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Ex-UK envoy: Britain is a ‘Rouge State, danger to world’

On August 26, 2014, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig John Murray, 56, in a speech at a pro-Scottish independence meeting in St. Andrews, called United Kingdom a rouge state and a danger to world.

The British Government is deeply, deeply immoral. They don’t care how many people they kill abroad if it advances them. Anybody who votes No [to Scottish independence] is voting to support a pathological state which is a danger in the world, a rogue state and a state prepared to go to war to make a few people wealthy,” Murray said in a speech made ahead of an historic vote on Scottish independence to be held on September 18, 2014.

I think it is impossible to be proud of the United Kingdom. I think when we invaded Iraq we did to the United Nations what Hitler and Mussolini did to the League of Nations,” Murray added. “I think what we have done since where the truth is often much hidden, if you look at Libya it is a disaster now we bombed it and we killed 15,000 people when NATO bombed Sirte, something they never told you on the BBC. Did we make it better? No,” the diplomat stated.

Murray, an author and member of English for independence, a group of English born residents living in Scotland who back Scottish independence, said that although he had once been proud to be British, the UK’s involvement in rendition, torture and the invasion of Iraq had altered his allegiance. Listen to the full speech in a video below.

Another world-renown British journalist, Yvonne Ridley, also supports Scottish independence for good reasons. “Under the present Holyrood government there is no way the lives of Scottish soldiers would have been wasted or used as cannon fodder in Iraq or Afghanistan for imperialistic wars built on lies and deception. The referendum is all about putting people before politics and that’s something the war-mongering, sleazy, expense-fiddling, out-of-touch cronies and posh kids in Westminster know nothing about,” Ridley said.

The blind support for Israeli slaughter of innocents in Gaza by David Cameron, Ed Miliband and the powerful British Jewish Lobby has boosted “yes” vote for Scottish independence.

Israel has been the judge, the trial and the executioner. People in Scotland feel that they’re helpless, because the Scottish government does not have any control over our foreign policy or international affairs. They’re seeing the atrocities on their TV screens and they’re beginning to question it,” says Shabbar Jaffri, Scottish National Party (SNP) Councillor for Greater Pollok area of Glasgow. SNP is the front-runner in campaign for an independent Scotland – but “some” claim that Scotland under SNP rule would be a Freemason ruse.

In June 2014, both British prime minister David Cameron and the US president Barack Obama have rejected Scottish independence from London. In July, 27 US AIPAC lapdogs in the Congress signed HR713 calling for the rejection of Scottish independence.

Ironically, two British Zionist oligarchs, Rupert Murdoch and Brian Souter support Scottish independence.

Scotland is home to 40,000 (0.9%) Muslims – out of over two million UK’s Muslim population. Some of the famous Scottish converts to Islam include, Ian Dallas (Abdalqadir as-Sufi), play-writer, actor and author – and Viscount Reidhaven, James Andrew Studley, son of the Earl of Seafield, who converted to Islam in June 1990. Scotland has only two properly design-build mosques; Edinburgh Central Mosque and Glasgow Central Mosque.

Israel’s ‘drone wars’

drones[1]On August 31, 2014, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, spokesperson for the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) announced that IAF shot-down an unmanned aircraft that infiltrated Jewish-occupied Palestine from the Quneitra area near the Syrian border. Lerner claimed that the aircraft belonged to Syrian army but didn’t carry WMDs and most probably wandered into Israeli space.

I’m not sure if the Israeli claim is true or another of its PR to hide its failed drone warfare against Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Sudan. Last year, the  IAF shot-down one of its Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) over sea after its controlled system got jammed by an “enemy army”.

Last weekend, an Iranian surface-to-air missile intercepted and shot-down an Israeli pilotless aircraft flying over Iranian airspace before it reached the Natanz nuclear enrichment plant in central Iran.

David Cenciotti, the founder of Jewish blog Aviationist says that Iran’s predator drone, Shahed 129 it displaced in September 2013, was based on Israeli Elbit Hermes 450 model. One wonders from where Iran received Israeli scientific expertise – may be from Turkey! Oops! How could one forget Israeli claim that Israeli Mossad played Hamas’ illegitimate mother.

Iran’s domestic drone industry, Cenciotti explains, now exports to its allies. Iranian-made UAVs have been spotted in Syria, Venezuela and in the Gaza Strip, where they have been operated by Hamas. The Zionist idiot forgot to mention Hizbullah, Iran’s most trusted Arab ally.

In 2012, Hizbullah sent a spy drone over the Jewish occupied Palestine, which succeeded in avoiding the $1 billion Israeli Iron (Dumb) Dome. British daily the Sunday Times, reported on October 14, 2012 that Hizballah drone ‘Ayyoub’ “was airborne for three hours before being intercepted by an F-16 jet, is believed to have transmitted pictures of preparations for Israel’s biggest joint military exercise with the US army, which began last week, as well as ballistic missile sites, main airfields and, possibly, its nuclear reactor in Dimona“. Read more here.

According to Drone War UK, Israel has been using “armed drones” for the last 40 years in Gaza. Mary Dobbing, co-author of the report says “Our research shows about 50 of the 76 countries known to have some form of military UAV capability have received drones or drone technology from Israel. Scratch any drone you’ll likely find Israeli technology underneath.”

On March 10, 2014, commander of Israel Air Force air defense array, Maj-General Shachar Shohat, told a security conference at the Institute for National Security Studies Strategic, Innovative Policy-Oriented Research (INSS) that in the next war with Hizbullah or Hamas – Israel would have to face enemy drone carrying explosives. Read more here.

Despite Israeli claim that its drone attacks in Gaza were to avoid civilian causalities, a US Army study has concluded that drones kill ten times more people than a manned military jet.

Maldives: From Israel to Hamas

25[1]On August 27, several media outlets in the Maldives raised nearly $2 million to help Palestinians in Gaza recover from Israel’s 50-day terror campaign against the besieged strip,

Maldives, a high-end holiday destination in the Indian Ocean, has expressed solidarity with Gaza, whose economy is expected to take years to recover from Israeli shelling and airstrikes.

Male has imposed a ban on Israeli-made goods and last month revoked three cooperation agreements on health, tourism and education.

Maldives Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon presented a check for 29.4 million rufiyaa ($1.91 million) to the Qatar Red Crescent President Dr Mohamed Bin Ghanim Al Madida for food and water and to help victims recover from the widespread destruction caused in the latest US-backed Israeli assault.

The money was raised through a 36-hour telethon as well as through other public contributions from state as well as privately-owned companies.

The seven-week aggression claimed the lives of 2,143 Palestinians, more than 80 percent of them civilians including 546 children, according to the United Nations, and 65 soldiers and six civilians on the Israeli side.

There has also been hostility among residents of the Maldives, which has a population of around 330,000 people, to Israeli tourists.

Last month, Israeli holidaymakers were evacuated from their Maldivian resort after one tore up an anti-Israeli placard equating the Nazi swastika to the Israeli flag.

Some 30 Israeli surfers were moved out from Thulusdhoo island, near the capital island Male, as residents of the archipelago protested the pulling down of the anti-Israel placards.

We have not banned them, but Israeli tourist must remember that they are visiting a 100 percent Muslim country,” President’s office spokesperson Muhammad Shareef said. “We unequivocally and unconditionally support the Palestinian cause.”

The Maldives, known for pristine beaches and secluded coral islands popular with honeymooners, attracted over a million tourists last year of which less than one percent were Israeli.

Until February 2012, the Indian Ocean island Muslim state of Maldives was a staunch allie of the Zionist entity. In 2011, British MP George Galloway urged Maldivians to rise up against their government’s love affair with the Zionist regime which has been murdering their fellow Muslims in Gaza and the West Bank for decades. Watch Galloway’s speech video below.

Incidentally, George Galloway was hospitalized on August 29, after he was attacked by a pro-Israel British thug.

‘Obama of Indonesia’ to lead world’s most populated Muslim nation

jokowi[1]When Jokowi Widodo, the millionaire Governor of Jakarta was declared the next president of world’s most populated Muslim nation of over 220 million (88%), Erika Fry at the Jewish Fortune Magazine called him Obama of Indonesia. The magazine ranked Widodo No.37 in its 2014 list of 50 World’s Greatest Leaders. That alone shows where the new president’s loyalties would be.

Fry quotes Shaun Levine, a senior Jewish analyst at the Eurasia Group, linked to America’s Wall Street, saying that Jokowi will likely have to untangle a “complex web of government regulations” that have kept many foreign investors at bay.

Widodo defeated his only opponent, former Lt. Gen. Prabowo Subianto, son-in-law of the former Indonesian President Gen. Suharto, a staunch ally of the US and Israel. In 1988 when Suharto was forced to resign after 32 years of military dictatorship by mass anti-government riots – both Suharto and Subianto fell from their western masters’ grace. Subianto was shunned by Jakarta elites and as result he took residence in Jordan. However, just over a decade, Prabowo has  transformed from one of the most despised men in Indonesia to one of the most celebrated.  Prabowo is the leader of the Great Indonesian Movement Party (Gerindra), a political group with an estimated 15 million members.

The Indonesian parliament members belong to ten different political parties. Widodo’s party has only 19% of the seats; his coalition makes 38%.

Widodo’s candidacy was supported by former president (2001-04) Megawati Sukarnoputri’s PDI-P secular party and two Islamist parties which were all persecuted during Gen. Suharto’s dictatorship.

Widodo and Obama have some common ethnic and religious drawbacks. Obama is still accused of a “secret Muslim” by Jewish and Zionist lobby groups. Obama had to submit his “birth certificate” to prove that he was born in America. Some Israeli hasbara idiots even called Obama’s birth certificate being a forgery. Widodo, on the other hand, was accused of being a Christian with Chinese family roots. The claim was based on Widodo’s popularity within country’s 11% Christian minority. As Mayor and Governor, Widodo favored Christians over Muslims at certain high-ranking posts. After his victory, Christian leaders visited the Governor office and urged Widodo to fight the rise of “Islamic fundamentalism” in the country.

On June 13, 2014 ABC News quoted Sydney Jones, the director of Jakarta-based Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict, an Israeli advocacy group, saying that support for ISIS is growing among radical Indonesian Muslims.

Widodo was born in an Indonesian slum’ while Barack Obama lived with his Kenyan Muslim father and White American mother with Jewish family roots in Indonesia for few years. He also attended an Islamic madarasa in Jakarta as a young boy. In 2009, Jakarta municipality erected Obama’s bronze statue near the place where Barack Obama lived between 1967-71.


Jewish author: G-d never promised Israel to Jews

bc7f65455b238d4371eeb25d9b1a3072_400x400[1]Most Zionists don’t believe that G-d exists but they do believe that He promised them Palestine,” Dr. IIan Pappe’, Israeli historian.

Naom Wolf (born 1962) is an American Jewish author and women’s rights activist. The organized Jewry has long labeled her “Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening (S.H.I.T)” Jew. Again and again, she has proved that she deserved the honor.

On July 25, 2014, Wolf posted on her Facebook page that G-d of Israel (Yehweh) never promised Israel to Jews. Rabbi Shumley Boteach, the most famous pro-Israel American “holy man”, and author of book Kosher Sex, could not take this outburst from some cursed Jewess to interpret the Holy Old Testament. On August 6, 2014, the good-old rabbi in an Op-Ed at the Jew York Observer blasted not only Wolf over her “misinterpretation” of the Old Testament and Talmud but also Turkish president Recep Tayyip Ordogan, Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz’s obscene charge of an Israeli genocide.

On August 8, 2014, Naomi Wolf responded Boteach’s Israeli hasbara rant on her Facebook page as follows:

Now 10-year-old Ibrahim has been killed in Gaza while playing in a mosque under construction. So…why if Israel has such great expensive firepower, does a civilian die again?

And…Rabbi we really want to be the people who say — it is only 419 (now with Ibrahim, God rest his soul, 420) children dead — ‘it is not a genocide’? Is that the side of history we wish to stand on?

Do you think this is what God asks of us, to split rhetorical hairs like this in the face of the murder of children? I could cite you chapter and verse from our scripture warning us that justice, mercy and the saving of human life — not Jewish but human life — is what God demands of us, not nationalism or militarism or fetishizing a state or an ethnicity. Read the Prophets — they are not talking about borders. They are talking about righteousness, and about God being p–d off at us when we deviate from the path of righteousness. Which we formally now are.

Please check the Geneva conventions definitions of genocide — they support my use of ‘genocide’, not yours — but that is not what is most important. The issue here is: do we want to be the people manifesting what should be truly Jewish values — justice, compassion, mercy, kindness — or do we want to be remembered as the people who are equivocating over the bodies of children?

I actually feel that Israel is exhibiting the opposite of real Jewish values. Jewish values as I see and cherish them, as I was raised on them — are — humanism — – valuing all people in a context of diversity — justice (universal Kantian justice, not ‘justice for Jews” or a double standard in the law) — the search for the truth, not ‘hasbarah’ or spin — and the idea of transparent universal ethics. THAT is true Judaism. THAT, not a nation-state, is Judaism’s contribution to the world.

On July 31, 2014, Naomi Wolf penned a column calling the latest 50-day Israeli slaughter of more than 2,100 civilians including 534 children as an Unholy War which was totally against the Jewish values.

I remember how Naomi Wolf irked Western Islamophobe crowed when she praised the Islamic liberation of women 1400 years ago and the benefits of Hijab and Islamic modesty in male and female clothing. On August 30, 2008, The Sydney Morning Herald published her Op-Ed entitled, ‘Behind the veil lives a thriving Muslim sexuality‘.

UAE is conducting US-proxy war in Libya

uae-flagupdate[1]Early this week, the Jew York Times reported that UAE’s Union Defense Force (UDF) “secretly” carried out two air strikes against “Islamist militants’ in Libya using bases in Egypt.

Interestingly, according to the Voice of America (August 26, 2014), both UAE and Egypt have denied the allegations.

According to Jewish Time magazine, the strike proved unsuccessful as the anti-US installed government militants gained control of Tripoli airport just after the second airstrike last week.

In a bid to put more icing on the cake, the United States and its allies, Britain, France, Italy and Germany, which waged a brutal war on Libya to remove Qaddafi regime which posed “existential” threat to Israel, condemned both UAE and Egypt for interfering in Libyan “civil war”.

The five allies strongly condemned ongoing fighting in such major cities as Tripoli and Benghazi, especially in residential areas, and urged all parties to accept a cease-fire,” the Voice of America reported.

Interestingly, these five anti-Muslim regimes acted worse than Nazis against Libyans a few years ago, they had claimed being “liberators”. They destroyed Africa’s most stable and prosperous nation for their greed and hatred of Muslims. The World Bank in its 2010 report had admitted that Libya  maintained “high levels of economic growth,” with an average increase in GDP of 7.5 percent per annum, which recorded “high indicators of human development,” including universal access to primary and secondary education, and for 46 percent of the population, also at the university level. Despite income disparities among individuals, the standard of living of the Libyan population was significantly higher than that of other African countries. Bearing witness to this fact was that nearly two million immigrants, mostly Africans, were working in Libya.

Ironically, the current “Islamist militants” happened to be US-NATO allies against Qaddafi regime.

In case some readers may not know, both UAE and Egypt are in the US-Israel regional orbit. Both countries are onboard Washington plan to bring pro-Israel regime changes in Damascus, Tehran, Baghdad and Beirut.

The ‘6 million’ question is how could UAE and Egypt conduct war against anti-government militants without the green-signal from the Pentagon? America is No.1 supplier of arms to UAE which with a population of little over 9 million, has the third largest annual military budget ($15.4 billion) in the region after Saudi Arabia ($35 billion) and Israel ($17.3 billion). UAE forces are trained by American, British and French military experts.

Both the USAF and UAE air force use Al Dhafra Air Base outside Abu Dhabi. In addition to Al Dhafra, US has operational facilities at Bateen and Al Ain Sharjah international airport.

On November 11, 2011, the Jewish Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that United States is arming the Gulf states to wage its proxy war against Iran.

On April 3, 2012, The Voice of Russia, also confirmed that Washington is arming the Gulf states to bring favorable regime changes in Tehran and Damascus.

Israel: Don’t let Qatar host the 2022 FIFA World Cup

large_34905_36761[1]British Jewish Chronicle reported on August 29, 2014 that the Zionist regime has given green light to start an anti-Qatar campaign against country’s bid to host the 2022 World Cup.

The Zionist regime has accused Qatar for giving tens of millions of dollars to Hamas which later used to armed itself and stood against the “mighty” Jewish army for nearly 50 days.

Ron Prosor, Israeli ambassador at the United Nations, recently described Qatar as “Club Med for terrorists”, adding that “one has to question FIFA decision to reward Qatar with the 2022 World Cup”.

Last week, Qatari foreign minister Khalid bin Mohammad al-Attiah rejected Jewish media’s accusation saying that his country doesn’t support armed resistance against Israel. He reminded the accusers that Qatar’s ruler Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad ak-Thani played a major role in brokering a ceasefire between Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel’s problem with Qatar is that Hamas political Guru Khaled Meshaal lives in Doha and the ruling Thani family funds his living and security expenses. Qatar is also home to the pro-Zionist Al-Jazeera, but dared to criticize Israel and supported Mahmoud Abbas during the current Israeli war on Gaza Strip. Furthermore, Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, the “Jew-hating” Muslim Brotherhood cleric, also lives in Doha.

In December 2010, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter announced that Qatar was selected to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. Later Blatter was declared an “anti-Semite” for criticizing Israel Football Association for practicing racism against country’s Palestinian players. In fact, Blatter is no different than the rest of western international sports officials. He showed his obedience to the organized Jewry in April this year when he wrote to Avi Luzon, president of Israel FA assuring him that FIFA would never tolerate any criticism of Israel and the new Jewish religion – the Holocaust.

Blatter wrote: “On this very special day for your country and nation, I would like to express my deepest sympathy on behalf of the international football community to the families of the victims of the Holocaust as well as my admiration for those who so bravely stood up and resisted against this evil.”

Qatar is home to the most strategically important US military base at Al Udied south of Doha. US Air Force used this base to invade Afghanistan (in 2001) and Iraq (in 2003). Recently, the US air force used this base to conduct air strikes against ISIS militants, a Zionist creation to demonize Islam and Muslims. The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has revealed that CIA-Mossad-MI6 created the terrorist organization ISIS to safeguard Israel’s regional interests.

Barack Obama’s anti-ISIS rhetoric are meant to prepare new groundwork to invade both Syria and Iraq to facilitate the establishment of Zionist dream of Greater Israel.

According to Jewish Chronicle, if Qatar is stripped off the 2022 World Cup, the pressure would grow for FIFA to move against Russia, which is due to host the event in 2018, and has historic (Jewish Soviet) links with Israel.

Professor John Louis Esposito (Georgetown University) recently claimed at Huffington Post, a Zionist mouthpiece, that the rulers of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Sunni Gulf sheikhdoms had funded the Salafi rebels in Syria against Assad regime and now are funding ISIS against Iraqi Shias. Interestingly, some leaders of these “jihadi” groups fighting Assad had declared that after the removal of pro-Iran Assad regime, the new government would recognize Israel and abandon all contacts with Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas.

Gulf funding of militant Salafi jihadists, including ISIS, to fight a proxy war in Syria against Assad. At the same time, the failure early on in Syria of the US and EU, to become significantly engaged and work closely with regional allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to support moderate anti-Assad forces had a ripple effect. The U.S. and EU underestimated the threat from Syria in 2011, so too it did so in Iraq more recently,” Esposito wrote.