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US Academic: Israel Army = ISIS

Jewish_State[2]The prize-winning American professor Laura Nader (UC Berkeley since 1960) in a guest editorial at April’s edition of the Royal Anthropological Institute’s (RAI) bimonthly journal, Anthropology Today, has compared British Jew jihadi-volunteers fighting in the Israel Army with British Muslim jihadis joining ISIS/ISIL terrorists in Syria and Iraq. She also accused Israel for using Holocaust to justify Jewish extremism.

Today around 100 British nationals are serving in the Israeli army, supported by proud British mothers, however the April 2014 British report on counter-terrorism does not include as a threat the indoctrinated British citizens returning home from service in the Israeli military, since the UK is already an ally of Israel,” Nader wrote.

Laura adds: “The Mahal (volunteers for Israeli army) network of jihadists were taking part in the Israeli ground offensive in the Gaza Strip last summer, which resulted in the death of so many innocent Palestinian civilians.”

She further notes that “5,000 Jews carry the title Lone Soldier, aping the term lone wolf used to describe Jew fanatics who kill Palestinian kids. Of these, she says “very little is reported in the Western media”.

Laura says the fully paid ten-day birthright trips to Israel are used to brainwash youngsters with Zionist myths – and visitors learns to hate Palestinians, Arabs and Muslim at large.

According to Al-Jazeera English, more than 1,000 American Jews have fought in Israel army’s attacks on Gaza Strip. It’s estimated more than 4,600 foreign Jews are recruited by Israeli army to fight Arab resistance groups (Hizbullah, Hamas, etc.) that pose no security threats to the countries these foreign jews live in.

The Zionist entity offers all non-Israelis to serve in its combat units provided they are Jews or one of their parents or grandparents is Jew.

Jonathan Arkush, vice-president of UK’s powerful Jewish lobby, Board of Deputies of British Jews has labeled Nader’s article being anti-Semitic. Several Jewish groups urged David Shankland, director of the Royal Anthropological Institute, and Dr. Andre Singer (Jewish), president of the RAI to retract the article and insisted that Laura Nader needs to apologies to the readers of the Journal.

An open letter calling for the end of Israeli occupation and colonisation and the right of return for Palestinians has been signed by 961 anthropologists from across the world, who urged colleagues to boycott Israeli institutions and support BDS.

Laura Nader is elder sister of Ralph Nader, the consumer advocate and author.

Last year, Chris Hedges, American columnist, author of 14 books and former correspondent with the Jew York Times, was banned to speak at the University of Pennsylvania for calling ISIS – New Israel in a column published by the truthdig news website on December 15, 2014.

Laura Nader campaigned against the US illegal war on Iraq in 2003. Some of her political wrong quotes are:

The Black Caucus are Zionists. They are one generation away from civil rights and they have forgotten what civil rights are.

Israel First Condoleezza Rice is, in Nader’s words, a power slave.

Israeli False Flag over Argentina

0320238B-1[1]Argentina witnessed Israeli terrorism before the Americans had their 9/11, British their 7/7 and Indian their 26/11. Israel’s embassy in Buenos Aires was bombed in 1992, followed by the AMIA Jewish Mutual building in 1994.

Israel blamed both bombing, first on Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah and later Islamic Republic of Iran. Even after two decades, no one knows who was responsible for those terrorist attacks that killed nearly 200 people.

Last year, however, Itzhak Aviran, former Israeli ambassador to Argentina (1993 to 2000) spilled the beans, saying: Those who perpetrated the terror attack against the AMIA building have been dispatched to the other world. We (Israel) did that!

Former ambassador Aviran’s shot-in-the-foot has hurt DAIA, AMIA, Israel, Nisman and the entire Zionist lobby who all continue to insist that Iranian officialsstill alive today are guilty for the AMIA bombing and should be captured and tried.  But how’s that possible if Mr. Aviran now reveals that “Israel killed them all”? says Adrian Salbuchi, an Argentine journalist and author.

In 2013, Argentine president Cristina Kirchner declared that she would not get involved in Israel’s problem with Iran. “I will never allow the AMIA tragedy to be used as a chess piece in a game of faraway geopolitical interests,” she stressed.

Last month, Jorge Elbaum, ex-executive director of Delegation for Argentine Jewish Associations (DAIA), in an Op-Ed published at Buenos Aires’ newspaper, Pagina 12, exposed the links between Tel Aviv, the Wall Street and Argentine Zionist Jewish establishment.

Elbaum’s article was written in response to the death of Alberto Nisman, a pro-Israel Zionist Jew and chief government prosecutor in the terrorist bombings for 20 years.

Professor James Petras, in a recent post has refuted Israeli allegations against Hizbullah and Iran.

After the anti-Sematic bombing of the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, the Argentine judicial and legal system seriously bungled the investigation, despite collaboration from the US FBI and Israel’s Mossad. Argentina’s then President Carlos Menem was an ardent neo-liberal, unconditional backer of US foreign policy and strong supporter of Israel. His regime was still heavily infested with high-ranking police, military and intelligence officials deeply implicated in the seven-year bloody military dictatorship (1976-83) during which 30,000 Argentine citizens were murdered. Among the victims of this ‘dirty war’ were hundreds of Argentine Jews, activists, intellectuals and militants who were tortured and murdered to the anti-Sematic taunts of their military and police assassins. During this same horrific ‘pogrom’ of Argentina’s committed Jewish activists, the state of Israel managed to sell tens of millions of dollars in arms to the junta, breaking a US-EU boycott. Notoriously, the conservative leaders of the DAIA and AMIA (Argentine-Israel Mutual Association) failed to defend the lives of Jewish activists and militants. After attending meetings with the junta, many conservative Jewish leaders would dismiss the concerns of the families of the disappeared and tortured Argentine Jews, saying: ‘They must have done something…, Petras said.

The entire ‘Operation Nisman’ appears to have been orchestrated by Israel with the goal of isolating Iran via fabricated evidence supposed to ‘prove’ its role in the 1994 bombing. The recruitment of Nisman, as a key Israeli operative, was central to Israel’s strategy of using the DAIA and other Argentine – Jewish organizations to attack the Argentine-Iran memo of understanding regarding the investigation of the bombing. Israel pushed US-Zionist organizations to intensify their intervention into Argentine politics via their networks with Argentine-Jewish organizations. The vulture-fund speculator, Paul Singer, who had bought defaulted Argentine debt for ‘pennies on the dollar’, was demanding full payment through sympathetic New York courts. He had funded a special speculators’ task force on Argentina joining forces with Israel, US Zionist organizations and Alberto Nisman in order to manipulate Argentina’s investigation and secure a bountiful return. Nisman thus became a ‘key tool’ to Israel’s regional military strategy toward Iran, to New York speculator Singer’s strategy to grab a billion dollar windfall and to the Argentine right wing’s campaign to destabilize the center-left government of Kirschner-Fernandez, adds Petras.

Let’s not forget, the kosher Pope Francis, the former Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio played a significant Holy Role in Zionist Jewish dirty wars in Argentine in the past.

Muhammad Ali still chased by Jewish Lobby

MuhammadAli7[1]Jewish professional propagandists always see Muslim hands behind peopleshatred of Zionist Jews as result of their racism, aggressive nature, and support for the criminal state of Israel. The latest example is Gerald Eskenazi’s take on Muhammad Ali, the undisputed King of world boxing for not only his winning boxing championship several times but his boxing style and his humor in the ring and on TV.

Organized Jewry hate anyone, even fellow Jews, who criticizes Jewish racism, Zionist entity, Holocaust or even associated with groups which the Jewish Lobby hates. Read here, here, here and here.

Muhammad Ali is not a politician, academic or an Islamic cleric. He was a sportsman since his childhood. So why the Organized Jewry hates him? Well, it’s basically rooted in Jewish hatred of Blacks and major Jewish role in African slavery – and Muhammad Ali’s former links with Nation of Islam, particularly its leader Louis Farrakhan.

It’s no secret that most of major sports leagues and international sports bodies are controlled by Jewish elites. I remember how much mess the Jewish-controlled media made when Shahid Khan became the very first Muslim owner of a major NFL team in December 2011.

In an article published in the Jewish Daily Forward on April 28, 2015, Gerald Eskenazi, a 44-year veteran sport writer at the Jew York Times, tried in vain to portray Ali being an anti-Semite, based on soccer fans in the Dutch town of Utrecht chanting Hamas, Hamas – Jews to the gas a few weeks ago while watching Ajax FC playing against home team. I can bet my Canadain dollar – there are more chances that Ali being having Semite roots than Eskenazi.

We all know, there a bad blood feud going on between the Dutch nationalists and Israel. In 2012, former Dutch prime minister Dries Van Agt said Israel should have been in Germany and not in Palestine. On March 20, 2011, ADO Den Haag soccer team from Amsterdam defeated the mighty Ajax FC. The prominent ADO Den Haag football player Lex Immers greeted the fans by singing we will hunt the Jews and everybody sang along. What followed was a huge outcry in the media and accusations of anti-Semitism, because the singing was taped and circulated on YouTube. The Dutch Royal Football League KNVB suspended Immers for four successive games. Immers was not calling for putting the Jews in gas chambers, but he was talking about Ajax FC players, most of whom have Jewish family roots. The chairmen of Ajax are usually Jewish, like Michael van Praag and Uri Coronel. Although the majority of the supporters of Ajax are native Dutch, they wear the Star of Zion, sing Jewish songs and wave Israeli flag.

Eskenazi says once he had discussion with young Muhammad Ali. He was talking about empowerment and how historically Blacks in America had been kept down.

“Look at the Jews,” Ali said, “they were barred from the Miami Beach. So what did they do? They bought the place.” How rude of Ali making fun of Bible’s ‘Chosen People’!

On January 31, 2013 – veteran Israeli journalist and author, Gideon Levy, wrote at daily Ha’aretz: “When (Israel’s new rising politician) Yair Lapid says he admires Muhammad Ali, he should remember why Ali became a role model. The boxer was a courageous conscientious objector, exactly the kind that Lapid, would surely find appalling“.

Former US president Dubya George Bush honored Muhammad Ali with country’s highest civilian award in 2005, and called him ‘American Ambassador to the World’.

Muhammad Ali is one of America’s top philanthropist. He donates one million meals per year to poor people in Africa. On December 27, 1975, The Jewish Week, reported that Ali gave $100,000 donation to the Jewish Self-Help Community Services Hillside Aged Program of Washington Heights, New York.

In 1996, Ali donated $50,000 toward the Foundation for Education and Disarmament’s fund for fighting Parkinson’s disease in Cuba. In 1998, Ali along with Hollywood Jewish actor Edward David Asner (Mary Tyler Moore comedy show), revisited Cuba to deliver $1.2 million worth medical supplies. Ali met Cuban president Fidel Castro, who said that Ali’s visit proved American, in general, hate their government’s sanctions against Cuba.

In 2002, Jim Dasney, who covered Pope John Paul II visit to Muslim-majority Azerbaijan, wrote: Seeing the Pope up so close, reminded of Muhammad Ali. Just like the great boxer, John Paul II commands great respect and love.

Professor John C. Walter (University of Washington, Seattle) posted a great investigative article at ARNet on January 18, 2013 – summarizing the career of former world boxing champion, Muhammad Ali in these words: “Muhammad Ali was more that an outstanding athelte: he was a catalyst for social change, a model for possitive imitation, an inspiration to generations of people of all races worldwide“. Read the article here.


France: The Republic of Islamophobia

france[2]France’s so-called Republican Values, like American Democratic Values are all based on Jewish values particularly racism when it involve Bible’s ‘Chosen People, who make less than 0.025 of world population.

In January 2015, French prime minister, Manual Valls (Zionist Christian with a Jewish wife) told Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, former Israeli prison guard, that “France would be no longer France, if Jews left the country en masse.” There are nearly half-a-million Jews among 60 million French citizens.

French Islamophobia is rooted in its colonial period of Muslim Africa particularly its bloody colonial record in Algeria. France which is home to Europe’s largest Muslim minority (6-7 million), has least Muslim representation at government and municipal levels.

Thanks to Israeli Mossad, JDL and powerful CRIF French Jewish lobby, French Muslims face physical racism everyday. Their faith has become source of worldwide terrorism, even though FBI Report says Muslims have committed only 6% terrorism as compared to Jews (7%) and Christians (87%) against American interests around the Globe.

In January 2015, Pierre Ginon, a Marxist writer said that Islamophobic racism is much more prevalent than the numbers suggest, which appears to be almost invisible in the mainstream media. These facts do not seem to worry the politicians – on the contrary. Their silence regarding the “anti-Muslim” words and deeds reveal the hypocrisy and emptiness of the slogan “national unity”.

Tariq Ali, British author, filmmaker and a committed Socialist wrote on January 9, 2015: Charlie Hebdo had made no secret of the fact that it intended to carry on provoking believing Muslims by targeting the Prophet. Most Muslims were angry about this, but ignored the insult. The paper had reprinted the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten’s cartoons of Muhammad in 2005 – the ones that depicted him as a Pakistani immigrant. The Danish newspaper admitted that it would never publish anything similar depicting Moses or the Jews (perhaps it had already done so: it certainly published articles supporting the Third Reich), but Charlie Hebdo sees itself as having a mission to defend republican secular values against all religions. It has occasionally attacked Catholicism, but it’s hardly ever taken on Judaism (though Israel’s numerous assaults on Palestinians have offered many opportunities) and has concentrated its mockery on Islam. French secularism today seems to encompass anything as long as it’s not Islamic.

Europe’s White supremacist, racist and Islamophobe organizations have long realized that the best way to justify their evil agenda is to support Israel. So much so, Marine Le Pen, leader of anti-Muslim immigration National Front (NF) is reportedly distancing from her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of NF, who was convicted for not believing the Six Million Died story.

The title of this post, in fact was coined by professor Jim Wolfreys. He teaches French and European history at King’s College, London (UK).

Attempts to prescribe what Muslims can and cannot wear have produced three major flashpoints. In 1989 the first ‘headscarf affair’ saw three Muslim school students expelled for wearing the hijab. In 1994 a circular issued by education minister Francois Bayrou offered guidance on the wearing of religious symbols in schools, distinguishing between acceptable ‘discreet’ religious symbols, like the crucifix and the kippah, and unacceptable ‘ostentatious’ ones, like the hijab. In 2004 this guidance became law. Later, in 2011, the burqa and niqab were banned in public places, as were prayers in the street, the consequence of overcrowded mosques and a lack of suitable alternatives for prayer. The interior minister at the time, Claude Guéant (currently investigated along with Sarkozy for receiving cash from Libyan leader Qaddafi), went out of his way to warn that his government would use force, if necessary, to outlaw this infringement of secularist principles, Wolfreys said.

From the conservative right to the socialist left, politicians have lost no opportunity to stress their commitment to secularism. Claude Guéant, chief of staff to Sarkozy who served as Minister of Interior between February 2011 and May 2012, revealed that his opposition to granting immigrants the right to vote in local elections was motivated by fears that if elected to local office, foreigners would make halal meat compulsory in school canteens or run swimming pools without taking into account the principles of diversity. In February 2013 his successor, Socialist Manuel Valls, personally intervened in the case of a nursery worker who had been sacked for wearing the hijab. Her dismissal was justified, he argued, because the headscarf remained ‘an essential battle for the Republic’, Wolfreys added.

Recently, France has officially accepted that French are Islamophobe. Watch a video below.

Dr. Cornel West chased by Jewish groups

DrWest[1]Several Jewish groups have blasted professor Todd Presner of ULCA’s Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies, for inviting Israel-hating Afro-American professor Cornel West to deliver a speech in honor his colleague of 20-year, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel on May 3, 2015.

Professor Judea Pearl (UCLA), father of the Zionist martyr, Daniel Pearl, in an open letter published in the Jewish Journal, condemned Cornel West for his political activities that “could have no consequence other than destroying Israel.”

Todd Presner has refused to cancel his invitation to Dr. West but has assured his critics that Dr. West will only talk about Rabbi Heschel and will pretend state of Israel never existed.

On August 2, 2014, addressing a pro-Palestine protest in front of the White House, Dr. West called both Netanyahu and Obama, War Criminals.

We are here out of deep, deep love for our precious Palestinian brothers and sisters who are undergoing not just occupation, not just domination, not just humiliation, but more and more everyday annihilation and we wouldn’t stand for it,” Dr. West said.

Barack Obama is a war criminal, not because he is Black or half African and White, but because his drones have killed 233 children (in Pakistan) and because he facilitates the killing of innocent Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank,” he added.

UCLA being part of Ivy League has its Talmudic standards regarding the so-called ‘freedom of speech’. In late February 2015, the anti-Palestinian poster (see below), equating Palestinian supporters at Campus with ISIS appeared at five campuses; Drake University, DePaul, UMass Amherst, University of California, Irvine and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). None of the ‘moral’ Jewish groups including the father of the ‘martyred’ Daniel Pearl condemned the anti-Arab poster.

Professor Cornel West is author of several books, a Jazz lover, a poet and an active member of Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr.


Maajid Nawaz: From anti-Islam to sex-abuser

Maajid Nawaz, is founder of UK’s Quilliam Foundation, an anti-Islam think tank, linked to Israel-First Douglas Murray, Henry Jackson Society and English Defense League. In February 2015, Nawaz claimed, Islam is the problem.

Maajid Nawaz claims he was an Islamic extremist due to him hearing about Muslim suffering in Bosnia during his time as a member of Hizb ut Tahrir where he became a politicized Muslim. Later Maajid Nawaz ended up in prison in Egypt during his compulsory study year there as a SOAS student. According to Nawaz it was at that time he realized that the kind of politicised Islam he was following was incorrect. Being well educated and articulate he was exactly what the UK’s Zionist-controlled government wanted when they needed to be seen to be doing something after 7/7 bombing, an Israeli Mossad false flag operation, but at that time they did not have a clue where to begin. So a lucrative career opportunity led Maajid Nawaz on a 180 degree turn around from an Islamist sitting in an Egyptian prison to sitting, in a synagogue discussing the topic of rising European antisemitic alongside vicious xenophobes Douglas Murray and Alan Mendoza at a panel discussion.

Frankly, I hate to waste my time talking about the so-called ‘former Islamists’ like Maajid Nawaz or my fellow Canadian Tarek Fatah who have sold their soul to Jewish money. This post is about Maajid Nawaz, who is contesting a parliamentary seat for pro-Israel Liberal Democrats. Nawaz, who claims to be a feminist and have occasionally blasted Islam for mistreating women, was recently charged with sexually abusing a lap-dancer.

The rights or wrongs of attending lap-dancing clubs is a discussion for another day. Nawaz’s conduct during his visit, however, is not. Nawaz claims to be a feminist and a progressive, and routinely attacks others on this basis under the guise of ‘anti-extremism’, yet his behaviour shows him to be a sexist whose attitude towards women is very problematic,” says Jennifer Izaakson, a Green Part member and PhD student at London University. She claims to have Jewish family roots.

Some might be tempted to dismiss this as a storm in a tea cup. After all, Nawaz has zero chance of winning the Hampstead and Kilburn seat. Indeed, ironically, the real danger is that publicity around these shenanigans could help boost his profile and generate sympathy, votes and support. It’s also worth keeping in mind that this story was brought to us by the Daily Mail and its rogues’ gallery of almost cartoonishly villainous hypocrisy. Maajid Nawaz knows he can easily play the victim while milking the attention. This is why it’s important to underline that this is not a story about a man breaking some religious code. The crux of this matter is sexual violence against women, a subject that our political and media elite continue to ignore and dismiss. This is the horror which Nawaz’s ‘acting the lad’ is attempting to distract from,” Izaakson adds.

UK’s White supremacists, sex abuser and Islamophobes have found out long ago that as long as they support Israel, they can get away with their crimes. For example, Sir Jimmy Savile, who allegedly raped 400 boys during his 25-year service at the BBC – and the Holocaust-hoaxer Sir Greville Ewan Janner, the Jewish child molester.

The Rabbi ‘mislead’ by a Muslim convert

Kevin Barrett: 'I'm 9/11 denier'On April 17, 2015, UK’s Jewish Chronicle had an interesting ‘whitewashing’ piece on 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo false flag operations. In an article, titled Rabbi who advised Hillary Clinton ‘mislead’ over Paris conspiracy book, written by Josh Jackman.

Jackman says, Rabbi Michael Lerner contributed an article, titled Mourning the Parisian Journalists Yet Noticing the Hypocrisy, in which he criticises the Western media for prioritising the attack over the daily deaths of over 10,000 children a day from malnutrition-related diseases to a book titled We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11 edited by Kevin Barrett, PhD.

However, the rabbi latter realized his mistake and told Jewish Chronicle he was absolutely misled by the book’s editor, Kevin Barrett, who, he claimed, told him they were collecting a series of responses to the Charlie Hebdo incident.

He didn’t say anything about the thesis of the book being about false flag operations, which I think is ridiculous and stupid. If he had said that was the nature of the book, I would have said ‘Forget it, I don’t want to be in that book’. But that’s not what he said, Jackman quoted Rabbi Lerner saying.

I couldn’t find a single word about this conversation on Rabbi Michael Lerner’s personal website Tikkun Magazine. Rabbi who is deep in interfaith business, last year claimed that Hamas is friend of Netanyahu.

Many Jewish sources have questioned Michael Lerner being a “properly ordained rabbi”. British Jewish writer, blogger and human-rights activist, Paul Eisen, equated Lerner with a travelling snake-oil doctor.

Rabbi Lerner had been a guest at radio-talk-show hosted by Kevin Barrett.

Kevin Barrett is a US-born Christian academic and former Professor of Islamic Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is the founder of Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth . He was denied a tenure-track position at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, hounded by Rep. Steve Nass and 61 other pro-Israel state legislators – and handed a death threat by CNN’s Islamophobe Bill O’Reilly – all because of his political opinions and religious identity (he converted to Islam in 1993).

Kevin Barrett, unlike most Muslims, has a dog as a pet at his home. He has named his pet Salman Rushdie in honor of Jewish Lobby’s favorite British author. Listen to Barrett’s latest interview in which he proves 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo-Kosher market terrorist attacks were false flag operations committed to demonize Islam and Muslims for Israel.

The compilation includes pieces by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, French author and political activist Alain Soral, Israeli author Barry Chamish and former UNHRC envoy Dr. Richard Falk.