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Poll: Muslims more loyal to UK than Jews

Jewish_State[2]A poll conducted by UK’s Compress for BBC Radio 4 on February 25 among 1000 British Muslim citizens by phone shows that 95% of them feel total loyalty toward Britain.

British pro-Israel organization, Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), in its short life, has successfully ran campaigns against criticism of Israel and Jewish power in the UK. CAA has gained access to the highest echelons of the British political establishment. In its past reports it had claimed that more than half of British citizens hate Jews, and that more than 50% of British Jews don’t feel safe in Britain. However, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, has called such reports and polls, “stoking fear among Jews.”

BBC’s Jewish boss Danny Cohen in his December 21, 2014 speech at an Israeli conference on anti-Semitism said that watching the rise of anti-Jew incidents in the UK and most of European nations since the recent Israeli attack on Gaza has made him come to the conclusion that Britain is no longer a safe country for Jews.

Anti-Defamation Leagues’ surveys in 2012 and 2013 said that between 56% to 72% of people surveyed among European Union member countries believe that Jews are more loyal to Israel than the countries they live in.

In response to Netanyahu’s uninvited and his disgusting presence at the head of the freedom march in Paris last month, British MP David Ward tweeted on January 11: Netanyahu in Paris march – What!!!! Makes me feel sick. His second tweet was: Je SUIS # Palestinian.

On January 15, 2015, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner wrote in her blog at Jerusalem-based Times of Israel: Being a British Jew is a blessing. My colleague, Rabbi Mark Goldsmith, told the BBC that the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism portrait of British Jewry “did not compute at all with our experience”. How could it, when there is so much to celebrate? We have beautiful and improving relationships with Muslims and Christians, a robust voice in public discourse and the lowest levels of anti-Semitism in Western Europe. I recently witnessed a microcosm of British Jewry at Limmud Conference, where three thousand people celebrated being Jewish: studying, singing, schmoozing. Our synagogues, our youth movements and our cross-communal institutions are not only a model for minority life in Britain, but Jewish life across the world. This is not the 1930s. I am safe as a British Jew.

UK is home to 2.7 million (4.4%) Muslims while there are less than 400,000 Jews in the country.

Last year, British Home Secretary Theresa May, banned French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala from entering the country to meet his friend, footballer Nicolas Anelka, who was facing a vicious campaign by the Organized Jewry for performing the famous “quenella” – allegedly an anti-Jewish gesture according to powerful French Jewish Lobby CRIF. On February 28, 2015, Theresa May allowed the German anti-Islam Pegida group to have an anti-Muslim march in the city of Newcastle. The pro-Israel English Defense League (EDL) was at hand to help organize the march.

Last month, Judge Laurence Brass, treasurer of the United Kingdom Jewish Board of Deputies was forced to resign for criticizing  the Zionist regime. I felt constrained not to have been able to speak out on subjects that are close to my heart, such as the treatment of the Palestinians in the occupied territories and the discrimination still being suffered by Arab citizens of Israel, Brass said.

ISIS for the Dummies

The ISIS/ISIL phantom is all over the western media and top-topic for the Zionist-controlled world leaders. It has even surpassed the “WWIII” hoax between the US-EU and Russia. The Ukraine-Russia conflict is basically a war between pro-West and pro-Russia Jewish oligarchs.

In order to find out who benefits from the havoc created by the ISIS in Arab countries bordering Israel, one needs to take the following acid test.

1. Why the so-called ‘Islamic State’ never threatened to liberate Muslim Palestine from the foreign Jew occupiers?

2. Why the ‘IS’ never invaded a pro-West Arab country, such as, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, etc?

3. Why the ‘IS’ has targeted only those regional governments which refuse to recognize the Zionist entity and support Palestinians against the Jew invaders?

4. Why all the bogus ISIS horror stories are always picked up by Jewish-controlled western mainstream media, such as, Time, Reuters, The Atlantic, BBC, CNN, the UK’s Independent, the Times of India, Fox News, Metro, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, Breitbart, IBT, ABC News, NBC, the Washington Post, VOX, National Post, etc. Most of their anti-Islam propaganda under the name of ‘IS’ was debunked later?

5. Why all the ‘IS’ beheading videos were found to be the work of S.I.T.E ‘intelligence consultant group’, founded by Iraqi-born Israeli citizen and former Mossad operator Rita Katz, whose Jewish father was hanged in Iraq for spying for Israel?

Not long ago, Hillary Clinton in an interview she gave to CNN, admitted that the United States created al-Qaeda.

American investigative journalist and actor, Ben Swann, has produced a video, ‘Truth in Media. The Origin of ISIS’ below, explaining the origin of ISIS. However, for obvious reasons he has avoided to name Israel being one of the several women who gave birth to ISIS.

Sir Martin Gilbert distorted history for Zionism

British Sir Martin Gilbert died on February 3, 2015 at the age 79. He was knighted for projecting British war-time prime minister Sir Winston Churchill as some sort of Western “Saint” in a 24-volume (25,000 pages) Churchill’s biography for supported the World Zionist movement agenda in the Middle East.

Martin Gilbert was born in London on October 25, 1936 into a Russian Zionist Jewish family. A self-claimed “historian” he authored nearly 80 books on Jewish-Muslim relations as seen through the eyes of a racist Zionist Jews. In Ishamael’s House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands, Gilbert claims that Jews were the most oppressed people under Islamic rule since the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) established the first Islamic City State in Madina in 624 CE.

Gilbert’s lies about Islamic history has been debunked by Jewish Orientalist Dr. Bernard Lewis, Israeli president Ephraim Katzir (1973-78), Rabbi Allen S. Maller, Israeli Rabbi Baruch Efrati, former UNHRC special envoy Richard Falk, to name a few.

Gilbert in his several other books claims that Jews were expelled from Muslim lands after the creation of state of Israel. A Zionist narrative which has been debunked by Jewish sources that Jews left Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Albania, Uzbekistan, Yemen, etc. as result of Zionist terrorism.

Gilbert, dedicated his entire “historian” life in the service of Holocaust, which a prominent Zionist Jew political activist, David Cole, has recently claimed, is based on fakes, fraud and forgeries. The non-Jewish genocides, such as, American, Australian and New Zealand Natives, Christian and Muslims under Soviet/Jewish regime, Ukrainian Christians, German Christians, Armenians, Bengalis under British occupation, Muslims during partition of British India, Iraqi Muslims and Christians under the US-UK occupation, never bothered Gilbert’s Jewish conscience.

Australian academic, Dr. Gideon Polya has criticized Sir Martin Gilbert for intentionally ignoring or minimizing the Bengali Holocaust. Dr. Polya wrote:

It is remarkable then that Sir Martin Gilbert, the world’s top expert on Churchill, should have not  included in 2 of his key books on Churchill any mention of Churchill’s WW2 Bengali Holocaust – a holocaust greater in terms of victims (6-7 million dead)  than the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million dead, with 1 in 6 dying from deprivation, according to Martin Gilbert. Thus, to the best of my ascertainment, there is no mention of Churchill’s WW2 Bengal Famine atrocity in the following books by Martin Gilbert about Churchill, namely In Search of Churchill. A historians Journey and Churchill. A Life. Just as Winston Churchill totally ignored the Bengali Holocaust (and the 6-7 million people he deliberately murdered) in his 6-volume work The Second World War for which in part he got the 1953 Nobel Prize for Literature. Professor Sir Martin Gilbert also ignored the Bengali Holocaust in his 2 definitive histories of Winston Churchill. Just imagine a biography of Adolph Hitler that made no mention of the WW2 Jewish Holocaust or indeed of his other atrocities, most notably the 30 million Slavs, Jews and Gypsies killed by the Nazis in WW2.

For being a long-time Zionist Hasbara historian, Gilbert received an honorary doctoral degree (PhD) from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University in 2011. The University citation read: The BGU acknowledges Sir Martin Gilbert in deep appreciation of a loyal friend of the State of Israel, who has provided an enduring voice for those whose  stories would otherwise not have been told.

In his speech at the ceremony, Gilbert vigorously rejected calls for an academic boycott of Israeli universities.

The world of academia knows no borders and rises above petty quarrels. Let universities be a forum for discussion, a place for harmony not hatred, said Gilbert.

Eli Wiesel lies about Iran again

Eli Wiesel, the Holocaust myth-maker, has been running a vicious campaign against Islamic Republic of Iran based on Israel’s propaganda lies for over a decade now.

Last week, both the Jew York Times and Washington Post ran an open letter by Wiesel supporting Zionist entity’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s forthcoming speech to a joint session of US Congress. In it, Wiesel makes two assertions, neither of which he makes any effort to prove. The first is that the United States and Iran are on the verge of a new Jewish Holocaust deal. What makes a deal so terrible which hasn’t even been signed yet?

The second is that a nuclear Iran would likely mean “the annihilation and destruction of Israel.” This, too, requires evidence that Wiesel does not provide. After all, Benny Gantz, who just retired as Chief of Staff of the Israel Occupation Forces (IOF) has argued that while an Iranian nuke would be dangerous, “The Iranian leadership is composed of very rational people.”

Iran’s nuclear program is entirely peaceful. No evidence suggest that it’s being used for military purpose. However, Israel and Jewish lobby groups refuse to stop their lies about Iran’s intentions even though Iranian leaders have repeated on several occasions that WMDs are forbidden under Islamic Shari’ah.

The record shows that the US is not interested in resolving its bogus claims against Iran unless Tehran agrees to all Israeli demands. Israel and the Jewish Lobby is preparing the necessary anti-Iran groundwork for a violent military regime change in Iran, as all their efforts to achieve that goal through propaganda and the ‘crippling sanctions’ have failed to change Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei’s views about the Zionist regime.

In December 2013, Elie Wiesel, took full-page advertisements in the Jew York Times and the Wall Street Journal, urging the US Senate to impose new sanctions against Iran in order to kill the 6-month interim deal between P5+1 and Iran over country’s nuclear program. The ad was paid by the Birthright Israel co-founder Michael Steinhardt.

In November 2012, Elie Wiesel suggested that Israeli Mosaad should kidnap Iranian president Ahmadinejad.

Peter Beinart, Jewish journalist and author, in a recent Opinion post at Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz asked: Why does Elie Wiesel keep apologizing for a government that betrays his ideal?

Mitchell S. Gilbert, a Jewish educator, writer and prison Chaplain, wrote on his blog: “Sorry my dear teacher, you got this one wrong. Your suggestion that Democratic politicians who are going to boycott Netanyahu’s speech are politicizing this event rings hollow.”

Stephen Lendman, an American Jewish writer and author, posted on his blog on February 16, 2015: “Wiesel is a shameless self-promoter. A charlatan. A con man. A fraudster. A holocaust exploiter. A notorious Islamophobe. A grotesque apologist for Israel’s worst crimes. He justified Israel’s Operation Protective Edge (OPE) calling it “a battle between those who celebrate life (Israel) and those who champion death (Hamas).”

 Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli-born British writer, author and musician, in a recent interview said: I have no problem with Iranian nuclear arms. I want Iran to have a bomb. Just One Iranian bomb will bring peace to the region. Because all this mess in the Middle Ease caused by Israel and America is because they know they can kill with impunity and endlessly. And my problem with the Shias is that they are too nice. They really don’t want to bomb anyone. An atomic bomb is Haram they say.

David Cole: Holocaust is based on fakes, frauds, and forgeries

David Cole is not an “anti-Semite” or “revisionist”. He is ardently pro-Zionist, pro-Israel Jew. He is author of book Republican Party Animal. In his latest article, entitled Justifying My Existence, published at TAKI’s Magazine on February 17, 2015, he wrote: I attempt to correct the historical record regarding the Holocaust, primarily by sniffing out and exposing fake artifacts and fraudulent or improperly-used documents.

In no other field are fakes, frauds, and forgeries tolerated as they are in Holocaust history. And in no other field are the people who try to sort the fakes from the facts so ruthlessly attacked and in many countries imprisoned, David Cole added.

I know some readers may not like me to demonize the new Jewish religion. The reason I picked-up this unproven myth is that the Zionist regime has now declared their only good Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, a Holocaust denier. While denying their own collaboration with Hitler and Mussolini fascism, they always love to dig others’ past to serve their own evil agenda.

Netanyahu’s Likud party mouthpiece has republished Mahmoud Abbas’ PhD thesis, entitled The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism submitted to Moscow’s Oriental College in 1984. In the book, Abbas argued based on French philosopher Roger Garaudy’s book, The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics. Abbas also questioned the Six Million myth in his thesis.

British Jewish writer, blogger, activist and author of The Holocaust Wars, Paul Eisen, was rewarded by his tribe with titles, such as, “Eisen the Holocaust denier”, “Eisen the racist”, “Eisen the Nazi”, “Eisen the anti-Semite”, and the list goes on.

American Orthodox Jew, Michael Korn, made aliya to Israel in 1982 and took Israeli citizenship in 1985. He lived in Israel for 20 years during which he got fed-up with Jewish racism and Holocaust exploitation. Disgusted, he converted to Christianity. In 2013, in an open letter to British veteran journalist and author Alan Hart, Korn explained why people question Holocaust.

A little-known chapter of history is the wide-ranging collaboration between Zionism and Hitler’s Third Reich. During the 1930s, Jewish Zionists and German National Socialists shared similar views on how to deal with the Jewish Question. They agreed that Jews and Germans were distinctly different nationalities, and that Jews did not belong in Germany. During the 1930s no nation did more to substantively further Jewish-Zionist goals than Hitler’s Germany,” wrote Mark Weber.


AI: Malaysia don’t practice ‘freedom of expression’

msiaflag[1]Amnesty International (AI) is a Western imperialist tool. When Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 and murdered 20,000 Arabs/Muslims with the full support of the United States, both Amnesty International and AIUSA said absolutely nothing at all despite vigorous efforts by AIUSA Members to get them both to say and to do anything, Professor Francis A. Boyle, October 24, 2012.

On February 10, 2015, Amnesty International, in a statement condemned Malaysia’s highest judicial institution, the Federal Court’s, decision to uphold a “sodomy” conviction against opposition leaders Anwar Ibrahim and to hand him a five-year prison sentence. The five-judges in a unanimous ruling barred Ibrahim from running in elections for five years after his release from jail.

Since his release in 2008 after serving six years in Malaysian jail on various corruption charges, Anwar Ibrahim has been projected as voice of ‘Made in West’ Islam by the Zionist-controlled world leaders and media. Ibrahim became a friend of arch-Zionist Jew Paul Wolfowitz and other Zio-conservatives like Al-Gore, who were behind America’s wars and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The West proclaimed Ibrahim an “Islamic reformer” when he advised fellow Muslims to stop blaming western colonial powers for destruction of Muslim world and Muslim culture – but rather blame themselves. He said that US and its allies “liberated” Iraqis from Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime. Ibrahim ignored the fact that the US-UK invasion of Iraq, one of the most prosperous and technically advanced Arab nation was pushed back to ‘Stone Age’ while killing nearly one million Muslim and Christian civilians.

Anwar Ibrahim, vice-president, was kicked out of his party, United Malays National Organization (UMNO), a multi-ethnic party, in 1998. For the last 17 years his western-supporters are waging war to re-establish his political and Islamist credentials. As expected, Obama’s Zionist-controlled administration was quick to condemn the court judgment under the ‘righteous slogans’ of democracy and human-rights, which are not practiced when it come to Muslims and Blacks in the United States. The recent murder of three Muslim medical students is living proof of America’s double standards.

The decision to prosecute Anwar Ibrahim, and his trail, have raised serious concerns regarding the rule of law and the independence of courts“, said a statement issued by the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Anwar Ibrahim’s political mentor, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, country’s prime minister for nearly three decades was hailed as a Western ally. However, when he criticized Israel in his address to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (IOC) held in Kuala Lumpur on October 16, 2003, he was declared an ‘antisemite’ and enemy of the Western civilization.

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, president International Movement for a Just World (JUST), a Kuala Lumpur-based human-rights group, wrote on February 16, 2015: The leading US and British based human rights NGOs, and even some British and US leaders had made vociferous demands in the months preceding the 2012 verdict for Anwar’s release. I had argued in a couple of newspaper articles at that time that this was part of their push for regime change in Malaysia. Even before 1998, when Anwar was sacked from the government and UMNO, there were already moves in some circles in the West to fast-track Anwar as a replacement for Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad who they regarded as a ‘thorn in their flesh.’ In contrast, Anwar was then described as “the darling of the West”.

But why is there still a desire for regime change when the present Prime Minister, Dato Sri Najib, has gone out of his way to strengthen ties with Washington and London and even with their allies in West Asia? Part of the explanation lies in Najib’s unwavering support for the Palestinian cause, demonstrated through actual deeds, which has always incensed the Israeli regime and its Zionist and Christian Zionist backers in the US. Perhaps another equally important reason for Washington’s uneasiness with Kuala Lumpur is Najib’s warm relationship with Beijing which has gone beyond trade, investments, education and culture to embrace issues of security and military cooperation. This may be why regime change is still on the agenda of those who see themselves as the rulers of the world.

Charlie Hebdo redux in Denmark and Argentina

Last month, the Jewish-controlled media displayed its double standards on reporting. When Helric Fredou, French police commissioner investigating terror attack at Charlie Hebdo was found dead, there was a total news blackout. On the other hand, when Alberto Nisman, Argentina’s Jew prosecutor investigating the bombing of Israeli embassy and AMIA building in Buenos Aires was found dead, it became a high-profile suicide.

Recently, a cafe in Copenhagen holding a free speech, less Holocaust, discussion was attacked. The event was sponsored by anti-Islam cartoonist Lars Vilks, who drew cartoons for Ukrainian Jew Flemming Rose, cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten in 2005. French ambassador to Denmark, Francois Zimeray (Jewish) was the key-speaker at the meeting. The shooting killed a Jew participant and injuried three policemen. The incident has all the marks of a false flag operation carried out by Israeli Mossad and Danish security service agents who usually receive counter-terrorism brainwashing in Israel. The man accused of carrying out the Copenhagen false flag attack is Omar El-Hussein who was released from jail just two weeks before he decided to copy Mossad false flag operation at the Chalie Hebdo and Kosher market which ended in 17 people dead including one Muslim policeman and four Jews.

Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt told his countrymen that an “attack on Danish Jews is attack on the entire nation“. There are only 8,000 Jews among country’s 5.5 million population. Former prime minister of Denmark and NATO secretary-general is a known Poodle of Zionism. Muslims make 4% of country’s population but the Jewish think tank, Gatestone Institute claimed in November 2012 that Danish Muslim minority dominates crimes in the country (just like Russian Jews in the US).

Zionist entity’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has advised Danish Jews to immigrate to the Zionist entity. He gave a similar free advice to 500,000 French Jews last month, claiming the Zionist entity is the only safe place for the world Jewry to live.

Israeli historian professor Yigal Bin-Nun (Bar-Ilan University) has claimed that it was Mossad terrorism that forced 160,000 Moroccan Jews to immigrate to Israel.

On January 22, 2015, Argentine President Cristina Kirchner claimed that a prosecutor who died just as he was due to accuse her covering up of Iran’s involvement in bombing Israeli embassy and AMIA Jewish Centre was murdered. The prosecutor Nisman had close ties to the US and Israeli embassies and had regularly visited those two countries for consultations, but he still failed to obtain a conclusive evidence that Cristina Kirchner was shielding Iran or Hizbullah for their role in the bombing for Argentina-Iran oil deal.

In a recent speech, Kirchner told Argentines that in case she is assassinated, they should remember the US-Israel committed the crime.