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Karistiane Backer: ‘From MTV to Mecca’

German-born former British MTV celebrity, Karistiane Backer (born 1965), is a TV presenter, TV journalist and author of autobiography ‘From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired my Life’, published in 2012. In the book, Baker claims that she was attracted to Islam based on religion’s dress modesty requirements for both men and women. She also acknowledges that Islamic modesty and moral values were introduced to her by Pakistan’s cricket team captain Imran Khan. Watch her interview below.

Irish singer-songwriter Bob Geldof (born to a Jewish mother and his daughter Peaches Geldof married Jewish musician Thomas Cohen), whom Backer had interviewed on her MTV show, called her memoir “From Babe to Burka“. Although, Backer never wore “Burka” after her conversion – it does remind me a 2002 article by Canadian Jewish academic, Henry Makow PhD, who said that he would rather prefer a Burka over Bikini.

Backer, who received two prestigious German journalist awards, Golden Camera and Golden Otto, lost all her TV contracts when she converted to Islam in 1995. Announcing her conversion, she said: “I found the truth that Islam treats men and women equally. Under Islam women got their rights to vote in early 7th century. Men and women dress in decent way. They are prohibited to degrade each other. Indeed a woman should adopt dress to avoid sexual appeal to the opposite gender.” Read her Facebook page here.

In October 2012, Backer was interviewed by anti-Islamist Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman, during which she said: “I wrote the book because there is a lot of Islamophobia in Europe, which I also experienced myself when in 1995 I became a Muslim. I was an award-winning presenter at the time, presenting shows on MTV; I had my own youth show in Germany, and when it came out that I was a Muslim I was sacked from my show, and with that pretty much my career on TV in Germany ended. For years agents have told me, “If you ever want to work on TV again, don’t speak about Islam.” So I listened to their advice and I spent those years deepening my faith and learning about Islam, traveling, etc. But of course as a journalist, as a communicator, I was itching to speak out, because a lot of times the media portrayed Islam so differently to this beautiful religion and how it really, truly is. I wanted to speak out, and eventually I went on the Hajj when I was 40 years old, and that was reported very positively in the German press. A book agent came to me and asked me, “Would you like to write your story in a book?” and I thought, “Great!” My time had come to try and redress some prejudices, and try to take the reader by the hand and show how I dissolved the prejudices I initially had against Islam, and how I discovered the beautiful values of the religion and tried to practice some of them before I became a Muslim.”

I like to end this post with a page from Backer’s personal blog.

Feminism and Islamic inheritance

Since Zionists’ 9/11 operation, the Judeo-Christian West has spent over $3 trillion to liberate Muslim women by invading and occupying Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Egypt, Bosnia, Chechnya and several other Muslim-majority countries. Ironically, while women are being liberated from anti-Feminist Islam – four out of every five converts to Islam in the West have been women.

I know, it would be an act of “anti-Semitism” to suggest that Jewish woman should be liberated in Israel where she is discriminated at eight places.

Study of Jewish holocaust has become a compulsory item at public schools in several European nations, and some “lucky students” even get fully paid trips to Auschwitz and other places to learn the Zionist narrative of the Holocaust. In the mean times, the Jewish-controlled Western media “educates” ordinary Joes how badly women are treated under Islamic Shari’ah and within Muslim societies.

I will leave the explanation of gender equality and women rights in Islam to Christian converts like professor Ingrid Mattson (here) and Myriam Francois Cerrah (here).

Annie Besant in her 1932 book, ‘The Life and Teachings of Mohammad’, said: “It is only in the last 20 years that Christian England has recognized the right of woman to property, while Islam has allowed this right from all times. It is a slander to say that Islam preaches that woman has no soul.”

In my Canada, until 1939, a woman was legally declared a property of her male relatives; father, brother, husband and sons.

In a nutshell, Islam allows a woman half of inheritance what it allows to a man. But what the western Islamophobe likes to ignore that this so-called “injustice” comes with many benefits for the woman; her husband is not allowed to grab her inheritance, and if she become a Widow or divorcee – her brother (s) are responsible to support her financially if need arrives. Contrary to that, a woman is not obliged to support her brother (s) if need arrives.

Karin Friedemann, an American Jewish convert to Islam, explains her recent experience with the Islam-bashing idiots. Read her article entitled ‘Women’s rights: Beyond Feminism’ at Muslim Observer on Facebook here.

Many American Christian scholars admits privately that Feminism is a Jewish gift to American women.

Watch a video below the Muslim gender equality in Britain.

Study: Ramadan makes Muslims happy but poorer

ramadan_28[2]Two Jewish professors at Harvard Kennedy School, Filipe Campante and David Yanagizawa-Dorott in their latest study, entitled Measuring Ramadan have claimed that Muslim fasting in the month of Ramadan does have negative effect on the economic growth of Muslim countries – but Muslims find themselves happier while more involved in social activities.

At the risk of being a tad simplistic, we are tempted to conclude that this year’s long days of fasting may make Muslims poorer than they would have been otherwise, but happier nonetheless,” said the professors.

I can understand professors’ problem. Being product of Western culture which is based on “money matters” and consumerism – created and thus has benefitted Jewish elites the most. Furthermore, many Jews have claimed that Jewish Talmud teaches how to make money on the expense of others especially the non-Jewish people.

And the apparent affection for Jewishness has led to a surprising trend in publishing over the last few years: books purporting to reveal the business secrets of the Talmud that capitalize on the widespread impression among Chinese that attributes of Judaism lead to success in the financial arts,” wrote Isaac Stone Fish, Newsweek magazine, December 29, 2010.

In real Islamic traditions, fasting in the month of Ramadan is not about increasing your worldly possessions, but to share most of them on humanity which couldn’t afford them due to the increasing economic gap between the 1% rich and the 99% poor around the world. And when the Believers get involved in charity and social activities – they feel happier than they’re in the past eleven months.