4 Pakistani students win $1 million Hult Prize

On Saturday night, former US president Bill Clinton presented Rutgers University’s Pakistani students Hassan Usmani, Hanna Lakhani, Moneed Mian and Gia Farooqi with US$1 million in start-up funding from the Hult Prize Foundation, a NGO dedicated to funding humanitarian initiatives.

The award ceremony was held at New York’s United Nations headquarters where contestants from universities around the world gathered for the end of the year-long competition.

The Pakistani group won the regional finals of the competition in March, out of 50,000 applicants, coincidentally a few days before Donald Trump announced a new executive order for a 120-day ban on Muslims from 7-Muslim majority countries entering United States. The Pakistani team beat groups from prestigious universities like Harvard, Yale and Purdue, and is one of five regional winners across the world, Umair Masood, Rutgers’ campus director for the Hult Prize, said.

The challenge was issued by Bill Clinton, member of Hult Foundation board of trustees, tasked contestants with finding a plan to address the world’s refugees, providing employment and restoring dignity by 2022.

The winning concept, Roshni (Light) Rides, is an eco-friendly rickshaw service, a two- or-three-wheeled passenger cart fueled by renewable energy that will allow refugees to travel with ease and without a financial burden.

Korangi Town is considered one of Asia’s largest slums housing about 2.4 million refugees from India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

We hope to revolutionize the transportation world with Roshni Rides and help restore sufficiency and dignity to millions of refugees around the world,” Gia Farooqi said.

According to UNHRC there are over 70 million refugees worldwide. Muslim refugees make 60% of that count.

The Hult Prize is world’s largest prize for innovative university students. It was established in 2012 by Swedish billionaire entrepreneur Bertil Eric Hult, 76, who dropped-out from school after junior high.


Russia: Election 2017 and anti-Putin Jews

On September 10, 2017 Russian voted in regional elections. Despite the Jewish media (Newsweek, AFP, Times, NYT, CNN, etc.) prediction that Putin had hit bottom of his popularity – Putin’s ruling United Russia party held lead in every region except Moscow where 34% seats were grabbed by anti-Putin opposition parties lead by so-called “pro-West Liberals” aka Communists and KGB officials with Jewish family background such as Evgenia Albats, Constantin Borovoy, Alexey Venedictov, Maria Gaidar, Vasily Gatov, Masha Gessen, Dmitry Gudkov, Irena Lesnevskaya, Mark Feygin, and many more.

Rothschild-owned Reuters called the said election as FRAUD.

This was the last election before the presidential election on March 18, 2018. If Putin decide to run and win – its would be his fourth presidential term making him the longest Russian ruler as president and prime minister after Josef Stalin who established first Jewish state within Soviet Union.

The anti-Putin campaign in Moscow was lead by young Jews like Lyucia Stein and Maxim Katz, a young Jewish activist – he organized the delivery of flowers to the place of the Jewish opposition leader Boris Nemtsov’s assassination on March 2, 2015an anti-Putin false flag.

Vitali Shkliarov, PhD, (Russian-US Jew citizen), former campaign adviser to Bernie Sanders (2016) and Barack Obama (2012) was in Moscow to give helping hand to anti-Putin campaigners.

“Democracy in action? Forsooth! This was a clear-cut example of real (as opposed to imaginary) interference in foreign elections. While endless FBI probes have never produced any tangible proof of Russian interference in the US elections, and the and the Facebook investigation revealed that it had sold as much as $150,000 in political ads to pro-Kremlin entities between 2015 and 2017, the US interference in recent Moscow elections had been vast, powerful and effective. The pro-American forces spent over sixty million dollar in Moscow alone by very conservative estimates, and probably much more. And the funds came from abroad,” wrote Russian-Israeli writer a journalist Israel Shamir on September 18, 2017.

It is interesting to note that Vladimir Putin who is considered a defender of Russian Jews, and surrounded by Jew oligarchs is hated by some pro-West Jews. It’s a serious crime to question Holy Holocaust in Russia. Recently, Putin even claimed that accusing him of interfering in America’s 2016 presidential election is an old-fashion antisemitism.

‘Big Israel’ – The ‘anti-Jew’ Book!

I’m sure many of Americans never heard of US author Grant F. Smith’s 2016 book, Big Israel: How Israel Lobby Moves America, because it tells the truth that United States have become an Israel’s colony since 1960s. Watch book’s review below from the author himself.

The book exposes the evil power of over 50 American Zionist Jewish organizations which are more loyal to the Zionist entity than United States. But it doesn’t tells the story of how the leaders of 70 million Evangelical Christians work as ‘Judas goats’ helping these evildoers in American military and press to destroy Muslim nation-states which are considered an ‘existential threat’ by the Zionist Jews occupying once Muslim-majority Palestine since 1948.

The United States is not the only nation controlled by the Israel Lobby. Similar powerful Jewish lobbying groups exist in Canada, and in almost every Western nation. Both China and Russia have pro-Israel lobby groups. Mexico got its Israel lobby just last week.

Grant F. Smith is also director of Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy.

In January 2016, the powerful Jewish media and TV channels succeeded in killing Qatar-based Al-Jazeera America English channel which had become a threat to Jewish controlled press and TV channels such as CNN, Fox News, NYT, WP, WSJ, etc.

Last week, the US department of justice headed by an Israeli poodle Jeff Sessions asked the US-based Russian Television (RT) network to get registered as a foreign lobby group. Grant Smith in an article, entitled, Israel’s Foreign Agents Don’t Register, Why Should Russia’s? explains the power and criminal acts carried out by the American Jews working for the Zionist entity.

Chutzpah: US pushes for ‘human rights’ in Sri Lanka

United State which happens to be world’s worst human-rights violator, is in the process of helping Sri Lankan government modify Constitution in order to improve country’s bad human-rights record.

In reality, the US and India are using Sri Lanka in their desire to control the Indian Ocean in order to isolate the two emerging regional nuclear powers, China and Pakistan which India regards it regional adversaries.

On August 31, 2017, Colombo hosted a 2-day conference of Indian Ocean Region (IOR) sponsored by the India Foundation. Notably both China and Pakistan were not invited to attend the conference while Alice Wells, US acting assistant secretary of state for Central and South Asia attended the meeting along with US ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives, Indian-born Atul Keshap and a delegate from American Jewish Committee (AJC).

American Jewish professor Dov Levin in a study claims that Washington interfered in 4 elections in Sri Lanka in order to bring the pro-Israel ruling UNP party in power. Strangely, the three major actors who played major part in this dirty game happened to be friends of Israel – John Kerry, former secretary of state, Jeffrey Feltman, the notorious anti-Hizbullah, UN under-secretary for Middle East and Victoria Nuland of Ukraine fame.

According to the India Foundation, the objective of the conference was India’s effort to counter China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean region.

Alice Wells in her address asserted that “the United States is and would continue to be an Indo-Pacific power.”

Wells also announced the first ever US-Sri Lanka naval exercise would be carried out next month.

On September 17, 2017, Tamara Kunanayakam wrote at the Defend Democracy Press: “Let’s be clear. The demands contained in the Human Rights Council resolution are not Burundi’s or Cuba’s or Russia’s or China’s. They are Washington’s. It was Yahapalana’s abject servility that made it possible for Washington to turn it into a weapon against the Sri Lankan people and their nation. As for the international financial institutions, they are dominated by Washington, which controls nearly 50% of the IMF vote share compared to Sri Lanka’s 0.19%!.”

In 2009, the Zionist entity took credit for the defeat of Tamil Tigers at the hands of Sri Lankan army based on its selling Kfir jets, Dvora and Shadag attack crafts and training of Sri Lankan soldiers. Former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa was a close ally of Israel.

In June 2017, the Canadian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Shelley Whiting along with Australian High Commissioner Bryce Hutchesson, Tung-Lai Margue, ambassador of the European Union and 17 other foreign diplomats condemned violence against Muslims in Sri Lanka – urging the Sri Lankan government to uphold minority rights and freedom of religion.

Islam was introduced to Sri Lanka, known to Arabs as Indaleep (Island of pearls) by Muslim traders in late 7th century (here). Currently, Muslims make the third largest community (10%) after Buddhists (70%), and Hindus (12%).

Hizbullah fighters in Syria make Israel nervous

Israeli media has reported that hundreds of Hizbullah fighters backed by Syrian Army have taken positions within reach of Israel occupied oil-rich Golan Heights, which is making Zionist regime very nervous.

In July 2017, Netanyahu drew three redlines (David Makovsky, Politico, July 14) during cabinet meeting; 1) have to keep Iran and Hizbullah away from Israel’s Golan Heights border, 2) must prevent the establishment of an Iranian military presence in Syria as a whole, and 3) must block any attempt by Hizbullah to acquire precision weapons.

Since then Zionist regime churned the lies that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, an ally of Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah had allowed Hizbullah to build a military base in al-Qusayr, a Syrian town near Lebanese border – to stockpile weapons for the Lebanese military personnel and Hizbullah fighters who are fighting along Syrian army.

On September 7, Krishnadev Calamur whined at the Jew Atlantic that the recent defeat of anti-Assad mercenaries, “Israel finds itself in a precarious position as the Syrian war grinds on: The United States, its main global ally, has struck a deal with Russia, Syria’s main benefactor, on a cease-fire that is mostly holding; Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is now more in control of his country than at any point since the war began more than five years ago; and Iran, which Israel views as an existential threat, and Hezbollah, which it battled for years in Lebanon, have emerged even stronger than they were before the conflict began.”

The failure of Netanyahu’s six-year-old regime change in Syria has put him in panic.

On September 15, Amos Harel reported at Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz that Netanyahu had demanded a “80km (50 miles) buffer but Russian let Iranian forces and Hizbullah fighters approach with 2 km Israeli border along the Golan Heights.”

On September 8, Alastair Crooke, former British diplomat wrote: “Despite last-ditch efforts by Israel and its allies to salvage the regime change project in Syria, the looming defeat of the Western-backed jihadists marks a turning point in the modern Middle East.”

Hizbullah has successfully blocked the Zionist dream of Eretz Yisrael (greater Israel). Since the 2006 defeat Israeli Generals have come to the conclusion that Hizbullah cannot be defeated by conventional warfare. Israel which possesses several hundred nuclear bombs, is afraid to use them against Hizbullah as the radiation would wipe out more than half of Israeli population. That’s why Netanyahu wants Washington and Saudi Wahhabis to do Israel’s dirty work.

Hizbullah which is the product of Israeli invasion and occupation of South Lebanon in the 1980s, has inflicted military humiliations on Jewish army in Lebanon in 2000 and 2006 – and recently in Syria. Initially it began as a Shi’ite humanitarian group – but later it established an armed wing to fight Jewish occupation of Southern Lebanon. In 2005 Hizbullah entered country’s politics and currently lead the opposition group in the parliament. After its victory in the 2006 Israeli invasion, it has earned support from Lebanese Christians and Druze communities in addition to Sunni Hamas.

Lebanon appeared on Zionist Jewish hit list in 1919, when the World Zionist Congress delegation at the Paris Peace Conference said the Lebanese Litani River, Golan Heights and Jordan Valley (West Bank), were essential for the necessary economic foundation of the new state for Jews. It must have the control of Arab rivers and headwaters.

UK: Indian doctor charged with 118 sexual offenses

On August 31, 2017, Indian-born family doctor Manish Shah from Romford, London, appeared in court. He is accused of assaulting 118 of patients including sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

The assaults are said to have taken place between June 2004 and July 2013 when he was first arrested. An investigation was launched after several people contacted police in July and August 2013.

Since Dr. Manish Shah is an Asian and Hindu, the Jewish-controlled British media and several White supremacist groups in the UK and US have made it an anti-immigration issue.

In May 2015, Sue Berelowitz, Deputy Children’s Commissioner for England warned: “Child sex abuse is so rife in Britain that there is not enough land in the country to build the number of prisons needed to house the perpetrators.”

In November 2015 UK’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis admitted that child sexual abuse among British Jewish community had become epidemic.

On January 11, 2013, UK’s daily Guardian reported that 69,000 female and 9000 male rape cases are reported in the country each year.

United Kingdom is home to one of West’s top paedophile industry. Manish Shah’s crime pale in front of country’s two top sex abusers – one of Israel’s top Catholic propagandist at the BBC, Sir James Savile who is accused of having sex with 400 young boys at BBC premises, and the former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Lord Janner, who sexually abused kids at a Jewish orphanage.

Last month, Labour Party’s shadow minister for women Equality, MP Sarah Champion (Jew) in an article at newspaper The Sun, accused British Pakistanis men of rapping White girls.

Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men – rapping and exploiting White girls,” she wrote. In other words, if a Pakistani has sex with his White girlfriend or pick-up some White prostitute or call-girl – it’s rape because his Muslim parents Pakistan hate Israel and are not like the London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Cabinet minister Sajid Javid.

“On Septembers 5, American White racist Andrew Joyce, PhD, came up with a solution to colored doctors. “Britain has allowed itself to become dependent on foreign doctors. This dependency is due to a confluence of factors. The nation has inexplicably failed to devote the time and resources to training sufficient numbers of ethnic Britons at its world-class universities, while simultaneously setting meagre immigration standards for medical graduates from dubious Third World institutions,” he said.

The truth is people like Joyce cannot accept the fact that it’s the West which draining “brains” from the so-called Third World because they’re far more intelligent and hardworking than the great majority of White race which has low IQ and is too lazy to work at low paid jobs. They would rather live on welfare.

Britain is home to European Union’s 4th largest single parents (1.8 million out of which 650,000 on welfare) after Latvia, Estonia and Ireland.

Under Mughal rule, India was the most civilized and progressive society. During the same time, London was a city of 15,000 unwashed people,” claims Eric Margolis, Canadian columnist, author and blogger.

London Tube ‘bucket bomb’ – another terror hoax

On Friday, a bucket inside a train exploded near the Parsons Green tube station during the morning rush hour, panicking the passengers resulting in minor injuries to 29 of them but no one was killed.

As usual, the US-Israel created terrorist group ISIS took responsibility for planting the ‘bucket bomb’. This is the second London train bombing since July 7, 2005 – a MI5-Mossad false flag operation which killed 56 people including the so-called four terrorists.

Donald Trump, the Judas goat, claimed on twitter that “those responsible had been in the sights of Scotland Yard.” He also advised PM Theresa May to be tougher and more protective in the fight against terrorism (by whom?). A 2015 British poll had claimed that 2.7 million British Muslims are far more loyal to the country than 300,000 British Jews – many of whom carry Israeli citizenship.

It is also the fifth faked terrorist attacks since the so-called anti-Israel Jeremy Corbyn secured opposition Labour Party leadership.

US-based Aanirfan, news website has claimed the Parsons Green incident being a false flag.

British security agencies like their American counter-part, are also trained by Israeli forces.

It seems this is another terror hoax like the Boston Marathon bombing or the underwear bomber. Most probably the janitor was trying to sneak some drugs to his jobsite in his cleaning bucket and incidentally dropped a cigarette into it.

British prime minister Theresa May who has been called as Commander of an Israeli Tank, upped country’s terror level to critical. She chaired a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergencies committee to discuss the incident.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has appealed for calm, saying London “will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism“.

British Transport Police said: “We’re aware of an incident at Parsons Green station. Officers are at the scene. The station is closed.”

Scotland is looking for the suspect terrorist but has not been able to spot someone with a Muslim name!