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Christian singer honors Gaza resistance

Lebanese Christian Julia Boutros is considered one of the top pop singers of the Arab world. She has just released a new album, entitled ‘Righteousness is my weapon’ in which she praises the steadfastness of Hamas and other Gaza resistance groups for giving a bloody nose to the Jewish army. Watch the video below.

Julia has vocally supported Hizbullah and the “Resistance” (as she did during the 1990s), despite being a Christian herself – making her a living embodiment of how an “Islamic Resistance” could transcend nationalism.

Julia Boutros began singing at the age of 12. From very beginning of her singing career, she decided to use her talent on behalf of others. Her first song, a French tune titled ‘A Maman“, was dedicated to all mothers on Mother’s Day. It proved to be the first step in a lifelong journey of dedication: her gift to others.

By the age of 14, she had released her first album, titled ‘C’est La Vie’ (This is Life), which was written and composed by Elias Rahbani. It was also around this time that the civil war in Lebanon broke out, playing a central role in Julia’s life and bringing into sharp focus her desire to commit herself and her singing to humanity and civilization in the Lebanese community in particular and the world in general.

Early on, unlike other artists of her age, Julia dedicated her career to a cause. This burning desire to be a voice for others led directly in 1985 to her recording “Ghabet Shams Al Haq”, which was composed by Julia’s brother Ziad Boutros, who composes most of her work today. The song expresses her anger at the continued killing of the innocents: children, women, men and the elderly civilians by Jewish army and its Christian Lebanese Phalangist collaborators.

The only thing we were able to do at the time was to raise our voices and send a message to the world, and that was achieved by my first song” says Julia.

She wanted to send a message and she did so, forcefully. One week after this song was released; Julia’s voice entered every house in the Arab world. Her voice had become their voice, with millions of people singing her songs. Even schools began teaching the children the real meanings of Julia’s words.

After “Ghabet Shams Al Haq”, Julia would say, “I felt that I had a responsibility and that it is to speak on behalf of my people whose voice goes unheard“.

Today, Julia’s fans range from children to elderly, as she became a national symbol for Nationalism, Patriotism, Resistance and even Romance.

Julia received several national and international awards, including the Lebanese President’s Award which was presented to Julia for her contribution, through her voice, to the Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah against the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, shortly after the liberation of the South in May 2000.

Recently, and during the 2006 Israeli 34-day carpet-bombing of Lebanese civilian population, Julia Boutros was featured on Al Jazeera TV Station in a special program; she talked about the Politics in the Arab world, daring to say the least. She has today developed a fundraising project for the families of all Lebanese Martyrs who perished during the 34 day war.

Last year, to a packed house, Julia Boutros, sang to let the so-called “free world” know how Hizbullah defeated Israel in 2006. Watch the video below.


Israel: ‘Why people support Hamas?’

The Zionist regime has failed to discredit Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas miserably. It has succeeded in blackmailing the US, EU, and several other Muslim-hating regimes to declare Hamas a “terrorist organization”. It has turned 1.8 million inhabitants of Gaza Strip into Warsaw ghetto since 2006 for voting Hamas into power. Jewish army has conducted several military operation against Gaza including two major wars since 2006. Netanyahu expected that his Zionazi actions against the people of Gaza would turn public against Hamas and they, like the Syrian rebels would beg for Israeli help to bring-in an “Israel-friendly” regime change in Gaza.

In the meantime, Israel, the US and EU have armed and financed Hamas rival Fatah. They all call Mahmoud Abbas “a reliable peace partner”. Shimon Peres, former Israeli president even called Mahmoud Abbas, “brother”, “friend”, and Palestinian Gandhi. While Hamas leaders keep visiting Tehran and Beirut, Abbas has refused to seek moral support from Iran or Hizbullah.

But the reality is, every time Israel tighten screw around Gaza, the world talk about Hamas and makes no mention of Abbas as a useful player for establishing peace and security for the Zionist entity.

Today, I came across an article, entitled Why people still support Hamas by Abeer Ayyoub, a female journalist from Gaza, . Before some readers get excited, her articles are regularly published by several Israeli propaganda websites like +972, Al-Monitor, Al-Jazeera, Ha’aretz and others.

Abeer Ayyoub debunks several of Israeli accusation against Hamas, such as, it spends more money on “terrorist tunnel” than reconstructing homes, bridges, electric powerhouse and schools – destroyed by Israeli army in the first place. What she didn’t mention that the Zionist regime spends $17 billion per year on its armed forces while one out of three Israeli Jew children live in poverty.

Miss Ayyoub says that not every Gazan agree with the way Hamas manage government affairs, but they all support Hamas military resistance against Israel.

In response to Israeli accusation that Hamas uses civilians as shield to protect its fighters, she said: “But can Hamas really do so when the Israeli army intentionally target civilian compounds?”

To explain why majority of Palestinians support Hamas over other secular resistance groups, she said: “The huge disappointment Palestinians constantly feel from the President Mahmoud Abbas. Whenever they have any sort of of expectation from their president, they’re always sorely let down by his collaborators with Israel’s occupation. In Gaza, Hamas and the rest of the armed factions are still defending the population with their lives, so it is no wonder that popularity of Hamas increases as that of Abbas decreases.”

British Jewish professor Janet Montefiore (Kent University), in a comment at the UK daily Guardian (August 8, 2014) claimed that real “existential” threat to Israel is not from Hamas, but the US-Israel created Islamo-fascist ISIS.

Hollywood Jewish producer Ryan Kavanaugh in an Op-Ed in Hollywood Reporter blasted Hollywood celebrities like Penelope Cruz, Selena Gomez, and Javier Bardem for siding with Hamas and blaming Israel for the “genocide” in Palestine.



Sheikh Nasrallah: An exclusive interview by Al-Akhbar

Nasrallah2[1]This week, Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah spent nearly six hours with editors of Lebanese news website Al Akhbar (English), during which he discussed issues ranging from Syria, the recent Gaza war, the 2006 Hizbullah war the Jewish army, domestic Lebanese issues and even his own personal habits.

Sheikh Nasrallah asserted that Israeli attack on Gaza has delayed Israel’s new planned attack on Lebanon to help its ISIS allies, but Jewish army got stuck in Gaza. He saluted Gaza Islamic Resistance for holding their stand of lifting Gaza blockade by Israel and Egypt for a lasting ceasefire with the Zionist entity.

Nasrallah pointed out that the Zionist entity is recognizing that any future war would be much more difficult in terms of the capabilities of the Lebanese resistance, and the enemy is not likely to handle a war of attrition.

He also said: “We disagreed with Hamas on Syria but this has not interrupted communications and meetings, and everything has remained natural. He stressed that Hezbollah’s link to the conflict with the enemy and the realities on the ground in Palestine are not debated.”

Talking about his personal interests, Nasrallah said he likes football and used to play with friends until he put on the turban (became a cleric). He said his favorite teams are Brazil and Argentina. He said that due to security reasons, he is not allowed to used Facebook or drive a car.

Nasrallah talked in detail about the 2006 Israel-Hizbullah war; capture and killing of Israeli soldiers, planning of response to Israeli military aggression against Lebanon and Syria’s part in supplying arms and ammunition to Hizbullah fighters.

Sheikh Nasrallah (born 1960) assumed the leadership of Hizbullah in 1992 after Israeli Mossad assassinated the leader of the Islamic Resistance Abbas al-Musawi. Nasrallah rarely talks about his family members. He has four sons and a daughter. His eldest son, Muhammad Hadi was martyred in 1997 during a battle with Jewish army during which Hizbullah fighters were able to kill 13 Israeli soldiers.

In 2005, Israeli Mossad failed in its attempt to assassinate Nasrallah. Since then, he remains on the top of Mossad hit list.

American Jewish academic, writer and author, Norman Finkelstein, who is known for his criticism of the Zionist regime, Holocaust industry and the BDS, recently gave an interview to RT’s Mona Zughbi over his views how Netanyahu built the case against Hamas based on lies to wage the latest on-going war on Gaza. Watch the video below.