Palestine belongs to Arabs, not to Jew settlers

President Barack Obama showed his ignorance of the world history as did Chaim Weizmann President of the World Zionist Organization in 1920s – when he asked Mahatma Gandhi President of All India National Congress for the party’s support for a Jewish homeland in the British mandated Palestine. Gandhi’s response showed his insight of the world history. He wrote back to the future First President of the Zionist entity: “France belongs to the French, England to the English and Palestine belongs to the Arabs”.

Barack Obama in his goodwill message on the Zionist entity’s sixtytwo years existence said: “Minutes after David Ben Gurion declared Israel’s “independence” (independence from whom? Until 1948, no country by the name “Israel” had existed for the last 2,500 years), realizing the dream of a state of Jewish people in their historical homeland, the United States became the first country to recognize Israel”. By saying that, Obama showed his ignorance of world and American history. Someone should have told him that President Truman’s Secretary of State, George C. Marshall was dead against the recognition of the new UN-awarded Jewish state in Palestine. It was Truman’s political adviser Clark Clifford along with the leaders of Jewish groups who convinced Truman to stand firm to the partition of a Muslim-majority Palestine by the United Nations in order to win Jewish votes which were important to Presiden Harry Truman in the coming election. Truman before signing the official letter of recognition - crossed the Zionists’ chosen name for their colony from “Jewish State of Israel” to the “State of Israel”. It was that revised name which Ben Curion used on May 14, 1948: “The name of our state shall be Israel”.

“The archeological records don’t prove the existence a Jewish kingdoms (which could not have existed as according to professor Sand ‘Jewish people were invented over a century ago’) in Palestine. The Assyrians conquered Jerusalemin 722. The Babylonians took it in 597 and ruled it until they were themselves conquered in 539 BCE by the Achaemenids of ancient Iran, who ruled Jerusalem until Alexander the Great took the Levant in the 330s BCE. Alexander’s descendants, the Ptolemies ruledJerusalem until 198 when Alexander’s other descendants, the Seleucids, took the city. With the Maccabean Revolt in 168 BCE, the Jewish Hasmonean kingdom did rule Jerusalem until 37 BCE, though Antigonus II Mattathias, the last Hasmonean, only took overJerusalem with the help of the Parthian dynasty in 40 BCE. Herod ruled 37 BCE until the Romans conquered what they called Palestine in 6 CE (CE= ‘Common Era’ or what Christians call AD). The Romans and then the Eastern Roman Empire of Byzantium ruledJerusalem from 6 CE until 614 CE when the Iranian Sasanian Empire Conquered it, ruling until 629 CE when the Byzantines took it back. The Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 638 and ruled it until 1099 when the Crusaders conquered it. The Crusaders killed or expelled Jews and Muslims from the city. The Muslims under Saladin took it back in 1187 CE and allowed Jews to return, and Muslims ruled it until the end of World War I, or altogether for about 1192 years,” Professor Juan Cole (University of Michigan), March 23, 2010.

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