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Gen. Musharraf: Modi is enemy of Muslims and Pakistan

flag_of_Pakistan[1]On Wednesday, Pakistan’s former pro-West military dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf in an interview to Rahul of India’s news Channel 22 said India’s prime minister Narendra Modi is enemy of Muslims and Pakistan, while urging Modi, an extremist Hindu and Israel’s top ally to change his anti-Pakistan attitude.

Musharraf accused India for carrying out proxy (sectarian and terrorist) wars in Balochistan, bordering Iran,  Waziristan, bordering Afghanistan and the disputed Jammu & Kashmir Valley to destabilize its next door Muslim-majority (90%) neighbor since the partition of British India in 1947.

Musharraf claimed that since first prime minister of Pakistan, Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan to the current prime minister Nawaz Sharif, every Pakistani government has tried to resolve India-Pakistan disputes (Kashmir, water distribution, terrorism, etc.) by peaceful negotiations, but Indian leaders always tried to bully Pakistanis.

Prime Minister Modi is your Prime Minister, not Pakistan’s Prime Minister. We don’t get any dictation from him. We know his credentials. We know his anti-Pakistan credentials. Now, it may be a red line for you that people of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, or the Foreign Secretary must not meet the APHC. That is not our red line. We do not follow your red line. They must meet. I would say that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, when, he went to India, should have met the APHC leaders. Why is that a red line? There is dispute, internationally recognized, recognized by the UN, and we myself, and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Vajpayee were discussing Kashmir. I used to meet the APHC leaders every time. So why is there a change of heart? That itself shows and proves the anti-Pakistan credentials of Prime Minister Modi. Now, if that be so, so certainly it’s a confrontationist course. He is taking a confrontationist course with Pakistan. So, this red line that he has declared is confrontationist certainly. It is not peaceful. And when you say he had invited Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif invited him to Pakistan and he didn’t come. So why should Nawaz Sharif has been, show keen on running and going to India,” Musharraf told Rahul.

Gen. Musharraf also said that Pakistan will never neglect the defense of its eastern borders and warned that Pakistan wouldn’t hesitate to use nuclear bomb against India if need arose.

In October 2001, Gen. Pervez Musharraf betrayed Pakistani nation and its closest Afghan allies Taliban, by allowing American forces to use Pakistan’s airspace to destroy a brotherly Muslim nation for the Western interests.

On September 1, 2008, the Canadian Jewish News reported that resignation of Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf on August 18, 2008 – “brings end to the great friend of Jewish people, an ally of the West and a relatively moderate leader of a nuclear state with powerful Islamist elements. He also had some ties to Jewish groups.”

Musharraf, a former army chief fought against India in 1965 and 1971 wars and led Pakistan’s armed forces in the 1999 Kargil conflict. Currently, he is residing in Karachi where he is receiving treatment at PNS Shifa after undergoing a heart ailment in the midst of a number of cases against him. He is also facing a high treason trial for imposing an state of emergency in the country.

Uncle Sam is being booted out of Yemen

On Sunday, the pro-US prime minister of Yemen, Mohammad Salim Basindwa, resigned after the anti-government Houthi movement militia took over control of the government headquarters in country’s capital city of Sana’a on Sunday.

Ansarallah fighters belonging to Houthi movement have been able to defeat Riyadh-funded anti-Shia Salaafist Islah Party fighters backed by some Yemen’s military units which are under the control of Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, stepbrother of the deposed dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, living in exile in Saudi Arabia. Saleh was a staunch ally of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia against Iranian influence in the region.

Late last month, Saudi press reported a meeting between Saudi foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal and Iran’s deputy foreign minister Amir Abdollahian in Riyadh during which they discussed the regional conflicts including Israeli attack on Gaza and the Houthi uprising against Sana’a regime.

Prince al-Faisal met Iranian foreign minister Dr. Javad Zarif on Sunday on the sidelines of the 69th session of the UN General assembly. After the meeting, Prince al-Faisal said Iran and Saudi Arabia are two influential countries in the region, stressing that Tehran-Riyadh cooperation could help bolster peace and security in the region and the entire world. Frankly, I could be the last person on Earth to believe a Crypto Jew Saudi ‘royal’.

The Brussels-based International Crisis Group (ICG), a Zionist advocacy group, in its June 2014 study, like Hamas, recommended that Houthis should be disarmed in return for a ‘toy carrot’.

On September 22, 2014, Ahmed al-Zarqa posted a detailed article at Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, on the fate of the US-Saudi-Israel alliance against the people of Yemen.


Iran’s political strategy is winning in Yemen

loveyemen[1]In 2010, Jew Senator Joe Lieberman had predicted that America’s future war will be in Yemen. Lieberman was indirectly stating the strategic importance of Yemen for the Zionist entity. Yemen’s coastal Red Sea (which leads to Suez Cannal, Mediterranean and Dead Sea) is the only international water-way which links the Zionist entity with the outside world.

It seems, Iran’s political support for the Shia-majority Houthi resistance against the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia  ‘Axis of Evil’ has started showing good results.

Viktor Titov PhD, a Russian geopolitical expert on Middle East affairs wrote on September 12, 2014: “If (Yemen’s) president and the prime minister do not rally their efforts, then the Houthis will get an easy victory without massive use of force or even efforts. This will result in creation of a pro-Iran Shia Islamic state in the north, which in turn force southerners to separate and create their own country and that is nothing less than a total rebalance of powers in the region.”

The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia have accused the Islamic Republic for interfering in Yemen’s internal affairs by providing support for the marginalized Houthis against the regime in Sana’a. Houthis tribes which make almost half of Yemeni population, have been waging decades-long struggle to secure their rightful place in Yemen. Their struggle is lead by Ansar Allah (supporters of Allah), an Islamist organization.

Yemen had been occupied by the Ottomans, British and Egypt in the past. Saudi Arabia has been meddling in Yemen affairs by running a proxy war the United States and Israel to contain Iranian influence even when the country was divided into the communist-ruled South and Shia Zaydi dynasty in the North until 1990 unification of the country. Currently, it is supporting the pro-USrael regime of president Abed Rabbo Mansour Haddi.

Last week, the security forces killed seven and wounded several dozens of Houthis demonstrators who have blamed the ruling Islamic Reform Party (al-Islah) being using the tactics of the former military dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was deposed in 2011.

On September 12, 2014, Labanese Al-Akhbar published an article written by Mona Safwan, entitle ‘How Iran succeeded in Yemen while Saudi Arabia failed’.

“You cannot run a country with only money. Had Saudi Arabia learned this lesson, it would have avoided its resounding failure in Yemen. The Kingdom could not protect its rear from the south as result of its mistaken policies in the small country. Whereas the geographically distant Iran knew how to manage its policies in Yemen by using “reasons” than money. The result is Iran surpass Saudi Arabia in Yemen,” she said.

That stands true for both the United States and its Zionist masters in Tel Aviv. On July 30, 2014, Jewish writer Robert Kozak posted an article entitled ‘Israel Faces Latin American Backlash‘ in the Wall Street Journal, in which he lamented that both Israel and the United States have been isolated thanks to Iranian foreign policy under former president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


Muqtada al-Sadr: Iraq should not cooperate with “occupiers”

2211Al-Sadr21[1]US secretary of state, John Kerry, Crypto-Jew, landed in Baghdad on Wednesday. He urged Iraqi prime minister Haider Abadi to join Washington’s coalition of Arab allies to fight ISIS which was created by the US to serve Israeli interests in the Middle East.

Abadi earlier called for the international community to help Iraq fight ISIS, urging them “to act immediately to stop the spread of this cancer.”

Of course our role is to defend our country, but the international community is responsible for protecting Iraq and protecting Iraqis and the whole region,” Abadi said at the close of his meeting with Kerry

Iraq’s powerful Shia cleric and political leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, has warned Abadi regime not to cooperate with the former “occupiers” of Iraq. Muqtada al-Sadr’s Shia fighters gave a crushing defeat to the US occupation forces under command of Gen. David Petraeus, aka Zionism’s military poodle.

Despite being regularly labeled “hot-headed,” a “firebrand,” and the like in the American press, al-Sadr, as Patrick Cockburn proves in his 2008 book Muqtada: Muqtada Al-Sadre, The Shia Revival, and the struggle for Iraq is a canny, cautious, strategically savvy political leader. In fact, he has turned out to play the life-and-death game of Iraqi politics better than any of the teams of American and Iraqi officials sent up against him, including Gen. David Petraeus, US Ambassador Ryan Crocker, and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

On Thursday, the Saudi ‘royals’ are holding a two-day conference between John Kerry and foreign ministers from ten Arab puppet regimes and Turkey to plan a strategy to fight ISIS which has started beheading even Israeli Jew ‘journalist’ in addition to Iraqi Shias and Yazidis.

Saudi Arabia and the five other Gulf Arab states have had deeply strained relations with the government in Baghdad, with each side blaming the other for the jihadists’ gains.

But their foreign ministers will be among those attending Thursday’s talks in the Saudi city of Jeddah, along with top diplomats from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq itself.

They will address “terrorism in the region, extremist organizations behind it and means of fighting them,” Saudi state media said.

The Arab League, which has stopped short of explicitly backing ongoing US air strikes against ISIS, also drummed up regional support for the fight.

Ahead of his visit, Kerry vowed to build the broadest possible coalition of partners around the globe to confront, degrade and ultimately defeat (ISIS).

Interestingly, the two countries which have been target of US-Israel-Saudi terrorism for years, Syria and Iran, are not invited to attend the conference.

Professor As’ad Abukhalil (University of California) says that Washington’s war on ISIS is doomed because it’s relying on its Arab allies (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, etc.) which are not only hated by their subjects but are bonded in ISIS ideology.

Maldives: From Israel to Hamas

25[1]On August 27, several media outlets in the Maldives raised nearly $2 million to help Palestinians in Gaza recover from Israel’s 50-day terror campaign against the besieged strip,

Maldives, a high-end holiday destination in the Indian Ocean, has expressed solidarity with Gaza, whose economy is expected to take years to recover from Israeli shelling and airstrikes.

Male has imposed a ban on Israeli-made goods and last month revoked three cooperation agreements on health, tourism and education.

Maldives Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon presented a check for 29.4 million rufiyaa ($1.91 million) to the Qatar Red Crescent President Dr Mohamed Bin Ghanim Al Madida for food and water and to help victims recover from the widespread destruction caused in the latest US-backed Israeli assault.

The money was raised through a 36-hour telethon as well as through other public contributions from state as well as privately-owned companies.

The seven-week aggression claimed the lives of 2,143 Palestinians, more than 80 percent of them civilians including 546 children, according to the United Nations, and 65 soldiers and six civilians on the Israeli side.

There has also been hostility among residents of the Maldives, which has a population of around 330,000 people, to Israeli tourists.

Last month, Israeli holidaymakers were evacuated from their Maldivian resort after one tore up an anti-Israeli placard equating the Nazi swastika to the Israeli flag.

Some 30 Israeli surfers were moved out from Thulusdhoo island, near the capital island Male, as residents of the archipelago protested the pulling down of the anti-Israel placards.

We have not banned them, but Israeli tourist must remember that they are visiting a 100 percent Muslim country,” President’s office spokesperson Muhammad Shareef said. “We unequivocally and unconditionally support the Palestinian cause.”

The Maldives, known for pristine beaches and secluded coral islands popular with honeymooners, attracted over a million tourists last year of which less than one percent were Israeli.

Until February 2012, the Indian Ocean island Muslim state of Maldives was a staunch allie of the Zionist entity. In 2011, British MP George Galloway urged Maldivians to rise up against their government’s love affair with the Zionist regime which has been murdering their fellow Muslims in Gaza and the West Bank for decades. Watch Galloway’s speech video below.

Incidentally, George Galloway was hospitalized on August 29, after he was attacked by a pro-Israel British thug.

UAE is conducting US-proxy war in Libya

uae-flagupdate[1]Early this week, the Jew York Times reported that UAE’s Union Defense Force (UDF) “secretly” carried out two air strikes against “Islamist militants’ in Libya using bases in Egypt.

Interestingly, according to the Voice of America (August 26, 2014), both UAE and Egypt have denied the allegations.

According to Jewish Time magazine, the strike proved unsuccessful as the anti-US installed government militants gained control of Tripoli airport just after the second airstrike last week.

In a bid to put more icing on the cake, the United States and its allies, Britain, France, Italy and Germany, which waged a brutal war on Libya to remove Qaddafi regime which posed “existential” threat to Israel, condemned both UAE and Egypt for interfering in Libyan “civil war”.

The five allies strongly condemned ongoing fighting in such major cities as Tripoli and Benghazi, especially in residential areas, and urged all parties to accept a cease-fire,” the Voice of America reported.

Interestingly, these five anti-Muslim regimes acted worse than Nazis against Libyans a few years ago, they had claimed being “liberators”. They destroyed Africa’s most stable and prosperous nation for their greed and hatred of Muslims. The World Bank in its 2010 report had admitted that Libya  maintained “high levels of economic growth,” with an average increase in GDP of 7.5 percent per annum, which recorded “high indicators of human development,” including universal access to primary and secondary education, and for 46 percent of the population, also at the university level. Despite income disparities among individuals, the standard of living of the Libyan population was significantly higher than that of other African countries. Bearing witness to this fact was that nearly two million immigrants, mostly Africans, were working in Libya.

Ironically, the current “Islamist militants” happened to be US-NATO allies against Qaddafi regime.

In case some readers may not know, both UAE and Egypt are in the US-Israel regional orbit. Both countries are onboard Washington plan to bring pro-Israel regime changes in Damascus, Tehran, Baghdad and Beirut.

The ‘6 million’ question is how could UAE and Egypt conduct war against anti-government militants without the green-signal from the Pentagon? America is No.1 supplier of arms to UAE which with a population of little over 9 million, has the third largest annual military budget ($15.4 billion) in the region after Saudi Arabia ($35 billion) and Israel ($17.3 billion). UAE forces are trained by American, British and French military experts.

Both the USAF and UAE air force use Al Dhafra Air Base outside Abu Dhabi. In addition to Al Dhafra, US has operational facilities at Bateen and Al Ain Sharjah international airport.

On November 11, 2011, the Jewish Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that United States is arming the Gulf states to wage its proxy war against Iran.

On April 3, 2012, The Voice of Russia, also confirmed that Washington is arming the Gulf states to bring favorable regime changes in Tehran and Damascus.

Lobby: Why Afghans hate us foreigners?

Most westerners, who have decided to live in Muslim countries under western occupations, have no shame in blaming the native Muslims for being ungrateful to the western powers for “liberating” them from their corrupt government which were installed and supported by the western powers in the first place.

The recent example is a column at the Jewish magazine Rolling Stone, entitled Last Tango in Kabul, written by Kabul-based Matthieu Aikins, an award-winning American journalist and fiction-writer who reports event in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and Uzbekistan for Israel Hasbara media outlets like Harpers, The Atlantic, and GQ.

In the article, Aikins claims that the recent killings of US-NATO commanders and soldiers, and some foreign correspondents covering the western occupation of Afghanistan on bogus allegations against the ruling Taliban, prove that the country would not be safe for foreign tourists and investors once the US-NATO occupation force withdraw from the country by the end of 2014 – as “promised” by US president Barack Obama.

“The killings continued this summer: Two Finnish aid workers were slaughtered in July, and then on August 5th, U.S. Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene was gunned down in Kabul – the highest-ranking officer killed in the war. The violence brought to the surface what has been growing more and more obvious: The West is desperate to get out. NGOs and embassies, already in the process of drawing down their activities, have closed up like clams under drastically heightened security restrictions. The boomtown Kabul of the Surge has come and gone like a dream. But even a president’s promise to end a war can’t lop history off into neat little chunks. We are leaving behind a country whose fate is more uncertain than ever, where during a contentious election, two rival candidates have declared themselves the rightful president, where murders in broad daylight go unsolved. The American Era is ending in Afghanistan, but what will we be leaving behind?,” wrote Aikins

As expected, the Zionist lobbyist blames Afghans for their hatred toward their “foreign liberators”. Aikins even blames American Viceroy of Kabul, Hamid Karzai, since 2002, for fueling anti-US feelings. He quotes Karzai telling his Afghan supporters that instead of beating their women (the US, Israel and other western countries tops world record in killing of their girl friends and as result of domestic disputes) – they should fight America to prove their manhood.

Hamid Karzai fell from America’s grace once he failed to help US firms to build the desired gas pipeline from Caspian Sea, through Afghanistan to Gwadar port in Pakistani province of Balochistan, meant to supply crude oil to Israel refinery in Haifa. Furthermore, Karzai developed more friendly relation with Iran than India, the US-Israel regional ally.

How sincere is Obama in his promise to withdrawal from Afghanistan – could be found in his postponing it by another two years.

The Bush Zionist administration had planned the invasion and occupation in2000 according to confidential reports leaked by the British, French and Indian sources. What they needed was another Pearl Harbor to generate public support for America’s greed for the revival of drug supply, which was totally banned under Taliban regime and the Caspian Sea oil and gas reserves. Israel provided the desire new Pearl Harbor on September 11, 2001. United States and its “willing allies” invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. Since then, the 9/11 Zionist hoax has been used to invade Iraq, Somalia, Libya and several other Muslim nation-states.