Al-Tantura Massacre 1948

In the 1880s, Baron Edmond Rothschild bought a parcel of land in Tantura village to build a Jewish settlement for his plan to build a glass bottling plant for his wine industry using the fine sand on the shore. The plant was built in 1891 but later abandoned in 1995 for some technical difficulties.

On May 11, 1948 – David Ben Gurion asked the Leaders of the Jewish terrorist militia, Haganah, to wipe off the Arab inhabitants of Tantura. The village leaders were ready to surrender to the Zionist thugs but that would not be according to Zionist demographic Jewish Israel dream. Therefore, the coward Jew terrorists attacked the village in the darkness of night and slaughtered more than 250 men, women and children and dumped their bodies in mass graves (listen to video at the end of this post).

This massacre, like many other Jewish massacres, was kept out press and the history books. These Jewish massacres had forced hundreds of thousands of native Muslim and Christian Palestinians to escape from Jewish terrorist groups and take refuge in neighboring Arab countries. Within one year of the establishement of the Zionist entity in May 1948 – 400 Palestinian villages were cleansed of the local Arab population; 600 mosques and a dozen of churches were demolished to eradicate the Islamic history of Palestine.

The Tantura massacre remained a secret until a Jewish student, Theodore (Teddy) Katz in his master’s thesis to the Haifa University of Haifa exposed the secret – claiming that over 240 villagers in Tantura were slaughtered by the Jew militants.

Teddy Katz’s thesis, although, was rejected by the examiners, the university awarded him the MA degree. Israeli Jewish historian, IIan Pappe PhD, was expelled from Oxford University for supporting Katz’s claim of Tantura massacre.

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