Joe Biden praises anti-Israel Ernest Hollings

Hollings at an event at the University of South Carolina.On April 17, 2017 during a ceremony to unveil statue of former Governor and Senator Ernest Hollings in the garden of the J. Waties Waring Judicial Center in Charleston, former Zionist vice-president Joe Biden praised Ernest ‘Fritz’ Hollings, 95, for inspiring him to what he achieved in politics.

Fritz is the reason I was the vice president of the United States and a United States senator. You instilled an enormous amount of confidence in me, Fritz,” said Biden.

Biden said Hollings was “one of the greatest senators South Carolina has ever had.”

Israel First Iranophobic Sen. Lindsey Graham said Hollings deserves to be memorialized for his many accomplishments in South Carolina, including creating a network of technical colleges to equip the state with a skilled workforce.

Sen. Hollings who retired in 2005 after serving at US Senate for 40 years was declared anti-Jew and anti-Israel by ADL in 2004 for saying: Iraq was invaded to secure Israel in a column at the Charleston Post and Courier on May 6, 2004.

Israel long since would have taken us to the weapon of mass destruction if there were any or if they had been removed. With Iraq no threat. Why invade a sovereign country? The answer: president George Bush’s policy to secure Israel,” he said.

Abraham Foxman, the top gun at B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League shot back: “When the debate veers into anti-Jewish stereotyping, it is tantamount to scapegoating and appeal to ethnic hatred. Regardless of whether one feels that America’s war on Iraq was justified, the charge that it’s being fought by the US on behalf of Israel grossly misrepresents the legitimate US interests that are involved in the debate.”

One wonders the US and its European and regional allies which funded and armed Saddam Hussein’s army even with chemical weapons to fight 8-year war against Islamic Iran in the 1980s – began to consider Saddam Hussein a threat to American interests in the region after he failed to destroy Islamic government in Tehran.

The Iraq-Iran war began Iraq launched a simultaneous invasion by air and land into Iranian territory on 22 September 1980. When it ended on August 20, 1988 – nearly one million civilian and military personnel got killed on both sides while US$5.3 trillion infrastructure destroyed in both countries with Shi’ite majorities.

Tehran agreed to stop the war after the US Navy missile attack on Iranian flight 655, killing 290 passengers and crew members in the air on July 3, 1988.

On May 19, 2004, E. Robert Goodkind, president American Jewish Committee (AJC), in a statement also condemned Sen. Hollings for his political wrong statement.

President Bush has made clear that the United States went to war in Iraq – with congressional approval – to end the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, who posed tangible and significant threats to peace and stability in the Middle East, and whose continued defiance of the UN Security Council and failure to adhere to disarmament and inspection commitments mocked international law. Saddam’s regime invaded Iran and Kuwait, used weapons of mass destruction, and filled mass graves with its own innocent citizens. President Bush has stated that the United States has an obligation to make the world a safer and freer place – in which rogue states cannot accumulate sophisticated weaponry or tyrannize their neighbors, and in which aggressors, whether states or terrorist networks, face harsh consequences,” asserted Goodkind.

If Bush wanted to eliminate terror and threat to American interests in the Middle East, he should had attacked Israel and not Iraq. Israel is the only member of United Nations that needed 41 US vetoes at the UNSC to save its criminal nature. Israel is also the only nuclear power with 240-400 nuclear WMDs under its belt in the region. Iraq is a signatory to NPT but Israel still refuses to join the international forum.

Philip Zelikow, president Bush’s Jewish national security adviser confirmed in May 2004 that Iraq was invaded because Zionist Lobby considered Saddam Hussein an existential threat to the Zionist regime.

Iraq under Saddam Hussein did not pose a threat to the United States but it did to Israel, which is one reason why Washington invaded the Arab country,” said Philip Zelikow (here).

The Jew York Times reported on February 25, 2015: “Secretary of State John Kerry reminded Americans on Wednesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, who is expected to denounce a potential nuclear deal with Iran during an address to Congress next week, also visited Washington in late 2002 to lobby for the invasion of Iraq.”

Let’s not forget, John Kerry is secret Jew and his second wife Teresa Heinz is Jewish.

In 2004, former US envoy in the Middle East, Gen. Anthony Zinni also claimed that Iraq was invaded to protect Israel.

The organized Jewry’s problem with Hollings goes far back than his comments on Iraq war. It began on November 17, 1991 when he called Jew Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (died 2008), Senator from B’nai B’rith on Senate floor during a heated debate over legislation supporting voluntary prayer in public schools.

Israeli coup in Saudi Arabia

headscarf,veil,tunic,portrait,adult,scarf,lid,manOn Thursday, 18 Israeli fighters jets and two Gulfstream aircrafts landed in Saudi Arabia to prevent any hostile or military moves by supporters of recently deposed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, 57, by Saudi King Salman.

After firing his nephew, the king appointed his son prince Mohammed bin Salman, 31, country’s defense minister as the new Crown Prince.

The Jewish-controlled media ignored the news or called it an exaggeration on part of Iranian media even though WSJ recently admitted that Israel funds and provides food and medical care to ISIS terrorists and the fact that Riyadh gave US$16 billion dowry to Israel for an anti-Iran marriage two years ago.

On Wednesday, the Times of Israel reported that Israel’s communication minister MK Ayoub Kara, an Israeli Zionist Druze, welcomed King Salman’s naming of prince Mohammed Bin Salman as its new crown prince, saying he hoped the change would accelerate the kingdom’s alliance with Israel.

On June 21, Zvi Bar’el reported at Israeli daily Ha’aretz that the rise of prince Mohammed bin Salman as a good news for Israel because he follows Israel’s policy on Iran, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Hizbullah, and Hamas. Bar’el also boasted that the ailing king is expected to step-down in favor of his ‘boy son’ in the near future.

Bin Salman became the contact not only between the kingdom and Washington, but also with Russia: the new heir met with President Vladimir Putin several times to coordinate policy on Syria and Iran. He also met several Israeli officials in Eilat in 2015, also on the margins of the Arab summit in Jordan this March, and there are regular meetings between Saudi and Israeli officers in the joint war room where Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United States coordinate,” Bar’el claimed.

Prince Salman is considered an anti-Iran hawk who dined with US president Donald Trump, a Judas Goat in the White House in March 2017. During the meeting two discussed the measures to isolate Iran by attacking its regional allies such as Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas and Shi’ite fighters in Iraq.

However, like Netanyahu, bin Salman also wants the Americans to fight Saudi dirty wars in the region. In an exclusive interview he gave to Jewish Economist magazine in January 2016, bin Salman was quoted as saying: “We do not foresee a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran at all, and whoever is pushing towards that is somebody who is not in their right mind. Because a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran is the beginning of a major catastrophe in the region, and it will reflect very strongly on the rest of the world. For sure we will not allow any such thing to happen.”

The rulers of UAEKuwait, Oman, Jordan, Dubai and Bahrain congratulated the new crown prince while QatarEgypt and Pakistan ignored the news.

Saudi ‘royals’ have become former Iranian ‘royals’ before the 1979 Islamic Revolution – depending on US-Israel protection while wasting billions of petrodollars on buying US arms and Israeli favor to save their crown while majority of Iranian had no say in countries governance. All this changed under the leadership of Imam Khomeini. King Reza Shah last his crown while both the US and Israel refused to give political asylum. Same fate is waiting for the Saudi ‘royals’.

The western pundits believe that bin Salman would westernize the kingdom as he had already limited the power of the ‘royal’ Wahhabi clerics and have allowed some public entertainment such as bingo and theatre. Hopefully, soon Saudi women would be allowed to drive – a privilege Jew women cannot afford in New York. I’m waiting for the news of first gay parade in Riyadh led by no other than Tzipi Livni. How about a six-star Trump Hotel in Makkah for Hajj pilgrims?

B’nai B’rith: Stop Kevin Barrett from speaking in Toronto

In 2014, Israel lobby B’nai B’rith Canada had claimed that 4 million Canadian hate Jews. Last week it launched an online petition demanding that Canada’s Border Services Agency keep out American academic, author, editor and radio talk-show host Kevin Barrett, PhD, entering Canada to speak at Al-Quds Day rally at Queen’s Park (provincial parliament), Toronto on June 24, 2017.

B’nai B’rith has accused Kevin Barrett being 9/11 denier, Holocaust denier and anti-Israel (watch video below).

Read Kevin Barrett response to B’nai B’rith’s professional propaganda lies here.

In 2015, under pressure from Jewish groups lead by B’nai B’rith, Stephen Harper government banned Kevin Barrett to enter Canada for presentation of his book, We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11, in which the author claimed that Charlie Hebdo was an inside job to demonize Muslims and Islam for Israel’s benefit.

Kevin Barrett has been at the forefront of exposing the False Flag schemes that are now being perpetrated around the globe. Dr. Barrett was one of the presenters at the February 18, 2017 Nation of Islam Saviors’ Day forum in Detroit titled Israel and War on Islam: 9/11 revisited (listen below).

Kevin Barrett with PhD in Arabic language and Islamic Studies, is one of America’s best-known critics of the so-called War on Terror. Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS, Press TV and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the Zionist propaganda news outlets such as the Jew York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications. Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He is the co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, and author of the books Truth Jihad, My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (2007) and Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters (2009). Dr. Barrett converted to Islam while searching the truth behind 9/11.

Dr. Barrett lost teaching position at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006 under pressure from pro-Israel state lawmakers after he supported the notion that the Sept. 11 attacks were an inside job coordinated by the US and Israel.

ADL and Ku Klux Klan

Israel lobby Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in a report released this week warned Trump regime that the anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-Jew Ku Klux Klan (KKK) still poses a threat to American society.

According to ADL report 42 KKK groups are active in 33 states with 3,000 membership. More than half the groups were either formed or restarted in the past three years.

The report showed that some groups not only are still involved in criminal activity and violence, but have formed alliances with other white supremacist groups in hopes of restoring their continuity.

These hardened racists and bigots are looking to spread fear, and if they grow dissatisfied with the Klan, they move on to other groups on the extreme far-right,” Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL’s CEO said.

Interestingly, KKK and other white supremacist groups such as Alt-Right and White Student Union support the Zionist entity.

Anti-Muslim white racist groups like KKK, the English Defence League, Dutch Party for Freedom, German PEGIDA, French French National, French ruling Socialist Party, Danish Defence League, European Defence League, BDS, etc. are organized Jewry-controlled opposition.

The Jewish B’nai B’rith International established ADL in October 1913 to defend its Atlanta chapter president Leo M. Frank who was charged for rapping and killing a 13-year-old Christian girl Mary Phagan. Since then ADL has been defending Jew criminals in the US and Israel.

Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest with Jewish family roots was a co-founder of KKK. It also had many Jewish members and Grand Dragons like Daniel Burros who was a leading member of KKK for many years, saying: “kill, kill, kill” until his skull-cap got blown-up showing him to be a racist Zionist Jew. The other notable Jew was Jordan Gollub, Grand Wizard in Mississippi.

Like the Holocaust, KKK also has become an Israeli stick to hit anyone who dare to criticize Zionist regime. For example, on March 18, 2012, Jewish The algemeiner accused Zionist Jew writer and author Peter Beinart being a Black KKK member, for supporting the “two-state” solution for the Occupied Palestine (here).

Jewish inventor of Sea-MonkeysHarold von Braunhut, financed KKK to buy arms.

On May 27, 2013, Matt Lebovic at the Times of Israel claimed that “both ADL and KKK were born as result of the murder of 13-year old Mary Phagan. She was beaten and strangled in the basement of her former place of employment, an Atlanta pencil factory, on April 26, 1913. The factory was managed by 29-year-old Leo Frank, a Jew raised in Brooklyn and educated at Cornell University.”

Former KKK leader David Duke has been chased by the organized Jewry for decades especially since he visited Iran in December 2006 (watch video below).

Ex-CIA official: Rex Tillerson works for Israel

Robert David Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer, the second-ranking civilian in US Marine Corps Intelligence, and former CIA clandestine services case officer, in June 21 interview with Javad Heiran-Nia of the Tehran Times said that the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson works for the Zionist entity and not for the United States.

Rex Tillerson is pursuing the foreign policy of Israel, not the foreign policy of the United States. The US Department of State is controlled today by a mix of Zionists, bankers, neoconservatives, and pedophiles. The US government at the highest levels does not do evidence-based decision-making, nor does it pursue the interests of the American public. Evidently President Donald Trump, after promising to forego elective wars and regime change, has been bribed to betray the best interests of the American people. As Donald Trump said during the campaign, our policies are pay to play. The Saudis do the paying and the Zionists do the playing,” said Steele.

My opinion is that everything the US government is doing both overseas and at home lacks both intelligence and integrity. Our legitimately elected President Donald Trump is surrounded by traitors, pedophiles, and incompetents of his own choosing. His son in law is probably a Mossad agent who was targeted against Ivanka Trump on the basis of psychological and taste profiling done by known Mossad agents Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. There are ten Goldman Sachs bankers on Trump’s intimate staff, and over fifty Ashkenazi Jews controlling every aspect of economic and foreign policy in favor of the Zionists and Wall Street and City of London (which are in turn controlled by the Rothschilds and the kosher Pope Francis), and against the best interests of the US public or the US Constitution which has been dishonored for a quarter century,” added Steele.

In May Rex Tillerson made the organized Jewry very happy by refusing to host Ramadan event which was held annually during Barack Obama’s presidency. However, later he watered-down Zionists’ excitement by claiming that blacklisting Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood would be problematic.

In March 2015, Steele claimed that most terrorists were false flag operations created by our own security services (here).

It seems Steele likes Israeli shill Donald Trump but despise Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the pro-Israel creeps in Trump administration. Listen below RAW interview with Robert David Steele.

Like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Steele is also an admirer of former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Steele says that ISIS was created by the US and Israel. We are the ISIS, he said. He also claims that Trump son-in-law Kushner is a traitor being his connection with Israeli Mossad.

On June 4, 2017, in an interview he suggested that if Trump want to go in history as a good president, he should appoint Cynthia McKinney his vice-president.

Otto Warmbier: Israeli Hillel hooligan died

Former US Jew president Barack Obama spokesman Ned Price (Jewish), and his former White House National Security Council spokesperson in a statement claimed that Obama tried his best to get American student activist Otto Warmbier released from North Korean jail. “During the course of the Obama Administration, we had no higher priority than securing the release of Americans detained overseas,” he said.

I’m sure Obama must have tried his best to get Warmbier’s released as he did for years to get American Jew spy Allan Gross released from Cuban jail. Incidentally, both Warmbier and Gross were convicted for 15-year in jail for allegedly involved in anti-government activities.

Warmbier, 22, who spent only 17 months in jail was released in coma last week on humanitarian basis so he can receive proper brain tumor surgery in the US – died on Monday.

According to Jewish press, Warmbier was an active member of Hillel International at the University of Virginia, an Israeli anti-free speech group at Campuses in the US, Britain, France and Canada. He joined the group after participating in a Birthright trip to Israel in 2014.

The university’s Hillel director, Zionist Rabbi Jake Rubin, called him “a beloved member of our Hillel community.”

On November 23, 2015, Batya Ungar-Sargon at the pro-Israel Foreign Policy magazine quoted Gordon Gladstone, a former Hillel director at Berkeley saying that donors are pushing Hillel International to be anti-liberal Zionist and anti-BDS.

The Birthright trips to Israel are fully paid by Israel’s ministry of information (read US taxpayers) to doctrine young American with the false history of Zionist occupation and its nine million Palestinian victims.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually it’s exposed that Otto Warmbier became a sacrificial goat for Israel to gear-up more pressure on North Korea, a close ally of anti-Israel Iran and Pakistan.

Jewish media in the West has tried its best to immortalize Warmbier as it did to WSJ investigative reporter Daniel Pearl who was put to death once his captors found out that he was snooping around Pakistan as Israeli Mossad.

As if that was not enough, Israel First Sen. John McCain accused Pyongyang of the murder of Otto Warmbier as if the dude developed brain tumor in Korean jail. Many Americans consider Sen. John McCain father US Navy Rear-Admiral John S. McCain II a traitor for his major part in the cover-up of Israeli attack on USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 – murdering 34 Americans and wounding another 171 on board (watch below).

Iranian missiles hit ISIS positions in Syria

On Tuesday, Iranian president Dr. Hassan Rouhani praised IRGC missile attack against headquarters and logistics of the US-Israel created ISIS terrorists in Deir Ez-Zor, the largest city in eastern Syria, on Sunday night (watch below) to punish perpetrators of the June 7 twin terrorist attacks  targeting  Iranian Parliament (Majlis) and mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Iran’s approach regarding regional and global issues has not changed, but if a group wishes to harm Iran’s glory, it will receive a crushing response. The Islamic Republic will continue its path with grandeur and dignity,” stressed Rouhani.

After the ISIS terrorists’ attacks in Tehran which left more than a dozen killed and many more wounded, the IRGC had announced that the shedding of innocent blood will not go unanswered.

During the operation, a number of surface-to-surface mid-range missiles targeted ISIS terrorists from IRGC’s bases in Kermanshah and Kordestan provinces, in western Iran,” said a statement by the IRGC after its missile attacks.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said in a statement that the strike killed a large number of ISIS terrorists as well as destroyed important equipment and weapons.

American journalist, author, peace activist and blogger, Robert Fantina, penned an article on June 20, entitled, For the First Time in 30 Years Iran Has Bombed Anyone, A Warning to the US and Israel.

“The peaceful Iran, which has not invaded a country in over 200 years (are you listening, US?), recently bombed ISIS strongholds in Syria, in retaliation for the recent ISIS-sponsored terror attack in Tehran. This is the first time in thirty years that Iran has bombed anyone, which indicates that the patience of the leaders of that country is wearing thin. Israel and the US would be well-advised to proceed cautiously, before widening a war that will include Iran. When one plays with fire, one is bound to be burned eventually,” says Fantina.

The missile strike by Iran could be a mid-term game changer in the sense that it places Iran squarely into the frame of fighting international terrorism and ISIS. Up until this point, parties in the US led by pro-Israel neoconservatives, the Trump White House, and the sister lobbies of Israel and Saudi Arabia – have tried hard to enforce a strict party line that Iran is somehow The number one state sponsor of terror on the planet, despite the fact that no evidence is ever presented to back this sensational geopolitical plank,” Patrick Henningsen wrote at the Consortium News on June 21, 2017.