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Topless protest in Paris

On April 22, 2014, Inna Shevchenko (Jewish) lead a topless protest by Femen activists in Paris to confront Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigration, anti-multiculturism White supremacist National Front’s victory in recent municipal elections.

We are today here to announce that fascism, a fascist epidemic is spreading all over. Today we are starting our international campaign, there are activists who are coming from all over Europe today to participate in this action. We are announcing that we start our treatment of this fascist epidemic, we know how to treat it, we have an effective plan,” she said.

Last month, topless Femen members lead by Inna Shevchenko stormed Crimean parliament to protest against Crimea joining Russia.

Last year, topless Femen members protested against the Ukraine’s president Viktor President Yanukovich, now living in exile in Russia. They were calling the release of jailed former pro-Israel prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko (Jewish). Last month, in a leaked telephone conversation, Yulia called for the ethnic-cleansing of Russians living in Ukraine.

I’m ready to grab a machinegun and shoot that mother F****ker (Putin) in the head,” she said.

The organized Jewry is known for its double standard. It leads immigration, multiculturalism and secularism all over Europe but never want the same “enlightenment” in Israel.

Italy under Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime Italy became a heaven for Jews escaping Nazis. During Mussolini’s reign, the Jews were not deported to the Reich for relocation, and also not in the areas that were under Italian control (Dalmatia, Libya, parts of Greece, etc). Jewish terrorist militia Stern Gang had training camps in Italyy and its leaders used to wear Mussolini army uniform.

Interestingly, Maria Piasecka Łopuszańska, a leader of Polish patriotic movement called ‘Kobiety Dla Narodu’ has formed a Christian Women Against Femen Movement to counter the Satanists run extreme liberal Femen group.

We can be very proud of these women, who are disgusted by the extreme liberal, feminist “women’s rights activists’” daily rampages and decided to do something about the satanists run prostitutes’ abuse of women’s dignity and grace around the world,” says Łopuszańska.

France is home to Europe’s most powerful Jewish Lobby (CRIF).

Israel: Thou shalt not visit Lebanon

Lebanese Islamic Resistance has really got the Zionist regime by its tail. On April 12, an Israeli Muslim journalist, Majd Kayyal 23, was arrested by Israeli Shin Bet on his return from Lebanon. He was kept in an interrogation center for five days during which he was not allowed to contact a lawyer or family member.

Majd Kayyal is editor of Adalah, an Israeli website advocating the rights of two million Native Muslim and Christian Palestinians living in Israel.

Kayyal who lives in northern Israel traveled to Beirut to attend the 40th anniversary conference of Lebanese newspaper ‘As-Safir’ for which he writes. He was accused of unlawfully visiting “an enemy country” and having “contacts with Hizbullah officials”. Kayyal’s response was that if he had asked official permission to travel to Lebanon, it certainly would have refused by Shin Bet. He also insisted that he did not make contact with Hizbullah officials, though there could be some among the 100 Arab journalists attending the conference who agree with Hizbullah.

Israeli media was not allowed to report Kayyal detention under Israeli gag order which was lifted on April 16 on a court order. Late last week, according to Israel daily Ha’aretz (April 20),the Jew York Times acknowledged that it did not report Kayyal’s detention and interrogation under Israel court gag order, which is a common practice among the Israel Hasbara media outlets in United States.

Salah Mohsen has written on Kayyal’s detention in detail at Israeli website Haokets on April 19.

The comparison between Majd and other Israeli journalists who traveled to “enemy state”, and were not detained upon their return is an important one to highlight. It proves the real intention behind his arrest, which has no connection to issues of security. But we should also qualify this comparison. Even if Israeli journalists did not travel to these countries, and even if they were detained and interrogated upon their return, it should not detract from the right of Palestinian Arabs to visit Lebanon. We are not reinventing the wheel by stating this: international law clearly enshrines the right of national minorities to communicate with and nurture their relationship with members of their nation, even those outside the borders of their state,” said Mohsen.

For me, Majd’s right to travel and participate in a conference in Beirut is far more important than his right to freedom of occupation and the fulfillment of his role as a journalist. That right is much more fundamental. It should be guaranteed to him regardless of him being a daring and bright journalist. That right belongs to him as a human being, an Arab and a Palestinian who absorbed the cultural richness that Beirut generously provided and continues to provide us,” added Mohsen.

Less than 2,000 Hizbullah fighters inflicted a military defeat upon 30,000 Jewish soldiers in 34-day Israeli invasion of Lebanon in summer 2006. The Jew York Times’ Helene Cooper admitted it saying: “Iran has emerged stronger from the Lebanon crisis by showing the world that it’s capable of wreaking havoc (upon Israel) through its support of the Hizbullah militants.” George Perkovich, director of Washington-based Jewish Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), agreed with Cooper.

 Professor Amal Saad-Ghorayeb (American University, Beirut) said: “In military terms this is a victory that the Arabs haven’t tasted in decades by Israeli standard even. Hizbullah is fully aware that it has emerged victorious. The Lebanese government has called it a victory that is unprecedented and if anything is going to change the balance of power here.”

UNHRC slams UK’s ‘sexist culture’

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, Professor Rashida Manjoo has slammed UK’s ‘sexist culture’ in her preliminary report.

The South African academic said that ‘sexism’ is worse in Britain than other places, and warned that David Cameron’s austerity measures were having a “disproportionate impact” on women’s risk of violence.

She said sexism in the UK was more “in your face” than in other countries, and raised serious concerns about the portrayal of women and girls in British media. Dr. Manjoo made her comments before submitting her report to UNHRC in June 2015.

Dr. Manjoo has accused British authorities for not allowing her to visit immigration center at Yari’s Wood for women during her recent visit to Britain. Listen to Manjoo speech video below.

Naturally, UK’s Jewish controlled mainstream media was not going to take criticism of western culture especially coming from an African Muslim woman, whose religion, you know, has no respect for women folks.

Some anti-Iran Jew behind the pen-name ‘Media Mole’ called Manjoo’s motherland (South Africa), “the rape capital of the world”, at The New Statesman (April 16).

I believe Mr. Mole just committed a sin of antisemitism for taking credit off Israel, whose presidents, prime ministers, military commanders and even rabbis are found involved in sexual abuses of women, girls and boys. For example, Bibi’s minister of energy and water, Silvan Shalom, is currently under investigation for committing sexual abuse.

In 2013, the results of a study conducted by Haifa University headed by Dr. Zvi Eisikovits and Dr. Rachel Lev-Weisel claimed that half of the 10,500 children (8,239 Jewish and 2,274 Palestinian Muslims and Christians) ranging 12-16 year of age, claimed that they’re physically, emotionally or sexually abused.

In 2000, a study by Dafna Izraeli, then head of a program in gender studies at Bar-IIan University claimed that it’s common for pretty young female soldiers to become “trophies” of the commanders, reported by JTA on April 11, 2000.

Last year, Israel’s annual “Mark of Shame” was given to Israel’s Ministry of Tourism for using half-naked Jewish actress Noa Tishbi to trap tourists around the world.

Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav was convicted of rape by a Tel Aviv court on December 30, 2010.

So next time you pick up David Avidan’s My Electronic Psychiatrist, next time you watch one of Polanski’s films, next time you relish Dan Ben Amotz’s musings or take a peek at the children’s television series “Bli Sodot” (“No Secrets”) Hanan Goldblatt , please remind yourself that all those individuals had an active role to play in the rape culture,” says Naama Katiee, an Israeli writer. Read more here.

Sarah AB at UK’s Jewish Harry’s Place claimed that India and Jordan have worse record of “sexism”. She pointed out that recently a woman in Jordan was not allowed to testify in court because she was not wearing hijab. I bet if she had appeared in a US court in hijab, her testimony wouldn’t be accepted either.