5000 Icelanders offer to take-in Syrian refugees

icdnd[1]In response to an appeal on Facebook, Syria Calling, 5000 families in Iceland have offered their willingness to take Syrian refugees into their homes. The offer has really pissed off the Jewish media (Daily Beast, etc.) which taunted these Icelanders trying to be Heroes.

The organized Jewry wants Western nations to treat Syrian refugees as it convinced Nazis to allow Jews to immigrate to Palestine only. Tens of thousands of Syrians have left their ancestral homeland to escape bloody war run by US-Israel created Islamist terrorists.

On September 19, 2014, the Jew York Times criticized Sweden’s open door immigration policy to take-in more Syrian refugees.

In 2011, radical Israeli Jew, Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld declared Icelanders Israel haters.

In 2013, Israel-propaganda website, BlazingCatFur, criticized Iceland’s proposed ban on pornography. It called Icelandic prime minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, “a feminist lesbian”, though she is married twice. The fact that Dubai bans lap dancing for Islamic reasons and Iceland did it for feminist reasons describes the best way possible the synergy between two totalitarian ideologies. The end result is the same,” wrote the Zionist Jew idiot.

In reality the pro-Israel Jewish groups love lesbians. In June 2015, Canadian Jewish lobby honored Ontario premier, Kathaleen Wynne, an open lesbian.

On August 4, 2013, The Jewish Daily Forward published Jenna Gottlieb’s article in which she claimed that the 100 Icelandic Jews are intermarried immigrants and there is no anti-Jewish (aka antisemitism) in the country of 325,000 people. However, many Icelanders hate Israel for insulting their Jewish First Lady, Israeli-born Dorrit Moussaieff at the Ben-Gurion airport in 2006. Her Icelandic passport was confiscated by a female security official and she was not allowed to leave the entity for three days.

This is to become a serious diplomatic incident. This is why everyone hates Jews,” she shouted at the official.

“I couldn’t care less who you’re. I have never heard of Iceland, and the people there don’t interest me at all,” the immigration official shouted back.

In March, 2015, Shimon Samuels, director Simon Wisenthal Center, an Israeli propaganda outlet, accused Icelanders for hating Jews based on country’s famous artist, Snorri Asmundsson’s video showing Israeli racism against Palestinian Muslims. It depicts a woman clad in Muslim face-cover pulled out of the frame by a man wearing Israeli flag on his arm, the artist himself playing posing as Israeli Eurovision star Dana International, singing Israeli national anthem, and two young men with Down’s syndrome dressed as religious Jews. Watch the video below.

Iceland is home to 50 Muslim families, but no proper mosque to pray five-times a day. They must be doing something good that Icelanders are welcoming so many Muslim and Christian refugees from Syria.

Alison Weir and The Jews

alisonweiredited[1]A group of Jewish, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Atheist Activists for Justice for Palestine have posted an open letter on Google for peoples’ right to criticize Israel’s wrong policies under international law, without being called “Jew -hater” or “Holocaust denier”.

On May 5, 2015, Rebecca Vilkomerson, executive director Jewish Voice for Peace sent a secret letter to 40 JVP chapters around the country containing allegations against Alison Weir to prove she is a bona fide antisemite. Therefore, Jews who are interested in peace between Israel and Palestinians should avoid to be associated with Alison Weir. Read Alison Weir’s response to her accusers (here).

Alison Weir is an American journalist, author, peace activist, and founder of news and commentary website If Americans Knew, and president Council for the National Interest, which was founded by former Congressmen Paul Findley and Paul McCloskey, Andrew Killgore, Eugene Bird, and Richard Curtiss, co-founder of the Washington Report.

 Alison Weir is known for her criticism of Washington’s blind support for the Zionist entity. For speaking the truth (aka politically wrong statements), the Organized Jewry lead by Abraham Foxman’s Defamation League have been running anti-Weir smear campaign since 2001. The Jewish Lobby called her anti-Semite for supporting Helen Thomas‘ “freedom of speech’ rights in 2010.

Some Jewish groups have accused Alison Weir of believing that Jews are still involved in human organ harvesting based on professor Ariel Toaff’s 2007 book‘ Bloody Passover: Jews of Europe and Ritual Homicide’, which stated that some Jews in the past did commit ‘Blood Libel’.

She is also accused of supporting two top Israel-hating Jewish writers, Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon and US-born Roger Tucker.

In 2003, ADL accused Ms. Weir for portraying Israel as a “terrorist state”,     endangering Palestinian children through a poster at the UN International of civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People.

On July 15, 2015, End the Occupation group posted a Complaint Against Alison Weir and If Americans Knew. After reading the charge sheet, I’m sure it was written by some ADL professional liar.

Listen to Alison Weir below explaining how she became what she is now.


Riyadh to buy Israel’s ‘Iron Dumb Dome’

In the wake of Riyadh’s helplessness to counter and vulnerability against Yemen’s rocket attacks, Israel has offered to sell its US-funded “prized” anti-rocket Iron Dumb Dome in the Saudi military to be employed along Saudi-Yemen border amid its aggression to re-install pro-USraeli regime in Sana’a.

US-based Jewish millionaire George Friedman’s Stratfor Global Intelligence group reported on August 25, 2015 that the western anti-Houthi operation lead by Saudi Arabia confront forceful opposition even within the country.

Israel made the offer in June 2014 during a meeting between Dore Gold, former Israeli ambassador to United Nations and Gen.( ret) Anwar Majed Eshki, ex-advisor to Prince Bandar bin Sultan, former Saudi ambassador in London. the meeting was arranged by Dr. Richard N. Haass, Zionist Jewish hawk chairman of America’s most powerful pro-Israel think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) since 2002. During the meeting both Gold and Haass supported Riyadh policy against Tehran in the region.

According to Israeli sources, the Iron Dome sale agreement could be inked during Saudi multi-billionaire businessman Prince Walid bin Talal’s visit to Israel in the near future.

Dr. Reuven Pedatzur, a highly respected Israeli security analyst claims that Iron Dome’s successful interception rate may well be 5% or less — far below the 84% success rate cited by the Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) and other defenders of the program.

Pedatzur also said: “One missile of Iron Dome will cost 100,000 dollars and a Qassam (rocket) costs about 5 to 10 dollars. So what the Palestinians have to do is just accumulate more and more Qassams – because there is a limit to the number of missiles that Israel can buy.”

Last year, India became the first country agreed to buy Israel’s anti-missile defense technology to defend itself from Chinese and Pakistani missiles.

Valérie Gauriat, Euro News correspondent, in a recent report analyzed Riyadh failure to remove Houthis from power in Yemen.

She claims that Riyadh has spent billions of dollars to curb the growing influence of Iran and Shi’ite thought in the world by building mosques and cultural centers to export its Wahhabi ideology and spreading it in Muslim countries and Europe.

She also says that Saudi ‘royals’ have bribed many regimes in the Muslim world and even Israel (reportedly gave $16 billion) to undermine Iranian influence but have failed miserably.

The victory of Hizbullah and Hamas supported by Iran against Israel was the beginning of Saudis’ defeat among Sunnis. Failure of Saudi-led alliance against Yemen further aggravated Saudi Arabia’s fundamental weakness,”  Gauriat wrote.

US academic: Critics of ‘War on Islam’ are traitors

American Zionist academic, William C. Bradford (National Defense University), resigned on Friday over lying about his military record within one month of hiring.

In the July issue, the National Security Law Journal at the University published Bradford’s 50-page long Muslim-bashing article calling for more wars on Islam and Muslim countries for posing ‘existential’ threat to United States and Western civilization. He accused the Western anti-war legal scholars who opposes the War on Terrorism as “Islamic Fifth Column” and “military combatants”.

Bradford suggests that these legal scholars should be hunted as criminals and their offices burned by the US law enforcement agencies, which are trained by Israeli officers.

Let’s give some credit to Bradford for not including some of Jewish “legal scholars” in the “Islamic Fifth Column” list, such as, Gabriella Blum (Harvard), a former military defense lawyer for Israel Occupation Force (IOF), Ryan Goodman (NYU), a senior adviser at the Pentagon, Michael Scharf (Case western Law school), former legal advisor to US occupation forces at Saddam Hussein trial, and Michael Walzer (Princeton University), in an Op-Ed at Jewish Dissent magazine (June 17, 2009), entitled, Confronting Iran, urging Obama administration to make sure Dr. Ahmadinejad doesn’t get re-elected.

Rick Myers, editor-in-chief of the Journal admits that the publication of the article, Trahison des Professeurs: The Critical Law of Armed Conflict Academy as an Islamist Fifth Column, was a mistake and apologized to its readers. However, Myers added: “We cannot ‘delete’ it from the Journal, of course, but we can and do acknowledge that the article was not presentable for publication when we published it, and we therefore, repudiate it with sincere apologies to our readers.”

I bet my Canadian dollar, Myers wouldn’t said that if the article had criticized Holocaust.

Spencer Ackerman (a Zionist Jew), national security editor at UK’s The Guardian claimed on August 29, 2015 that William Bradford is known for lying about his academic credentials. “In the paper, Bradford identifies himself as an “associate professor of law, national security and strategy, National Defense University”, seemingly his previous job before West Point. But a representative of the National Defense University said Bradford was a contractor at the prestigious Defense Department-run institution, “never an NDU employee nor an NDU professor“, Ackerman said.

“It appears not to be the first time Bradford misrepresented his credentials. He resigned from Indiana University’s law school in 2005 after his military record showed he had exaggerated his service. (Among his paper’s criticisms of supposedly treasonous lawyers is “intellectual dishonesty”),” Ackerman added.

Professor Jeremy Rabkin (George Mason University), who debated several Zionist fanatic academics in the past, couldn’t stand Bradford’s disgusting lies against Israel’s critics. Read his response to Bradford’s anti-Islam filth here.

Watch a video below to learn who are worse terrorists; Jews or Islamists.

Jeremy Corbyn and 1994 London bombing

I bet, Jeremy Corbyn, the front runner for the leadership of the pro-Israel Labour Party must have some patriotic agenda for his countrymen, otherwise he wouldn’t be hounded by UK’s powerful Jewish Lobby by claiming that in addition to Hamas, he also supports so-called “terrorists” who bombed Israeli targets in London in 1994.

UK’s oldest Zionist propagandist site, Jewish Chronicle, has added this as the latest accusation against Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Israel charge sheet.

Jeremy Corbyn was a leading activist in campaign for the release of two people who were jailed for their involvement in the bombing of a Jewish charity building and the Israeli embassy in London,” Marcus Dysch claimed on September 1, 2015.

Dysch was referring to Jawad Botmeh and Samar Alami, two British science graduates born into Palestinian families, who were wrongfully accused in 1994 for the said crime to demonize PLO. British corrupt judicial system sentenced both youth to 20 year in prison. Many people including Jeremy Corbyn believed the pair’s innocence and campaigned for their release. Botmeh was finally released in 2008.

Was Jeremy Corbyn wrong believing in the pair’s story? A latter investigation by MI5 concluded that bombing was carried out by Israeli Mossad.

Next thing we know, Corbyn will be accused for his involvement in July 7, 2005 London boming, another Mossad false flag operation blamed on Muslims.

Israeli Mossad is known for carrying-out the so-called suicide-bombing at Israeli and Jewish targets – from Argentina to Turkey.

Why Corbyn scares the hell out of British Organized Jewry. Colin Shindler in an Opinion Post at Likud-linked The Jerusalem Post, explained on July 15, 2015. He said that “while Jeremy Corbyn is unassuming, articulate and a conviction politician,” he like the former London Mayor Ken Livingstone is more influenced by Palestinian struggle for their homeland than the Zionist dream of the Eretz Yisrael.

9/11: Explained by Donald Trump

JohnStewart911OutsideJob-300x166[1]Have you noticed that none of the dozen or so politicians campaigning to occupy the White House in November 2016 has dared to say a single word about the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001? While all of them have repeated that Israel has the right to exist, none of them have even stated their position on 9/11.

Wait a minute, in July 2015, GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, the real-state billionaire did say his peace on this subject when questioned by 9/11 Truth activist Rick Shaddock.

“As a builder of many skyscrapers, you know they’re built to be strong,” said Shaddock. “Many people have questions about how those towers came down.”

“The World Trade Center?” asked Trump.

“Yeah,” said Shaddock. As he continued, Trump instead of answering the simple question, turned to the invited reporters from several Jewish-controlled newspapers, such as The Washington Post, The Mother Jones, etc. – “Is this guy some kind of conspiracy guy?”

Why Donald Trump avoided to answer that simple question? The answer could be found in Christopher Bollyn’s The Florida Connection.

Now, Trump has announced to say his peace on 9/11 on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on September 11, 2015.

Earlier, Trump told pro-Israel Hollywood conservative group why he was against US invading Iraq. He said that Saddam Hussein was a defense shield against Israel’s No.1 enemy, and by removing Saddam Hussein, there is no one to defend Israel from Iran.

Interestingly, according to American  journalist and author, Mickey Herskowitz, Dubya Bush was talking about attacking Iraq even two years before 9/11.

Jerusalem-born Jewish author Elias Davidsson in book, Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11 debunks the official 9/11 story that Muslim terrorists hijacked the planes on 9/11. Davidsson also proves that the US authorities have failed to identify the debris of the aircraft that crashed or allegedly crashed at the various sites on 9/11. Based on his comprehensive analysis of the phone calls, Davidsson invites readers to consider what he designates as his best theory regarding the nature of the phone calls.

Bernie Sanders: A con Zionist Jew

A Bloomberg poll conducted by Jewish pollster J. Ann Selzer last week showed Sen. Bernard (Bernie) Sanders catching-up Hillary Clinton in US presidential race. There is no secret Hillary’s election machine is funded by billionaire George Soro and other rich Jews – but when it comes to trust – naturally the Jewish Lobby will prefer one of its Tribe – Bernie Sanders.

The so-called ‘self-hating’ Jewish international lawyer, Barry Grossman, in a recent interview with Iran’s Press TV, claimed: Voting for Hillary is voting for Israel.

You may consider Bernie Sanders to be a friend of poor or anything – but don’t forget he is 101% behind the Zionist regime. Don’t be fooled by Sanders’ opposition to Iraq War. He didn’t agree with the pro-Israel neoconservative mafia, because he believed Iraq has no WMDs and Saddam Hussein was a US-Israel ally against Iran.

On August 25, Margaret Kimberley at the Black Agenda Report said: “Bernie Sanders and his supporters claim he is different, a breath of fresh air. Yet he “won’t state for the record how his foreign policy differs” from Hillary Clinton and Republicans. “He doesn’t question why the US has the right to dictate policy to other nations, and “repeat the same discredited mantra” as Obama on the nuclear threat from Iran – a threat that even CIA has declared never existed. Socialism? He won’t even say the word.”

Barnie Sanders, like the rest of the presidential hopeful, is against removing influence of big money from politics.

When it comes to the Muslim world, Sanders is no different than Ben Carsons, who believes that every patriotic American must support Israel.

Sanders supports Saudi Arabia’s proxy wars for Israel in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Gaza to protect the US-Israel’s regional interests.

Sanders is a lobbyist for the US military establishment, which brings much-needed jobs to his Vermont constituency. He also joined the 100 to 0 vote in the Senate giving a blind moral support to the Zionist regime during its 2014 carpet-bombing of Gaza, killing over 2,000 civilians including 567 children. Watch below how Sanders holds-on to his dirty Zionist pants.

Bernie Sanders was born into a Polish Jewish family that arrived in United States in 1921. That means he cannot wear the ‘Holocaust Survivor’ badge around his neck, but nothing have stopped him laying that many members of his family died at Auschwitz. As youths, both Bernie and his older brother Larry spent some time on a kibbutz built on land stolen from Palestinian families. Larry met his first wife at the kibbutz. Jewish Tablet magazine said on August 20 that Adolf Hitler and Franklin Roosevelt had the greatest influence over both brothers.