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Vienna Jews: Muslims hate us!

I may be in Vienna, but I feel like I’m in Israel,” says Omer Damari, Israeli striker, who plays for Austria Wien.

On August 28, 2015, the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) reported that Jewish community in Vienna has accused the city’s prosecutor’s office of ignoring Muslim hatred toward Jews by posting an anti-Israel caricature on Facebook during the International Al-Quds Day event in July 2015.

The caricature showed men wearing Palestinian, Arab, Turkish, and Afghan garbs pouring, allegedly, sewage water down the hole, at the bottom of which stands a Jew waving Israeli flag. See the caricature below.

Personally, I would have offended by the caricature if the object in the pit had resembled Holy Wailing Wall or Holy Auschwitz – but give me a break; the said caricature is just a Rabbi Elyahu look-alike Israeli terrorist.

Remember how the Zionist rats came out from every sewage pit around the world to defend ‘freedom of speech’ for the Rothschild-owned Charlie Hebdo to publish anti-Islamand Jewish Flemming Rose of Danish Cartoon fame.

In July 2011, these rats did not allow a member of their own tribe, professor Richard Falk, to use his ‘freedom of speech’ by posting a caricature which showed that Jews played a major role in the destruction of Africa’s most rich and liberal country, Libya.

Having said that, I would like to mention a little about Vienna’s place in Muslim history; the Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1529 lead by Sultan Suleiman, The Magnificent. The Ottoman army failed to capture the city and had to withdraw. Those uncivilized Turks returned in 1683 and put siege on the city for the second time which also failed. However, this siege left an everlasting impact on Western food industry. In order to taunt the invading Turks, Vienna bakers started making bread shaped like Turk Crescent (Croissant).

The University of Vienna Jewish student leader, Ilja Sichrosky, is running a pro-Israel Muslim-Jewish Conference, which provides Muslim and Jewish students all-expense-paid joint-trips to various countries.

Der vom Club der Freunde Isreals zugespielte Screenshot

Hollywood Jewish Actress: Jews exploit Holocaust

Natalie Portman, 34, Israeli-born popular American Hollywood Jewish actress and filmmaker, has openly insulted Holocaust, the new Jewish religion. In a recent interview she gave to UK’s daily The Independent, she said that “Holocaust shouldn’t be used to evoke fear and paranoia, but rather it should make Jews empathetic to others who have experienced hatred.”

I must say, Portman is no mother of antisemite Norman Finkelstein, who said  that “Palestinians are going through their Holocaust right now.”

Austrian Rabbi Moshe Friedman, who denies the six million story, saying that Nazi didn’t kill more than one million Jews during WWII. He also said that what Israelis are doing to Palestinians could shame even the Nazis.

In an earlier interview Portman gave to The Hollywood Reporter, she said: “I’m very much against Netanyahu. Against. I am very, very upset and disappointed that he was re-elected. I find his racist comments horrific. However, I don’t – what I want to make sure is, I don’t want to use my platform. I feel like there’s some people who become prominent, and then it’s out in the foreign press. You know, shit on Israel. I do not. I don’t want to do that.”

Potman, who is currently filming, A Tale of Love and Darkness , based on Amos Oz’s novel in Israel, is being chased by Israeli and Zionist vultures living on Holocaust loot for proposing teaching of genocide of other people to new generations of Jews. The Zionist Mafia is rightfully mad because how could they allow Jewish sufferings which the public have been fed using every possible means including pornography with sufferings of Palestinian people at the hands of Jews tormented by Judeo-Christians in the past.

Michael Berenbaum, Zionist historian and author commented on Potman suggestion, saying: “She is an actress, not a philosopher, not a historian – actors are not the people who turn to for a nuanced understanding of the events of history. We have succeeded in transmitting the monumental nature of  the Holocaust, without transmitting how distinct an event it was.”

The Jewish B’nai B’rith International in a statement said: “An emphasis on the Holocaust in a Jewish education is extremely important as it’s tied to our identity. The focus doesn’t come at the expense of learning about other tragedies, such as those in Rwanda and Bosnia.”

The Zionist leaders never cared for the non-Zionist Jewish majority. In fact they were all atheists and mocked fellow Jews. After the establishment of the Zionist entity, Holocaust became a Cash Cow for Israel and Zionist leaders while the Organized Jewry used antisemitism label to silence criticism of the Zionist regime.

Lobby: US State Dept. discriminates gay couples!

On August 18, 2015, the Jew York Times in an article entitled, State Department Fights for Rights of Gay Envoy, claimed that while the US State Department lectures other nations how to treat LGBT communities within their borders, its own hiring policy discriminates against same-sex married couples. Andrew Siddon, the writer, claimed that about 50% positions around the world are off-limit to the gay/lesbian couples.

From the earliest years of Obama administration, the State Department has made securing the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people around the world a priority. But the department is increasingly trying to secure equal opportunities for the group much closer to home: its own employees,” Siddon said.

Siddon forgot to mention Randy Berry, an openly gay US diplomat who served in Netherlands, Uganda, Egypt, Nepal and Bangladesh in the past. In February, 2015, John Kerry, born into a Jewish family, appointed Berry as State Department’s first international envoy for LGBT rights.

Afraid to be called anti-Semites by the Jewish Lobby, in July 2015, nearly 125 US lawmakers sent a letter to John Kerry, demanding that the State Department deny visas to the spouses of diplomats from countries that refuse to recognize same-sex spouses of Foreign Service personnel. Frankly, I was disappointed to find out that those Zionist donkeys didn’t mention Iran or Israel in the letter.

Incidentally, it was former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, who gets the credit for giving the same-sex couples their due rights at the State Department.

Jewish Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I) and Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore) have recently introduced a bill seeking equal rights for gays and lesbians in federal employment and housing.

The Jewish-controlled Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is even running a campaign to ban gay-lesbian conversion therapy.

There are only 20 countries which have declared same-sex marriage kosher. However, 75 countries still remains to be ‘civilized’ for declaring it illegal.

Ironically, homosexuality is banned in US-Israel top Asian ally, India.

In case you don’t know – there is a World Congress of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Jews. It represents, according to its official website, 50 organizations from Israel, France, Canada, Argentina, Australia, UK, Chile, Mexico, Netherlands and United States.

The American government doesn’t want to learn that a great majority of people around the world reject to adopt West’s Jewish values, such as, homosexuality, pornography, capitalism, socialism, freedom of press, human rights, and even democracy.

I’m glad, Philip Giraldi saved me from answering the Jew York Times’ whining.

Being part of diplomatic mission is a privilege and not a universal right, and both by law and convention the host country pretty much set the rules on who may enter and under what conditions. The Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations stipulate that any country can expel or refuse to accept the presence of a foreign diplomat without providing any reasons whatsoever,” Giraldi said.

On April 7, 2014, the Jewish Lobby controlled US Senate passed a bill banning Iran’s new ambassador to United Nations, Hamid Aboutalebi, to enter the country on the charges that as a student he took part in the occupation of US embassy in Tehran in 1979.

The Real Troublemaker in the Middle East

zionist+free+speech+police[1]American circus over US-Iran nuclear agreement is becoming amusing every day. Every joker who wants to win GOP or Democrat nomination for the country’s next president is claiming that a nuclear agreement with Iran would pose an ‘existential’ threat to Israel. Some have promised Jewish-purse holders that their first act as president would be to throw Obama-Rouhani agreement in garbage bin. These Israeli AZZ-lickers don’t want to accept that the UNSC has already declared the P5+1 and Iran deal kosher, making it obligatory for all the seven signatories to abide by it under international law.

Interestingly, Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, the Jewish founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream are much wiser than these presidential hopefuls. Jewish news website, Breitbart, reported on August 19, 2015 that the couple has come out in support of Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

This proves without any doubt that the next president will use all his ‘constitutional power’ and beyond to protect Israeli interests in the region, including covering Israel’s terrorist activities on American soil and in the Middle East, and proxy wars run by ISIS/ISIL and other jihadi groups on behalf of the Zionist regime.

The AIPAC has already put the wheel in motion by blaming US-Israel’s current regional banker, Saudi Arabia, for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which killed 2,840 people but no Jew. The claimed is based on Bushes’ ties with Saudi prince Bander and the so-called 19 hijackers; seven of whom were later found alive in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Morocco.

Saudi Arabia is no democracy or free press or haven for women – but it couldn’t be worse than Israel. The Zionist entity is not a democracy by any standard. Israeli government and army has the power to control the local and pro-Israel US press under gag order. Jewish women in Israel are discriminated not at one place but eight places.

Saudi Arabia has always been a ‘Cash Cow’ for the US, UK and France. It has pumped more than $300 billion into Western arms industry. On the contrary, Israel has sucked over $3 trillion from US taxpayers. The ‘US needs Saudi oil’ claim doesn’t stand on two-legs as the US imports less than 6% of its oil needs from Saudi Arabia. Canada has become the top exporter of oil to the US followed by Mexico and Venezuela.

In Defense of Paul Eisen …..

Jeremy Corbyn can talk with a genuine moral authority. He is certainly not a great orator, but sincere and fluent,” Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, said on August 14, 2015.

The UK’s Labour Party leadership contender, Jeremy Corbyn, broke his silence on Channel4 News first time since the UK’s top Israeli propagandist, Jewish Chronicle, made ridiculous Jew-hating allegations against him (here).

The Labour leadership frontrunner said: “I have no contact now whatsoever with Paul Eisen and Deir Yassin Remembered. I did attend a number of events concerning Deir Yassin Remembered some years ago, I think two or three of them.” Corbyn said that at that time he didn’t know Paul Eisen was a Holocaust denier, otherwise I had not associated with him. Watch interview below.

I wonder, why the Jewish Chronicle ignored to mention American Holocaust denier, Daniel McGowan, who had been associated with both Paul Eisen and Bishop Stephen Sizer.

Paul Eisen doesn’t deny Holocaust. He doesn’t even question the Zionists’ unproven estimate of Six Million – but he, like Finkelstein and Ahmadinejad, did say that Holocaust has been politicized by the Organized Jewry to counter the criticism of Jewish power. In fact, the one of the real Holocaust deniers is David Cole, the Jewish founder of Republican Party Animals, who claims that Holocaust is based on fakes, frauds and forgeries.

Paul Eisen was born into a British Jewish family. He is very proud of his Jewish faith even though he doesn’t practice it the way his rabbi might have told him to do. I consider him one of the few ‘Righteous Jews’. I know him through his blog which has been blanked since the Jewish Chronicle has connected Corbyn with him.

As one of directors of Deir Yassin Remembered, Paul Eisen brought awareness of Israeli and Jewish crimes against Palestinians.

Last year, Paul Eisen even announced formation of Jews for Justice for Germans.

Israeli-born British author and musician, Gilad Atzmon, has called Paul Eisen, The Kingmaker. “You may agree with Eisen or you may not, but his humanist and critical approach qualifies him to be Labour kingmaker. We can only thank British Jews and their forceful media to position Paul Eisen exactly where he belongs,” he said.

Dr. David Duke, who interviewed Paul Eisen last year, has this to say: “Paul Eisen is a courageous Jew struggling to come to terms with the enormous implications of Being Jewish, an exceedingly brave and honest individual conflicted, yet pursuing truth wherever it leads!

Jewish Lobby: Sisi’s regime is a gift to ISIS

On August 6, 2015, the Foreign Policy magazine published an article, entitled, Sisi’s regime is a gift to the Islamic State written by Shadi Hamid. In the article the Zionist moron tried to whitewash Israel’s dirty hands behind al-Sisi’s military coup against the elected government of Dr. Morsi who was blamed by both Israel and the powerful Jewish lobby groups in United States for having ties with anti-Israel Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

Before I go further, let the readers know Shadi Hamid’s credentials for unbiased journalism. He is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Middle East Policy at Washington-based Hudson Institute, headed by Dr. Meyrav Wurmser, who along with her husband Dr. David Wurmser are known Jewish neo-Conservatives. David is a former adviser to Netanyahu’s Likud party, US vice-president Dick Cheney, US ambassador at UN, John Bolton, and a research fellow at Israel lobby AEI. The Hudson Institute was established in 1961 by three Zionist Jews, Herman Kahn, Max Singer and Oscar Ruebhausen from the RAND Corporation.

I assume with such impeccable credential, Shadi Hamid, has confirmed that both Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (born to a Moroccan Jewish mother) and the so-called Islamic state, (more here and here) are doing Israel’s dirty work in the Muslim World.

Hamid claims that with all the help Sisi’s regime received from the US and its regional puppet regimes, Egypt is more vulnerable to violence and insurgency than before Sisi grabbed the power via a military coup.

Obama administration has delivered eight F-16s to Egypt , re-launched the US-Egypt strategic dialogue, and said it would resume the Bright Star, the joint military exercise suspended after the military coup of July 3, 2013…. By any measurable standard, Egypt is more vulnerable to violence and insurgency today than it had been before. On July 1, as many as 64 soldiers were killed in coordinated attacks by Egypt’s Islamic State affiliates, which call itself the Province of Sinai. It was the worse death toll in decades and just came after the country’s chief prosecutor, Hisham Barakat, was assassinated,” Hamid wrote.

Obama delivered all that additional aid without punishing Sisi’s regime by stopping $1.3 billion annual military aid which Egypt is receiving since Egypt’s president Anwar Sadat signed a peace treaty with Israel’s terrorist prime minister Menachem Begin – brokered by the so-called ‘Israel-hating’ Jimmy Carter. Why? Because Israel was against any such move. I wonder if Hamid can explain why violence in the name of Province of Sinai didn’t happen during Morsi’ government which came to power as result of the US created Arab Spring to protect Israel’s regional interests.

America’s ‘War on Drugs’ is ‘War on Blacks’

Just like the so-called ‘War on Terrorism’ is in fact a War on Muslims for Israel – the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ is a Zionist Crusade against America’s Blacks, incarcerating millions of them to prevent renewal of struggle for freedom as happened in the 1960s – tat was inspired by Malcolm X and Rev. Martin Luther King.

The so-called ‘War on Drugs’ was declared in 1982 by the Hollywood actor turned US president Ronald Wilson Reagan, an Israeli puppet. Speaking to the nation in his weekly radio address, Reagan promised a ‘planned, concerted campaign’ against all drugs; hard, soft or otherwise. He described his campaign as a ‘military operation’ against Afro-American and Latino communities who are wrongfully projected as the biggest drugs suppliers and consumers by country’s Jewish-controlled news and TV media.

The Jewish Lobby, like the Holocaust denier stick, has also applied drugs trade to beat Israel’s enemies like Iran, Pakistan, Hizbullah, etc. Historically, it’s the Jews who has always played the leading role in drugs industry. In 1998 the CIA admitted its involvement in drugs trafficking in the United States after years of federal investigation by the Kerry Congressional Committee.

Since then, no matter who occupied the White House, the ‘War on Drugs’ was used to invade several foreign lands in Asia, Africa and South America. However, after three decade, the America’s War on Drugs has failed to control the sale and consumption of most of hard and soft drugs in the US even after spending hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money.

According to the 2014 report by the US-based National Institute on Drugs Abuse, America has less than 5% of world population but Americans consume 75% of world’s drugs.

According to a rough estimate, it cost US taxpayers’ $30,000 a year to feed and house a drug inmate. It’s more than 46 million Americans earns per year. The poverty level for a family with four children is $24,000 per year in  the US.

Now, several US politicians, social workers, anti-drugs activist and even the Blackman in the White House have raised their voices against this phony ‘War on Drugs’. However, Daniel Robelo, claimed on August 12, 2015, that ending the Drug War won’t end mass incarnation because it’s based on pure racism.

The election of the first Black Obama to become America’s president has nothing to do with racial equality, as the US media likes the world to believe. Obama, like the rest of White House occupants, protects the interests of country’s 1% fat-cats, mostly Jewish. The racism against Blacks, Latinos and Muslims in particular is well and alive under Obama surrounded by pro-Israel staff and politicians.