Israel: Nuclear Iran ‘a thousand times more dangerous’ than ISIS

IranFlag03[1]On Wednesday, the US-born Israeli ambassador at the United Nations, Ron Demer, told his Zionist brothers and sisters preparing for the Jewish holy festival of Rosh Hashanah (aka Hebrew New Year which is not mentioned in the OT for that purpose) that a nuclear Iran is 1000 times more dangerous to the world (for Zionists the “world” means Israel and its bottom-licking western governments.

Now I know there is still some absurd talk in certain quarters about Iran being a partner in solving problems in the Middle East. They are not a partner, they were not a partner, they never will be a partner. Iran as a nuclear power is a thousand times more dangerous than ISIS,” said the Zionist liar.

I’m sure Ron Demer knows that CIA ranks Israel the third top cheater among US allies.

The Hebrew scholar Rabbi David Weiss defines the Rosh Hashanah as the day when Jews are supposed to reach out and ask the forgiveness from those they have wronged (Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Syrians, Christians, Muslims, Africans, etc.). They’re supposed to reach out to others humans, in obedience to G-d for their Salvation in the life after death. But then, the Zionist Jews don’t believe in forgiveness – they believe in “genocide”.

In June 2014, Zionist entity’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu advised Barack Obama to leave ISIS alone because it’s fighting Israel’s proxy war in the Middle East.

Contrary to Jewish media propaganda that John Kerry didn’t invite Iran to join American ‘allies’ to fight ISIS. In fact, Kerry did ask his Iranian counterpart Dr. Zarif, who declined his country’s support for Obama’s military actions in both Iraq and Syria.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei described the US officials’ allegations about fighting the ISIL as hollow and biased, and said the US disappointment at Iran’s partnership in its incorrect and illegal coalition was an “unrivaled honor” for Tehran.

On September 11, 2014, Dennis Ross, a radical Zionist Jew, posted an article, entitled, ‘Islamists are not our friends’, on Israel Lobby WINEP website. In the post Ross has his own Zionist definition of “Islamist” based on who is not friendly toward the Zionist entity. He claimed that while Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hizbullah are “Islamists” – Saudi Arabia is not an “Islamist regime”. I hate to admit, but Ross has a point there. Saudi ‘royals’ are indeed Crypto Jews.

In February 2012, Patrick Buchanan, an American conservative politician, journalist and author known for ‘Islamophobia’, was interviewed on Russian Television (RT). During the interview he claimed that Israel with 300 nuclear bombs is naturally greater threat to United States than Iran which has no nuclear bomb. Sen. Rand Paul expressed similar views in 2005, but to get into Jewish Lobby bed, he has retracted his earlier remark.

Washington, Tel Aviv and London are trying their best to hide the truth that like Al-Qaeda, they gave birth and nourished ISIS. The baby was conceived by Israel’s Oded Yinon in the 1980s to destabilize the countries surrounding Israel in order to counter Iran’s rising influence in the region.

British professor Rodney Shakespeare says that Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh created, armed and trained ISIS and other Salafi-Wahabi murderers against Syrian Assad regime to isolate it from Iran. The aim is to Balkanize Iraq, destroy Syrian sovereignty and smash-up every country in the region challenging Israel’s dream of Eretz Yisrael.

Gays: Israel’s secret WMD

Israel has history of selling ‘Jewish’ love toward gay and lesbian communities while accusing Muslim countries of killing and persecuting these people. So much so, that it has boasted its Capital City Tel Aviv as Pink City which is home to over 280 Jewish brothels. Last year, the City built a Holocaust Monument in honor of LGBT community members who suffered under the Nazis in Europe.

Last year, former American Jewish lawmaker Frank Barney, applied his gayness against Iranian people on anti-Persian Jewish Purim celebration.

Professor Sarah Schulman (College of Staten Island, New York), a committed Jew lesbian has boasted that gay rights movement is Jewish.

However, contrary to Israeli and the organized Jewry propaganda, the Queers website calls this claim a big lie. “Israel does nothing to support the struggles of Palestinian queers or queers elsewhere in the Mideast. It only uses their experience to promote hatred of all Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims, including queer Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims“.

Earlier this week, Israeli press reported that 43 members of Israeli military intelligence service reservists of Unit 8200, in an open letter to Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Israeli intelligence agencies of blackmailing Palestinian and Arab gays to collaborate with the occupation forces. Netanyahu has called the accusation “baseless slander” against the ‘Jewish state’. Read more on this story here.

In an interview with the UK’s newspaper Guardian, one of the signatories said, “It’s not just a procedural objection that we have. It is the deeper issue that we are part of a regime that is denying Palestinians their rights. It’s been going on for almost 50 years.”

Another signatory who spoke to the newspaper added that “what’s common to the Palestinian situation – and the situation in Argentina under the military dictatorship – is that people get the worst of the two types of intelligence. On the one hand, there are no rules about collecting the intelligence, but at the same time this intelligence might have severe consequences regarding all areas of their life.”

In 2013, Jewish gay investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald claimed that data sharing between NSA and Unit 8200 existed for decades.

Judea declares war on Venezuela

On August 2, 2014, David Harris, executive director of American Jewish Congress (AJC) slammed Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, for comparing Israel’s 50-day war on Hamas-ruled Gaza with Auschwitz.

Instead of fighting anti-Semitism in the country, President Maduro seems intent on outdoing the hostility towards Israel of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, and that’s saying a lot,” Harris said.

On March 24, 1933, the AJC was the first North American Jewish group which declared war on Germany. Last year, Jewish press reported that president Maduro said he could not be anti-Semite because he had Jewish family roots.

Pro-Israel British establishment is running a vicious campaign against Scottish referendum claiming that an independent Scotland is not feasible economically. A Harvard Zionist Jew professor has been running an anti-Venezuela war since late president Hugo Chavez broke country’s diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity on April 27, 2009 over Israel’s 23-day slaughter of Gaza people.

Professor Ricardo Hausmann (Harvard University) is a former minister of planning of Venezuela (1992-93) under American puppet regime defeated by Hugo Chavez. In an Op-Ed at the Jewish Boston Globe (September 18, 2014), entitled ‘Venezuela president is crafting a disaster’, he claimed that Madura’s economic policy has bankrupted the oil-rich nation.

In spite of high oil prices, the country has been running double-digit fiscal deficits for the past three years. Unable to find people to fund the gap, the Central Bank has been printing money as if it was going out of fashion. To prevent Venezuelans from taking all this Mickey Mouse money out of the country, bank officials instituted exchange controls. The (Jewish controlled) Wall Street, looking at this disaster unravel, has been treating Venezuelan bonds as among the riskiest in the world, demanding risk premiums that are twice those of Bolivia, four times those of Nigeria and 13 times those of Mexico or Chile,” Hausmann claimed.

President Madura has pulled down Hausmann’s dirty Zionist pants. In a speech late on Thursday, the socialist president accused Hausmann of being a “bandit” and mouthpiece for an international conspiracy against his government. Madura even threatened to sue Hausmann for slandering him without any objective proof. I bet, Madura, like anyone else, knows that he cannot bring Hausmann to court as long as the Zionist Jew lives in Israel’s American colony.

Even after getting rid of Israel’s No.1 enemy in South America, Hugo Chavez, the organized Jewry has failed to bring a pro-Israel regime change in Venezuela. Even though, Madura was able to defeat his Jewish opponent by only 2% margin – the president has been able to maintain Chavez’s anti-USrael foreign policy and socialism at home. He has maintained close relations with Iran, Russia, Cuba, Hamas and Hizbullah. Madura also has refused to recognize Ukraine’s Jewish regime installed and supported by the US and EU.

Madura might pull carpet under Jewish Lobby when Venezuela gets a seat on the UN Security Council this year. A majority of Latin American capitals and 120-member NAM have thrown their support behind Venezuela. This would be something even Chavez failed to achieve during his presidency.


Jewish Lobby slams Biden for saying ‘Shylock’

IMGP1993[1]US vice-president Joseph (Joe) Robinette Biden Jr., a staunch ally of the Zionist entity has come under ‘Zionist knife’ for using the term “Shylock” while addressing a group of US soldiers deployed in Iraq who face financial issues.

Several Jewish groups lead by Abraham Foxman (ADL) have condemned Biden for using the “offensive characterization”, especially coming from a “friend of Jews and Israel”.

“Shylock represents the medieval stereotype about Jews and remains an offensive characterization to this day. The Vice President should have been more careful,” Foxman said.

“When someone as friendly to the Jewish community and open and tolerant an individual as is Vice President Joe Biden, uses the term ‘Shylocked’ to describe unscrupulous moneylenders dealing with service men and women, we see once again how deeply embedded this stereotype about Jews is in society,” Foxman said.

Joe Biden has apologized to the Jewish community and especially to his “long-term adviser” Abraham Foxman for being such a “jerk” to use Shakespeare’s anti-Jew slur.

Joe Biden has this bad habit of showing his Christian hatred of Jews under the guise of lauding Jewish achievements. On May 21, 2013, Biden told a gathering of Jewish leaders: “Jewish heritage has shaped who we are – all of us – as much or more than any other factor in the last 223 years. And that’s a fact. The truth is that Jewish heritage, Jewish culture, Jewish values are such an essential part of who we are that it’s fair to say that Jewish heritage is American heritage.”

Shylock, a villain in William Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice,’ is a ruthless Jewish moneylender who calls for a “pound of flesh” from the merchant who defaults on a loan.

In 2012, Heinz-Christian Strache (Jewish) leader of Austria’s Freedom Party was condemned by the organized Jewry for posting a cartoon on his Facebook page depicting a banker with a hooked nose and a Star of Zion cufflinks. He is being fed delicacies by a man who represented the government. The third figure is emaciated and poorly dressed with nothing more than a bone on his plate. He represented the 99% people. See the cartoon here.

Werner Sombart (died 1941), German sociologist and author in 1911 book, ‘The Jews & Modern Capitalism’, claimed that Jewish elites were the dominant beneficiary of Capitalism. No wonder, Jewish lobby group (ADL) has also equated criticism of The Wall Street and the Reserve Bank with anti-Semitism.

The Merchant of Venice is often accused of being anti-Semitic. It was removed from the high school curriculums of Buffalo and Manchester, New York in 1931. A group of Jewish parents in Brooklyn, New York, filed a lawsuit in 1949 claiming that assigning the play in a senior high school literature class “violated the rights of their children to receive an education free of religious bias.”

The Ontario Ministry of Education was tasked with ruling whether or not the play was indeed anti-Semitic when it was banned from the ninth-grade classrooms in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario in 1986. It was also banned from classrooms in Midland, Michigan in 1980.

For readers’ information, William Shakespeare was Jewish behind a ‘Christian curtain’, claimed David Verveer in Israeli newspaper YNet, September 29, 2006 William’s grandfather’s real name was Jaco (Jacob) Spiro, a Marano Jew (from Muslim Spain) living in London.

In 2012, Joe Biden’s only daughter Ashley Blazer Biden married Dr. Howard David Krein (Jewish). So you see the entire episode has nothing but a Jewish ending.

Assata Shakur: From civil rights activist to ‘terrorist’

chesimard_2[1]Some readers of this blog may be aware of Jewish Lobby’s campaign involving Barack Obama, John Kerry and even the kosher Pope Francis for the release of American Jewish spy Alan Gross who is serving a 15-year jail sentence for inciting Cuban Jewish community against the Castro regime in Havana. But, I’m sure they never heard about Assata Shakur (not converted to Islam), an Afro-American civil rights activist hiding from FBI in Cuba for the last 30 years where she is known as a writer, editor and an author. Watch a documentary, entitled, ‘The Eyes of the Rainbow’ below in which Assata Shakur narrates her experience in Cuba – and its review by professor Linda Lopez McAlister (University of South Florida) here.

Last year, FBI doubled bounty for Assata Shakur’s (born as Joanne Deborah Byron in 1947) capture ‘alive or dead’ to $2 million. Israel-First New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez praised FBI director Robert Mueller for raising the bar on Assata Shakur saying: “Adding Chesimard to your Top Ten list and the Top 25 Most Wanted Terrorists lists would very much aid local New Jersey law enforcement in their efforts to finally bring Joanne Chesimard to justice.”

Joanne Deborah Byron faced racism then and now as a young woman. She joined the Black Panther Party and, later, the Black Liberation Army in order to fight racism against Blacks, Capitalism and American imperialism. In 1973, she was travelling in the company of Malik Zayad Shakur (no relation) and Sundiata Acol in New Jersey. They’re stopped by the state troopers reportedly because of a broken headlight. The three are made to exit the car with their hands up. All of a sudden, shots are fired. The state trooper Werner Foerster and Malik Shakur were found killed by Foester’s gun. Assata Shakur and Acoli were charged with the death of state trooper Foerster. But the Jewish press have its own story to demonize Shakur.

And I must say, the Jewish Lobby has every right to hate Assata Shakur, and the current leaders of the New Black Panther Party including its president Malik Zulu Shabazz (born Paris Lewis) for believing that Israel was involved in 9/11 terrorist attacks,; Jewish elites control America’s monetary system, mainstream media, Hollywood and even country’s internal security agencies.

On May 18, 2013, the Anti-Defamation League, the powerful Israeli advocacy group, declared Malik Zulu Shabazz, Nadia Assata Shakur and the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) being anti-Israel and anti-Jews; thus “antisemite”, even though studies after studies have proved that a great majority of Jews are not Semite people.

In 1977, she was sentenced to life imprisonment by a bought-out jury for the crime which was not proven she committed. But, then, that’s what’s called ‘American Justice’.

After two years, Assata Shakur’s supporters helped her escape the prison. She took political asylum in Cuba in 1984 where she has been living since then.

Assata is not a terrorist or a threat to United States,” scholar and activist Angela Davis, who herself once occupied a spot on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list, told Democracy Now! “If anything, this is a vendetta.”

On March 10, 2012, in Newark, the New Black Panther Party rallied ‘In Defense of Assata.’ “We are pathetically living in an era where the US government’s foreign policy is crippling the world with its doctrine of ‘Regime Change’. This new attack is highly provocative and is not only a renewed threat on Assata’s life, it could be a real, election year opportunistic, threat to the national sovereignty of Cuba,” said an angry Zayid Muhammad, a longtime friend and supporter of Shakur and organizer of the rally.

Israel was created to solve Europe’s ‘Jewish Problem’

Israeli professor Shlomo Sand is the author of several controversial books on Israel and Judaism. The list includes The Invention of the Jewish People, and The Invention of the Land of Israel. His latest book to propagate more myths about Jews, Israel and Holocaust is How I Ceased To Be A Jew.

What Shlomo Sand and other Zionist and the so-called “anti-Zionist” writers refuse to admit that Zionist Jews used Europe’s centuries-old Jewish Problem to establish a Jewish homeland in Muslim-majority historic Palestine and the western powers including the US, Britain and USSR helped them to achieve their dream.

Initially, a great majority of British Jews were against the creation a ‘Jewish homeland’ on an Arab land. However, British hardcore Christian Zionist leaders, such as, Lord Balfour, Lord Shaftesburry and Lolyd George were driven by their ‘messianic fantasy’ that once a great majority of world Jewry assemble in the Holy Land (Palestine), it will usher the second-coming of Christ. Over 65 million evangelic Christian still believe that when Christ appears he will convert Jews to Christianity in the Holy Land and the ones who refuse to convert would be put to death.

The distorted interpretation of the Jewish Bible (OT) has been and still remains central to Western support for the Zionist entity. This support has generated over $3 trillion American aid to Israel since 1970s excluding $3 billion annual military aid and over 38 American vetoes at the UNSC to protect the Zionist entity being dragged to some international body on charges of war crimes.

On September 16, 2014, Janet C. Phelan, an investigative journalist and author, published an informative post, entitled, The United States and Israel: A Dance of Deception in which she shed some light over the European’s hatred towards Jews, Zionism, Israel, Israel’s Dumb Iron Dome and the new Jewish religion, the Holocaust.

To understand the dysfunctional US-Israel relationship which has been plagued with self-deception, betrayal and false intent from its inception. To begin with, one must understand that the state of Israel was in large part created by those who despised Jews,” Phelan said.

In fact, Roosevelt’s own personal racial ideas might be considered to be somewhat aligned with Hitler’s. His refusal to raise immigration quotas for Jews helped to ensure that Jews would be trapped in Eastern Europe. As reported by Rafael Medoff, director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies in an article for the Los Angeles Times:  “In 1923, as a member of the Harvard board of directors, Roosevelt decided there were too many Jewish students at the college and helped institute a quota to limit the number admitted. In 1938, he privately suggested that Jews in Poland were dominating the economy and were therefore to blame for provoking anti-Semitism there. In 1941, he remarked at a Cabinet meeting that there were too many Jews among federal employees in Oregon. In 1943, he told government officials in Allied-liberated North Africa that the number of local Jews in various professions “should be definitely limited” so as to “eliminate the specific and understandable complaints which the Germans bore towards the Jews in Germany,” Phelan said.

Interestingly, Benjamin H. Friedman (died 1984), a Jewish defector, had called  FDR a Jewish Pawn along with presidents Wilson, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, Lyndon Johnson and Nixon.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a captive of the Talmudists from the time he went to Albany as governor of the state of New York. President Roosevelt was long beholden to the Talmudists,” wrote Friedman.

Phelan claims that the American Jewish Congress (AJC) also collaborated with Nazis.

Phelan claims that the Zionist entity benefited from the 9/11 terrorist attacks the most. “The fact that the attacks of 911 were used as a rationale to go to war, first against Afghanistan and Iraq, then in a domino effect to attack Libya and threaten war against Syria and Iran, can only be seen as an effort to destabilize the entire region, an effort which may have fatal blowback for Israel,” She said.

S.A. Jew leader: Bishop Tutu is Adolf Hitler

rhodes-logoThe Jewish Lobby loves to honor every world leader who criticizes the Zionist regime by comparing him with Adolf Hitler, a Crypto Jew himself. South African Jewish weekly Jewish Report in a recent Op-Ed, entitled ‘Arch no better than Hitler or Stalin’ written by country’s Israeli Likud party president Leon Reich, equating South Africa’s former Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Adolf Hitler and Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Just as it was more important for Hitler to kill Jews than protect the fatherland in the last days of (WW II) war so it is more important for Tutu to kill Jews rather to protect his fellow Christians,” wrote Reich.

Reich also accused Tutu of “preying” on Israel together with Hamas, and said that two are working together towards the destruction of Israel.

Ant Katz, the media editor of the S.A. Jewish Report has supported the Tutu-Hitler comparison, but said that Tutu’s Hitler look-alike photo (above) was published by the Weekly and not by Reich, the author of the post.

I’m sure the self-denying Zionist Jew Reich knows that Josef Stalin’s all three wives were Jewish – and he also fathered the first Jewish state in Soviet in 1934. Stalin who destroyed thousands of churches and mosques during his rule over Soviet and Ukraine – never targeted even a single synagogue.

Anyone who has followed Bishop Tutu’s activities and writings would know that he is not in favor of the liberation of the historic Palestine occupied by foreign Jews since 1948. He just wants the Zionist regime to let native Muslim and Christian Palestinians establish an independent state of their own on the 22% (pre-1967) of their ancestral land. Last month, Tutu penned an Op-Ed for Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, entitled, Liberation of Palestine will liberate Israel, too.

The Jewish Lobby has accused Bishop Tutu of supporting BDS movement. Unfortunately, most supporters of BDS don’t realize that it in fact legalizes Jewish occupation of historic Palestine.

Both former Iranian president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Libyan leader Qaddafi are among the many world leaders who received that honor in the past.