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Jews against Abu Dhabi

AbuDhabiSG10[1]Seventeen pro-Israel rabbis and New York state Jewish leaders have penned a letter to state lawmakers to oppose a bill on legalizing mixed martial arts (MMA) in NY state. The Zionist idiots claim it would help anti-Israel Abu Dhabi sheikhdom. Abu Dhabi owns 10% shares in the sport’s biggest league – the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

This is a country that refuses to recognize Israel as a nation, refuses to allow Israeli citizens to travel in their country, and has banned the teaching of the Holocaust in their schools,” the letter says.

At a time when antisemitism is on the rise, we cannot stand by while Albany cuts a deal with a company whose profits will go directly into the hands of an enemy of Israel. It is our hope that New York will continue its proud tradition as a staunch friend to the Jewish community by rejecting the legalization of mixed martial arts and saying no to a company and country that is clearly no friend of Israel,” adds the letter.

Abraham Foxman’s powerful Jewish lobby group Anti-Defamation League has declared UAE being one of the most ‘Jew-hating’ countries in the world. Interestingly, UAE is an ally of Saudi Arabia against Iran and Syria. It’s reported that Saudi ‘royals’ have given $16 billion to Israel during last two years.

Abu Dhabi is home to Rothschild’s $800 million Guggenheim Museum of Art.

Abu Dhabi is also home to the New York University flooded with Jewish management and scholars. Rabbi Mark Cohen (Princeton University) is one of the ‘visiting scholar’ at the NYU in Abu Dhabi. On February 8, 2015, Cohen published a lengthy memoir of his life in Abu Dhabi.

Apart from my teaching and writing, I engaged in several extracurricular activities involving Jews, Judaism and Jewish-Muslim relations. The Rosh Hashanah service which I led, was held the first night only. Very few of the campus’s small number of Jewish students attended, and not many members of the school’s numerous Jewish faculty were there, either. But several non-Jews, including both a Catholic priest who teaches religion and an Emirati student of mine, attended at my suggestion. The service was followed by a Rosh Hashanah meal, complete with challah and gefilte fish,” Cohen said.

In i997, Islamophobe Sen. John McCain called the MMA “human cockfighting” and campaigned against the sport. However, recently he admitted: “I absolutely would have tried MMA.”

Last year, Rabbi Yossi Eilfort of California became the first Jew to win a major MMA title. His victory was celebrated by many of Jewish-controlled propaganda media outlets.

The UAE, with Abu Dhabi as its capital, is a decentralized nation consisting of seven emirates, each with its own monarch. The country came into being when Britain gave up its informal protectorate over what were then called the Ttrucial States, an arrangement intended to protect the British India trade from so-called “pirates”.

Some say, mixed martial art is world’s fastest growing sport.

China to invest $46 billion in Pakistan

XI[1]Today, Chinese president Xi Jinping accompanied by his wife, arrived in Islamabad on a two-day visit to hammer out $46 billion deal – mostly to generate more opportunities for firms hit by slack growth at home.

During his visit Xi Jinping and his team are expected to finalize several infrastructure projects including railway link from China to Gwadar and sale of eight Chinese submarines.

Pakistan-China friendship goes back to 1950s when Pakistan became the first Muslim-majority nation to end official diplomatic relation with US-occupied Taiwan. The relations with Communist-ruled China took major turn after the China-India War in 1960 which resulted in military humiliated of Pakistan’s No.1 regional enemy.

China like Soviet has long viewed Pakistan as a ‘corridor’ via Gawadar to reach Persian Sea for its year-round trade with the outside world. Furthermore, a friendly Pakistan is good for its Israel-style occupation of Muslim-majority East Turkistan.

Suhrawardy was the first Pakistani prime minister to visit Peking in late 1960s. China’s prime minister Zhou Enlai visited Pakistan in 1964. Pakistan’s first military dictator, Gen. Muhammad Ayub Khan visited China in March 1965 on invitation of Zhou Enlai and used the opportunity to pave Henry Kissinger’s visit to Peking which was followed by US president Nixon visit to China.

#Save Nasheed Support Israel

war-3up[1]On April 16, 2015, Common Dreams website published a hilarious article, titled, A Climate Hero Languishes in Prison. Let’s fight to get him out. The author of the article is William Earnest (Bill) McKibben (Jewish), receiver of 2013 Gandhi Peace Award and founder of US-based international environment advocacy group, The group is funded by the vultures at the Wall Street and Rockefeller Foundation.

Last year, Bill McKibben resigned as president of in favor of KC Golden. Canadian Jewish author and feminist Naomi Klein is one of Board Directors of the group. Mohamed Nasheed, former pro-Israel president of Maldives island and South African Bishop Tutu are among the advisers at 350 org.

Mohamed Nasheed – who literally stood against the tide of rising oceans to sound the climate alarm – was ousted as president of Maldives during a military coup in 2012 and now faces 13 years in jail on an absurd series of political- motivated charges, claims McKibben.

McKibben is not whining because Nasheed was connected with his group, but because he was one of one of the staunchest pro-Israel leaders before the election of Hindutva Narendra Modi as prime minister of neighboring India.

There was no military coup against Nasheed whose bodyguards and intelligence agency operatives were trained by Israeli military officials. Nasheed was booted out by the anti-regime mass protests in the capital city of Male as result of Nasheed’s support for the Zionist regime’s 2008-2009 war on Gaza. Maldives, which is 100% Muslim-majority state, never liked Nasheed’s pro-Israel activities and allowing Israeli tourists in the island. Under Constitution, the vice-president Mohammed Waheed Hassan Manik took over country’s Presidency. Waheed called for calm and promised to appoint a unity government. India’s then prime minister Manmohan Singh was the first head of state to recognize the regime change. US State Department’s then Jewish spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, told reporters that Washington considers the new government ‘legitimate’.

Nasheed was tried in court of law on charges of treason against Maldives people and sentenced to spend next 13 years in jail.

Last year, Maldives Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon presented a check for 29.4 million rufiyaa ($1.91 million) to the Qatar Red Crescent President Dr Mohamed Bin Ghanim Al Madida for food and water and to help victims recover from the widespread destruction caused in the latest US-backed Israeli assault.

Since the rise of anti-Muslim Narendra Modi to power, the India-Maldives relations have hit the rock. To counter US-India pressure, Maldives president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has began wooing other capitals, such as Islamabad, Peking, Tehran and Moscow.

Sudan joins Israeli war in Yemen for $4 billion bribe

On March 25, 2015, Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir met the new Saudi dictator, King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz in Riyadh. The crypto-Jew ‘royal’ offered Bashir $4 billion in aid for joining the US-Israel-Saudi war against Shia Houthis in Yemen. Bashir couldn’t refuse the offer after suffering under the US-imposed sanction since 1997.

One couldn’t blame Bashir for selling his soul to the Devil. Netanyahu, too, has accepted a $16 billion bribe for the US Jewish Lobby’s support for the Saudi regime against Iranian influence.

On April 14, Saudi ambassador in Khartoum, Faisal bin Hamed al-Mulla lauded Bashir’s decision to join the Saudi-led war in Yemen – but denied the western media reported $4 billion bribe. He also denied that any formal decision was made in the past to suspend banking transition between the two countries as result of al-Bashir’s close relations with Iran.

Omar al-Bashir has made several trips to Iran in the past. Iran’s former president Ahmadinejad also visited Sudan. These close relations offended Saudi anti-Shia lobby led by foreign minister Ali Karti, who has suggested that the country would be better served by developing relations with Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations with predominantly Sunni population.

In March 2012, US-based Al-Jazeera English accused Khartoum of asking military help from Iran to fight the South rebels, which Tehran denied.

Houthis leadership has openly shown their hatred for the Zionist regime and the US-Israel created ISIS Wahhabi mercenaries. In return, Israeli prime minister Netanyahu has called Obama’s negotiations over Iran’s nuclear dispute, Iran-Lausanne-Yemen Axis against Israel.

Steve Lendman, an American Jewish columnist, has accused Barack Obama of waging Israel’s proxy wars in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine and Ukraine.

Both Tehran and Baghdad have condemned Riyadh for waging a US-Israel proxy war in Lebanon which would be impossible for it to win.

I’m afraid, al-Bashir, like Khaled Mashaal in the past, has made a blunder by joining an Israeli poodle who is destined to lose in the long run.

Neither the United States nor Saudi Arabia have any right to interfere in Yemen’s internal affairs or to install their own political puppets to head the government. That is the right of the Yemeni people. And while the current process of regime change might be messy and violent, the Houthi rebels better represent the interests of the indigenous population than anyone in Riyadh or Washington. The Saudi-US war is merely aimed at controlling the outcome so Yemen remains within the imperial grip. As Nasrallah says, “The real goal of the war is to retain control and domination of Yemen (but) the Yemeni people will not put up with this aggression and humiliation. They will fight to defend their dignity, their existence, their families, and their territory. And they will be victorious.”

Iran is ‘Winner’ in America’s proxy wars for Israel

IranFlag03[1]On Monday, Putin lifted ban on Moscow’s delivery of S-300 air-defense system to Iran worth $800 million to help cash-strap Russia as result of the US-EU sanction over Ukraine conflict. “As result of freezing the contract (in 2010), Russia lost large amount of money,” said Sergey Lavrov, Russian foreign minister on April 13, 2015.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu in a phone call to Putin protested against his decision to allow delivery of S-300 anti-aircraft batteries to Iran. He told Putin that such moves would help Iran not to follow the P5+1 nuclear deal guidelines. In response, Putin explained to the warmongering paranoid Netanyahu that “the tactical and technical specifications of the S-300 system make it a purely defensive weapon; therefore, it wouldn’t pose any threat to security of Israel or other countries in the Middle East.”

During Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, Washington sold arms to Afghan Mujahideen in the hope to reach Caspian Sea oil fields. After the collapse of Soviet occupation, the Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbi and designated prime minister Gulbuddin Hekmatyar refused to let Unocal, Amoco, Exxon and Pennzoil build the pipeline. They even started cultivating friendly relations with neighboring Iran that gave sanctuary to more than 4.5 million refugees during Soviet occupation. Israel and Jewish lobby couldn’t digest this. So America with the help of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan created anti-Shia Wahhabi Taliban to replace Sunni-Shia Mujahideen. However, once in power, Taliban acted worse than Mujahideen. They not only demanded a greater share of Caspian Sea exploitation but also banned cultivation of opium, a great source of income for Russian Jew drug mafia.

In December 2000, Dubya Bush and his Zionist advisers decided to bring a regime change in Afghanistan. To sell invasion of Afghanistan to Yankees, Israeli Mossad with its American helpers pulled 9/11. US invaded Afghanistan on October 3, 2001 and installed its Hamid Karzai puppet regime. Ironically, Karzai too cultivated friendly relations with Tehran.

On 2003 Purim night, America invaded Iraq, based on Israeli lies about Saddam Hussein, a former CIA poodle and fanatic anti-Iran, of having WMDs and committing human-right abuses. Same lies Israel and Jewish lobby groups have been propagating against Iran since then. After killing nearly one million Iraqi civilians and 400 Iraqi scientist during 8-year occupation, when American were forced to leave Iraq in December 2011, UK’s former foreign secretary, Lord David Owen said that the US occupation has turned Iran into a regional power.

In August 2014, American forces leading 62 nations of absurd returned to Iraq to save the US-Israel created ISIS/ISIL from Iraqi Shia militia and Iraqi Shia military units trained by Iranian military advisers.

Syria under Assad-Ba’athist rule has always been pro-West. However, president Bashar al-Assad became a ‘threat to world and humanity’ when he decided to join the ‘Axis of Resistance’ (Iran-Hizbullah-Hamas) a decade ago. After four-year of bloodshed, Washington and its western and regional allies have failed to topple Iranian ally in Damascus.

In Yemen, Washington armed dictatorial rulers and protected them from Shia minority with drones and phony Al-Qaeda run by CIA-Mossad for four decades. Now the Shia Houthis militia have turned table on US-Israel-Saudi Arabia. The Zionist-mouthpiece, Foreign Policy, called it a huge victory for Iran.

Peter Van Buren, American author and a 24-year veteran of the US State Department, wrote on April 12 that Iranian leadership don’t believe that nukes will help them to win a war imposed on Iran by its adversaries, the US, UK, Israel and France, which all have stockpiles of nuclear and chemical WMDs.

Instead, they preferred to seek a more conventional kind of influence throughout the Middle East. They were hardly alone in that, but their success has been singular in the region in these years,” Buren said.

Pakistani MPs refuse to join Israel’s proxy war in Yemen

Pakistan Yemen.JPEG-0d2e9On Friday, Riyadh and Washington were shocked by Pakistan’s 342-member National Assembly’s unanimous decision to reject Saudi-US call to join the Saudi-led coalition of Western Arab puppet rulers which has killed more than 500 civilians including children as result of airstrikes during the last two weeks.

The government-sponsored proposal was debated by MPs for three days. None of the speakers favored the proposal. Most of the speakers claimed that Saudi Arabia is waging a proxy war in Yemen for the US and Israeli interests in the region.

In an agreed resolution, the parliamentarian urged Nawaz Sharif government to avoid involvement in the Persian Gulf conflict. The resolution also called-upon both parties (foreign invaders and Houthis) to end fighting and resolve their difference through dialogues.

The parliament desires that Pakistan should maintain neutrality in the Yemen conflict so as to be able to play a proactive diplomatic role to end the crisis,” read the resolution.

Pakistan’s Army Chief, Lt. Gen. Raheel Sharif in a statement said that army will follow government’s decision but warned that Pakistan by joining the war could end up in an endless pit. He said military’s priority is to fight terrorism and defend country’s borders against India.

Iranian foreign minister, Dr. Javad Zarif who is on a three-day visit to Pakistan, held meetings with Gen. Sharif, prime minister Nawaz Sharif and the Speaker of National Assembly, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq. He thanked the lawmakers for the decision which would unite the Muslim Ummah instead of keeping Muslims divided to serve western imperialism.

The war is directed by the US and Israel behind scene by providing logistic information and media coverage. Washington and its allies, who fought the so-called ‘humanitarian wars’ in support of the foreign armed and trained rebels fighting anti-West regimes in Somalia, Libya, Syria and Iraq, is now fighting public revolts against the pro-West regimes in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen.

Saudis, like their Israeli cousins, are afraid to deploy Saudi ground forces in Yemen. They want Pakistani, Egyptians and Turks to die for the US and Israel in Yemen.

Nigeria: The ‘Sharia General’ won presidency

The Zionist regime received another blow in Africa over the weekend. It lost Africa’s most populous and rich ally, Nigeria to a ‘Sharia General’ Mahammadu Buhari. Pro-Israel outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian from South, conceded the defeat on Tuesday and congratulated his opponent, a Muslim from North, on his victory – “first transfer of power through an election (Katy Lee at Jewish website Vox)”.

Personally, I’m no fan of any Nigerian political leader since the assassination of Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello in 1966 military coup engineered by Christian military officers, which also killed country’s first prime minister Sir Abubakar Tafawa, a Muslim from North. However, every time the Jewish-controlled western media demonizes some leader – from Hitler to Putin – I know the victim must be doing something good for his nation which the organized Jewry disliked.

Goodluck is a stupid man for conceding, a disappointment for Nigeria,” Reuters quoted some “waitress” in oil city of Port Harcourt.

Adam Nossiter at the Jew York Times blames Boko Haram, a USraeli creation and mass corruption for Jonathan’s defeat.

Tim Cocks at Jewish Reuters accused Buhari as a military dictator some 30 years ago, “he imprisoned journalists and opposition activists without trial, executed drug traffickers by firing squad and ordered soldiers to thrash those who failed to queue in an orderly fashion at bus stops.” Not kosher actions of course – except that Israeli Jew soldiers killed 17 journalists during Israel’s 50-day attacks on Gaza Strip last year.

David Smith at the UK’s Guardian accused Buhari, “in the past, he supported implementing Islamic sharia law across the country, rather than just in Muslim-majority regions, though he’s downplayed these comments in this campaign.” My guess is Buhari was stopped implementing his wish as a military dictator by the US and Israel, right!

Chris Wright wrote at Jewish Forbes on April 1 that Buhari would be judged how he deals with Boko Haran more than his strict economic policies.

Those who are unfamiliar with Nigeria may think that Buhari, as a Muslim who has talked before about imposing Islamic law, might in some way be aligned with Boko Haram, but he is understood to be deeply committed to their eradication, having seen up close the damage they have done to northeast Nigeria,” Wright said.

Watch below Buhari’s interviewed by the pro-Israel Al-Jazeera English.