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Israel ‘holds secret talks with Hamas’ – Really!

bibi[1]In March 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu, raising his fist proclaimed that a Palestinian state will be established only on his dead body.

Last month, Israeli tanks shelled northern part of Gaza Strip following a claim by the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) that a rocket was fired from the Palestinian enclave toward the Jewish ‘promised land’.

While all this is happening, Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz, reported on May 1, that Netanyahu regime is holding ‘secret talks’ with the Islamists ruling Gaza Strip, to hammer-out a long term ceasefire.

The purpose of this ‘ceasefire’ (3-5 years) will enable Netanyahu to wash his hands off the blood of 1200 Palestinian civilians including 534 children during last year’s Israeli assault on Gaza.

It will help (Netanyahu) him to portray last Summer war on Gaza as an ‘achievement’ instead of a controversial failure to disarm Hamas,” wrote Amos Harel.

Alex Fishman at the daily YNet caught a big fish on April 26. He claimed that Israeli airstrikes in response to rocket fire was mainly aimed at hitting the headlines (an not bombing some school full of Palestinian children). Why? Because Israeli government and Israeli military are holding ‘direct and indirect talks’ with Hamas to conclude a long-term ceasefire.

Dr. Yaron Friedman, however, let us have a peek in Netanyahu’s brain. According the ‘senior analyst’, Hamas became weak when it changed its alliance from Iran to Qatar over Syria. However, since the Israeli proxy ISIS has committed a second Nakba in Yarmouk, the Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus last month, Hamas is trying to renew its old friendship with Iran and Hizbullah – which is not good for Israel. Furthermore, Friedman claims that Iran has established its own Shia proxy in the West Bank, the Harakat as-Sabeereen Natzran Le-Palastin (The Patient Ones’ Movement for the Liberation of Palestine).

Despite its attempt to deny it, the group is affiliated with a radical sect of Shiite Islam, unlike the majority of Gaza which is predominantly Sunni. Thus, it seems Iran has already selected its choice to replace Hamas. As much as Hesn grows, the pro-Shiite forces in northern Gaza will grow accordingly,” claims Friedman.

I guess, Friedman never heard of Islamic Jihad, which played a major role during Israel’s 50-day war on Gaza Strip. Islamic Jihad never abandoned its ties with Iran or Hizbullah. Its leaders have never stopped visiting Tehran and Beirut since Khaled Meshaal left Damascus and took residence in Qatar over three years ago.

The Jewish Newsweek, has reported that Qatar and EU are proposing a long-term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in order to keep Hamas out of Iranian influence. If Hamas leadership is smart, it should learn from its past mistakes. Both Qatar and European Union are no different than Mahmoud Abbas. They all want Palestinians to believe they never had a homeland.

A delegation headed by the PLO Executive Committee Member and Head of the PLO Department for Refugee Affairs Zakria al-Agha is already in Damascus to discuss with Syrian authorities to disarm PLF militia in al-Yarmouk camp so that Palestinian refugees are not dragged into Syrian conflict by the Al-Nusra or ISIL terrorist insurgency.

In late August 2014, the Jewish media reported Israel and PA president have reached a long-term ceasefire, which was projected as being blessed by Hamas that was not invited to the so-called ‘ceasefire negotiations’.

Hamas leaders in Gaza have refuted media reports on the so-called ‘secret talks’.

On May 2, the Times of Israel reported former US president Jimmy Carter said: Hamas leaders are committed to peace, but Netanyahu is not.

I bet my Canadian dollar this ‘smoking gun’ is another Zionist media ploy to discredit Hamas in the eyes of Arab population, and project PA president Mahmoud Abbas: Israel’s man in Ramallah, as the only negotiating partner with the Zionist entity.

Israeli ex-DM: Hizbullah not Iran is the ‘existential threat’

flag[1]Lithuanian-born US-Israel citizen and three-times Israel’s defense minister, Moshe Arens, 80, in an Opinion-Post in Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz (April 20, 2015) said that a future nuclear Iran will not pose existential threat to Israel as Iran would never dare to use its nuclear arsenal against a nuclear Israel. The real threat to Israel is from 100,000 rockets and missiles in the hands of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah.

A nuclear weapon in the hands of the Iranians would have a large-scale, negative geopolitical effect on the Middle East, but the probability that the weapon would actually be used is extremely small. However, the physical damage caused if it were to be used is essentially infinite,” Arens said.

The US and Israeli intelligence agencies and IAEA agree there is no concrete proof that Iran is applying it nuclear program for military usage. However, warmongering Netanyahu had been crying wolf since 1996.

There are more than 100,000 rockets and missiles in the hands of Hizbullah in Lebanon all pointed at Israel, plus thousands of rockets in the hands of Hamas in Gaza. They put all of Israel’s civilian population at risk. Which is the greater danger,” Arens said.

On January 29, 2015, British Jewish investigative journalist, Ben Norton, wrote that independent investigation details Israel’s deliberate targeting of civilians in Gaza and Lebanon.

The probability of Hezbollah launching its reservoir of missiles and rockets against Israel is substantial. Whereas the Iranian nuclear threat has been occupying our civilian and military leadership these past years – and constant efforts have been made to slow down the Iranian nuclear program – excepting civil defense programs conducted by the Israel Defense Forces Home Front, Israel’s answer to the Hezbollah rocket and missile threat has been limited to a reliance on a dubious theory of deterrence. The opportunity to destroy Hamas’ rocket capability in Gaza was missed during Operation Protective Edge last summer,” Arens added.

On April 3, 2014, English composer, musician and singer, Brain Eno, in an open letter to Americans demonstrated Israeli fascism against Gaza population. Read Brain Eno’s response to Jewish-American author Peter Schwartz’s crying wolf, here.

In September 2009, the foreign minister, Ehud Barak, also claimed that the real threat to Israel is Hizbullah and not Iran.

Israeli army don’t fear Hizbullah rockets or missile – but Hizbullah intelligence, battle strategy and dedication to the cause – which it used to defeat Israel in 2006.

The long history of Israel-Hizbullah engagements suggests the parties can all too easily be drawn into confrontations that both might prefer to avoid,” Israeli journalist Dimi Reider wrote in Al-Jazeera English on January 29, 2015.

On February 9, 2015, Herbert London, president Hudson Institute, an Israeli hasbara group, wrote in Jewish Newsmax website: “Hizbullah is an enemy and a dangerous but it’s not prepared to fight. That may be a positive sign. The negative sign, of course, is that Hizbullah cannot determine its own fate.”

Some Israeli analysts have concluded that by using its 100,000-rocket arsenal, Hizbullah will destroy the Israeli infrastructure, power facilities, the residential buildings and military command headquarters – while causing vast cases of panic and exodus among the Zionist settlers along Lebanon-Israeli border and the Jewish occupied Golan Heights since 1967.

UK author: Israel is worst terrorist than Hamas

flag[1]UK journalist, author and feminist, Uganda-born Yasmin Alibhai-Brown crossed the Jewish Lobby ‘Red-Line’ on March 29, 2015. In a column at UK daily Independent, she called the Zionist entity a worst terrorist entity than Islamic resistance Hamas, ruling the Gaza Strip without Israel-US-EU blessings since 2006.

Hamas is a wicked and dangerous force in the Middle East. But Israel is now more wicked and dangerous,” she said.

Yasmin said that the Organized Jewry, despite the huge propaganda, doesn’t believe in the so-called ‘Freedom of Press’ when it involves criticism of Israel, Holocaust or Zionism. To prove her point, she mentioned its opposition to a debate at the Southampton University.

She also touched on the new Jewish religion Holocaust by saying: “Jewish thinkers and writers in the UK, US and Israel are now questioning the way the Holocaust has been cheapened and used to justify inhumane policies and actions of state of Israel.”

Yasmin, however, also praised her “lefty” Jewish friends, saying: “I wish more of us Muslims acknowledged Jewish men and women who, in spite of intolerable pressures, fight for Palestine, an ethical, just Israel and equality for all. I wish more Muslims were as fair-minded and honourable as these Jewish resistors.”

So you, see, she is not a “bigot” Muslim extremist who hates Jews for being Jewish. But, she did call the Zionist entity “apartheid”, “racist”, “anti-Jewish”, and “exploiter” of Holocaust in the past.

Yasmin is wrong to compare Hamas actions with the US pampered Israel Occupation Force (IOF). Hamas has every right under international laws to wage an armed resistance against Western colonists occupying its ancestral homeland. The Israeli army by its past savagery in Gaza and Lebanon has proved beyond any doubt that it’s the greatest terrorist organization in the Middle East.

Well, Yasmin is not the only who has crossed the ‘Red Line’. On April 1, 2015, BBC’s former ME correspondent in occupied Jerusalem (1995-2000), Jeremy Bowen, interviewed Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal in Doha, Qatar, where he lives. During the interview, Meshaal accused Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahy for killing Israel-Palestine peace process. The Jewish Lobby was all praise for Meshaal when he left Damascus to join the US-Israel led anti-Assad coalition a few years ago. Ironically, Meshaal’s gamble didn’t pay-off. Now, he is trying his best to return to the ‘Axis of Resistance’ (Iran-Syria-Hizbullah).

US didn’t make Iran the ‘regional power’

Despite that Washington holds more than $26 billion Iranian accounts frozen in US banks and ‘crippling sanctions’ against the Islamic Republic since 1980s – many western leaders believe that it’s America’s proxy wars for the Zionist entity in the Middle East that made Iran a regional power.

British foreign secretary, Lord David Owen, claimed in December 2011 that America’s removal of Saddam Hussein being a threat to Israel and subsequent nine-year occupation of Iraq made Iran regional super power.

On January 27, 2015, Patrick J. Buchanan made a similar claim. Buchanan is a known Islamophobe. He was Republican party’s presidential candidate twice, in 1992 and 1996. Though he was associated with Jewish-controlled MSNBC for nearly ten years – he got fired under pressure from Jewish groups for saying the truth in his 2012 book, Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2015? that Israel lobby AIPAC has too much power in the United States.

Buchanan wrote: Last week’s panic was triggered by the ouster of the pro-American Yemeni President by Houthi rebels. Suddenly, we heard wails that Iran has now captured four Arab capitals – Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus and Sanaa.

George Bush sent an army up to Baghdad (in 2003), ousted Iran’s greatest enemy, Saddam, disbanded his army, smashed his state, and brought to power a Shia majority with religious and historic bonds to Iran.

As for Damascus, Iran is but backing the Alawite Shia regime of Bashar Assad, whose father, Hafez Assad, was Bush I’s ally in Desert Storm.

As for Beirut, Hezbollah arose as a resistance movement when Ariel Sharon invaded Lebanon in 1982. Yitzhak Rabin would come to regret the consequences: “We let the Shia genie out of the bottle.”

But if al-Qaeda and ISIS are our real enemies now, Iran, Hezbollah, Assad and the Houthis are all de facto allies, fighting on the same side with us.

A closer look reveals a Shia minority in a Sunni-dominated world where Shia are despised heretics. And of all the terrorist organizations we have the most reason to fear and hate – al-Qaida, Islamic State, Ansar al-Sharia, Boko Haram — none is Shia, all are Sunni.

What about Iran’s drive to build a nuclear bomb? Well, Israel has 100-300 atom bombs. America has thousands. Iran’s Muslim neighbor Pakistan has scores. And Iran? She has no bomb.

Shamus Cooke, American writer and social service worker doesn’t agree with the US-chest-beating claim. On October 25, 2014, he wrote: Iran’s regional power is bolstered by its political and religious connections throughout the Middle East. Not only does Shia Muslim Iran exert automatic authority over Shia majority Iraq, but also over Shia Hezbollah and Shia-led Syria. This region-wide dynamic is often referred to as the “Shia Crescent.” There also exist sizable oppressed Shia populations in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, and Turkey that act as intrinsic political thorns in the sides of these Sunni sectarian governments, giving Iran a powerful political base in each case.

The truth is, it was the leadership of Imam Khomeini, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, and Ahmadinejad that made Iran a regional power.

Imad Mughniyeh: The Lebanese ‘Superman’

Mughniyeh[1]On January 31, 2015, Jeff Stein at the Jewish Newsweek made Hizbullah commander Hajj Radwan Imad Mughniyeh, a Superman by accusing him of being the “mastermind” of almost every Israeli Mossad false flag operations in Middle East and Argentina.

The list of Mughniyeh’s glorious achievements include 1983 bombing of US embassy in Beirut, the 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847, and the 1992 bombing of Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and 1995 bombing of Jewish lobby headquarter AMIA in Buenos Aires.

Jeff Stein claimed that Imad Mughniyeh killed more Americans than the dreaded Al-Qaeda which is currently fighting US-Israeli proxy wars in Syria and Iraq. In other words, Mughniyeh had killed more than the 3,000 Americans killed by Israeli Mossad during its 9/11 terror attacks.

On January 30, 2015, Indian Hindu Ms Swati Sharma at Jewish Washington Post claimed that according to a new “revelation”, CIA helped Mossad in the assassination of Imad Mugneyah. Mughniyeh was martyred in a car bombing in Syria on February 13, 2008. Listen below what Mughniyeh think of his mission in life.

Imad Mughniyeh’s son Jihad Mughniyeh along with five other Hizbullah fighters were martyred by an Israeli missile inside Syrian part of Golan Heights last month.

Israeli press and Jewish Lobby in United States have slammed Obama administration over the ill-timing of report on CIA-Mossad collaboration in the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh. Most believe that it’s Obama administration’s slap on Boehner-Netanyahu face for challenging Obama’s policy toward Iran’s nuclear program.


Israel instigating a new Crusade against Muslims

b20141008030427[1]As the Zionist regime finds itself “betrayed” by its western backers one by one – in desperation it has increased its terrorism abroad particularly within western nations which have recognized Palestinian state.

While the US and its western allies are occupied with Russia over Ukraine – the Zionist regime is busy in conducting false-flag operations in France, Canada, Germany, Australia, Nigeria, Eritrea, Pakistan and several other countries to demonize Islam and Muslims.

The armed terrorist militia, ISIL/ISIS which was originally created by the US-Israel-Saudi Arabia to counter Iran’s growing influence in the region, has been defeated in Syria by the Syrian army with the help of Hizbullah and Iran. ISIS is now being contained in Iraq by the Iraqi forces. As a result, United States has assembled nearly 60 absurd allies to bomb forces fighting with ISIS in order to turn the table in favor of its illegitimate baby.

Israeli airstrikes inside Syrian and Lebanese territories serves two objects, 1) help ISIS to survive, and 2) incite its neighbors to retaliate Israeli terrorism. The Zionist regime believes that Iran and its allies (Hizbullah and Syria) would avoid to have a military confrontation with the Zionist entity in order to jeopardize its negotiations with the so-called P5+1 over its nuclear program.

Keeping these possibilities in mind, an Israeli helicopter targeted and killed Iranian Brigadier General Mohammed Ali Allah-Dadi and his six Hizbullah companions in Mazraat Amal village in Syrian province of Queneitra along Israeli occupied Golan Heights on January 18, 2015. One of Hizbullah fighters was 26-year-old son of senior commander Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated by Mossad agents in Syria in 2008 on the orders of Israeli Mossad head Gen. (Aluf) Meir Dagan.

In an Israeli television interview, Zionist entity’s Defense Minister Gen. Moshe Yaalon stopped short of claiming responsibility for Sunday’s air strike while describing those killed as “bad guys, all of them”.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki and Ayatullah Khamenie’s office have sent condolences messages to Hizbullah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah over the martyrdom of Hizbullah freedom fighters.

Allah-Dadi, commander of Ghadir Brigade in Yazd province was in Syria on an advisory mission to help the Syrian government and people in the face of terrorists and salafist takfiris, and scored several achievements against plots and crimes of the Zionist entity over the entire Syrian territories, and was loyal defender and supporter of Resistance against the Zionist entity.

In reality, the pressure placed on Syria’s borders by both Israel and its partner, Turkey in the north, is part of a documented plan to relieve pressure on the Western, Israeli, Saudi-Qatari armed and funded militants operating inside Syria.

Fearing retaliation by Hizbullah, the Jewish army has placed its Iron(Dumb) Dome batteries along Israeli border with South Lebanon to counter Hizbullah rockets.

It’s reported that after the recent Israeli assassinations – both Hizbullah and Iran has decided to join president Assad’s plan to open a war front against the Zionist entity in Golan Heights.

Hamas, EU and Iran

Zionist prime minister Netanyahu has blasted European Union for taking off Palestinian resistance Hamas which rules Gaza Strip from its terrorist list.

In Luxemburg the European court removed Hamas from the list of terrorist organizations, Hamas that has committed countless war crimes and countless terror acts,” Netanyahu said on Wednesday.

He went on to say that “it seems too many in Europe, on whose soil six million Jews were slaughtered, have learned nothing.”

I suppose Netanyahu really believe that it were Muslims and not the Frankist Jews who killed millions of people during the WW II.

Hamas officials have called EU decision a “moral victory” even though its European assets will remain frozen.

The overwhelming majority of countries in the world consider Hamas a legitimate resistance movement. The pro-Zionist regimes in North America and Europe, however, have designated it a ‘terrorist organization’ despite the UN Charter and International Law recognizing resistance to foreign occupation as legitimate. These regimes have done so to support the Zionist colonial settler entity so that it will remain a dagger in the heart of Islam. Zionists living in these societies are well known blackmailers.

A Hamas delegation visited Iran last week and met with senior Iranian officials over widening cooperation. Politburo member of the Palestinian Hamas Movement Khalil al-Haya underlined that the resistance movement is resolved to reinvigorate relations with Tehran.

Earlier this week, Politburo Chief of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas Khaled Mashaal underlined that Hamas is determined to broaden relations with Tehran. Mashaal pointed to the Iran-Hamas relations, and said, “We have never cut our relations with Iran; we have historic ties and Iran has supported Hamas for many years.” Mashaal also noted that he would pay a visit to Iran soon.

On December 17, 2014, professor Alon Ben-Meir posted on his personal blog that Netanyahu has shattered Israel’s world image by propagating lies about Palestinians and other neighboring countries. He also claimed that an independent Palestinian state next to Israel would never pose a threat to Israel but would be a good thing for the peaceful survival of the Israeli Jews.

Ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state is certainly good for the Palestinians, but it serves Israel’s needs and future wellbeing far more so than the Palestinians. Every Israeli who bought into the argument that the Palestinians are an irredeemable foe must now reexamine the falsity of this belief. The old and tired narratives Netanyahu and his emissaries keep promulgating about how untrustworthy the Palestinians are – about their bad intent, about the Gaza experience, about the Palestinians’ perpetual hatred, about their long-term strategy to destroy Israel, and about Israel’s constant and grave security concerns – no longer resonate,” Ben-Meir says.