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When Zionists and Nazis shared the same bed

Something_Wrong_With_This_Pic_by_Be[1]No this post has nothing to do with Adolf Eichmann, one of Hitler’s top Zionist officials. The Israeli Mossad abducted him from Brazil in 1960 for knowing too much about the Zionist-Nazi collaboration. In fact the Israeli Jews were so afraid of Eichmann that they hanged him in the dark of night on May 31, 1962 inside Ramleh prison. They immediately cremated his body and took ashes to Jaffa and scattered at sea outside Israeli waters.

This post is about Baron Leopold Itz Van Mildenstein, a senior Jewish official of SS, who along with his lovely Jewish wife – and Kurt Tuchler, a leader of Zionist Federation of Germany, also with his wife, travelled to British occupied Palestine in 1933 to show their support for the European Jewish settlement in Palestine. The event was described by British Jewish writer Jacob Boas in an article, entitled Baron Van Mildenstein and S.S support for Zionism in Germany from 1934-36. It was published in the January 1, 1980 issue of UK’s world-renowned History Today magazine.

The Hitler regime celebrated this Union of Evils by minting the following medallion.

The revelation pulled the carpet under the UK’s Organized Jewry. It ran a vicious campaign against Jacob Boas, calling him a “liar and antisemite”.

Boas is a noted Holocaust historian and educator. He was born in Westerbork Nazi labor camp. Boas as a matter of fact didn’t mention Zionist-Nazi collaboration beyond 1936.

Jewish historian, Lenni Brenner has documented 51 cases of Zionist-Nazi collaboration.

Zionist factions competed for the honor of allying to Hitler. By 1940-41, the Stern Gang, among them Yitzhak Shamir, later Prime Minister of Israel, presented the Nazis with the Fundamental Features of the Proposal of the National Military Organization in Palestine (Irgun Zvai Leumi) Concerning the Solution of the Jewish Question in Europe and the Participation of the NMO in the War on the Side of Germany,” Brenner said.

The Jewish terrorist group, such as, Irgun, Lehi and Hanag, were allowed to operate their training camps in Germany by the Nazi regimes. In 1949, all these groups were merged into Israel Occupation Force (IOF) on the orders of entity’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion.

Zionist factions competed for the honor of allying to Hitler. By 1940-41, the Stern Gang, among them Yitzhak Shamir, later Prime Minister of Israel, presented the Nazis with the Fundamental Features of the Proposal of the National Military Organization in Palestine (Irgun Zvai Leumi) Concerning the Solution of the Jewish Question in Europe and the Participation of the NMO in the War on the Side of Germany,” Brenner said.

Professor William James Martin (Louisiana State University), wrote on July 8, 2012: “Both Nazism and Zionism arose in tandem from small insignificant social movements in the early part of the 20th century, arguing, with equal force, that Jews were an alien and indigestible mass living in the midst of an otherwise pure Aryan population. Both movements contributed to the more general acceptance of this argument in Europe, and particularly in Germany, as mid-century approached, and both have to be responsible for the (Holocaust) consequences.”

BBC: Are you proud to be British for expelling Jews?

Last week, the BBC Sunday Morning Live Show, held a debate to find out whether Brits should be “proud or ashamed” of their country’s history in the past (there was no need to discuss British role in helping European Jews to occupy Palestine, or its part in the destruction of Muslim nations, such as, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, etc.).

The debating panel included British historian Dr. Kate Williams, James Delingpole, editor Breitbart London, an Israeli propaganda website, Pastor Peter Owen-Jones and Dilly Hussain, British journalist born to a Bengali Muslim immigrant family.

James Delingpole, without mentioning that his Jewish ancestors were kept out of England for nearly 350 year, not as result of so-called antisemitism as every Zionist idiot would like you to believe, said the Brits have every reason to be proud of their history and democracy.

Kate Williams and Peter Owen-Jones said that there are many things in British history which make us proud – while there are several things which put us to shame. Ms. Williams praised Britain for abolishing slavery (1834), which was in fact practiced until 1956. She also credited her country for giving birth to famous Magna Carta without mentioning that it benefitted Jewish bankers the most.

Dilly Hussain on his part, upset panel members, the show host and millions of viewers by saying that he cannot find a single thing in British history to be proud of. Instead, he praised the Ottoman Empire, which was like putting gasoline on fire.

I was asked a number of challenging questions by the presenter, Sian Williams, one of which was whether I was proud of any aspect of British history, to which I said nothing. It is important to note that prior to this question being asked, the contextual build up to it was Britain’s colonial crimes, and Mr Delingpole’s reluctance to acknowledge any of it – be it the Bengal famine or the Amritsar massacre,” Dilly Hussain said.

Dilly Hussain claims that he received hundreds of tweets calling him a traitor – while most of them supported Delingpole’s views.

Delingpole, being Jewish, is not supposed to accept murder of 4 million Muslims and Hindus during 1943-44, by the British colonial rulers because word Holocaust is reserved only for the murder of 1.5 million Jews by Germans. Maybe, Dilly Hussain is not aware of those 100,000 Israel’s Hasbara trolls working 24/7.

Watch the debate below – and read Dilly Hussain’s responses here.

Montreal: Jewish conference on Muslim threat

psychiatrist_sleeping_during_session_hg_clr[2]On Thursday, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre was keynote speaker at a Jewish conference at the City Hall to tackle the so-called “radicalization of Muslims”.

We have to call a spade a spade. We have to denounce antisemitism and understand that clearly something is going on and we must be there to fight it,” Denis Coderre told his smiling Jewish audience.

The conference was attended by leaders from French pro-Israel Jewish Lobby CRIF, French B’nai B’rith, Canadian Jewish Lobby, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and Jewish member of Parliament Irwin Cotler, a former cabinet minister and attorney-general.

Irwin Cotler attended a high level conference in Herzliya, Israel in September 2006 in which he advised army leaders how to counter the media and human rights organizations, academia and public opinion after Jewish army’s defeat in Lebanon in Summer 2006. The video of his speech has been removed from Google. The moron also claims that he was poisoned while visiting Russia in 2006.

As an Israeli poodle, MP Cotler, in April 2011, speaking at a crowded Beth Zion Synagogue in Cote St. Luc, whined full throat against Islamic regime in Tehran: “In my view, Iran has emerged as the leading threat to international peace and security, to regional and Middle East stability, to Israel and the Jewish people and increasingly and alarmingly so to its own citizens. Putting the warships through the Suez Canal is just one of many instances of threats, provocations and tragically actual actions themselves.”

I bet MP Cotler must have mentioned last year shooting at parliament building blamed on Canadian Muslim community to whip-up Islamophobia by Harper government to join US-led coalition to protect ISIS/ISIL terrorists conducting Israel’s proxy war in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

According to JTA, one possibility they discussed for Montreal was to establish a designated police hate crimes unit to protect country’s largest Jewish community in the city.

The Canadian Jewish leaders visited Paris to show their support for CRIF after the Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish market, false flag operation in January 2015.

Earlier this month, Coderre convened a meeting of 23 mayors from around the world to seek out ways to fight so-called Islamic radicalization. What about Jewish radicalization, Mr. Mayor?

On June 25, 2015, CIJA honored Kathleen Wynne (an open lesbian), premier of Ontario, for her support for Israel and the local Jewish community.

In May 2012, B’nai B’rith Canada ran a vicious campaign against French comedian Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala’s show Rendez-nous Jésus (Give us back Jesus) that got cancelled.

Montreal-born Jewish writer and author, Yves Engler says that Harper government in Ottawa is controlled by Jewish Lobby.

Netanyahu: ‘Jewish Cow is better than Holy Cow’

bomb3[1]On June 18, 2015, during his speech honoring Hollywood Jewish actor Michael Douglas, Benjamin Netanyahu couldn’t control his lying Zionist itch. He claimed that the “Jewish cow” is far better than any other cow in the world – including India’s Holy Cow.

I was in China with President Xi and they said: We want to have your dairy industry. They drink a lot of milk in China. And I said: Well, that’s a very good choice because you know which cow produces more milk per cow than any other cow? You think it’s a Dutch cow or French cow? No, it’s a Jewish cow. It’s a computerized cow. Every moo is computerized,” Netanyahu boasted.

Now, anyone who have studied Hindu Holy Cow story from an objective source, would know that the holiness of a cow in Hinduism is as much a myth as the Scofield Bible’s claim that G-d promised the Holy Land to Jews.

Israeli propagandists and many western brainwashed leaders like to give Israel and Jews of their kind, credit for many achievements. The most laughable among them is that Israel created Islamic resistance groups, such as, Hamas and Hizbullah.

Mary Rizzo, an Italy-based American Jewish writer, editor and founder of the old peacepalestine blog, has debunked Israeli myth about Hamas:

Hamas was not created by Mossad. Although Israel does like to claim credit for many things, this one is not their doing. Political Islam in Palestine has had a presence since the early 40s in Mandate Palestine, and Hamas was born as part of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan), with many of its early leaders formally affiliated. It was the experience of refugeehood that turned Hamas into a more autonomous element with a particular nationalist basis to it, a natural result of the urgent and real human situation of displacement and loss of their cultural and national identity.

There were close relations of this group with the Egyptian base, and the first offices of the Ikhwan in Palestine were created in Gaza in 1945, led by a member of one of the most important families of the zone, Sheykh Zafer al Shawwa. During the first Arab-Israeli war, Islamist volunteers reinforced the ranks, coming primarily from Jordan and Syria, and this support showed the refugees that the Ikhwan had the courage to defend itself, even during the “Israeli War of Independence”. The growing number of refugees gave a stronger identity and sense of purpose to the Islamist movement in Palestine. Therefore, in the civil society and in the population in general, a motivation from any other source was not required to be able to pledge: “I promise to be a good Muslim in defending Islam and the lost land of Palestine. I promise to be a good example for the community and for others.” These were the words spoken by those who swore their loyalty to the Ikhwan in Palestine (source: Beverly Milton Edwards, “Islamic Politics in Palestine”, p. 43). The local Ikhwan had its own agenda, defending its lost land. It didn’t require fanaticism, outside influence or even propaganda. The refugees themselves were living proof of the horrors of deportation and suffering. The identification as part of an international movement was concomitant with the recognition of the particularity of the Palestinian experience. The official foundation, dating 9 December 1987, was only the culmination of an organisation in the works for decades. Organised Islamic resistance was further utilised when the situation precipitated dramatically in 1967 and a new generation was born as refugees. For this generation, a return to Islam was considered as a necessity for the moral and political future of a people that was being literally destroyed. The cause of the Nakba was seen by many as the result of the distancing from a normal society, the Palestinian one, in which the ethical, religious, cultural and traditional values had been devastated by the occupation, and the descent into further degradation, poverty, disenfranchisement and social instability was seen not only as the result of the occupation, but part of its cause,” Mary Rizzo wrote in October 2009.

Lebanese academic and author, Dr. Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, explained Hizbullah’s political and military strategy on August 13, 2009. Her writings in defense of Syrian president Assad regime forced Max Blumenthal to quit Lebanese news website Al-Akhbar English in 2012. Read Sharmine Narwani’s response to Max Blumenthal’s accusations against Dr. Amal and Al-Akhbar, here.

Let’s wait to find out when Netanyahu issues a postal stamp to immortalize his “Jewish Cow”, as Fidel Castro, who loves milk and ice cream, did during his presidency.

CUBA - CIRCA 1978: A Stamp printed in CUBA shows the "The Cow" (Eduardo Abela), circa 1978

Lobby: White folks are ‘greatest threat’ to US

A latest study conducted by the Washington DC-based Jewish lobby group, New America Foundation, claims that twice as many people have died in attacks by White extremists than Muslim extremists since 9/11.

The ‘study’ claims that since 9/11, an Israeli false flag operation, the White extremists have killed 48 people as compared to 26 people killed by Muslim extremists.

The ‘study’ is based on 19 terrorist acts committed by White supremacists, and 7 by Muslim extremists during that period of time.

The 7 terrorist acts for which the ‘study’ blamed Muslims have proven to be false flag operations carried out by Israeli Mossad with the help of local intelligence and law enforcement agencies. For example, the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing which killed four people had Mossad fingerprints all over. The Fort Hood shooting which killed 13 people, and was blamed on US Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was also a false flag operation to demonize American Muslim community.

The Oklahoma ‘beheading’ carried out by a Kenyan native was a Zionist hoax to serve Israeli agenda.

The shooting at the Seattle Jewish Federation building in 2006, which killed one Jew and injured six others was also a hoax. The case against Mohamed Merah, the so-called ‘shooter’ couldn’t stand in US court of law. The judge declared it a ‘mistrial’.

The FBI in its Terrorism 2002-2005 Report stated that during 1980-2005 period Jewish extremists committed 7% of all terrorist activities in the US compared to 6% committed by Muslim extremists.

Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil by Group, From 1980 to 2005, According to FBI Database

Earlier this year, NAACP, also blamed White supremacists behind most of terrorism in United States. Very few Afro-Americans are aware of the fact that NAACP and several other Black-Rights groups were controlled by Jews. In 2013, Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Jewish Labor Committee (JLC), claimed that Rev. Martin Luther King supported Israel and never considered Zionism being a form of Jewish racism.

Here is list of 45 false flag operations, which the government leaders have admitted were carried out to demonize their enemies by creating fear among public.

The New America Foundation was launched in 1999 by Steve Coll (Jewish), staff writer with the pro-Israel The New Yorker magazine and its chairman is Eric Schmidt (Jewish), chairman and CEO of Google.

SPLC’s 2015 List of ‘Women Against Islam’

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a US-based Jewish Human Rights organization, headed by Richard Cohen, has just released its 2015 anti-Islam list  titled, Women Against Islam. The list includes twelve Zionist Jewish and Christian women activists – all of whom are known for their blind support for the Zionist entity and hatred toward Islam.

Some of these bigots also made to the 2008 Dirty Dozen Islamophobes list of the Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) – a New York-based Media Watch group was founded by Jeff Cohen in 1986.

Both SPLC and FAIR websites have been criticized by the Jewish Judicial Watch for Israel-bashing.

In 2012, the anti-Sharia crusader Frank Gaffney equated SPLC with KKK. He is founder and president of pro-Israel think tank ‘Center for Security Policy‘ and a columnist at the Washington Times. Gaffney along with other 25 pro-Israel neocons (mostly Jewish) authored the notorious document, Project for a New American Century (PNAC), also known as the Israel Project for Benjamin Netanyahu. It was a blue-print for using America to fight Israel’s proxy wars in the Muslim world.

As expected, anti-Sharia Jewish bigot, Pamela Geller, gained the top spot for her Queen Esther part in anti-Islam cartoon contest in Garland Texas in May 2015. When the local Muslim community ignored Geller’s latest Islam-bashing, some Jewish extremists had to kill two bystanders to prove that Muslims don’t know how to live inside Zionist-controlled western societies.

Norway mass killer, Anders Behring Breivik, in his 1500-page Manifesto praised Pamela Geller of ‘Atlas Shrugs’ and Robert Spencer of ‘Jihad Watch’ – for inspiring him hating Muslims.

In 2011, Pamela Geller urged her Judeo-Christian brothers and sisters to boycott Butterball’s ‘stealth halal turkeys’ and write to the company to register their disapproval.

Pamela Geller is a hardcore Zionist and a self-styled expert on Islam. To prove the Judaism has liberated women – she posed for an anti-Muslim video in a bikini. She also claimed that President Barack Obama is a love child of Malcolm X. She also claimed that the US Supreme Court judge Elena Kagen (a Jew lesbian) supports Nazi ideology.

Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative is funded by several pro-Israel organizations. She led anti-Islamic Center campaign near the so-called Ground Zero, and have been behind anti-Islam and anti-Hamas billboard on busses and subway stations in New York State. She was banned as an anti-Islam bigot in Britain earlier.

The others who received the honor of ‘Israel Hasbara Committee Authors’ include Cathie Adams, 65, who has claimed that only Christians and Jews are loyal to America – Ann Barnhardt, 39, (Jewish) who claims that only anti-Semites deny 9/11 official story – Ann Hart Coulter, 54, who wants all Jews to convert to Christianity – Brigitte Gabriel, 51, (Jewish), Cathy Hinners, 55, a retired police officer who constantly whines: Why Muslims demand special privileges in the US – Laura Anne Ingraham, 52, a Zionist Christian radio show host and author –  Clare M. Lopez, 62, the so-called Middle East expert on terrorism, who sees terrorism everywhere except in Israel – Jeanine Ferris Pirro, 64, former judge and currently a TV personality, who claimed that Barack Obama hates Netanyahu for being Jewish – Sandy Rios, 66, a former Fox News Channel contributor and the governmental affairs director for American Family Association, who hates LGBT folks – Debbie Schlussel, 46 (Jewish), and Diana West, 54, an American columnist and author, who sees Muslim terrorists even under her bed.

Shahrzad: Iranian victim of US justice

Shahrzad-Mir-Gholikhan[1]Iranian mother of two Shahrzad Mir-Qolikhan, 37, tells her 5-year ordeal of cruelty, racism and physical abuse in United States jails in a book entitled, Shahrzad: A True Story, published in United States in March 2015.

She was sentenced by a US federal court on trumped-up charges of allegedly trying to smuggle US-made defense articles to Iran. She won her innocence in 2012 and managed to return to her homeland. She is now a successful businesswoman involved in film industry.

According to the ‘US Justice’ story, Shahrzad along with her then husband, Mahmoud Seif, were arrested in Austria in 2004 allegedly for trying to buy ‘night vision goggles’ from an American weapon trafficker (a CIA front) on behalf of Iranian military and revolutionary guards – declared as ‘terrorist organizations’ by the Zionist-controlled US State Department. Both served a short term in Austria before they’re deported to Iran.

In September 2005, a US court indicted her in absentia. At that time Shahrzad ran Twin Group Television Productions in UAE. In 2005, Emirati officials shut-down her company and ordered her to leave the country within 24 hours. American embassy offered to remove her name from the ‘terrorist list’.

In 2007, Shahrzad arrived in United States to test US justice in an effort to prove her innocence and that Iran is not involved in arms trafficking like the terrorist state of Israel. She was arrested and convicted of the crime she never committed in April 2008.

Last year, she made a documentary for Iran’s Press TV, entitled, Memories of a Witness: Inside US Federal Prisons, based on her 5-year abusive treatment in the US jails.

In December 2013, Israeli propaganda website, ‘WeaponMan‘ called Shahrzad “a weapon trafficker” and her husband Mahmoud Seif “Iranian military agent”. It also claimed that the couple was working for the world’s single most terrorism-sponsoring state.

She would still be in prison in United States if she had not been released as part of current administration’s policy of appeasing the terrorist-mullah state,” claimed the hateful Talmudic owner of the website.

I wonder if the idiot knew that Shahrzad was released after serving her 5-year sentence in 2012. At that time, Ahmadinejad was the president of Iran, who is accused by Jewish Lobby for planning to wipe Israel off the map, and not the current ‘moderate’ president Rouhani.