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Israel refuses to pay $1.1 billion debts to Iran

Last month, a Swiss court ordered Israel’s Trans-Asiatic Oil Ltd (TAO) to pay $1.1 billion to Iran in compensation over a joint venture from before the 1979 Islamic Revolution when King Reza Shah regime and the Zionist regime used to share the same bed.

As expected, Netanyahu’s regime called Swiss court decision as an old-fashioned antisemitism and has refused to pay the compensation. Its refusal is based on Talmud that doesn’t demand a Jew to pay money that he may owes to an enemy.

The Israeli firm TAO registered in Panama was ordered to pay compensation to National Iranian Oil Company in a legal tussle dating back to 1989.

The case relates to a joint venture established in 1968 under the defunct King Reza Shah of Iran to ship the country’s oil to the Israeli port of Eilat in the Mediterranean for export to Europe.

Iran cancelled the contract after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 because the country doesn’t recognize the Zionist entity.

Tel Aviv, instead, expropriated Iran’s assets and launched its own litigation offensive against the Islamic Republic, which has been dismissed at international courts.

According to Iran’s Press TV, the latest ruling pertains to a case related to the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)’s delivery of 14.75 million cubic meters of crude oil worth $450 million to Israel’s Trans-Asiatic Oil Ltd. or TAO.

In 1989, the Swiss court initially ordered TAO to pay $500 million to Fimarco Anstalt, a company registered before the revolution in Lichtenstein by NIOC.

The court put off proceedings for interest claims then, issuing a final ruling only this month, which ordered TAO to pay $1.1 billion in addition to $7 million in legal fees, IRNA quoted the source as saying.

The source said Iran has also launched a case against TAO in Panama’s courts for implementation of the ruling and original claims against the Israeli firm.

Switzerland’s Federal Supreme Court has reportedly allowed Iranian clients to file an arbitration claim for $7 billion against Israel.

The original claim is related to Iran’s shares in the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co. (EAPC), as well as two oil ports and storage facilities, and a fleet of tankers which have been expropriated by Israel.

The Tel Aviv regime has issued a secrecy order under which any information about the company’s operations and news of arbitration is subject to military censorship.

The EAPC, part of TAO, is one of the most secretive companies in Israel, operating under a special legal force since 1968.

The company enjoys immunity from public control and regime supervision including its comptroller as well as the Knesset and the media.

The Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co. was built in the aftermath of the Sinai operation of 1956 against Arab armies.

During the months that Israel controlled Sinai, Israel stole pumps and pipes from an Italian and Belgian firms operating oil fields in the peninsula and built the pipeline from Eilat.

Khamenei rules out inspection of military bases

001-Copy63[1]On Wednesday, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei ruled out any inspection of country’s military bases by international inspection teams which are known to be infiltrated by pro-Israel Zionist individuals. He also said that IAEA teams should not be allowed to interview country’s nuclear scientists.

Recently, even Jewish Wall Street Journal admitted that some members of American negotiators at the so-called 5+1 vs Iran have been spying for Israel.

Ayatullah Khamenei as country’s Supreme C-in-C has the last word when it comes to Iranian Armed Forces and the defense under country’s Constitution.

I fully agree with American Jewish writer, Stephen Lendman, who has said on several occasions that Iranian president Sheikh Rouhani and his nuclear team are wasting their time by negotiating a deal with United States as the later will never be satisfied less than a pro-West regime change in Tehran that stop supporting the Islamic resistance groups against the Zionist occupation of Palestine.

It has been an Israeli Project since the very first day.

Professor William O. Beaman (University of Minnesota) also said that the US and IAEA have no proof that Iran is pursuing a nuclear bomb to ‘wipe Israel off map’ – but the Iran’s nuke bogey persists thanks to Israeli conman, Benjamin Netanyahu.

On March 30, 2015, Dr. Beaman blasted the Jew York Times’ Jewish writers David Sanger and Michael Gordon for spreading lies questioning Iran’s sincerity about cutting a deal with P5+1 on country’s nuclear program.

Iran cannot be accused of backing awy from something it has never agreed to do,” Beaman said.

Pepe Ascobar’s October 8, 2014 article explains why the US wants a regime change in Tehran for Israel.

Moldova: Israeli Oligarch stole $1 billion

Moldova-Flag-256[1]I am glad to learn that 3.5 million Moldovans have been taken to cleaners by an Israeli-born young Jewish billionaire Ilan Shor, 28.

On Monday, a Moldovan court rejected the appeal by Ilan Shor against his earlier sentence of house arrest. Last year, he was accused of stealing nearly $1 billion, or 12 percent of Moldova’s GDP. His house arrest began only last week.

Pity, had he ripped Americans of $1 billion, he would be enjoying a beautiful ‘retirement’ in sunny Tel Aviv, home to 280 Jewish brothels.

In 2011, Shor married Russian pop singer, actress and model Jasmin, 38, (real name Sara L. Manahimova). His father, Miron Shor, started the Dufremol business, which opened Moldova’s first duty-free shops in 1994.

Shor is one of the country’s wealthiest persons. His business interests, some inherited from his father, include insurance companies, television stations, a local soccer club, and the duty-free concession at the Chisinau airport. He also has a security company called Klassika, cited in the Kroll report as the owner of the vehicle that was loaded with bank loan records and destroyed in a fire with a helping hand from Israeli Mossad, I guess!

Moldova is home to over 42,000 Jews while over 30,000 Moldovan Jews live in Israel. Both countries have maintained ‘brotherly’ relations since the creation of the Zionist cancer in Palestine. In addition to political support, Moldova also provides fertile field for Israel’s organ harvesting.

Jewish rabbis, Israel Occupation Force (IOF) soldiers, Jewish medical agencies and even former Israeli cabinet ministers have been caught in this lucrative enterprise. Israelis have been involved in this inhuman mutilation business in Costa Rica, Haiti, Occupied Palestine, United States, Poland, Kosava, Moldova, Brazil, Romania, Italy, South Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Madagascar, and several other African and Asian countries.

Why am I glad? Because, Moldova, a former Soviet republic, is the most repressive East European country when it comes to its Muslim minority of 3,000 – 17,000. Moldovan government and the dominant Russian Orthodox Church refuse to recognize Islam as a religion, but both have no problem with accepting Judaism as one of country’s official religions.

Finland bans JNF at NGOs Festival

Suomiaaaaaaaaaa[1]Finland has banned the Jewish National Fund (JNF) from attending the annual NGO World Village Festival being held in Helsinki on May 23-24, 2015. The event is a showcase of multiculturalism and considered one of country’s top events.

On Monday, World Village Festival management informed the JNF that it is not permitted to participate in the event due to “the existence of question marks on the legitimacy of its activities.”

Following the incident, Israel’s ambassador to Finland, Dan Ashbel, contacted the Finnish Foreign Ministry officials to express anger over the decision, but the ministry responded that “it is a private event that the Finnish Foreign Ministry has no impact on.”

The festival organizers also banned Finnish anti-Islam cartoonist Ville Ranta (Jewish) to display his caricatures of the Prophet of Islam. I guess they were afraid to have another Charlie Hebdo on their hands.

We can Dan Ashbel jumping up-and-down on his ‘Freedom of Speech’ Holy Book, had the festival organizer allowed some Iranian NGO to display Holohoax cartoons.

The Finnish branch of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions hailed the decision, describing it as a victory for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

It seems some Finns are more proud Christians than US Sen. John McCain or Joe Biden. In 2010, Frank Johanssan, director of Amnesty International Finland called the Zionist entity a Scum state. Many Finns cannot forget that Jews in Finland collaborated with Nazis.

The JNF operates in several western countries as tax-deductible charity, but in reality it’s one of many bankers for the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The JNF was established in 1901, as an instrument of the World Zionist Organization (WZO) to acquire and colonize land. With the enactment of the Israeli JNF Law (1953), which states, in clause 6, that it is permitted to set up an incorporated body in Israel for the continuation of the activities of the existing company that was founded and incorporated in Europe, JNF was registered as an Israeli company and the English company’s assets were transferred to it. JNF is held by the state of Israel as a central tool of Judaization.

In 2005, Israel’s high court found that the JNF, which owns 13 percent of the country’s land and has significant influence over most of the rest, systematically excluded Palestinian citizens of Israel from leasing its property,” reported Israel’s daily Ha’aretz on 20 July 2007.

Canadian gay film festival removes Israeli flag

A gay film festival to be held next month in Vancouver city is forced to remove Israeli flag from its advertisement. Some LGBT groups have protested against the Israeli flag on an ad used by Vancouver-based Jewish gay organization Yad B’yad in the Vancouver Queer Film Festival (VQFF) guidebook. They accused Yad B’yad of Pinkwashing Israeli crimes against Palestinian people.

In response to the protest, the festival management banned all signs of national pride.

A spokesperson for Yad B’yad argued against the festival’s surrender, claiming: Its specific policies are aimed at silencing proud supporters of the LGBTQ community and of Israel, all while remaining silent on the plight of gays and lesbians in places such as Iran, Syria, China and even the Palestinian Authority.

The Yad B’yad idiot was repeating propaganda lies created by the NY-based Human Rights First, an Israeli advocacy group. Its official website claims, American Ideals: Universal Values. It uses human rights and antisemitism to silence criticism of the Zionist regime. Its President and CEO, Elisa Massimino (Jewish) told the Senate committee on combating anti-Semitism that currently most people hide their hatred toward Jews behind their criticism of Israel.

According to the VQFF website, Israeli Consulate in Vancouver is among the event sponsors. The Zionist regime uses pro-gay propaganda not only to whitewash its human right crimes, but also uses it to demonize Muslims and promote tourism in Israel. The Zionist regime has even establish an organization, Tel Aviv Gay Vibe, to promote gay tourism to the city of Tel Aviv, which is home to 280 Jewish brothels. Tel Aviv has become a sort of Holy City for the LGBT community around the world.

Gays and lesbian do exist in several Muslim countries, but there are no organized LGBT communities or gay parades in those countries. In Russia the LGBT culture is considered anti-Christian by the Russian Orthodox Church. In 2013, Canadian foreign minister John Baird (a gay) blasted Vladimir Putin for ‘mistreating’ country’s LGBT community.

Professor Sarah Schulman (College of Staten Island, New York), an open Jew lesbian, in her book, Israel/Palestine and the Queer International, claims that gay rights movement is mainly funded by Israel and the Jewish multi-billionaire George Soro.

American Christian pastor Ted Pike wrote in July 2010 that when it comes to gay and lesbian rights, Jews have always in the front rows. It’s not that they’re commanded by the Old Testament to do that, but because they are driven by militant Judaism to breakdown Christian civilization so total Jewish control can be achieved.

While Israelis boast Tel Aviv as the Pink City – Orthodox Jews are known for harassing gays and lesbians. Israel Occupation Force (IOF) has the largest numbers of gays and lesbian. A 2011 survey conducted among the gay and lesbian soldiers showed that 40% of them were verbally abused due to their sexual orientation and 20% claimed to have been physically or sexually assaulted.

Pope Francis: ‘Abbas is an Angel of Peace’!

On Saturday, kosher pope Francis welcomed PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the Vatican. After much hugging and kissing – Francis called Abbas “an angel of peace” for helping Israelis to grab more Palestinian land in the West Bank and the occupied East Jerusalem – and helping Israel Occupation Force (IOF) to route out Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Fatah-ruled West Bank.

Abbas is in Rome for the canonisation Sunday of two 19th-century nuns from what was then Ottoman-ruled Palestine. The new saints, Mariam Bawardy and Marie Alphonsine Ghattas, are the first from the region to be canonised since the early days of Christianity – born in Palestine but hijacked by the Romans in 325 CE.

Being ‘poodles of Zionism’, I bet Francis and Abbas had not discussed the reason why the Christian population in the so-called ‘Holy Land’ has shrunk from 13% to 2% since the European Jews occupied Palestine in 1948.

Argentinian Jorge Bergoglio, aka His Holiness Pope Francis has a big bag of dirty laundry as cardinal in Buenos Aires. He supported Argentina military junta by spying on his Catholic sheep. He also made a secret visit to the Zionist entity. As a Jesuit, his love for the Zionism is eternal. Last year, Francis claimed that every Christian carry a Jew inside his soul.

Cardinal Bergoglio erected a memorial to the victims of Holocaust and AMIA bombing at the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Chapel, the main Roman Catholic Church in Argentina’s capital.

Pope Francis being Jesus’ Viceroy on Earth – knows more about people than I can. Last year, during his visit to the Zionist entity and the West Bank, Francis called both Israeli president Shimon Peres and Mahmoud Abbas “men of peace”.

Ironically, Israeli-born British writer, author and musician Gilad Atzmon wrote on September 25, 2008: “Truth must be said, I do admire fierce President Ahmadinejad almost as much as I despise war criminal Shimon Peres.”

Mahmoud Abbas has proved himself a traitor to the Palestinian nation – again and again.

In March 2014, Shimon Peres called Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian Gandhi.

Just before the Palestinian president meet with the US president on Monday, Peres says Abbas is a man of principles who opposes terrorism and violence,” reported Ha’aretz on March 17, 2014.

Ex-EU diplomats criticize EU pro-Israel policy

A group of former European Union diplomats in a letter to EU’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini has questioned EU’s blind support for the Zionist entity. Copies of the letter were sent to US foreign secretary John (Cohen) Kerry, Martin Schultz (Jewish) president of European Parliament, Donald Tusk (Polish Israeli lobbyist), president European Council and Jean-Claude Juncker (Jewish ancestry), president of European Commission.

The group known as the European Eminent Persons Group, has urged a reassessment of EU policy on the question of a Palestinian state and has insisted the Zionist regime must be held to account for its actions in the occupied territories. By calling the 22% land “occupied” by the Jewish army in June 1967 – the signatories of the letter are trying to legalize the 1948 occupation of historic Palestine by European Jewish terrorists.

It charges that EU political and financial aid has achieved nothing but the “preservation of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and imprisonment of Gaza.” Israel receives the highest EU aid among the non-member countries in the world.

It has also raised the doubts that the US administration under pressure from pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups, cannot play the role of an unbiased negotiator between Israel and Palestinian leadership.

It also argues that the re-election of prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the head of anti-Arab extremist unity government has made the issue even more pressing. Netanyahu has appointed pro-illegal Jewish settlements campaigner Ayelet Shaked his Justice Minister. She called Turkish president Recep Tiyyap Erdogan, Hitler. She also compared Palestinian babies with little snakes. Netanyahu chose warmongering Rabbi Eli Dahan as his deputy defense minister. Dahan has the Talmudic qualification to exterminate the entire native Palestinian population – as they’re not humans.

In case, the EU likes to be remembered by the future historians as an ‘honest broke’ – it should play its necessary part in putting the Zionist regime on notice that unless it ends its defiance of international law and becomes serious about peace on terms the Palestinians could accept, it will be isolated and subjected to sanctions of the kind that played a major role in pushing South Africa’s apartheid regime to its end.