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Alison Weir and The Jews

alisonweiredited[1]A group of Jewish, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Atheist Activists for Justice for Palestine have posted an open letter on Google for peoples’ right to criticize Israel’s wrong policies under international law, without being called “Jew -hater” or “Holocaust denier”.

On May 5, 2015, Rebecca Vilkomerson, executive director Jewish Voice for Peace sent a secret letter to 40 JVP chapters around the country containing allegations against Alison Weir to prove she is a bona fide antisemite. Therefore, Jews who are interested in peace between Israel and Palestinians should avoid to be associated with Alison Weir. Read Alison Weir’s response to her accusers (here).

Alison Weir is an American journalist, author, peace activist, and founder of news and commentary website If Americans Knew, and president Council for the National Interest, which was founded by former Congressmen Paul Findley and Paul McCloskey, Andrew Killgore, Eugene Bird, and Richard Curtiss, co-founder of the Washington Report.

 Alison Weir is known for her criticism of Washington’s blind support for the Zionist entity. For speaking the truth (aka politically wrong statements), the Organized Jewry lead by Abraham Foxman’s Defamation League have been running anti-Weir smear campaign since 2001. The Jewish Lobby called her anti-Semite for supporting Helen Thomas‘ “freedom of speech’ rights in 2010.

Some Jewish groups have accused Alison Weir of believing that Jews are still involved in human organ harvesting based on professor Ariel Toaff’s 2007 book‘ Bloody Passover: Jews of Europe and Ritual Homicide’, which stated that some Jews in the past did commit ‘Blood Libel’.

She is also accused of supporting two top Israel-hating Jewish writers, Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon and US-born Roger Tucker.

In 2003, ADL accused Ms. Weir for portraying Israel as a “terrorist state”,     endangering Palestinian children through a poster at the UN International of civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People.

On July 15, 2015, End the Occupation group posted a Complaint Against Alison Weir and If Americans Knew. After reading the charge sheet, I’m sure it was written by some ADL professional liar.

Listen to Alison Weir below explaining how she became what she is now.


US academic: Critics of ‘War on Islam’ are traitors

American Zionist academic, William C. Bradford (National Defense University), resigned on Friday over lying about his military record within one month of hiring.

In the July issue, the National Security Law Journal at the University published Bradford’s 50-page long Muslim-bashing article calling for more wars on Islam and Muslim countries for posing ‘existential’ threat to United States and Western civilization. He accused the Western anti-war legal scholars who opposes the War on Terrorism as “Islamic Fifth Column” and “military combatants”.

Bradford suggests that these legal scholars should be hunted as criminals and their offices burned by the US law enforcement agencies, which are trained by Israeli officers.

Let’s give some credit to Bradford for not including some of Jewish “legal scholars” in the “Islamic Fifth Column” list, such as, Gabriella Blum (Harvard), a former military defense lawyer for Israel Occupation Force (IOF), Ryan Goodman (NYU), a senior adviser at the Pentagon, Michael Scharf (Case western Law school), former legal advisor to US occupation forces at Saddam Hussein trial, and Michael Walzer (Princeton University), in an Op-Ed at Jewish Dissent magazine (June 17, 2009), entitled, Confronting Iran, urging Obama administration to make sure Dr. Ahmadinejad doesn’t get re-elected.

Rick Myers, editor-in-chief of the Journal admits that the publication of the article, Trahison des Professeurs: The Critical Law of Armed Conflict Academy as an Islamist Fifth Column, was a mistake and apologized to its readers. However, Myers added: “We cannot ‘delete’ it from the Journal, of course, but we can and do acknowledge that the article was not presentable for publication when we published it, and we therefore, repudiate it with sincere apologies to our readers.”

I bet my Canadian dollar, Myers wouldn’t said that if the article had criticized Holocaust.

Spencer Ackerman (a Zionist Jew), national security editor at UK’s The Guardian claimed on August 29, 2015 that William Bradford is known for lying about his academic credentials. “In the paper, Bradford identifies himself as an “associate professor of law, national security and strategy, National Defense University”, seemingly his previous job before West Point. But a representative of the National Defense University said Bradford was a contractor at the prestigious Defense Department-run institution, “never an NDU employee nor an NDU professor“, Ackerman said.

“It appears not to be the first time Bradford misrepresented his credentials. He resigned from Indiana University’s law school in 2005 after his military record showed he had exaggerated his service. (Among his paper’s criticisms of supposedly treasonous lawyers is “intellectual dishonesty”),” Ackerman added.

Professor Jeremy Rabkin (George Mason University), who debated several Zionist fanatic academics in the past, couldn’t stand Bradford’s disgusting lies against Israel’s critics. Read his response to Bradford’s anti-Islam filth here.

Watch a video below to learn who are worse terrorists; Jews or Islamists.

Bernie Sanders: A con Zionist Jew

A Bloomberg poll conducted by Jewish pollster J. Ann Selzer last week showed Sen. Bernard (Bernie) Sanders catching-up Hillary Clinton in US presidential race. There is no secret Hillary’s election machine is funded by billionaire George Soro and other rich Jews – but when it comes to trust – naturally the Jewish Lobby will prefer one of its Tribe – Bernie Sanders.

The so-called ‘self-hating’ Jewish international lawyer, Barry Grossman, in a recent interview with Iran’s Press TV, claimed: Voting for Hillary is voting for Israel.

You may consider Bernie Sanders to be a friend of poor or anything – but don’t forget he is 101% behind the Zionist regime. Don’t be fooled by Sanders’ opposition to Iraq War. He didn’t agree with the pro-Israel neoconservative mafia, because he believed Iraq has no WMDs and Saddam Hussein was a US-Israel ally against Iran.

On August 25, Margaret Kimberley at the Black Agenda Report said: “Bernie Sanders and his supporters claim he is different, a breath of fresh air. Yet he “won’t state for the record how his foreign policy differs” from Hillary Clinton and Republicans. “He doesn’t question why the US has the right to dictate policy to other nations, and “repeat the same discredited mantra” as Obama on the nuclear threat from Iran – a threat that even CIA has declared never existed. Socialism? He won’t even say the word.”

Barnie Sanders, like the rest of the presidential hopeful, is against removing influence of big money from politics.

When it comes to the Muslim world, Sanders is no different than Ben Carsons, who believes that every patriotic American must support Israel.

Sanders supports Saudi Arabia’s proxy wars for Israel in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Gaza to protect the US-Israel’s regional interests.

Sanders is a lobbyist for the US military establishment, which brings much-needed jobs to his Vermont constituency. He also joined the 100 to 0 vote in the Senate giving a blind moral support to the Zionist regime during its 2014 carpet-bombing of Gaza, killing over 2,000 civilians including 567 children. Watch below how Sanders holds-on to his dirty Zionist pants.

Bernie Sanders was born into a Polish Jewish family that arrived in United States in 1921. That means he cannot wear the ‘Holocaust Survivor’ badge around his neck, but nothing have stopped him laying that many members of his family died at Auschwitz. As youths, both Bernie and his older brother Larry spent some time on a kibbutz built on land stolen from Palestinian families. Larry met his first wife at the kibbutz. Jewish Tablet magazine said on August 20 that Adolf Hitler and Franklin Roosevelt had the greatest influence over both brothers.

Antisemitism: Greatest Myth of the Century

Over 125 years ago, Vienna-born Theodor Herrzl said that anti-Semites would provide fuel to Zionist cause. Since then the Organized Jewry have been faking Jew-hating events around the world. After the establishment of the Zionist entity, the B’nai B’rith and ADL took the task of keeping antisemism project alive by faking annual reports claiming that antisemitism is on the rise in whichever country Muslim communities live.

This claim has become so ridiculous that according to ‘Zionism On The Web’ site even calling Jew criminal being ‘Jewish’, is antisemitism.

Last year, the ADL declared Gaza and West Bank as homes to people who hate Jews the most. I wonder if ADL’s claim included 700,000 illegal Jew settlers living in the West Bank. The other top Jew-hating people live in Iraq, Yemen, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, and Morocco. Pity, both Iran and Pakistan missed the ‘Top Ten’ spot.

The myth that British Jews are living in fear of life and limb suits some people, to whom I will refer to as the Jewish Lobby. I will do this because it’s true, and because I have been called #antisemite so often and so publically (and that’s just by Danny, Lord Finkelstein of Pinner) that that must be true as well,” Mira Bar Hillel British journalist wrote on her blog.

Danny Cohen, BBC’s head is one of those paranoid Jews, who said last year that Britain is not a safe place for Jews.

In 2006, Abraham Foxman, chief of ADL for over five decades, authored a 57-page booklet which tells you that if you believe any of the followings, you’re a genuine antisemite.

#1: Jews are cheap, greedy, and materialistic; Jews are good with money. #2: Jews control the Banks, Media, Hollywood, even the US government; Jews have a secret plot to take over the world #3: Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus. #4: Jews think they’re better than everybody else. #5: Jews are a race, not a religion. #6: Jews/Israel perpetrated or had advance knowledge of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Frankly, I have no clue why Abe Foxman forgot to include his new religion #Holocaust in the book, which according to David Cole is based on Fakes, Frauds and Forgeries.

Vienna Jews: Muslims hate us!

I may be in Vienna, but I feel like I’m in Israel,” says Omer Damari, Israeli striker, who plays for Austria Wien.

On August 28, 2015, the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) reported that Jewish community in Vienna has accused the city’s prosecutor’s office of ignoring Muslim hatred toward Jews by posting an anti-Israel caricature on Facebook during the International Al-Quds Day event in July 2015.

The caricature showed men wearing Palestinian, Arab, Turkish, and Afghan garbs pouring, allegedly, sewage water down the hole, at the bottom of which stands a Jew waving Israeli flag. See the caricature below.

Personally, I would have offended by the caricature if the object in the pit had resembled Holy Wailing Wall or Holy Auschwitz – but give me a break; the said caricature is just a Rabbi Elyahu look-alike Israeli terrorist.

Remember how the Zionist rats came out from every sewage pit around the world to defend ‘freedom of speech’ for the Rothschild-owned Charlie Hebdo to publish anti-Islamand Jewish Flemming Rose of Danish Cartoon fame.

In July 2011, these rats did not allow a member of their own tribe, professor Richard Falk, to use his ‘freedom of speech’ by posting a caricature which showed that Jews played a major role in the destruction of Africa’s most rich and liberal country, Libya.

Having said that, I would like to mention a little about Vienna’s place in Muslim history; the Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1529 lead by Sultan Suleiman, The Magnificent. The Ottoman army failed to capture the city and had to withdraw. Those uncivilized Turks returned in 1683 and put siege on the city for the second time which also failed. However, this siege left an everlasting impact on Western food industry. In order to taunt the invading Turks, Vienna bakers started making bread shaped like Turk Crescent (Croissant).

The University of Vienna Jewish student leader, Ilja Sichrosky, is running a pro-Israel Muslim-Jewish Conference, which provides Muslim and Jewish students all-expense-paid joint-trips to various countries.

Der vom Club der Freunde Isreals zugespielte Screenshot

Hollywood Jewish Actress: Jews exploit Holocaust

Natalie Portman, 34, Israeli-born popular American Hollywood Jewish actress and filmmaker, has openly insulted Holocaust, the new Jewish religion. In a recent interview she gave to UK’s daily The Independent, she said that “Holocaust shouldn’t be used to evoke fear and paranoia, but rather it should make Jews empathetic to others who have experienced hatred.”

I must say, Portman is no mother of antisemite Norman Finkelstein, who said  that “Palestinians are going through their Holocaust right now.”

Austrian Rabbi Moshe Friedman, who denies the six million story, saying that Nazi didn’t kill more than one million Jews during WWII. He also said that what Israelis are doing to Palestinians could shame even the Nazis.

In an earlier interview Portman gave to The Hollywood Reporter, she said: “I’m very much against Netanyahu. Against. I am very, very upset and disappointed that he was re-elected. I find his racist comments horrific. However, I don’t – what I want to make sure is, I don’t want to use my platform. I feel like there’s some people who become prominent, and then it’s out in the foreign press. You know, shit on Israel. I do not. I don’t want to do that.”

Potman, who is currently filming, A Tale of Love and Darkness , based on Amos Oz’s novel in Israel, is being chased by Israeli and Zionist vultures living on Holocaust loot for proposing teaching of genocide of other people to new generations of Jews. The Zionist Mafia is rightfully mad because how could they allow Jewish sufferings which the public have been fed using every possible means including pornography with sufferings of Palestinian people at the hands of Jews tormented by Judeo-Christians in the past.

Michael Berenbaum, Zionist historian and author commented on Potman suggestion, saying: “She is an actress, not a philosopher, not a historian – actors are not the people who turn to for a nuanced understanding of the events of history. We have succeeded in transmitting the monumental nature of  the Holocaust, without transmitting how distinct an event it was.”

The Jewish B’nai B’rith International in a statement said: “An emphasis on the Holocaust in a Jewish education is extremely important as it’s tied to our identity. The focus doesn’t come at the expense of learning about other tragedies, such as those in Rwanda and Bosnia.”

The Zionist leaders never cared for the non-Zionist Jewish majority. In fact they were all atheists and mocked fellow Jews. After the establishment of the Zionist entity, Holocaust became a Cash Cow for Israel and Zionist leaders while the Organized Jewry used antisemitism label to silence criticism of the Zionist regime.

Lobby: US State Dept. discriminates gay couples!

On August 18, 2015, the Jew York Times in an article entitled, State Department Fights for Rights of Gay Envoy, claimed that while the US State Department lectures other nations how to treat LGBT communities within their borders, its own hiring policy discriminates against same-sex married couples. Andrew Siddon, the writer, claimed that about 50% positions around the world are off-limit to the gay/lesbian couples.

From the earliest years of Obama administration, the State Department has made securing the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people around the world a priority. But the department is increasingly trying to secure equal opportunities for the group much closer to home: its own employees,” Siddon said.

Siddon forgot to mention Randy Berry, an openly gay US diplomat who served in Netherlands, Uganda, Egypt, Nepal and Bangladesh in the past. In February, 2015, John Kerry, born into a Jewish family, appointed Berry as State Department’s first international envoy for LGBT rights.

Afraid to be called anti-Semites by the Jewish Lobby, in July 2015, nearly 125 US lawmakers sent a letter to John Kerry, demanding that the State Department deny visas to the spouses of diplomats from countries that refuse to recognize same-sex spouses of Foreign Service personnel. Frankly, I was disappointed to find out that those Zionist donkeys didn’t mention Iran or Israel in the letter.

Incidentally, it was former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, who gets the credit for giving the same-sex couples their due rights at the State Department.

Jewish Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I) and Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore) have recently introduced a bill seeking equal rights for gays and lesbians in federal employment and housing.

The Jewish-controlled Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is even running a campaign to ban gay-lesbian conversion therapy.

There are only 20 countries which have declared same-sex marriage kosher. However, 75 countries still remains to be ‘civilized’ for declaring it illegal.

Ironically, homosexuality is banned in US-Israel top Asian ally, India.

In case you don’t know – there is a World Congress of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Jews. It represents, according to its official website, 50 organizations from Israel, France, Canada, Argentina, Australia, UK, Chile, Mexico, Netherlands and United States.

The American government doesn’t want to learn that a great majority of people around the world reject to adopt West’s Jewish values, such as, homosexuality, pornography, capitalism, socialism, freedom of press, human rights, and even democracy.

I’m glad, Philip Giraldi saved me from answering the Jew York Times’ whining.

Being part of diplomatic mission is a privilege and not a universal right, and both by law and convention the host country pretty much set the rules on who may enter and under what conditions. The Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations stipulate that any country can expel or refuse to accept the presence of a foreign diplomat without providing any reasons whatsoever,” Giraldi said.

On April 7, 2014, the Jewish Lobby controlled US Senate passed a bill banning Iran’s new ambassador to United Nations, Hamid Aboutalebi, to enter the country on the charges that as a student he took part in the occupation of US embassy in Tehran in 1979.