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Gandhi comes to Amman

Gandhi[1]On Saturday, India’s president Pranab Mukherjee arrived in Amman on first leg of his 6-day trip to Jordan, Israel and the West Bank. Since Jordan established diplomatic relation with India in 1950, Mukherjee became the second Hindu head of state to visit the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 30 years. Rajiv Gandhi was the first Indian president to visit the kingdom.

The current King Abdullah II and Queen Rania (here) visited India in 2012.

In order not to jeopardize India’s brotherly relation with the Zionist entity – Mukherjee will not ask Netanyahu to let him visit Gaza Strip, controlled by the antisemite Hamas terrorists.

Mukherjee is in Amman to inaugurate a $860 million Indo-Jordanian fertilizer plant for making raw materials, and the re-naming of a portion of Amman’s historic Saadzaghloul Street after the Father of India, Mahatma Gandhi (here and here). The Saadzaghloul street is named after the founder of Egypt’s secular Wafd Party and prime minister of Egypt for 11 months, Saad Zaghloul Pasha.

During the ceremony, Mayor of Amman Aqel Biltaji (born in Gaza in 1941 explained to Mukherjee the significance of this dedication to Jordan-India friendship, by saying: “This street in particular was chosen because it meets with a royal family member, the brother of His Majesty the King, and it goes straight to meet with a leader of a peaceful revolution as well, Saad Zaghloul, who was also active during the period when Mahatma Gandhi was active.”

In response, Mukherjee said: “The renaming the street, as you correctly pointed out, connects the history of freedom struggle of people under subjugation and also reflects the advancement of human civilization in a city which is the cradle of civilization.”

I hate to be a ‘party pooper’ but it seems both idiots never bothered to read history of the so-called “freedom struggle” in India and Jordan from some objective source. In both cases, the struggle didn’t achieve freedom for a common man, but just changed the colonial powers. In India, nearly 1.5 million Muslims and Hindus were massacred to replace British colonialism with Hindutva colonialism. In Middle East, the founder of Hashemite Kingdom, Prince Abdullah I and his brother Prince Faisal, King of Iraq, collaborated with Christian British empire to destroy Muslim Ottoman empire in the Middle East. As result, the Turk colonialists were replaced by British, French and Israeli Jew colonialists.

Gandhi is also loved by Israeli Jews, but for different reasons. A statue of Gandhi adorns a Hindu meditation room in a park in the occupied East Jerusalem.

Amman has a street and a main crossing named after the Father of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The former Crown Princess of Jordan, Sarvath al-Hassan (born 1947) is daughter of Muhammad Ikramullah, Pakistan’s ambassador to Canada, and Shaista Suhrawardy, Pakistan’s ambassador to Morocco.

Khamenei warns against further negotiations with US

ayatollahkhamenei[1]On October 7, 2015, Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei while talking to commanders, staff and their families of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), repeated his earlier warning that any further negotiations with United States are fruitless and even harmful to Iranian people because it carries Israeli agenda.

Unfortunately, a certain group, in a bid to justify negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Great Satan, are raising these issues in newspapers, speeches, and in virtual space through a commonplace view, which is totally wrong,” Khamenei said.

While stressing that Iran is not opposed to negotiations in principle with countries, including European and non-European, Ayatullah Khamenei said: “But the issue is different when it comes to United States, because it has come up with a definition of negotiation with Iran – meaning infiltration and paving the way for imposing their demands.”

Recently, US vice-president Joe Biden whose son and daughter are both married into Zionist Jewish families, admitted that the US bullying Iran, because Netanyahu wants a regime change in Tehran.

The Organized Jewry declared IRGC a ‘terrorist organization’ over three decades ago. The US State Department has been resisting to designate IRGC as a ‘terrorist organization’ for years. It, though, declared some of IRGC commanders as ‘non-kosher’. Sen. Ted Cruz introduced anti-IRGC bill in 2012 which was defeated. Not to left behind, we have the Canadian Coalition Against Terror (C-CAT), which proposed to declare IRGC as a ‘terrorist organization’, but is totally against giving the same designation to world true army of terrorists; Israel Occupation Force (IOF).

A peaceful and tolerant Middle East is considered a death blow to the Jewish imperialism. Therefore, they have to invent new conflicts and wars especially in the region – and push the world powers to wage proxy wars for Israel. The current chaos in the Middle East, Africa and Ukraine is brainchild of Israel and its Jewish lobby groups in the West. The main beneficiary of this chaos is not the US or Russia, but Israel.

Dan Sanchez in recent article entitled, Israel, the Neocons, and their Bloody, Blundering “Art” of War, claims that America’s proxy wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon ended in favor of Iran. He also claims that the current chaos in Syria is not going to help Israel’s dream of a Greater Israel either.

Israel’s self-righteously sociopathic behavior toward Syria and Golan Heights beggars belief. It’s like some wealthy homeowner taking over his poor neighbor’s backyard and then sending a gang of crazed ruffians to invade his home. Then in the ensuing brawl, when something crashes through the neighbor’s window onto the seized backyard, the land thief yells from a balcony, “When you can get your house in order!” and fires at him with a shotgun. Then the thief walks back to his room muttering to himself, “What a hopeless basket case! How I’m definitely not giving him back his backyard,” wrote Sanchez.

Jew-hating Ezra Pound’s poem fetches £7,500

EzraPound[1]On Wednesday, American poet, writer, radio broadcaster and WWII war veteran, Ezra Pound’s unpublished poem was sold at a British auction for £7,500. Pound wrote the poem in praise of British painter Isabel Corington.

My post has nothing to do with Pound’s poetry because my favorite poet happens to be one of dreamers of Pakistan, Sir Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (d. 1938). It’s about what the powerful Jewish Lobby did to Pound for speaking the truth.

In one of broadcast from Italy during WWII Ezra Pound accused German Jewish bankers and businessmen being the reasons for the rise of Hitler and Nazis.

You have got to learn a little, at least a little, about the history of your allies,” he told his listeners. “About Jew-ruined England. About the wreckage of France, wrecked under yid control. Lousy with kikes.”

Pound, who died in 1972 at age 87, also called US president as Franklin D. Frankfurter Jewsfeld (here), and Chinese leader Chiang Kike Chek (here).

The Jewish groups viciously attacked his statement by calling him a Jew hater. Pound was arrested and convicted of treason for holding such anti-Semitic opinion. Convicted in 1947, he was kept 12-year in a lunatic asylum in a urine-soaked cell and forced to wear a straightjacket. For years he was not allowed to see visitors. After ten years, Pound was released as result of a campaign by fellow poets like T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, and others. Pound decided not to stay in United States. He returned to Italy and lived rest of his life in exile in Italy.

Ernest Hemingway wrote about Pound in 1925: “He defends his friends when they’re attacked, he gets them into magazines and out of jail. He loans them money. He writes articles about them. He introduces them to wealthy women. He gets publishers to take their books. He sit up all night with them when they claim to be dying (here).”

Pond was an admirer of Bento Mussolini. Both met on January 30, 1933 for a short chat. He loved Italy so much that he willed to be buried there instead of his motherland.

Netanyahu dumps Angela Markel

Benjamin Netanyahu has just announced that he wouldn’t be traveling to Bonn to meet German Chancellor Angela Markel at the 50th anniversary celebration of West Germany’s recognition of the Zionist entity in 1965. Markel was born and lived in communist-ruled East Germany which didn’t establish diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity until 1990. Markel is the first woman and East German native Chancellor.

Netanyahu’s excuse for cancelling the meeting at the last moment, according to Jewish media, is that Bibi cannot leave Israel which is threatened by regional events, such as Obama’s wooing Iran and Russian forces in Syria.

This week, Markel was to host Netanyahu and several of his cabinet ministers and military leaders at the 6th German-Israel annual mutual discussions over military, Holocaust repatriations, and trade matters.

Angela Markel, who until recently was hailed as “Israel’s best friend” in Israel, has lost her status very quickly as result of her planned visit to Iran this month. Furthermore, contrary to Israel’s objections, Markel has accepted several thousands of refugees, mostly Christians, from Syria, which has infuriated the anti-Muslim but pro-Israel Germans. In July, Markel did the greatest act of antisemitism – she attended a large Iftar party during the Muslim month of Fasting – and told Muslims at the gathering: Islam is part of Germany.

All of sudden, Angela Markel is being accused of not doing enough to combat antisemitism in Germany. New Jewish polls have claimed that more than 50% of German still hate Jews, and German textbooks still depict Jews as traitors and evil people.

It’s reported that Angela Markel has lost her popularity among the White supremacist, anti-immigration and pro-Israel German public. Even some members of her own party CDU have joined the so-called “NeoNazi” Die Linke party, which is headed by Jew Dr. Gregor Gysi.

Eldad Beck, last week interviewed Angela Markel in Bonn, which was published by Israel’s newspaper YNet on October 3, 2015. During the interview, she said that there are a few political issues between her and the Zionist regime – but like every German Chancellor, she is committed to the welfare and security of state of Israel.

Good relations require constant care; you have to speak with one another all the time, especially if there’s a difference of opinion. At the start of my term, I initiated the inter-governmental talks between Germany and Israel, which will take place next week for the sixth time. It’s an opportunity to talk in a very concrete way about wide aspects of our relations: For instance, the cooperation on scientific issues, the joint cultural work, the youth exchanges, and the development initiatives we’re implementing together in several countries,” Markel said.

We are doing this out of an awareness for Germany’s constant responsibility for the fracturing of civilization in the time of the Holocaust and an awareness for the shared values and interests. German-Israeli relations keep developing. Every time, we learn all over again that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. That’s the crucial point – even if we’re split on a few issues that have to do with the settlement policies, and even if we would have liked there to be a negotiation toward a two-state solution,” she added.

Federal Court rejects Harper’s anti-Hijab appeal

harper-haaretz-bibi[1]Canada’s pro-Israel Stephen Harper government’s bid to stop Muslim women wearing a face veil (Hijab) while taking the oath of citizenship has failed after the Federal Court of Appeal refused to suspend its ruling of last month calling government’s policy illegal.

The Appeal Court ruling is Harper’s third defeat in a row. Harper is well-known for his hatred toward Muslims to please his masters in Israel.

Danny Williams, former premier of Newfoundland and Labrador (2003-2010) has called Harper’s anti-Hijab policy bordering racism.

He doesn’t care if he isolate the issues of women or if he isolate the issues of minorities, and even crosses, possibly, that racism line. It doesn’t matter to him. It’s all about getting elected at the end of the day,” Williams, a leader of Harper’s Conservative party, said in a recent interview he gave to CBC News.

The Western elites have long been applying stereotype Muslim women issues to hide their own religious and social contempt for women, treating them as labor and sex slaves than humans with somewhat equal rights. For a practicing Muslim woman including political and social leader, nations’ First Lady, PhD holder, journalist, and house wife – Hijab is a sign of modesty. She refuses to walk half naked in bikini to become “civilized” as per western standards.

Wearing Hijab is both religious and cultural right of a Muslim woman. Its shape and style depends on climate and local culture. Personally, I don’t like the “one piece burqa or Nun’s headgear”, but a “stylish Hijab”, certainly makes a woman look more attractive.

For many Muslim women, wearing Hijab is sign of liberation (Feminism). Wearing Hijab has not stopped them participating in any field even the western-style beauty contests.

Most Canadian Muslim women don’t agree with bigots like Stephen Harper. They consider wearing Hijab as part of Feminism and not Oppression (here, here).

India: Muslim boy leaves prayer to save ‘Holy Cow’

Two revealing incidents within one week to show Hindu fascism in Mahatma Gandhi’s so-called ‘secular democratic India’.

A week ago, a mob of 200 Hindu worshippers beat to death a Muslim farm worker, Muhammad Akhlaq, 50, for suspecting he sacrificed a Holy Cow.

On October 5, 2015, several Indian newspapers reported that Lucknow administration “facilitated Muhammad Zaki, 20, of Bharat Bhakkan Mill in Aishbagh, who on Sunday jumped into a well to save a cow that fell into it by accident, while a dozen Hindus had gathered around the well, shouting for someone to call a crane to save the Holy Cow.

I saw a large number of people gathered around the open well looking at a cow that had fallen in and I volunteered to go down and save her (watch video below),” Muhammad Zaki was quoted saying by The Times of India. It’s also said that Zaki was on his way to perform daily prayers in the local mosque.

India, the so-called ‘largest democracy’ has over 206 million Holy Cows, which have more rights than Hindu Dalits. In India the upper-class Hindus can kill Dalits for no reason and get away with murder. But killing or slaughtering of a cow would certainly put you in jail or worse get you killed on the spot. Several Indian states promote drinking of cow urine and dung, while Dalits are forced to eat the shit and piss of upper caste Hindus.

Morarji Desai, former Indian prime minister (1977-79) in an interview with Barbra Walter admitted that he drinks Holy Cow urine everyday as a religious duty. Urine mixed soft drinks are becoming popular among religious and non-religious Hindus based on urine-therapy benefits (here).

India’s ruling party, BJP, like the Zionist regime in Palestine, is rewriting India’s history (ruled by Muslims for nearly 1000 years and united 5,000 Hindu princely states into one country). But these gatekeepers of Hinduism are not aware of the fact that a Hindu can and do eat beef.

Jews call for the release of Iranian prisoner

Obama: 'No war with Iran for Israel'US-based Committee of Concerned Scientists (CCS) has been calling for the release of Iran-born University of Texas student Omid Kokabee, 34, from Iranian prison since his arrest on January 30, 2011 while visiting his family in Tehran.

I think that’s very nice of CCS. However, when I did a little search, I couldn’t find CCS condemning Israeli Regime for murdering five Iranian nuclear scientists in the past. It didn’t also called Barack Obama to release 19 Iranians languishing in US jails for breaking US sanctions against their motherland.

Well, there is reason for this hypocrisy. The CCS was established in 1973 for campaigning for the release of several Soviet dissident Jewish scientists. The organization is headed by Ukraine-born Jewish scientist Dr. Joel Lebowitz, 85. He claims that his father, mother, and younger sister were all killed at Auschwitz in 1944 by Nazis. One wonders how he survived!

Sophie Cook (Jewish), a retired government lawyer is executive director of CCS.

Omid Kokabee was arrested in Tehran on charges of spying for CIA and Israeli Mossad. He confessed his crimes on TV in February 2011 and later was sentenced to 10-year in jail by a city court.

Last year, Kokabee’s lawyer Saeed Khalili said that Iran’s Supreme Court had accepted appeal for a retrial.

Last year, the American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS), another Zionist propaganda outfit, honored Kokabee with Freedom and Responsibility Award, for “refusing to join Iran’s nuclear program and continue his PhD studies in jail.”

It seems German scholar Dr. Ludwig Watzal has been fooled by Jewish propaganda once again. He has accused Iran for treating Kokabee like the so-called “Islamic terrorists” at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The Islamic Republic of Iran pretends that it’s adheres to superior moral values than, for example, the United States of America, especially what the incarceration of alleged Islamic terrorist at Guantanamo Bay prison is concerned, who have been incarcerated since 2001 without trail. To live up to the Islamic value system, the government of Iran should release Omid Kokabee immediately,” Watzal wrote on October 4, 2015.