O’Canada: Antisemitism is on the RISE

image034[1]The disappearance of antisemitism will have very negative affect on Jews and Israel, said Dr. Nahum Goldman, president of World Zionist Organization at the 1958 World Jewish Conference in Geneva

On February24, 2015, Canadian Parliament declared kosher a motion put by two Israel Firsters, Harper’s multiculturalism minister Jason Kenney and former justice minister Irwin Cotler, over the rise of anti-Semitism in Canada and the rest of the world. The motion was lauded by members of all major political parties controlled by Israel lobby groups.

The brainwashed lawmakers agreed that antisemism not only poses a great threat to Jews but is an assault on ‘Canadian values’. Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper in a speech at Jewish National Fund in 2013 defined these ‘Canadian values’, as: “Israel is a light of freedom and democracy in what is otherwise region of darkness.”

In order not to be called ‘Israeli poodles’ – the lawmakers agreed that ‘genuine’ criticism of state of Israel is not anti-Semitism. However, criticizing Israel without blaming its regional enemies, such as, Hamas, Hizbullah, Syria and Iran – or believing that Israel has no right to exist, is definitely an old-fashioned anti-Semitism.

Last year, Jewish B’nai Brith put a pull-page advertisement in Sir Conrad Black (Canada-UK Jewish dual citizen) owned Canada’s top anti-Muslim newspaper National Post, claiming that 4 million Canadians hate Jews.

In the opinion of Howard Sachar, American historian sympathetic to the Zionist movement, Adolf Eichmann, who was then in charge of Jewish emigration, dealt cordially and cooperatively with Zionist representatives from Palestine. When the Zionists sought permission to open vocational training camps for future emigrants to Palestine, Eichmann willingly supplied them with housing and equipment.

In September 2009, Professor Yakov M. Rabkin (University of Montreal) in an article, entitled Fighting antisemitism in Canada, said that Zionist love anti-Semites since the days of Theodor Herzl (died 1904) – and have been creating acts of Jew hatred around the world where it doesn’t exist. Following are some abstracts from Rabkin’s article:

Nowadays Jews in Canada and other countries are increasingly associated with Israel’s bomber aircraft, gun-toting soldiers and Zionist settlers that fill the TV screens of the world.

However, Israeli authorities are not concerned that their policies towards the Palestinians breed antisemitism around the world. To the contrary, the rise of antisemitism supports their claim that only in Israel can a Jew feel safe.

At the same time, “vassals of Israel” (a term coined by the former Israeli ambassador to France Elie Barnavi for individuals often mistaken for Jewish leaders), not only proclaim their loyalty to Israel, they defiantly fly Israeli flags at the entrance of Jewish institutions, including old-age homes and hospitals.

This irresponsible conflation of Israel and Jewish Canadians provokes antisemitism and invites hostility. The standard Zionist claim that Israel – a distant and bellicose state most Jews neither control nor inhabit – is “the state of the Jewish people” implicates innocent Jews in Canada into what Israel is and does. This is what foments antisemitism in our country.

Ironically, while these “vassals of Israel” contribute to the growth of anti-Jewish sentiment in Canada, they hurl accusations of antisemitism at even the most moderate critics of Israel. It is this heavy-handed tactic that generates resentment and feeds antisemitism.

Conversely, Canadian Jews who speak against Israeli abuses of power – such as Independent Jewish Voices – profoundly undermine antisemitic beliefs. They embody the diversity of Jewish life – “two Jews, three opinions” – that flies in the face of the antisemitic canard of the world Jewish conspiracy.

In the wake of the Holocaust, many prominent Jews, including the philosopher Martin Buber and the political scientist Hannah Arendt, warned that establishing an ethnic state for Jews would plunge the entire region into incessant violence.

Yakov M. Rabkin masterpiece book, A Threat From Within: A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism, is worth reading for everyone.


Obama’s ‘kosher’ ambassador to Somalia

The Jewish-controlled media is excited with Barack Obama’s nomination of Katherine Dhanani to the war-raged 100% Muslim nation of Somalia. However, every newspaper has avoided to mention her family name, “Simonds” before she married Azim Dhanani, an Ismaili Muslim.

Somalia has considerable work ahead to complete its transition to a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous nation. The United States is committed to supporting Somalia on this journey as a steadfast partner,” Jen Psaki spokesman at US State Department said on Tuesday while announcing the nomination of Katherine Dhanani.

Somalis who have suffered at the hands of the US and western imperialism for over four decades, are now ruled by president Hassan Sheik Mohamud, an anti-Islam US puppet.

Recently, Katherine served as US consulate-general in Hyderabad, India, where she used to write a personal Blog. I’m sure, like John Kerry, Katherine would “sail through the Senate,” as wrote the Jew York Times on January 29, 2013. However, Katherine and her hubby Azim wouldn’t be residing in Mogadishu, Somalia. They would be stationed in the neighboring Nairobi, Kenya. Somalia is not considered a safe place for Americans thanks to al-Shabaab after Washington’s disastrous Black Hawk mission 22 years ago.

US established its embassy in Mogadishu when country was ruled by military dictator Gen. Mohamed Siad Barre (died 1995), who maintained close relations with Washington and Tel Aviv. Barre came to power through a military coup in 1969. He was booted out on January 27, 1991 as result of mass anti-government protests. Washington closed its embassy immediately after the departure of Barre.

The United Nations, a willing tool of western imperialism, also provides helping hand in the destabilization of Muslim nation-states. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan (his wife is Jewish) had appointed David Stephen, a Zionist Jew, as special representative to negotiate peace between Somali Islamists and neighboring pro-Israel regimes. He even spotted Semite Jews among Somalian Muslims.

Maldives-Pakistan alliance worries India-Israel

maldives-pak-afp[1]Earlier this month Maldivian disgraced former president Dr. Mohamed Nasheed, a blind supporter of US-Israel, was arrested over terrorism charges. He is being put on trial against the so-called “international cry” for his release and a new elections in the tiny 100% Muslim island.

Maldivian president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, is looking for new Asian allies to counter island’s dependence on India, currently ruled by anti-Muslim Narendra Modi, a US-Israel ally. In September 2014, Chinese president Xi Jinping visited Maldives. India’s prime minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Maldives in the middle of next month.

The paranoid anti-Muslim Indian and Israeli leaders were shocked by Gayoon’s two day visit to Pakistan on February 25. Pakistan is the only Muslim-majority nuclear power. In Islamabad, Gayoon met Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif, an ally of China (see photo above).

China made some intense lobbying with the erstwhile dictator of Maldives Abdul Gayoom who ruled Maldives for three decades till Nasheed ousted him in 2008 in the country’s first democratic elections. The Chinese target was to acquire a naval base in Marao Island and there were reports of Gayoom nearly handing over the island to China in 2001 but apparently could not dare to do so as the United States got whiff of it and scuttled the move. Pakistan had played the crucial role of a go-between in this regard just as Pakistan had played a similar role in bringing US and China closer decades ago“, says Rajeev Sharma, a Zionist Hindu writers whose work is published at several Jewish-controlled media outlets, at the Firstpost on February 25, 2015.

In 1980, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in a coup deposed Sultan Mohamed Farid I, and declared the Island nation as a republic. He cancelled all diplomatic relations with Zionist entity established in 1965. The links were re-established on September 25, 2009 by then president Mohamed Nasheed. Israeli military officials were reinvited to train Maldives’ security agencies. In 2010, Islamic group protested against the arrival of Israeli surgeons to work at the government run Indhra Gandhi hospital. They claimed Israeli doctors are notorious in organ harvesting for Israel.

The United States and its south Asian allies under the leadership of India, a paper tiger, have been trying to establish a ring of pro-West nations around China, but Pakistan and Iran have become great obstacle to this dream.

Disappointed with Obama administration over Iran’s nuclear negotiations with the so-called P5+1, Netanyahu announced last month that he was courting trade with China, India and Japan – comprising nearly 40 per cent of the planet’s population. India has already become Israel’s No.1 customer in arms, drones and nuclear technology.

On February 25, 2015, the so-called Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR), another Zionist-funded NGO like the Washington-based Human Rights Watch (HRW), called upon president Yameen to immediately release Nasheed. ACHR also called upon the United States, European Union, India, Singapore and others to impose a travel embargo on Maldivian prosecutor-general Muhthaz Muhsin and presiding judge Abdulla Didi for the illegal arrest and detention of Nasheed, and to push for accountability for the physical assault on Nasheed inside the court premises on 23 February 2015.

The arrest and detention of former President Nasheed on terrorism charges is a grotesque act of political vendetta. The accountability of Prosecutor General Muhsin and Presiding Judge Didi must be established, including under universal jurisdiction for meting out torture, inhumane and degrading treatment to former President Nasheed in the court premises – stated Suhas Chakma, director ACHR.

Suhas Chkma and his NGO never raised their voices against Indian Supreme Court’s persecution of Bollywood actor Sanjay Kumar for sympathizing with 140 million-strong Muslim minority in India. Sanjay is son of Bollywood’s top heroine Nargis (Muslim) and her Hindu husband actor Sunil Dutt.

UK’s Jew ex-FM resigns over ‘Cash Scandal’

On Tuesday UK’s former foreign and defense minister and chairman of Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, Jew MP Sir Malcolm Rifkind, 68, (1995-97), resign over ‘cash for excess’ (political bribery) scandal. A member of pro-Israel prime minister David Cameron’s Conservative party, Rifkind is suspended from his party. He has announced to resign from Parliament seat.

In 2006, another UK’s foreign minister Jack Straw with Jewish family roots was forced to resign over similar charges.

Both Israel-Firsts have denied any wrong doing as political kickbacks are considered kosher among western politicians.

On April 1, 2007, Rifkind in an Opinion-Post at the UK’s Guardian daily wrote: The Iranians are a sophisticated and sensitive people. From time to time, however, they do something dumb. The seizure of 15 British sailors and Royal Marines was one such example. Parading them on television and requiring them to mouth unconvincing apologies was another.

I would rather let Israeli-born British writer and author, Gilad Atzmon, to pull Sir Malcolm Rifkind’s dirty Jewish pants over the above Jewish lie.

The battle between (Iran’s president) Ahmadinejad and (UK prime minister) Blair is not a political or diplomatic one, it’s not about points. It is actually a clash between civilizations, but more than that, it seems to be a fight between humanism and cold pragmatism. As it emerges, in this battle, it is Ahmadinejad rather than Blair who reminds us where goodness rests. Seemingly, a man who has been repeatedly presented to us by our deluded western media as a ‘radical’, ‘fundamentalist’ and ‘Islamofascist’ has proved beyond doubt that he is actually the one, who knows what forgiveness and grace are all about. It was Ahmadinejad who pardoned the enemy (15 sailors), it was Ahmadinejad that evoked some prospects of a peaceful future, said Gilad Atzmon.

In November 2011, Sir Malcolm Rifkind urged both the US and UK governments to maintain sanctions against Iran with a military attack either by Israel or the US or both on Netanyahu’s table. He blasted those critics who believe that since Israel already has 240-400 nuclear bombs while Iran has none so far – the latter cannot pose an “existential” threat to Israel. He said that comparing Iran with Israel is an old-fashioned antisemitism.

Last year, Rifkind said that if Iran wants to fight with ISIS on our behalf, “let it be”.

Jack Straw visited Tehran uninvited in late September 2001 to urge Iranian to stay on slide-line during American invasion of Afghanistan. However, both president Ayatullah Mohammed Khatami and country’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenie refused to see him. In January 2014, Jack Straw was hunted down by British Organized Jewry for revisiting Iran to meet his old friend president Hassan Rouhani. Read Straw’s impression of Iran’s progress since the 1979 Islamic Revolution here.

Jack Straw who supported the US-UK invasion of Iraq in 1991 and 2003, is somehow against British military action against Iran and Syria. Interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 Today program recently, Straw said: Iran is a completely different country and situation from Iraq. Iran is an emerging democracy and there would be no case whatsoever for taking any kind of action.

UK is not the only where Jewish political bribery rule. The situation in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand is not much different. Watch a video below.


Marzieh Yazdi invents eclectic method for Qur’an research

ip033[1]Marzieh Yazdi, 55, is an Iranian Islamic scholar, writer and researcher of Holy Qur’an. She is the inventor of an eclectic method for Qur’anic research and publishes her works in a number of languages to promote Islamic culture and teachings in foreign countries.

Yazdi is widow of Haj Mohammad-Hossein Derafshifar, who was martyred in 1986 while fighting against Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist army during the 1980-88 Iraqi invasion of Iran to serve US-Israel interests.

Yazdi’s Trilingual Dictionary of Quran Vocabulary in Persian, Arabic and English was published in July 2010.

Last week, Yazdi in an interview with Iran Daily described her work and mission.

I have devised an innovative method. It is something between translation, interpretation and exegesis. Common exegeses may bore readers. However, my exegesis is based on adaptation from old and new exegeses. My sources include ‘Tafsir-e al-Mizan’, ‘Tafsir-e Nemooneh’, ‘Tafsir-e Qur’an Majid’, ‘Tafsir-e Javan’ and ‘Tafsir-e al-Kashef’. I have written and published two exegeses based on two parts (juz’) of the Holy Qur’an. Of course, to be able to understand the book properly and benefit from its contents, the reader needs to know about some of the Qur’anic concepts,” Yazdi said.

The dictionary presents a simultaneous translation of Qur’anic verses into Arabic, Persian and English languages. I have selected 300 words from each of the first two parts of the Holy Qur’an and presented their meanings in Persian and English in this work. The book will help English readers better understand the Qur’an. The book, which has a circulation of 1,000, is published by Afaq-e Ghadir publications,” Yazdi added.

Yazdi have been fond of reading the Qur’an and Islamic teachings since childhood. However, she began her career in this field in 1986 after the martyrdom of her husband, an official at the ideological-political sections of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army.

Yazdi is author of 12 books of which 11 have been published. Of these, 10 pertain to the Holy Qur’an and religious pedagogy and one titled ‘A Leaf of My Red Life’ is related to the Iran-Iraq war in which she have recounted 50 memories which she still recall from my martyred husband. Each memory is related to a subject from Holy Qur’an.

For further information on Holy Qur’an translations and publication, visit Iranian Center for Organizing Translation and Publication.

Jewish Lobby puts Canadian Muslim professor in French Jail

It is arguable that the Canadian Department of Justice is a Criminal Organization just like a biker gang, the Italian Mafia and Chinese Triads, says Water War Crimes website.

On November 14, 2014,  Dr. Hassan Diab (Carlton University, Ottawa) was extradited from Canada to France based on phony charges of his involvement in 1980 bombing of a Paris synagogue which killed four non-Jewish bystanders. Nine were injured. As usual, a worldwide media frenzy followed to provide cover for another Mossad false flag operation and demonize 6-7 million French Muslims. French Jewish Lobby CRIF and French Intelligence blamed the “right wing extremists” for the bombing. However, all the “right wing extremists”, who were arrested for questioning, were released. In the upper echelons of the intelligence, the finger of suspicion was pointed at the Israeli Mossad.

In 2008, the Canadian Jewish lobby groups accused Dr. Diab, a Lebanese-Canadian citizen, being involved in the 1980 bombing. He was arrested in 2008 and jailed under Canada’s notorious extradition law mostly used against Arabs and Muslims. Diab was kept in jail for four months and later put under house detention on $290,000 bail. On July 29, 2009, Carlton University dismissed him based on Zionist propaganda lies and charges which were not proven in Canadian court.

In October 2010,  the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association wrote a letter to Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson outlining its concerns that the use of the unsourced, secret French intelligence in the Diab case, possibly derived from torture, would put this country in breach of the universal prohibition against torture.

On July 27, 2014, the Independent Jewish Voices in a statement strongly condemned Rob Nicholson’s decision to extradite Dr. Diab to France under anti-Muslim government of president Hollande.

On November 14, 2014, Stephen Harper government in order to please its masters in Tel Aviv, whisked Dr. Diab off to France within 20 hours on the eve’s of his daughter’s second birthday without the decency of letting him say goodbye to her and his expecting wife. Read testimonials of Dr. Diab’s friends, colleagues and professors here. Also listen to Diab’s lawyer’s comments below.

Armenian Holocaust and Jews: 100 years after

3+monkeys[1]In June this year Armenians around the world plans to commemorate the centennial of the Armenian Holocaust or Metz Yeghern in Armenian language.

Since the creation of the Zionist entity in 1948, every Zionist regime has refused to recognize the Armenian Holocaust. The issue was never allowed to be debated even in Israeli Knesset for the last 67 years. However, with the crowing of Reuven Rivlin, the so-called righteous Zionist Jew, on June 10, 2014, has brought a new hope for Armenian Jews living in Israel and in Diaspora. Rivlin, who refuses to agree that the word Holocaust could be applied to genocide of any non-Jewish community, however, is sympathetic toward the murder of 1.5 million Armenians during 1915-17 by his fellow Donmeh Jews. He is one of the very few Israeli politicians involved in the recognition of the Armenian genocide.

Whoever thought of the Final Solution got the impression that, when the day comes, the world will be silent, like it was about the Armenians. It is hard for me to forgive other nations for ignoring our tragedy and we cannot ignore another nation’s tragedy. That is our moral obligation as people and Jews,” Rivlin said. Naturally, Palestinian genocide being carried for the last 67 years by the Israeli Jews like him, doesn’t bother Rivlin’s conscience.

For six decades, Israel and its Jewish lobby groups in the West have used Turkish Muslim majority as ‘scapegoat’ to hide the Jewish crimes against Armenians. However, since Freedom Flotilla incident on May 31, 2010, which resulted in the murder of nine Turk aid workers on board by Jewish commandos in cold-blood, the “Turkish excuse” has lost its values. Since then, the Jewish leaders who once campaigned against recognition of Armenian genocide by US Congress have changed their tunes.

Abraham Foxman (ADL), Israel’s top propagandist, after years of denial, finally admitted in 2013 that what happened at the expense of the Armenians during WWI can be defined as genocide. The American Jewish Committee, notorious for calling for the boycott of Germany in 1933 even before Hitler came to power – published a declaration, entitled, Tribute to memories of the victims of the Metz Yeghern.

Now Muslim Majority Azerbaijan has replaced Turkey as Israel’s ‘scapegoat’. On May 18, 2011, Danny Ayalon, Israel’s deputy foreign minister said: “There is no chance that the Knesset would recognize the Armenian Genocide. It is impossible. We cannot afford ourselves to deface relations with our main strategic partner in the Muslim world – Azerbaijan – for some vexed historical questions concerning events that took place hundred years ago.”

Read about Israel’s interest in the Azeri-Azerbaijan conflict here.

Last year, to counter Israeli propaganda, Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (now country’s president) offered condolences to the descendants of victims of the genocide of Armenian by Turk forces lead by Donmeh (Crypto Jew Young Turk) officers during the First World War.

The incidents of the First World War are our shared pain. It is our hope and belief that the peoples of an ancient and unique geography, who share similar customs and manners will be able to talk to each other about the past with maturity and to remember together their losses in a decent manner. And it is with this hope and belief that we wish that the Armenians who lost their lives in the context of the early 20th century rest in peace, and we convey our condolences to their grandchildren,” said Erdogan in a statement.

Robert Kazandjian, a London-based freelance journalist and researcher, in an article, entitled Inconvenient victims: Tracing the roots of anti-Armenianism in Israel, published by UK’s CeaseFire magazine on December 19, 2014, claims that Israeli reasons for not recognizing Armenian genocide go as follows:

1. Israel’s belief that recognising the Armenian genocide would minimise the significance of the Holocaust, a very lucrative political and economic weapon.

Immediate parallels can be made between the suffering of the Armenians and that of Palestinians, two indigenous Asian peoples violently expelled from their historic homelands. The Turkish state refuses to accept the Aghet (disaster) took place, while Israel will not acknowledge the Nakba of 1948, and continues to commit heinous crimes in what we can fairly describe as an ongoing genocide, Kazadjian said.

2. Azerbaijan, like India, has become a ‘Cash Cow’ for the Zionist entity. Forty percent of oil consumed in Israel is Azeri, while Azerbaijan invests heavily in Israeli ‘hi-tech’ industries. In February of 2012, Baku agreed to purchase $1.6 billion worth of arms from Israel Aerospace Industries, including drones and missile defence systems.

3. Israeli-Azeri cooperation is usually juxtaposed with the relationship between Armenia and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Contact between Armenia and Iran reaches back into antiquity. Iran’s own Armenian community emerged at the beginning of the seventeenth century in Isfahan province. In the 20th century the number of Armenians in Iran increased significantly, as a consequence of the genocide in Ottoman Turkey; some 50,000 sought refuge there. Many Armenians lost their lives fighting in the Iranian army during the war with Iraq. Today there are over half a million Armenians living in Iran, represented by two seats in the Iranian parliament. The Armenian government’s positive partnership with Iran is logical and rational when one considers some of these factors: the ancient history, the safe haven offered to Armenians post-genocide, the Armenian contribution to the war effort, and the number of Armenians living in Iran today.