Lasha Darkmoon: ‘America is an Israeli Colony’

The other day I received an e-mail from Dr. Lasha Darkmoon (a pen name of an anglo-American academic, historian, poet and political activist living in England) asking me to publish her recent article entitled America Vanquished: America under Jewish Rule. In the article, Dr. Lasha Darkmoon says that United States has been occupied by Jews, turning the US into an Israeli colony.

“Stalin’s willing executioners, the Jews, are now the ruling elite in America. As in Weimar Germany, the Jews make most of the money and help to create a culture of neopaganism and nihilism, the decandence and despair. Nothing has changed except the country,” writes Dr. Darkmoon. However, as far as I know, there was no powerful Israel Lobby (AIPAC backed by over 50 Jewish organizations), dual citizens, Zionist Christians and politicians did not have to beg for Jewish financial support – in the pre-WW II Germany.

Her statement reminded me how world’s greatest empire, the Ottomon Empire was destroyed earlier by Turkish Donmeh (Crypto-Jews) for not selling Palestine to the World Zionist movement. Sultan Abdul Hamid II, like Libyan leader Qaddafi, sealed his fate by refusing to dance to Zionists’ tune. Sultan Abdul Hamid refused to meet Theodor Herzl in 1901 and told the Royal Court: “Advise Dr. Herzl not to take any further steps in this project. I cannot give away even a handful of the soil of this land (Palestine) for it’s not my own, it belongs to the entire Islamic nation (Ummah)”.

Last week, American investigating columnist, Wayne Madsen wrote in The Donmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret that Crypto-Jews are behind the warming of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, growing enemity between Turkey and Syria – and enemity between Saudi Arabia and Islamic Republic.

On September 11, 2001, Dr. Lasha commented: “This is the rogue state that is arguably responsible for the greatest mass murder in history; the catasrophe of 9-11. If scientific evidence and forensic logic are anything to go on, Israel has to be suspect number one here given its unbroken record of terrorism and its endless breaches of international law. Any country that can orchestrate such a spectacular crime and get away with it – while somehow managing to spin the blame on nineteen Arabs with box cutters – is clearly a force to reckoned with”.

“The Zionization of America is complete, with AIPAC appointing the government and 60 million Christian Zionists ready to die for their new masters in Jerusalem,” she wrote. In other word, for every disloyal Jewish American, there are ten disloyal Christian Americans. Let us not forget, more than 75% of members of Congress and Senate openly support Israel and are willing to do everything in their powers to destroy nations which are considered ‘enemies’ by Tel Aviv.

The Donmeh sect of Judaism was founded in the 17th century by a Kabbalah Rabbi Sebbatai Zvi (born 1626) who proclaimed himself to be the biblical Jewish Messiah. Both Christian and Muslim Turks were offended by Zvi’s claim. They petitioned to Sultan Mehmet IV to take action against the fake Messiah. Sultan demanded that Zvi renounce his claim and save his life. As a cunning Jew, Zevi announced his conversion to Islam. Sultan Mehmet IV pardoned Zvi and awarded him with 150 piasters per day. Zvi’s follower, who confess to be Muslims but in secret are loyal to militant Kabbalah cult – are known as ‘Crypto-Jews’ among Muslim societies. Zionist Christians are modern-day Crypto-Jews.

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4 responses to “Lasha Darkmoon: ‘America is an Israeli Colony’

  1. E-e-easy here, man…

    Even if half of the allegations you make here are true, please do not tar all Jews with the same brush as the Israeli government – there are many good, honest Jews whom have the same human aspirations and wishes as you and I. There are far many more good Jews than bad, just like any other group or nation. There are evil Christians, and evil Muslims – some of whom each claim to be doing their evil deeds in the name of their ‘religion’, but we do not (or should not) assume that all Christians nor should we assume that all Muslims are evil.

    It is not fair, it is not right, and it certainly is not moderate!

    I can understand, or at least think I do, the Islamic grievence against the State of Israel. Indeed, the crimes of that state are many. But most Jews, even most Israelis, are good people. Absurd, paranoid hate-mongering does nothing but damage the credulity of your position and make your cause more difficult to achieve.

  2. Listen dude – I can assure you I’m not Lasha Drakmoon. I may not agree with all her views about Jews – but most of them speak the truth.

    The difference between bad Jews and bad Muslims, is – the first remains Jewish even if they’re terrorists or atheists, however, Islam doesn’t accept its followers by birth. Anyone who doesn’t practice Islamic codes in his/her life – he/she is struck out as a Muslim. A person is Muslim by his/her actions and not by birth like Jews.

    According to Abe Foxman, more than 95% of world’s 12.7 million Jewish population supports Jewish occupation of Arab Palestine. So tell me how many non-Zionist “good Jews” are left for Lasha Darkmoon and me to praise?

  3. I can tell you I do agree with her views. You ask are there any good Jews I answer no, not unless they leave there religion and agree to be sterilized without having any kids.

  4. The “Christian Zionists” are going to end up bringing down the wrath of the world upon those who follow Jesus in the same way people are targeting Muslims now because of the claims against radicals blowing themselves up. People don’t stop to study the scriptures of those two groups to know whether the claimants are really following the teachings of their supposed religions. If they did, they would know that Jesus and the Apostles never taught anything supportive of the claims of Zionists. As for the radical “Muslims”, I don’t know enough about their Quran to say with satisfaction, as I have looked into it some, but am not well-read in its contents. If it’s anything like the Bible, ignorant people often take things out of context and misunderstand what is being taught, or they’ll grab a scripture where God instructed someone to punish the wicked on one occasion and claim that goes for the entire religion forever.

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