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Lobby: Abortion clinic shooter is not a terrorist

Why Colorado Planned Parenthood Clinic shooter, Robert Lewis Dear, 57, arrested on Friday, was not labeled “terrorist” by the Jewish-controlled media? Because he is not a Muslim.

On Monday, Dear appeared in a local court to face charges of killing one policeman and two civilians while wounding seven others.

Robert Lewis Dear’s shooting ‘official story’ did puzzle me. I cannot believe Dear entered the clinic to harm doctors or the patients. He didn’t threatened anyone of them during the six hour hostage taking. Instead he opened fire on the police and people outside through the clinic window.

American investigative reporter Jim Stone’s comment of the shooting goes as follows:

Supposedly this guy held everyone hostage for six hours. Not one hour, not five hours, not three hours, but SIX HOURS, which is a Jewish code for “this is a lie”, folks, any time your see SIX in any news report it’s suspicious – see it more than once, double suspicious, see it more than twice and the report is a confirmed lie. When you add up this highly suspicious components to all the other highly suspicious details in this hoax, it begins to ooze fakeness like a cracked bottle of saccharin.

What percentage of terrorist attacks in United States and Europe are committed by Muslims? NONE, says Dean Obeidallah at Jewish Daily Beast, January 14, 2015.

I know CNN would not even agree with FBI’s 2006 report which admitted that American Jews carried more terrorist attacks (7%) as compared to Muslims (6%) – the rest were carried out by Christians and atheist extremists.

On Sunday, GOP presidential hopeful, Sen. Ted Cruz, the winner of 2015 Defender of Israel award, claimed that Dear is not against abortion because he himself is a “transgender”.

The media promptly wants to blame him on the pro-life movement when at this point there’s very little evidence to suggest that. It’s also reported that he was registered as independent and as a woman and transgendered leftist activist,” claimed Ted Cruz.

Now, whom you think this Defender of Israel is defending – and why Israeli propagandist website VOX is criticized Ted Cruz for insulting a transgender?

Interestingly, most of pro-Israel Republican ‘Islamophobe’ leaders are against abortion. For example, Scott Walker, Wisconsin governor, who in July 2015 said on CNN that he would rip-up the US-Iran nuclear deal on Day 1 if elected country’s next president.

A poll conducted by PEW in 2013, claimed 90% of American Jews favor abortion.

In October 2015, the old “Dam of US Feminism” and prominent campaigner of Planned Parenthood, Gloria Steinem (Jewish), in an interview she gave to Joanna Cole, editor-in-chief Cosmopolitan magazine, claimed that Pope Francis is supporting global warming without realizing that he in fact is creating it by not supporting abortion. “I’m glad the Pope spoke out about global warming and it was very helpful, but does he know he’s causing it?,” she said.

Greek FM: Iran and China are new emerging powers

On Monday, Greek foreign minister Nikos Kotzias delivered a speech at the University of Tehran in which he called the Islamic Republic and China the new emerging powers.

We live in ever-changing world extending from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean. The shift of power is happening from the West to the East to a degree today, new powers and countries with long histories like Iran and China are emerging in the world,” Kotzias said.

Greek FM said that his country has provided shelter to 630,000 to 640,000 Syrian refugees on six islands even though it was never involved in Syrian bloodshed since 2011.

As Iran is very rich in oil and gas reservoir, Greek shipping lines are very active and the grounds for mutual cooperation to this end is well prepared,” said Greek foreign minister.

Kotzias said that Greek government supports Palestinian struggle for an independent homeland, even though Athens maintains diplomatic relation with Tel Aviv.

Is it possible that Kotzias doesn’t know his boss Alexis Tsipras has just licked Netanyahu’s butts to please the EU bankers during his recent visit to Israel? Greek economy is totally controlled by two international Jewish banking institutions, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase (here). Therefore, it’s hard to expect Tsipras, has the ball to stand-up to Netanyahu, considering he recently fired one of his ministers, Dimitris Kammenos, for believing that Israel had pre-knowledge of 9/11.

Nikos Kotzias, who is currently in Iran on a 2-day visit, held meetings with country’s president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani, his counterpart Dr. Mohammed Javad Zarif and Iranian oil minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh.

Although Greek is now regarded as cultural center for the European Union, but it considers itself as part of the Middle East region and can meddle in its disputes,” Kotzias told reporters after meeting with Dr. Zarif.

When it comes to Islam and Muslims, both Greek and Israeli Jews are taught hatred toward them in cradle. Forget Jews became part of elites in Spain during 850-year Muslim rule, and Greece under Ottoman rule, spanning 400 years, became Europe’s most stabilized society. Exposure to Islam presented a great threat to the organized Greek Orthodox Church, which distorted the teachings of Islam and Muslim history of tolerance so much so that it destroyed every mosque and Muslim institution which could remind new Greek generations of Islam.

Arudhati Roy: Modi is promoting Brahmanism

arundhati-roy41[1]On Saturday, the Booker-prize winner Indian author, Arundhati Roy was awarded Mahatma Joytiba Phule Human Right Award by Mumbai-based Mahatma Phule Samata Parishad. The award was to recognize her fight for the rights of country’s religious and ethnic minorities.

During her acceptance speech, Arundhati Roy accused Narendra Modi -led BJP government of promoting Brahmanism (Hindu caste system) in the name of “Hindu Rashtravad”, and word like “intolerance” is inadequate to describe the “fear” in which the minorities are presently living.

Arundhati Roy said that BJP was trying to “glorify” social reformers in the country as “Great Hindus”, such as Dr. BR Ambedkar, who left Hindu religion. Dr. Ambedkar hated Hindu caste system and accused Gandhi and Hindu nationalist parties that “they want a Hindu-dominated India and Muslims to live as subservient under it“. He also said: “I was born a Hindu, but will not die a Hindu (here).”

The Indian history is being re-written and national institutions are being taken over by the government,” Roy said.

Raising slogans against Roy, BJP’s Student Wing (ABVP) activists called her “anti-national, pro-Pakistan and anti-Indian Army”, before they were rounded up by police.

Arundhati Roy is accustomed to such insults coming from Hindu extremists and government officials. She was labeled “traitor” for supporting Kashmiri Muslim struggle against Indian occupation of their ancestral land. She was called “terrorist” for supporting the Moist rebellion against the brutal policies of the Central government in New Delhi.

Earlier this month, Arundhati Roy irked Hindu extremist parties by returning her Indian National Award.

On the occasion, NCP leader and former Maharashtra minister Chhagan Bhujbal said the BJP need to learn its lesson from the Bihar Assembly polls result and Narendra Modi should control the party’s “fringe elements” indulging in “intolerant talks”.

Dr. Mini Kariappa, an Indian DNA researcher, claimed in 2005 that a great majority of Brahmans (2% of total Hindu population of 800 million) are descendants of Jews (here). That explains why Hindu extremist parties admire the Zionist entity as role model and a great ally of Hindutva-ruled India.

In 2002, Arundhati Roy received Lannan Cultural Freedom Prize award which carries $350,000 cash. She donated the prize money to 50 NGOs. Lannon Foundation in Santa Fe is a family foundation of an American entrepreneur Patrick Lannan Sr. In June 2011, Lannan Foundation cancelled the screening of British investigative journalist and film-maker John Pilger documentary, The War You Don’t See, in which John Pilger and British author David Barsamian expose western media lies before and during US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Incidentally, John Pilger is also holder of Lannan Cultural Freedom Prize.

Argentina’s new pro-Israel president

Argentina[2]Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has every reason to celebrate the departure of the so-called “pro-Iran” Cristina Kirchner. She will be replaced by former Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Marci as the new president of Argentina.

Mauricio Marci visited Israel last year and held a meeting with Netanyahu. The president-elect Marci has already appointed Pope Francis friend, Rabbi Sergio Bergman as minister of environment and sustainable development. The good rabbi is author of religious book, A Gospel: According to Pope Francis. Their friendship goes back to days when Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio served as Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Jorge Bergoglio was a frequent visitor to Asociacion Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) that was targeted by Israel Mossad in 1994.

Rabbi Bergman is not the first Jewish cabinet minister of the country (200,000 Jewish population). Argentina’s outgoing foreign minister Hector Timerman is also Jewish.

Marci defeated Cristina Kirchner’s hand-picked Daniel Osvaldo Scioli, Governor of Buenos Aires and former vice-president under Nestor Kirchner (2003-07).

Netanyahu telephoned Marci to congratulate him on his success and invited him to visit Israel after he take over country’s presidency on December 10, 2015. Later, Netanyahu told the press that from now on relations between Israel and Argentina will be back to the presidency of Nestor Kirchner, a Zionist poodle. He also boasted that Marci has promised he would revise Argentina’s relation with Venezuela and Iran.

Netanyahu is well-known for living in ‘self-denial’. It’s Argentina that needs Iran to provide an alternate to fight the US exploitation of country’s economy and integrity. In fact, most of world nations which have close diplomatic or trade relations with the Zionist entity – pose threat to Iran’s independent foreign policy. It’s Israel which is getting more isolated from its former allies since the signing of the so-called P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, which in reality favors more Israel than Iran. Netanyahu’s anti-Iran propaganda lies about its nuclear program since 1990s, failed to isolate Iran from international community. It’s Israel which is not recognized by over 52 UN-members as compared to five against Iran.

The outgoing president Cristina Kirchner is no stranger to America’s Jewish Lobby which is celebrating defeat of her presidential candidate. In September 2006, as First Lady, she accompanied her husband Nestor and then foreign minister Jorge Taiana to meet seven Jewish group leaders (ADL, AJC, B’nai B’rith, WJC, UJAF, CPMAJO, etc.) at New York Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. The Israel-firsters told Nestor how to blame Hizbullah and Iran for the AMIA and Israeli embassy bombing.

A pro-Israel Argentina is a religious fantasy of the hardcore Zionists. The Patagonia Region was the first choice of Theodor Herzl for proposed homeland for European Jewry to escape centuries-old anti-Semitism. The fertile and full of natural resources, the region spans five provinces in Argentina, Chile, and British occupied Falkland which is home to UK’s nuclear military base (here).

Aamir Khan: Bollywood icon shames India!

aamir_khan[1]One of Bollywood’s top actors, Mumbai-born Aamir Hussein Khan, has now joined the list of Muslim actors being demonized by prime minister Modi’s ruling BJP party, like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. In fact, BJP prefers to see a Bollywood without Muslim actors and directors.

Aamir Khan was condemned by Union ministers Prakash Javadekar, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Venkaiah Naidu, and leaders of BJP’s allies for criticizing India’s religious intolerance toward religious minorities especially the 140 million Muslim minority.

Munna Kumar Sharma, national secretary of Hindu Mahasabha political party has demanded that either Aamir convert to Hinduism or immigrate to neighboring Muslim-majority Pakistan. Incidentally, Aamir Khan’s ex-wife Reena Dutt (1986-2002) is also Hindu. Both have two children from that marriage (here). There are plenty of Muslim-Hindu mix marriages in Bollywood.

Aamir Khan, 50, rocked Hindutva boat by saying at a journalism award ceremony that there was a growing sense of fear, insecurity and despondency in the country, and that when he discussed this with his film-maker Hindu wife, Kiran Rao, she wondered whether the family should move out of India.

It is disastrous and big statement for Kiran to make to me. She fears for her child, what the atmosphere around us will be, she feels scared to open the newspaper every day. There is a growing sense of disquiet, and despondency. You feel depressed, you feel low. Why is this happening?” Khan said.

In response to being labeled some sort of traitor, Aamir Khan said: “I stand by everything that I have said in my interview. To all those people who are calling me anti-national, I would like to say that I am proud to be Indian, and I do not need anyone’s permission nor endorsement for that.”

In his statement, Aamir said: “To all the people shouting obscenities at me for speaking my heart out, it saddens me to say you are only proving my point.”

Accusing the BJP of indulging in fascist and discriminative politics, the Samajwadi Party (SP) came out in open support of Aamir. Senior SP leader and cabinet minister Shivpal Singh Yadav told reporters in Jaunpur in UP: “Aamir does not need to leave the country. He can live anywhere in UP.”

On November 25, Soutik Biswas wrote at BBC: “Many believe Khan was spot on. In drawing-rooms in recent months, friends and acquaintances have told me that they worry about India – the dull economy, shambolic criminal-justice system, unchecked corruption, the fussing about non-issues, and now the acts of intolerance and the coarse and polarised levels of debate – and they would prefer their children to leave. There is a sense that the immense hope that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had offered before sweeping to power last year is fast slipping away.”

Since the beginning of this year, over hundred of Indian academics, authors, artists, journalists, etc. have returned their national awards in protest to Hindu extremism under prime minister Modi’s Hindutva government (here).

Watch below, ten of Aamir Khan’s best movies.

Belgium: Question Holocaust and go to jail

Belgium has turned into a nation of paranoid. Last week Brussels clamp-down martial-law over the city, because some idiots predicted a Paris-style false flag. Judging by Belgians past anti-Israel record, Israel has the right to defend itself by all means.

On Wednesday, a city court in Liege (Belgium) pronounced a two-month jail sentence and a £6,300 fine for French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala for questioning the existence of gas chambers during his comedy act in Belgium. The French antisemite, as usual, didn’t bother to appear in the court.

Incidentally in December 2011, a gunman killed three people and injured another 75 people in Liege (here).

The Organized Jewry has tried to silence Dieudonne for years as result of his support for Palestinians and Iran. The Jewish Lobby has got him banned in Canada, Britain, France and few other European nations where challenging Zionists’ narrative of Holocaust is a crime punishable with 3-year in jail and heavy fine.

Though Jewish Lobby’s sanctions against Dieudonne have brought economic hardships on the French comedian, he has refused to ‘shut-up’. Last year, the prestigious international literary and human-rights organization, Stylo France, recognized Dieudonne’s courage to stand-up to the Zionist Mafia by giving him the 2015 Freedom of Speech Award (here).

If there is some consolation, Dieudonne should know Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, professor Arun Gandhi (University of Rochester), co-founder and president US-based MK Gandhi Institute for Non-violence, penned a column for the Washington Post (January 7, 2008) in which he accused Israel and Zionist Jews of using Holocaust to blackmail others. The column was later removed from archives under pressure from Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel director, who called Arun, Jew-hater like his grandfather, who refused to bless partition of British occupied Palestine to accommodate Europe’s unwanted Jews.

Jewish identity has been locked into the Holocaust experience -a German burden that Jews have not been able to shed. It’s a very good example of a community can overplay a historic experience to the point that it begins to repulse friends. The Holocaust was result of the warped mind of an individual who was able to influence his followers into doing something dreadful. But, it seems to me the Jews today not only want the Germans to feel guilty but the whole world must regret what happened to the Jews. The world did feel sorry for the episode but when an individual or a nation refuses to forgive and move on the regret turns into anger. The Jewish identity in the future appears bleak. Any nation that remain anchored to the past is unable to move ahead, and especially a nation that its survival can only be assured by weapons and bombs…..” Arun said.

Watch Press TV interview with Dieudonne below in 2010.

Obama visits Malaysia under ISIS threat

On Friday, US president Barack Obama arrived in Malaysia from Manila on a 3-day trip to attend 27th ASEAN summit in Kuala Lumpur. The summit will be chaired by country’s prime minister Datuk Najib Razak.

British pro-Israel newspaper Guardian reported on Sunday that French, American, British and Israeli intelligence agencies have warned Kuala Lumpur that ISIS is planning a Paris-style terrorist attacks in Manila or Kuala Lumpur as it has joined with Philippines Muslim resistance Abu Sayyaf, which has long been classified “terrorist organization” by the US State Department. Since Obama escaped assassination attempt in Manila, I’m keeping my fingers crossed during Obama’s stay in Malaysia, especially when Mossad linked Malaysian police Bukit Aman is looking after Obama’s security.

The way paranoid Zionists are connecting every anti-Israel group with the US-Israel created ISIS, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future we hear that Hamas, Hizbullah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC), and Pakistan’s ISI are all linked to ISIS.

Ahead of the summit, Obama addressed a youth meeting at Selangor’s Taylor University. He told his audience that fighting ISIS and countering China hegemony at South China will be the focus of the ASEAN summit. Interestingly, Obama with his over 40 absurd allies have failed to defeat ISIS in a single town in Syria or Iraq. It’s all kosher until Putin spoiled the fun a month ago.

The Jewish-controlled media is not happy over Obama’s visit to Malaysia which was lead by anti-Israel Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for three decades. The current prime minister Razak is a lieutenant of Mahathir.

The US media has reported that Obama will raise human rights issue during his meeting with Malaysian PM on Friday night – including the persecution of Jewish Lobby’s darling Anwar Ibrahim, former deputy prime minister under Mahathir and the pro-Israel Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

This is Barack Obama’s second trip to Malaysia. Last year, he became the first US president to visit Malaysia in 50 years since the Israeli stooge Lyndon Johnson.

I wonder, if Obama would confide to his host the names of evildoers behind Malaysia’s recent three air tragedies.