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Obama’s ‘kosher’ ambassador to Somalia

The Jewish-controlled media is excited with Barack Obama’s nomination of Katherine Dhanani to the war-raged 100% Muslim nation of Somalia. However, every newspaper has avoided to mention her family name, “Simonds” before she married Azim Dhanani, an Ismaili Muslim.

Somalia has considerable work ahead to complete its transition to a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous nation. The United States is committed to supporting Somalia on this journey as a steadfast partner,” Jen Psaki spokesman at US State Department said on Tuesday while announcing the nomination of Katherine Dhanani.

Somalis who have suffered at the hands of the US and western imperialism for over four decades, are now ruled by president Hassan Sheik Mohamud, an anti-Islam US puppet.

Recently, Katherine served as US consulate-general in Hyderabad, India, where she used to write a personal Blog. I’m sure, like John Kerry, Katherine would “sail through the Senate,” as wrote the Jew York Times on January 29, 2013. However, Katherine and her hubby Azim wouldn’t be residing in Mogadishu, Somalia. They would be stationed in the neighboring Nairobi, Kenya. Somalia is not considered a safe place for Americans thanks to al-Shabaab after Washington’s disastrous Black Hawk mission 22 years ago.

US established its embassy in Mogadishu when country was ruled by military dictator Gen. Mohamed Siad Barre (died 1995), who maintained close relations with Washington and Tel Aviv. Barre came to power through a military coup in 1969. He was booted out on January 27, 1991 as result of mass anti-government protests. Washington closed its embassy immediately after the departure of Barre.

The United Nations, a willing tool of western imperialism, also provides helping hand in the destabilization of Muslim nation-states. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan (his wife is Jewish) had appointed David Stephen, a Zionist Jew, as special representative to negotiate peace between Somali Islamists and neighboring pro-Israel regimes. He even spotted Semite Jews among Somalian Muslims.

Maldives-Pakistan alliance worries India-Israel

maldives-pak-afp[1]Earlier this month Maldivian disgraced former president Dr. Mohamed Nasheed, a blind supporter of US-Israel, was arrested over terrorism charges. He is being put on trial against the so-called “international cry” for his release and a new elections in the tiny 100% Muslim island.

Maldivian president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, is looking for new Asian allies to counter island’s dependence on India, currently ruled by anti-Muslim Narendra Modi, a US-Israel ally. In September 2014, Chinese president Xi Jinping visited Maldives. India’s prime minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Maldives in the middle of next month.

The paranoid anti-Muslim Indian and Israeli leaders were shocked by Gayoon’s two day visit to Pakistan on February 25. Pakistan is the only Muslim-majority nuclear power. In Islamabad, Gayoon met Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif, an ally of China (see photo above).

China made some intense lobbying with the erstwhile dictator of Maldives Abdul Gayoom who ruled Maldives for three decades till Nasheed ousted him in 2008 in the country’s first democratic elections. The Chinese target was to acquire a naval base in Marao Island and there were reports of Gayoom nearly handing over the island to China in 2001 but apparently could not dare to do so as the United States got whiff of it and scuttled the move. Pakistan had played the crucial role of a go-between in this regard just as Pakistan had played a similar role in bringing US and China closer decades ago“, says Rajeev Sharma, a Zionist Hindu writers whose work is published at several Jewish-controlled media outlets, at the Firstpost on February 25, 2015.

In 1980, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in a coup deposed Sultan Mohamed Farid I, and declared the Island nation as a republic. He cancelled all diplomatic relations with Zionist entity established in 1965. The links were re-established on September 25, 2009 by then president Mohamed Nasheed. Israeli military officials were reinvited to train Maldives’ security agencies. In 2010, Islamic group protested against the arrival of Israeli surgeons to work at the government run Indhra Gandhi hospital. They claimed Israeli doctors are notorious in organ harvesting for Israel.

The United States and its south Asian allies under the leadership of India, a paper tiger, have been trying to establish a ring of pro-West nations around China, but Pakistan and Iran have become great obstacle to this dream.

Disappointed with Obama administration over Iran’s nuclear negotiations with the so-called P5+1, Netanyahu announced last month that he was courting trade with China, India and Japan – comprising nearly 40 per cent of the planet’s population. India has already become Israel’s No.1 customer in arms, drones and nuclear technology.

On February 25, 2015, the so-called Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR), another Zionist-funded NGO like the Washington-based Human Rights Watch (HRW), called upon president Yameen to immediately release Nasheed. ACHR also called upon the United States, European Union, India, Singapore and others to impose a travel embargo on Maldivian prosecutor-general Muhthaz Muhsin and presiding judge Abdulla Didi for the illegal arrest and detention of Nasheed, and to push for accountability for the physical assault on Nasheed inside the court premises on 23 February 2015.

The arrest and detention of former President Nasheed on terrorism charges is a grotesque act of political vendetta. The accountability of Prosecutor General Muhsin and Presiding Judge Didi must be established, including under universal jurisdiction for meting out torture, inhumane and degrading treatment to former President Nasheed in the court premises – stated Suhas Chakma, director ACHR.

Suhas Chkma and his NGO never raised their voices against Indian Supreme Court’s persecution of Bollywood actor Sanjay Kumar for sympathizing with 140 million-strong Muslim minority in India. Sanjay is son of Bollywood’s top heroine Nargis (Muslim) and her Hindu husband actor Sunil Dutt.

Syrian Bashar al-Assad talks to Zionist media


Personally, I feel that any Resistance leader who agrees to be interviewed by the Jewish-controlled mainstream media, is wasting his and his supporters’ time by talking to the Holy Wailing Wall. Such interviews provide western anti-Muslim bigots a platform for face-to-face character assassination of the leader by repeating all the lies generated by the Organized Jewish Mafia. Both Jeremy R. Hammond (Foreign Policy Journal) and Fareed Zakaria (CNN & Newsweek) used interviews to demonize Pakistan’s Lt.Gen. Gul Hamid who was declared ‘antisemite’ for saying that Israeli Mossad was behind 9/11 terrorism on September 26, 2001. Read here and here.

It is clear now that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, 49, has turned tables against the four-year-old war waged by the United States and its absurd allies to bring a pro-Israel regime change in Damascus. Recently, Assad awarded interviews to two Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) media outlets – the Foreign Affairs magazine and the BBC (watch below).

Until 2011, Bashar al-Assad, in spite of his moral support for Hamas and Hizbullah against the Zionist entity, was considered an ally by the US, Britain and France against the rise of the so-called Political Islam in the Muslim World. The West saw Syria as a bridge between the Arab Middle East and Europe and the US. Tony Blair government considered offering him an honorary knighthood. The Queen received al-Bashar and his British-born wife Asma in London.

The Zionist-controlled Western governments have several reasons (Bashar’s unshaking alliance with Iran and Lebanese Hizbullah, criticism of Israel, close friendship with Russia, China and Latin American countries, thrashing US dollar, etc.) to make another Qaddafi out of him. However, the most important factor behind the western bloodshed in Syria is preparation the groundwork for war with Iran in the future.

In 2013, former Israeli ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren, a close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted by Reuters : “We always wanted Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who were not backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.”

Yemen: Arab Spring turns into Islamic Revolution

Yesterday, tens of thousands Yemenis rallied across the country to mark the 4th anniversary of the people’s revolution which toppled pro-American and anti-Iran military dictatorship of Gen. Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Yemen is currently the scene of massive political changes with fighters from Shia Ansarullah movement now in the control of Sana’a and some other major towns and cities across the country.

In a televised speech on Tuesday, leader of Yemen’s Shia Ansarullah movement and interim president of Yemen, Abdel-Malik al-Houthi, warned against foreign plots to hinder the reform process in the country.

The disturbed powers who are causing the instability, if they ever decide to play the economic card, it’s going to be affected and sure it will be affected and their interests are going to be affected, because the Yemeni people will never stand still while watching them causing them harm and they know exactly what to do,” al-Houthi said.

Four years ago, Washington called Yemen and Tunisia being role models for Muslim Arab states. Now, both the US and Britain have withdrawn their diplomatic staff from Sana’a and closed the embassy buildings, because the US has realized that its illegitimate baby Arab Spring has been defeated by Shia population (48%) of the country. Houthi are known for their hatred of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, both created by the US to protect the interests of the Zionist entity in the Middle East.

The Zionists are in panic as they see a Shia-dominated government in Sana’a anti-Israel. Some of Jewish bloggers have called the Houthi power as a victory for Iran. They also mourn the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as a deadly blow to the agenda of containing Iranian influence in the region.

On February 8, 2015, Israeli military linked DEBKAfile website claimed that the US has betrayed its regional allies, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel by cooperating with Iran in Yemen. “Saudi Arabia, the Gulf emirates, Jordan and Israel are watching the US-Iranian partnership in Yemen with deep foreboding. They fear the Obama administration is using the war on Islamists as a façade for promotingTehran’s regional ambitions,” it said.

It seems, some dreams of Tawakkol Karman, one of the leaders of people’s revolution has began to come true.

We are in the first stage of change in our country, and the feeling among the revolutionaries is that the people of Yemen will find solutions for our problems once the regime has gone, because the regime itself is the cause of most of them. A new Yemen awaits us, with a better future for all. We are not blind to reality, but the fact is that the revolution has created social tranquillity across the country as the people put their differences to one side and tackle the main issue together – no mean feat, given that there are an estimated 70m weapons in Yemen (21 million Yemenis on an average own three guns per person),” said Karman in 2011.

Pakistani ‘fish seller’ was UK’s ‘Pop sensation’

Shahid Nazir Ahmad, 33, gave an alive interview at Pakistan’s Goe-TV’s Subhe-Pakistan show on Tuesday. Ahmad arrived in London from Lahore (Pakistan) on a student visa. In order to support his higher studies, he worked at London’s East Ham fish market. One day his employer told him to come-up with some novel idea to attract more customers. Instead of hollering and heckling market visitors, Nazir earned the attention of his potential customers by singing a funny song: “Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound fish! Have-a, have-a, look, one pound fish!” Nazir referred to the price of his fish (1 GBP), not the weight of his fish. As a joke, a bunch of local lads liked Nazir’s way of advertising, so they made an uploaded this video to the internet in April 2012.

Having no previous lyric writing or singing experience, the video became a hit and so-far more than 26 million people have listened it on You Tube. Listen it below.

Ahmad’s standout version was later sung by British top and richest singer, model, dancer, rapper and television presenter Alesha Dixon (born 1978), now a judge on the popular X Factor. Alesha Dixon has done a cover version of the song on the BBC 1Xtra Breakfast Show. But that’s a small thing as compared to what else Ahmad has achieved. After clearing three rounds of auditions, the singer has already recorded his song for the X Factor. A pirate video of his X Factor audition is out, showing the house warming up to his lyrics.

However, Ahmad’s miraculous success became a problem for him. He got deported in 2013 on the lame excuse that he misused his stay in UK by adopting a singing career for himself. During the interview he claimed that he had met Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif asking him for his help in this matter.

On December 9, 2012, Warner Brothers announced that its subsidiary One More Tune (OMT) has signed a contract with Shahid for an album.

Shahid was born in Pattoki (‘the city of flowers’), a small town near Lahore (Punjab).

Personally, I don’t think Brits are ready for an Asian Muslim to rock the Jewish-controlled media and entertainment industry.

Lobby, HRW and AI instigate regime change in Eritrea

63094bbd[1]The 14-year long defamation and vilification of Muslim majority (67%) Eritrea and its leadership, the coordinated Jewish-controlled western media blitzes, and many articles and reports generated against Eritrea, her people and her government, come from individuals or organization which are controlled, directly or indirectly, by the Zionist Jews. These groups include US-based Human Rights Watch (HRW), US-Israel controlled Amnesty International (AI), the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Committee for the Protection of Journalist (CPJ), Jewish billionaire George Soro’s Open Society, Jewish Albert Einstein Institute (AEI), UK-based Jewish Catham House, US-funded NGO SEMG, and others.

Shiela Beedwantee Keetharuth, UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Eritrea, is a Hindu lawyer from Mauritius who worked for Amnesty International’s African Regional office in Uganda. Her UN appointment was rejected by Eritrean government for her being anti-Eritrea during her association with AI where she used to quote all those Jewish sources in her reports.

The Zionist regime has used Eritrean workers to hide Jewish hatred of Black people by labeling them “asylum seekers“, to escape human right abuse in their motherland.

Secret internal correspondence from Amnesty International, published recently, reveals a plan to instigate regime change in the small east African country of Eritrea funded by a grant from the US State Department under then Secretary of State Israel-First Hillary Clinton.

On January 14, 2015, Thomas C. Mountain, an independent journalist based in Eritrea, has discussed this subject at his blog at the Black Agenda Report.

Amnesty International and HRW are major corporations, with HRW being funded for several years now to the tune of $100 million a year by George Soros who has a long history of working with the US intel community in former Soviet Union republics, for example, the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia. Neither organization is “democratic” or transparent. The Board of Directors of both organizations elect themselves and answer only to the handful of 1%ers that fund their enormous budgets. No one can really tell you just how much and from where these human rights corporations get their funding. Has anyone ever seen an in depth audit of either of these outfits multi million dollar operations budgets?,” says Mr. Mountain.

The absence of NGOs in any given nation, means a nation free from the influence of Jewish Lobby and Wall Street meddling.

Tunisia rejoins US-Israel ‘Axis of anti-Islam’

After bringing Egypt back under Hosni Mubarak’s old military dictatorship, the US-Israel engineered Arab Spring brought a member of former military dictatorship in Tunisia on Tuesday.

On December 23, Beji Caid Essebsi, 88, a right-hand man of former dictators Habib Bourguiba and Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali defeated the interim President Moncef Marzouki , one of the leaders of ‘Arab Spring’ which was launched in Tunisia in the end of 2010 and early 2011 before it was exported to Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria – but somehow it missed American allies Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.  Beji Caid Essebsi received 55.68 % of votes out of 60.11 % Tunisian voters cast in the run-off presidential election.

The victory of Essebsi, leader of Nidaa Tounes, a known anti-Islam secularist has been hailed as a ‘victory of democracy’ by the Zionist-controlled western media while the opposition groups have claimed it to be a fraud election.

In April 2014, Essebsi made a statement that he was ready to share power with the so-called “Islamist” Ennahda party. It was labeled a “dangerous alliance” by the Jewish-controlled media. Jewish Al-Monitor reported that both parties have common conservative Islamic backgrounds but both view its application in the country differently. Ennahda believes in “universal Islamic family values” while Nidaa Tounes gives preference to “nationalism” and “westernization” over religion.

Washington and European Union were the first to congratulate Beji Caid Essebsi on his victory in the country’s “first democratic election”.

It’s interesting to note that American Jewish lobby groups have maintained contacts with the so-called anti-Israel Islamist ruling parties both in Tunisia and Egypt while running a smearing anti-Islam campaign in the media.

On December 23, Noureddine Baltayeb in an Op-Ed at Lebanese news website al-Akhbar raised a valid question on Essebsi’s election by saying: “Is his victory a sign of nostalgia for Bourguiba? Or is it a sense of despair with the revolution and the rule of Islamists and their allies?”

Tunisia, which is not blessed with oil wealth or proximity to a water way which Israel wants to exploit or any interest in the plight of Palestinians living under Zionist boots since 1948 – it has no geographic significance to the Zionist-controlled western nations. Tunisia has been losing its intellectual and labor force to France and Italy for decades. The country doesn’t have the means to attract immigrants from Arab or African world. So question comes to mind why the West has supported two ruthless anti-Islam dictatorships in Tunisia for over five decades?

In order to understand the various western actors working in Tunisia behind the scene to keep the Muslim-majority nation within the US-Israel ‘Axis of anti-Islam’, I invite you to read my previous posts – here, here, here and here.