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No Amos Gilad: Syria is not dying

assad[2]Maj. Gen. Amos Gilad, 64, head of Israel military propaganda wing boasted during a recent military conference: “Syria has disappeared, Syria is dying. The funeral will be announced in due time. This Bashar al-Assad will be remembered in the history books as the one who lost Syria. Until now, he has lost 75% of Syria, in practice he controls 20% of Syria. His future, if I can predict it, is shrinking all the time. We may yet see him as president of ‘Alawistan’,” the Times of Israel quoted him saying on June 30, 2015.

Amos Gilad has every right to live in a self-denial like many other Israeli Jews – but may like to know Al-Sham (Syria) even existed when his ancestors were conspiring with the Roman occupiers of Palestine to kill Jesus on the Cross over 2000 years ago.

How reliable Gilad’s ‘prediction’ is – one has to know that for his role in the Jewish army’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982, Gilad sued the Zionist regime for “irreversible mental damages”. In February 2009, then prime minister Ehud Olmert suspended him as Israel’s ambassador to Egypt for slamming Zionist regime over negotiating a ceasefire with Islamic resistance Hamas ruling Gaza Strip.

Amos Gilad took part as one of the leading commanders of 30,000-strong Jewish army’s 34-day invasion of Lebanon with no air force and navy in Summer 2006 – but couldn’t save his country from a military humiliation at the hands of Hizbullah fighters. One wonders, how he expect to destroy Assad regime which is supported by Hizbullah, Iran and Russia.

Gilad is a hawkish Jew war criminal. He commanded the murder of innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the West Bank from 1974 to 1979 as chief of Israel Occupation Force (IOF) intelligence. His family emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Palestine in 1939 and settled in the Palestinian city of Haifa. Gilad was also involved in the plot to poison PLO leader Yasser Arafat in Paris.

Israel has been instigating destruction of a united Syria for decades. It always wanted to create a pro-Israel Kurdistan state alongside its borders – consisting of Kurd autonomous entities within Iraq, Syria and Iran. Currently, it’s also eyeing on large Kurd minority areas in Turkey. The so-called Arab Spring and the latest US-Israeli invention ISIS/ISIL are all part of Zionist plan to destabilize Israel’s neighboring countries and partition them into defenseless Arab entities.

The recent election setback for president Erdogan’s AKP ruling party, has busted Ankara’s anti-Assad balloon. The leader of main opposition party CHP, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu , has warned Erdogan against military action.

A good politician knows that feeding off chaos and war will bring disaster instead of success. This country is not a plaything for your ambition,” he said.

On his part, on Saturday, Erdogan vowed that Turkey will never allow a Kurdish state on Syrian soil. The idiot should realize that the only way to stop the US-Israel to create a Kurd state, as they established KRG in Iraq, is to join forces with Damascus and Tehran against the US-Israel-Saudi ‘Axis of Evil’ in the region.

The earlier the Sunni Arab rulers wake-up to the truth that the alliance between Syria, Iran and Hizbullah is based on strategic interests and not on Shia Islam, the better for their survival against Judeo-Christian imperialism. Syria is ruled by an anti-religion Ba’athist establishment which intends to keep religion out of state affairs. Iranian regime and Hizbullah, on the other hand, are rooted in Islamic theology.

Obama’s letters to Ayatullah Khamenei

AyatollahKhamenei-ConferenceonIslamicUnity55_zps31c3f9f6[2]If one follows the Jewish mass-media, he will find that Benjamin Netanyahu is still posting letters to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei on behalf of Israel’s ‘Guardian Angle’ US president Barack Obama.

In August 2013, the western media claimed Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said al-Said was carrying a secret message to president Rouhani concerning opening direct contacts between Tehran and Washington. Iranian foreign minister Dr. Zarif rejected the news as ‘gossip’.

The Time Magazine, Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal claimed on November 6, 2014 that Obama sent a “secret letter” to Khamenei seeking his help to fight ISIS/ISIL, the Zionist monster created by CIA and Mossad. On February 13, 2015, these Israel Hasbara organs claimed that Khamenei responded to the “secret” letter.

Both claims were rejected as propaganda lies by Iranian foreign ministry.

On Monday, Iranian parliamentary officials have claimed that last week Obama sent a letter to Khamenei seeking the Leader’s help to resolve the stand-off between the US and Iranian negotiating teams in Vienna. The letter was apparently delivered by Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi during his recent visit.

Mehrdad Bazrpash, Majlis (parliament) president of foreign policy board said that Washington and Obama, himself, need a nuclear agreement with Iran as Washington is in a more dire need of an agreement than Iran.

He further pointed out that the US hypocrisy in its secret messages and in the public has ruined the wall of trust between the two countries. “The contents of the United States’ private messages to Iran are different from what the American officials say in the public“.

In their private messages, they respectfully demand the Islamic Republic of Iran to come to the negotiating table and make an agreement but they threaten Iran in their media and before the eyes of their own and other countries’ people,” Bazrpash said.

His remarks came as media reports said on Sunday that the US is still raising more demands a few days before a July 1 deadline comes to an end, and evades endorsing fulfillment of the undertakings it accepted under the April 2 Lausanne agreement.

In Vienna, the parties have agreed to extend the talks by one week from their self-imposed June 30 deadline. Another week for Israel and its Jewish lobby groups to blackmail leaders of the US, France, UK and Germany to walk away from signing a long-term deal with Iran.

The difficulty with any kind of a negotiation at this level is to keep it focused on the primary issue,” said General James Cartwright, a nuclear policy analyst with the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a Jewish advocacy group established in 1962. During 2003 invasion of Iraq, CSIS’s Jewish ‘nuclear expert’ Dr. Anthony H. Cordesman, produced most of the propaganda lies about Saddam Hussain’s WMD. Now, he is repeating same lies about Iran’s nuclear program.

An analysis by professor Mohammed Nuruzzaman (University of Kuwait), published on December 11, 2013 is worth reading to understand why Israel-Saudi Arabia are against a US-Iran friendship.

US Citizen: Bring down American flag

United_States[1]While the Organized Jewry is celebrating US Supreme Court’s Gay marriage ruling, and pushing Obama administration to declare war on Islamic Republic and Syria – many patriotic Americans are showing their disgust over American imperialism, racism and mass poverty.

In the aftermath of Charleston shooting, the Organized Jewry has called the removal of Confederate flag from buildings and ban its sale especially at stores owned by Jews. It has called Confederate flag ‘America’s Swastika’ (The Hill, June 23, 2015). Very few Americans know that one of the Confederate butcher, Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, who founded KKK, had Jewish family roots.

The Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said at the Metropolitan A.M.E. Church, in Washington DC: “I don’t know what is the fight about the Confederate flag. We need to put the American flag down, because we have caught as much hell under that as under the Confederate flag. What flag do the police have? What flag flies over the non-justice Department?

It’s no secret that American police officers receive training from Israeli Jew officers. The US Justice Department along with the White House is run by Organized Jewry. Though Jews make 2% of the US population, four of nine judges at the Supreme Court are Jewish.

On June 29, 2015, investigative journalist, Paul Joseph Watson, reported that some Americans are petitioning to ban the Stars and Stripes flag. Watch a video below.

The pro-Israel Muslim haters have used US flag to demonize Muslims. For example on June 20, 2014 Israel-First millionaire Glenn Beck claimed on his website that “Duy Tran was asked to remove an American flag from his Webster, Texas apartment balcony by the complex manager because it might be seen as ‘threat to the Muslim community’.”

This smacks on FBI’s 2013 report claiming that Americans hate Jews more than they hate Muslims.

John Kerry: Honey, I didn’t shrink the Jews!

On June 28, John Kerry added a new Jew to his negotiating team, US secretary of energy Ernest Moniz, a ‘nuclear expert’ by profession. He accompanied Kerry and Jewish undersecretary for political affairs Wendy Sherman to meet Iranian foreign minister Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif & Co at the Palais Coburg Hotel in Vienna, Austria to hammer-out the final details of a possible nuclear deal between the so-called P5+1 and Iran by June 30.

Frankly, I hate to bet my Canadian dollar on any positive outcome from the three Israeli stooges. I remember Anti-Iranian Tank Wendy Sherman’s 2013 quote from her Holy Talmud: “We know deception is part of Iranian DNA.”

American writer, author and radio talk-show host, Mark Glenn told Press TV on the weekend that Washington is not interested in dealing with a sovereign power. It wants a puppet regime in Tehran like the rest of rulers in the region.

The entire nuclear discussion is aimed at maneuvering Iran into a position where she will, little by little, bit by bit, she will secede certain factors of what has been up to this point a very well-protected political system to Western influence,” Glenn said.

On Sunday, EU foreign policy chief, Frederica Mogherini, remarked that she was ‘optimistic’ that the “conditions are right” to finalise an agreement in Vienna this week. She also said that reaching a deal on Iran’s nuclear programme was a matter of political will and added that the “security of the world is at stake”.

However, John Kerry, Laurent Fabius and Philip Hammond said they’re not ‘optimistic’ about the deal to be signed by June 30. All, except John Kerry, have left Vienna for homes to consult their respective governments, and will return on Tuesday to meet in Vienna again.

To be honest, Netanyahu, Abe Foxman, John Bolton, John Boehmer, Samantha Power, French FM Laurent Fabius, British FM Philip Hammond and Wendy Sherman are not the only creeps being afraid of a US-Iran nuclear deal.

Former CIA and NASA director Gen. Michael Hayden, director at Israeli firm LIGNET, claims that Islamic Republic has “the upper hand” in the final nuclear deal draft.

I would actually fear that the Iranians have the upper hand right now. I would hope this is not the final round of talks,” the paranoid Zionist told Fox News on Sunday.

GOP presidential candidate, billionaire Donald Trump, says the Obama administration is making the US look like we’re beggars as they pursue a long-term deal on Iran’s nuclear program. He suggest more sanctions against Iran.

We look like we’re beggars. We look like we’re sitting there begging,” Trump told John Catsimatidis on Sunday during The Cats Roundtable on New York’s AM 970.

Watch Israel’s crying WOLF about Iranian BOMB for the last 30 years below.

Iranian FM: US-Israel behind terrorism in region

iran-mexico-flag[1]On Tuesday, Iranian foreign minister Mohammed Javad Zarif, PhD, told the visiting Mexican Sen. Gabriela Cuevas Barron, 36, that the US and Israel’s colonial policies have created the on-going terrorism in the Middle East. Ms Barron is chairwoman of foreign relation committee in Mexican Senate.

Dr. Zarif told her that Iran had warned the world of the ISIL/ISIS terrorism in the region. Steven Kelley, former CIA contractor told Press TV last week that United States created ISIL/ISIS and other terrorist groups operating in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to destroy all resistance to Israeli dominance in the region.

Sen. Barron, who headed a parliamentary delegation to Iranian Majlis (parliament), lauded Iranian role in combating terrorism and drug-trafficking in the region. She said dialogue is the only way to bring peace into the region. She also highlighted Tehran’s role in settling conflicts in the region.

The US-Israel collaboration in creating conflicts, regime changes, and terrorism around the world has a long history. Washington and western Zionist-controlled mass media have shielded and armed the Zionist entity’s every aggression against the US (USS Liberty, Assassination of JFK and 9/11), and countries in the region (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Gaza, West Bank, etc.).

The CIA, FBI, DHS and other law enforcement agencies are known for their collaboration with Israeli Mossad and local Jewish extremists to carry-out terrorism in the US including the latest South Carolina church shooting.

Israel receives largest military aid from the US ($3+ billion per year), which it uses to terrorize its neighbors. During the last two years, Saudi Arabia paid the Zionist regime $16 billion to stop Iranian influence in the region.

In December 2010, UK’s newspaper, The Independent admitted that CIA and MI6 collaborated with Israeli Mossad in the assassinations of five Iranian nuclear scientists.

In Syria, the US is forcing its regional allies to topple Bashar al-Assad, an ally of Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas and Iraq, from power for Israel’s regional interests.

Gen. Naser Oric: The Bosnian War Hero

Naser_Oric_Arrives_Sarajevo[1]Bosnian Muslim Gen. Naser Oric, 48, considered a War Hero in Bosnia-Herzegovina, was arrested by Swiss authorities on June 10, 2015 while visiting Bern under pressure from Serbian government that has declared him a ‘war criminal’ for defending his country against Serbian armed invasion during 1992-1995.

The Bosnian government criticized Bern and Belgrade over Oric’s arrest and warned that it could harm relations between Bosnia and Switzerland.

On Friday, Swiss government extradited Oric to Sarajevo.

Bakir Izetbegovic, the Muslim member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency, hailed Switzerland for sending Oric to his home country, saying the decision was “the only correct and fair” one.

In 2008, Gen. Oric, who led Muslim forces in Bosnia’s east during the war, was acquitted of alleged war crimes by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague, Netherlands.

About 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were massacred in Srebrenica when Serb forces overran it in 1995, after three years of imposing a blockade on the enclave, which was protected by the United Nations. The carnage has been designated as the worst in Europe since the end of World War II.

Kathryn Bolkovac, former US police officer who served as a peace-keeper in post-war Bosnia in 1999 exposes the UN peacekeeping forces for committing sexual abuse of Muslim children and women in 2010 movie, The Whistleblower . Watch full movie below.

The Serbian army and Bosnian Serb and Croat militias destroyed more than 300 Muslim villages around Srebrenica and forced over 700,000 Muslim refugees into Srebrenica – making it look alike today’s Gaza Strip; with not enough food, water, pharmaceuticals, electricity, simply: the basic needs for a normal life for all, shelling it, killing innocent civilians.

Freedom Flotilla III to face Israeli Fascism

Netanyahu+as+child+murderer[1]Freedom Flotilla III consisting of three boats carrying 60 unarmed humanitarian activists has started its journey from three Mediterranean sea ports.

This is anti-occupation activists third try to break Israel imposed blockade of 1.7 million Muslims and Christians living in Gaza Strip since they elected Islamist Hamas to lead Palestinian struggle against Israeli apartheid regime in 2007.

The 60 people on board three boats come from 17 countries – the US, Israel, Germany, Finland, Spain, Greece, South Africa, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, Canada, the UK, and Russia. None of them is of Palestinian origin (except for Basel Ghattas, an Israeli Arab member of Knesset)- as if captured by Israeli Jew soldiers, he would face more severe punishment than the non-Palestinian participants.

Basel Ghattas has already been declared traitor by fellow Jew lawmakers.

The flotilla has united people of all beliefs except racist Zionists, among them a former Tunisian president Dr. Mohamed al-Moncef al-Marzouki, a Catholic nun, two writers, three parliamentarians, five reporters, Israeli-born musician Dror Feiler and six TV crews. Dror Feiler, 63, who served in Israel Occupation Force (IOF) took self-exile like Gilad Atzmon, and has called Sweden his home for the last 40 years. He has participated in the two earlier Freedom Flotilla attempts. His parents are well-known anti-occupation activists in Israel. His mother still lives in Israel, but he has been denied entrance to the Zionist entity. Read more on this story here.

On Sunday, Israeli army warned the Freedom Flotilla III participants that their boats would be ‘military targets’ for threatening the security of Israel.

Israeli Jews are treating us as if we came here from elsewhere, as if we accidentally and recently strayed into this land. But we are the rightful owners of this land. We didn’t intrude into Israel. Israel intruded into our lives in 1948, and in 1967 it occupied Eastern Jerusalem. We have been here long before Israel. By the time Israel came here, our forefathers had been living here for many centuries,” Sebastia Theodosios, Archbishop of Jerusalem said in an interview in January 2015.