Christian author: Trump will desecrate Bethlehem

On May 21, 2017, Bethlehem-born Christian academic and author Mazin Qumsiyeh, former professor at Yale and Duke universities, posted an article claiming that US president Donald Trump’s coming one hour visit to Bethlehem, in Jewish occupied West Bank is an insult to the Christian world.

Trump will do a token visit to Bethlehem Tuesday and desecrate the city of the Prince of Peace with his entourage of racist Zionists. I wish I was there to join demonstrations against this symbol of hypocrisy (I’, still in Europe),” wrote Dr. Qumsiyeh.

Everyone now knows that the US government, Israel, and the Saudi regime have been the biggest perpetrators of terrorism and genocide in the world. This is to serve one interest and one interest only: money. Just to emphasize this, the US arms industry (owned largely by Zionists) will get 110 billion deal (bribe) from the Saudis. Kushner is very happy as are all the rich profiteers around Donald Trump,” added Dr. Qumsiyeh.

Trump’s mission to wage war on Iran for Israel will not work any better than Bush’s war on Iraq for Israel. Times are changing though the imperialist mentality still persists,” said Qumsiyeh.

Trump’s visit to Al-Quds (old Jerusalem) has already cost a Palestinian life at the hands of trigger-happy Jewish police on Monday. The victim, as usual Israeli lie, tried to stab a Jew police officer with a knife who was protecting Donald Trump from the Jew-hating Palestinians protesting in solidarity with hundreds of hunger striking prisoners held in Israeli jails.

It’s not only the Palestinians who are protesting against Donald Trump’s visit to the West Bank. Earlier a number of Netanyahu’s cabinet ministers refused to meet the US president as result of his meeting with West Bank president Mahmoud Abbas at the White House and his sale of US$110 billion worth arms to Saudi Arabia.

In Tel Aviv, the American idiot told the pathological liar host Netanyahu that Iran will never have nuclear weapons. And the idiot think that Netanyahu, who had been crying wolf about Iran’s nuclear weapons within a year or two since the 1990s will take his word.

The American idiot, who earlier threatened to tear-up the nuclear agreement between Iran and the six non-Muslim world power – chickened out during his visit to the Wailing Wall. Trump lauded his predecessor Barack Obama for signing a fantastic deal with Iran.

But instead of saying thank you, Iran continues terrorism in the region by supporting groups and regimes which want to destabilize America’s friends in the region,” said Trump. He was referring to Iran’s support for Hizbullah, Hamas, Syrian president Assad, and Yemen’s Houthi resistance.

Trump also told an embarrassed Netanyahu, I never mentioned Israel in meeting with Russians – inadvertently confirming that Israel was the source of the intelligence disclosure. On May 16, 2017, Adam Goldman at the Jew York Times had admitted that the intelligence information Donald Trump shared with Russian officials in the White House was provided by the Zionist regime.

Gaza-ruling Hamas has slammed Donald Trump for calling the Islamic resistance a ‘terrorist organization’ which poses a threat to world peace during his speech in Riyadh. I’m sure the American idiot doesn’t know Hamas has no tank or F16s or nuclear bombs like the Jewish army to terrorize regimes in the region and Europe.

Bethlehem is home to the Christendom’s holiest place Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Christians believe Jesus was buried after resurrection. But most historian believe prophet Jesus was born in Nazareth because he was called Nazorean. But the organized Jewry and Christian Zionist insist Jesus was born in Bethlehem: the city of King David who according to an idiot pastor Jamie Greening, was a womanizer (sic).

World’s top 10 porn addicted countries – all non-Muslim

Today, I came across two articles (here and here) written by a Hindu (India) and a Christian (UK) that claimed that world’s top ten porn addicted nations are all non-Muslims. The authors also claimed that world’s top ten anti-porn nations are Iran, Syria, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Indonesia, and Brunei – all Muslim majority nation-states.

I hate to agree with Dr. Daniel Pipes that such results are due to the ‘barbaric’ Shari’ah laws – though only applied in part in those countries.

The top position is held, as for decades, by the Israeli occupied United States followed by United Kingdom, India, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Brazil, and Mexico.

The authors conducted the studies based on the Family Safe Media and Porn hub data. Below are the conclusions of the studies:

  1. Total world revenues per annum from pornography amount to US$100 billion with US$3,100 on porn internationally every second. These revenues are larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined; Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple, Netflix, and EarthLink – all controlled by Zionist Jews.
  2. There are 4 million porn websites in the world. In United States, a new child porn website is created every 40 minutes.
  3. Thanks to internet, one out of three porn addicts, is women – mostly lesbians.
  4. 55% of world’s child porn is produced in the United States – mostly in the Los Angeles area. There are 100,000 websites offering illegal child porn with a revenue up to US$20 billion.
  5. Almost 90 percent of the world’s internet porn pages are produced in the US for distribution to other countries, so the US can be seen as the world’s premier sex emporium.
  6. The big players in the porn distribution market are now the major corporations, and, ultimately, the fabulously rich and faceless executives who control them. These are Fortune 500 companies such as AOL Time-Warner, AT&T, and General Motors. Through their cable and satellite subsidiaries they have distributed, and continue to distribute, vast quantities of pornographic material worldwide.
  7. The number of pornographic websites owned by American Jews is of course a closely guarded secret just like Israeli nuclear bombs – this is one politically incorrect statistic Jewish Wikipedia is unlikely to supply – but it is common knowledge that Jews dominate the porn industry.
  8. The most popular searches in India were, of course, various words prefixed with the term Indian. Among them were Indian bhabhi (sister-in-law), Indian wife and Indian aunty. A top trending search was Indian bhabhi devar (sister-in-law and brother-in-law), which saw a rise of 222%.

Theresa May: Corbyn victory is scary

Israeli poodle, British prime minister Theresa May has warned Britons against voting for Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the June 8 general election, saying: Corbyn as the next prime minister should scare us all.

In an opinion post at Jewish Daily Mail, Theresa May said it was a cold, hard fact that if her party lost six seats at June’s General Election that Jeremy Corbyn could lead the country.

The ruling conservatives won 330 seats in 2015 against Labour’s 232 seats. A total of 326 seats are needed for a majority.

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour MPs who support his leadership have been target of a vicious smear campaign run by the organized Jewry and Tony Blair, a war criminal. Corbyn has been accused of antisemitism for suggesting that London should stop blaming Hamas and Iran of terrorism and hold dialogues with them. He is also against British support for the Syrian rebels fighting Assad government.

Both former prime minister David Cameron and Theresa May have accused Labour party of harboring antisemites like Ken Livingstone with Jewish family roots, MP Naz Shah, and MP Dr. Rupa Asha Huq.

Jamie Stern-Wiener, Jewish writer and blogger claims that Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t got an antisemitism problem. His opponents do.

Theresa May admires US president Donald Trump and France’s newly elected president Emmanuel Macron, a Rothschild agent. All three have openly shown their hatred of Muslims and blind support for the Zionist entity. Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand, dislike the two. Last week, Corbyn called Trump a great threat to world peace.

The latest poll shows Conservatives are losing their lead over Labour.

Ian Greenhalgh’s latest article, entitled, Assange, Wikileaks and how Israel enslaved the British shows why the British organized Jewry supports Theresa May against Jeremy Corbyn.

Trump pal Roger Stone blasts President’s Saudi visit

US President Donald Trump (C) receives the Order of Abdulaziz al-Saud medal from Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud (R) at the Saudi Royal Court in Riyadh on May 20, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)On Saturday, America’s Jewish president received a red-carpet treatment on his arrival in Riyadh on a 2-day visit before flying to the Zionist entity to meet his handler Benjamin Netanyahu.

Even though, Trump was able to rob Saudi ‘royals’ on US$110 billion in arms sale and US$200 billion investment in American infrastructure – his longtime Jewish ally, Roger Jason Stone, was not happy Trump meeting with Saudi ‘royals’ – because he didn’t like his six foot-two tall buddy lean in front of much shorter Saudi King Salman so the latter could place the huge royal gold medal around Judas’ goat’s neck (BTW: President Barack Obama performed a similar gymnastic act in front of Saudi King in 2012 to receive a gold medal which was condemned by the anti-Islam lobby including Trump).

Saudi Arabia is an enemy. Accepting the award makes me want to puke,” tweeted Roger Stone.

Donald Trump has eight companies operating in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi ‘royals’ gave US$16 billion aid to the Zionist entity in 2013-14.

Former Trump campaign adviser and a very close friend, Roger Stone (On August 9, 2015 the Jewish Daily Forward reported him being Jewish but later JTA retracted it saying Roger Stone is a Catholic) doesn’t believe in the  official 9/11 story. Furthermore, he had praised the research of false flag whistleblower and author of several books, professor James Fetzer who has debunked official stories of  9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombing, San Bernardino shooting and Paris shooting.

Roger Stone is also accused of believing that Democratic party Jew staffer Seth Rich, 27, was murdered over leaking 40,000 Hillary Clinton’s e-mails to Wikileaks, which serves Israel-Pentagon interests.

Roger Stone campaigned for Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel (Jew) in 2012. On July 31, 2015 David Horowitz’s FrontPage magazine accused Scott Israel of having ties with Gaza-ruling Hamas supporters.

On Saturday, Roger Stone said that US Senate committee investigating Donald Trumps’ links with Putin, has asked him to testify. Stone said neither he nor Trump have anything to fear in a fair, balanced inquiry.

Carter Page (Jew), Trump’s former campaign adviser is also being investigated for passing-on secrets to Russian intelligence. Page, a banker, worked in Moscow for three years. He had met Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak in Washington several times.

Last year, Israeli propaganda channel CNN banned Roger Stone for some secret reasons.

Saudi ‘royals’ threw a Salman-Trump Islamic summit aka US-Arab Islamic summit in honor of Donald Trump. The summit is attended by leaders of the Muslim NATO many of which are not even Arabs such as world’s most populated Muslim states on Indonesia and Pakistan. Lebanon’s Arab-Christian president refused to attend the summit. Riyadh withdrew its invitation to the Sudanses president under pressure from Trump team. As expected Iranian and Syrian presidents were not even invited to attend the summit.

Obama’s $1.5 billion ‘Presidential Centre’

On May 3, 2017, former president Barack Obama in a press conference attended by Chicago Mayor Rahm Israel Emanuel, son of a Jew terrorist in Palestine, announced to build a 200,000-square-foot Obama Presidential Center, which is scheduled to open in 2021 in Chicago’s Jackson Park on Lake Michigan where Barack Obama grew-up.

I am thrilled to join President Obama and Mrs. Obama as we outline the vision for both the Obama Presidential Center and Jackson Park as a whole. This vision will enhance the historic landscape of Jackson Park as originally envisioned by Frederick Olmsted, and we all look forward to engaging with residents as we begin the community process to turn this vision into reality in a way that maximizes economic development and opportunity in Woodlawn, South Shore and Washington Park,” said Emanuel.

Obama family pledged US$2 million and Chicago Jewish media mughal Fred Eychaner pledged US$1 million at the press conference.

The proposed Obama Presidential Center (watch below) will feature three structures, including a tower-like museum and tree-lined walkways. The Obama Foundation displayed drawings and a miniature model of the center, which also will include a public plaza and classrooms.

The center will be funded by the Obama Foundation whose board of directors include Chicago Jew millionaires such as David Axelrod, James Crown, Penny S. Pritzker, and David Simas who congratulated Israeli Jews for re-electing the serial liar Benjamin Netanyahu as country’s prime minister.

Barack H. Obama’s political career was allegedly also molded by the Rothschild family and the Jewish Lobby.

The architects of the project are New York-based husband-wife team of Tod Williams and Billie Tsien.

The Obama Foundation claims that the project would cost US$500 million. But according to NBC Chicago, Obama’s library architects indicate the total project could cost up to $1.5 billion.

America has world’s largest annual war budget (US$600 billion) but 53 million of its citizen cannot read or write. America is also home to world’s largest numbers of Holocaust museums to brainwash next generations to come. There are 13 US Presidential Centers aimed at sanitizing the imperialist legacy of the American presidency which cost the public more than $64 million each year. In 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt built a presidential library for $400,000. Following Roosevelt, Harry Truman built one that cost $1.75 million. The last 60 years have seen the cost of building shrines to each presidency skyrocket, even taking inflation into account. Lyndon B. Johnson’s center cost 10 times as much as Truman’s, and Ronald Reagan’s cost three times as much as Johnson’s.

Iran: Rouhani re-elected President

Iran’s incumbent president Dr. Hassan Rouhani, a Shi’ite cleric, is re-elected for his second and final 4-year term as president of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He secured 57% of the total votes cast in the first ballot. His main opponent Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, a jurist and Shi’ite cleric, received 38.5% of the votes. Under country’s Constitution candidate needs 50% of the votes to be declared winner.

Over 73% of the 56 million eligible Iranian voters participated in the 12th presidential election since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The Iranian pilots and crew of a British Airways flight who arrived in Iraq on Friday cast their ballots at a polling station set up at the Baghdad International Airport.

On Saturday, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei said in a statement: “The winner of the yesterday’s elections, is you, the Iranian people, and the Islamic establishment, which has managed to win the increasing trust of this big nation despite the enemies’ plot and effort.”

On Saturday, Russian president Vladimir Putin, European Union’s chief foreign envoy Federica Mogherini, and the ruler of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah have congratulated Rouhani on his re-election.

The Jewish-controlled Western media lead by BBC and CNN have turned Rouhani’s victory into a sign of rejection of anti-USrael statements by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and Supreme Leader Khamenei.

Despite all the Zionists’ glee – the ‘moderate’ Hassan Rouhani, like many Iranian leaders, also believes that only Jihad will liberate Palestine.

Iran’s Constitution is based on Islamic Jurisdiction (Shari’ah) with a blend of some of Western moral democratic practices. There are no registered political parties in Iran – and no foreign lobbying groups as exist in the US, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Australia. A candidate with moral misconduct or criminal record or working for the interests of a foreign country (considered treason under Iranian law) or involved in anti-Islamic Revolution activities, is disqualified by country’s election commission.

The elected president acts as the head of the executive branch. He has the power to appoint members of his cabinet with the approval of country’s elected parliament (Majlis). However, he doesn’t has the power to veto a legislation passed by the parliament. Iran’s president is not the supreme commander-in-chief of country’s Armed Forces. He also cannot appoint judges at Iran’s Supreme Court. Iran’s Supreme Leader, who is not elected by Iranian voters, has the final say in the matters of country’s national security.

ADL’s Jewish paradox: Joe Lieberman Vs David Clarke

Israel’s Jewish lobby group ADL supports Donald Trump’s choice of former Senator Joe Lieberman, a warmongering Zionist Jew, as new director of FBI to replace James Comey, a kosher Christian who was fired by Trump recently.

However, when Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, an Afro-American, said during an interview Wednesday that he has accepted a position within the Trump administration to serve as an assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a Zionist scam, the ADL couldn’t keep its pants up. DHS director Gen. John Kelly, the Gestapo of Guantánamo Bay concentration camp, is known for his blind support for the Zionist entity.

On May 18, ADL’s top gun, Jonathan Greenblatt warned Trump administration that appointing David Clarke for a senior position at the DHS is shameful and dangerous.

An individual representing extremist ideologies should not be given this type of leadership role and we urge the Trump administration not to go forward with this appointment,” said Greenblatt in a statement.

I bet Greenblatt must have some secret reasons for name-calling considering Sharif David Clarke wore a pin of Israel’s National Traffic Police in a National Rifle Association (NRA) promotional video. So, it’s not Clarke that ADL hates but his past association with the Jew-hating NRA. Watch a video below.

Since the assassination of JFK, Malcolm X, and Rev. Martin Luther King – organized Jewry has lead the gun control campaign. Almost every piece of anti-gun legislation in the US Congress has been introduced or sponsored by Jewish lawmakers such as Emanuel Cellar, Howard Metzenbaum, Herbert Kohl, Howard Metzenbaum, Charles Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Arlen Specter, Frank Lautenberg, Barbara Boxer, Herbert Kohl, etc.

Why the organized Jewry favors gun control? The former White House staffer Elliott Abrams spilled the beans in his 1999 book, Faith or Fear: How Jews can survive in Christian America. Abrams wrote that the mainstream Jewish community in America clings to a dark vision of America – a land permeated with antisemitism and always on the verge of antisemtic outbursts. Abrams also admits that due this dark vision, Jews have taken the lead to secularize United States and support non-White immigration to divert Whites attention from Jews.

One of the other charges against Clarke is that in 2015 he likened America’s first Jewish president to Adolf Hitler, a Zionist. Every political aware person knows that likening enemies of Israel to Hitler such as Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi, Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Bashar al-Assad, Ayatullah Khamenei, etc., is reserved for the organized Jewry.

ADL also accused Clarke not only anti-Black Lives Matter but also has ties with anti-government group – the Oath Keepers, a Zionist Front with Stewart Rhodes (Jew) as a leader.