Bollywood kae Jews

nadira[1]World’s No.1 film industry, Mumbai-based Bollywood though not Jewish like Hollywood, but does have Jewish roots. The claim was made by Jewish Tablet magazine on June 29, 2009, saying: “Rose Ezra. Ruby Myers. Farhat Ezekiel Nadira (photo above). From the earliest years of Bollywood, these and other Jewish actresses garnered starring roles. And while they may have looked somewhat exotic to moviegoers, they came from Baghdadi Jewish families who had been living in India for decades.”

Danny Ben-Moshe’s Shalom Bollywood was screen in Toronto in April 2014.

Author David Livingstone commented on the movie: “Given the geopolitical situation in the Middle East and the recent war drums with China & Pakistan and also India’s close ties to Israel, it is important to note the importance that films had and will have in manufacturing public opinion, degrading and demoralizing society in exactly the same way as was done in the West, as a means of changing it into a pliable nation willing to do whatever organized Zionist interests want. Cinema is a very powerful medium and in this age of asymmetrical warfare a very close eye has to be kept for similar patterns on every aspect touching people’s lives.”

The Shalom Bollywood movie reminds me Dr. Vijay Parshad’s 2003 book, Namaste Sharon which addresses the close relationship between India and Israel based on the common hatred toward Muslims.

Sulochana Devi (1907 – 1983) was the first Indian-born Jewish woman (Ruby Meyers) who worked in Hindi silent movies. She received 1973 Dada Saheb Phalke Award for lifetime contributions to Indian cinema.

The first woman who introduced British India to the West’s “sexual exploitation” was Jewish Pramila (1911-2006), born Esther Victoria Abraham into an Arab Jewish family from Baghdad, Iraq. She became first Miss India in 1947. She married a Muslim actor Syed Hassan Ali and had four sons and one daughter from Ali, who migrated to Pakistan in 1963. Pramila refused to accompany her husband and later developed relationship with Parsi filmmaker Nari Gadhali. Following her mother’s footsteps, her daughter Naqi Jahan was chosen Miss India in 1967.

Some Jewish bloggers have claimed that famous Bangladeshi Nazural Sangeet singer Firoza Begum (1930-2014) was born as Susan Solomon (Jewish). She married Kamal Dasgupta (Hindu) in Dhakka (East Pakistan) in 1955. Her only surviving child is Shafin Ahmed.

Ramala Devi (born Rachel Cohen) is another Jewish Indian actress whose best movie was 1948 Hum Bhi Inssan Hain, in which she acted against Hindu Dev Anand who was born in Lahore (Pakistan). Anand studied at Government College before his family migrated to India in 1947.

One of my favorite character actors, David (1908-1981) was a native Indian Jew. He was born David Abraham Cheulkar and refused to become a ‘crypto Jew’ like other Jew performers. After he retired from acting, he migrated to Israel where he died.

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (1927-2013), India’s only Academy Award winning screenwriter, was born into a German Jewish family. She lived in New Delhi for 24 years before she migrated to New York in 1975.

Pearl Padamsee (1931-2000) was another Jewish stage actress and filmmaker. She married Alyque Padamsee who played Pakistan’s Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah role in Richard Attenborough’s 1982 Hindu propaganda movie Gandhi.

I remember Nadira (1932-2006) for her excellent performance in Mehboob Khan’s epic movie AAN, in which she played opposite India’s legendary film-star Dilip Kumar (Yusuf Khan). Watch the movie below. Nadira twice married to Muslims; first to Urdu poet Naqshab and then to an Arab Sheikh. Read more here.

Earlier I posted about Gandhi’s secret love for Jews. Gandhi’s personal physician Dr. Erulkar was also Jewish.

Some readers may be interested to know that Jewish families of Rothschild and Sassoon controlled illicit drug trade in India even before some Jews “inspired” Bollywood.

Israel: Using Ebola to cover hatred toward Blacks

telaviv[1]Israeli newspaper YNet reported recently that Israel Airports Authority (IAA)employees refused to interact with passengers coming from African countries fearing they may get infected with Ebola virus. As result, IAA hired Jewish contract workers to do the “dirty work”. However, nine of these contract workers at the Ben Gurion Airport got fired on Friday for refusing to interact passengers arriving from Ethiopia.

In order to resolve this anti-Black Jewish emotions, the IAA has issued a new directive under which passengers coming to Israel from any country in Africa have to fill-up a questionnaire and have their body temperature checked. This is expansion of the earlier directive under which passengers coming from African countries like West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leon, where Ebola deaths were reported.

As part of the new directive – passengers arriving from Cairo after an hour flight, are being tested – because some Egyptian land is in “Africa”!

On Friday, European Union leaders pledged $1.25 billion to WHO to buy anti-Ebola vaccine for the West African countries. Not a bad investment for the western pharmaceutical industry which created the Ebola hoax in the first place.

A 2010 report, published by the Center for Research and Information of the Israeli Knesset claimed a new detention center, for example, was slated to hold up to 8,000 African migrants, but by late 2010 there were already over 30,000 such migrants. At present their numbers are already over 50,000. I bet none of the so-called “Nazi concentration camps” could be worse than that.

When comparing Europe and Israel in 2013, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that among Western states, the country where the radical right is the most powerful (and is even in power), and where the left is the weakest, is Israel. Here as well, the source of the problem is to be found in the country’s culture, in the concept of the nation as a tribe and in the problematic definition of Jewish identity. It is even harder to avoid the conclusion that the Israeli right – from the Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu to Habayit Hayehudi – is very far to the right of Marine Le Pen’s National Front. Compared to most of the cabinet ministers and Knesset members, Le Pen looks like a dangerous leftist,” Zeeve Sternhell said at Israeli daily Ha’aretz on November 01, 2013.

The Jews have played a major role in the horrible human slavery in Europe especially the African slave trade. Jewish historian Jacob Rader Marcus wrote in 1989, “over 75 percent of Jewish families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves, employed as domestic servants; almost 40 percent of all Jewish householders in the United States owned one slave or more.” Read more here.

The photo on top shows Israeli Jews protesting against African migrant workers in south Tel Aviv, May 23, 2012. (The placards demand the expulsion from Israel of Africans from Sudan and Ethiopia). Photo by Moti Milrod. Also watch a video below.

Gen. Musharraf: Modi is enemy of Muslims and Pakistan

flag_of_Pakistan[1]On Wednesday, Pakistan’s former pro-West military dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf in an interview to Rahul of India’s news Channel 22 said India’s prime minister Narendra Modi is enemy of Muslims and Pakistan, while urging Modi, an extremist Hindu and Israel’s top ally to change his anti-Pakistan attitude.

Musharraf accused India for carrying out proxy (sectarian and terrorist) wars in Balochistan, bordering Iran,  Waziristan, bordering Afghanistan and the disputed Jammu & Kashmir Valley to destabilize its next door Muslim-majority (90%) neighbor since the partition of British India in 1947.

Musharraf claimed that since first prime minister of Pakistan, Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan to the current prime minister Nawaz Sharif, every Pakistani government has tried to resolve India-Pakistan disputes (Kashmir, water distribution, terrorism, etc.) by peaceful negotiations, but Indian leaders always tried to bully Pakistanis.

Prime Minister Modi is your Prime Minister, not Pakistan’s Prime Minister. We don’t get any dictation from him. We know his credentials. We know his anti-Pakistan credentials. Now, it may be a red line for you that people of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, or the Foreign Secretary must not meet the APHC. That is not our red line. We do not follow your red line. They must meet. I would say that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, when, he went to India, should have met the APHC leaders. Why is that a red line? There is dispute, internationally recognized, recognized by the UN, and we myself, and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Vajpayee were discussing Kashmir. I used to meet the APHC leaders every time. So why is there a change of heart? That itself shows and proves the anti-Pakistan credentials of Prime Minister Modi. Now, if that be so, so certainly it’s a confrontationist course. He is taking a confrontationist course with Pakistan. So, this red line that he has declared is confrontationist certainly. It is not peaceful. And when you say he had invited Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif invited him to Pakistan and he didn’t come. So why should Nawaz Sharif has been, show keen on running and going to India,” Musharraf told Rahul.

Gen. Musharraf also said that Pakistan will never neglect the defense of its eastern borders and warned that Pakistan wouldn’t hesitate to use nuclear bomb against India if need arose.

In October 2001, Gen. Pervez Musharraf betrayed Pakistani nation and its closest Afghan allies Taliban, by allowing American forces to use Pakistan’s airspace to destroy a brotherly Muslim nation for the Western interests.

On September 1, 2008, the Canadian Jewish News reported that resignation of Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf on August 18, 2008 – “brings end to the great friend of Jewish people, an ally of the West and a relatively moderate leader of a nuclear state with powerful Islamist elements. He also had some ties to Jewish groups.”

Musharraf, a former army chief fought against India in 1965 and 1971 wars and led Pakistan’s armed forces in the 1999 Kargil conflict. Currently, he is residing in Karachi where he is receiving treatment at PNS Shifa after undergoing a heart ailment in the midst of a number of cases against him. He is also facing a high treason trial for imposing an state of emergency in the country.

French Jew leader indicted for lying about Dieudonne

A French court has indicted Roger Cukierman, president of French Jewish Lobby (CRIF), for calling country’s top comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala “a professional anti-Semite”.  Cukierman, who heads the CRIF umbrella of over 100 French Jewish communities and organizations, announced the indictment on Monday in a video that appeared on the CRIF website.

So I am being indicted for having stated on Europe 1 that Dieudonne is a professional anti-Semite. Isn’t that funny? For once, Dieudonne is actually comical,” Cukierman said.

I’m sorry to inform you Moshe, millions of Dieudonne’s fans who laugh at his anti-establishment jokes, are laughing at your Talmudic satire now.

Responding to the indictment, the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Vigilance, or BNVCA, extended its support for Cukierman.

Of-course every Zionist Jew has to support fellow Zionists except those 8,000 Jews listed on ‘Self-Hating Israel-Threatening’ (S.H.I.T.)’ website.

In the past, Cukierman, a self-proclaimed “holocaust survivor” has awarded Dieudonne every Israeli medal including ‘Holocaust denier, and ‘Israel-Jew hater’.

France is one of the 15 European countries where challenging Zionists’ narrative of six million Jews killed by Nazis is a crime punishable with three years in jail and a heavy fine.

Many Jewish and non-Jewish people consider the “six million” numbers to be one of many Zionist false flag operations.

No one knows better about organized Jewry terrorism and French police collaboration with CRIF than UK-born French historian Robert Faurisson. Read his story here.

And finally, watch below a video, entitled ‘Holocaust visits Yad Vashem (built on top of a Muslim cemetery).

Shlomo Sand: Racist Israeli society disgusts me

On Sunday, the president of the Zionist entity, Reuven Rivlin accused Israeli Jews for turning country into a violent and sick society. Israel’s most controversial academic and author, Dr. Shlomo Sand agrees with Rivlin. He recently called Israel as one of the most racist societies in the Western world.

The two Zionist Israeli Jews are the living examples of what American Jewish writer, Avi Gleizer has called the most brainwashed people in the world. I know the great majority of Jews occupying Palestine since 1948 are Europeans, but unfortunately, Palestine has never been part of the “Western World” even before Moses brought the Egyptian slave Jews to this part of the world.

Dr. Shlomo Sand is author of books like ‘The Invention of Jewish People’, ‘The Invention of the Land of Israel’, and ‘How I ceased to be a Jew’. A reader of these books cannot miss the obvious though that while Dr. Sand is disgusted with the Talmudic culture of racism and genocide, he still believes in his tribe being the “chosen-one” and Holocaust as new Jewish religion.

I’m aware of living in one of the most racist societies in the western world. Racism is present to some degree everywhere, but in Israel it exists deep within the spirit of the laws. It’s taught in schools and colleges, spread in the media, and above all and most dreadful, in Israel the racists do not know what they’re doing, and because of this, feel in no way obliged to apologize. This absence of a need for self-justification has made Israel a particular prized reference point for many movements of the far right throughout the world, movements whose past history of anti-Semitism is only too well known,” says Dr. Sand.

I’m sure Dr. Sand knows that the so-called ‘Far Right’ parties in Europe like France’s  National Front, Hungary’s Jobbik and Greece’s Golden Dawn are considered “anti-Semite” because their leaders support Palestinian cause even though they all have Jews among them. Contrary to that anti-Muslim White Supremacist parties like Dutch Party for Freedom and Britain’s English Defense League are honored by Israel.

Israel-born British Jewish author Gilad Atzmon has rightfully compared Dr. Sand with British gay comedian Daffyd Thomas, who try to make his sexual orientation being unique. Watch a video below.

Try Swiss Hitler ‘Coffee-creamer’ for a change!

It’s amazing how pornography and Hitler is being used to commercialize certain products – from Holocaust to shampoo and foodstuff in the so-called “civilized world”. Zionist Jews are well-known for applying pornography to market their narrative of Holocaust. In 2012, a Turkish firm marketed Hitler shampoo, while India created movie, TV soap opera and even named some restaurants after Adolf Hitler.

Now, Swiss has joined this ‘Jew-hating’ crowed with Migros marketing its popular coffee-creamer brand with Hitler’s picture on the containers. The containers were received by 100 restaurants and coffee outlets before they’re notice by Europe’s ‘Holocaust Squad’. The Swiss manufacturer has apologized to the organized Jewry and assured it that such ‘antisemitism’ will not be allowed in the future.

On October 23, The Jewish Week posted some other Hitler “paraphernalia” stuff, including the following which I was not aware of.

1. In an attempt to satirize the German leader, George Bruchrucker, a provocative German artist created toilet paper featuring the face of Hitler in 2012. Although the toilet paper was a hit, Bruchrucker received major backlash from anti-Semitism campaigners who marked the product as making light of the Holocaust.

Any thought over the toilet paper with an image of Iranian leader Imam Khomeini marketed by an American firm?

2. Hitler booze- Lunardelli, an Italian company sold wines labeled with Nazi slogans and pictures of the Nazi leader. There was uproar from leaders from Israeli lobby group Simon Wiesenthal Center which called on distributors to boycott the wine label. The Nazi-themed booze falls in line with other bottles from the brand that has also featured Stalin and Che Guevara. The Nazi-Labeled wine was addition to the company’s “Historical Series” brand.

Any thought over Jewish Lobby’s boycott of Scottish whisky Chivas Regal for supporting BDS movement in 2009?

3. Last spring,  German Zurbueggen furniture chain received major flack from European Jewish lobby groups for selling ceramic mugs that featured a faint image of a Nazi-era stamp with the face of Hitler and a swastika.

4. A Taiwan company sold a series Hitler-themed key-chains.

5. Sears stores in the US and Canada promoted Swastika ring and Zara’s swastika imprinted handbags.

How much Switzerland is controlled by the Zionist Mafia can be judged by the campaign run by pro-Israel Swiss People’s Party (SVP), which claims that “minarets are symbols of rising Muslim political power that could one day transform Switzerland into an Islamic nation.” Read more here.

John Kerry blames Israel for rise of ISIS

On October 16, 2014, in his address at State Department reception to celebrate Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha (annual pilgrimage to Makkah), John Kerry blamed Israel for the rise of ISIS by refusing to accept the so-called “two state” solution to Israel-Palestine conflict.

The reception was arranged and hosted by Shaarik Zafar, the Muslim face of Judeo-Christian imperialism in the Muslim world. The reception was attended by ambassadors from several Muslim countries and the “moderate” political and religious leaders representing over eight million American Muslim citizens.

Neftali Bennett, Israel’s economy minister blasted John Kerry’s comments, saying: “It turns out that even when a British Muslim beheads a British Christian, there will always be those who blame the Jews.”

I must say, both the Crypto-Jew Kerry and Zionist Jew Bennett were lying. Most political-aware people know that both Israel and the US played the midwife to ISIS while the nourishing expenses are paid by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Furthermore, in June Bennett’s boss Netanyahu has already acknowledged that ISIS is destroying Israel’s regional enemies.

As far the beheading of “British Christian” Alan Henning is concerned, it was as much faked as the beheading of American Jewish “aid worker” Steven Sotloff, who is reportedly found alive in Saudi Arabia.

In April 2014, John Kerry under pressure from his Tribe backpedalled from his earlier statement that if Israel did not accept an independent Palestinian state over pre-1967 borders, it could become an apartheid state and more isolated from the rest of the world.

Israel’s highest-paid lobbyist Abraham Foxman (ADL) called the apartheid comment “startling and deeply disappointing.” The AIPAC said the comment was “deeply troubling” and “inappropriate.” In a statement, AIPAC said, “Any suggestion that Israel is, or is at risk of becoming, an apartheid state is offensive and inappropriate.”

John Kerry even lied then. Jewish writer Josh Ruebner claims that Israel was an apartheid state since 1948.

In September 2014, Netanyahu speaking at the UN General Assembly equated Hamas with ISIS and Iran with Nazi Germany even though Tehran saved hundreds of Jews from Nazi Germany. Professor Mark R. Cohen (Princeton University) in a 2008 article entitled The new Muslim anti-Semitism, wrote: “Jewish-Muslim relations are at a nadir today. But the mutual hatred and anti-semitism on the Muslim side are relatively new phenomena, born out of political, rather than religious factors. When the Islamic Caliphs ruled large swaths of Asia and Africa, their Jewish subjects enjoyed a protected status their brethern in Christian Europe – victims of anti-semitism – never thought possible. Islam and Judaism have much more in common than Judaism has with Christianity.”

In fact, the basic ideologies of both Israel and ISIS are based on Zionist colonialism. For example both entities don’t believe in borders of their domains. Both believe in continuous expansion of their occupation and butchery. The Israelis have committed more ethnic-cleansing and destruction of civilian infrastructure in Palestine and Lebanon since 1948 than ISIS could have done in Syria and Iraq.

The West, calls young brainwashed Muslims “terrorists” for joining ISIS, but ignores the fact that fanatic Jew citizens from UK, US, France, Germany, Canada and Russia are found among the Israeli soldiers killed by Palestinian resistance. Furthermore, America’s Mexican Drug War has killed more people than ISIS and Ebola combined.

On July 29, 2014, Ron Cisllag reported at Canadian Jewish News (CJN) that according to the Lone Soldier Center, an Israeli advocacy organizationt, 5,700 non-Israeli Jews are currently serving in the Israel Occupation Force (IOF). About 45 per cent of them are new immigrants from Jewish communities all over the world. One estimate, from Nefesh B’Nefesh, which offers support and guidance to those immigrating to the Zionist entity, puts the number of Canadian lone soldiers at 145.

America’s current war against ISIS is not to destroy it but to destroy the forces which have been fighting the USraeli created monster for the last three years, mainly Syria, Hizbullah and Iran.