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Israel’s biggest prize would be Lebanon


The blue print for the current mess in the Middle East is the result of the new Protocol of Elders of Neozion aka A Clean Break that was written on the orders of Benjamin Netanyahu when he became prime minister for the first time in 1996. The authors of the new Protocols, mostly holding US-Israel dual citizenship, later held senior positions within George Bush administration.

The Clean Break which became a new version of Bible for both Israel and Zionist-controlled United States, envisioned a destabilized, weak, and at war among nation-states in the Middle East. The authors believed that the US interests in the region would not be served as desired by peace treaties (Camp David, 1979, and Oslo 1993), but by “divide and conquer”, and regime change through “preemptive” and “humanitarian” wars.

On March 2, 2007, US General (ret) Wesley Clark, with Jewish family roots, claimed that United States had planned to occupy seven countries in five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

Four of those countries, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Sudan, have been eliminated as possible future threat to the Zionist entity. Currently, the remaining three, Syria, Lebanon and Iran are under cross-fire.

Israel shares borders only with Syria and Lebanon, and not with Iran. Syria, a US ally under Assad dynasty, has never attacked Israel. It did not even try to recapture Golan Heights occupied by Israel in 1967.

The main reason Israel wants to bring regime changes in Tehran and Damascus is because both regimes support Lebanon against Israel. Lebanon is a thorn in Israel’s eyes because it’s home to the largest Palestinian community outside occupied Palestine (here), and home to Islamic Resistance Hizbullah that defeated Jewish army twice, in 2000 and 2006.

Lebanon appeared on Zionist Jewish hit list in 1919, when the World Zionist Congress delegation at the Paris Peace Conference said the Lebanese Litani River, Golan Heights and Jordan Valley (West Bank), were “essential for the necessary economic foundation of the new state for Jews. It must have the control of Arab rivers and headwaters.”

As result of its 1967 aggression, Israel gained control of waters of the West Bank and the Sea of Galilee – but not the Litani River. The West Bank’s mountain aquifer and Sea of Galilee provides 60% of Israel’s freshwater needs – over one billion cubic meters per year.

After WWI, Syria (al-Sham) became French colony and Palestine, Trans-Jordan, and Iraq British colonies. French divided al-Sham on religion basis; Lebanon for Christians and Syria for Muslims. In 1940, British colonists traded the Golan Heights to the French in exchange for territory in present day Jordan (here). Both occupied Golan Heights and Shebaa Farms are great source of water supplies to the illegal Jewish settlers.

A few days ago, Israeli media reported huge discovery of oil reserves that could replace Israel’s oil import for decades.

Hajj tragedy and pro-Israel G4S security force

The recent stampede at Mina ( Makkah) killed nearly 2000 worshippers while injuring hundreds other. This happened when a route was closed for a Saudi prince to reach the front of the lines of pilgrims.

Among the worshippers killed, 464 were from Iran. Iranian government has blamed Saudi Arabia for not providing proper security for the safety of the pilgrims.

The western Jewish media and Christian Zionists are exploiting the tragedy to demonize Islam and Muslims for the benefits of the Zionist regime. The Newsweek claims that the tragedy has created an “open war” between Iran and Saudi Arabia, while the VOX tries to portray the annual pilgrim “a death trap”.

The stampede was planned by Saudis and foreign agents to divert world attention from Zionist regime’s ongoing onslaught on Al-Aqsa Mosque, and kill several Iranian elites performing hajj.

The previous large tragedy happened in 1990 when a stampede killed 1426 pilgrims inside an overcrowded pedestrian tunnel.

In 1987, Saudi forces with the help of French special forces killed 400 Iranian pilgrims during a rally against the US and Israeli policies in the region.

Surprisingly, the Western media is totally silent on the British-Danish security agency G4S (here) whose services Saudi ‘royals’ have contracted since 2010 for the protection of the royals and providing training and assistance to Saudi security forces at airports and other sensitive places during Hajj period. The Saudi subsidiary of G4S, the al-Majal G4S is headed by Khaled Baghdadi, a former Saudi security official (here).

G4S is world’s second largest private security firm. It operates over 50 countries including Israel where it provided protection to the illegal Jewish settlement and torture of Palestinian youth.

Canadian writer and author, Eric Walberg, in October 7 article has criticized Saudi ‘royals’ for their anti-Islam and anti-Muslim activities. “If Muslims showed their resolve and sense of self-sacrifice, this would convince the world to boycott the government of Saudi Arabia, as it did the government of apartheid South Africa, until the House of Saud brings democracy, civil society, human rights – including women rights – and a peaceful and tolerant interpretation of Islam to its people and the world,” he said.

I totally agree with Walberg’s suggestion that the numbers of pilgrims allowed to perform Hajj should be reduced under one million by allowing only those believers who have not performed this religious duty before. No Muslim, ‘chosen one’ or commoner should be allowed to perform Hajj more than once – because even the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) carried out this obligation only once just before his death.

Several members of Islamic movement have raised their voices once again for the removal of al-Saud’s control over Ka’aba and Prophet’s Mosque while calling al-Saud should be tried for war crimes.

Malala wants to be the ‘new’ Benazir Bhutto

flag_of_Pakistan[1]On December 27,  2007, the Western powers used Pakistan’s ‘whisky-loving’ first female prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, as sacrificial lamb to bring her unpopular party PPP back to power. The planned worked and 150 million Pakistanis were put under the boots of her husband, a western godfather Asif Ali Zardari.

Some Pakistanis believe Benazir Bhutto was a political pimp of Zionism.

Israel’s agenda to destroy Pakistan with the help of United States and India goes back to Israel’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion’s speech in Israeli Knesset in which he claimed Pakistan’s nuclear program as an ‘existential threat’ to the Zionist project in Palestine. Israel fulfilled half of its dream in creation of Bangladesh out of former eastern-wing of Pakistan.

For the last few years, the Jewish Lobby has been grooming Pakistan’s ‘wonder girl’ Malala Yousefzai to take place of Benazir Bhutto in the future. In an interview last week, Malala, 18, told IndiaToday TV host Rajdeep Sardessai that she was aiming to become prime minister of Pakistan like her idol Benazir Bhutto.

In order to help her future plan, Hollywood’s Jewish filmmaker and billionaire Davis Guggenheim, has just produced a movie on the ‘heroic life’ of Malala Yousefzai. Ironically, the title of the movie speaks some truth; He Named Me Malala.

To me, of all the movies I’ve ever made, this one inspired me the most, just being in proximity to her and her father…. They really made me come home to my home and say, ‘what kind of father am I? What kind of family do we have? I have two daughters. Do my daughters feel as equal, as empowered, as Malala feel? These last two years working with them making this movie has really played a big influence on me,” Guggenheim said.

I’m sure Guggenheim would never make the above statement about Umm Nidal’s family whose three boys were killed by Jewish soldiers. Watch an inspiring interview with her.

Should Israel worry about Russian strikes in Syria

The recent Russian air strikes against pro-Israel ISIL and other Wahhabi militants have taken many anti-Assad regional regimes by surprise. The US, Britain, France, and regional paper-tigers like Saudi Arabia and UAE have threatened Russia with retaliations in Syria.

The Zionist regime has complained that Iranian armed forces have landed in Syria to fight along Hizbullah fighters and Syrian army against “Sunnis fighting against Shi’ite regime in Damascus”.

The governments in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and even Egypt have welcomed Russian involvement to join Iran, Syria and Hizbullah fight against western-funded terrorism in the region. Putin on the other hand is trying to defend his only Arab ally and protect its only Naval base in the region.

On October 4, the CIA asset, Dr. Juan Cole, claimed that Vladimir Putin is willing to drop his support for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, who has become the most hated leader in the Arab world. But he is afraid to offend Russia’s trading partners in Iran and Iraq who want to keep Assad in power.

Iran, being a ‘theocracy’, has no common grounds with Assad’s anti-religion Ba’athist regime. Iran’s only interest is to keep an Iran friendly regime in Damascus in order to keep the Syria-Hizbullah channel open. Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah is the only Arab militia which has defeated Jewish army in 2006.

Netanyahu is crying ‘Wolf’ over Russian involvement is based on his fear that it could make a quick killing of its bastard ISIS child. Putin assured Netanyahu during their recent meeting in Moscow that Moscow will never allow Syria to attack Israel under any circumstances. He also assured his Jewish buddy that Assad has promised not to let Russian arms fall into Hizbullah hands.

Traditionally, all Communist and Socialist (both anti-religion dogmas created by Zionist Jews) regimes have been pro-Israel. Russian influence in Syria is strategically important for anti-Zionist Islamist groups.

Despite Moscow’s longstanding support for Assad, relations between Russia and Israel have improved dramatically in recent years. More than 1 million former Soviet citizens now live in Israel (most support Netanyahu’s Likud and other Rightist parties), while Moscow and Jerusalem both view the spread of radical Islamism as a major security threat,” Says Jeffrey Mankoff, director at Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), an Israeli advocacy group on September 21, 2015.

Who are behind West’s fear of Islam

JohnStewart911OutsideJob-300x166[1]The West’s fear of Islam began with the establishment of first Islamic City State in Medina in 624 CE. Both Christian Byzantine empire and the Catholic Church saw it a future threat to their western imperialism. The bad dream of Byzantine empire came true when Seljuk Turks put the final nail in its coffin. The Church which received Greek translation of Holy Qur’an 50 year after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was shocked to find that Islam pays more respect to prophet Jesus (as) and his mother Saint Mary than the New Testament – and doesn’t curse both of them like Jewish Scriptures. Holy Qur’an also accepts followers of the true messages of Moses and Jesus as “People of Book”.

During the Christian Crusades, the West’s fear of Islam became political. The Western leaders started blaming Islam for being not compatible with the Western progressive values, which US vice-president Joe Biden claims to be Jewish values.

Dr. Jocelyne Cesari in her 2013 book, Why the West fears Islam: Exploration of Islam in Western Liberal Democracies, debunks many of anti-Islam political stereotypes. Listen to her below.

India-born American professor Deepa Kumar (Rutgers University) is author of 2012 book, Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire. She based her own experience of living and studying with Muslims, debunks Western prejudice against Muslims (here).

Stephen Sheehi’s 2011 book, Islamophobia: An Ideological Campaign Against Muslims (here) is another good book to read.

The Jews, who were expelled from the Christian West over 108 times and given sanctuary by Muslim states, are currently funding hatred toward Islam for the benefit of the Zionist regime. We witness new false flags created by Israeli Mossad around the world to demonize Islam and Muslims. Anti-Islam cartoons, billboards and Qur’an burning, and book are published to blame Muslims for 9/11 to ISIS.

On January 5, 2013, American Jewish writer and blogger Richard Silverstein claimed that several American Jewish corporations funds anti-Islam campaign run by fanatic Jews and organizations, such as, Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, The Israel Project and MEMRI.

A few days ago, French member at European Union parliament, and former minister in Nicolas Sarkozy’s (Jewish) government, Nadine Morano, said in public that France is a “Judeo-Christian White country and it should not be allowed to become Muslim.” I’m sure the Zionist bitch knows there are less than 500,000 Jews among 60 million French population, while Muslims are more than seven millions.

On September 29, 2015, professor Sami Zubaida (Birkbeck at University of London) in a lengthy article, entitled, Varieties of ‘Islamophobia’ and its targets, explains that the presence of growing Muslim population in Europe along with re-emergence Islamists on political stage and the establishment of Israel, is largely a legacy of western colonization of the Muslim world in the 20th century. Personally, I don’t agree with his apologetic tone at several places, but I do agree with his historic narrative.

We should note, however, that current Muslim anti-Jewish manifestations are distinct from the old European antisemitism, the tropes of which they adopt. To the Europeans, Jews were neighbors and associates, persecuted for their alleged insidious maleficence. In the Muslim world, Jews are not a presence, but an idea, part of a world politics shaped in accordance with universal religious communities – and Israel is the Jewish side,” says Zubaida.

Gay Rabbi: Jews are not White folks

29a3[1]On September 22, 2015, Rabbi Gil Steinlauf in Washington Post op-ed said: “Jews in America struggled for decades to become White. Now we must give up Whiteness to fight racism. Let’s teach our children that we are, in fact, not White, but simply Jewish.”

Gil Steinlauf is the senior rabbi at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington DC, the oldest and largest synagogue in the city. Several Jewish and Evangelic lawmakers have consulted him on spirituality and politics. In May 22, 2015, Barack Obama also met the rabbi in his synagogue.

Any person who has read Jewish history from some objective source would know that so-called Europe’s White Jews are in fact Asiatic Turks from Kingdom of Khazaria, who converted to Jewish religion in the 10th century (here).

I’m sure Rabbi Steinlauf is aware of Jewish racism especially among his Zionist cult. I’m also sure the self-denying rabbi must have read how the Organized Jewry has been demonizing American Jews like US diplomat professor Richard Falk (here), and former GOP propagandist David Cole (here).

Last year, Rabbi Steinlauf made a landmark announcement. He sent thousands of e-mails to his congregants informing them that he was divorcing his wife Rabbi Batya, an interfaith activist in Washington as both of us realized that I’m a gay.

Personally, I have no problem with Steinlauf being gay, or Batya being lesbian – something many people believe is very Jewish thing to be. However, rabbi’s so-called “Americanism” rant doesn’t fool me. He never hide his hatred towards Hamas, Hizbullah and Iranian people. On September 25, 2015, Steinlauf called the Islamic Republic, The Greatest Threat to the Jews on his personal blog.

Frankly, Organized Jewry’s vicious campaign against Iran, Syria, Iraq and Pakistan never surprised me – because these evildoers are taught to hate Islam and Muslims in their cradle. The irony of the matter is, Islam or the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or Muslims are not even mentioned in Jewish Scriptures; Torah and especially in Talmud like Jesus, Mary and Christians. But what surprised me is Rabbi Steinlauf’s claim: When one Jew sins, we are all sinners.

I cannot help laughing at rabbi’s self-denial. For example, does he know that Zionist Jews dominate prostitution, pornography, crime mob, and slavery (here, here, here, here).

Jews didn’t Bloom Negev Dessert

New York-born investigative artist, writer and photographer, Fazal Ilahi Sheikh, 50, with help from a few Israeli Jews has succeeded in debunking Israeli myth of blooming the Negev desert by European Jew settlers.

In 1943, David Ben-Gurion the leader of World Zionist movement conceived colonial fantasy of making Negev Desert, which makes more than 50% of the Zionist entity’s mass and gifted to Europe’s unwanted Jews by the US, UK and Soviet Union, bloom by settling four million foreign Jews. That dream of Yihud Hanegev remains the cornerstone of every Zionist regime’s policy to maintain the occupation demographically a Jewish majority in the land where before WWI, Jews made only 5% of total population and possessed only 2.5% of land.

In the early days of Jewish occupation of Palestine, Jew settlers from Europe and Russia did establish small agricultural communities, kibbutzim and moshavim along the border with Jordan and near Gaza Strip. But for the last four decades, the Zionist regimes have used Negev Desert as a dumping ground for the poor working-class migrants from Middle East, Ethiopia, Eritrea, East European countries, South Sudan and Russia – in development towns including Dimona, Ofakim, and Netivot. These towns have become breeding ground for Jewish criminals due to lack of employment and poverty.

Prior to creation of state of Israel by western powers, Bedouin Arabs lived and worked the Negev for hundreds of years as farmers, herders, and trackers. After the establishment of Israel, a great majority of them fled to Egypt and Jordan. The remaining 11,000 Bedouin were concentrated into an area known as the Siyag, a roughly triangular space east of Beersheba, West of Arad and North of Dimona. Within the Siyag, an estimated 206,000 Bedouin today reside, of which 30,000-70,000 live in dispersal,” wrote Liam Hoare at Jewish The Tower Magazine in September 2013.

Fazal Sheikh also provided photography for the book, The Conflict Shoreline, authored by Israeli theorist professor Eyal Weizman (here). The author investigates and exposes Israel’s long history of use of climate change in Negev Desert as a political tool.

On December 2, 2010, professor Neve Gordon (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) blamed Christian Zionists of donating money to help Zionist thugs in blooming the Negev Desert by uprooting the native Bedouin.