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US-Iran talks extended, AIPAC rushes to step in

ayatollahkhamenei[1]Netanyahu and his American poodles in both Houses are celebrating the extension of nuclear talks between the US and Iran in Vienna. On November 24, the E3+3 announced that they intend to continue their dialogue to resolve US-Israel “concerns” regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

With anti-Muslim pro-Israel law-makers, both Republican and Democrats controlling both Congress and Senate and Liz Sherwood-Randall (Jewish) WMDs Czar while the so-called “soft on Iran”, Pentagon’s top gun Chuck Hagel dumped – Next year will be the best time to make Iraq out of Iran for Israel.

As I wrote last week that both the US and Israel are not interested in resolving Iran’s nuclear issue. They’re preparing the necessary anti-Iran groundwork for a violent military regime change in Iran, as all their efforts to achieve that goal through propaganda and the “crippling sanctions” have failed to change Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei’s views about the Zionist regime.

It’s now essential that Congress now take up new bipartisan sanctions legislations to let Tehran know that it will face much more severe pressure if it doesn’t clearly abandoned its nuclear weapon program,”AIPAC said in a statement on Monday after P5+1 and Iran agreed to extend the final deal deadline to June 30, 2015.

Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who called US-Iran nuclear talks as “blunder”, approved the extension “better than a nuclear deal between the US and Iran”. John Kerry tried to take the credit for delaying a final deal agreeable to Tehran. Both Iranian president Rouhani and his foreign minister Dr. Zarif said that talks did not need extension if American administration had been sincere in understanding Iran’s concerns. Both said that Tehran will never roll-back its civilian nuclear program.

Some political analysts are of the opinion that Israel, Russia and China will be the main beneficiaries in the long-term “no deal” scenario while European Union will be the main loser.

On November 26, Chuck Freilich, former Israeli national security adviser wrote at The BUZZ that since the US-Iran talk has failed to curb Israel’s “existential threat” from Iran with a “nuclear capability” – Obama administration should put the “military option” against Iran back on table.

Rob Eshman’s article Obama’s Jewish War posted at Jewish Journal on July 11, 2012, opens many doors to what’s being cooked at the White House. “Barack Obama rescued Egypt from fundamentalist chaos and to secure Israel,”Liz Sherwood-Randall told a large Jewish gathering sponsored by Foreign Policy Roundtable in July this year.

I would pause here and say there are some who assert there is a different sort of relationship between the president and the prime minister, that it is not a solid relationship. I would assure you that the president has built a very important relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu. What this administration has done to advance Israel’s security is, literally, unprecedented,” she said.

She detailed military-to-military cooperation, $205 million spent to assist Israel in developing its Iron Dome missile defense system, Obama’s assistance to stranded and threatened Israeli diplomats in Egypt, and his speech before the United Nations General Assembly arguing against a bid for Palestinian statehood.

On Iran, Sherwood-Randall maintained that the administration has imposed the most far-reaching sanctions that Iran has ever faced, and that because of its intensive diplomacy, 18 countries – including Turkey, Japan, South Korea and India – have decreased purchases of Iranian oil, halving Iran’s crude oil exports.

Sherwood-Randall whose father Richard Sherwood was leader of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) for years, pointed out that the president Obama had never ruled out a military option on Iran.

I sincerely hope all Iranian leaders committed to the survival of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, stop chasing the “ghost” and learn from North Korean experience. Iran should dump NPT in garbage-can like Israel, India and Pakistan did longtime ago. It must rush to build a few nukes. That will put a duct-tape on Obama-Netanyahu mouth. In contrast to North Korea and Pakistan – Iran is loaded with oil and gas reserves and its economy has already withstood the western sanctions since 1980s. Israel-born British writer, author and musician, Gilad Atzmon, agrees with me on this.

Tanzania to evict 40,000 Maasai Jews

AFRICA1157[1]For the last few days, the Jewish media has been whining about the eviction of 40,000 Maasai tribal people (see photo above) from their ancestral land in Northern Tanzania. The Tanzania government is being accused of selling Maasai farm land to Dubai’ royal family who wants to turn it into hunting reserve. A UAE-based real-state group has offered $600,000 for the 1,500 square kilometer Maasai land bordering the Serengeti National Park.

Every time I read some Jew media worrying about the welfare of Black folks – I get suspicious and gets an urge to find the truth. One doesn’t need a PhD to find out Jewish hatred of Blacks spread over centuries in the past – from racism, sexual abuse to downright slavery.

In June 2014, Donald T. Sterling, Jew owner of NBA Los Angeles Clippers said that Israeli Jews treat Blacks like dogs.

So, I did a search – and Bang! The Global Authors website claimed on January 1, 2014 that Maasai people living in Tanzania belong to one of the Lost ten Tribes of Israel.

The proud Masai (sometimes referred to as Maasai) people of East Africa, whose mysterious past is enveloped in legends of being one of the lost tribes of Israel,” wrote Shaland, a self-claimed Jewish historian.

I regard the Masai as being descended from the nomadic Semites to whom the oldest Hebrew pastoralist belong,” pronounced M. Merker, a German official-turned scientist stationed in Tanganyika in his study. Lord Churchill called Merker’s Dei Massaithe most truly inspired investigation that ever an African people has had.”  Merker’s study was well-known to the British Colonial Secretary Sir Joseph Chamberlain, who in the early 1900s suggested to Theodore Herzl, the leader of the Zionist movement, that parts of “Massailand” could be handed over to Eastern European Jews. In the following hundred years, most researchers concluded that Massai have Nilotic (from the river Nile) rather than Semitic origins, but Merker’s theory of Massai as “one the lost ten tribes of Israel” stubbornly continues to float in popular imagination,” says Shaland.

The so-called “Ten Tribes of Israel” is not only a myth but hilarious too. The Bible and many Judeo-Christian scholars believe the story of Hebrew people aka Jewish began with prophet Jacob whose other name was “Israel”. He had 12 sons from his two wives, who were sisters. However, Jewish historian, Arthur Koestler, in book, The Thirteenth Tribe, claims that the modern-day Jews are not Israelites but belongs to Turk tribe of Khazar.

I think, the Zionist regime should support Tanzania government in this matter and urge the Maasai Jews to resettle in Israel on land stolen from Palestinians. It will also help Israel counter its demographic problem.

Zanzibar, a Muslim-majority Sheikhdom (80%) merged with Catholic-ruled Tanganyika to form the present-day Tanzania. Muslims are still in majority (35%) as compared to Christians (30%) in the country. This always has a sour in Israel’s eyes.

The ‘royals’ from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE have been hunting Houbara Bustard for decades in Pakistan’s provinces of Balochistan and Sindh. But sadly, there is only one Jew among 150 million Pakistanis.

Last year, an international media campaign against the proposed Tanzania hunting reserve was led by the online Zionist propaganda site Avaaz (speak-up in Urdu language) founded by Canadian/British Zionist Hindu Ricken Patel, 37.

Chuck Hagel got fired under “J” pressure

On Monday, Helene Cooper at The Jew York Times reported that US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, has submitted his resignation which was immediately accepted by president Barack Obama. Chuck Hagel was confirmed in February 2013 after a disastrous opposition from the Jewish Lobby (here and here). The paper claimed Hagel resigned under pressure without mentioning the “pressure”.

She claimed that “Barack Obama decided to replace Chuck Hagel after coming to the conclusion during the last few weeks that the current defense chief was not the right person to lead fight against ISIS.”

According to the Associated Press, Hagel has had his own frustrations with the White House. In recent weeks, he sent a letter to national security adviser Dr. Susan Rice, an Israel Firster, in which he said Obama needed to articulate a clearer view of the administration’s approach to dealing with Syrian President Bashar Assad. The letter is said to have angered the Zionist-controlled White House officials.

In September 2014, both Hagel and Gen. Martin Dempsey told lawmakers on the Senate Armed Services Committee that White House is against putting American boots in Syria or Iraq (ISIS) as Senators John McCain and Lindsey want. Rather, Pentagon would prefer to arm and trained the Syrian rebel groups (of US choice) fighting Syrian Army. Read more here.

Hagel told one of his associates that he “took the job to end war, and not to start another one.”

Chuck Hagel like his two predecessors has complained that Obama gives more importance to his White House advisers than his cabinet members when it comes to national security issues. Perry Bacon Jr. at the NBC News claims the Hagel is the latest victim of Obama’s failed national and foreign policy.

Hagel is being made responsible for Obama administration’s failures, such as, failure to contain Taliban rising popularity in Afghanistan, convincing Egyptian defense minister Gen. Sisi not to lead a military coup against country’s first elected civilian president, defeat of USrael created ISIL in Syria, and Washington’s humiliation by Russia in Ukraine.

Max Fisher, editor of Jewish VOX magazine blamed Obama’s top foreign policy adviser Dr. Susan Rice, being the main actor behind Hagel’s firing.

What is not being told is that there’s been speculation of for a couple of months that, after the midterm elections, the Obama administration would fire some lead foreign policy people to try to fix the problems. But every one thought he would fire someone who works in the White House, such as national security adviser Susan Rice, because Obama has forced all foreign policy-making to happen within the White House. Instead he’s fired someone outside of the White House, which suggests that Obama is going to keep the White House foreign policy team,” Fisher wrote on November 24, 2014.

Sen. John McCain, the top critic of Hagel, said Hagel left “frustrated” as result of interference in his duties from Obama’s top advisers especially Dr. Susan. McCain praised Hagel as honest, patriotic and brave man – but not suitable to the defense post. He said McCain did not agree with Obama’s policy toward ISIS and Ukraine.

Both CNN and Fox News have claimed that Obama fired Hagel. Hagel has agreed to stay at the post until his replacement is found which has to wait until the pro-Israel Republican-dominated Congress convenes next year.

As expected, the leading contender to replace Chuck Hagel is no other than Michele Flournoy, wife of Zionist Jew W. Scott Gould and founder CEO of Israeli advocacy think tank, Center for a New American Security (CNAS).

Both Moshe Yaalon, Israel’s defense minister and Abraham Foxman, Israel’s highest-paid ($760,000 per year) lobbyist have called Chuck Hagel “Friend of Israel” over his resignation.

Personally, I don’t feel Hagel’s firing is bad for the Muslim world. As soon as, Hagel got the job, he started licking Israel’s feet. Last year, during his aliya to Zionist entity, he assured the “baby killers” that he’s committed to protect Israel. On November 15, 2014, Hagel accused Hizbullah being a threat to United States.

Canada backs ‘Holocaust-denial’ at UN

On November 21, 2014, UN Assembly passed a Russian-sponsored resolution condemning Holocaust-denial, pro-Nazi propaganda and using symbols to glorify Nazis. Canada, the US and Ukraine were the only three nations which voted against the resolution while 55 other nations abstained as they’re afraid to offend Washington. Israel voted in favor of the resolution in order not to offend its ally Putin.

The development of mutually advantageous and constructive relations with Israel in the political, economic, humanitarian and other fields was and will remain the priority of Russia’s foreign policy,” said President Vladimir Putin in June 2014.

The resolution also decried attempts to whitewash Nazi collaborators by depicting them as fighters of nationalist resistance movements and honoring them as such. I bet, the Russian authors of the resolution were aware of Jewish and Zionist collaboration with Nazis but preferred not to mention it.

Interestingly, most of European nations which abstained have draconian laws against Holocaust-deniers. For example, on November 19, 2014 two French police officers searched home of professor Faurisson for his computer and certain documents challenging the Zionist narrative of Jewish ethnic-cleansing.

One can understand the reason for the rejection of the resolution by the US and Ukraine – because the current Jewish-neoNazi regime in Ukraine was installed by the US and EU imperialists. What makes Stephen Harper’s disgusting is the fact that he did it just to secure more points with Washington. Harper insulted Putin at the G-20 summit in Australia last weekend.

US ambassador Samantha Power did not feel shame by lying on the UN floor to protect her Jew husband’s tribe acting like Nazis in Ukraine. She was concerned of Russia’s political motives for employing phrases which were offensive and disrespectful to those who had suffered at the hands of Nazi regimes. I’m sure she did not mean the 150,000 German Jews and Zionist terrorist groups who helped Nazis in the mass-murder of Gypsies, Christians and Jews during WW II.

American Jewish journalist, Max Blumenthal, claims that Jewish groups like ADL and Simon Wiesenthal Center killed Rep. John Conyers’ bill calling for Obama administration to stop funding the “neoNazi” regime in Kiev.

One will never find Iran’s anti-Nazism voting record at the UN in the past by the Jewish-controlled western media. Iran, Syria and the Democratic Republic of Korea have voted together with the Zionist entity, year after year, after year to oppose the rehabilitation and glorification of Nazism, the Nazi past and neo-Nazism.

Brawl over Gen Patton at Museum of Jewish Heritage

No doubt Zionist Vengeance is forever. The latest proof came to light on November 9, 2014 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan, New York. The director of the Museum, Dr. David Marwell got booed by the audience for questioning Eric’s views on the impact of Gen. George Patton‘s anti-Semitism on the displaced person (DP) camps throughout Europe following the collapse of the Nazi regime.

The event was arranged to review Jew York Times reporter Eric Litchtblau’s new book, The Nazis Next Door: How America became a safe Heaven for Hitler’s men.

Historically, America has been a safe Heaven for the Zionist Jewish organizations which  collaborated with Hitler before and during the WW II. The US also provided safe heaven to approximately 1,600 German including Jewish scientists, to do research work in US military industry, such as, the Operation Paperclip. John Cornwell’s 2004 book Hitler’s Scientists is a good read on this subject.

Gen George Patton, commander of the US Third Army and governor of a greater part of US occupied Germany is accused by the organized Jewry for slapping and berating two Jewish soldiers, Pvt. Charles H. Kuhl and Pvt. Paul Bennett in August 1943 in Sicily. Patton also called them cowards. Patton was ordered to apologize to the soldiers in public by the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces Gen. David (Ike) Eisenhower, who is accused of being a crypto-Jew

Several writers have claimed that Gen. Patton was killed by Jews as part of Jewish vengeance for insulting Jewish soldiers.

Most of the Jews swarming over Germany immediately after the war came from Poland and Russia, and Patton found their personal habits shockingly uncivilized. Patton’s initial impressions of the Jews were not improved when he attended a Jewish religious service at Eisenhower’s insistence. His diary entry for September 17, 1945, reads in part: “This happened to be the feast of Yom Kippur, so they were all collected in a large, wooden building, which they called a synagogue. It behooved General Eisenhower to make a speech to them. We entered the synagogue, which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen. When we got about halfway up, the head rabbi, who was dressed in a fur hat similar to that worn by Henry VIII of England and in a surplice heavily embroidered and very filthy, came down and met the General. The smell was so terrible that I almost fainted and actually about three hours later lost my lunch as the result of remembering it.” Read more here.

Bill O’Reilly, one of America’s top Muslim-haters in his recent book, Killing Patton, has claimed that Patton was murdered on the orders of Russian dictator Joseph Stalin. As far as I know, that’s another way of saying that “Communist Jews” killed Patton. After all, Stalin was far greater lover of Jews than Eisenhower. Stalin established the very first Jewish state of Birobijan in Russia in 1934. Bill O’Reilly’s book is nothing but distortion of history.

Israeli flag got kicked at U.C. Berkeley

Ami Horowitz, a Fox News Jew commentator was shocked to find out that many students at American Campuses don’t accept Zionists’ propaganda lies about Islam, Muslims, Palestinians and Israel.

Horowitz along with a cameraman went to University of California, Berkeley to rant his anti-Muslim propaganda while waving flag of the so-called “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria. Horowitz and guys at Fox News were really disappointed by the reception Horowitz received at one of America’s prestigious university campuses with a Center for Jewish Studies, headed by professor Robert Bernard Alter (a Zionist Jew) plus two Israel-linked Jewish student advocacy groups, Hillel and Tikvah. Nicholas B. Dirks, Chancellor of UC is a senior fellow at CFR, a powerful Israeli advocacy group. Barack Obama penned a few articles for CFR magazine.

During his ISIS stunt, not a single student stopped to criticize the horrible acts of terrorism carried out by ISIS in the name of Islam. It seems the students already knew that ISIS is a US-Israel-Saudi creation and that all beheading videos were faked.

“A couple of thousand students walked by me and not saying anything negative. In fact, there were some positive responses. It really blew me away. Not a single person has a negative response. It was completely shocking,” says Horowitz.

In the second episode, Horowitz reappears waving Israeli flag while whining how the “little Jewish state” is being threatened by Hamas and its Arab neighbors. This time several students stopped by and criticized the Zionist regime’s barbaric actions against Palestinians.

“You’re killing kids,” said one student.

“That flag you wave is the psychological genocide of this planet. This institution is part of the people who enslaved the whole planet,” one of passerby said.

Israel is a thief in night, and a thief in the day,” yelled another student.

“Tyranny is not cute,” another of passerby said.

A shocked Zionist propagandist posted his reaction to his experience at UC campus by saying: “Students at Berkeley clearly have a lot of intellect; it’s one of the most prestigious and selective universities in the country. But do they have wisdom? I went to the bucolic campus armed with a flag that represent the greatest evil known today, ISIS. If these are our best and brightest then we should all be afraid.”

In March 2012, Jewish lobby groups failed in their campaign to ban NOI leader Farrakhan to address Black Student Union function at the UC campus.

Last year, Sadia Saifuddin was elected the first-ever student regent at UC campus by defeating organized Jewry’s anti-Sadia campaign, which also included Jewish organizations like the Simon Wiesenthal Center the Campus Watch and Stand With US.

America has less than 2% Jewish population, but Eighty percent of the top Ivy League administrators are either Jewish or married to Jews. And these administrators admit Jewish students at between a 7-15 times overrepresented rate to their proportion of the population. Professor Kevin McDonald concludes, “These data strongly suggest that Jewish overrepresentation at elite universities has nothing to do with IQ but with discrimination against non-Jewish White Americans.”

2.5 million homeless kids in US

In August 2014, Barack Obama and his Wall Street Zionist vultures bragged that America’s economy was booming and took the credit for that. Forget that the gap between the 1% fat-cats and the 99% regular Joe increased by more than 85% since 2012. Forget that the average unemployment rate did not fall below 6.3% as projected.

The Zionist-controlled media ignored a warning that numbers of homeless children in America  are at an all-time high of almost 2.5 million, an 8 percent increase from 2012 to 2013, according to a report released Monday.

Living in shelters, neighbors’ basements, cars, campgrounds, and worse—homeless children are the most invisible and neglected individuals in our society,” said Carmela DeCandia, director of the National Center on Family Homelessness at the American Institute for Research, which issued the report.

In United States more than 40 percent of children are born outside of marriage. Five decades ago, it was less than 10 percent. The surge in unwed childbearing is troubling, considering a child born and raised by a single parent is five times more likely to be poor than a child raised in an intact home.

The homeless kids become easy prey to sex trafficking, illegal drug trade, pornography and other crimes. According to the Polaris Project, a nonprofit combating human slavery and trafficking, 300,000 children are at risk of sex trafficking in the US each year.

Child-bearing out of marriage has become a norm in the United States and the rest of the so-called “civilized world”. According to US Census Bureau, out of 12 million single parent families in 2013, more than 80% were headed by single mothers. Today 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 – a total of about 17.5 million – are being raised without a father and nearly half (45%) live below the poverty line. For those living with father only, about 21% live in poverty. In contrast, among children living with both parents, only 13% are counted as poor. Read more here.

In Canada, the situation is not much different. On any given night, approximately 33,000 Canadians are homeless – 8,000 to 11,000 are youth.