Modi finds common ground with Obama

india_rape[2]India’s anti-Muslim prime minister Narendra Modi after his landmark meeting with the visiting US president Barack Obama at India’s sprawling Presidential Palace during which they addressed each other on first name basis, told reporters: “Barack and I have formed a bond, a friendship. We can laugh and joke and talk easily on the phone. The chemistry that has brought Obama and me closer has brought Washington and New Delhi closer“.

In response, Obama praised Modi who was banned by his administration for murdering over 2,000 innocent Muslims in Gujarat in 2002, saying: “Your election and your strong commitment to the US-India relationship gives us an opportunity to further energize these efforts.”

Obama along with his wife placed a wreath at Gandhi’s Samadhi (tomb). Gandhi is considered the Father of India. He was assassinated by a Hindu terrorist in 1948, who was recently honored by Modi’s Hindu Zionist friends. According to Gandhi’s Jewish biographer, Joseph Lelyveld, Gandhi had sexual relations with a German Jewish gay while living in South Africa.

Anyone who has tracked Obama and Modi past record from some objective sources will find that both men have several personal and political common grounds. Both have immense hatred toward Muslims who don’t accept Judeo-Christian or Hindutva racist doctrine. Both have collaborated with the Zionist regime in carrying-out false flag operation in India and around the world to demonize Islam and Muslims. Both the US and Israel played an active part in the dismemberment of Pakistan, Indonesia, Somalia and Sudan , and other places.

Both the US and India are artificial states built over the blood and bones of the Native people. Both are modern-day colonial powers occupying Muslim lands.

In Asia, China is the common enemy of both India and the US. The United States has not tested Chinese military power directly – But  India suffered a humiliating military defeat at the hands of Chinese army in 1962 after Indian army tried to “liberate” Ladakh and other Tibetan territories under Chinese control. The Chinese advance was so incredible, its army occupied 38,000 sq kms of the Indian territory in less than three days. However, China became the first “victor” that withdrew from its occupied land without demanding compensation and a ceasefire.

India has not forgotten its military humiliation after 53 years. Furthermore, China is the closest ally of Pakistan, which Modi’s BJP has not accepted even after 68 years. On June 1, 2013, Hindutva leader Mulayam Singh Yadav, former Indian defense minister warned Indian government that China poses a greater threat to India than Pakistan.

China wants to occupy a vast Indian territory at any cost. The country has prepared itself for another attempt. Government should not have any misconception about China as it wants to occupy a vast portion of Indian border territory,” Yadav said.

So, naturally, Modi and Obama discussed how to contain Chinese influence in addition to Pakistan’s nuclear threat to India, and Iran’s nuclear threat to their common friend Netanyahu. Obama told Modi that since India is such a good friend of both the US and Israel – in future all American nuclear reactors sold to India would not require inspections by US Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials. India, along with Israel and Pakistan are not signatory to NPT.


Freedom of Speech: The ‘Jewish way’

Freedom+of+Speech[1]Just three weeks after a million Paris rally in support of Judeo-Christians’ rights to insult Islam and Muslims under the rhetoric of freedom of speech, the European found their own genuine freedom of speech is facing the Organized Jewry’s firing squad.

British Jewish Chronicle, country’s top Israeli propaganda website, reported on January 26, that a panel of European Jewish leaders headed by Israeli professor  Yoram Dinstein (Tel Aviv University) and backed by several former EU head of states and governments have proposed that any criticism of Jews, Israel or Holocaust should be banned by the 28-member European Union being an old-fashioned antiemitism.

The proposal entitled A European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance, reads: “There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant. This is especially important as far as freedom of expression is concerned: that freedom must not be abused to defame other groups.” Naturally this “Jewish tolerance” doesn’t apply to French Charlie Hebdo magazine or Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten for publishing insulting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Ironically, in December 2013, the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) announced that it no longer agrees with the term Antisemitism as described by the Organized Jewry.

Under pressure from AIPAC, an umbrella group of 50 American Jewish groups, Washington has slammed a Turkish court for banning the anti-Islam Charlie Hebdo magazine. US-Israeli ally, Egypt is also planning to ban the magazine.

France’s major opposition party, National Front, has been victim of country’s “freedom of speech” as result of its founder Jean-Marie Le Pen’s denial of the Six Million story. In May 1995, Jewish millionaire Laurent Fabius (current FM), then president of French Parliament blamed National Front party for the Carpentras affair hoax claiming that a Jewish cadaver in the Jewish cemetery had been taken out of its grave and impaled through the rectum with a pole. The French NF, like the British BNP, is anti-Muslim, anti-immigration racist political party.

The staff of Charlie Hebdo was and is perhaps the most representative collection of culture-distorters and culture-retards ever assembled at one place. “They” are all there: communists, Grand Orient Freemasons, apostate Jews, each committed to a neo-Jacobin ridicule of everything traditional, every form of morality, any vestige of faith. The program was and is designed to be a provocation, and when there was a reaction humbug has reigned, and the amoral feign moral outrage,” Kerry Bolton said.

While pontificating about “free speech,” criticism of Israel was not tolerated. Never did they campaign in favor of genuine “heretics” such as those who questioned the “Holocaust.” Never did they respond to the cause of the continuously vilified, constantly prosecuted and physically beaten Dr. Robert Faurisson. Charlie Hebdo served as a mouthpiece for the ideology of the world system in a scabrous convergence of Masonry, economic liberalism, Jacobinism, Zionism, and Marxism,” added Kerry Bolton in an article entitled Charlie Hebdo: All Idiots Now.

In order to expose western double standard on “freedom of speech”, Iran’s House of Cartoon and the Sarcheshmeh Cultural Complex has decided to hold their second Holocaust contest in the near future. The first Holocaust contest was held in December 2006.

The French myth of “freedom of speech” was exposed on January 9 by British socialist writer, novelist and film-producer Tariq Ali: “Charlie Hebdo had made no secret of the fact that it intended to carry on provoking believing Muslims by targeting the Prophet. Most Muslims were angry about this, but ignored the insult. The paper had reprinted the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten’s cartoons of Muhammad in 2005 – the ones that depicted him as a Pakistani immigrant. The Danish newspaper admitted that it would never publish anything similar depicting Moses or the Jews (perhaps it had already done so: it certainly published articles supporting the Third Reich), but Charlie Hebdo sees itself as having a mission to defend republican secular values against all religions. It has occasionally attacked Catholicism, but it’s hardly ever taken on Judaism (though Israel’s numerous assaults on Palestinians have offered many opportunities) and has concentrated its mockery on Islam. French secularism today seems to encompass anything as long as it’s not Islamic.”



Hizbullah Retaliates: Kills 15 Israeli soldiers

AhmadinejadAssadSayyedNasrallah[2]Hizbullah fired several missiles at Israeli military convoy of nine vehicles inside the Israeli occupied Shebaa Farms on Wednesday morning, killing 15 Israeli soldiers. However, under Israel Gag Order the Jewish media has reported “two Israeli soldiers killed and seven injured”.

The paranoid Israeli army in its artillery and airstrikes vengeance on Lebanese civilian targets, killed one Spanish soldier serving with UNIFIL, the UN peacekeeping force patrolling Lebanon-Israel border.

Israeli poodles, both Washington and Paris stood by the Zionist entity, saying “we support Israel’s legitimate rights to defend itself and continue to urge all parties to respect the blue line between Israel and Lebanon.” The 15-member UN Security Council met on Wednesday on French Jewish government’s request to diffuse new war between Hizbullah and the Zionist entity. Being hypocrite, their Christian conscience did not bother them when Israeli Jewish soldiers killed seven Muslim soldiers belonging to Hizbullah and Iran.

The Israel Occupation Force (IOF) has record of putting Hitler’s propaganda minister, Paul Joseph Goebbels (a Frankist Jew) to shame. Last year, IOF claimed that it assassinated Hamas military chief Mohammed Deif, which was refuted by Hamas. On January 28, US-based Jew blogger Richard Silverstein has agreed with Hamas version of the story – “Israel failed to kill Deif.”

On January 23, Larry Derfner, an Israeli Zionist journalist called Israeli attack on Hizbullah convoy inside Syrian Golan Heights, “Lies, Aggression without any gain”, at +972 magazine.

Both Gaza ruling Hamas and Islamic Jihad have hailed Hizbullah in retaliation to Israel’s sneak missile attack inside Syrian Golan Heights killing six Hizbullah fighters and a senior Iranian military adviser to Syrian army fighting the US-Israel-Saudi trained and funded rebels in Syria for the last three years.

The Zionist entity is holding general election in March this year. The spooky terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu in statement on Wednesday warned Hizbullah not to test Israel’s power, the myth Hizbullah destroyed in 2006 Israel-Lebanon War.

Spielberg: Holocaust PR has failed

As a youth, Steven Spielberg was ashamed of being a Jew,” Bernard Weinraub, The Jew York Times, December 12, 1993.

On Monday, the Schindler’s List famed Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg, talking to Jews gathered in the southern Polish city of Krakow, ahead of the main event marking 70 years since Soviet troops liberated the Nazi German Auschwitz labor camp in Poland, said that even 70 year after the Holocaust in Europe – hatred toward Jewish people is on the rise in Europe.

If you are a Jew today, in fact if you are any person who believes in the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom in free expression, you know that like many other groups, we are once again facing the perennial demons of intolerance,” Spielberg said.

I bet only some brainwashed idiot will believe in Spielberg’s claim. The history tells us that the Organized Jewry has always been allergic to others’ right to Freedom of Speech. The latest example is French prime minister Manual Valls (married to a Jew woman), who supported Charlie Hebdo’s anti-Islam cartoons, but said that criticism of Holocaust, Israel and Jews wouldn’t go unpunished.

Steven Spielberg is also founder of Shoah Foundation. The organization collects personal stories of Holocaust survivors and supposedly other witnesses. In 2011, Spielberg announced on French TV that he will pour out Holocaust propaganda in German school and that stories of ‘witnesses’ would convince the Germans that Nazis did murder six million Jews. After listening to Spielberg’s lies, Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, a French Jewish historian wrote him an open letter, See My Shoah Sherlockholmised.

Fred A. Leuchter, America’s leading specialist on the design and fabrication of execution equipment, including homicidal gas chambers. In 1988, Leuchter scraped samples from the alleged gas chamber walls in Auschwitz, Birkenau and Lublin. Cyanide residue would be clearly evident on all these walls if gassings did occur. To his astonishment, Leuchter found no significant cyanide traces in any one of these rooms.

Jewish professor Deborah E. Lipstadt (Emory University, Atlanta) and author of book The Eichmann Trial, has exposed the propaganda lies cooked by the world famous “Nazi Hunter” Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005).

Wiesenthal’s aggrandizement of his role in the Eichmann capture is far less disturbing and historiographically significant than another of his inventions. In an attempt to elicit non-Jewish interest in the Holocaust, Wiesenthal decided to broaden the population of victims—even though it meant falsifying history. He began to speak of eleven million victims: six million Jews and five million non-Jews. Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer immediately recognized that this number made no historical sense. Who, Bauer wondered, constituted Wiesenthal’s five million (p.8)?”, she said. Read a review of the book by Paul Grubach here.

The Six Million narrative , no doubt, is the lungs of the Zionists’ occupation of Palestine. “For those of us who are involved in foreign and defense policy today of my generation,” explained Richard Perle in a BBC interview, “the defining moment of our history was certainly the holocaust.”  Douglas Feith often invokes the holocaust to justify his militarism. In a New Yorker profile, Feith asked, “What’s the answer to the Holocaust?” He answered his own question by suggesting that it is not surprising that this alleged event has caused so many Jews to become militant neocons dedicated to aggressive, unyielding warfare against all those who pose a threat to Jews and their interests. In a Jew York Times profile, Paul Wolfowitz spoke of the holocaust as having a profound impact on his worldview.  Another neocon ringleader, Michael Ledeen, revealed his obsession with the subject in an article he authored entitled “The New Holocaust.”  Political analyst Kevin Barrett PhD observed that the Israelis and their Jewish neocon patrons in Washington “are fanatical extremists who feel that they are being persecuted everywhere they go and that they have to be extremely harsh, unyielding and aggressive, as well as deceptive and violent with the world” in order to ensure their survival.  Somehow it doesn’t dawn on them that maybe it is their unscrupulous behavior that is the cause of hostility towards them in the first place. Obviously introspection is not exactly a Zionist virtue.

Watch Eric Hunt’s documentary The Last Days of the Big Lie, exposing Spielberg’s Holocaust lies below.

Israel seeks Russia-China help to ward-off war with Iran

Last week, the Zionist entity conducted its sixth missile attack on Syrian territory during the last 18 months. This time it targeted a Hizbullah convoy in Syrian part of Golan Heights. The Israeli missile attack killed six Hizbullah fighters and a senior Iranian military adviser to Syrian army fighting the US-Israel-Saudi trained and funded rebels.

Last Saturday, the Jewish army claimed that killing of Iranian General was not pre-planned but a collateral accident. Now, Israeli Labor party leader Isaac Herzog has admitted that the attack was pre-planned to kill “low-level” Hizbullah fighters to punish Hizbullah for its success against US-Israel-Saudi created ISIL and al-Nusra.

The thinking goes that if Hizbollah can be forced into equal footing with the terrorists, then they can all fight it out and destroy one another to Israel’s advantage. This dangerous game comes with a catch, however, since Israel has never targeted the terrorists in Syria and instead focuses exclusively on Hizbollah. Israel’s phobia of all things even remotely linked to Iran and the paranoia it has about Tehran’s intentions have blinded it to the fact that such strikes may create the self-fulfilling prophecy that its decision makers dread.

Both Iranian military leaders and Hizbullah have vowed to retaliate for Israeli cowardly unproved missile attack. It seems the threats have wetted Zionist military and regimes pants.

Israel remains on high alert, with widespread concerns among the ranks of its army and settlers. Their appeals for calm, disseminated from Tel Aviv through mediators, including Russia, do not change the fact that Israel – if indeed it wanted calm – carried out an unprovoked attack that is a serious state terrorism for the other side to let go without a response.

According to Israeli press reports, Iranian threats to Israel, and the tension along the border with Hizbollah, have been at the heart of talks between high-level Israeli officials and their counterparts around the world over the past few days. The reports indicated the talks are meant to avoid escalation and a deteriorating situation in the region.

Hizbullah stressed that the Jewish army is not in the position to start a new war with Lebanese Islamic resistance after its military defeat in 2006.

As part of the Israeli efforts in pursuit of de-escalation, Israeli radio said that foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman began an official visit to Russia and China on January 26, thus delivering an indirect message of reassurance to Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah, and stressing Israel’s reluctance to escalate the situation. Israeli radio reported that Lieberman would send a message to the three parties, via Russia, to de-escalate the border situation and, at the same time, stress that Tel Aviv refused the presence of a base for “terrorism” along its borders in the Golan.

Amos Harel, military affairs expert at the Israeli daily Haaretz, called on members of the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee to make time in the near future to discuss the major security crisis, specifically, the open threats by Iran and Hizbollah, and to ask those who made the decision to attack some pressing questions. Was Jihad Mughniyeh the intended target, or did they intend to kill Iranian Brigadier-General Mohammed Ali Allahdadi? Did military intelligence know the general was in the convoy? Do the benefits of killing Mughniyeh outweigh the potential losses should his assassination spark an escalation with Hizbollah? Harel also asked about the Israeli home front’s degree of preparedness if a war does break out – given Hizbollah’s threats to launch tens of thousands of missiles at Israeli residential centers – and about advance preparations for this kind of confrontation and the army’s plans for fighting this war.

What is good for Greece is bad for Israel

Alexis Tsipras, 40, leader of the anti-austerity, anti-bailout , anti-IMF Syriza party has been sworn-in the new prime minister of Greece by country’s president Karolos Papoulias. Syriza party bagged 149 seats in 300-seat parliament.

The Central Board of Jewish Communities, an Israeli lobby group in Greece is not happy with the new government which it considers anti-bankers and nationalist.

According to Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, Tsiras met Israel’s former president Shimon Peres in Athens and assured the war-criminal Zionist Jew that though he has criticized Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinians, he is against all kind of antisemitism.

Webster G. Tarpley, PhD, has claimed that Alexis Tsipras is good for country’s independence and dignity.

As a great majority of world leaders including the US, Germany and Russia are congratulating the Greeks at their democratic choice, Netanyahu’s racist Likud party’ mouthpiece, The Jerusalem Post, has warned Israelis that victory for Syriza is bad news for Israel.

The paper wrote that Alexis Tsipras’s colleagues and his own inner circle has repeatedly criticized the Zionist regime and Zionism in the past. It also accused party’s former head, Nikos Konstandopoulos, for providing legal aid to Palestinian living in Greece who had been accused having links with Hamas or other anti-Israel groups by Israel and the Organized Jewry.

The newspaper quoted Tsipras saying last year that “the world should make every possible effort so that Israel ends its criminal attack and brutality against Palestinians”.

Seeing Israel killing children in Palestine is unacceptable. We should unite our voices and forces so as to live in peace, expressing our solidarity to the Palestinian people,” he said during a march in Athens against Israel’s Operation Protective Edge against Hamas in Gaza last summer.

When civilians and children are killed at beaches facing the same sea that borders on the European continent, we cannot remain passive, because if this happens on the other side of the Mediterranean today, it can happen on our own side tomorrow,” he said.

On January 26, the UK’s pro-Israel newspaper International Business Times, accused leader of the Independent Greek party, Panos Kammenos, a partner in Tsipras government, for saying that Greek Jews don’t pay taxes.

Germany’s pro-Israel newspaper Spiegel quoted Panagiotis Lafazanis, the leader of the influential left-wing party saying: “We want to exit the euro and a complete break with the totalitarian EU.”

All Greek “nationalist parties” consider Greek Muslims (mostly Turks) being foreigners and Islam being threat to Christianity. Greece was ruled by Ottoman Muslims from 1458 to 1821, but Muslims remained in minority like Muslims in India which was ruled by Muslim kings for nearly 1,000 years. During Ottoman rule, Athens city was home to over 70 mosques which were all destroyed by the successive Christian governments. Now, there is not a single mosque in the city for its 700,000 Muslim population.

Contrary to that, Greece, declared being “Europe’s most Jew-hating nation” by a 2014 survey taken by America’s Israel lobby group ADL, is home to 12 synagogues for country’s 4,500 to 6,000 Jews.

The root cause of Greek’s problems, like the US, Canada and rest of Europe, are that its politicians, media and banking institutions are controlled a tiny minority of Zionist Jews. In 2001, Jewish controlled Wall Street major bank Goldman Sachs reportedly charged Greece $300 million to engage on blatant balance sheet cosmetics to help the country join the European Monetary Union.

Survey: 36% German equate Israel with Nazis

Another survey to propagate the myth of Jewish victimization. Germany’s largest Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) outfit, Bertelsmann Foundation, has released the findings of its 2014 survey on antisemitism in Germany. According to the survey, German attitudes toward Israel showed an increase in Israel-related antisemitism among Germans. The results were released one ahead of the international Holocaust Memorial Day.

The survey found that while many Germans would prefer not to discuss the Holocaust, they are willing to compare Israeli policies toward Palestinians today with those of Nazi Germany. Challenging Zionists’ Holocaust narrative is a federal crime punishable with 3-year in jail or a hefty fine – or both.

The survey was taken among 1,000 German and 1,001 Israelis with question: “Germany and Israel Today: Linked by the Past, Divided by the Present?” According to the paper, 48% German had negative views of Israel while 58% German believe the Holocaust should be consigned to the past. Contrary to that 75% Israeli Jews said Holocaust should remain an integral part of the future generations of Jews.

In December 2013, Jewish Lobby chased Roger Water for claiming that Israel actions are no different than Nazis.

Earlier, Bertelsmann Foundation honored Iranian dissident, Mariam Memarsadeghi, a senior program manager at Jewish Freedom House which receives funds from Allen-Bradley Foundation. The Allen-Bradley Foundation donates $30 million per year to spread democracy and human rights in the world except Israel and its allies. Her husband Akbar Atri, is also an anti-Islam Zionist.

Since 1979, successive U.S. administrations have “engaged” the Iranian government in negotiations while maintaining a myth of no talks. All the while, Tehran has avoided any real change in behavior. It has amassed greater military might and regional influence, and escalated its repression of the Iranian people and its patronage of Lebanese Hezbollah and anti-Israeli, anti-American Islamist ideology throughout the Muslim world. And along the way, it has managed to convince some on the European and American left of its harmlessness, and even of “Islamic” progressiveness,” wrote the couple at Jewish Washington Times on March 16, 2009.

We condemn this horrific attack on a media outlet and its staff (Charlie Hebdo) – the worst such attack globally in the past five years – as a direct threat to the right of freedom of expression in France, and to us all,” said Dr. Karin Deutsch Karlekar (Jewish), director of the Freedom of the Press project at Freedom House. “Silencing the messenger is the worst form of censorship, made even more abhorrent by violence.”

Scott Ratner, a Jewish citizen of both the US and Israel, who lives in Jerusalem, posted an article, entitled, There is no pride for Jews in the state of Israel,  at Jewish website Mondoweiss on January 17, 2015, saying: “Save for a handful of fundamentalist states, Jews throughout the absolute majority of countries feel no of discomfort in proclaiming their identity either at home or abroad or engaging in its associated cultural practices through established institutions such as synagogues or Jewish day schools.  On greater introspection, however, taking for granted the assertion that one can only be truly “proud to be a Jew” in the state of Israel ignores the underlying reality that Israel is actually the one place that any Jew with a social consciousness should feel more ashamed of his or her identity than any other country in the world.  After all, in no other country besides Israel is Judaism the perennial justification for a decade’s long quest to suppress and uproot the culture and presence of millions of non-Jews.  From this vantage point, the Charlie Hebdo massacre does not indicate that Jews can only find solace in the state of Israel, but rather that the land of Israel bears much of the responsibility for whatever antagonism that Jews around the world continue to face.”