Jews want ‘Iran’s slice of Manhattan’

On Friday, Barack Obama signed into law the ‘kosher bill’ passed by the AIPAC controlled Congress to bar Dr. Hamid Aboutalebi, the new Iranian ambassador to United Nations to have residence in New York City which has the largest Jewish population outside Israel.

There is another anti-Iran ‘Ponzi scheme’ being carried out in New York Manhattan Jewish district without much fanfare. It was here on the 17th floor of the Lipstick Building where Bernard Madoff (Jewish) executed his $50 billion fraud. He stole money from investors and deposited it mostly into Israeli banks.

Recently, US Marshal Service has put a 36-storey (382,500 sq. ft.) office tower on Fifth Avenue for sale. The building was built by the Pahlavi Foundation, a non-profit Iranian charity in the 1970s. Currently, it’s owned by Iran’s Alavi Foundation whose accounts are handled by Iran’s Milli Bank, which is under US sanctions. The tower generated over $228 million in rent payments between 1996 and 2008.

The tower along with several mosques and other bank accounts linked to the Islamic Republic are on sale to compensate hundreds of victims of Israeli terrorism blamed on Iran or Lebanese Hizbullah by Israel and its Jewish lobby groups in western nations.

In September 2013, US District Court Judge Katherine Forrest issued a ruling approving US government’s forfeiture action. Last Thursday, she ordered that the latest ‘Holocaust survivors’ should be given priority over the sale of the property.

The families which fought the case since 2008 involved the victims of September 11, Beirut Marine barracks bombing, and Buenos Aires bombing of Jewish Center.


Ukraine, Jews and the ‘Yellow Patch’

In many places in the good-old civilized Europe, Jews were required to wear the so-called “Yellow Patch” and allegedly the tradition was also practiced during Nazi era. The credit for the invention of the “Yellow Patch” goes to Pope Innocent III, who in 1215 decreed that Jews living among Catholics must wear a yellow patch to distinguish them from Christ sheep. The latest “Yellow Patch” allegation against Ukrainians spread by the Jewish-controlled mainstream media, is that Jews are forced to register (as Jewish) in the protester-held Eastern Ukraine.

Israeli daily YNet was the first source to claim that some armed group (unknown to CIA or Mossad) has distributed a leaflet demanding for Jews to register with the pro-Russia separatist government in Eastern Ukraine. The Jews were asked to declare their personal assets and pay $50 as registration fee. The gossip was immediately denied by Denis Pushilin, head of the self-declared government. But the news item was picked-up by the entire Zionist printed and internet media outlets.

Michael Salberg, a senior official of Israel lobby group, Anti-Defamation League, said it’s unclear whether the leaflets were issued by the pro-Russian leadership or a splinter group operating within the pro-Russian camp, according to USA Today.

Stefan Kuzmyn, a Ukrainian Holocaust survivor, who was among the seven Canadians Jews honored by country’s Jewish groups in 2005, claimed that there was greater collaboration between Jews and Soviets than the Ukrainian and Russians. Jews who were 0nly 5% of Ukrainian population, occupied the upper and middle ranks in administration, security agencies and prison guards.

I can understand Ukrainians’ hatred toward Jews considering Stalin’s Jews murdered nearly seven million Ukrainian Christians. Watch a video below.

Would the powerful Jewish Lobby plans to turn Ukraine into another Syria? It’s possible judging the high-level Jewish and Zionist visitors to Kiev – from John Kerry to Victoria Nuland – and John McCain to CIA head John Brennan over the weekend.

Jesus dies at Auschwitz for Jews, Again!

The other day, Christians in Canada and around the world celebrated ‘Good Friday’ before Easter on Sunday, tomorrow. It’s the day when Christians remember the crucification of their Lord Jesus Christ. Why it happened, is a long story. Christian theologians blame Jews for the murder of Jesus while Jews claim Jesus was hanged by Romans because he, as a Palestinian, resisted the occupation forces.

Contrary to that, the Muslim worshippers during Friday sermon were reminded that prophet Jesus (as) never died on the Cross. Instead it was Judas Iscariot (Luke 22), a Jewish hero, who took Roman soldiers to the hiding place of Jesus. According to Gospel of Barnabas, when Judas entered the hiding place, God changed his face to “Jesus look-alike”, and when he came out to tell Roman soldiers that Jesus escaped – they took him as Jesus and hanged him.

Holy Qur’an has testifies in Surah Imran (named after an Israelite tribe) and Surah Mariyam (named after Jesus’ mother Mary) that prophet Jesus was saved from crucification by Allah and raised alive to Heavens, and he will return to Earth as a Believer (Muslim) and experience a natural death like the rest of human-beings.

Two interesting things happened before and on this Good Friday. First, the Jews for Jesus, released a video (see below) showing Jesus being re-crucified at holy Auschwitz seventy years ago. Both times, the video claims, Jesus being a Jew (which he was NOT), died for the “deliverance” his fellow Jews.

The other good news was Winnipeggers enjoyed alcohol drinks in bars on Good Friday for the first time in Canada. The new liquor laws came into effect on April 1, 2014. A few years ago, Rev. Ted Pike had claimed alcohol to be Jewish.

The organized Jewry seems to agree with the video, because it sells the Holocaust.

Since we are on the subject of selling Holocaust – some of you may have read about Smithsonian Institute’s recently released documentary, ‘Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine’ which claimed to have “proved” the existence of “gas chambers” at Treblinka because of the discovery by two Jewish archeologists of “tiles with Star of Zion”. Well it seems it was another hoax fabricated by the Holocaust Industry.

Miliband hires Obama’s Jewish election Guru

Here is the latest proof that Western political system is so corrupted that no political party or politician can expect an election victory without the blessings from the Kosher Lobby especially in the US, France, Australia, Germany and Britain.

Britain Opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has hired David Axelord to lead party’s campaign ahead of the coming general elections in May 2015. Axelord will help shadow foreign secretary and party’s top election strategic, Douglas Alexander, a Zionist Christian who had blasted former London Mayor Ken Livingstone for calling Michael Andrew Gov, the education secretary, a Zionist Israeli poodle on Iran’s Press TV.

David Axelord’s father, a Romanian Jewish immigrant hanged himself in 1974 when David was 19-year-old.

Earlier this month, Ed Miliband paid his very first visit to the Zionist entity as UK’s opposition leader. During an address at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Ed Miliband called the Islamic Republic a global threat.

 “It isn’t just Israel’s concern, it isn’t just a regional concern, it is a very significant global concern,” he noted.

As expected, people at the British Fabian Society are very happy to have another Zionist Jew on board the Jewish-controlled Labour Party. The party has been in contact with senior members of Barack Obama’s Jewish-control campaign team behind his election and re-election.

On April 2, 2014, British MP Michael Dugher, a member of ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ welcomed David Axelord being party’s leading campaigner. On February 7, 2014, Dugher at the Jewish Chronicle claimed that criticism of Israel and Zionism is “old-fashioned antisemitism”. On April 2, 2014, Dugher wrote: “Taking a lead from Obama campaigns over the last decade, a quiet revolution has begun in the way Labour is readying our communications to fight the next election. We don’t plan to fight 106 different campaigns in our key seats, but more like 400,000 individual campaigns based on the approximate number of people that will determine the winner of those seats. Today we require more data and information, more understanding of what drives people to vote and a psychological move away from the simplistic ideas of the past where we send out mass mailings and leaflets with the same content across the country. We need to reach voters in ways that are in line with their values, aspirations and everyday lives.”


Tehran’s Int. Shakespeare Conference

WilliamShakespeare[1]The University of Tehran has announced that it will be holding Iran’s first conference on world famous British play-writer, poet and novelist, William Shakespeare. The one-day conference will be held on October 22, 2014. It will be chaired by two Iranian scholars of Shakespearean work, professors Maryam Beyad and Ismail Salami (University of Tehran).

Shakespeare was author of 38 plays, 154 sonnets and two long narrative poems.

Famous British Shakespearean scholar Dr. Martin Lings (died 2005), who later converted to Islam and penned a biography on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), revealed in his book Shakespeare in the Light of Sacred Art (1998) that mysticism is clearly discernible in the works of Shakespeare.

No objective intelligence can be blind to the dazzling signs of God-given truth that Islam carries with it throughout its history,” said Martin Lings, PhD.

I bet the organized Jewry is not going take the conference as a literary event – based on their record of vicious attacks over Tehran’s Int. Holocaust (2006) and Int. Hollywoodism (2011) conferences in the past.

The organized Jewry has declared Shakespeare a “Jew hater aka antisemite” based on his famous play, The Merchant of Venice. The villain in the play, by the name Shylock, the Jewish money-lender who seeks” a pound of human flesh” from a Christian merchant who is unable to repay him.

Last year, Jewish novelist Howard Jacobson announced to re-write The Merchant of Venice in order to delete Jewish hatred from the play. “For an English novelist, Shakespeare is where it all begins. For an English novelist who also happens to be Jewish, The Merchant of Venice is where it all snarls up,” said Jacobson.

In March 1974, then president of powerful Israel lobby group, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Benjamin R. Epstein blasted ABC-TV for showing The Merchant of Venice movie, starring Sir Lawrence Olivier as Shylock.

It is a classic antisemitic drama which has caused incalculable harms to the Jewish people over centuries,” said Epstein as reported by JTA on March 19, 1974.

Interestingly, John Hudson, a Jewish authority on Shakespearean literature claims that Shakespeare was in fact an Italian woman livening in England whose ancestors were Jewish from Morocco. I bet this will make 25,000 Jews living mostly in Tehran, very excited.

In 2012, the British Jewish Lobby (Board of Deputies of British Jews) blasted Royal Lyceum theatre in Edinburgh over flyers advertising its play, The Merchant of Venice. The flyers show Shylock dressed in the costume of an Orthodox Jew (see below) with the message: “And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

Lobby: Taliban could be Jewish!

The Zionists’ thirst for finding new Jewish tribes never stops. Jewish Bible (OT) has put its claim on 12 Israelite tribes based on the 12 sons of prophet Jacob (Israel).

Jewish historian Arthur Koestler in his 1976 book, ‘The Thirteen Tribes’ suggested that prophet Israel could have 13 sons. However, I think Hannah Michaels hit the nail when he claimed that America is the 13th tribe of Israel.

In 2007, IIene R. Prusher, an associate editor The Christian Science Monitor, a Zionist propaganda newspaper, claimed she shared her Seder with her Afghan driver in Kabul – and was surprised to learn that several Afghan tribes (Pashtun, Afridi, Hazara, Tajik, etc.) have Jewish roots based on several common traditions and Hebrew words still part of Pashtu language.

Was I to believe that the likes of Mullah Omar – the Taliban luminary who ordered public executions and floggings, made burka-wearing law, and gave succor to Osama bin Laden—possessed even a molecule of Jewish ancestry?,” wrote Prusher.

It seems Prusher never heard of Jewish butchers, such as, David Ben Gurion, Menachem Begin, Shamir, Gen. Dayan or Gen. Ariel Sharon.

Yasmin Eliaz (a Bahai I suppose), is a Master student at the Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv and a research assistant at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. On April 10, 2014, she posted an article at Jewish Moment magazine, claiming that Pashtun people living in Afghanistan and Pakistan have common historical, linguistic, and cultural similarities with Jewish people.

However, someone living among Pushtun for years in Karachi, I must say Ms Eliaz never met a Pashtun in her life.

Eliaz claims that Pashtuns light candles on Friday night, separate meat and dairy, and covers graves with stones which are common practices among Jewish communities. In reality, Pashtuns, majority of whom live in villages or caves, light candles each night – because they don’t have access to electricity. Separation of meat and dairy is common among practicing Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and India. I have seen some Pashtun graves covered with stones in Pakistan’s tribal areas – but didn’t find them in Jewish graveyards in Toronto, Jerusalem or New York.

Saturday in Pashtu is called Shanbay and Hebrew, Shabbat – the holy day of the week for Jews. During Shabbat, Jews are commanded to abstain from labor and reflect. Shabbat is the Jewish symbol of loyalty for God. In Pashtu, Sabat means loyalty, and on Shanbay work is also not allowed,” said Eliaz.

No day of week is “holy” among Pashtun, who are 101% Muslims. They all work on Saturdays. However, some of them take Friday off for the weekly special afternoon prayers. On Shabat, only Orthodox Jews abstain from work while the rest of Jewish business is open on Saturdays in many places in the US, UK and Canada.

Eliaz being an Israeli citizen should know better that a great majority of Israeli rabbis have said that Jewish “G-d” is different from Muslims’ Allah.

In Pashtu, names of God are known as Khudai; while in biblical Hebrew God is referred to as (El) Shadai. The Jewish prayer shawl (talit) issue also has a great resemblance to the Pashtu/Urdu word tolia which means towel,” claims Eliaz.

That is ridiculous. In Pashtu, two common words for “God”, are Allah (Arabic) and Khuda (Persian). “Tolia” is not a shawl. Bath towel is called “tolia” – while shawl is called “chaudar” in Pashtun.

There are probably more common words, names and phrases between the Pashtu, which belongs to western Iranian language group, and Hebrew which belongs to west Semitic language group. And yet both groups still have much in common, as the Pashtuns originate from the lost tribes of Israel,” concludes Eliaz.

Both Urdu and Pashtun languages are greatly influenced by “Iranian language groups”, which happen to be influenced by Arabic language since late 7th century when Arab army conquered Persia. Persians mostly belong to Aryan race though some of them may have Semite roots. However, according to Israeli historian, Dr. Eran Elhaik, a great majority of current Jews are NOT Semitic people.

Kansas shooter inspired by a ‘Jew author’!

The organized Jewry is making use of the recent shooting at two Jewish centers in the suburbs of Kansas City on April 13, to kill several birds. The shooting resulted in the death of three non-Jewish people

Police arrested Frazer Glenn Cross, Jr. the 73-year-old White American for committing the crime. Then the Jewish human rights Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) jumped into the fray. It claimed that Frazer Glenn Cross is in fact Frazer Glenn Miller, former Grand Dragon of the Carolina Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and the founder of the White Patriot Party.

In August 2012, the pro-Israel Islamophobe, Frank Gaffney, had equated SPLC with KKK.

The tragedy was so big that US president Barack Obama and Israeli prime minister needed to condemn the shooting and send condolence messages to the Jewish center management.

The real fun began when Israeli daily Ha’aretz (April 16), David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine, Daniel Pipes’ National Review, Rush Limbaugh, Washington Free Beacon, and several other Israel Hasbara Committee members claimed that the shooter was inspired by the “anti-Israel” Jewish writer and author of book, Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, Max Blumenthal.

Thanks G-d for stopping Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah from committing this latest Jewish Holocaust.

Ha’aretz claimed that accused shooter “Frazer Glenn Cross repeatedly praised controversial journalist Max Blumenthal.”

Max Blumenthal is an American Jewish writer, author and blogger. He doesn’t believe in taking “Israel of the map”. He has lived in Israel for over a year and got first-hand experience of Jewish racism against Arabs and Blacks. For years he worked as a reporter for Jewish Media Matters for America, and The Daily Beast. He also worked for Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar for a year. He left Al-Akhbar in June 2012, when he was rebuked by professor Amal Saad-Ghorayeb for spreading Zionist lie against Syria in Op-Ed. Saad-Ghorayeb is daughter of a Lebanese Muslim father and Christian mother. She claims her religion is “liberation of Palestine”. Read professor Sharmine Narwani’s (St. Antony’s College) take on this matter here.