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Rev. Stephen Sizer: ‘What to do now!’

Stephen Sizer at Palestine Solidarity Campaign

On February 9, 2015, Rev. Andrew Watson, Bishop of Guildford (UK) gave pro-Palestinian Rev. Stephen Sizer, 62, Vicar of Christ Church in Virginia Water, two choices; resign from his Parish or keep his mouth shut over Israel’s crimes for next six months. Rev. Sizer volunteered for the second option and removed his personal blog and refused to accept invitation to speak outside his Parish.

Rev. Sizer was silenced for testing his rights of ‘Freedom of Speech’ under UK’s Constitution by posting a Wikispooks link on his Facebook page, which claims that Israel did 9/11.

Last month, as the end of the ‘Holy Agreement’ between Watson and Sizer approached, Bishop Watson exonerated Rev. Sizer of “hating Israel and Jews” sin.

“I have met Stephen in the past days for positive discussions, reaffirming his commitment and planning his vital work as vicar, and I look forward to our continued work together in support of this,” said Watson in an official statement.

In accordance with the term set out in his statement on February 9, 2015, the Bishop of Guilford has agreed that Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer’s usage of social media may now resume. The other agreements outlined in our statement on February 9, will remain in place but, in all this, I would like to reiterate a point I made in February, that I don’t believe Stephen’s motivation to be antisemitic,” said the statement.

In other words, Rev. Sizer is still banned to criticize the Zionist regime for its hatred toward Christians in Israel. Bishop Waston is living in fool’s paradise by believing that the UK’s Organized Jewry would forgive Rev. Sizer for supporting Palestinians and making frequent Christian-Muslim interfaith visits to Iran. They have not spared Watson’s boss Archbishop of Canterbury (born into a German Jewish family) for giving fatwa against gay marriage.

Rev. Sizer has repeatedly irked the Jewish Lobby by criticizing the Zionist regime. He never attacked Jews or Jewish religion. I don’t know his views on the new Jewish religion aka Holocaust. Sizer was also accused of making “references” to an American antisemite Christian website, The Ugly Truth.

Commenting over treatment of Rev. Sizer, British writer and author Stuart Littlewood, accused Church of England of carrying Zionist agenda and being Israeli apologist.

On September 7, 2015, Dave Carter, a Christian blogger, slammed the church for throwing Rev. Sizer under the bus in order to please the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the powerful Israel lobby organization.

The vicar’s Facebook account and blog appear still to be suspended.


Islamic Quiz in US school irks Jewish Lobby

554970_399727023424560_34943828_s_zpsd5e1f57c[1]The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), founded in 1990 by Israel-First evangelic bigot Pastor Pat. Robertson is up in arms against Georgia public school district for brainwashing school children with Islam.

The Zionist group is up in arms because the school children are being taught the difference between the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

It’s important that students understand the difference between each of these religions to help them understand the tension that exists in the region (Middle East),” the state standards, known as the Georgia Performance standards say.

In Walton County, one homework assignment asked: “Is Allah the same God worshipped by Jews and Christians?”. Some students filled the blank, “It’s the same God.” Obviously, it is considered an insult to American Judeo-Christian heritage in Zionists’ Scofield Bible.

The ACLJ has setup a Facebook page which has attracted over 2000 paranoid Zionist sheep asking the school district board to make learning about Islam ‘optional’ for non-Muslim students.

The real reason Pat Robertson’s sheep are upset is not whether Judeo-Christian God is the same or not – but because they don’t want Christian students to find out that while Jewish holy Talmud curses Christian God Jesus; Muslim Holy Qur’an praises Jesus as a great prophet of Allah like Moses. Furthermore, while both Judaism and later Christianity began on tribalism and ethnicity – Islam (submission to Allah) traces its roots to the first human-being, Adam.

I wonder, if these anti-Islam Zionist sheep from Georgia ever listened to lectures in their churches and synagogues by Dr. Jerald Dirks and his wife Debra Dirks – two American Christian priests who converted to Islam in 1993 (here)?

The Judeo-Christian anti-Islam propagandists have been trying in vain to prove that Allah is not the God of Bible. I agree with these bigots, but for different reasons.

  1. The G-d (God) of Bible is a handicap entity. He needs two helpers (Jesus and Holy Spirit) aka Trinity to run His universal empire.
  2. The Biblical god is not conservative; he allows sex out of marriage and even among a father-in-law and his son’s widowed wife – and sees no problem with Moses telling a lie to his brother Aaron – or Jesus cursing his own mother.
  3. Bible teaches violence: The Lord is a man of war, Yahweh is his name – Exodus 15:3.
  4. Bible promotes hatred and mistreatment of women; from First Sin, King Solomon’s 300 wives and 400 concubines to the state of Israel.
  5. The Christian God even dies on the Cross – and then escapes to India with his girlfriend.

ALLAH is none of the above. He doesn’t need someone to help Him to run the Universe and other galaxies He created. He is ever-present and will never taste death. He forbids all kind of violence and doesn’t condone adultery or discrimination against women, and other minorities, even Israel’s friendly LGBT communities. On top of all that, ALLAH has 99 Attributes, which the Judeo-Christian G-d (God) doesn’t posses.

Religious Fanaticism is a Western Tradition

Western leaders and Jewish-controlled media have never stopped blaming Muslims for religious fanaticism and terrorism. The pro-Israel Jewish groups pours millions of dollars each year to propagate lies about Islam and Muslims.

A few months ago, CIA whistleblower, Robert David Steele, admitted that every single terrorist attack for which Muslims were blamed, was a false flag operation committed by CIA with the help of other foreign intelligence agencies.

British Jewish writer and Jeremy Corbyn’s handicap, Paul Eisen, claims that Judaism is not religion of peace.

Israeli writer, Israel Shamir, likes Ottoman Empire so much, he wishes it to come back.

US-born Canadian war reporter and author, Eric Margolis, in his book, War At The Top Of The World, claims that when India was witnessing its Golden Age under Muslim Mughal Empire, London (UK) was a city of 15,000 UNWASHED citizens.

If one read Muslim history from some objective source, one would find out that Muslim rulers in Spain, India, Sicily, Greece, etc. treated Jews and Christians far better than they could have dreamed in Europe. The Muslim tolerance toward Jewish communities was so superior to Christian world that Zionist Jewish Orientalist, Dr. David Lewis was forced to admit that Jews found their Golden Age in Muslim Spain.

Islamic tenets are based on moderation and tolerance and not on religious fanaticism. German academic and author Dr. T.P. Wilkinson in a recent article, entitled, My Name is Nobody: Religious Fanaticism is a Western Tradition, has admitted this historic truth. He says that Western Christian missionaries played a major role in the colonization of Africa, Latin America, Middle East, etc. They helped big corporations in Natives’ land grabbing and pushing new Christian converts to die for the colonialists in the name of Jesus.

Only ethnic or religious fanaticism – an essential trait of the imperial elite — could endow a minority in any of these countries with the capacity to rule other ethnic or religious groups as ruthlessly as the colonizers had done,” says Wilkinson.

The Anglo-American elite, together with their vassals and the settler-colonial regime in Palestine, have been using the tried and true tradition of religious fanaticism to promote their own religion: fanatical capitalism. One cannot function without the other because they are in essence two sides of the same historical coin,” says Wilkinson.

Pope Francis: Man’s conscience is his God

JPII+auschwitz+death+wall[1]One must give credit to Pope Francis for knowing how to please the Organized Jewry.

In November 2013, The Jewish Daily Forward named Francis among the top 50 American Jewish leaders. In June 2014, Francis returned the favor by proclaiming that every Christian has a Jew inside.

Nathan Guttman, editor Jewish Daily Forward, on September 18, welcomed Pope Francis’ visit to United States, by saying: “Through his official statements and his personal gestures, Francis has come to be viewed by many in Jewish community as among the friendliest pope they have ever seen. During the two years of his papacy, Jews have been impressed by, among other things, his strong stance against anti-Semitism, his more flexible approach to some social and political issues on which most Jews take a liberal stand and even by his close Jewish friends.”

Jonathan Greenblat national director of Israel lobby Defamation League issued a statement on September 22: “Pope Francis is someone whom the Jewish community has admired and considered a friend a partner for years.”

Francis gave a private audience to Israeli president Shimon Peres at the Vatican on April 30, 2013.

Since most of Jewish leaders in the past and now have been atheists, Francis decided to bless that cult too. In a long open letter to Eugenio Scalfari, founder of La Repubblica, he stated that non-believers will be forgiven by God if they follow their consciences.

In response to Scalfari question: “Does God of Christians will forgive those who don’t believe in him?” – Francis said that God’s mercy has no limit if you go to him with a sincere and contrite heart. The issue for those who don’t believe in God, is to obey their conscience.

I don’t pretend to be a Christian scholar like Francis, but I do know that Bible calls God jealous and vengful against his foes over dozens of places.

Contrary to Bible, Allah (swt) describes Himself in Holy Qur’an as Beneficient and Merciful. He also says that as the Creator, He is Sustainer of all His creations on planet whether they (humans) believe in Him or not. However, He warns that each human will be judged based on his/her belief in Him and his/her actions on the planet. As Merciful, He might forgive sinners as long as they didn’t share His powers with someone else.

It seems, Francis has the best Zionist teachers. In 2013, Francis had proclaimed: There is no Salvation outside the Church.

On December 12, 2013, Sonali Kolhatkar, in an article published at Truthdig called Francis, a hypocrite.

Finally, a reminder for Pope Francis from one of 1.1 billion Catholic sheep, Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst: “I, for one, hope Pope Francis remembers that Jesus was kind of prophet who ruffled feathers, big time, on issue of justice; and that, had he danced away from that imperative, he might had lived a long life, dying a polite Rabbi in his bed.”


Vatican: Christians must support Iran nuclear deal

JPII+auschwitz+death+wall[1]In April 2015, Pope Francis threw his Holy Support behind the P5+1 and Iran nuclear deal, by saying: “I hope we entrust to the merciful Lord the framework recently agreed to in Lausanne, that it may be a definitive step toward a more secure and fraternal world.”

Pope Francis, who has long been declared kosher by the Organized Jewry, wouldn’t have made that statement unless he was told by his Jewish advisers that the US-Iran nuclear agreement would be good for Israel.

Responding to Netanyahu’s call on August 4, several powerful Jewish lobby groups like ADL, AJC, etc. have asked their poodles in US Congress to reject the US-Iran nuclear agreement. Contrary to that a great majority of American Jews and the US-Iranian citizens have come out in support of Obama’s efforts to avoid Americans killed in another war for Israel in the Middle East.

On August 14, the National Catholic Reporter in an Editorial, appealed to the Congress members to bless the US-Iran nuclear agreement, because it’s good for Israel and its regional allies, such as, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and UAE.

If Congress rejects the deal, Iran has little incentive not to join the nuclear club. An active nuclear program – not this deal – increases risk to our Middle East partners including Israel,” warned the editorial.

Interestingly, former US president Jimmy Carter in a recent interview he gave to Jewish weekly Journal Prospect, said that Israel with 200 nuclear bombs poses the greatest threat to the region.

Mark Tooley, president of Washington-based Institute on Religion and Democracy, an organization founded by a Crypto-Jew by the name Michael Novak in 1981, has blasted both his fellow Evangelists and the Vatican for supporting the anti-Israel nuclear deal.

Pastor John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel have vowed to kill the deal because it poses an ‘existential’ threat to the Jewish occupation of Palestine and would delay the second-coming of Christ.

The Congress has 60-day grace period which ends on September 17, to show whether they’re: With US or Israel.

Earlier Vatican unsuccessfully opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade deal pursued by Obama administration between the US and several Pacific-Rim countries that Catholic and Labor groups said would hurt average working people in the States and abroad. The fools didn’t realize that TPP was authored by the Jewish Lobby to severve Israel’s interests.

Israel: Burning churches is Kosher

I bet Kosher Pope Francis is not going to like this news from Holy Land, reported by nsnbc on August 8, 2015.

On Friday, Father Pietro Felet, secretary-general of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries in the Holy Land, filed an official complaint to Israeli police accusing Bentsi Gopstein, leader of Lehava organization, for preaching burning of churches.

The complaint was filed on behalf of more than 20 patriarch and bishops, expressing concern over the safety of churches, religious institutions and Christian communities living under Israeli jurisdiction.

The complaint referred to several attacks that targeted churches and Christian holy sites by Jewish extremists and claimed that in majority of these criminal incidents the criminals were not brought to justice.

The complaint accused Gopstein for making an anti-Christian statement during a Jewish religious debate in Jerusalem on Tuesday night.

Responding to a question whether he “is in favor of burning churches in Isreal“, Gopstein said: “Did the Rambam rule to destroy (idol worship) or not? Idol worship must be destroyed. It’s simply YES – What’s the question?“.

When the panel moderator warned Gopstein that debate was filmed and that if recording get to the police he would be arrested, Gopstein said: “That’s is the last thing that bothers me. If that’s the truth then I’m prepared to sit 50 years in prison for it.”

According to Jewish Halacha (Shari’ah), Christian churches and Hindu/Buddhist/Sikh temples fall under Rambam rule aka Avodah Zarah (idol worship) category – and Jews must avoid entering into those places. However, a great majority of Poskim (Jewish religious scholars) believe that Muslim mosques are not places of idol worship under Rambam rule. However, this didn’t stop Jews belonging to Jewish terrorist militias like Irgun, Lehi and Haganah destroying over 600 mosques during 1948-49.

Irgun was headed by Menachim Begin, who became the 6th Israeli prime minister of the Zionist entity, while Lehi was headed by Yitzhak Shamir, who became the 7th prime minister. Israel is the only country where terrorist leaders such as Menachim Begin and Yitzhak Shamir (also Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon) are rewarded with the position of prime ministers.

Contrary to that, Islamic Shari’ah forbids destroying worship places and religious books of non-Muslims – or insulting the founders of other religions.

Hindu racist historian have blamed Afghan ruler Mahmud Ghazni for destroying and looting the largest Hindu Somanath temple. Listen to the truth from a Hindu scholar below.

Christian historians accuse Ottoman Muslims of destroying Hagia Sophia church in Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453. The truth is Sultan Fatih Mehmet II ordered the removal of all pictures and idols with the exception of a statue of Virgin Mary from the church. Read more here.

The Lehava represents the 500,000 illegal Jewish settlers in the West Bank. It is an Israeli version of the US-French-Canadian Jewish terrorist group, the Jewish Defense League, founded by US-born former Israeli soldier Rabbi Baruch Goldstein MD. The terrorist rabbi gunned-down 29 Muslim worshippers inside Hebron’s Ibrahimi Mosque while injuring another 200 people. Israeli court set him free claiming he was “mentally unstable”.

Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg and Jews

The-Devil-and-the-Jews[1]The Organized Jewry never liked Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg (1904-1959) for exposing some Jewish secrets. Trachtenberg was a American rabbi belonging to the so-called Reformed Judaism. He was author of Jewish Magic and Superstition (1939) and The Devil and the Jews (Yale University, 1943).

Since the creation of the Christian Church in Rome in 325 CE, Jewish elites have been equated with Satanic cult in the Christian world for their love of usury (interest on loan), political power, and anti-national activities in every country they lived. Contrary to that, Jewish communities found more religious and social freedom under Muslim rulers.

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia cites rabbi’s book Jewish Magic and Superstition as a rabbanical authority on these subjects.

In Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today, American Christian author Elizabeth Dilling Stokes (d. 1966) explains how the Organized Jewry (AJC, ADL, B’nai B’rith) have infiltrated all sensitive sectors of American society to subvert Christianity and national interests.

Temple Emeth where Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg lead prayers from 1953 to 1959 has a library dedicated to him. The library contains 2000 books donated by rabbi’s surviving wife.