France: The Republic of Islamophobia

france[2]France’s so-called Republican Values, like American Democratic Values are all based on Jewish values particularly racism when it involve Bible’s ‘Chosen People, who make less than 0.025 of world population.

In January 2015, French prime minister, Manual Valls (Zionist Christian with a Jewish wife) told Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, former Israeli prison guard, that “France would be no longer France, if Jews left the country en masse.” There are nearly half-a-million Jews among 60 million French citizens.

French Islamophobia is rooted in its colonial period of Muslim Africa particularly its bloody colonial record in Algeria. France which is home to Europe’s largest Muslim minority (6-7 million), has least Muslim representation at government and municipal levels.

Thanks to Israeli Mossad, JDL and powerful CRIF French Jewish lobby, French Muslims face physical racism everyday. Their faith has become source of worldwide terrorism, even though FBI Report says Muslims have committed only 6% terrorism as compared to Jews (7%) and Christians (87%) against American interests around the Globe.

In January 2015, Pierre Ginon, a Marxist writer said that Islamophobic racism is much more prevalent than the numbers suggest, which appears to be almost invisible in the mainstream media. These facts do not seem to worry the politicians – on the contrary. Their silence regarding the “anti-Muslim” words and deeds reveal the hypocrisy and emptiness of the slogan “national unity”.

Tariq Ali, British author, filmmaker and a committed Socialist wrote on January 9, 2015: Charlie Hebdo had made no secret of the fact that it intended to carry on provoking believing Muslims by targeting the Prophet. Most Muslims were angry about this, but ignored the insult. The paper had reprinted the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten’s cartoons of Muhammad in 2005 – the ones that depicted him as a Pakistani immigrant. The Danish newspaper admitted that it would never publish anything similar depicting Moses or the Jews (perhaps it had already done so: it certainly published articles supporting the Third Reich), but Charlie Hebdo sees itself as having a mission to defend republican secular values against all religions. It has occasionally attacked Catholicism, but it’s hardly ever taken on Judaism (though Israel’s numerous assaults on Palestinians have offered many opportunities) and has concentrated its mockery on Islam. French secularism today seems to encompass anything as long as it’s not Islamic.

Europe’s White supremacist, racist and Islamophobe organizations have long realized that the best way to justify their evil agenda is to support Israel. So much so, Marine Le Pen, leader of anti-Muslim immigration National Front (NF) is reportedly distancing from her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of NF, who was convicted for not believing the Six Million Died story.

The title of this post, in fact was coined by professor Jim Wolfreys. He teaches French and European history at King’s College, London (UK).

Attempts to prescribe what Muslims can and cannot wear have produced three major flashpoints. In 1989 the first ‘headscarf affair’ saw three Muslim school students expelled for wearing the hijab. In 1994 a circular issued by education minister Francois Bayrou offered guidance on the wearing of religious symbols in schools, distinguishing between acceptable ‘discreet’ religious symbols, like the crucifix and the kippah, and unacceptable ‘ostentatious’ ones, like the hijab. In 2004 this guidance became law. Later, in 2011, the burqa and niqab were banned in public places, as were prayers in the street, the consequence of overcrowded mosques and a lack of suitable alternatives for prayer. The interior minister at the time, Claude Guéant (currently investigated along with Sarkozy for receiving cash from Libyan leader Qaddafi), went out of his way to warn that his government would use force, if necessary, to outlaw this infringement of secularist principles, Wolfreys said.

From the conservative right to the socialist left, politicians have lost no opportunity to stress their commitment to secularism. Claude Guéant, chief of staff to Sarkozy who served as Minister of Interior between February 2011 and May 2012, revealed that his opposition to granting immigrants the right to vote in local elections was motivated by fears that if elected to local office, foreigners would make halal meat compulsory in school canteens or run swimming pools without taking into account the principles of diversity. In February 2013 his successor, Socialist Manuel Valls, personally intervened in the case of a nursery worker who had been sacked for wearing the hijab. Her dismissal was justified, he argued, because the headscarf remained ‘an essential battle for the Republic’, Wolfreys added.

Recently, France has officially accepted that French are Islamophobe. Watch a video below.

Omar Khadr gets bail after 13 years

430px-Omar_Khadr_-_PD-Family-releas[2]An Alberta court has granted bail to Omar Khadr, 28, and he could be released from an Alberta jail on May 5 after suffering torture and deserted by successive Canadian governments for 13 years.

“I hoped that justice would prevail and it did. We’ll have a date with a judge in coming weeks and we’ll talk about conditions of release,” said his lawyer Dennis Edney.

As expected, the pro-Israel, anti-Muslim Harper government is disappointed at the verdict. It has consistently opposed any effort to free the so-called “child soldier”, said it will contest the ruling.

We are disappointed and will appeal this decision,” Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, an Israeli-poodle and an open defender of the Six Million Died myth, said in a statement.

Omar Khadr was born into a Torontonian family with Egyptian-Palestinian roots in 1987. He was found buried and severely wounded under a collapsed building by America’s Afghan allies against Taliban, the Northern Alliance warlords. They sold him to American occupation force which transferred him to the notorious Guantanamo Bay concentration camp in 2002. The 15-year-old boy became the youngest POW since WW II.

The official story is that Khadr threw a grenade that eventually killed Sgt. Christopher Speer, who was evacuated. However, the US attacked the compound with such ferocity that much of the building and adjacent outhouses collapsed, and Khadr was found buried under rubble, heavily wounded.

Khadr was reluctantly saved by medics despite himself calling out to be killed, he was then initially transferred to Bagram Prison for treatment, where he endured psychological torture.

Latter, Khadr was transferred to Guantanamo Bay. He had only turned 16 a few weeks prior. His treatment there was nothing short of torture, it was barbaric and a testament to a lack of recognition the US has for human rights.

Subject to forced nudity, extreme temperatures, sexual humiliation, isolation, and abuse, he told his lawyers he was shackled by his hands and feet to a bolt on the floor and left for five to six hours a day.

This is in addition to being used as a human mop – Khadr was forced to urinate on himself before being subject to US guards pouring cleaning fluid on him.

However this is unfortunately nothing new where Guantanamo Bay is concerned, as the US has a history of abusing prisoners at the facility and at many other locations across the globe.

Khadr’s lawyers argue that the Canadian government acted illegally by sending interrogators to Omar in 2002 and 2004 whilst held in Guantanamo Bay, before then refusing to hand over documents that would prove his innocence.

In August 2009, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled in a 9-0 vote that Canadian officials had violated Khadr’s rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. On October 25, 2010 Khadr pleaded guilty for a catalogue of crimes under torture including, conspiracy, spying, providing material support for terrorism, and murder in violation of the laws of war. Under this plea deal, Khadr would be to serve one more year in Guantanamo Bay before being repatriated.

Finally on September 29, 2012, 9 years and 11 months after this ordeal began, Khadr was finally returned to his native Canada to serve his remaining eight year sentence in the maximum security prison Millhaven Institution near Kingston, Ontario.

Barack Obama repeatedly lied to close down Guantanamo Bay. There are 122 innocent Muslim still languishing at the facility. Yemen’s former Hadi government had agreed to accept 47 of them. However, now with Sana’a under anti-Israel/ISIS Shia Houthis, Obama’s plan has hit the garbage bin.

Omar Khadr was made a symbol of Zionist-controlled West’s hatred of Islam and Muslims like Pakistani academic, Aafia Siddiqui, PhD, British journalist and human-rights activist, Moazzam Begg and hundreds of other Muslims around the world were arrested and kept unlawfully at Guantanamo Bay. On the other hand, hundreds of Israeli Jews arrested in the aftermath of 9/11 were released and deported to the Zionist entity.

Why Israel doesn’t recognize Armenian Genocide?

The 100th anniversary of 1915-1917 Armenian Nakba (Genocide) is being commemorated in Armenia and Diaspora around the world on April 24, 2015. Israel and its American colonies, the US and Canada, have refused to follow kosher Pope Francis, German Chancellor and European Union lead to recognize the ‘1.5 Million Died’ as Genocide – but not Holocaust, which is reserved for the sufferings of the Jews only.

They all have some good reasons, particularly the Zionist regime. For example:

1. Israel’s longest Muslim ally, Turkey refused to recognized the ethnic-cleansing of Armenian people during WW I as ‘genocide’ since the Ottoman empire was dismantled by Gen. Mustapha Kemal, a Crypto Jew in 1923.

2. Israel’s current anti-Armenia, anti-Iran Muslim ally, Azerbaijan, is twisting Israel’s arms not to recognize it.

3. United States has refused to recognize the mass-killing of 100-150 million Native Americans after Columbus accidentally discovered Americana in 1998.

4. Israeli journalist Arad Nir, claimed at Israeli hasbara news site, Al-Monitor (April 22, 2015) that though Israel-Turkey relations have gone in drain for the last couple of years – so much so, that Jewish lobby groups have refused to meet Turkish ambassador in Washington – Israel refuses to recognize Armenian genocide, not its ‘bad taste’ with Ankara, but it’s all about Iran, stupid!

It’s mainly directed against Iran’s explicit intend of obliterating the Jewish state as Netanyahu reiterated April 16 at Yad Vashem during a memorial service for the victims of the Holocaust. Herein lies the real reason for Israel’s policy of concerning whether it will recognize the Armenian genocide. The reason isn’t Turkey; it’s Iran,” Nir said.

Turkish position is that there were terrible killings of Armenians but at a level far below the 1.5 million claimed by Armenian and anti-Muslim groups – and as result of the regional warfare and civil strife in which thousands of Turks were also killed by Armenians.

Interestingly, the word “Genocide” did not exist until 1944. It was coined by a polish Jew author Rafael Lemkin (d. 1959) in his book, Axis Rule in Occupied Europe, to describe Nazi-regime’s mass-killing between 1938-1943. The Zionists upgraded to word “Genocide” to

Dr. Ahmadinejad government recognized Armenian genocide in 2010, without mentioning the numbers of victims at the hands of Young Turk (Crypto-Jewish) military leadership.

There are good news for Armenians. Angela Markel’s ruling Christian Democrats, its ally the Social Democrats, and the two opposition parties, the Green and the Left Party have given a new twist to genocide controversary. They all have agreed that Germany, as an ally of Turkey during WW I, too, responsible for the murder of 1.5 million Armenians. Maybe, in the near future, Armenia could collect $$ billions compensation for the descendants of genocide survivals. Israel and the Organized Jewry have so far sucked $93 billion from German taxpayers.

Genocide was defined by the UN in 1948 as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” However, this definition doesn’t apply to Jewish victims of Nazis, who have been carrying out genocide of Palestinian Natives since 1948.

Israeli ex-DM: Hizbullah not Iran is the ‘existential threat’

flag[1]Lithuanian-born US-Israel citizen and three-times Israel’s defense minister, Moshe Arens, 80, in an Opinion-Post in Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz (April 20, 2015) said that a future nuclear Iran will not pose existential threat to Israel as Iran would never dare to use its nuclear arsenal against a nuclear Israel. The real threat to Israel is from 100,000 rockets and missiles in the hands of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah.

A nuclear weapon in the hands of the Iranians would have a large-scale, negative geopolitical effect on the Middle East, but the probability that the weapon would actually be used is extremely small. However, the physical damage caused if it were to be used is essentially infinite,” Arens said.

The US and Israeli intelligence agencies and IAEA agree there is no concrete proof that Iran is applying it nuclear program for military usage. However, warmongering Netanyahu had been crying wolf since 1996.

There are more than 100,000 rockets and missiles in the hands of Hizbullah in Lebanon all pointed at Israel, plus thousands of rockets in the hands of Hamas in Gaza. They put all of Israel’s civilian population at risk. Which is the greater danger,” Arens said.

On January 29, 2015, British Jewish investigative journalist, Ben Norton, wrote that independent investigation details Israel’s deliberate targeting of civilians in Gaza and Lebanon.

The probability of Hezbollah launching its reservoir of missiles and rockets against Israel is substantial. Whereas the Iranian nuclear threat has been occupying our civilian and military leadership these past years – and constant efforts have been made to slow down the Iranian nuclear program – excepting civil defense programs conducted by the Israel Defense Forces Home Front, Israel’s answer to the Hezbollah rocket and missile threat has been limited to a reliance on a dubious theory of deterrence. The opportunity to destroy Hamas’ rocket capability in Gaza was missed during Operation Protective Edge last summer,” Arens added.

On April 3, 2014, English composer, musician and singer, Brain Eno, in an open letter to Americans demonstrated Israeli fascism against Gaza population. Read Brain Eno’s response to Jewish-American author Peter Schwartz’s crying wolf, here.

In September 2009, the foreign minister, Ehud Barak, also claimed that the real threat to Israel is Hizbullah and not Iran.

Israeli army don’t fear Hizbullah rockets or missile – but Hizbullah intelligence, battle strategy and dedication to the cause – which it used to defeat Israel in 2006.

The long history of Israel-Hizbullah engagements suggests the parties can all too easily be drawn into confrontations that both might prefer to avoid,” Israeli journalist Dimi Reider wrote in Al-Jazeera English on January 29, 2015.

On February 9, 2015, Herbert London, president Hudson Institute, an Israeli hasbara group, wrote in Jewish Newsmax website: “Hizbullah is an enemy and a dangerous but it’s not prepared to fight. That may be a positive sign. The negative sign, of course, is that Hizbullah cannot determine its own fate.”

Some Israeli analysts have concluded that by using its 100,000-rocket arsenal, Hizbullah will destroy the Israeli infrastructure, power facilities, the residential buildings and military command headquarters – while causing vast cases of panic and exodus among the Zionist settlers along Lebanon-Israeli border and the Jewish occupied Golan Heights since 1967.

Pope Francis to ‘Knight’ NY’s Zionist Rabbi

Rabbi-Arthur-Schneier-Srebrenica-Genocide-Memorial-in-Potocari-608x392[1]The Vatican has announced that Francis, the kosher Pope, will make Rabbi Arthur Schneier of Manhattan’s Park East Synagogue, a ‘Knight of Saint Sylvester‘ at a ceremony on April 27, 2015.

Anyone, who has followed Jorge Bergoglio’s love for Jews and Dirty War in Argentina or accused of being a member of ‘child abuse cult’ by the ITCC, shouldn’t be surprised. He, as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, co-authored a book with Rabbi Abraham Skorka, on Judaism and Roman Catholicism. Skorka says that “Francis commitment with Jewish people is total”.

Francis owes this favor to the organized Jewry which declared him among the top 50 American Jewish leaders in 2013. Francis, like his predecessor Benedict XVI, a Zionist double agent, believes Holocaust denial is ‘intolerable’. However, Francis went farther to please his Zionist masters by declaring, Inside every Christian is a Jew.

Rabbi Arthur Schneier, a senior member of the Zionist Organization of America, is founder and president of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, founded in 1965. Under the so-called “interfaith” Skullcap, the organization works as an Israel lobby. In 2012, Rabbi Schneier bestowed his organization’s, World’s Statesman of the Year Award, upon Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, an Islamophobe, for his blind support for Israel.

The government of Iran constitute unambiguously a clear and present danger and thus demand a very sober assessment. I speak not merely, friends, of its appalling record of human rights abuse or its active assistance to the brutal regime in Syria, or its undeniable support for terrorist entities, or its continued denial of diplomatic rights, or its pursuit of nuclear weapons, rather it is the combination of all these things with a truly malevolent ideology that should concern us. I believe that the appeal of our conscience requires us to speak out against what the Iranian regime stands for,” Harper said.

Canadian Jewish author and human-rights activist, Yves Engler in his book, The Ugly Canadian, exposes Stephen Harper government’s all out war on Iran to please Washington and Tel Aviv.

The Independent Jewish Voices (Canada) blasted Harper government for its move to sever diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic.

This perilous move by the Conservative government supports the most extreme elements in the Israeli government and their Canadian allies who are pushing for another Middle East war,” stated IJV spokesperson Sid Shniad.

Rabbi Scheier, like every ‘good Zionist propagandist’, claims being a survivor of the non-existing Auschwitz Gas Chambers. On July 11, 2012, he read Barack Obama’s personal message at Bosnia’s Potocari Memorial Park commemoration of Srebenica genocide (July 11, 1995) during which 8,000 Muslim men, women and children were slaughtered by Serb Christian soldiers under the watchful-eyes of NATO peacekeepers.

Pope John Paul II (born to a Polish Jewish mother) ‘Knighted’ Sir Savile, the most ‘Jew Catholic’, who allegedly rapped nearly 400 boys during his 25-year service with BBC.

Pope Sylvester II (April 9, 999 – May 12, 1003) as youth studied in Muslim Spain.

Dr. Cornel West chased by Jewish groups

DrWest[1]Several Jewish groups have blasted professor Todd Presner of ULCA’s Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies, for inviting Israel-hating Afro-American professor Cornel West to deliver a speech in honor his colleague of 20-year, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel on May 3, 2015.

Professor Judea Pearl (UCLA), father of the Zionist martyr, Daniel Pearl, in an open letter published in the Jewish Journal, condemned Cornel West for his political activities that “could have no consequence other than destroying Israel.”

Todd Presner has refused to cancel his invitation to Dr. West but has assured his critics that Dr. West will only talk about Rabbi Heschel and will pretend state of Israel never existed.

On August 2, 2014, addressing a pro-Palestine protest in front of the White House, Dr. West called both Netanyahu and Obama, War Criminals.

We are here out of deep, deep love for our precious Palestinian brothers and sisters who are undergoing not just occupation, not just domination, not just humiliation, but more and more everyday annihilation and we wouldn’t stand for it,” Dr. West said.

Barack Obama is a war criminal, not because he is Black or half African and White, but because his drones have killed 233 children (in Pakistan) and because he facilitates the killing of innocent Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank,” he added.

UCLA being part of Ivy League has its Talmudic standards regarding the so-called ‘freedom of speech’. In late February 2015, the anti-Palestinian poster (see below), equating Palestinian supporters at Campus with ISIS appeared at five campuses; Drake University, DePaul, UMass Amherst, University of California, Irvine and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). None of the ‘moral’ Jewish groups including the father of the ‘martyred’ Daniel Pearl condemned the anti-Arab poster.

Professor Cornel West is author of several books, a Jazz lover, a poet and an active member of Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr.


Bollywood top actress accused of promoting child labor

Several Indian human rights activists in an open letter have accused Bollywood top actress and 1994 Miss World, Aishwarya (Ash) Rai Bachchan, 42, of promoting child labor in India.

The accusation surfaced as result of Ash posing for Kalyan Jewellers’ advertisement which shows a dark skinned child holding an umbrella over her head.

On the day, the controversial ad appeared in the papers, Aishwarya Rai and her father-in-law, Bollywood veteran actor, Amitabh Bachchan were in Chennai to inaugurate a new showroom for Kalyan Jewellers.

Rai along with Sonam Kapoor will represent O’Real at the Cannes Film Festival, May 13-24, 2015.

Rai had a stormy love affair with Bollywood’s evergreen hero, Salman Khan, 50, which sadly ended in disaster with Rai making allegations of physical abuse and stalking. Her parents, who were against their daughter dating a Muslim, slapped a police case on Khan. Later, Rai ended-up marry fellow Hindu actor Abhishek Buchchan.

Child labor is permitted in India as long as their work is in non-hazardous environments. India’s child labor-force is estimated to be around 50 million. These children (5-14 year old) work in mines, gem stone polishing, brassware, agriculture, plantation, carpet industry, fireworks industry, etc.

The Hindu dogma of Karma is the driving force behind Brahmin social and class discrimination against the low-caste Hindus (Dalits) and other India’s minority groups. Karma dogma is that what one is today because of his/her bad karmas (deeds) in the previous life hence to undo that one must stick to his/her duties. Brahmins, like Jews, too believe that they’re God’s Chosen People and the rest of the humanity is created to serve them.

The Indian minorities, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and Buddhist have been on the receiving end of the Hindu-majority’s religious chauvinism – the communal violence. The ruling BJP is rooted in the religious fascism of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

Martha Nussbaum in her book The Clash Within, wrote: No commission of inquiry into the horrible communal violence of Gujrat in 2002 has yet been able to satisfactorily determine the proximate cause of the fire which engulfed a carriage of the Sabarmati Express at the Godhra railway station, killing 58 Hindu men, women and children. On the other hand, it’s widely held in India today that the ensuing retaliatory riots, in which Hindu mob targeted and killed more than 2,000 innocent Muslims over a number of days, had the tacit compliance of the state police and administration. The Gujrat violence has been, without question, one the largest blots on modern Indian history – in no small part because of the state’s inability, even seven year later, to prosecute and punish those who murdered its citizens. She also added that Indian Muslims have no ties to international Islamic radicalism, but struggle over Kashmir (a disputed Muslim-majority terrirory) is an obvious exception.

Rebecca Knuth in her book Burning Books and leveling libraries, wrote: In India, religious violence is so much a part of life that the Hindus have a special word for it: dharmikalrai (religious fight). Riots and protests have become commonplace there as Hindus and Muslims engage in conflicts over history (Muslims ruled India for over 1,000 years) and entitlements. The number of Muslim casualties has been disproportionately high, particularly in the 1980s. In organized massacres, hundreds, even thousands, of Muslims including women, babies and even old and handicapped, were killed and maimed; railroad passengers were pulled from their trains and lynched; the people were burned alive. The riots persist because they have become customary activity. The police do not interfere and sometimes participate out of sympathy with the Hindu cause.