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Pope Francis: Transgenders are like ‘nuclear weapons’

Francis, the kosher Pope has crossed the ‘Red Line’ this time. He has attacked Israeli/Jewish values by equating transgender people to ‘nuclear weapons’.

My guess is, Francis may have read Samuel Roth’s 1934 book, Jews Must Live that said: Our major vice of old, as of today, is parasitism. We are people of vultures living on the labor and good nature of the rest of the world.

Two Italian authors, Andrea Tornielli and Giacomo Galeazzi, in their just released book,  Pope Francis: This Economy Kills, have quoted an interview with Pope Francis taken in October 2014, in which Francis strongly criticized the Gender Theory, comparing it to nuclear arms.

Let’s think of the nuclear arms, of the possibility to annihilate in a few instants a very high number of human beings. Let’s think also of genetic manipulation, of the manipulation of life, or of the gender theory, that does not recognize the order of creation. With this attitude, man commits a new sin, that against God the Creator. The true custody of creation does not have anything to do with the ideologies that consider man like an accident, like a problem to eliminate. God has placed man and woman and the summit of creation and has entrusted them with the earth. The design of the Creator is written in nature, Francis is quoted saying in the book.

The Jewish media, as expected, didn’t take Francis anti-LGBT rant sitting down. On February 20, Candida Moss at The Daily Beast blasted Francis for challenging the ‘gender theory’ under provocative headline, Pope’s Shocking Hitler Youth Comparison.

Professor Judith Butler (University of California, Berkeley), an American Jewish philosopher, is considered one of the leading theorists in the fields of feminism and queer theory. Butler offers the idea that gender is constructed by society. In other words, she believes that gender—the concept of a female identity or a male identity—is formed by society rather than inherent to an individual. What it means to be a woman or a man, in Butler’s view, depends on a number of systemic and systematic features of larger society. What we get, then, are gender “norms”- the behaviors, practices, and other signals that constitute what is normal for a given gender category. Sexual practices would be among these norms, according to Butler. She considers heterosexual practices a norm. Since Butler does not see anything inherent in gender, she suggests that gender is a kind of performance. People perform their “womanness” or “manness” through behavior, modes of dress, activities, and so forth. Essentially, we act out our gender identity in the way that we might perform a role in a play.

Judith Butler is a lesbian. Her living-partner Jewish Wendy Brown, is a political scientist. Butler has received Awards from both Germany and France for her work on the ‘gender theory’.

India’s war on Christian minority

india-flag[1]The western Jewish-controlled media never stop distorting Islamic tolerance toward non-Muslims – From anti-Islam Danish cartoons to Charlie Hebdo cartoons and of course the terrible Islamist groups Al-Qaeda and ISIS. However, one rarely sees these Judeo-Christian champions of “religious tolerance” report the plight of Christian minorities in Israel or India.

The Christian minority leaders have claimed that Hindu tolerance toward other religious minorities has become worse since BJP leader Nirendra Modi formed the government in New Delhi. Under his rule, the Hindutva fascists get state and police protection in forced conversion of poor Christians to Hinduism and demolition of churches. In New Delhi, the seat of Modi’s government, five churches have been vandalized during the last two months.

The latest slap from Modi government came when India refused to issue visas to two Vatican officials, Archbishop Arthur Roche and Archbishop Protase Rugambwa. They were assigned by Pope Francis to attend a Catholic conference on ‘Liturgy and Life’ being held in Bangalore between February 3 and 9.

Last year, a delegation of Christian Bishops called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urged him to take necessary action to stop Hindu extremists from ransacking churches in Delhi, he apparently said nothing to reassure them. He certainly did not utter any word of reassurance in public.

On February 5, 2015, Christian community leaders sent a Memorandum to Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh which called upon Indian President Paranab Mukerjee to take necessary measures to redress the persecution of non-Hindu minorities in India.

Barack Obama during his recent “landmark” visit to India – compared persecution of Christians in India with persecution of Blacks in United States, based on his own personal experience. He reminded his audience, “there are the persistent false rumors that he is a Muslim, not a Christian“.

Christians are the second largest religious minority (24 million out of India’s total population of 1.1 billion) after Muslim population of 140 million. Majority of Christians are the children of low-caste Hindus (Dalit) who converted to Christianity during British occupation of India or the Anglo-Indians, product of European Christians’ affair with the local Hindu women.

World Hijab Day

Pictures218[1]Today, Muslim women activists around the world are celebrating first World Hijab Day by holding seminars, interfaith dialogues and rallies to educate the public that practicing Muslim women wear Hijab as an act of modesty as demanded by their faith – and not as a symbol of political activism.

The ANNISAA Organization of Canada in partnership with Sakinah Community Centre in an open invitation has asked both Muslim and Non-Muslim women in Toronto to wear the Hijab on Sunday, February 1, 2015, in support of World Hijab Day.

The Judeo-Christian, Hindu and Atheist bigots who portray Muslim Hijab as a sign of oppression, are usually shocked to learn that almost all women who convert to Islam, adopt Hijab.

I am a proud wearer of hijab. You can call it a scarf. My scarf does not tie my hands behind my back, and it is not a tool of oppression. It doesn’t prevent thoughts from entering my head and leaving my mouth,” says Theresa Corbin, daughter of a Creole Catholic and an Irish atheist. She grew up a Catholic, then turned agnostic before accepting Islam two months after 9/11. You can read her blog here.

British journalist and sister-in-law of former British prime minister Tony Blair, Lauren Booth wears Hijab with pride.

I see Hijab as a divine order or a divine advice, this brings joy to my heart and for me this is enough,” says French rapper Mélanie Georgiades, known as Diam’s. She converted to Islam in 2012.

How I Came to Love the Veil.“ “Having been on both sides of the veil, I can tell you that most Western male politicians and journalists who lament the oppression of women in the Islamic world have no idea what they are talking about. They go on about veils, child brides, female circumcision, honor killings and forced marriages, and they wrongly blame Islam for all this – their arrogance surpassed only by their ignorance,” says Yvonne Ridley, the British journalist who spent some time in Taliban captivity and converted to Islam 16 months after her release.

“I embraced Islam because I was attracted to Islamic rules especially the women’s rights in Islam. I started reading about Islam in 2010 with the misconception that it promotes extremism. However, during my research I found out that Islam is indeed a religion of peace,” says Bollywood’s top actress Monica.

The first Jewish woman from New York, Margaret Marcus, who adopted Muslim name Maryam Jameelah (1934-2012) was sent to Indo-Pak top Islamic scholar and author of 108 books on Islamic history and theology, Sayyid Maududi‘s home in Lahore (Pakistan) to learn Islam by her father. She, as writer, author and mother of four boys, wore burka unitl her death. Her only brother, who supported PLO, was killed by Israeli soldiers.

British academic, journalist, feminist and broadcaster, Myriam Francois Cerrah, not only wears Hijab herself but also has great passion for it. Watch below her debating with anti-Hijab author Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

On October 11, 2013, UK’s newspaper Guardian reported that 5,000 British people convert to Islam each year – and most of them are women.

When students at a Jewish religious school or Jews praying at synagogue or the Wailing Wall in occupied East Jerusalem are forced to wear skullcap – why it’s not called “religious oppression?” When every Catholic Nun is forced to cover her head – why it’s not called “religious oppression?” It’s a must for Sikh men and women to cover their heads when they enter Temple – why it’s not called “religious oppression?”

Contrary to that, Muslim men are not forced to cover their heads while praying inside a mosque. In fact, Muslim men and women performing Hajj in Makkah are not required to cover their heads.

Is it possible that these anti-Islam bigots have never noticed  picture of Saint Mary (at top of this post) or a Catholic Nun wearing a headscarf. If someone study various religions from some objective source, he will find out that the religion which oppresses women the most is Judaism followed by Hinduism and Christianity.

Jewish G-d Supports Slavery!

NegroWomen-SlavesPickingCotton[1]Historically, both Jewish and Christian elites have used their Scriptures to support their greed, such as, slavery and usury. I have discussed these topics in the past – here and here.

Today, I had the misfortune of reading a lengthy article, entitled Should Jews Have to Pay Reparation for Slavery? by Richard Kreitner, Jewish writer and blogger, published at the Jewish Daily Forward on January 30, 2015. In the article, he admits that while many rabbis and Jewish politicians were against the abolition of Black slavery – some early Zionist Jews, such as, Rabbi Bernard Felsenthal (Chicago), Gustav Gottheil in Britain and Moses Mielziner, PhD, etc. who all claimed that though Israelite in the past practiced slavery, but they treated their non-Jewish slaves with “some degree of decency”.

No religion and no legislation of ancient times could in its inmost spirit be so decidedly opposed to slavery as was the Mosaic, and no people, looking at its own origin, would feel itself more strongly called to the removal of slavery than the people of Israel. Judaism sharply emphasized the high dignity of man and insisted not only upon the highest justice, but also upon the tenderest pity and forbearance, especially towards the necessitous and the unfortunate. Surely the Jewish people, who had themselves smarted under the yoke of slavery, and had become a nation only by emancipation, would be stalwart opponents of the unnatural state of slavery, by which human nature is degraded, Kreitner quoted Moses Mielziner saying.

If the above statement is true, then I can excuse Moses Mielziner, because he didn’t witness how Europe’s unwanted Jews occupied Palestine, killing and displacing its 700,000 native Muslims and Christians in the 1940s while collaborating with Nazis in their ancestral western homelands. But, I bet Richard Kreitner, a self-denial Jew must know that Palestinians living under Jewish occupation are facing worse kind of slavery.

As far “Reparation” (compensation) is concerned – it’s against the tenets of the Organized Jewry, which has sucked over $4 trillion from the Americans, German, Swiss, French, Polish, Hungarian and other western nations in the name of Holy Holocaust, which was committed by the Frankist Jews in the first place.

On February 25, 2012, NOI Research group published its study, entitled Rabbis Who Supported Black Slavery, which is worth mentioning here.

On January 4, 1861, Rabbi Morris Jacob Raphall at B’nai Jeshurun in New York gave fatwa that Jewish Bible (Torah) supports slavery.

It remains a fact which cannot be gainsaid that in his own native home, and generally throughout the world, the unfortunate Negro is indeed the meanest of slaves. Much had been said respecting the inferiority of his intellectual powers, and that no man of his race has ever inscribed his name on the Parthenon of human excellence, either mental or moral,” he said.

“What he did,” Dr. Korn wrote, “was to place Judaism squarely in opposition to the philosophy of abolitionism and insisted that biblical tradition and law guaranteed the right to own slaves.” This critical confirmation of “G-d’s will” from a prominent and respected Jewish authority, indeed the highest paid American clergyman, gave the slavemaster all he needed to fight the righteous battle against the abolitionists. Raphall went a step further and actually condemned abolitionism and its practitioners: “How dare you, in the face of the sanction and protection afforded to slave property in the Ten Commandments – how dare you denounce slaveholding as a sin? When you remember that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Job – the men with whom the Almighty conversed, with whose names He emphatically connects His own most holy name, and to whom He vouchsafed to give the character of ‘perfect, upright, fearing God and eschewing evil’ – that all these men were slaveholders, does it not strike you that you are guilty of something very little short of blasphemy?”

Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, the founder of the Reform Judaism viewed Blacks as “representing all that is debased and inferior in the hopeless barbarity and heathenism of six thousand years.” He also said that “Negro was never free; and his bondage in Africa was simply duplicated in a milder form when he was imported in America.”

The pursuit of wealth in slaves and usury not only violated Jewish ethics but destroyed the rough democracy imposed upon a people in exile. Initially, the Jews looked to their rabbis and scholars for guidance. Eventually, the aristocracy of learning gave way to the aristocracy of wealth. Leadership of the community passed from the wise man to the rich man, a curse of Organizational Jewry even today.” says Roberta Strauss Feuerlicht’s in The Fate of the Jews: A People Torn Between Israeli Power and Jewish Ethics.

Padre Junipero Serra: From mass-killer to ‘Sainthood’

Junipero-Serra[1]On January 15, 2015, during a flight from Sri Lanka to Manila, kosher Pope Francis told reporters travelling with him on his private jet that he intends to blessed ‘Sainthood’ on Padre Junipero Serra (1713-1784) in September this year. Serra was ‘Beautified’ in 1987 by Pope John Paul II, son of a Jewish Polish mother and a Catholic Polish father. Serra is finally being awarded for helping the European colonists in ethnic-cleasing of Native Americans in the name of Jesus.

Serra, a Franciscan priest, arrived in San Diego in 1769. He was Vatican’s chief inquisitor in northern Mexico, called New Spain in those days. Among his duties was supervising the torture of confessions out of witches. Historians consider the mission system that Serra founded the first prison system established on what became American soil. Those lovingly preserved missions were the first institutions of the genocide of California’s natives.

In 1767 the Spanish emperor’s expulsion of the Jesuits from Spain’s colonies led the government to ask the Franciscan Order to replace them as missionaries in Baja (lower) California. Serra was appointed head of these missions. The next year the Spanish governor decided to explore and found missions in Alta (upper) California, the area which is now the state of California. This project was intended both to Christianize the extensive Indian populations and to serve Spain’s strategic interest by preventing Russian explorations and possible claims to North America’s Pacific coast.

Despite the frequent conflicts between military and religious authority, for Alta California’s Indians the missions and their Franciscan administrators were part and parcel of an enormously destructive colonization process. The Spanish, largely through disease, were responsible for a population decline from about 300,000 Indians in 1769 to about 200,000 by 1821. The strenuous work regime and high population density within the missions themselves also caused high death rates among the mission Indians. By law, all baptized Indians subjected themselves completely to the authority of the Franciscans; they could be whipped, shackled or imprisoned for disobedience, and hunted down if they fled the mission grounds. Indian recruits, who were often forced to convert nearly at gunpoint, could be expected to survive mission life for only about ten years. As one Friar noted, the Indians “live well free but as soon as we reduce them to a Christian and community life – they fatten, sicken, and die.”

The Western “civilization” Serra brought to California, blessed the White soldiers to gang rape native American women to humiliate and destroy old Indian faith and culture. Catholic Church’s concern for the natives earthly welfare was practically nowhere during the propagation of Christ’s message to the ‘heathen’ natives.The priests were only concerned to baptize their native captives before they die under torture. Drinking urine and burning and beating one’s self was normal priestly behavior in those days. Serra wore coarse clothing that scratched his flesh. That not being enough, he inserted broken wires into his clothing, which constantly gouged him. He burned his chest with candles and hot coal. For years he beat his chest with heavy rocks while spreading the word of his Lord Christ, which led to shortness of his breath in later life. Serra’s Church superiors disapproved his methods as they’re more fanatical than most priests’ practices (reported by Daniel Fogel in his book, Junípero Serra, the Vatican and Enslavement Theology, p. 48).

The Jesuit mission system of Baja California had reduced the natives from a “pre-mission” population of about 60,000, to 5,000 in 1770.  The Spanish mission system in Florida, begun as an adjunct to protecting Spain’s plunder route from South America and Mesoamerica, had long ago decimated the natives through slave labor and disease.  By 1700, the pre-Columbian Timucuan population of Florida had declined from perhaps 200,000 to 1,000.  The priests were in one way much like their soldier counterparts.  The Spanish mines and plantations were instruments of genocide, and when the natives were “used up,” the soldiers moved on to find more natives to rape, murder, and enslave.  The missions were prisons, with the natives being penned into them, treated like slaves and animals, dying of disease, etc, and when the natives of Baja California were used up, the priests moved on to find more natives to “save.”  A child’s life expectancy if he/she was born in the mission could be as many as ten years.  In some missions, their life expectancy was two years.  I have not heard of such a low life expectancy anywhere else in history.  The primary disease vector was the syphilis that Spanish rapists injected into native populations. The missions were death camps, and Serra could not have been happened. He wrote, “In San Antonio, they are faced with two harvests, that is, of the wheat, and of a plague among the children, who are dying.” The children’s deaths were a harvest for the pious padre, just like the Grim Reaper.


Abe Foxman blesses his son’s same-sex marriage

What does America’s highest paid ($700,000+/year) Israeli propagandist, Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League do when he is not demeaning individuals, organizations and governments critical of the Zionist entity or Holocaust?

Last month, Abbe blessed his son Ariel, 40, an editor of a gay magazine, in a same-sex marriage with his Cuban-American partner Brandon Cadet-Hernandez, 29, principal of a public high school in Bronx who converted to Judaism a few months earlier. The Jew York Times gloated over the news on December 26, 2014 under headline: “A Relationship With Style and Substance“.

Their marriage brings together things that were less easy to understand even 10 years ago. Now it’s just so normal, comfortable and loving,” Abe Foxman told 260 guests attending the wedding party held at the Brooklyn Museum. Abe also thanked his new male “daughter-in-law” for joining the Jewish religion which is being abandoned by many young Jews.

In 2009, Abe blasted Barack Obama for awarding Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson, first female president of Ireland, because she criticized Israel during her tenure as UN high commissioner for human rights.

Abe along with Daniel Pipes criticized former president George Bush for awarding Presidential Medal of Freedom to the famous World Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali in November 2005.

In 2011, Abe Foxman claimed that blaming Jews for the 9/11 tragedy is an old-fashioned anti-Semitism.

In November 2013, ADL’s website reported that Abe Foxman gave several interviews in Israel in which he criticized the Obama Administration’s approach to the Iranian nuclear talks taking place in Geneva and called for the imposition of additional sanctions against Iran.

Abe also blasted John Kerry (with Jewish family roots) for “moral preaching to Israelis on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.”

In February 2014, when Abe Foxman announced to retire after nearly 50-year as head of ADL, president Barack Obama said “Abe is irreplaceable”.

In 2004, Canadian Jewish blogger Simon Jones (Eric Walberg in real life) in an article, entitled Jews And Gays – Birds Of A Feather? listed several similarities among the two communities.

Jews love to attack critics by labelling them ‘anti-Semites’, a late 19th century construct which is completely inaccurate, as most Jews are Caucasian Ashkenazy, while Arabs and the relatively few Sephardic Jews are the real Semites. It is a term which underlines the essentially racist attitude of contemporary Jews in describing themselves, anti-SEMITE emphasizing inherent and unchangeable inborn qualities (vs anti-Jewish, emphasizing the Jew as a socio-religious construct, a reaction to the dominant society). The Jews can ‘t face a reasoned, rational objection to their IDEAS, and stick to the mantra “It is because of what we are, not of what we do,” Jones said.

But, Jones fell from the organized Jewry’s grace when he criticized the Jewish Lobby and Israel for using LGBT communities to serve its political ambitions. He also praised Muslim societies for handling LGBT communities in more human way.


Oops! Pope Francis didn’t say dogs go to heaven

The Archbishop of Argentine, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, was declared kosher even before he was nominated to sit on St. Peter’s chair. Bergoglio adopted St. Francis’ (lover of animals) name as the leader of over 1.1 billion Catholics. He is member of Illuminati secret society of The Jesuits.

Since becoming Pope, Bergoglio has been showered with praise by the organized Jewry including 2013 America’s top Jewish personality award by the Jewish Daily Forward.

On December 11, 2014, Rick Gladstone reported at the Jew York Times: “Pope Francis has given hope to gays, unmarried couples and advocates of the Big Bang theory. Now, he has endeared himself to dog lovers, animal rights activists and vegans.”

Gladstone, as expected, misquoted Francis who was trying to console a young boy, who had lost his pet dog earlier. According to an Italian source, Francis said: “One day we will see our animals in the eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to God’s all creatures.”

The neocon Huffington Post quoted Pope Francis saying: “we will go to Heaven with animals“, made that statement to console a boy who lost his dog.

Brandon Amrosino also copied the Jew York Times quote at the Vox.

However, like the Iraqi WMD story, it turned out Francis did not make that statement on November 26 – nor there was a boy who had lost his dog.

The CNN twisted the news, saying: “The confusion may have begun when Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera referred to Paul’s quote in a story that carried the headline, The pope and animals: ‘Heaven is open to all creatures’“.

Pro-Israel TV programs discussed the pope’s theological breakthrough, news outlets created photo galleries of popes with cute animals, and others used it as a jumping off point to discuss what other religions think about animals and the afterlife. At America magazine, the Rev. James Martin wrote an essay discussing the theological implications of Francis’ statements and what level of authority they may have. It was all very interesting and show how much the organized Jewry love Pope Francis, but based on an Israeli hasbara.

This Zionist joke reminds me the story of an Israeli dog who was sentenced to death by stoning in June 2011. The judgment was based on Exodus 21:28: “If a bull gores a man or a woman to death, the bull must be stoned to death, and its meat must not be eaten. But the owner of the bull will not be held responsible.”

Later, the Jewish media tried to dust its “Francis’ smoking gun” by saying that Francis’ statement “animals go to Heaven”, was in fact made by Pope Paul VI (died 1978).

I’m not interested in getting my name in Abe Foxman’s ‘Righteous Gentiles’ as Francis does – but Foxman’s Talmud: Ereget Raschi Erod, 22 30, does say: “The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog.” The scripture also says to honor the dog more than the non-Jew. Talmud also says: “If you eat with a non-Jew it is the same as eating with a dog.”

Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming of a Jew to be served by an animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form,” says Talmud: Midrasch Talpioth, p 225, Warsaw 1855. Read here to learn where you stand in Talmud.

Holy Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) have commanded the believers to treat all animals with respect and dignity. Islam allows slaughtering of lawful animals for human consumption only. It forbids hunting as a hobby. The Prophet (pbuh) is quoted as saying: “Whoever kills a sparrow or anything bigger than that without a just cause, Allah will hold him accountable on the Day of Judgment.” Learn more here.