Berklee to honor Bollywood Muslim composer

4[1]In recognition of his two-decades-long musical legacy, the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston (USA) is all set to honour Oscar-winning Bollywood composer, song-writer and music director A R Rahman with an honorary doctorate.

The honor will be conferred on Rahman, 47, best known globally for the original scores and songs in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, ’127 Hours’, ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’ and ‘Million Dollar Arm’, at an event at the Berklee College of Music on October 24, a media statement said.

I’m deeply moved to receive an honorary doctorate from such a distinguished school which has contributed so much to the world of music,” said Rahman.

Past honorary doctorate recipients include Jimmy Page, Annie Lennox, Willie Nelson, John Williams, Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, Sting, Howard Shore, Clint Eastwood, Alan Silvestri, Amar G Bose, and Gloria Estefan.

Rahman was born as Dileep Kumar into a Hindu family in 1967. In 1989, the entire family converted to Islam, and he took Muslim name Allah-Rakha Rahman. He has performed Hajj twice, in 2004 and 2012, and says: “Islam gives me peace.”

Rahman’s conversion story on his Facebook page reads: “The whole process started with a sequence of dream. It was in 1988. I was in Malaysia and had a dream of an old man who was asking me to embrace Islam. For the first time, I did not take it seriously, but then I saw the same dream several times and I discussed it with my mother. She encouraged me to go ahead and to respond to the call of the Almighty. Also, in 1988, one of my sisters fell seriously ill and in spite of the family’s effort to cure her, her health deteriorated by the day. Then under the guidance of one Muslim religious leader we prayed to Allah, which did wonder for my sister and she made a miraculous comeback to life. Thus, began my journey from Dileep Kumar to A.R. Rahman.”

Rahman’s advice to his fellow Muslims: “We should go to lengths to follow the basics of Islam; be kind to your neighbors, keep smiling when you meet others, pray and do charity. We should serve humanity. We should not show hostility toward others, even to the followers of other faiths. This is what Islam stands for. We should present before the world a model through our behavior, nature and presentation. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) never used his sword to spread Islam; rather he spread the religion through his virtues, behavior, tolerance and righteousness. And this is what is needed to change today’s distorted image of Islam.”

Rahman had a tough childhood. His father died when he was nine – and responsibility to look after his mother and three sisters fell on his tiny shoulders.

Rahman is married to Saira. They have two daughters of ages 12 and 9, and a five-year-old son. Watch a video below.

Who shot Malaysian Flight 17 over Ukraine

mahathir[1]It seems the Muslim-majority Malaysia (60%) is becoming a playground for the new Clod War between United States and Russia-China. A few months ago, Malaysian passenger plane MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 390 people onboard disappeared in thin air and its where-about is still a mystery.  There are speculations that MH-370 could have been overpowered via cyber piracy and brought down to one the US military bases in the region – South Korea, Japan, Brunei, Guam, Diego Garcia or Andaman Islands.

On July 17, 2014, MH-370′s sister plane MH-17, also Boeing 777-200 jet flying at 33,000 feet was blown out of the sky with a surface-to-air missile over Ukraine. MH-17 was flying en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with 280 passengers and a crew of 15.

American pro-Israel politicians are accusing Russia for the tragedy, which Russian president Vladimir Putin denied during his talk with Barack Obama on phone. Both Washington and London said the tragedy should serve as a wake-up call for Russia to stop supporting and equipping rebels fighting the (pro-Usrael) regime in Kiev. In other words, Ukraine is American territory and America is Israeli territory.

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott under orders from his Israeli masters has accused the pro-Russian rebels for shooting down MH17. Russian media has refuted the accusation.

All we can do is to wait until the dust settle-down. In the meantime, here is some food for readers’ thought

1. The government in Kiev was installed by Washington and is supported by Washington. The CIA-advised Ukrainian army has Russian S-300 surface-to-air anti-aircraft batteries known as BUK M1.

2. On July 3, 1988, America’s USS Vincennes shot-down Iranian passenger airliner Flight 655 by firing two SM-2MR surface-to-air missiles killing 290 people on board including 66 children an crew of 16.

3. The Father of modern Malaysia Dr. Mahathir Mohammed has long been awarded the title of anti-Semitism by the Jewish Lobby for criticizing Israel and believing that Jewish Lobby has too much power in the US.

4. The director of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s department of consular service, Andrii Sybiha, said that taking MH-17′s flight recorder out of Ukraine would be considered treason.

Rabbi Lerner: Hamas is a friend of Netanyahu

Rabbi Michael Lerner wrote on July 16, 2014: “Hamas is “objectively even if not subjectively” the best friend of the Israeli settlers, right-wing Israeli extremists, and the Netanyahu government.

Then he gives his Talmudic anti-Goyim advice to Hamas: “Stop the attempts to bomb Israel.  These acts are immoral, ineffective, and counter-productive toward the only legitimate goal: peace and openhearted reconciliation among the people of the region.”

Rabbi needs to come out of his Zionist closet and study the history of Zionism from some objective source. When he does, he will be surprised to learn that Israel was established on Arab lands by the European Jewish terrorists. Hamas and all the rest of Palestinian groups took arms against the Jewish occupiers after all peaceful means failed. Waging armed resistance against the occupier forces is not “immoral”, it has been part of Jewish history – and even is allowed under international law.

Armed resistance is never “counter-productive”. In fact, it’s the only language the oppressors understand. Hamas has already proved it by rejecting UK-Egyptian pro-Israel ceasefire offer on Tuesday. The proposal was drafted by the war-criminal Tony Blair, former UK prime minister who joined Israel’s proxy war on Iraq in 2003, for the Crypto-Jew Egyptian military dictator Gen. Fattah el-Sisi.

The extremists in Hamas, like the rogue band of criminals who murdered three Israeli youth, have succeeded in their goal: to create fear among Israelis that leads them to rally to those racists who wish to punish the entire Palestinian people for the actions of a few,” wrote Lerner.

My dear rabbi, according to Israeli media, those three Israeli Jews were already dead before Israeli regime accused Hamas of abducting them and lying to Jews and the rest of the world being alive in order to kill more innocent people in the occupied West Bank. And what about the 16-year-old Palestinian youth abducted and burned alive by six Jew thugs - and four Gaza kids killed by Israeli missile at the beach? Rabbi Lerner, doesn’t your conscience bothers you for the cold-blood killing of those five Muslim teenagers by your fellow Jews?

Israeli airstrikes on civilian targets during the last seven days have killed over 200 Palestinians and injury over 600, while Hamas rockets resulted in the death of one Israeli Jew by heart attack. So tell us Rabbi Lerner who are the barbarians?

Rabbi Michael Lerner is author and editor of Tikkun magazine. British Jewish writer and anti-Zionist blogger Paul Eisen met the rabbi once in London. Eisen says the rabbi reminded him of a kind of travelling snake-oil doctor.

Hamas wants to encourage those forces in Israel that will, through their repressive actions toward Palestinians, convince much of the rest of the world that Israel is an evil force that must be eliminated. In the short run, Hamas’ goal is to weaken the Palestinian Authority and to emerge as the champion of Palestinian suffering at the hands of Israel’s immoral policies toward the Palestinian people. Hamas’s demands all seem quite reasonable to most Palestinians, and really make sense: free the newly arrested Palestinians who were doing nothing but sitting in their homes when Israeli troops invaded looking for the three kidnapped Israeli teens (a complete sham since the Israeli top leadership knew that those teens had already been murdered the very night they were kidnapped), stop the blockade of Gaza and allow Gazans access to the Mediterranean sea for fishing purposes, and end the targeted assassinations of Palestinians and the drone strikes that have caused an average of 2-3 children to die every week for the past eight years (something that most Israelis and most Americans don’t know or can’t grasp). This form of state terrorism is either ignored or excused away by many Israelis and by the media and therefore most people have no idea of how awful it is for Palestinians to live under these conditions,” wrote Rabbi Lerner which proves why Paul Eisen called him “snake-oil doctor”.

Rabbi Lerner, I’m sure you know fellow Jewish writer and author Lawrence Davidson. On July 17, he described the Israeli repetitively violent mindset, which is based on Jewish history, culture and religious racism.

Among the many rationalizations offered by Israeli leaders for their violent behavior is the assertion that the Arabs, and Palestinians in particular, “only understand force.” If you do not use force against them they interpret its absence as a sign of weakness and this only encourages them to stand against the Zionist state. This notion that Arabs only understand is one of the holdover stereotypes of a mostly, but obviously not completely, bygone age of imperialism,” says Davidson.

Like a typical Crypto Zionist Jew, Rabbi Lerner also wants Hamas not to retaliate Israeli aggression. I suggest Rabbi Lerner listen to Miko Peled’s (son of Gen. Matti Peled, Israel’s 1967 War hero) interview with RT below to find out why Hamas is fighting the Zionist regime.

Report: 5,000 scared French Jews to arrive in Israel in 2014

A few months ago, a poll taken by a French Jew firm claimed that 74% of French Jews want to leave France as result of horrible rise of hatred toward Jews under Hollande’s Jewish government.

On July 16, 2014, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported that more than 400 French Jews have arrived in Israel even though the country is under a severe attack by Hamas rockets and drones. The Israeli citizens are so scared that they’re begging Netanyahu to re-occupy Gaza.

The Jewish Agency for Israel, which is dedicated to bringing European Jews to settle on Arab lands in Israel and the west Bank, has announced that it expects over 5,000 French Jews to immigrate to Israel by the end of this year.

On July 16, Stephanie Butnick posted at the Jewish Tablet magazine a list of incidents to prove that French do hate Jews.

1. Just this week, a Jew teenage girl was pepper sprayed in her face in Paris.

2. In June, a Jew teenager wearing yarmulke and tzitzit was attacked with an electric Taser by a group of teens; two similarly-attired teens were chased by a man with an ax; and another two teens were sprayed with tear gas. Lol! I never knew French celebrate Halloween in June!

3. In May, a Jew woman with baby was attacked at a Paris bus station by a man who shouted “Dirty Jewess” at her.

4. In March, a Jew teacher leaving a kosher restaurant in Paris had his nose broken and a Swastika drawn on his chest.

5. In March, an Israeli man was attacked with a stun gun outside a Paris synagogue. I believe the Israeli deserved that what Israeli Jews are doing to Palestinians for the last 65 years.

6. A Jew was beaten at Paris metro to chant of “Jew we’re going to lay into you, you have no country”. Lol! With French press controlled by Jews and several of Holocaust museums, French are still ignorant and never heard of Israel which has existed on Arab land since May 1948.

7. In January, anti-government demonstrators shouted “Jews, France is not yours.” One doesn’t need a Phd to find out that 500,000 French Jews control 60 million French citizens.

I must say “Shame on you French majority-Christians” for mistreating Bible’s “Chosen People”. You should learn from American Christians how to love Jews.

Naturally, I never expected Ms. Butnick to mention the arrest of six Jew terrorists belonging to French Jewish Defense League on charges of attacking a bunch of teenagers for performing quenelle or the shooting at Toulouse Jewish school, a Mossad false flag operation.

On June 21, 2014, Jewish news site Breitbart had the headline: “Citing rampant Islamic anti-Semitism and poor economic prospects, more than 5,000 French Jews are set to depart their homeland for the hopes of a better future in Israel.”

Are you listening Marine Le Pen; what your neoNazi Front National opposition party could not achieve during the last two decades, French Muslims have done it without representation in French parliament.


When Muslim cemetery meets Holocaust

In May 2014, I posted a video by Israeli playwright and actress Natali Cohen Vaxberg’s visit to Yad Vashem in the occupied East Jerusalem. She narrated the story of how the Zionist entity has benefited from the Holocaust propaganda. Watch the video below. Also watch another video showing American ignorance of Holocaust.

United States which is home to world’s second-largest Jewish population (less than 2% of the US total population) after Israel, has world’s largest numbers of Holocaust memorials – 30 museums and 70 other centers to remind White Americans and all the Christians of their ancestors’ guilt of killing millions of Western Jews.

However, very few westerners know that Yad Vashem is build over a piece of land Muslims used a graveyard (Mamilla cemetery) from the 13th century to the 1920s. The so-called “museum of tolerance” is built by Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) with US taxpayers’ money and not by the Israeli government. The SWC is named after Simon Wiesenthal, the myth-maker and Mossad agent.

In 1926, a Jew contractor built the Shepherds Hotel on the site for Muslim entrepreneurs. Later it became the residence of the famous Mufti of Palestine  Haji Amin al-Husseini. The property was confiscated by Jewish occupation authorities in 1967 and later sold to a Miami-based American-Jewish casino billionaire, Irving Moskowitz. In 1995,  Jerusalem municipality donated a portion of the cemetery to SWC. The plan to build the Holocaust propaganda center in Jerusalem was opposed by the Jewish, Muslim and Christian residents of East Jerusalem.

Meron Benvenisli, former deputy Mayor and Jerusalem historian criticized the plan, saying: “It’s a bit of American nonsense that is neither suitable nor appropriate for us. the entire thing is built on blindness; no one bothered to ask if we needed it, and if so, where it should be. No one asked if it might actually pose a problem that an old cemetery would be desecrated. What, you think it might bother someone?

The grand ground-breaking ceremony of Yad Vashem was held in 2004 which was attended by California Jewish governor and former Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The latest Zionist propaganda addition at Yad Vashem is German-born professor Hessy Taft’s, 80 (St. John University, NY) copy of a Nazi magagine featuring her as ideal Aryan baby.

Yad Vashem has become one of Israel’s top tourist attractions – the other two being; Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall and Tel Aviv’s 280 brothels.

Bibi-Erdogan support Kurdistan in Iraq

Last month, taking advantage of US funded and trained ISIS militants’ victory in Iraq, the Kurd forces (Peshmerga) of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) occupied oil-rich Iraqi governorate of Kirkuk. On June 29, Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu threw his entity’s support for an independent Kurd state in Iraq, saying “we should support Kurdish aspiration (but not Palestinian aspiration) for independence.” Netanyahu also praised ISIS for destablizing the Middle East.

In response to Netanyahu’s support, Mardan Khadr Zebary and Bayar Tahir Dosky, members of the ruling PDK, thanked Bibi for his support, saying both Kurdistan region and Israel face the same enemies.

On Tuesday, Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, the KRG’s representative in London called upon pro-Israel David Cameron government to provide greater defense and intelligence support to the Kurd entity.

Rahman, whose post makes her effectively Kurdistan’s ambassador in London, said the Kurds were Britain’s ally in the fight against terrorism and extremism. However, Britain refused to supply defense items such as electronic jamming equipment to the KRG without end-user certificates issued by the Iraqi government. Baghdad refused to issue such certificates if the equipment was destined for Kurdistan.

On July 1, Dr. David Pollock (Zionist Jew) of Washington-based Israel lobby WINEP in an article posted at his Fikra Forum blog advised Obama administration to support a Kurd state in Iraq which is opposed by KRG neighbors like Syria and Iran. “In the past few days, Iranian officials have spoken out against Kurdish independence. Iran shares a long border with the KRG, and the author has both witnessed and heard many chilling stories about its agents crossing that border to put great pressure on their much smaller and weaker neighbor.” Does the Zionist idiot knows that the Iranian border along KRG is part Iran’s autonomous Kurd province?

On Sunday, ruling AK Party Deputy Chairman Hüseyin Çelik said that Ankara would not object to a Kurd state in Iraq. There could be several possible reasons for Erdogan’s change of heart but like Netanyahu, the welfare of Iraqi Kurds is not one of them. Erdogan hates Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, an American client, for supporting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Erdogan still refuses to recognize Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, an Israeli poodle, as lawful ruler of Egypt.

I tend to agree with Erdogan’s critics that his decision to bless Iraqi Kurdistan is for his personal ambition to rule Turkey for the next ten years as President with executive powers with the help of Kurdish political parties which represent 20% of Turkey’s total population.

Erdogan could be playing with Kurds national sentiment – and there is no guarantee that he wouldn’t dump his new Kurd allies once he became President. After all, he dumped his past allies like Qaddafi, Assad and  Hamas for personal gains. However, Erdogan’s support for an independent Kurd homeland on Iraqi soil would be a political suicide for the country as it will open the doors for the break-up of Turkey on ethnic lines – and that’s why the “Kurd aspiration” is supported by the Zionist regime and the Jewish Lobby in United States.

Hamas humiliates Israel once again

paLESTINE[4]Since Monday, the Jewish-controlled mainstream media is trying to put mascara over Israeli face to hide Zionist regime’s military and propaganda humiliation at the hands of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Israel’s current unprovoked invasion of Gaza Strip. Once again, the media has painted Zionist regime as “believer in peace” and Hamas as “rejecter of peace”.

After failing to defeat Palestinian resistance, Israel chose its best Arab ally, Egypt’s Crypto-Jew dictator Gen. el-Sisi to negotiate a ceasefire based on Israeli terms. Netanyahu’s cabinet immediately accepted Egyptian proposal, which being one-sided, Hamas rejected calling it Born Dead.

The Egyptian-proposed ceasefire was born dead,” Mushir Al-Masri, senior Hamas official said.

Al-Masri criticized the Egyptian foreign ministry for not presenting its proposed peace plan to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and said, “This plan was only unilaterally given to the Israeli side.”

He noted that ceasefire needs international guarantees to make the enemy remain committed to its terms, and stressed that one of the conditions and terms that should be envisaged in such a ceasefire agreement should be “the removal of the Gaza siege”.

Al-Masri reiterated that Hamas is ready to defend the Palestinian nation with all the means in its access.

On July 15, Israel-born British writer, author and musician Gilad Atzmon posted an article entitled Once Again, Israel is Defeated.

The situation is clear.  Israel is desperate for a break in the violence. In spite of its endless ‘bravado,’ and military might, Israel lacks the military capacity and the courage to encounter Palestinian resistance on the ground. The Israeli elite recognizes that the military can’t resolve the problem, if anything, its extensive use would diminish Israeli manoeuvrability on the international front,” wrote Atzmon.

Hamas, on the other hand, has won its biggest military, political and ideological victory to date – it has managed to deliver some elementary messages to all of Israeli society: “You are living on our Palestinian stolen land, our right to return is elementary and is not negotiable. You Israelis don’t belong here, you never did, and you better had consider your options immediately,” adds Atzmon.

Hamas’ strategy in the last week has displayed a rare genius in the method it used to capitalise on Israel’s superior technology and the Iron Dome in particular.  What could be smarter or more ethical than putting Israel under a constant barrage of rockets, delivering your essential message with missiles, yet knowing that no one will be hurt?,” says Atzmon.

It seems the Zionist regime has torn apart one of UK’s most prominent Jewish Goldsmith family. British billionaire Lord James Goldsmith was one of the top Jewish donor to Israel. Yesterday, Jemima Goldsmith Khan, 40, the ex-wife of Pakistan’s world renowned cricketer Imran Khan, called her younger brother Benjamin James Goldsmith, 34, “ignorant” and “bigot” for tweeting: “Hamas uses its civilians to defend its weapons.” Ben Goldsmith is married into Rothschild family.

Watch below, Jon Stewart, the American Jewish TV talk-show host, exposing media’s pro-Israel reporting of the Palestinian conflict.