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Hamas and its ‘antisemite’ rocket suppliers

Early this month, an American judge ruled North Korea and the Islamic Republic liable for missile attacks by Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah in 2006 which resulted in a crushing military blow to Jewish army.

This week, British newspaper The Telegraph reported that Hamas is purchasing rockets from North Korea to make-up its depleting stocks of arms for the expected long war with the Jewish army.

North Korea is an obvious place to seek supplies because Pyongyang already has close ties with a number of militant Islamist groups in the Middle East,” claimed the paper. One wonders why Hamas has abundant its next-door allies, Hizbullah, Syria and Iran which had been accused of arming and training Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters for a decade by Israel and Jewish lobby groups.

In April 2014, Israel’s military propaganda website DEBKAfile claimed the CIA was having secret meetings with Hizbullah officials, which was a try to give an impression that even the “Israeli poodles” in Washington could be ready to provide arms to Hizbullah and Hamas to fight the Jewish army.

On July 30, 2014, The Jerusalem Post claimed that Hamas leader No.2, Cairo-based Moussa Abu Marzouk invited Hizbullah to join the fight against Israel by opening a new front along Lebanon-Israel border. The ‘six million’ question is why Hamas leader would ask foreign military help when it is winning the war on several fronts.

On July 25, 2014, Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah while addressing a huge Al-Quds rally, had pledged Resistance’s continuous support for Hamas.

I tend to agree with Lebanese academic, writer and author of 2001 book Hizbullah: Politics and Religion, Amal Sa’ad-Ghorayeb PhD (born to a Christian mother and Muslim father), who posted her following comment on Hamas invitation to Hizbullah.

Given the warming of relation between Hamas and Hizbullah, an latter’s ongoing military assistance an coordination with Hamas and other Palestinian factions, it’s unlikely that Moussa Abu Marzouk’s comment was meant to be a divisive or intended to shame Hizbullah which has never actually intervened militarily in Palestine. A more likely explanation for his quote is that it is a psychological warfare against Israel which would surely be threatened by the prospect of its northern front and possibly Golan front being activated,” says Sa’ad-Ghorayeb.

Back in 2009 she wrote that Hizbullah would militarily intervene if Hamas’ military capacity were considerably weakened, the resistance emasculated and the Palestinian people left without protection. “It doesn’t seem as though we are anywhere near that stage yet, but, if Hamas fails to secure a lifting of the siege and the Sisi regime and its Saudi backers make it impossible for the resistance to replenish its rocket supply, then I think Hizbullah would be forced to step in. Hamas cannot be left without an ongoing flow of weapons; if they dry up then we are faced with the specter of a wider regional war, where Hizbullah will have to fight on 3 fronts simultaneously, especially considering ISIS and Jabhit al Nusra will indirectly collaborate with the Zionists by striking the Resistance and its supporters. But liberating Palestine, rather than Lebanon, is not just Hizbullah’s priority, it is its raison d’etre….” she said.

Finally, a gem from Jonathan Tobin at AJC’s Commentary Magazine: “John Kerry is helping Hamas to win the war.”



How to criticize Israel without being called “Jew hater”

An anti-Semite used to mean a person who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews,” says Joseph Sobran.

This charges of anti-Semitism is a form of mind control. We have been so programed by guilt, we are like Pavlov’s dog. Even whisper the “J” word and wham! – you get jolted with a thousand volts of anti-Semite,” Tim Warner, married to a Jewish woman.

The Father of Holocaust industry, Elie Wiesel, speaking at conference in October 2002 said: “The world has changed in the past 2000 years and only anti-Semitism has remained – the only disease that has not found its cure.”

In June 2009 I posted a list of facts which if reported in public, would certainly get you the “anti-Semite” award.

On November 27, 2012, I posted an article here to describe the origin of the term; coined by a Jew writer.Wilhelm Marr in the 1870s

Recently, an internet website, This Is Not Jewish, listed 19 ways by which one can slam Israel over its neoNazi treatment of Palestinians without be labeled “anti-Semite”. The two among the 19 I found most interesting are:

Never claim the anti-Semitism has been eradicated or negligible. (ADL confirmed on April 1, 2014 that acts of anti-Semitism have dropped 17% in 2013 as compared to 2012).

Never say that since Palestinians (and Arabs) are Semite people, the cursing and killing of Palestinians by Israeli Jews are acts of anti-Semitism.


Jew Comedian: “Israel is Jimmy Savile of nation states”

British comedian, columnist, actor, author and human rights activist, Alexei David Sayle, has fiercely condemned unprovoked Israeli bloodshed in Gaza, by comparing the Zionist regime’s behavior to that of prolific sex offender Sir Jimmy Savile.

Israel is the Jimmy Savile of nation states. It clearly doesn’t care about damaging the lives of children,” Sayle said during an interview with the Council for Arab-British Understanding (Caabu). Read up to date report on Israeli crimes in Gaza Strip here.

Sir Jimmy Savile, who died in 2011, was a prominent talk-show host at the BBC, and a great defender of the Zionist entity. British prosecutors have accused him sexually abusing nearly 4000 young men and children sometimes on the BBC premises, over a 40 year period.

On January 8, 2009, Alexei Sayle posted on his personal blog: “I have no particular affection for Hamas, Hizbullah or the current leadership in Iran. I am not even that keen on Fatah and have always felt that Yasser Arafat was a disgrace. It is one of the many tragedies surrounding the ordinary Palestinian people that they never had the leadership their courage and fortitude deserves. However sadly hundreds of years of colonialism followed by over forty years of occupation by a repressive military power, crushing poverty, broken promises and constant humiliation do not make you clear-sighted, tolerant or sensible twenty-four hours a day.”

Am I the only one who feel that Moshe Sayle is nothing but a Muslim-hating Zionist hiding behind “humanitarian skull-cap”. In one paragraph, he has demonized Hamas and its two major regional allies. However, I do agree with him that Yasser Arafat like Mahmoud Abbas was indeed a disgrace to Palestinian people.

Jeffrey Blankfort, an American Jewish writer, author and human-rights activist, had this to say about Yasser Arafat: “Having been a major “asset” for the Israelis for years, delivering the land of Palestine to Oslo, apparently the reason behind their placing $8 million a month in his personal bank account afterward, they had nothing to gain by killing him. People who didn’t know better believed the charade about him being a “prisoner” in his Ramallah compound when there was not a single Israeli in sight and from which he could have walked out at any time and the same ones have believed that he was a “hero” and “leader of his people” rather than what he was, a traitor and collaborator. Indeed, the Israelis helped to maintain the fiction. Whenever the people of the WB, who had no love for him, began to complain about the undemocratic practices of the PA, the Israelis would come to his aid by “threatening” him and, as anticipated, the Palestinians would put aside their complaints and rally around him.”

Israeli-born columnist for British daily Evening Standard, Mira Bar-Hillel, claims that many of Britain’s 260,000 Jews despise Israeli actions against Palestinians but would not speak out against the Zionist entity out of fear of being ex-communicated from their local community. For saying the truth, the British organized Jewry has declared her ‘antisemite’.