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Jesus dies at Auschwitz for Jews, Again!

The other day, Christians in Canada and around the world celebrated ‘Good Friday’ before Easter on Sunday, tomorrow. It’s the day when Christians remember the crucification of their Lord Jesus Christ. Why it happened, is a long story. Christian theologians blame Jews for the murder of Jesus while Jews claim Jesus was hanged by Romans because he, as a Palestinian, resisted the occupation forces.

Contrary to that, the Muslim worshippers during Friday sermon were reminded that prophet Jesus (as) never died on the Cross. Instead it was Judas Iscariot (Luke 22), a Jewish hero, who took Roman soldiers to the hiding place of Jesus. According to Gospel of Barnabas, when Judas entered the hiding place, God changed his face to “Jesus look-alike”, and when he came out to tell Roman soldiers that Jesus escaped – they took him as Jesus and hanged him.

Holy Qur’an has testifies in Surah Imran (named after an Israelite tribe) and Surah Mariyam (named after Jesus’ mother Mary) that prophet Jesus was saved from crucification by Allah and raised alive to Heavens, and he will return to Earth as a Believer (Muslim) and experience a natural death like the rest of human-beings.

Two interesting things happened before and on this Good Friday. First, the Jews for Jesus, released a video (see below) showing Jesus being re-crucified at holy Auschwitz seventy years ago. Both times, the video claims, Jesus being a Jew (which he was NOT), died for the “deliverance” of his fellow Jews.

The other good news was Winnipeggers enjoyed alcohol drinks in bars on Good Friday for the first time in Canada. The new liquor laws came into effect on April 1, 2014. A few years ago, Rev. Ted Pike had claimed alcohol to be Jewish.

The organized Jewry seems to agree with the video, because it sells the Holocaust.

Since we are on the subject of selling Holocaust – some of you may have read about Smithsonian Institute’s recently released documentary, ‘Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine’ which claimed to have “proved” the existence of “gas chambers” at Treblinka because of the discovery by two Jewish archeologists of “tiles with Star of Zion”. Well it seems it was another hoax fabricated by the Holocaust Industry.

Lobby: Taliban could be Jewish!

The Zionists’ thirst for finding new Jewish tribes never stops. Jewish Bible (OT) has put its claim on 12 Israelite tribes based on the 12 sons of prophet Jacob (Israel).

Jewish historian Arthur Koestler in his 1976 book, ‘The Thirteen Tribes’ suggested that prophet Israel could have 13 sons. However, I think Hannah Michaels hit the nail when he claimed that America is the 13th tribe of Israel.

In 2007, IIene R. Prusher, an associate editor The Christian Science Monitor, a Zionist propaganda newspaper, claimed she shared her Seder with her Afghan driver in Kabul – and was surprised to learn that several Afghan tribes (Pashtun, Afridi, Hazara, Tajik, etc.) have Jewish roots based on several common traditions and Hebrew words still part of Pashtu language.

Was I to believe that the likes of Mullah Omar – the Taliban luminary who ordered public executions and floggings, made burka-wearing law, and gave succor to Osama bin Laden—possessed even a molecule of Jewish ancestry?,” wrote Prusher.

It seems Prusher never heard of Jewish butchers, such as, David Ben Gurion, Menachem Begin, Shamir, Gen. Dayan or Gen. Ariel Sharon.

Yasmin Eliaz (a Bahai I suppose), is a Master student at the Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv and a research assistant at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. On April 10, 2014, she posted an article at Jewish Moment magazine, claiming that Pashtun people living in Afghanistan and Pakistan have common historical, linguistic, and cultural similarities with Jewish people.

However, someone living among Pushtun for years in Karachi, I must say Ms Eliaz never met a Pashtun in her life.

Eliaz claims that Pashtuns light candles on Friday night, separate meat and dairy, and covers graves with stones which are common practices among Jewish communities. In reality, Pashtuns, majority of whom live in villages or caves, light candles each night – because they don’t have access to electricity. Separation of meat and dairy is common among practicing Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and India. I have seen some Pashtun graves covered with stones in Pakistan’s tribal areas – but didn’t find them in Jewish graveyards in Toronto, Jerusalem or New York.

Saturday in Pashtu is called Shanbay and Hebrew, Shabbat – the holy day of the week for Jews. During Shabbat, Jews are commanded to abstain from labor and reflect. Shabbat is the Jewish symbol of loyalty for God. In Pashtu, Sabat means loyalty, and on Shanbay work is also not allowed,” said Eliaz.

No day of week is “holy” among Pashtun, who are 101% Muslims. They all work on Saturdays. However, some of them take Friday off for the weekly special afternoon prayers. On Shabat, only Orthodox Jews abstain from work while the rest of Jewish business is open on Saturdays in many places in the US, UK and Canada.

Eliaz being an Israeli citizen should know better that a great majority of Israeli rabbis have said that Jewish “G-d” is different from Muslims’ Allah.

In Pashtu, names of God are known as Khudai; while in biblical Hebrew God is referred to as (El) Shadai. The Jewish prayer shawl (talit) issue also has a great resemblance to the Pashtu/Urdu word tolia which means towel,” claims Eliaz.

That is ridiculous. In Pashtu, two common words for “God”, are Allah (Arabic) and Khuda (Persian). “Tolia” is not a shawl. Bath towel is called “tolia” – while shawl is called “chaudar” in Pashtun.

There are probably more common words, names and phrases between the Pashtu, which belongs to western Iranian language group, and Hebrew which belongs to west Semitic language group. And yet both groups still have much in common, as the Pashtuns originate from the lost tribes of Israel,” concludes Eliaz.

Both Urdu and Pashtun languages are greatly influenced by “Iranian language groups”, which happen to be influenced by Arabic language since late 7th century when Arab army conquered Persia. Persians mostly belong to Aryan race though some of them may have Semite roots. However, according to Israeli historian, Dr. Eran Elhaik, a great majority of current Jews are NOT Semitic people.

Easter and Spanish ‘Kill Jews’ drink

To the great pleasure of the organized Jewry, Spain has bestowed country’s citizenship to the descendents of the 143,000 Spanish Jews who were expelled, killed or converted to Christianity after the fall of Granada, the last Muslim Sultanate in Spain in 1492. The Jewish press taunted Muslims that the descendants of five million Muslims who were expelled, killed or forced to convert to Christianity, were not given a similar pardon by the King of Spain.

Currently, the Spanish Jewish Lobby is running a campaign to make Holocaust study mandatory in Spanish universities.

On June 17, 2010, British newspaper, The Times, published an Op-Ed by former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar (a Crypto Jew), claiming that “if Israel goes down, we all (entire West) go down“.

However, there is another side of Spain which is rarely mentioned in the Jewish-controlled media. As the Easter approaches (April 18), many Christians will visit bars, pubs and taverns to drink their favorite drink called Matar Judios (Kill Jews in Spanish). This traditional drink is made from red wine mixed with water, sugar and lemonade.

The said tradition is attributed to King Ferdinand the Catholic, when he signed the decree expelling the Jews from Spain, “For every lemonade that I drink, there are a Jew that I pulverize” is a possible origin of the expression reached by oral transmission that evolved becoming “kill Jews”.

There is even a village named ‘Castrillo Matajudios (Killing Jews)‘ near Leon.

The organized Jewry has claimed that such Christian traditions are based on Church’s myth of Blood Libel against Jews; accusing Jews of human sacrifice as religious rituals. Even though, Jewish historian, Ariel Toaff in his book, ‘Bloody Passover’ has confirmed Christians’ accusation to be true – I could not have believed it until I learned about the bloody actions of Israeli Jews and Jewish lobby groups in the West.

In 711 CE, Arab Muslims from North Africa defeated Visigoth armies and liberated Jews who were living as Serf (slaves) under the Church and Christian Kings for centuries.

Professor Edward W. Said (died 2002) who made several trips to Southern Spain along with his family, reflects on the rich history of Muslim Spain (Andalusia), where Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities lived in peace and harmony for eight centuries (711-1492).

Quite soon, Andalusia became a magnet for talent in many arenas: music, philosophy, mysticism, literature, architecture, virtually all of the sciences, jurisprudence, religion. The monarchs Abd ar-Rahman I (731-788) and Abd ar-Rahman III (891-961) gave Cordova its almost mythic status. Three times the size of Paris (Europe’s second-largest city in the 10th century), with 70 libraries, Cordova also had, according to the historian Salma Kahdra Jayyusi, “1,600 mosques, 900 baths, 213,077 homes for ordinary people, 60,300 mansions for notables, officials, and military commanders, and 80,455 shops.” The mystics and poets Ibn Hazm and Ibn Arabi, Jewish writers Judah ha-Levi and Ibn Gabirol, the colloquial but lyrical zajals and wonderful strophic songs, or muwashshah, that seemed to emerge as if from nowhere and later influenced the troubadors, provided al-Andalus with verse, music, and atmosphere such as Europe had never had before,” wrote Dr. Said.

Jacob Bander, a Jewish filmmaker from New York, produced a documentary, entitled ‘Out of Cordoba’. Read Bander’s memories of Muslim Spain here.