WATCH: Jew-Hindu lesbian wedding

On August 18, America’s oldest online newspaper The Jewish Daily Forward hailed Britain’s first interfaith same sex matrimonial union between Miriam Jefferson (Jew) and Kalavati Mistri (Hindu) in the city of Leicester (watch below).

It must be a landmark event considering the Washington-based anti-Muslim Jewish Gatestone Institute had declared Leicester as the Most Islamic Community in Europe.

Leicester – once known as a center for manufacturing shoes and textiles — where immigrant groups now make up nearly half that city’s total population of 280,000. Many of the immigrants are of South Asian origin; the city is now known for its many Hindu, Sikh and Muslim places of worship,” claimed the Israel hasbara filth Soeren Kern on March 24, 2011.

The moron forgot to mention that Leicester has less than 1% Jews in city’s 300,000 population – but has three synagogues – one right inside the University of Leicester. Muslims make 22% of city population, Hindus 16% and Sikhs 6%.

The two lesbians have been together for two decades and already had solemnized their marriage according to the Jewish rite, holding another ceremony in Jefferson’s native Texas,” Daniel J. Solomon said.

Same sex marriage is legal in Britain since July 17, 2013. India legalized it last year.

Both pope Francis and Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury are in favor of same sex marriage. The Liberal and Reformed rabbis have been performing same sex marriages for decades.

There is no denying to the fact that self-pity unites Jewish and LGBT communities around the world. Professor Sarah Schulman (College of Staten Island, New York), a lesbian herself, claims that LGBT right groups are funded by Hungarian-born American Jew oligarch George Soro.

The uncorrupted Bible and Holy Qur’an forbid homosexuality and same sex marriage. In more than 74 countries around the world same sex relationship is illegal.

I remember when UK’s prime minister Israel-First Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth converted to Islam in Iran in 2010 – British Christian Zionist and lesbian journalist and author Julie Burchill criticized Ms Booth for converting to Islam instead of Judaism.

Mossad behind Barcelona van attack

A White van was driven into a crowd of pedestrians close to one of Barcelona’s Jewish deli – killing 13 people and injuring another 80.

Even before the local police call it a terrorist act – Richard Verber, senior vice-president of the Board of Jewish Deputies, said: “We utterly condemn this brutal attack by terrorists intent on murdering and maiming innocent pedestrians in Barcelona. People of all faiths and none must come together to defeat this evil.”

The Jewish media had reported that Barcelona attacker took hostages in a nearby Turkish restaurant, however, the claim was dismissed by the local police.

As expected, ISIS, a US-Israeli creation, took responsibility for the attack – just like Charlie Hebdo, Paris terrorist attacks, and all the recent terrorist attacks in London.

Pity, ISIS didn’t exist in 2004 to take blame for the Madrid bombing which had Israeli Mossad fingerprints all over. The train bombings occurred one year after one million Spaniards joined up to 30 million other people around the world in protesting the imminent Iraq invasion, an Israel’s proxy war, and in the context of the Spanish people’s overwhelming rejection of the presence of Spanish troops in Iraq.

Driss Oukabir, a 28-year-old man born in Morocco, whose passport was found near the kosher deli surrendered himself to police. He denied being present in the area during the accident and said he reported his passport being stolen to police station last week. British daily Guardian reported on Thursday that Oukabir was not driving the white van involved in the killing.

Mossad agents are famous for stealing foreigners’ passports.

On August 17, British Daily Star reported that Manchester Arena bomb survivor Chris Pawley, a convicted drug dealer, was spotted near the kosher deli at the time of the incident.

Catalans are holding a referendum on October 1, 2017 to split from Spain. In June, the regional president Carles Puigdemont said Catalans will be asked to answer yes or no to a single question: “Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic?” He also said the vote was non-negotiable because Catalans backed his plan for secession by voting for his coalition of pro-independence parties at the end of 2015.

Spain’s Jewish Lobby is against an Catalonia State, fearing a pro-Palestine country in Europe. Most Catalonians support BDS movement.

Catalonia, a wealthy region in northeastern Spain, represents a fifth of Spain’s GDP and has a population of over seven million – 15% of which are Muslim immigrants from Morocco, Palestine, Turkey and Pakistan.

Spain had been under Muslim Rule for nearly 850 years (711-1492).

Lobby: Ukraine is ruled by neo-Nazis!

The organized Jewry slams Ukrainian authorities for allowing the neo-Nazis to honor fighters who are engaged in ethnic-cleansing of Jews and gay minorities in the breakaway Donetsk Republic.

A statue of Stepan Andriyovych Bandera was unveiled in Kiev city recently. Bandera is considered a national hero for declaring an independent Ukrainian state in June 1941 while the country was occupied by Nazi army. But he is hated by Jews for collaborating with Nazis against Jewish occupied Soviet Russia.

On March 28, 2017, Ukraine MP Nadiya Viktorivna Savchenko speaking with New One Channel, said: “Jews make 2% of country’s population while 80% of the Jews are in power. These are Groysman, Valtsman, Yuliya Tymoshenko, Beryoza, Logvinskiy and so on.”

On August 16, 2017, American editor and columnist Ajamu Baraka claimed that the Charlottesville terror had its roots in Ukraine. I’m sure ADL will consider such claim being antisemitism because Ukraine had been controlled by Jews decades before it parted away from Soviet Union in 1991.

Soviet Russian dictator Josef Stalin who established first Jewish state in Russia in 1934, was responsible for killing nearly 7 million Ukrainian Christians during 1932-33.

On July 28, 2017, UK-based African writer and blogger Adeyinka Makinde posted an article, entitled: Post-Maidan Ukrainian Antisemitism: Another Tragic Blowback From US Interventionist Foreign Policy. Interestingly, Makinde claims that he is not Jewish even though 50% of his blog posts are about Jewish sufferings. He also admits that he delivers lectures on African Jewish heritage at synagogues and other Jewish gatherings.

According to Makinde, the Maidan coup was overseen by Jewish Victoria Nuland in collaboration with other American Israel-First such as Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham, etc. but he still blame Ukrainians for hating Jews.

Anti-Semitism is embedded in the history of Ukraine. Ukraine composed a large geographical segment of the Pale of Settlement where Jews were largely restricted at the time of the Russian empire. Babi Yar, the ravine site of an infamous massacre of almost 34,000 Jews in 1941 is situated in Kiev,” claims Makinde.

Ukraine is home to 450,000 Muslims, mostly Tartars expelled by Russian dictator Josef Stalin. Country’s richest person, Rinat Leonidovych Akhmetov, is a  Tatar Muslim. He is a coal and steel magnate and owner of Shakhtar Dontesk soccer, and Ukraine’ English newspaper Kyiv Post. Rinat is married to Russian singer and actress Liliya Smirnova.

Ukrainian Muslim singer Susana Jamaldinova won the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden last year. Listen to her below:

Ayatullah Khamenei mocks Donald Trump

On Wednesday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khamenei mocked Trump in a Tweet message: If US has any power, they better manage their country, tackle #White Supremacy rather than meddle in nations’ affairs. #Charlottesville.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump in a press conference blamed both Friends of Israel who clashed in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday. He called them trouble-makers and racists.

You had a group on one side that was bad, and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. Nobody wants to say it, but I will say it right now,” said Trump.

While pro-Israel Republican and Democrat leaders criticized Trump for blaming both sides – his ally, Benjamin Netanyahu, refused to condemn either the White supremacists protesters or the counter protest lead by rabbis. Some bloggers have claimed the event was a false flag planned and conducted by CIA.

This is not the first time Khamenei has mocked Trump and other Israeli poodles controlling Uncle Sam. On Christmas Eve, Iran’s Supreme Leader took to Twitter to show some facts. Hashtaging #Ferguson and #Gaza, he tweeted that if “Jesus were among us today he wouldn’t spare a second to fight the arrogant & support the oppressed.” He also shot off a few tweets hashtaging #BlackLivesMatter. Four days later, he commemorated the Wounded Knee massacre by asking on Twitter if killing millions of Native Americans and enslaving Africans constitute American values?

Khamenei in the past had ridiculed Trump over his terrorism remarks, and military threats.

Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, former 2-term president of Islamic Republic of Iran before becoming country’s Supreme Leader in 1989, is the only Muslim world leader who have stood fast for the oppressed Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia-Herzegovina, India, Chechnya and around the world.

Khamenei’s moral support for Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah, Hamas and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has long pissed-off the organized Jewry. In 2014, ADL wrongfully accused him of denying the Holocaust.

Khamenei is a great supporter of women’s rights. He has called them being stronger than men. He has always supported the religious freedom for non-Muslim minorities such as Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians. Both Christian (2.5 million) and Jewish (30,000) communities have reserved seats in the Majlis (parliament).

US slams India on its Independence Day

On August 15, 2017 while the Indian government of Narendra Modi and its Hindu extremist allies were celebrating country’s 70th birthday, its top ally United States blasted New Delhi of committing heinous religious policies against its minorities especially 150 million-strong Muslim minority.

On August 15, US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson unveiled the US state department’s 2016 International Religious Freedom Report.

Authorities frequently did not prosecute members of vigilante “cow protection” groups who attacked alleged smugglers, consumers, or traders of beef, usually Muslims, despite an increase in attacks compared to previous years. Courts also issued decisions on several long-standing cases related to religiously motivated violence and riots. Christian and Muslim activists stated the government was not doing enough to protect them against religiously motivated attacks. The government filed a Supreme Court petition challenging the minority status of Muslim educational institutions, which affords the institutions independence in hiring and curriculum decisions. Some nationalist political leaders advocated for the country to be declared a Hindu state,” the report said.

There were reports of religiously motivated killings, assaults, riots, discrimination, vandalism, and actions restricting the right of individuals to practice their religious beliefs and proselytize. There was an increase in violent incidents by cow protection groups against mostly Muslim victims, including killings, mob violence, assaults, and intimidation. Hindus threatened and assaulted Muslims and Christians and destroyed their property. According to the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), there were more than 300 incidents of abuse targeting Christians during the year, compared with 177 in 2015. Incidents included assaults on missionaries, forced conversions of non-Hindus, and attacks on churches, schools, and private property. Administrators at some Muslim and Christian schools and graveyards denied their facilities to interreligious couples or their children. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) reported 751 conflicts between religious communities, which resulted in 97 deaths and 2,264 injuries in 2015,” the report noted.

The report rapped India’s Hindu extremists who are bent on making cow slaughter by Muslims and Hindu Dalit criminals like Holocaust deniers.

Authorities often failed to prosecute violence by cow protection groups against persons, mostly Muslims, suspected of slaughtering or illegally transporting cows or trading in or consuming beef,” noted the report.

Kolkata-born British writer Supriyo Chatterjee wrote on India’s birthday: “Today 15 August 70 years ago, India became independent. Here are some facts and numbers on India you don’t see.”

Here are some of those facts and figures:

  1. While country is home to 101 billionaire, 55% of country’s 1.1 population lives below the poverty line.
  2. India’s defence budget for 2017 is an estimated $53.5 billion. It is the world’s largest arms importer. It buys three times as much arms from the international market as Pakistan and China, its neighbors and rivals, accounting for 14% of all arms imports globally from 2009-2013. The USA is the largest provider (40%), followed by the Russians (30%) and the French (14%). Israel provides 4% of the imports but is growing in importance. India spends 7% of its budget on defense but only 2.4% of GDP on health and less than 3% on education.
  3. 200 million people go hungry in India.
  4. 1.3 million Indian children die a year before their first birthday. 1.6 million children die every year before age of 5. 43.5% of all children under-fives are underweight. Infant mortality rate is 46.07 deaths/1,000 live births. Almost half of children drop out of school before 15 years of age.
  5. Maternal mortality rates are 200 deaths/100,000 live births.
  6. Only 46.9% of the total 246.6 million households have toilet facilities. Of the rest, 3.2% use public toilets while 49.8% ease themselves in the open. 32% of the households use treated water for drinking and 17% still fetch drinking water from a source located more than 500 metres in rural areas or 100 metres in urban centers.
  7. Unemployment stands officially at 9.8%, but the real figure is much higher.
  8. More than 135,000 road accident deaths are reported every year, most of them being cyclists and pedestrians.

India-US artist Priti Gulati Cox in her blog post says: “India, you will be celebrating your 70th year of Independence from British rule on August 15. All over the country all of you will be remembering the fallen, hoisting flags, and singing songs of freedom. Meanwhile in Indian-administered Kashmir — the largest militarized zone in the world — the Indian state and its military and paramilitary forces will continue to carry on with their sustained human rights abuses aimed at the regions indigenous population.”

Hizbullah 3: Israel 0

Last month, Israel suffered its third military defeat at the hands of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah. The earlier defeats were in 2006 and 2000.

On Monday, Reuters reported that 300 fighters belonging to Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, a splinter rebel group of the US-Israel created ISIS and about 3,000 Syrian refugees left Lebanon under the deal that followed attack by Hizbullah on insurgent position last month.

There are nearly one million Syrian refugees who were able to escape the US-Israel trained and funded barbarians during the last six years. Lebanon is home to over 300,000 Palestinian refugees since the 1980 who don’t have rights enjoyed by Lebanese Arab citizens. These refugees make almost 17% of country’s total population of six millions.

Vanessa Beeley, Associate Editor of the 21st Century Wire commented about Hizbullah achievements against ISIS as below:

“This is a momentous victory for the Resistance against the NATO and Gulf state terrorists. The black flags have been torn down in Arsal and the flags of Hizbullah, Lebanon and Syria are flying side by side as a symbol of the unity of anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist forces in the region. The heroes who gave their lives for this hard-won victory will always be remembered and honored by those whose lives and culture had been under threat from the malevolent forces of extremism and terrorism,” she said.

Hizbullah has both friends and enemies among country’s politician. Lebanon’s Christian president Gen (ret) Michel Naim Aoun considers Hizbullah as the Defender of Lebanon while country’s prime minister Saad Hariri fears Hizbullah and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad like the Israeli leaders.

On July 26, 2017, Reuters reported: “Standing beside Hariri in the White House Rose Garden, Trump said Hizbullah is a threat to Lebanon from within. He called the powerful Shi’ite Muslim group a “menace” to the Lebanese people and to the entire region. The lawmakers introduced legislation last week seeking to increase sanctions on Hizbullah by further restricting its ability to raise money and recruit and increasing pressure on banks that do business with it.”

Born in Saudi Arabia (he holds both KSA and Lebanese citizenships), Sa’ad Hariri stood still, as Judas Goat Trump unleashed derogatory rhetoric against the only group in Lebanon which is capable of providing social services to all of its citizens, and which heroically defended Lebanon during the Israeli invasions.

Watch below the proofs of Israel’s dirty fingers in Syrian-Lebanese bloodshed.

Book: When Israel stabbed India

After the end of the 50-year-long myth of Cold War in 1991, the Zionist Mafia needed a new enemy to replace Communism. What could be better than Muslims who hate West for blindly supporting the Zionist entity.

On September 16, 2001, former US president George Bush used the term ‘War on Terrorism’ – coined by his Jew speech writers (Noam Neusner or David Frum) which the Jewish-owned media turned into War on Islam.

Palestine-born German Jewish author, human rights activist and a renowned musician Elias Davidsson released his latest book, The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence, in June 2017. The book is about series of terrorist attacks that occured in Mumbai on November 286, 2008.

As usual, the governments in India, the US, Israel, and Judeo-Hindu press blamed Pakistan and Muslims for the attacks.

Davidsson accuses India’s major institutions such as government, military and intelligence agencies, police, Judiciary, press for suppressing the truth about Mumbai terrorist attacks on November 26, 2006. Furthermore, entities in the US and Israel also gained from the attack. The author could not find any benefits for the Pakistani government, military or businesses. The main profiteer seems the Hindu extremist constituencies (Hindutva) by the elimination of Hemant Karkare, who was on the verge of exposing Hindutva terrorist networks.

Davidsson calls on the Indian Civil society to ask for the establishment of a National Truth Commission on 26/11 mandated to establish the facts on the attacks of 26 November 2008. The Civil society itself should demand the creation of an International Commission of Inquiry on the previous terrorist attacks under the authority of Chapter VII of the UN Charter, including those committed in the US on 11 September 2001.

On November 14, 2015, Bruce O. Riedel posted a propaganda post at the Jewish Brookings Institute website claiming that the horrible Paris attack was modeled on 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks. In other words, the former CIA official was confirming that Israeli Mossad was involved in both terrorist attacks.

Earlier Davidsson authored an investigative 2013 book, Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11, debunking the official story of 19 Muslim hijackers. The book is based on Davidsson’s ten year research of terrorist activities in London, Turkey, France, Saudi Arabia, Germany, etc. to come to the conclusion that 9/11 was conceived and conducted by CIA, Mossad, FBI and the ZioCons in Bush administration.

Former CIA agent, Robert David Steele has claimed that every terrorist attack in United States was a false flag operation.

Canadian academic and 9/11 researcher, Dr. Graeme MacQeen has written an excellent review of the book.

Davidsson’s parents immigrated to British occupied Palestine in late 1930s to escape Nazi persecution of Jews. He lived his first years in Baq’aa, a neighborhood of Jerusalem, where Jews, Christians and Muslims lived in peace side by side. These early years left a deep mark on him. Davidsson has lived in France, Germany, the United States, Iceland and Switzerland. He writes in German, English and French languages.