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UK author: Muslims to East, Jews to West

jb[1]The other day, I came across an interesting interview by British political philosopher (BNP), white nationalist, writer and artist, Jonathan David Anthony Bowden (d. 2012). Jonathan Bowden gave the interview at the Union Jack Club in London on November 21, 2009. In the interview he claimed that though he admires Islam, but it does pose a great threat to liberal white Europe which fought organized Judeo-Christianity for years. He also claimed that in order to save the white race, Muslim should be sent back to the Islamic world, and the Jews occupying Palestine should be forced by western powers to return to their European homeland, even though they’re not of the White race.

I don’t want the Islamification of Europe or of this (UK) country, but I admire Islam. I’m known to be slightly dissentient on these things. They should exist in their part of the world between Morocco and Indonesia. They have their part of the world. They basically have a sixth of the world. They should keep their bloc; they should keep the ummah; they should keep their potentialities. It’s a different way of being human,” Bowden said.

Bowden, though born into a Catholic family, claims that he is not a Catholic or even Christian. He says that most westerners don’t understand the real threat Muslim immigrants pose to western civilization. The threat comes from Islam’s basic doctrine of total submission to the Creator (Allah).

Most Westerners can’t even understand a metaphysical objectivism which is so absolute and you’ve surrendered to the slavery of God’s love as the basis of the system. Most Westerners can’t even begin to understand what that’s about partly because they’ve drifted into such a degree of secularity, all religious ideas leave them slightly cold in present modernity, post-modernity,” Bowden said.

Bowden claims that Islam’s “absolute submission” attracts westerners who want to rebel against the western liberalism, i.e. adultery, same sex union, drugs, freedom of speech without responsibility, and racism based on color, religion, gender and ethnicity.

Islam is a very Right-wing, if you want to use that conception, sort of system of the world. That’s why extremist Catholics converted to it after Vatican II. Some Fascists and National Socialists converted to it as well. Because it’s total and absolute,” Bowden claims.

We all know, Hillary Clinton is an Israeli poodle and hate Muslims for hating the Zionist regime. On May 31, 1996, the Jewish Los Angeles Times quoted her saying: “Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people.” I wonder why she didn’t call all those converts “extremists”?

Bowden claims that most British hate to get involved in America’s proxy wars for Israel in Middle East and beyond. However, London has to join these wars because Britain has become an American colony, which itself is Israeli colony.

The Islamic condemnation and/or the Arab nationalist and sort of persons of color attitudes towards Israel is completely legitimate, because it’s a terrorist state which has seized Palestinian land and held it by force. It’s not totally our problem, but we will always be dragged into it by virtue of the power that group has and manifests in the United States and the fact that Britain is beholden to the United States to such a degree. Michael Portillo virtually said in the 1990s when he was Defense Minister under the Tories, “We have no foreign policy. It’s dictated to us by the United States.” This means we are drawn endlessly into their firefights and their micro-wars and their micro-just-about-to-go-major wars in the Middle East and further afield, all of which, in an attenuated way, are done in order to make that state safe,” he said.

Bowden says Iran doesn’t have nuclear bombs, but it would produced it if attacked by either Israel or United States. He also believes that Israel has no guts to attack Iran alone. Israeli leaders want the US to do their dirty work in the region.

Iran is still quite a way off a nuclear weapon. I think if there was going to be a really devastating (Israeli) first strike it would have happened under Bush. Ashkenazi lobbies in the United States never trusted Obama, don’t really want it, didn’t really want him to be president, wanted Hillary Clinton to be president. She was really their candidate. She promised a devastating attack upon Iran if Israel ever experienced a first strike,” he said.

Jonathan Bowden was admired by anti-immigration folks and Muslim haters, but despised by the Organized Jewry.

When Romania sold 235,000 Jews to Israel

cartoon[1]Romanian president Traian Basescu urged both Hamas and Fatah to recognize Israel as a Jewish State while on official visit to Israel last year.

How ironic the advice came from the head a country which has a history of selling its Jewish population like whores for price ranging from $50 to $3,300 per head depending on the social status of the Jew.

Even Israel’s two godmothers, United States and Soviet Russia never recognized Israel as a “Jewish State”.

Romania-born Radu Ioanid, director Washington Holocaust Museum, in his 2005 book, The Ransom of the Jew, claims that Romania sold nearly 235,000 of its 350,000 Jews to Israel during the period between 1960-1989 as commodity barter and hard cash in dollars. The trade was suspended after the pro-Israel communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were executed by firing squad on Christmas Day 1989 on the orders of a military tribunal set up by leaders of Romania’s bloody revolution in December 1989 (here).

The Israel’s prostitution of Jewish people began in 1950 and was declared kosher by its first prime minister David Ben-Gurion aka ‘model of Jewish moral conscience’. The Zionist entity during its first decade of existence sold greenbacks to bring foreign Jews to occupy land stolen from Palestinian Muslims and Christians. Israel paid Hungary $1,000 for each Jew allowed to emigrate to Palestine, while Bulgaria was paid only $50 to $350 per Jew. In 1961 Israel bribed Morocco to let its 500,000 Jews emigrate to Israel. In 1971, Israel paid Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein $1 million for 1,246 Iraqi Jew immigrants.

On February 16, 1943, The Jew York Times published an ad of Jewish sale. “For sale to humanity, 70,000 Jews, guaranteed human-beings at $50 apiece. Romania is tired of killing Jews. It has killed 100,000 in two year. Romania will give Jews away practically for nothing. Seventy thousands Jews are waiting in Romanian concentration camps. Romania will give these Jews for just $50 apiece. This sum covers all transportation expenses. Attention America – the great Romanian bargain is for this month only,” read the ad.

The communist-ruled Romania’s love affair with the Zionist entity is not something new. It goes back to June 1948 when Romania under communist rule recognized it one month after the European Jews declared their state in British occupied Palestine.

Israel has found good White Christian supremacist sheep in almost every European land conquered by Muslim armies in the past like Romania, Serbia, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Sicily, Malta, Portugal, Bulgaria, Albania, and Southern France. Islam reached Romania through Muslim traders over 800 years ago. Romanian kings paid annual tributes to Ottoman Sultans for nearly 400 years. But, after all that, the so-called “Religion of Sword” has only 60,000 (0.3%) followers in Romania. 87% of these Turk, Tatar, and Gypsy ethnic Muslims live in northern Dobrogea (here). Under Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist rule, Muslim community was persecuted. After the 1987 revolution, Muslims were allowed to preach their religion. since then 3,000 Romanian Christians have converted to Islam.

In September 2015, these Zionist sheep brought seven pigs painted with Romanian flag and dozens of wooden coffins on the plot of land in Bucharest where Turkish government plans to build a large mosque. Watch below a view of mosques during the Islamic month of fasting in Dobrogea.


London Mayor hopefuls and 9/11

JohnStewart911OutsideJob-300x166[1]UK’s Labour Party’s candidate for London’s 2016 Mayoral race, Pakistan-born Sadiq Khan (Tooting MP), speaking at Labour Friends of Israel parliamentary lunch on Thursday admitted that he has met countless Brits who don’t believe in the “official 9/11 story”.

Khan said these people agree with the claim that Israel was involved in 9/11, and the Jewish workers at the World Trade Center (WTC) were tipped off to stay away from the WTC before the plane hit the building (here).

Khan also spoke about the Islamic extremism and the steps he would take to tackle it if elected to City Hall next May 5.

In September 2015, Khan gave an interview to Israeli mouthpiece, Jewish Chronicle, in which he was quoted saying: “I’ll be on your side when it comes to challenges the Jewish community will face.” He also assured the JC that British Jews would not find him like other anti-Israel Labour leaders, such as, party leader Jeremy Corbyn or former London Mayor Ken Livingstone. Both Livingstone and Corbyn committed the unforgivable crimes of suggesting their government should stop their blind support for Israel, and that there will never be peace for Israel unless Hamas is involved in the Israel-Palestine peace negotiations.

Sadiq Khan’s major opponents in the 2016 Mayoral race are ruling Conservatives’ millionaire (£300 million) Frank Zacharias Robin Goldsmith and former MP George Galloway of Respect party.

Goldsmith, who is a member of Rothschild clan by marriage, is former Jewish brother-in-law of Pakistan’s ace cricketer Imran Khan. He beat British Muslim academic MEP Syed Salah Kamall, PhD. Zac Goldsmith’s second wife (2013) is Alice Miranda Rothschild (here). His father, late James Goldsmith (worth £3 billion) was one of UK’s top financier of the Zionist entity. With such background, one cannot expect Zac Goldsmith to question the “9/11 official story”.

George Galloway, who has been demonized by British Jewish Lobby for criticizing the Zionist regime, is not anti-Israel. He believes in the bogus ‘two-state’ solution which every Israeli prime minister has rejected since 1948. He blames Al-Qaeda for the 9/11 – but claims that terrorists who committed 9/11 received training in the US and UK. Listen to Galloway below.

The irony is that no British politician, no matter how critical of Israel, will dare to question the 9/11 official story. UK’s all four major political parties; Conservatives, Labour, Scottish National and Liberal Democrats have Friends of Israel parliamentarian groups – and all begs for Jewish money.

‘Who is Charlie?’: The book French PM hates

Hollande-and-Netanyahu[1]After the release of book, Who is Charlie? – Manuel Valls, the pro-Israel French  Zionist prime minister with an Israeli wife, posted a letter in country’s top newspaper Le Monde (May 7, 2015) denouncing the book and defending the ‘Million March’ in Paris in support of Rothschild-owned Charlie Hebdo’s rights to insult Islam and Christianity but not Judaism or Holocaust.

Despite the fact that the 50 world leaders who lead the rally along with French Jew president Francois Hollande, former Jew president Nicolas Sarkozy, and Benjamin Netanyahu, are all have been known as world’s worse abusers of freedom of press.

The book , Who is Charlie?, is authored by no other than French historian, anthropologist, demographic, sociologist, and political scientist, Emmanuel Todd (Jewish). Todd has long been declared antisemite for criticizing Samuel P. Huntington’s thesis of the so-called clash between the Islamic and Western civilizations. Todd, like Alan Sorel, Felix Marquardt and comedian Dieudonne believe that immigration from Muslim countries don’t pose a demographic threat to French nation but instead contribute to France’s stability and growth.

Todd’s book claims that pro-Charlie magazine propaganda by the Zionist-controlled media had nothing to do with ‘Freedom of speech’, which is not even practiced in France itself. For example, it’s a crime to challenge the Zionist narrative of Holocaust. The greatest victim of such anti-freedom laws was late French philosopher Roger Garaudy, who was fined $40,000 in 1980s for criticizing the abuse of Holocaust by the World Zionist movement.

Todd also claims that attack on Charlie Hebdo was linked to magazine’s publication of anti-Islam cartoons to demonize Muslims and Islam while the four Jews killed next day at the Jewish market became insignificant. For instance, many of those who took to the streets to defend the principle of freedom of expression had rushed to support the banning of the burqa under French law in 2010. There should be freedom of expression for some people, it would seem, but not for others. What the demonstrators were actually fighting for, Todd argues, was the freedom to ridicule and insult the sacred religious figurehead of a stigmatised and disadvantaged ethnic minority. French national identity has become bound up with the right to blaspheme. For Todd, the demonstration was driven by “militant atheists” who sought not only to reject their own god but also to reject the god of others.

Using demographic and statistical data, Todd argues that the participants were, in the main, secularist middle-class groups from the most strongly Catholic regions of France (Zombie Catholics), who with the decline of Catholicism from the 1960s onwards have sought out a new religious enemy against which to define themselves. This enemy has taken on the form of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Miko Peled: Israel targets Palestinian Children

432148_471687886177278_1760456320_n[2]Israel-born Miko Peled is ex-Israeli soldier, author and human-rights activist. After watching Israeli cruelty against Palestinian Muslim and Christian native for years – he left Zionist entity and settled in United States. He had been arrested by the Jewish army in the past for protesting against government policies.

Miko Peled is son of Israel’s 1965 war-hero Gen. Matti Peled and brother of Professor Nurit Peled-Elhanan.

Recently, Miko Peled was interviewed by Mnar Muhawesh, founder and editor-in-chief of online news website, Mint Press News. Discussing the Israeli attacks on Islam’s third most sacred place, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Peled said that Israel has declared war on Palestinian children. Listen to the interview below.

Peled said that Netanyahu is very good on lying about people he dislike to divert public attention from his own crimes. He called Netanyahu a war criminal. Netanyahu is a very smart person and knows how to fool world leaders. Nobody believe in Netanyahu rhetoric anymore except the pro-Israel mainstream media. “Israel is not a negotiating partner. It should be totally boycotted by Palestinians and world leaders,” said Peled.

Palestinians are right to resist Israeli occupation by every possible mean,” he said.

In March 15, 2015, in an interview, Miko Peled told Jewish The Hill that it’s time to give Palestine back to its Native people (here).

On July 15, 2015, Peled posted on his personal blog that the Islamic Republic is not a threat to Israel or the US.

Netanyahu opposes the US-Iran nuclear deal because Iran supports Hamas and Hizbullah. Both of these organizations were created in response to Israeli aggression and occupation, the former in Palestine, and the latter in South Lebanon. It was the dedicated resistance of Hizbullah that ended the 20-year Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon, and made it possible for Lebanese to return to their homes in Southern Lebanon. Hamas was democratically elected (2006) to govern. It maintains some semblance of government in Gaza Strip, something they would not be able to do without Iranian money because Israel imposed a siege on the Strip locking 1.7 million people in an open prison,” says Peled.

Bill Cooper: Predicted 9/11 false flag operation

On June 28, 2001, American radio show host, Milton William Cooper (1943-2001) predicted that a huge terror attack would happen on American soil that would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden. Cooper was murdered in front of his house on November 5, 2001.

Bill Cooper is also the author of 1991 book, Behold a Pale Horse. Listen to him below.

Cooper was no so-called “conspiracy theorist”. He was born into a US military family and himself served in the US Navy, and got an honorable discharge in 1998.

I don’t make these predictions because I’m some kind of psychic. As a former member of intelligence briefing team on the staff of the commander-in-chief of United States of Pacific Fleet, I saw a plan called ‘Majesty 12’, which contained an operation called ‘Operation Majority’. and that plan outlined all these that were to happen from that time into the future, and all I have done is research,” claimed Cooper.

Cooper also urged his listeners: “Read everything, listen to everybody – but don’t trust anyone unless you can prove it with your own research.”

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is author of book, ‘Uprooting Terrorism” which provides hints to what happened in New York on September 11, 2001.

Many Jewish intellectuals including Israeli radical Zionist Jew author, Barry Chamish, in a 2012 interview admitted that “9/11 terrorist attack was an ‘in-house’ job executed by Bush administration with the help of local Zionists and Israeli Mossad“.

Netanyahu: Obama and Bible hate Jews!

Bibi_Hitler[1]Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at UN General Assembly this year was all about Iran’s nuclear program. That’s didn’t surprise pro-Iran diplomats listening to Netanyahu parroting, but what surprised many observers was the absence of US secretary of state John Kerry, and US ambassador to UN Samantha Power.

I’m glad Elliot Abrams, former White House aid and a war criminal, did notice this anti-Israel gesture. Abrams, who is now a senior fellow at Jewish-controlled CFR, excused fellow Jew Kerry, but blasted Power at CFR’s website Pressure Points on October 2, 2015. “As for Samantha Power, one has to wonder what was running through her mind when she was instructed to stay away. Is this really why she left the academic and intellectual life– to be used by the Obama administration to insult and damage Israel?,” he wrote.

I don’t know, how the above incident effected Monday meeting between Netanyahu and Obama at the White House. It’s rumored that Obama didn’t give Netanyahu all he demanded in arms and money – but did advise Netanyahu to behave like a normal person before Israel become One state Palestine. But you bet US$ Netanyahu must have raised his favorite subject; the Holocaust that according to a recent PEW poll – 73% of all Jews believe that the single most essential thing being Jewish is “remembering the Holocaust”.

Late Israel Shahak, Israeli historian had claimed that Jewish Bible (Old Testament) is more antisemite texts than Christian Bible (New Testament) and Holy Qur’an put together.

GOP’s only Black-Jewish presidential hopeful Ben Carson in a recent Op-Ed at The Jerusalem Post, called Barack Obama, antisemite (here). Later to prove his accusation, he told Christ Wallace at Fox News: “All you have to do, Chris, to go to Israel and talk to average people on all ends of that spectrum. I couldn’t find a single person who didn’t feel that this administration had turned their back on Israel.”

Ben Carson’s response reminds me an article, entitled, Netanyahu: Old Testament is Antisemite, I read in January this year.

Netanyahu: “God has been getting a free pass on disrespecting the Jews and this must end once and for all. He accuses us of consulting wooden idols and diviners; of genocide, of incest, of harlotry, and all sort of really mean and antisemitic things with no basis in fact. He has cursed us into many generations and brought plagues upon us. We, the Chosen People, are naturally excused from any consequences to our actions, no matter how heinous, so it’s clear that any negative portrayal of our leaders is rooted in the writings of self-hating Jews and that God is antisemitic.”

Netanyahu doesn’t even believe in Jesus but he is convinced Obama is Antichrist.