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Lobby: Why Afghans hate us foreigners?

Most westerners, who have decided to live in Muslim countries under western occupations, have no shame in blaming the native Muslims for being ungrateful to the western powers for “liberating” them from their corrupt government which were installed and supported by the western powers in the first place.

The recent example is a column at the Jewish magazine Rolling Stone, entitled Last Tango in Kabul, written by Kabul-based Matthieu Aikins, an award-winning American journalist and fiction-writer who reports event in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and Uzbekistan for Israel Hasbara media outlets like Harpers, The Atlantic, and GQ.

In the article, Aikins claims that the recent killings of US-NATO commanders and soldiers, and some foreign correspondents covering the western occupation of Afghanistan on bogus allegations against the ruling Taliban, prove that the country would not be safe for foreign tourists and investors once the US-NATO occupation force withdraw from the country by the end of 2014 – as “promised” by US president Barack Obama.

“The killings continued this summer: Two Finnish aid workers were slaughtered in July, and then on August 5th, U.S. Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene was gunned down in Kabul – the highest-ranking officer killed in the war. The violence brought to the surface what has been growing more and more obvious: The West is desperate to get out. NGOs and embassies, already in the process of drawing down their activities, have closed up like clams under drastically heightened security restrictions. The boomtown Kabul of the Surge has come and gone like a dream. But even a president’s promise to end a war can’t lop history off into neat little chunks. We are leaving behind a country whose fate is more uncertain than ever, where during a contentious election, two rival candidates have declared themselves the rightful president, where murders in broad daylight go unsolved. The American Era is ending in Afghanistan, but what will we be leaving behind?,” wrote Aikins

As expected, the Zionist lobbyist blames Afghans for their hatred toward their “foreign liberators”. Aikins even blames American Viceroy of Kabul, Hamid Karzai, since 2002, for fueling anti-US feelings. He quotes Karzai telling his Afghan supporters that instead of beating their women (the US, Israel and other western countries tops world record in killing of their girl friends and as result of domestic disputes) – they should fight America to prove their manhood.

Hamid Karzai fell from America’s grace once he failed to help US firms to build the desired gas pipeline from Caspian Sea, through Afghanistan to Gwadar port in Pakistani province of Balochistan, meant to supply crude oil to Israel refinery in Haifa. Furthermore, Karzai developed more friendly relation with Iran than India, the US-Israel regional ally.

How sincere is Obama in his promise to withdrawal from Afghanistan – could be found in his postponing it by another two years.

The Bush Zionist administration had planned the invasion and occupation in2000 according to confidential reports leaked by the British, French and Indian sources. What they needed was another Pearl Harbor to generate public support for America’s greed for the revival of drug supply, which was totally banned under Taliban regime and the Caspian Sea oil and gas reserves. Israel provided the desire new Pearl Harbor on September 11, 2001. United States and its “willing allies” invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. Since then, the 9/11 Zionist hoax has been used to invade Iraq, Somalia, Libya and several other Muslim nation-states.

Pakistan: Mass anti-government protests

flag_of_Pakistan[1]After commemorating Pakistan’s 67th Birthday on August 14, 2014, the next day (India’s 67th year of independence) tens of thousands supporters of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf and Toronto-based Sufi cleric Dr. Tahir ul-Qadri began two long protest marches from Lahore to Islamabad, demanding the resignation of pro-US millionaire prime minister Nawaz Sharif 16-month-old government.

Interestingly, Pakistan People Party (PPP), the former ruling party of Asif Ali Zardari has condemned the anti-government protests and has thrown its support behind Nawaz Sharif. Zardari inherited PPP leadership after the assassination of his wife, Benazir Bhutto, two-times prime minister of Pakistan. During his presidency, he was known as Mr. 20% – one of country’s most corrupt politician, and country’s top oligarch.

Imran Khan, founder-president of Tahreek-e-Insaf, is world-renowned Pakistani cricketer. He lived most of his youth in England. He is ex-husband (1995-2004) of the youngest daughter of British Lord James Goldsmith (Jewish). His former brother-in-law Baron Peter Goldsmith represents Labour Party in the House of Lords. His ex-wife Jamima Marcelle Khan is a British journalist and associate editor of British daily Statesman and Vanity Fair.

Imran Khan, whose party rules the Afghan-bordering Pashtunistan province of Pakistan, believes in several political incorrect conspiracies, such as, 9/11 was an inside job carried out with the help of Israel, United States blindly supports Israel, Taliban are not terrorists, Pakistan must maintain its nuclear deterrent and US must stop its drone terrorism. In 2011, a poll taken by PEW declared Khan the most popular politician in Pakistan.

Imran Khan is the founder of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, the first and the only modern cancer hospital in the country. He build it in memory of his mother who died of cancer in Pakistan.

Pashtunistan has been the target of America’s War On Islam since 2002. America has used its greatest drone strikes (377) in this province killing more than 4,000 Pakistanis, mostly civilians.

Pakistan-born Canadian Dr. Tahei ul-Qadri, as far as I know, belongs to Sufism Made-in-America. I’m not sure, but many Muslims in Canada and Pakistanis I met in Lahore two years ago, believe that Qadri is a CIA agent. However, judging by his speeches and writings, he is against terrorism and suicide-bombing, carried out against Judeo-Christian and Hindu aggressors and occupiers. This has made him a “well-come speaker” at the pro-Israel meetings.

As a student of Pakistan’s history since the assassination of Pakistan’s first prime minister, Liaquat Ali Khan (1951), Pakistan like its sister Muslim nation-states of Turkey and Egypt, has been ruled by the US funded and trained armed forces. Pakistan had four military coups since 1957. Therefore, no matter who comes into power in Islamabad, he has to take dictation from the military Generals until there is an Iranian-style Islamic Revolution.

Netanyahu-Sisi united against Hamas

The people of Egypt are aware of the fact that USA has stabbed Egypt in the back with the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi. It is nothing that Egypt will easily forget or forgive,” Gen. Abdul Fatah el-Sisi told Larry Weissman during a 2012 interview.

On Saturday, an Egyptian kangaroo court dissolved Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) to stop it from participating in the coming parliamentary elections. In September 2013, Egypt’s highest court banned the Muslim Brotherhood. It is not the first time the Islamist group has been banned by western poodles ruling the nation. Muslim Brotherhood remained banned for over six decades under Gamal Abdul Nasser, Anwar Sadat, Hosni Mubarak and now Abdul Fatah el-Sisi – all pro-West military dictators.

Jimmy Carter once claimed that Nasser was on CIA payroll, while Sadat and Mubarak were blackmailed by Washington with $1.3 billion per year to protect Israeli borders from Islamic resistance. But Gen. el-Sisi has turned Egypt into a Zionist colony.

America’s two most reliable Arab allies, Saudi ‘royals’ with Jewish family roots and Qatar played a major role in convincing Washington that a democratic regime in Cairo would be against US and Israeli interests in the region. These two regimes had supported US invasion of Iraq in 2003, which was conceived by the “Jewconservatives” to chart a new pro-Israel Middle East. The “Jewconservatives” played midwife to the Arab Spring to achieve their pro-Israel agenda.

Since military coup headed by Gen. el-Sisi replaced democratically elected Dr. Morsi, the Egyptian official media has been propagating Israeli lies; Hamas is an extended arm of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, it was created by Israel as counter-balance to secularist PLO and it’s running Iran’s proxy war against the only democracy in the region. But in Syria, the US, Israel and Egypt are supporting Muslim Brotherhood in its fight against the secularist Assad’s Ba’athist regime.

The West’s greatest fear, the Political Islam, is a anti-Islam myth coined and propagated by Zionist Jew and Christian scholars like Bernard Lewis, Daniel Pipes, Samuel P. Huntington, David Horowitz, Alan Dershowitz, Pat Buchanan, Kevin McDonald, John Hagee, Pat. Robertson, etc. In their hatred toward Islam, any non-violent or armed Muslim resistance against non-Muslim colonial regimes (India, Israel, Russia, China, Philippines, etc.) or local corrupt Muslim regimes (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Pakistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Algeria, Morocco, etc.) in order to create an Islamic state where Muslim majority can live according to Islamic Shari’ah laws, is – termed as “political Islam”.

In contrast, countries which are run by non-Muslim and nationalist fanatics (India, Israel, Burma, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Philippines, United States, Hungary, Serbia, Albania, etc.) are not termed as “political Judaism, Christian, Hinduism, Buddhism or Atheism”.

To understand Saudi Arabia which is projected as the sole representative of so-called “Islamic values” by the Jew-controlled Western media – and why Riyadh hates Islamic regime in Iran, or anti-Israel Islamic resistance groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah – read Khaled AbouEl Fadi’s article at Dr. Finkelstein’s official website, here.

Not only the el-Sisi regime has kept Egypt-Gaza Rafah Crossing closed before and during the Israeli butchery in Gaza, its secret service has provided Jewish army whereabouts of many Gaza tunnels used by Hamas and Gazan to smuggle food and medicine supplies.

Read professor Joseph Massad’s (Columbia University, New York) excellent article, entitled, Egypt’s propagandists and the Gaza massacre, on Netanyahu-El-Sisi collaboration against Palestinian people.

Tehran Mayor’s gender segregation plan under fire

Last week, Tehran Mayor Mohammad Baqar Qalibaf announced his plan to segregate male and female employees in Tehran municipality. He even received the support of 183 MPs (members of Iranian Majlis).

Qalibaf has claimed that his administration has established five “female only” parks in the city, which have been appreciated by women.

We are an Islamic system and have to observe Islamic dignity and piety. When we created parks for women the same media said we do not allow women in the society. This an idiotic thing to say. In our country, according to Islam, have all the rights as men do. Ten percent of directors at Tehran City Hall are women, and all the governmental and non-governmental (municipal) institutions has paid the most attention to women rights. and according to Marja (Shari’ah ruling) the municipality very much observe modesty and hijab,” Mayor said in defense of the plan.

One of the issue of women working long hours in the company of men on issues which doesn’t concern the female population of the city, would have negative effect on council members family lives. Where has our dignity gone,” Mayor added.

The plan, however, has angered the local secularist and feminist groups, and has also provided another “Iran-bashing” accuse for the West’s Jewish-controlled mainstream media. Jewish news websites like Al-Monitor and Failed Messiah  have called Mayor’s plan being part of Islam’s hatred toward women.

Commenting on foreign press condemnation of the City plan, Mayor said it doesn’t bother anyone at the municipality – and then he made the joke: Let the BBC talk.

I’m glad Mayor Qalibaf did not stop women driving in Tehran like in Israeli occupied Jerusalem, Saudi Arabia and the Jewish part of New York City.

Mayor Qalibaf has also proved that he works for the interests of people living in Tehran and not like most of American City Mayors whose actions are based on the interests of Israel.

One may not like gender segregation, but there is no denying to the fact that it is practiced in all religious societies (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist) during prayers and religious gatherings, Campus and even in parliaments.

It is good to mention that Islam doesn’t allow gender segregation when 2-3 million Muslims from around the world gather in Makkah (Saudi Arabia) to perform annual Hajj. Both male and female participants are required to cover their bodies with a white-color cloth sheet. Contrary to that, Jewish women are not allowed to pray at the Holy Wailing Wall in company of men. On May 17, 2014, 26 Vatican mistresses petitioned to the kosher Pope Francis to allow his priests who have shared bed with them, to marry them.

If one read the status of women in world’s major religions from some objective source, he will find out the women are discriminated the most in Hinduism followed by Judaism. Tragically, American Feminism movement has always been dominated by the communist/Jewish women.

Ma be Mayor Qalibaf, who lost to Dr. Ahmadinejad in the 2005 presidential vote, is using his position as Mayor of 12 million Tehran inhabitants to prove that he can stand-up to western bullies. Professor Ahmadinejad served as Mayor of Tehran during 2003-2005.


President Assad thanks Iran and Hizbullah for support

AhmadinejadAssadSayyedNasrallah[2]On July 16, 2014, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was sworn in for his third 6-year term by Syrian Parliament. In his acceptance speech, al-Bashar saluted the patriotic Syrian people and their allies, Hizbullah, Iran, Russia and China. Among the four mentioned allies, Hizbullah and Iran have no diplomatic relations with Washington or Tel Aviv.

Assad praised the Syrians for standing against the military aggression and propaganda war by the western colonists and their regional stooges for the last three and a half years. He said Syria doesn’t belong to either of the two (US and Russia) western power blocks. He said that Damascus was against US-UK invasion of Iraq in 2003 because it feared that would spit Arabs against Arabs and create religious intolerance – and those fears have become realty in the region now.

Assad said that in spite some Palestinian leaders’ anti-Syria attitude, his regime never stopped supporting Palestinian military resistance against the Zionist regime.

Assad said that western imperialist use the terms “civil war” and “humanitarian invasion” to hide their state terrorism as was the case in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya and Ukraine. The events have proved that Western war against Iraq, Assad, Hizbullah and Iran were all based on Israel’s lies.

They preached: “They bow only before Allah” – your response was to never bow before their masters, to never surrender, to never give up. You stood fast and held fast to your homeland, always believing in one God, a God who doesn’t share His powers with super-nations and who can never be substituted for oil or dollars. And when they said; “Allahu Akbar” – Allah was greater than them and their supporters, because Allah is always on the side of justice and justice is on the side of people,” Assad said.

The war waged against the Syrian people is a dirty war. Despite all the injustice and the pain inflicted on every Syrian household, and despite all the blood and destruction, Syrians didn’t give up or give in. In fact, the exact opposite, as a people, we derive strength from adversity; the increased pressures drive us to be more defiant. We face attempts to humiliate us with more pride, dignity and self-confidence,” Assad said.

Your resilience constituted the official obituary of what was falsely called Arab Spring and reset the course. Had this ‘spring’ been genuine, it should have started in the backward Arab countries. Had it been a revolution for more freedom, democracy and justice, it should have started in the most oppressive and tyrannical countries: the countries behind every catastrophe that befell this nation, behind every war against it, behind the intellectual and religious deviation and moral degradation. The existence of these countries is the West’s most important achievement and the most significant cause for Israel’s successes and continued existence,” Assad said.

We should not forget to thank members of the faithful and heroic Lebanese resistance who stood shoulder to shoulder with the heroes in our army, fought honourable battles together on both sides of the border and provided martyrs in defence of the axis of resistance. I salute them and the families of every martyr who reciprocated our loyalty with loyalty and considered defending Syria a national duty like defending southern Lebanon,” Assad added.

We also thank Iran, Russia and China, these states that have respected the decision and will of the Syrian people over the course of three years and have truly upheld the UN charter in respecting States’ sovereignty and non-interference in their domestic affairs,” Assad said.

Listen to President Bashar al-Assad’s full speech in Arabic below.

Sisi-Blair: ‘A match made in Hell’

UK’s daily Guardian has reported that Egyptian military dictator Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi (half Jewish) has retained the services of former British prime minister Tony Blair, the discredited friend of Israel as an adviser on his regime’s economic reforms.

Tony Blair’s job would include advising the US-backed military regime in Cairo how to spend $20 billion aid from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait in developing the pro-Israel so-called “Sunni Block” to fight the country’s popular Islamist organization Muslim Brotherhood and punish Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas for having links with Iran and Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah.

Blair, as agent of International Monetary Fund (IMF) would advise president el-Sisi how to suck more blood off Egyptian public in order to qualify for IMF loans. The military regimes announced on Friday that it’s raising taxes and cut subsidiaries on petrol and diesel. Sisi called his decision, “a bitter medicine”, which was due for a long time.

Tony Blair, who collaborated with Dubya Bush in invading Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) is now calling for the destruction of two Israel’s other enemies, Syria and Iran. He along with George Bush was declared War Criminal by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) in Malaysia in 2012. He allegedly makes $5 million per year for running war campaigns around the world. Blair’s ‘Vision 2035′ received $42.6 million fee from Kuwait royal family as PR fee.

The ex-army chief, Gen. el-Sisi, who toppled the first democratically elected president Dr. Mohamed Morsi in July 2013 by a military coup before himself declaring a “civilian” president via a bogus election in May 2014, has repeatedly advocated austerity measures to maintain large military budget (nearly 40% of country’s total budget), which is used to counter Islamic revival in Egypt and its neighboring Arab countries. Washington provides $1.3 billion aid annually to Egypt to buy arms from United States at unreasonably higher prices, since Cairo signed peace treaty with Tel Aviv. This US aid has always been at the mercy of the US Jewish Lobby.

Since the military coup, Gen. Sisi has conducted a murderous campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood leadership and its supporters. In May 2013, he boasted that Muslim Brotherhood is finished. To a great pleasure of the Zionist regime and the US Jewish Lobby, el-Sisi military junta declared Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist organization” last year. Since then, thousands of protesters have been killed, 2,000 Muslim Brothers sentenced to death while another 20,000 political opponents jailed in drumhead trails. Read more here.

Peres: Israelis love Kurdistan

Israeli retiring president Shimon Peres told US president Barack Obama this week, “the Kurds have, de facto, created their own state, which is democratic. One of the signs of a democracy is equality to women.” In other word, the war criminal Peres has admitted that his own Zionist entity is not a democracy as women are considered low-caste creatures like in Hindu India. In Israel, Jewish women are discriminated in at least eight places.

Zionist bully foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman also educated his American counterpart John Kerry on Middle East situation, “Iraq is breaking up before our eyes and it would appear that creation of independent Kurdish state is a foregone conclusion.”

I’m not sure how willy Netanyahu is going to tell his British counterpart David Cameron, whose ancestors had created both Iraq and Israel out of the Ottoman Empire in the last century.

So why these Zionist thugs love an independent Kurdistan so much? The current autonomous region of Kurd majority Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), is not only has oil-rich Kirkuk area, but the KRG is very friendly toward Israel. It’s already exporting oil to the Zionist entity at preferable rates.

A pro-Israel State of Kurdistan would provide the warmongering Zionist Jews a launching pad to further destabilize the neighboring countries like Syria, Iran and Turkey, where sizeable Kurd communities reside.

Dr. Mordechai Zaken in ‘Jewish subjects and their Tribal Cheiftains in Kurdistan‘ has documents the deep alliance between the secular Kurd leaders and the Jews under Ottoman Empire. It’s estimated that more than 50,000 Kurd Jews live in Israel on stolen land from Palestinians.

Netanyahu has already admitted that ISIS thugs could make Jewish dream come true in Iraq. The US Vice-president Joe Biden is on record saying that Iraq should be divided into three Balkanized states; Kurdistan, Shia Iraq and Sunni Iraq, the so-called “Islamic Caliphate” under Zionist protection.

On June 24, 2014, Jewish Wall Street Journal, reported the Israeli plan on the establishment of an independent Kurdistan and how it could that help Israel in fulfilling its cherished dream of Eretz Yizarel.

Don’t be surprised if the Zionist regime becomes among the first world governments to recognize the “Islamic Caliphate of Iraq.

On July 1, 2014, the world renowned journalist, Pepe Escobar in an Op-Ed at RT, wrote: “What’s certain is that wishful thinking – from Tel Aviv to Washington – will keep permeating calculations about the Kurdish question, as in assuming Turkey will be allowed accession to the EU (it won’t) and thus Kurdistan will be the EU’s de facto eastern border. Bordering what? A Sunnistan across the Levant? Over the Pentagon’s collective dead body, of course.”