Hizbullah rockets are aimed at Israel’s nuclear stockpile

flag[1]On Tuesday, Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah warned the Zionist regime that if it dared to start a new war with Lebanon, Hizbullah is prepared to hit Israel’s nuclear stockpiles under the so-called ‘textile factory’ at Dimona.

We can turn the threat (of their nuclear capability) into an opportunity,” said Nasrallah.

Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz replied in a statement: “If Nasrallah dares fire on the Israel’s home front or on its national infrastructure, then all of Lebanon will be hit.”

Hizbullah and Lebanese civilians are not surprised at Katz’s threat as they know by the past experience that coward Jewish soldiers love to targeting enemy civilians – from air and on ground.

Speeches by Hezbollah’s leader this week were aimed at making clear to the new administration of US president Donald Trump that the Lebanese group could strike US interests by hitting Israel,” reported Israel’s Daily News And Analysis (DNA) site on February 17, 2017.

In 2014, former US president Jimmy Carter had claimed that the Zionist entity possesses 300 nuclear bombs stored underground at four locations.

On Monday, French front-running presidential candidate Marine Le Pen met Lebanon’s president Michael Aoun who told Le Pen that if Israel attacked Lebanon it would suffer worse defeat than in 2006.

On Monday, Speaker of Lebanese parliament, Nabih Berri, who is in Tehran to attend the 6th International Conference on Palestine told reporters: “We cannot forget that Israel has greedy ambitions, not only in the region but also especially in Lebanon, which is a thorn in its side. We do not forget the Islamic Republic of Iran’s support for the resistance in Lebanon, which secured that victory and, Allah willing, permanent victory.”

He also noted that from the era of Imam Khomeini until the era of the leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, all of the Islamic republic’s initiatives have always been aimed at the liberation of occupied Palestine.

The 2006 invasion of Lebanon was an attempt by Israel to eliminate the MAD counter force in Lebanon. It was an attempt that failed. Hizbullah had acquired low cost Russian AT-14 Kornet solid fuel anti-tank guided missiles (AGTM) and the Iranian trained Hizbullah commandos dug in massive numbers of concrete bunkers and firing positions. After over 50 Merkava main battle tanks were hit, and the high-tech American-made warplanes and pinpoint weapons proved ineffective, the handwritings were on the wall. Either use neutron bomb or lose a large number of Israeli soldiers to remove Hizbullah threat; or declare peace and walk away for the time being – the Israelis chose the latter (here).

Watch below a video showing how the White House covered Israeli nukes.

Bollywood and ‘The Asses of Gujarat’!

Indian state of Uttar Pradesh election 2017 campaign is turning into another Hillary-Trump circus – full of personal attacks, vulgarity, below the belt blows to gain brownie points and applause to sway large crowd.

On Monday, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and the ruling party Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Akhilesh Yadav took a jibe at country’s prime minister Narendra Modi by urging Bollywood famous actor and Gujarat’s brand ambassador since February 2010, Amitabh Bachchan, not to promote Gujarat’s asses. Referring to Gujarat Tourism advertisement where the actor, speaks about State’s Wild Ass Sanctuary (watch video below).

Actor-politician Amitabh Bachchan was born in Allahabad (UP) in 1942. He was Congress Party member of Indian parliament (1984-87), which supports Yadav’s government in the UP state.

Prime minister Narendra Modi was born in Gujarat in 1950. Modi has criticized the SP-Congress government in UP as full of corruption and nepotism on several occasions.

In 2014, SP leader Mulayam Singh Yadav accused Narendra Modi of murdering over 2,000 Muslims while he was the chief minister of Gujarat state in 2002. Indian minority leaders have named Modi as the Butcher of Gujarat.

Yesterday, Samajwadi Party leader Rajendra Chaudhry called Narendra Modi a terrorist who is spreading terror inside a democracy.

Musharraf: India behind terrorism in Pakistan

george_bush_musharraf_buddy[1]On Monday, Pakistan’s former military dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf speaking with Dr. Moeed Pirzada at Dunya TV said that Indian (RAW), Afghan (NDS), and Israeli (Mossad) intelligence agencies were 200% behind the recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

Musharraf who resides in Dubai since March 2016, said the Pakistan’s military operation Zarb-e-Azb had no short comings, as it was specifically for North Waziristan. “This operation cleaned up all the camps and launching pads of terrorist, who are supported by the Indian Spy Agency with the collaboration of Afghan Spy agency NDS, to destabilize the tribal areas,” he said.

Musharraf said that a holistic approach and planning is very crucial at the moment to curb terrorism in the Country. “Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has always been a sectarian outfit and is extensively involved in killing minorities in Quetta.”

He added that this sectarian outfit’s masterminds are based in Punjab and are actively running sleeper cells. “What steps are being taken to eliminate these sleeper cells? Punjab has become the strong hold of militancy,” he asked.

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi gangsters are anti-Shi’ite Wahhabi mercenaries recruited by Hindutva-Mossad with the object of creating Sunni-Shi’ite sectarianism to break-up the only Muslim nuclear power.

Musharraf strongly criticized the house arrest of the JUD head Hafiz Saeed. “Hafiz Saeed is not a terrorist, it should be established as he runs a very large charity, they contributed to relief activities in post-earthquake and post flood periods in Pakistan,” he said.

Musharraf also said that Hafiz Saeed is against Taliban and Al-Qaeda and that the nation should not be confused and that India is against them because their supporters go voluntarily to Jammu Kashmir to fight Indian army. “India got banned them through its anti-Muslim allies at the United Nations,” he added.

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed leader of Jamaat ud-Dawa (JUD) is on both Washington’s and New Delhi’s most wanted list for being the mastermind behind the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, which was a Mossad-RSS false flag operation to start a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

Commenting on his earlier statements on Masood Azhar, Musharraf said that, no comparison can be done between Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed. “Masood Azhar is a terrorist, who is fighting the state of Pakistan.”

Musharraf also said: “Giving up Kashmir cause will not improve anything with India and this opinion of the Pseudo liberals that doing so will improve our relationship with India is absurd.”

Gen. Pervez Musharraf became the 4th military dictator of Pakistan in 1999 when his four top Generals carried out a coup against civilian government of Nawaz Sharif who had decided to dump Musharraf while he was on a visit to India. Musharraf was ousted on August 18, 2008 as result of mass protests against his dictatorial rule. He took self-exile in London, and later moved to Dubai. In March 2013, he returned to Pakistan against death threats to restart his political career. In 2014 he appeared at a court to face treason and murder charges brought-up by Nawaz Sharif Muslim League. In March 2016, country’s highest court gave him permission to receive medical treatment for his back injury. Musharraf returned to his home in Dubai.

Right after Israel’s 9/11, the then US deputy secretary of state, Richard Armitage (Jew) called president Pervez Musharraf and threatened him to bomb Pakistan to the Stone Age unless he allows US forces to violate Pakistan’s airspace for bombing Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Like a typical American pet the General fell down on his knees. However, the next day when Armitage made a similar threat to Iran’s Supreme Army Commander Ayatullah Ali Khamenei – the answer came: “Tell your stupid president to go to Hell. I don’t like Taliban but I will never help a Kaffir Army to kill my fellow Afghan Muslim brothers and sisters.”

Musharraf’s treason brought nothing but misery for Pakistani nation. It had not only to feed over 2.5 million Afghan refugees but got itself into culture of terrorism which has taken tens of thousands of Pakistani lives since then.

US brings ‘Gun Democracy’ to Gambia

yahyajammehcolor8by101Last month, Gambian president Sheikh Yahya Jammeh refused to accept electoral defeat at the hand of US-supported opponent Adama Barrow. As a result, the US sent the Senegalese Army backed by the Nigerian Air Force to invade Gambia and forced president Yahyah to flee to neighboring Christian majority Equatorial Guinea, a former Portugal colony.

In March 2016, Stuart A. Reid reported at the Jewish The Atlantic, Yahya survived several military coups against him. Last year, a Minnesota judge sent four Gambia-US citizens including Banka Manneh for the failed assassination of Yahya in 2015. Reid also accused Yahya of threatening to behead gay Gambians – a very serious crime in the Organized Jewry’s faith. Yahya had made it compulsory for female government officials to cover their hair.

In May 2015, Yahya Jemmey announced that the tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing Buddhist fascism in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and Bangladesh could find a safe home in Gambia.

On February 18, the new US Viceroy Adama Barrow, 52, for the Islamic State of Gambia held his second inauguration ceremony in Bakau, Gambia. A similar ceremony was held in January inside Gambian embassy in neighboring America’s African Muslim colony Senegal after Adama Barrow defeated the incumbent Sheikh Yahya Jemmeh by a few thousands vote with the help of US and the Jewish-controlled media.

After taking oath, Barrow committed his government to return to Zionist-controlled International Criminal Court (ICC), join the UK headed Commonwealth, and free the foreign agents jailed by the former regime.

In October 2016, following South Africa and Burundi lead, Gambia pulled out of the ICC – calling it International Caucasian Court. Among the 124 member countries that signed the Rome Statute which created the ICC, 34 are from Africa. United States and Israel which cry the most, are not signatory to the Rome Statute.

To make Barrow regime kosher, the European Union released the US$80 million aid package which was put on hold when Jemmeh introduced Islamic Shari’ah in the country.

Boris Johnson (a Crypto Jew), British foreign secretary, visited Barrow in Bakau, saying: “We are here to help.”

While Yahya is in exile thousands of miles away, but his presence lives in the hearts of minds of adoring fans in his home village of Kanilai, near the Senegalese border.

We feel depressed,” says Binta Fatoumassi ,40, a stallholder. “He was a good man 100 per cent. I don’t know if he will ever return.”

Thomas C. Mountain, an Eritrea-based American journalist called the Gambian regime change, as A Very African Coup.

If the old President Yahya wasn’t such a SOB (until recently “our SOB”) one could feel outraged about what can only be described as “a very African Coup”, for where else in the world could one country invade and occupy a neighbor, install the President they support and everyone cheers? Or at least the western media does, though I have yet to hear anyone remotely uncomfortable about such a major violation of international law and non intervention principals anywhere else in the international arena,” says Mountain.

Of course Ethiopia, ruled by a particularly brutal, genocidal even, western supported regime for longer than President Yahyah regularly steal elections, declare a state of emergency, and yet the African Union goes right on running their dog and pony show from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa,” adds Mountain.

Hungary: Orban declares war on George Soros

fight-corporate-fascism11-500x3751Following Russian president Vladimir Putin move, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban, a pro-Israel anti-Muslim bigot has banned Hungarian-US Jewish multibillionaire George Soros, Open Society Foundations aka Color Revolutions for Israel.

George Soros funded the so-called Green Revolution in Iran to stop Ahmadinejad’s re-election. He was also behind the colored revolutions in Ukraine, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Sudan, Macedonia, etc.

George Soros is financially connected to US president Donald Trump via latter’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Soros provided US$259 million line of credit to Kushner’s new real state venture Cadre. George Soro who put his ‘Jewish eggs’ in Hillary Clinton’s basket last year – had called Donald Trump, Dictator.

Many Hungarian don’t know that Soros Foundation groomed young Viktor Orban. On January 30, 2017, Daniel McLaughlin claimed at Jewish-owned The Irish Times: “Orban received a Soros Foundation scholarship to study at Oxford University in 1989, before he returned to Hungary and entered parliament after the collapse of communism.”

McLaughlin also claimed that Soros Foundation helped Orban’s Alliance of Young Democrats – known as Fidesz – with photocopiers and other essentials as it campaigned for free elections. It seems once Orban got power, he couldn’t hide his inner Jewish hatred and turned table on his benefactor.

The new state that we are building in Hungary today is not a liberal state,” Orban declared in 2014, a year before fencing off the borders to block Muslim refugees and nonwhite migrants whom he considers a threat to Europe’s security and identity. “I don’t think our European Union membership precludes us from building an illiberal new state based on national foundations.”

Anti-Muslim and anti-Black pro-Trump groups have accused Soros Foundation being the key instigator behind the Black Lives Matter movement and Women’s March on Washington, while critics in Europe – including Orban – accuse him of fuelling the refugee crisis to weaken White Christian nation states.

Viktor Orban and Donald Trump are Birds of a Feather.

Viktor Orban is viewed as a hero by Europe’s anti-Muslim White and Jewish supremacist groups for refusing to admit Syrian Muslim refugees. Orban has built a fence to keep refugees out. However, in order to attract Iranian investment, he paid a visit to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in December 2015 in Tehran.

Strangely, Gabor Vona, leader of country’s opposition party Jobbik is not anti-Muslim. In fact he wants a Christian-Muslim alliance against the Organized Jewry. Last year, Jobbik party’s antisemite leader Csanad Szegedi found out his family’s Jewish roots. He is now planning to immigrate to the Zionist entity.

Ottoman Muslims ruled Kingdom of Hungary for over 150 years (1541-1699). But didn’t compel native Christians to convert to Islam. Muslim population of Hungary is less than 4,000 – half of which is local converts.

Hungary is home to largest Jewish population (50,000) in East Central Europe.

Tanzania threatens gay community

republic-of-tanzania1On Saturday, Tanzania government issued a threat to country’s LGBT community saying it’s planning to publish a list of gay people allegedly selling sex online. This came after the government shutdown dozens of HIV/AIDS clinics accused of promoting homosexuality.

Deputy health minister, Hamisi Kigwangalla, wrote on Twitter that his government was investigating the homosexuality syndicate and would arrest and prosecute those involved in the gay sex business.

I will publish a list of gay people selling their bodies online,” Kigwangalla wrote. “Those who think this campaign is a joke, are wrong. The government has long arms and it will quietly arrest all those involved. Once arrested, they will help us find others.”

In a statement, the US embassy in Dar es Salaam condemned the war on LGBT community sayng it could impact HIV/Aids programmes funded by the American government, and impede progress made over the years in addressing the epidemic in Tanzania.

Under the Tanzanian penal code, sex between two males is highly punishable, ranging from 30 years to life imprisonment. There is, however, no such ban on lesbian relations.

We have suspended the provision of HIV and AIDS services at at least 40 drop-in centers operated by NGOs countrywide, after it was established that the centers were promoting homosexuality, which is against Tanzania’s laws,” Health Minister Ummy Ally Mwalimu said in a press conference.

Last year, Mwalimu said it was estimated that 23 percent of men who have sex with men in Tanzania were living with HIV/AIDS. Mwalimu, 43, is a Muslim MP from Dar es Salaam.

Tanzania president John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, 57, is Christian. Last year he told Benjamin Netanyahu that his government plans to open country’s first embassy in Tel Aviv since Tanganyika-Zanzibar federated union in 1964.

On January 1, 2014, Irene Shaland at the Global Travel Authors reported that there were 40,000 people of Lost Tribe of Israel living in Tanzania. No wonder, LGBT community is flourishing in the country.

India: Hindutva against Kamala Das biofilm

kamala-das-006-7550911The famed Malayalam director Kamaluddin Muhammad’s new movie Aami based on the life of internationally-known Indian poetess Kamala Das Surayya (d. 2009) is still facing threats from the Hindutva supporters of the ruling BJP party.

Last month Kerala BJP leader Radhakrishnan had asked Kamal to leave India after he spoke in support of delegates who chose not to stand in cinema hall during playing of Indian national anthem.

vidyabalan-11First Kamal signed Bollywood’s sex symbol Vidya Balan to play Kamala Das’ role in the movie. But five days before the shooting she back down from the agreement under pressure from Hindu communal groups. She was advised by her Bollywood sponsors that playing the part of a Hindu celebrity who converted to Islam would ruin her film career.

manjuwarrierkerala31jul20141Kamal then signed a Malayalam actress, Manju Warrier, for the role but she too has become the target of Hindutva Mafia. She has received hundreds of threats on her Facebook page to quit the project. Manju has so far resisted the criticism, saying: “I’m thrilled to do the role and shooting will start next month. Thank God for selecting me for the role,” Manju told India Today newspaper.

Kamal was planning to make a film on Kamala Das for a long time and it was only after talking to Kamala’s friends and family and reading her works that he was able to work on the film script.

It would be a different movie that portrays the writing and life of the legendary writer and poet,” Kamal told media.

What Kamala Das, who belonged to upper Hindu caste, told an interviewer after she converted to Islam at age 65 in 1999 – is coming true and happening to any Hindu actress who dare to play Das’ role in the movie Aami.

Islam is the religion of love. Hindus have abused and hurt me. They have often tried to scandalize me. I want to love and be loved,” she said.

Das’ life was threatened and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (BJP’s ally) took her to court for insulting Hinduism for naming Hindu God Krishna’s idol Muhammad in her family temple Guruvayur.

You can enjoy one of Kamala Das’ own stories here.