Mali: Victim of Western ‘humanitarian war’

mali-flag-481UN Security Council agreed yesterday with French request to put ‘crippling sanctions’ on Malian Islamic rebels allied to US-Israel created Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Ansar al-Din, and ISIS, for hindering peace deal with the US-French installed government of president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.

French Ambassador Francois Delattre, who holds this month’s presidency of the council, told the members that it was time to speed up implementation of the peace deal aimed at ending years of fighting in northern Mali and turn the page on the Islamist takeover of 2012.

US-based Jewish-controlled Human Rights Watch (HRW) with Zionist Jew Kenneth Roth as CEO – claimed on January 18, 2017 that “anti-government Islamist rebels are killing, rapping, and torturing civilians in north and central Mali. They’re imposing Islamic Shariah on Muslims.”

On March 23, 2012, the elected head of state in Mali Amadou Toumani was thrown out of power by a military coup lead by Captain Amadou Sanogo, who received military training in the Pentagon. Surprisingly, no senior military commander was involved in the coup. Later, he handed over power to Washington pick, Dioncounda Traore, an evangelical MP.

Interestingly, the leader of Ansar al-Din, the so-called Islamist terrorist group in northern Mali, was once a trusted partner of the German government and brokered the release of hostages in 2003, German Jewish Spiegel Online reported on January 20, 2013.

Christian Evangelic missionaries are very active in Mali which has 5% Christian minority created by the French colonialists.

Like other African nation, Mali is no stranger to Israeli Mossad terrorism. On November 20, 2015, Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako was attacked by two gunners shouting Allah Akbar (an Israeli trademark), killing 27 people right under the watch of French and the US special forces in Mali. After the incident, French-US intelligence admitted that the two gunners were under their watch for some time.

The US Africa Command (AFRICOM) head Marines Gen. Thomas D. Waldhauser, a typical Islamophobe US military officer claims that the purpose of Washington’s military policy on the continent is to assist nation-states in their efforts to enhance the security capacity of various governments. AFRICOM identifies its purpose as working with African states in the so-called “War on Terrorism”.

Gen. Thomas D. Waldhauser who commanded US-NATO forces in Afghanistan earlier, dropped the charges of ‘urination’ on Taliban dead fighters by his fellow Marines.

On April 18, 2012, John Hammer in an article posted at the Activist Post claimed that Western war on terror is in fact Israel’s proxy ‘War on Islam’.

Mali is the largest country in West Africa with a total population of 11 million – 90% of whom are Muslims. So why so-called “Islamist rebels” need to “impose” Shari’ah on Muslim?

Mali is target of France, US, and Israel for country’s huge uranium deposits.

Mali has no diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity.

Mali is home to the largest UN Peace-Keeping Force (13,000) in Africa to protect western interests in the country.

Benjamin Netanyahu met Malian president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita on the sideline of Paris One Million March to condemn shooting at  Charlie Hebdo in January 2015. He told Keita that both Mali and Israel are victims of ‘Islamic terrorism’.

When Christian Europe was going through its Dark Age, Mali’s Timbuktu city was the center of Muslim Keita Dynasty which ruled a large part of western Africa for 400 years. Its 10th ruler, Mansa (Sultan) Musa I (1280-1337 CE) is considered the richest person on earth at that time. He built world’s largest education institution, University of Timbuktu (watch a video below). Its library had 500,000 reference books while Europe’s largest library in Vatican City had only 10,000 books.

Israel urges world to reject ‘Palestinian Unity Government’

bibi[1]On Wednesday, Zionist entity’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a statement urged the world leaders to reject the Russian-sponsored Palestinian Unity Government because it includes Hamas and Islamic Jihad which are dedicated to wipe Israel off map.

On Tuesday, Mahmoud Abbas led secularist Fatah, Islamic resistance Hamas and Islamic Jihad agreed in Moscow to form a unified government to challenge Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem since June 1967.

The three-day meeting was called-in by Russian foreign minister Sergey lavrov. The representatives from Ramallah-based Fatah, Gaza-based Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and Syria-based pro-Russian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP) attended the meeting.

Fatah chairman Mahmoud Abbas, a double agent, Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal, and Gaza elected prime minister since 2006, Ismail Haniyeh didn’t attend the meeting.

We have reached agreement under which, within 48 hours, we will call on Mahmoud Abbas to launch consultations on the creation of a government,” Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmad told a press conference.

Moussa Abu Marzouk, the deputy chairman of Hamas’ political bureau, also described a unity government as the most effective tool to address divisions among Palestinian groups, adding that it is responsible to promote the solutions, including the holding of free and democratic elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The official noted that an agreement between Fatah and Hamas to achieve Palestinian unity is not considered a compromise by any means. The concept of unity, among all factions, is a win for all sides, rather than a loss, he said, adding, “Everybody will win.”

Mahmoud Abbas whose PA president mandate expired in January 2009, has repeatedly refused to hold new election under advice from Tel Aviv and Washington fearing that would give Hamas international mandate to rule both Gaza and the West Bank.

Hamas has never endorsed Mahmoud Abbas’s efforts at United Nations to get world recognition of a Palestinian state at less than 22% of historical Palestine because it would legitimize non-Palestinian Jewish occupation of 78% of Palestine. Furthermore, condemnation of Israeli expansionist policies at United Nations gives Zionist regime further excuse to establish more new illegal Jewish settlements on land stolen from the aboriginal people. The Zionist regime knows that the veto holding powers (the US, Russia, China, UK, and France) have no teeth to bite Israel.

Netanyahu wants Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas, or Gen. Mohammed Dahlan or Marwan Barghouti, 57, who is serving life sentence in an Israeli jail since 2002. Ironically, all the three Israeli choices are rejected by a great majority of nine million Palestinians living in occupied Palestine and in exile.

Russia along with the United States, United Nation, and the European Union, is the founding member (2002) of the so-called Quartet, headed by British former prime minister, Israel-First Tony Blair, a war criminal.

Hamas election victory in 2006 which was monitored by former US president Jimmy Carter and other western NGOs – shocked not only Fatah but also Israel, the US and Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. In 2007, the US and Israel supplied arms and training to Fatah fighters to topple Hamas government by force. However, mass public support for Hamas failed the coup.

Since 2008, Fatah has abandoned armed resistance against the Jewish army. Instead it has cooperated with Israeli security agencies to round-up Hamas lawmakers and sympathizers from the West Bank, and has provided security to the illegal Jewish settlements.

In January 2012, Hamas political Guru, Khaled Meshaal, who was living in exile since the Mossad failed assassination attempt on his life on September 25, 1997 in Amman, Jordan, refused to support Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and moved to Qatar. According to some Middle East sources, Qatar ruler rewarded Khaled Meshaal with US$250 million for abandoning Assad.

While Khaled Meshaal has visited Iran on several occasions and met presidents Rafsanjani, Ahmadinejad and Hassan Rouhani – and Iran’s Spiritual Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei – Tehran has refused several requests by PLO and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas to visit Iran. In 1981, PLO Chairman, Yasser Arafat did visit Tehran to plead the release of American embassy staff.

Gaza-based Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders are common feature in Tehran. Last year, Ayatullah Khamenei told the visiting Islamic Jihad leaders that defending Palestine is defending Islam.

India: Muslim teen actress chased by Hindutva

On Monday, 16-year-old Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim, who shot to fame for her portrayal of the young Hindu wrestler Geeta Phogat in Aamir Khan movie Dangal (watch below) was forced to apologize this week by the anti-Muslim Hindutva Mafia.

Her crime was, born in Indian occupied Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley, she dared to meet Mehbooba Mufti, chief minister of the occupied Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday.

I want to apologise to all those I’ve unintentionally hurt. I understand their sentiments, especially considering what has happened in Kashmir over the past six months,” she said in a statement issued on Twitter (deleted after one day).

Geeta Phogat, 28, is a freestyle wrestler who won India’s first ever gold medal in wrestling at the Commonwealth Games, in 2010. Islamic Republic of Iran has record in this field. Its athletes have won 35 gold, silver and bronze medals since 1948.

There is no need for Zaira to issue an apology. She has not done anything wrong. We have made the nation proud by winning medals. It is a proud moment for the citizens of the country. Zaira has worked hard to play my role,” said Phogat in a TV interview.

Aamir Khan in a Tweet called her his role model.

“I have read Zaira’s statement and I can understand and imagine what led her to make that statement. Zaira I want you to know that we are all with you. The beauty is that bright, young, talented, hard-working, respectful, caring and courageous kids like you are a rode model not only to kids in India but across the world. You certainly are a role model for me! May god bless you, love Aamir. PS, I appeal to everyone now to leave her alone and respect the fact that she is just a 16 year old girl trying her best to deal with life,” said Aamir Khan.

Mehbooba Mufti’s problem with Hindutva Mafia is similar to Barack Obama’s problem with the Organized Jewry. She inherited the post after the death of her father Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, who established political alliance with the ruling BJP a year ago. She, then was hailed as a ‘Muslim role model’ by the Hindutva Mafia while Kashmiris who want to merge with Pakistan, called her a traitor to Kashmiri people. However, when the Indian Occupied Force killed Hizbul commander Burhan Wani, she refused to condemn the armed resistance. That made her a traitor in the eyes of Hindutva Mafia. Furthermore, her close relations with anti-Muslim PM Narendra Modi and home minister Rajnath Singh have made Mehbooba Mufti very unpopular among Kashmiris living under Indian and Pakistani governments.

Indian-born renowned BBC journalist and author, Sir Mark Tully told Ajay Sharma during a 2007 interview that India needs to accept the blame for the bloodshed in Jammu and Kashmir Valley.

There may be changes in Kashmir. A Line of Peace can be made there. India’s neighbors want to be friendly but are also afraid of her. And India should share the blame for that. It should also extend the hand of friendship. The British Raj, Nehru and Indira Gandhi are the main actors behind the conflict. It could have been solved some time back. May be Delhi had its own compulsions. The problem is that India has not been able to cultivate friendly relations with its neighbors,” said Tully.

Why Jewish Lobby hates Trump Presidency?

US president-elect Donald Trump is certainly the most controversial future resident of the White House. We know he has family, religious and financial links with the Zionist-Jewish Mafia, but he is still hated by Organized Jewry’s top Goebbels such as Bill Kristol, founder-editor of The Weekly Standard, Daniel Pipes, founder-president of the Middle East Forum, Abe Foxman, ex-president ADL, who compared Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler (Ha’aretz, December 16, 2016), and Michael Morell, former acting director FBI.

Last month, Kevin Barrett, PhD, American writer, author, and co-founder of the 9/11 Truth Movement, in an interview said Bill Kristol is terrified that Trump could try 9/11 perpetrators – which I doubt very much due to his anti-Muslim cabinet.

I would rather agree with Canadian Jewish academic and blogger Henry Makow, PhD, who on January 17, 2017 claimed that Donald Trump is a Crypto Jew and the Organized Jewry would try to discredit him in order to hide his Freemasonry family. In order to prove his point, Makow quoted Trump saying: “The only candidate that’s going to give real support to Israel is me. The rest of them are all talk, no action. They’re politicians. I’ve been loyal to Israel from the day I was born. My father, Fred Trump, was loyal to Israel before me.”

I posted earlier that one of the reasons Netanyahu, Marine Lee Penn, Modi, etc. welcomed Donald Trump’ victory was to use his friendship with Vladimir Putin to beak-up Russia-China-Iran alliance in order to keep the Zion World Order on track.

On January 17, anti-Zionist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a video (below) showing that some White group was planning stink bombs at Trump Inaugural Ball.

And finally my yesterday encounter with a Crypto-Zionist aka Unrepentant Marxist, Louis Proyect. Two days ago I read his anti-Erdogan rant, entitled, “What Turkey Has Become” at the Counterpunch website. According to the website, Proyect reviews films for the website and writes a personal blog. So I decided to visit his blog. I left the following comment on his said rant.

ISIS is not a product of US invasion of Iraq. Iraq was invaded because Israel and the neoconservative decided that after failing to destroy Islamic regime in Tehran – Saddam Hussein might turned his guns at Israel.

Proyect responded: “Rehmat, no offense, but I think you have a mental illness.”

I replied: “Louis Proyect, no offense, but I think you’re suffering from Jewish disease known as ‘Self-denial’.”

Proyect replied: “Ah, I see. You are a flaming anti-Semite. Bye-bye.”

I thought why he labeled me antisemite? So I did a little Google search. David North (Jewish) Chair of WSWS said: Louis Proyect has absolutely nothing to do with the politics, principles and culture of the Marxist movement. His blog, were it correctly named, would be called “The Unrepentant Liar.”

British Jewish blogger Ben Norton reported Louis Proyect supported al-Nusra and al-Qaeda against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Then my search took me to an anti-Islam website, Critical Muslim, where Proyect also blogs – describing himself, “Journalist, blogger, and non-Jewish Jew.

Jewish Army sets up ‘Hizbullah Unit’


On January 16, 2017 Gilli Cohen reported at Israel’s top English newspaper, Ha’aretz that the Jewish army has set up the so-called Red Forces to look like and trained in guerilla warfare like Lebanese Hizbullah.

Israel army is changing the structure of its training exercises in order to better simulate combat situations against Hizbullah and Hamas. In addition to constructing tunnels on some bases, the army is set to create specific training units that will perform the same maneuvers and tactics of the guerilla organizations,” says Cohen.

According to Cohen, the Jewish army is in the process of purchasing equipment for this force, which will simulate everything about Hizbullah: from uniforms and flags to sniper rifles, Kalashnikovs, RPG rockets, explosive devices, and Kornet and Sagger anti-tank missiles.

The problem is that Hizbullah look-alike uniforms, flag and light arms and without an air force cover, is not going to make the corrupt and coward Israeli soldiers to equal Hizbullah fighter’s desire to seek martyrdom at battlefield. Netanyahu has already called Israeli Generals pussies.

In December 8, 2016, Ha’aretz reported that Israel army tweeted fake map of Hizbullah positions in Lebanon to scare the Islamic Resistance.

The Israel Air Force has had an equivalent Red Squadron simulating enemy forces for about a decade. The squadron operates at the IAF air base in Uvda, near Eilat. Pilots in the squadron, which is dubbed Flying Dragon, sport Arab names, such as Musa and Muamar, on their overalls, and the flags of Arab countries are also pasted on them. However, in 2006 Lebanon War, the Red Squadron failed to save the Jewish army from a military defeat.

In September 2016, David Daoud, an Arab Jew research analyst at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), posted at Israeli propaganda outlet The Tower: “Hizbullah remains the one Arab force to have denied the IDF a single decisive victory in the past three decades. It has done so by operating as a guerrilla force. However, pundits are now Israeli pundits are suggesting that when the Iranian proxy group initiates its next war with Israel, it will employ the conventional military experience it has gained in the Syrian Civil War, thus presenting a challenge to the Jewish state. Mistakenly, they ignore that Hizbullah would be exposing itself by operating as a conventional force, faciliating the IDF’s victory. Instead the group will revert to operating as a guerrilla organization, leaving Lebanon and its civilians to bear the brunt of the Israeli onslaught.”

It seems these idiot pundits, like the Six Million Died, have funny definition of conventional force too. A conventional force usually have fighter jets, tanks, armed carriers, combat boats or ships, etc. which neither Hizbullah or Lebanon Armed Force posses.

The FDD, an Israeli propaganda organ was established two weeks after the 9/11 by three American Jew oligarchs, Leonard Abramson, Michael Steinhardt, and the liquor baron Edgar Bronfman. The FDD is home to all the Jewish and other neocons members of the notorious PNAC.

On December 21, 2016, Hanin Ghaddar, a visiting fellow at Israel lobby WINEP whined that not only Hizbullah succeeded in installing its ally Gen. Michael Auon as country’s new president, but also the prime minister Sa’ad Hariri’s two-third cabinet ministers are pro-Syrian president Bashar al-Assad who is defended by Hizbullah, Iran and Russia.

Saudi Arabian-Lebanese millionaire Sa’ad Hariri’s father Rafik Hariri was assassinated in Israeli Mossad Beirut bombing in 2005.

300 Jewish leaders say Keith Ellison is kosher

On Saturday, 300 American Jewish leaders including 100 rabbis signed a letter saying that Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, 53, is not an anti-Semite – meaning he doesn’t criticize Israel or Zionism or Holocaust.

The letter was issued ahead of the DNC-sponsored regional candidate forum in Phoenix on Saturday. The letter states that it is not an endorsement of Ellison for DNC chair, but rather a call to reject the unfair and baseless accusations some have leveled at him.

We share our deep alarm at the unfounded and dishonest accusations of anti-Semitism directed at Congressman Keith Ellison. As Jewish professionals, lay leaders and activists, we know that Keith forcefully rejects anti-Semitism and other forms of hate or discrimination. His commitment to inclusion and fairness are values that define the foundation of his public service and his vision for America,” read the letter.

Keith Ellison is and has long been a friend of Israel, a champion of pro-peace policies, and shown deep respect for Jewish values and the Jewish people. He has demonstrated support for Israel and its legitimacy as the democratic homeland of the Jewish people throughout his career. He has voted for more than $27 billion in bilateral aid and assistance to Israel. Ellison is a strong supporter of a two-state solution,” said the letter.

The Organized Jewry doesn’t agree with these 300 Jewish leaders. For example, on December 1, 2016, Jonathan Greenblatt, top gun at ADL said: “We have serious doubts about Rep. Keith Ellison’s ability to faithfully represent the party’s traditional support for Israel.”

Morton Klein, president Zionist Organization of America, whined on December 1, 2016: “New information reveals that an article written by Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn), called for an optional separate country for Black Americans; his condemning Zionism; his affiliation for 10 years and defending Jew-hating, white-hating Louis Farrakhan as a role model for Black youth; his defending other Jew haters; his defending murderers; his claim Israel was established under dubious circumstances, again makes it crystal clear that Ellison is a racist Jew hater, even a white hater and far too radical, divisive and dangerous to become Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). ”

The TruthRevolt, anti-Muslim website founded by Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro and Israel-First David Horowitz, branded Ellison a Muslim Brotherhood Shill.

Murdoch’s Fox News Zionist pundit Pete Brain Hegseth called Ellison a radical Muslim.

On December 30, 2016, serial lying Zionist Jew, Alan Dershowitz, threatened that he would resign from Democrat party if Keith Ellison named DNC Chair.

Laurel Raymond wrote at the Think “One common thread to the complaints: Ellison’s religion. Ellison is the first Muslim ever elected to Congress, as well as the first Black congressman from Minnesota.”

On November 23, 2016, Bruce A. Dixon, editor Black Agenda Report called Keith Ellison as DNC Chair: Another High Place, Another Empty Black Face.

Ellison is black. He’s the first Muslim elected to Congress, he’s smart enough and telegenic. He votes infallibly to support the apartheid regime in Israel, and he says if it were up to him there’d have been a no-fly zone (and possible shooting war with the Russians) a long time ago,” says Dixon.

Hillary’s indispensable firewall was supposed to be the black vote, for which she needed to do little else than mumble about Black Lives Matter, and pose occasionally with the mothers of some of those murdered by police. Democratic shot callers seem to still believe that all they need is another empty black face in a high place. They won’t get another First Black President. It was Hillary’s turn and that didn’t work out. Now it’s Keith Ellison’s turn.  He’s another empty black face in a very high place,” Dixon added.

UK: Corbyn calls for probe into Israeli ‘interference’

On Friday, UK’s opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in letter to country’s prime minister Theresa May says plots by Israeli official to ‘take down’ senior ministers are a ‘national security issue’. He demanded a parliamentary investigation into the scandal over undue influence exerted by the Israeli embassy over Westminster.

Corbyn wrote: “Many members of Parliament and the public will be concerned at this evidence of attempts to undermine the integrity of our democracy. I’m sure you’ll agree that such improper interference in this country’s democratic process is unacceptable, whatever country is involved.”

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and former Mayor of London (with Turkish Jewish family roots) – who was described as an idiot in the Al-Jazeera footage filmed undercover – has said he sees the matter as closed.

But describing the matter as a national security issue, Corbyn writes: “I would therefore ask that you treat the matter as such and launch an inquiry into the extent of this improper influence.”

MP Joan Ryan, president of the Labour Friends of Israel blamed Al-Jazeera of antisemitism. She was not wrong. Last month, Theresa May redefined the so-called antisemitism – which included the criticism of the Zionist entity.

Israel-born British author, Gilad Atzmon, claimed in 2007 that plotting against other people’s regime is deeply embeded in Judiac teaching and Jewish culture.

Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party, and the Scottish National Party were the main targets of Israeli embassy espionage network.

Secret tapes expose how Israeli embassy employees ran a vicious campaign based on personal insults to discredit Jeremy Corbyn. Embassy’s senior PR official Shai Masot called Jeremy Corbyn “crazy and antisemite“.

Successive British governments have deemed it to be in British interests to tacitly support the Israeli governments, and to buy into the Israeli narrative that any level of hostility to Israel is antisemitic. To understand the significance of the Masot affair, we must understand the wider context. For those of us who have had an analytical interest in the development of pro-Israel lobbying – by Israeli officials, Jewish communal organizations and non-Jewish friends of Israel groups of various kinds – these latest developments come as no surprise,” says Antony Lerman, founding president of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR).

Last week, British newspaper Mail on Sunday claimed that people in the Conservative and Labour Parties have been working with the Israeli embassy which has used them to demonize and trash MPs who criticize Israel; an army of Israel’s useful idiots in Parliament.

Jamie Stern-Wiener, a UK-Israeli investigative journalist claimed last year, saying: Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t got an antiemitism problem. His opponents do.