pakistan’s win against India?“.

The demonstrations of joy and happiness at Pakistan victory happened in England, South Africa, the Caribbean islands, which hardly raised an eyebrow. In fact, East London, Birmingham, Manchester – places with substantial Pakistani immigrant population, as well as South Asians in general, green was the colour of choice for the night.‪But the concerns were poured in because celebrations took place in Kashmir. Valley erupted in joy, read a number of news reports. In Srinagar, Pakistani flags were waved, while crackers were burst. In Tral, victory marches were carried out. In Shopian, Kulgam, Sopore, Baramulla, displays of joy were reported. Some Kashmiris were evidently cheering on the Pakistan victory. Cricket nationalism is a rallying point in South Asia, but when it comes to India and Pakistan, it’s war. Sentiments notwithstanding, this classification of a beautiful game of cricket, postcolonised thoroughly from its imperial origins, into war, actually robs of the many moments of wonderful fuzziness it offers when it’s played and then replayed in our minds, sports pages, cricket columns and now, in the churning sea of social media jokes,” she said.

Kashmiri youths celebrate India losing wickets in Champions Trophy final

Hillary Clinton: I’m ‘Wonder Woman’ too!

Last Tuesday night, the organized Jewry’s most favorite American politician Hillary Clinton in a video message to the Women in Film’s Crystal + Lucy Awards compared herself to Hollywood comic Wonder Woman character (watch video below).

Hillary Clinton also praised Elizabeth Bank who was her greatest supporter from the entertainment industry during her 2016 presidential campaign.

Ironically, Hillary was not talking about Hollywood’s recent Israeli propaganda movie Wonder Woman dishing Israeli soldier-model-actress Gal Gadot who participated in 2006 Israeli war on Hizbullah. Hillary was in fact talking about the Jewish created comic character which became the UN ambassador for the so-called gender equality last year.

Based on her role as First Lady and Secretary of State, I think she deserves that title for doing beyond her power to serve Israel and the organized Jewry’s interests particularly in Libya and Syria and to some extent in Ukraine.

Hillary’s other less appreciated achievements include, 1) creating a massive pay to play slush fund, 2) bleachbit’ing 30,000 government emails, 3) and convincing half of America that Russia and not Israel hacked the US elections.

Rocker Ted Nugent, who was chased by ADL last year for claiming that Jews are behind the Gun Control Lobby to disarm US citizens – called Hillary Clinton as a Devil Bitch in a Facebook post that came moments after sharing a campaign video for Republican Donald Trump in which the performer was featured.