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UK Chief Rabbi admits ‘epidemic’ child sexual abuse

29a3[1]UK’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis in his recent address at a rabbinic conference in London condemned rabbis for misusing the Jewish Mesira by not reporting child sex abuse cases to local law enforcement authorities. The conference was attended by 120 rabbis from UK and Australia.

The conference was result of a recent shocking report into child sex abuse. The study, released by the children’s commissioner, showed as many as 450,000 cases of abuse may have been carried out from April 2012 to March 2014 in Britain.

Based on UK’s Jewish population of less than 350,000, sexual abuse of minors and spouses is more rampant within Jewish community as compared to Christian majority and other religious minorities, such as, Muslim, Hindus and Sikh.

The study also debunked the anti-Muslim propaganda that Pakistani and Bangladeshi youth gangs prey on white women. It says that a great majority of minors were sexually abused by friends of family of victim and over 85% of them were not reported to local police or children rights protection groups.

Yehudis Goldsobel, 27, after years of suffering at the hands of a long-time family friend, she finally reached out for help. But after reporting the crimes to the police, rabbis refused to acknowledge her suffering, her family were driven from their synagoue, and kosher shops refused to serve them. Her abuser, Menachem Mendel Levy, 41, a father of six children was recently sentenced to 3-year in jail.

In 2013, Manny Waks, president of the executive council of Australian Jews, claimed that he was sexually molested as a student, not once but several times – not by one but two fellow Jews. Waks said that he was molested in synagogue during ritual bath.

In May, 2015, Rabbi Barry Freundel aka ‘peeping rabbi’, the spiritual guide of US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and former Sen. Joe Lieberman was sentenced to 6-1/2 year for enjoying young Jewish women taking ritual bath.

The Jewish-controlled media never stop pointing finger at chronic abusive sexual culture within Christian communities, but thanks to the powerful Organized Jewry, the Jewish child molesters hardly make news in the mainstream media.

The rape culture in Christianity goes all the way to the top. Last year, Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found guilty of rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children. Five judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels determined that the crimes occurred as recently as 2010 (here).

Jews and ‘Ho, Ho, Ho…’

babbonatalemetteipakkettisottoalber[1]Christmas time usually generates ‘Clash of Civilization’ between the Organized Jewry and ordinary Christians even though all four major Christian denominations; Catholics, Anglican, Evangelic, and Mormons are controlled by the Jewish lobby groups.

During Christmas session, Jewish organizations accuse Christian groups for collaborating with Muslims to spread hatred toward Israel while the Zionist-controlled Hollywood releases anti-Christian movies.

Hollywood’s this year Christmas gift is Seth Rogen’s latest hit, The Night Before. The cast includes six Jewish (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Julian Bell, Lizy Kaplan, Aaron Hill and Michael Shannon), and one Black actor (Anthony Mackie), who make fun of Santa Clause. Decked out in an ugly Christmas sweater with the Star of Zion in the middle, Seth Rogen is the main character in the movie if you’re a follower of Jewish Holy Talmud. The movie has received excellent reviews from every corner of the Jewish-controlled media. Watch a trailer below.

Michael Hoffman, Christian author of several books on Judaism, has called The Night Before, a cinematic toilet paper.

The founts of evil who cooked-up the toilet paper-making on Christmas Eve passed on their mentality onto their spiritual children in Hollywood and The Night Before is the result here in the land of el cesspool grande,” wrote Hoffman.

None of this would be possible in an Islamic nation or any civilized nation for that matter, but here it is on the big screen at your local movieplex, in the land of “God Bless America” bumper-stickers, where super patriots point fingers and accuse Russian and Iran of being fount of evil,” Hoffman added.

To understand how much the Catholic Church has been corrupted – one has to look at America’s most powerful Vatican official, Timothy Michael Dolan, Archbishop of New York, who claims that there is no Salvation for Christians unless they believe that Christian Nazis did murder six million Jews during WWII. In 2009, Dolan requested Rabbi Isaac Nathan Lerer to “intervene for him in Heaven” (here).

Personally, I agree with American lady physician, author and former Christian preacher, Paige Turner MD, who believes that Christmas has less to do with Christianity and more with big business.

St. Nicholas represented a sect of Christianity at the Council of Nicea (325 CE). He became famous for making toys for the local children at Christmastime. Over centuries the kindness and generosity of this individual has grown into a legend of a jolly fat man with a white beard who lives in the North Pole. He has elves, to help him make toys, and magic reindeer, to pull his sleigh through the sky on Christmas Eve, and he comes down people’s chimneys to deliver Christmas presents,” Mrs. Turner claims in book, How to Prove That Christianity Is Not True.

Rabbi, Pastor and Nasrallah on Paris shooting

On the weekend, the chief rabbi of the West Bank Jewish settlements, Dov Lior, told his Zionist sheep that Friday shooting at Paris Jewish theatre was a payback for what the European did to our people 70 years ago.

The wicked ones in blood-soaked Europe deserve it for what they did to our people 70 years ago,” Dov Lior claimed.

Arizona pastor Steven Anderson commented on Paris tragedy saying that France is a sinful nation and deserved God’s punishment.

Ex-Mossad head, Shabtai Shavit compared Paris shooting with undefended German city of Dresden. He urged the US and its allies to flatten Syrian cities as they did to Dresden in February 1945.

Until now, Arab killed Arabs, and Muslim killed Muslims, particularly in Iraq and Syria. But now they have started killing infidels (non-Muslims) abroad. The western powers should wipe Islamic State out just as they wiped out the German city of Dresden,” said the German hating Zionist Jew.

I must admit Shavit is right that Muslims are killing fellow Muslims to serve West’s anti-Muslim agenda, but I wonder what Shavit think of Israel’s killing of its 100,000 Jewish citizens.

As compared to these Judeo-Christian ‘holy-men’, the leader of Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah condemned the terrorist attack in Paris and expressed solidarity with the French people.

Nasrallah also slammed Thursday’s bombing in Beirut. Nasrallah said Israel and ISIL are trying to ignite a religious war in Lebanon. He noted that ISIL attack in Beirut was meant to pressure Hizbullah to withdraw its support for Syrian people against foreign militants who are fighting a proxy war for the Zionist entity. However, he stressed that Hizbullah will continue fighting the US-Israel-Saudi funded terrorists until they’re completely wiped off from Syria and Lebanon.

Nasrallah also warned his countrymen about the danger of religious sectarianism which would only serve the enemies of Lebanese people. Listen to Nasrallah speech below.

Bachmann wants Jews to accept Jesus ASAP

Former 2012 GOP presidential hopeful, Michelle Bachmann, is one of those creepy American politicians who never think twice before selling their soul to the Devil (here, here, here). She along with Sarah Palin and Limbaugh were known as Musketeers of McCarthyism, lead by Sen. John McCain for their fear mongering against US minorities especially Muslims.

Limbaugh, Palin and Bachmann are the Three Musketeers of the new McCarthyism, who run on the platform of the Abbott and Costello of demagoguery and ineptness, Bush and McCain,” Brent Budowsky wrote at Jewish The Hill, on October 25, 2008.

Bachmann like anti-Muslim John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, etc. has a long history of blaming natural disasters for Washington’s throwing Israel under bus.

Now, Bachmann has some more good news for Israeli Jews. She wants them to convert to Christianity ASAP, so that her Lord Christ can save them from Muslim terrorists. She just came back from a trip to Holy Land, all paid by a Jewconservative Family Research Council.

Appearing on a radio program hosted by Israel-First Tony Perkins, head of FRC, she said that since Lord Christ is reappearing soon, Christians should try to bring more sheep including Jews to Christianity.

Bachmann’s love for the Jews remind me Moscow-based American Jewish journalist Mark Ames’ article, Save a Jew, Save yourself! published at Jew York Press on October 12, 2004.

The 65 million American Zionist Christians support Israel not to save Jews, but hoping to bundle every hairy Jewish ass up, airfreight them to the West Bank and East Jerusalem (once those areas are cleansed of Muslims), and use the Jews as bait to bring upon the Rapture, as kindling in the Apocalypse, the final battle that will bring Jesus back to earth. None of this can happen until every last Jew is penned into the occupied territories (here),” Ames said.

The Family Research Council founded in 1983, is a brain child of Hollywood actor/president Ronald Reagan administration. The FRC was declared an anti-gay hate group by Jewish rights group SPLC in 2010. But on April 13, 2010, the co-founder of FRC, Rev. George Alan Reckers was photographed arriving at the Miami International Airport with a young handsome male escort after having a ten day trip to Europe.

Last year, Israel’s top-paid propagandist, Abraham Foxman (ADL), chased Tony Perkins for comparing same sex marriage with Holocaust.

The gay would soon start rolling out of the boxcars as Nazi did to Jews,” Perkins claimed.

These are some of the morally corrupt sheep of Lord Christ.

Talmud in Canadian court

Last year, Arthur Topham, Canadian writer and blogger accused Canada’s powerful Jewish Lobby of creating country’s draconian Hate Law to target critics of Israel and the Jewish power.

On October 27, 2015, Arthur Topham appeared in a British Columbia court to defend his freedom of speech rights. He is accused by B’nai B’rith of inciting hatred toward Canadian Jewish community (310,000 in country’s population of 35 million). BC province is home to 32,000 Jews.

Topham is also accused of believing anti-Jewish ‘conspiracy theories’ like The Protocols, 9/11, etc. and re-blogging anti-Israel articles from other websites. If convicted, Topham will spend some time in a jail, in addition to a heavy fine and his website, Radical Press, would be removed from internet – like British vicar Stephen Sizer‘s personal blog 7 months ago.

Terry Wilson, ex-anti-hate crime squad detective had accused Arthur Topham of quoting anti-Jew statements from Elizabeth Dillings’ book, The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today. While cross-examining, Topham’s defense lawyer asked Wilson if he had read Ms Dillings’ book, he replied that he did. When further questioned that if he had cross-checked the book’s allegations with Talmud, Wilson admitted that he had never read Talmud. However, Wilson lauded Talmud as one of Jews “Holy” books and attempting to convince the Jury that any negative criticism of it was just pure anti-Semitism and hatred (here).

Israeli historian, late professor Israel Shahak in his epic book, Jewish History Jewish Religion, has exposed Talmud’s hatred of non-Jewish people, particularly hatred toward Jesus (as) his mother Saint Mary (as) and Christianity.

Pope Francis, however, in an open letter published by Rome’s newspaper La Repubblica on September 11, 2013, defended Jewish scriptures, saying: Christians have rediscovered that the Jewish people are the holy root from which Jesus germinated.

Holy Qur’an has dedicated an entire Chapter, Surah Mariam, in praise of Jesus (as) and his mother Virgin Mary (as).


Pope Francis to meet his ‘Handler’

JPII+auschwitz+death+wall[1]Baron David de Rothschild, the chairman of World Jewish Congress, along with 150 leaders of world Jewry is flying in Rome on October 27, 2015 to discuss the on-going Al-Aqsa crisis, Russian airstrikes in Syria, Iran’s threat to Israel, and counter delegitimization of Israel, and of course the pro-Israel BDS with the help of the Vatican.

Next day, the group will join Pope Francis at St. Peter Square to celebrate the 50th anniversary Nostra Aetate declaration, drawn up by the Second Vatican Council and promulgated by the Marrano Jew Pope Paul VI on October 28, 1965. The document forbids the good Christians to believe in several dozens of anti-Jewish parables mentioned in the New Testament.

The WJC’s conference in Rome and meeting with pope have become an annual ritual. In addition, there is the International Catholic-Jewish Liaison Committee, which has been meeting in Rome on annual basis since 1984. Since the establishment of the Zionist entity in Palestine, ever pope has visited the entity as an ‘obligatory’ duty.

No pope has ever visited Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution though the country has more Christians than in Israel. In 1999, Iran’s president Ayatullah Muhammad Khatami met Pope John Paul II in the Vatican. Pope broke the protocol by receiving the Iranian cleric at the Holy Door of his Papal Chamber. Next month, Iranian president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani is scheduled to visit Italy on Italian president’s invitation. During his 2-day visit, Rouhani will meet Pope Francis. It would be interesting to see, how far Francis discuss Jewish “concerns” with Rouhani.

Anyone, who has followed Jorge Bergoglio’s love for Jews and Dirty War in Argentina or accused of being a member of ‘child abuse cult’ by the ITCC, shouldn’t be surprised. He, as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, co-authored a book with Rabbi Abraham Skorka, on Judaism and Roman Catholicism. Skorka says that Francis commitment with Jewish people is total.

The organized Jewry declared Francis being among the top 50 American Jewish leaders in 2013. Francis, like his predecessor Benedict XVI, a Zionist double agent, believes Holocaust denial is ‘intolerable’. However, Francis went farther to please his Zionist masters by declaring, Inside every Christian is a Jew.

Baron David de Rothschild (worth $10 billion) is a French citizens but lives in Israel. The notorious anti-Islam French Charlie Hebdo magazine is owned by one of his cousins Baron Philippe de Rothschild.

Carla Power: UK author finds peace in Holy Qur’an

ip033[1]UK-based American writer, journalist and author,  Carla Power, has just released her book, If the Oceans were Ink: An unlikely friendship and a journey to the heart of the Qur’an, which is a must read for all anti-Islam bigots. She writes for the TIME Magazine and is a former correspondent for the Newsweek. Her articles are published in several other Jewish-controlled media outlets.

Power’s father Dr. Richard Power and her mother were both American academics with Jewish family roots. Her father was murdered in Mexico in 1993 by a drug gang mistaking him a member of the rival gang. At that time Carla was studying at Oxford University in UK. Her biography in her own words: After a childhood spent split between the Midwest and the Middle East and Asia, I grew up interested in the relationship of Muslim societies and the West. I went on to study and write about Islam and Muslim issues as a journalist. But it wasn’t until I sat down with my old friend Sheikh Muhammad Akram Nadwi to read the Quran that I found myself really engaging with the surprising ways they converged and diverged. Having been raised moving around, I’m happy to continue doing so. I now live in England with my British husband and Brit-American kids, though I get back to the Midwest–and the Mid-East and Asia–as much as I can. Her personal blog can be reached here.

Carla wrote mostly about Muslim societies based on her personal experience while living in Iran before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and in several other Mid-East countries afterwards. However, she never studied the Last Testament (Holy Qur’an) until 9/11. She gives its credit to her colleague at Oxford, India-born Islamic scholar Sheikh Akram Nadvi.

After receiving the news of murder of my father, I ran into him in the office at Oxford and told him what had happened. He stood up and started reciting a poem from the Pakistani philosopher poet Muhammad Iqbal, an elegy to his mother. ‘Who will wait for my letters now? Who will wait for me in the night to return now?’ It was the most comforting thing I heard in the months of mourning. The notion that grief and death are universal and part of life was tremendously comforting. Later I realized what was holy to me as a secular humanist: connecting to other people who are different from you. If I do believe in something that is holy, it is that. The idea of recognizing and accepting differences is also a Qur’anic value,” she wrote in her book.

Sheikh Nadvi has just published stories of 9000 female Islamic scholars. Those women lived during the time when women in the Judeo-Christian world were not even allowed to study or read the Biblical text.

Karla Power says that after studying Holy Qur’an for one year, she realized that the westerners are totally ignorant of Islam’s Divine message. She also debunks Daniel Pipes, John Hagee, and other Muslim haters’ stereotype claims of “72 virgins”, and that women are considered inferior (here).

I admire Holy Qur’an. I admire Islam, but it’s not a bridge I can cross, says Carla Power.