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Obama visits Malaysia under ISIS threat

On Friday, US president Barack Obama arrived in Malaysia from Manila on a 3-day trip to attend 27th ASEAN summit in Kuala Lumpur. The summit will be chaired by country’s prime minister Datuk Najib Razak.

British pro-Israel newspaper Guardian reported on Sunday that French, American, British and Israeli intelligence agencies have warned Kuala Lumpur that ISIS is planning a Paris-style terrorist attacks in Manila or Kuala Lumpur as it has joined with Philippines Muslim resistance Abu Sayyaf, which has long been classified “terrorist organization” by the US State Department. Since Obama escaped assassination attempt in Manila, I’m keeping my fingers crossed during Obama’s stay in Malaysia, especially when Mossad linked Malaysian police Bukit Aman is looking after Obama’s security.

The way paranoid Zionists are connecting every anti-Israel group with the US-Israel created ISIS, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future we hear that Hamas, Hizbullah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC), and Pakistan’s ISI are all linked to ISIS.

Ahead of the summit, Obama addressed a youth meeting at Selangor’s Taylor University. He told his audience that fighting ISIS and countering China hegemony at South China will be the focus of the ASEAN summit. Interestingly, Obama with his over 40 absurd allies have failed to defeat ISIS in a single town in Syria or Iraq. It’s all kosher until Putin spoiled the fun a month ago.

The Jewish-controlled media is not happy over Obama’s visit to Malaysia which was lead by anti-Israel Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for three decades. The current prime minister Razak is a lieutenant of Mahathir.

The US media has reported that Obama will raise human rights issue during his meeting with Malaysian PM on Friday night – including the persecution of Jewish Lobby’s darling Anwar Ibrahim, former deputy prime minister under Mahathir and the pro-Israel Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

This is Barack Obama’s second trip to Malaysia. Last year, he became the first US president to visit Malaysia in 50 years since the Israeli stooge Lyndon Johnson.

I wonder, if Obama would confide to his host the names of evildoers behind Malaysia’s recent three air tragedies.

Mossad bombers kill 35 people in Nigeria

flags_nigeria-israel[1]On Tuesday, 32 people were killed and at least 80 injured when a bomb blast ripped through crowded park in Yola, capital of Adamawa state in Northeast Nigeria. No group has taken credit for the blast, and Nigerian government of Shari’ah General has not accused Al-Qaeda or ISIS or any other phony “Islamic terrorist” groups so far.

Within 24-hour, a twin-bomb blast hit GSM market, Nassarawa GRA. The bombs were planted close to the generator serving the market. Kano state police commissioner Muhammadu Katsina said that three people were killed while eight others injured.

As usual, the Jewish-controlled mainstream media couldn’t hold its brain between legs, and blamed Nigeria’s Boko Haram, which like ISIS plans to establish a Caliphate in Nigeria. But that’s okay with me because like millions others, I too know that Boko Haram is Mossad False Flag Front.

The terrorist attacks came at the heel of president Buhari’s speech at a military ceremony at which he declared that Boko Haram has been defeated.

As the good old rabbi once said: “Whosoever harms Jews, G-d of Talmud always punishes him.” Last Friday G-d punished French for Jewish Holocaust. This bomb blast could be result of Nigeria’s not supporting Israel at the UNESCO.

In April 2014, 71 people were killed and 124 injured in two blasts at a bus station on the outskirts of Nigerian capital city, Abuja. Goodluck Jonathan, former pro-Israel Christian president blamed Boko Haram for the blast.

Boko Haram is a CIA-Mossad terrorist front whose job is to create chaos so that Western powers can break-up Africa’s most oil-rich nation into Muslim and Christian states as they did to oil-rich Muslim-majority Sudan a few years ago. Western powers were behind the Baifra revolt in the 1960s.

In 2011, then Israel’s minister for public security Yitzhak Aharonovich along with Israeli ambassador Moshe Ram met with Farida, chairperson of economic terrorism and Humphrey Abah, minister of police, in Abuja. They agreed to establish close cooperation between Mossad and Nigerian security agencies in fight against Al-Qaeda.

Last year, Nigeria voted against recognition of Palestinian state at United Nations. Netanyahu personally thanked Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan for his friendly gestures for the Jewish people.

Israel’s Russian-born former foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman visited Nigeria last year and held meeting with then president Goodluck and other senior ministers.

The current Nigerian so-called “Islamist” president Maj. Gen. (ret) Mahummudu Buhari was the one who established diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity as country’s military dictator in the past. In 1984, Buhari hired Israeli Mossad services to kidnap country’s former transport minister Umaro Dikko living in exile in Britain (Dikko Affair).

Israel’s daily YNet has claimed that Israel had sold millions of dollars worth old US arms to Nigerian regimes.

Igbo tribal people in Nigeria who claim to have Jewish roots, are helped by Israel and United States economically. In return those people look after Israeli interests in Africa. Nearly 15,000 Israeli Jews live and work in Nigeria’s agro, mineral and oil sectors.

Africa remains semi-colonial and continue to become increasingly dependent on developed non-African countries for overvalued manufactured products and services while exporting raw materials at prices commodities markets in the West determine based speculative interest.

Sen. Schumer: War on terror is Israel’s proxy war

On November 15, Sen. Charles Ellis (Chuck) Schumer (D-NY) speaking at the Jewish Education’s 75th annual dinner in Manhattan (NY), like Benjamin Netanyahu, also claimed that West’s war against terrorism is a proxy war for Israel.

Had the world come down when the terrorists shot the Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics or hijacked El AL planes, and come down on them hard, we would not have had what happened in Paris on Friday,” Schumer proclaimed.

I’m glad Schumer, though unknowingly, accepted that both Munich (in 1972) and El Al hijacking (in 1976) with the blessing of Israel First Gen. Idi Amin, were false flag operations (here, here) meant to terrorize Christian world and make it fight Israel’s proxy war against Muslim world.

The message other than fighting terrorism is to make sure that when it is directed at on nation – like it has been directed in Israel for now decades – it is directed at every nation. And the world must unite to defend Israel against the terrorism that is used against her day in and day out,” Schumer added.

Now, if Schumer had studied Israel’s history from some objective source, I bet he would have called on the world powers to bomb the Zionist entity to ground level in order to save the rest of humanity. It’s Israel which has invaded all of its neighboring countries, and still occupies some of their lands. In addition to that Israeli Mossad operates assassination squads not only in the region but around the world. It has assassinated more foreign political leaders, scientists, presidents, prime ministers, resistance leaders, and aid workers than its godfathers United states and Soviet Russia put together.

Chuck Schumer (Jewish), a senior Democrat senator was lauded by the Jewish Lobby for voting against his own party over the US-Iran nuclear agreement. He has told his pro-Israel constituents on several occasions that his last name drives from Shomer, the Hebrew word for defender and described himself as a defender of Israel.

Chuck Schumer has supported all American wars which could benefit Israel, such as, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, etc. Many political observers have called him Traitor (here).

UIUC to pay $875,000 to anti-Israel professor it fired

Trusties of Jewish-controlled University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have voted to agree to a out of court $875,000 financial settlement with professor Steven Salaita. Last year, his job offer for a tenured position at the university was revoked by Chancellor Dr. Phyllis M. Wise (Jewish) over his anti-Israel tweet.

Under the terms of the settlement, Dr. Salaita, will not get his job back but will receive $600,000. The rest of the money will go to his legal team from the Center of Constitutional Rights.

This settlement is a vindication for me, but more importantly, it’s a victory for academic freedom and the First amendment. The petitions, demonstrations, and investigations, as well as legal case, have reinvigorated American higher education as a place of critical thinking and rigorous debates, and I’m deeply grateful to all who have spoken out,” Salaita said in a statement.

When the news that the University of Illinois had rescinded its offer of employment to Salaita due his alleged ”antisemitic” remarks,” I was immediately suspicious. My own criticism of Israel had often earned me the disdain and ire of the crowd that sees defense of Israel – right or wrong – as the measuring stick of being a “real” or “good” Jew. I had to wonder whether the charge of antisemitism was deserved or just another instance in which criticism of Israel’s policies was wrongly equated with antisemitism,” says Marilyn Katz, American Jewish writer and longtime political activist.

Realizing that after offending the powerful Jewish Lobby, he will never get an academic position in the US like Dr. Kevin Barrett and Dr. Norman Finkelstein, Salaita decided to look for an academic position in the Middle East. In July 2015, he announced on Twitter that he will be the Edward W. Said Chair of American Studies in the coming academic year, at the American University in Beirut.

My favorite Lebanese author and pro-Resistance activist, Dr. Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, used to be a professor at the AUB.

Jeremy Corbyn blasts press over Paris shooting coverage

b20141008030427[1]UK’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has blasted the Jewish-controlled western mainstream media’s coverage of recent terrorist attacks in Beirut and Ankara, arguing that they “got hardly any publicity” compared with Paris attack.

In an interview with Lorraine Kelly of ITV Corbyn accused British media of underplaying ISIL terrorist attacks in Lebanon and Turkey while portraying Paris attack as war on humanity. He said that “life is a life” whether it’s lost in Europe or in the Middle East.

I think first of all what happened in Paris was appalling, this is a vibrant, multicultural city, young people of all faiths, and older people as well, all there together, and cultures, and this terrible thing happened,” Corbyn told Lorraine.

Corbyn also told Lorraine that airstrikes and military intervention will not bring about a solution. He insisted we need a political settlement in Syria to defeat ISIS – something which was suggested by Tehran three years ago.

I’m sure Corbyn knows the reason behind the British media’s double standards. First, the entire British mainstream media is owned by Zionist Jews. Second, the terrorist attacks in Ankara and Beirut, though have all marks of Israeli Mossad fingers, are not much useful for Israel to exploit, as none of the victims were Jewish or the damaged to some Jewish-owned property. Third, France is permanent member of the UNSC with veto power, French government of president Hollande is loaded with Zionist Jewish cabinet ministers, and France happens to be home to Europe’s largest Jewish community (500,000).

Like the terrorist attack at the Rothschild-owned Chalie Hebdo Netanyahu also tried to exploit the latest Paris theatre shooting to hide Israeli terrorism against Palestinians and neighboring Arab nations. He has called upon France and the other European nations help Israel to fight Arab terrorism.

Ex-French foreign minister Ronald Dumas has admitted that Zionist Jews control French government. He has also claimed that current war against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was planned two years before the Arab Spring: Made in USA.

Tehran’s conference on US Police Brutality against Blacks

Iran-Flag-128[1]On October 27, 2015, Tehran hosted third international New Horizon Conference. The theme of the 3-day conference was ‘On The Brink’, which highlighted US police brutality against Afro-American youth. The conference was attended by a delegation of 30 academic, human rights activists and film-makers from the US including members of the Nation of Islam. Some Black activists came from other European countries also. Watch a vedio below.

As expected, the participants were declared Israel-haters due to the participation of members of Nation of Islam whose leader, Louis Farrakhan, is the most feared Afro-American leader by the Organized Jewry. The Jewish press has used the conference to discredit the #Black Lives Matter movement. In September 2015, Hollywood Black actor Will Smith was chased by Zionist dogs for allegedly donating $150,000 toward NOI rally against police brutality.

Barack Obama has admitted that he knows racial profiling by police is a real concern in part because he has experienced it firsthand. He recalled a Chicago event with law enforcement officials who told him to pull over for no good reason. He cited a report released this week showing that many African Americans have similarly been pulled over or frisked for no clear reason.

The data shows that this is not an aberration,” said Obama. “It doesn’t mean each case is a problem. It means that when you aggregate all the cases and you look at it, you’ve gotta say that there’s some racial bias in the system.”

The Jewish hatred of White race and vice versa is legendary, but when it comes to Black people, both are birds of feather.

American Jewish columnist and author, Max Blumenthal, in book, ‘Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel’, recounts his personal experience while reporting from the Zionist entity for four years.

I was most surprised at the banality of the racism and violence that I witnessed and how it’s so widely tolerated because it’s so common. And I’m most surprised that it hasn’t made its way to the American public,” says Blumenthal.

The Jews learn this religious hatred and racism from their religious scriptures. They have perfected the technique by terrorizing and killing innocent Palestinians and Arabs. Israeli army and police is now considered “expert” in controlling ‘stone throwing’ anti-government and anti-Jewish rallies around the world. It’s well-known fact that American police receives such training from Israeli officials, funded by pro-Israeli Jewish groups like ADL, AJC, and others.

Spanish court issues arrest warrant for Netanyahu

anti-netanyahu[1]A few days ago, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was courted at the White House and India-born Neera Tandem, president Center for American Progress (CAP) provided a platform for Netanyahu to distort history of Palestine. Washington-based CAP was established by John Podesta (Jewish) former Chief of Staff of US president Bill Clinton in 2003. Neera Tandem is married to a Jew. The Think Progress is CAP’s propaganda news outlet.

At the same time unexpected news came from one of Netanyahu’s European close ally Spain. The Madrid-based Supreme Court judge Jose de la Mata has ordered arrest of Benjamin Netanyahu and six of his former cabinet ministers for crimes against humanity for their role in 2010 attack on Gaza-bound Turkish aid vessel, Mavi Marmara.

The Jew commandos murdered nine aid workers on board, including three Spanish citizen, Manuel Tapial, Laura Arau, and David Segarra.

The other ‘Evildoers’ who are listed in the arrest warrant includes Vladimir Putin’s Russian Jew friend and former Israel foreign minister Avigdore Lieberman, former defense minister Gen. Ehud Barak, who told Israeli Jews to migrate to Finland, then deputy PM and current defense minister Moshe Ya’alon, former deputy PM Eli Yishai, and then state minister Benny Begin. Israel’s ex-Navy commander Eliezer Marom is also sought out as a war criminal by the Spanish court.

I’m sure Netanyahu will just call the Spanish court verdict as another example how the westerners hate Jews. He would have no problem in distorting Jewish history in Muslim Spain during 711-1492 CE. In fact, the Jews have never forgiven Christians for the Spanish Inquisition (here), the real Jewish Holocaust, during which 160,000 Spanish Jews were either killed or taken as slaves by the Crusaders.

Thanks to powerful Jewish lobby groups, Netanyahu has always received a hero’s welcome from politicians and government officials in the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Austria, and even in Russia. In September 2015, British prime minister David Cameron rejected an appeal by 100,000 British citizens to arrest Netanyahu during his 2-day visit to London for committing war crimes in Gaza.

On September 9, 2002, Netanyahu was forced by a mass anti-Israel protest to deliver a speech at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

On November 25, 2013, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) after listening to the testimonies of eleven prosecution witnesses and voluminous documentary evidence and extensive submissions by the prosecution and amicus curiae delivered its judgement on the two charges against the Zionist entity and its retired Gen. Amos Yaron. The Tribunal president Tan Sri Lamin found the Zionist entity and Yaron guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide.