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Tony Blair brokers Israel-Hamas ceasefire

Netanyahu has selected UK’s former prime minister and war criminal, Tony Blair to negotiate a long-term ceasefire with Gaza-ruling Hamas.

It’s reported that Tony Blair, who was appointed recently to lead a Jewish lobby group to fight antisemitism in Europe met Hamas political Guru, Khaled Meshaal in Cairo after a five-member Israeli delegate lead by Netanyahu’s special envoy for Middle East, Isaac Molho visited Cairo and held talks with Gen. al-Sisi’s high-ranking military officials. Hamas leadership has denied such negotiations and have accused Israel of playing ‘divide and rule’ game while demonizing the Islamic resistance group.

Israeli blockade of and several military invasions of Gaza since 2006 have failed to turn majority of nine million Palestinians scattered around the globe and other moral people against Hamas. In fact, it’s the Zionist regime which has been isolated from most of its Western allies than Hamas from the rest of the world. This reality was admitted by Netanyahu’s new ambassador to United Nations, Danny Danon, a fanatic Zionist Jew, by saying: G-d is on Israel’s side while United States is not. Furthermore, Zionist regime has realized that the so-called P5+1 and Iran nuclear deal signed in July 2015 would make it almost impossible for the Jewish army to destroy Hamas and Islamic Jihad as a military threat. Both groups are openly supported by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khamenei and Lebanese Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

If Tony Blair’s brokered long-tern ceasefire does materialize – Israel would be the real beneficiary of it. For example….

  1. The proposed 10-year ceasefire pull Hamas and Fatah factions further apart in accordance with Israel’s divide-and-rule policy. Fatah, a known US-EU-Israeli agent, in order to hold-on to the West Bank, would eventually let Israel annex it as  biblical Judea and Samara, which G-d promised to give it back to Khazarian Jews.
  2. Israel likes to avoid another 50-day war with Hamas which resulted in the death of 2251 Gazan – 80% of them civilians and children, delegitimizing Israel further. Recent UNHRC report has accused Israel of War Crimes.
  3. It would avoid Israelis in the South becoming ‘refugees’ inside Israel and save Jewish soldier lives. During 2014 war, over 700,000 Jews left the south to safe places far away from Gaza. Israel also lost 67 soldiers.
  4. A ceasefire would help Israel’s relations with regimes in Egypt, Turkey, UAE and Jordan as majority of people in those countries considers Jews as occupiers and believe that the so-called IS runing Israel’s proxy war in the region.
  5. It will isolate Hamas from Iran and Hizbullah – depriving Hamas $100 million annual aid from Iranian charities and training facilities in Lebanon and Syria.
  6. It will allow Israeli firms to exploit Gaza oil/gas reserves.

Hamas will benefit from the ceasefire, if not broken by the Zionist regime, as it did on several occasions in the past.

  1. Hamas would be allowed to import medicines, food, and construction material from Israel and Egypt.
  2. The European Union will divert some of its aid to Palestinian Authority to Hamas.
  3. The civilized world will declare Hamas Charter being kosher.

Finally listen the truth from a young Israeli Jewish girl.

Israeli composer to perform in Tehran

In July, 2015, Ronald Lauder, president of World Jewish Congress accused Germany’s vice-Chancellor and economy minister Sigmar Gabriel of throwing Israel under bus over latter’s 3-day trip to Tehran to meet Iranian president Sheikh Rouhani.

Now, the most popular foreign leader in Israel, German Chancellor, Angela Markel, is set to visit Iran in October 2015, in a bid to secure German share in Iran’s $406 billion annual economy (add to that the possible release of Iranian money frozen in Western banks in stages, which Obama said is $100 billion and Netanyahu claims $160 billion). It seems she has planned her trip on a Hollywood-style.

Shimon Samuel, director Simon Wiesenthal Center, an Israeli lobby front, has blasted Angela Markel for her planned visit to Iran, reminding her that Iranian leaders have pledged to wipe Israel off the Map.

On Thursday, German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier declined Zionist entity’s cultural minister Miri Regev’s request to block Berlin State Opera performance in Tehran during Angela Markel’s first state visit to the country.

It’s a double slap on Israeli face as the Israeli-born Self-Hating Israel-Threatening (S.H.I.T) chief pianist, composer and conductor Daniel Barenboim, 72, will be leading the concert in Tehran. In addition to Israel, Barenboim also holds citizenship of Argentina, Spain and Palestine. He conducted Israel philharmonic orchestra performance in the West Bank but was not allowed to perform in Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip by the Zionist regime.

Since BBC’s (August 5, 2015) “moderate” Hassan Faredyoon Rouhani became Iran’s president, Tehran Symphony Orchestra (TSO), established in 1933, has re-established it links with its German counterpart. In July, the TSO even celebrated the nuclear deal by performing national anthem of Iran at Tehran’s Vahdat (Unity) Hall.

Vienna-born Nazanin Aghakhani is the first female conductor of TSO.

Barenboin is known for his criticism of Zionist regime’s racism against Palestinians and construction of new illegal Jewish settlements on land stolen from Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

In 1999, Daniel Barenboim and Palestinian-born US academic Dr. Edward Said (d. 2003) founded the West-Eastern Diwan Orchestra in German city of Weimar to introduce Arab and Israeli musicians to German music lovers.


American Jewish envoy to stop war in Syria!

The US State Department has announced that its new special envoy for Syria, Michael Ratney, will visit Moscow, Riyadh and Geneva later this week to find a solution to the four-year-old US-Israel proxy war on Iran in Syria.

Michael Ratney was born into an American Jewish immigrant family. He is president of New York-based Center for the Constitutional Rights (CCR), which like the Jewish ACLU fights for the rights of minorities like Blacks, LGBT and Latinos. Ratney claimed during an interview he gave to The Real News’ Paul Jay in March 2014 that as a youth, he was a blind supporter of Israel. But after visiting Israel and the West Bank several times, he came to the conclusion that Israeli leaders have parted way with the Zionist ideology as envisioned by Theodor Herzl and David Ben-Gurion. However, he still supports Jewish occupation of pre-1967 Palestine, but also like to see Palestinians to have their Bantustan on the West Bank and Gaza.

Ratney, who served as US Consul General in Jerusalem from 2012 to 2015, is the third special envoy for Syria. His processor, Daniel Rubinsten, was a Jewish Arabist, Jewish Lobby agent. He is currently US ambassador to Tunisia. Rubinsten replaced Robert Stephen Ford, who quit his post as result of threats he received for meddling in country’s internal affairs. He is currently a senior fellow at Washington-based Middle East Institute, an Israeli advocacy group headed by David L. Mack, former US Jewish ambassador to UAE.

The very appointment of Ratney and the two capitals he is scheduled to visit prove once again that Washington wants nothing less than a pro-Israel regime change in Syria. The United States has never been an honest broker when it comes to Muslim nation-states. Riyadh is just like Tel Aviv and Cairo when it comes to Bashar al-Assad. During 2013-14, Riyadh gave $16 billion to Netanyahu regime to keep Washington pressure on Damascus.

Moscow is no friend of Syrian people. Its only interest is to salvage the anti-Islam ruling Ba’athist party which is its only surviving Arab ally since the end of the Cold War. As long as the Ba’athist controlled Syrian army is loyal to Assad, Moscow will support him.

If Barack Obama is serious in ending the bloodshed in Syria, he must do two things; force Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to stop funding and training ISIS/ISIL and other anti-Iran terrorist groups fighting proxy wars in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Sinai (Egypt); get Tehran involved in finding a political solution to Syrian foreign insurgency. Iran happens to have more leverage than any regional player to end this and other bloodsheds in the Middle East.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in an exclusive interview with the Lebanese TV Network, Al-Manar, on August 25, 2015 discussed the current situation in Syria and Syrian peoples’ enemies and friends.

President Assad said that the first step to defeat Israeli agenda in the region is to defeat the terrorists waging Israel’s proxy wars in the region. “What the terrorists have been perpetrating is far more dangerous than the Zionist enemy has been doing,” he said.

Assad called Turkish president Erdogan and his prime minister Davutoglo mere puppets of the West. He also blamed the Saudi ‘royals’ for financing the terrorists.

Assad claimed that defeating terrorists would have been much easier had they not been supported by western powers, Israel and the regional puppets.

Assad also blamed United Nations for being biased toward Syrian government and Syrian people.

Assad called Russia, Iran and Hizbullah ‘trustworthy’ allies.

Assad refuted western media claim that US-Iran nuclear agreement would have negative effects on Iranian support for Syria. He said the US tried to use Syria as a bargaining chip during P5+1 and Iran negotiations, but it was rejected by both Iran and Russia.

Assad emphasized that Syria-Iran coalition is 35 years old. He said that when Iran was victim of unjust war (8-year Iraqi invasion), Syria stood for Iran. Now, Syria is victim of unjust war, and Iran is standing for us.

Assad paid glowing tributes to Hizbullah secretary-general Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. “He is absolutely honest, transparent, principled, and loyal to his principles and his associates and friends to the extreme,” Assad said.

Russia interested in Iran’s Drone Technology

Iranian drone

While dragging its feet over the delivery of S-300 anti-missile system to Iran since 2007, now Russia has shown its interest to import Iran’s Drone technology.

On Wednesday, Manouchehr Manteqi, head of Iranian Aviation Industries Organization, while visiting Russian Aviation Exhibition MAKS 2015 near Moscow, said: “Islamic Republic is known as an advanced country in the field of building unmanned air-born vehicles (UAV). Russian counterparts showed their interests in the transfer of Iranian drone technology.”

In October 2013,  Brig-General Farzad Esmayeeli, Commander of Iran’s Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base, presented an Iranian-made model of American ScanEagle, to Lt. General Viktor Bondarev, Russian Air Force Commander.

In November 2014, Iran carried out test run of the American version of the RQ-170 drone with the capability of bombing and reconnaissance missions. One of the RQ-170, America’s top unmanned surveillance aircraft, was brought-down by Iranian military engineers by jamming its control while taking-off from US military base in Afghanistan in December 2011. Watch a video below.

Iran has already helped Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah and Venezuela to establish drone assembly shops using locally produced parts. According to Jewish media, Venezuela has a fleet of 26 drones which it could use against American Jewish population if Israel attacks Iran.

Another Jewish source claimed in 2013 that both Russia and Iran are helping Brazil to manufacture Kalashnikov rifles and surveillance drones.

On February 16, 2015, Robert Farley, in an article posted at Jewish news website, The National Interest, list world’s top five countries which manufacture and export Drones as; United States, Israel, China, Iran and Russia. He said that United States is the pioneer in this field, while Israel’s Drone technology is mostly based on the US research which it sold to China and Russia. He grudgingly, though, admitted that the US-EU sanctions failed to stop Iran’s progress in this field.

Pakistani civilians living along Pak-Afghan border are world’s top victims of America’s drone war. America is known for using drones in Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Philippines, Libya and Syria.

American Jewish scholar, Noam Chomsky has called Obama’s drone program as world’s greatest terrorism.

Ben Carson: We are all Israelis!


All the candidates for the next president of United States are competing with each other for Netanyahu and Jewish Lobby favor. However, the retired neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson, 63, who is seeking GOP nomination, do has edge over the rest of the AZZ-suckers. He, like Barack Obama is not only Black but also claims his African Jewish ancestry.

In a recent Op-Ed at The Jerusalem Post, Ben Carson called Barack Obama, “Divider-in-Chief” and “antisemite” for supporting US-Iran nuclear agreement. Carson also accused his fellow African in the White House of “stooping to new lows far beneath the dignity of the office of President.”

Later Ben Carson told Chris Wallace at Jewish Fox New: “I think anything is antisemitism that is against the survival of a state that is surrounded by enemies and by people who wish to destroy them. To ignore that and act like everything is normal there, that these people are paranoid, I think that’s antisemitic.”

He also told Wallace to go to Israel and ask any Israeli and he would tell you how much he hate Barack Obama. I’m sure Carson know that Israelis hate Blacks and that include Carson and Obama.

On his campaign website, Ben Carson says that United States have special bonds with Israel; America was the first country to recognize Israel on May 14, 1948, and Israel is the only democracy in the region (?). Therefore, “We must always stand with Israel and its people.”

In March, another Israeli millionaire poodle, Glenn Beck, declared: “It’s over, Ben Carson ruined any chance at Presidency“. He was commenting on Ben Carson’s antisemitic statement at CNN while interviewed by Chris Cuomo. “Homosexuality is a choice, because a lot of people who go into prison, go in straight – and when they come out they’re gay,” Carson said.

However, when Carson rabbi reminded him that Homosexuality = Judaism, he apologized for making such a stupid statement.

Carson visited Holy Wailing Wall in Occupied East Jerusalem in December 2014 before jumping into the presidential race. This is mandatory for every American who wish to live in the White House.

Ben Carson’s pro-Jewish stands include; Hamas and Hizbullah are terrorists organizations and must be destroyed; Iran hate Jewish people, and therefore, must be punished like Iraq and Libya; Palestinian should resettled in Egyptian Sinai; illegal immigrants are no threat to US economy; Obamacare is really, really bad; Washington should increase military aid to Israel, and Holocaust denying should be declared a hate crime.

Ben Carson’s anti-Jewish stands include; anti-LGBT and anti-gun control; says Climate Change is a hoax, and no legalization of marijuana.


Poland’s Jewish Gravestone Museum

American taxpayers are known for their fondness in building and maintaining Museums in almost every large city in memories of European Jews killed by Judeo-Christian Nazis. But many people don’t know that sometime Americans have gone beyond call of Christians’ duty to serve the ‘Chosen People’ in order to receive the promised Salvation in the life after death.

American taxpayers have just completed a Jewish gravestone museum in Polish town of Serock, south of Warsaw. The town has no Jewish resident but according to country’s Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage (FPJH), once upon a time, the town had a Jewish population of 4100. The town, naturally, had a 120-year-old kosher cemetery which was destroyed by those evil Nazis.

This certainly would make many God-fearing Christians cry since they’re never told that Israeli Jews continue to build Holocaust Museums, courthouses, shopping malls and apartment complex over Muslim Cemeteries in Jerusalem and other Arab towns. Some of the gravestones prove the burials of the Prophet’s Companions and Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi’s soldiers who liberated Jerusalem from the Crusades in 1187 CE.

While the FPJH dished the faked gravestones like the Polish Gas Chambers Hoax, the funds for the housing of these gravestones were provided by the US Commission for Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. It was created by an act of Congress in 1979. Its founding-father was Brooklyn, NY, Rabbi Zvi Kestenbaum, who wanted to preserve Jewish cemeteries (not German victims of Jewish mobs, please), monuments and holy places, destroyed or damaged during World War II in Soviet Union and Europe.

We all know how American lawmakers become very passionate when it comes to Jewish or Israeli interests. The Congress decided to fulfill rabbi’s dream based on the logic that since the United States is a country of European immigrants – it’s obliged to help Jews of those countries to preserve their heritage. The chairman of the Commission and its 21 ‘commissioners’ are appointed by the President of the United States of America. The current chairperson is Lesley Weiss. According to Jewish Heritage Europe official website, Most of its focuss has been on Jewish heritage sites.

Last week, Washington’s ambassador in Warsaw, Stephen Mull, was the chief guest at the dedication ceremony of the Gravestone Museum. “One of our most sacred duties is to keep the memories of crimes committed by the Nazis during WW II. So it could never happen against,” said Mull. However, the passionate envoy didn’t explained whether those Jews in the graves were victims of Nazis or died of natural causes ahead of Nazis’ occupation of Poland.

In April 2015, Stephen Mull apologized to Polish nation for FBI director James Comey’s statement at Jewish Washington Post article, accusing Warsaw of complicity with the Nazis in the ethnic-cleansing of Polish Jews. I wonder if James Comey knows that Pope John Paul’s mother was a Polish Jew who was saved by his grandparents from Nazis.

Stephen Mull, considered to be a top Zionist expert on US-Iran conflict at the US State Department, has been nominated as the “lead coordinator for implementing the Iran nuclear deal” by Barack Obama. Watch out Ayatullah Khamenei.

Pakistan-India talks cancelled over Indian conditions

The fate of Kashmir will ultimately be decided by the people. We have given that pledge and Maharaja Hari Singh had supported it. It’s not only a pledge to the people of Kashmir but to the world. We will not, and cannot back out of it,” India’s first prime minister, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, lied during a speech at Lal Chowk (New Delhi) on November 2, 1947.

On Saturday, Pakistan announced that it will not attend India’s proposed National Security Advisers level (NSAs-level) talks in New Delhi on August 23-24 unless the disputed Jammu and Kashmir conflict is put on the agenda.

The scheduled NSA-level talks cannot be held on the basis of pre-conditions set by India. A meeting held under conditions set by India would not serve the purpose of reducing tension and restoring trust as a first step toward normalization,” said the statement issued by Pakistan’s foreign office.

An embarrassed Indian foreign ministry called Pakistan’s decision “unfortunate” and tried to whitewash its guilt to discuss the conflict which has triggered three major wars between the two neighboring nations in the past.

India called for discussion over the so-called “Pakistan-sponsored terrorism” in India, but refused to discuss India’s official terrorism in the disputed Jammu and Kashmir Valley since 1948.

Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s national security adviser, Sartaj Aziz, told his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval that Indian intelligence agency RAW with the help of other foreign intelligence agencies (CIA, Mossad and MI6) have involve in terrorist activities in Pakistan. The latest one was the Army-run Peshawar school massacre which ended death of 137 children and staff members.

Indian RAW has a long history of carrying out false flag operations with the help of Hindutva organizations including Modi’s ruling BJP, such as, 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, 2010 bombing of German Bakery and many more.

The Hindu occupation of Jammu and Kashmir is the oldest conflict on the UNSC – dating back to October 1947. It’s even older than the Jewish occupation of Palestine – but not much known to the world because it doesn’t involve Jewish lives.

India has deployed nearly 40% of its total army in Jammu and Kashmir Valley to control the Muslim majority (65%) in the Indian part of Jammu and Kashmir Valley and the LoC along the liberated part of Kashmir Valley (Azad Kashmir), an autonomous state within Pakistan. The Indian army has been accused of killing more than 100,000 men, women and children while rapping over 20,000 Muslim girls and women by the Amnesty International, US-based Human Rights Watch and Pakistan-India Human rights groups.

The Jammu and Kashmir Valley was ruled by Muslims for over three centuries until it was sold to a Hindu Dogra warlord Gulab Singh by the British colonial rulers in 1846. It is one of the three princely states annexed by India through military aggression within first four months of its independence from the British Raj on August 15, 1947. The other two were Hyderabad and Junagadh.