Nasrallah: US and Israel are leading terrorist states

United States is world’s leading terrorist state,” Professor Noam Chomsky said.

Israel is complicit in global state terrorism,” Steve Lendman said.

In fact, when it comes to terrorism, wars and espionage, United States has been the major target of the Zionist entity. Watch a video below.

On September 23, 2014, in a televised speech, Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah spoke about the crisis in the region and Barack Obama’s coalition to “degrade and defeat ISIS terrorists,” the very terrorists America played midwife for the sole purpose of destroying regional opposition to Israel’s expansionism. He said that Lebanon refused to join the anti-ISIS alliance lead by United States, as the later is not a trustworthy partner. The United States itself is leader of state terrorism around the world and only interested in its own imperial agenda in the region and to maintain Israel’s supremacy in the region.

Nasrallah condemned the US and its “willing allies’ air raids in both Syria and Iraq on moral basis even though many analysts claim that defeat of ISIS and other pro-USrael terrorist groups would be good for Iran’s allies (Syria, Lebanon and Iraq) based on the fact that Iran benefitted from the 2003 elimination of Saddam Hussein, a western ally who fought an 8-year war against Iran in the 1980s.

Nasrallah’s speech was significant in that he reminded the world that imperialism will remain our paramount enemy even in this trans-imperialist phase. The Resistance Axis’ policy is one which vehemently rejects this aggression, while not shedding any tears for its takfiri casualties,” commented Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, Lebanese academic, writer and author of book, ‘Hizbullah: Politics and Religion’.

Everyone knows that Hizbullah is against the “ISIL”. Some two months ago I have talked extensively on this. We are against those Takfiri movements, and we are fighting them too. We are offering sacrifices in fighting them. So first we must put aside what some are saying to the effect of our stance from the international coalition as being to defend or to protect “ISIL”. This is simplification and misleading of the facts. So it is either simplification because of ignorance or intended misleading of facts. No, that is not the case. I have tackled the issue of “ISIL” extensively at several occasions in the past. As for us, “ISIL” are groups that kill and slaughter merely because of intellectual and political or organizational disparity. They pose a threat to all the peoples, governments, and sects. So they do not pose a threat to the minorities only but rather to all the peoples of the region. Thus our stance from these Takfiri terrorist groups is clear, firm, and final. It is obligatory to fight them, confront them, and push their danger away from the peoples of the region and the region too. However, the issue of the US military intervention or the formation of an international coalition led by the USA is another issue. This issue must be tackled from several perspectives,” Nasrallah said.

America is the mother of terrorism. Whoever wants to argue, we are ready for argument. America is the source of terrorism in the world. If there is terrorism in this world, search for the US administration behind it. Indeed, we are not talking about the US people,” Nasrallah said.

America is the ultimate supporter of terrorist Zionist entity. The source of terrorism in our region is the existence of Israel, which attains absolute US support whether militarily, security, political, economic, financial, or legal. In the Security Council, even condemning or the right of veto is not allowed when it comes to Israel,” added Nasrallah.

The US fabricated or played a role in fabricating these terrorist Takfiri movements. Therefore, America is not in the moral position that entitles it to lead a war against terrorism. In fact, it never once had a moral position. The side that struck Japan with nuclear bombs, committed atrocities in the Vietnam War, has all of this dark history, stood next to Netanyahu in the 50-day-war against Gaza and the people of Gaza, demolishes, kills thousands, wounds thousands, and displaces tens of thousands from their houses is not morally eligible to present itself as a fighter of terrorism or as a leader of an international coalition to target terrorism,” Nasrallah said.

Hello Houston: Germany still has ‘Jewish Problem’

On September 15, 2014, the Israeli propagandist Wall Street Journal claimed that 184 anti-Jew incidents were “investigated” in Germany during the months of June and July this year. It’s unbelievable that Israel First Angela Markel’s Germany would hate Jews more than Iranian Muslims – No western media reported anti-Semitic incident against 25,000 Iranian Jews during the same period of time.

Now, poor Angela Markel is blamed once again by the organized Jewry for not doing enough to confront the rising incidents of Jew hatred. As a record, Markel has never left an international forum without mentioning Holocaust and her resolution to fight so-called “anti-Semitism” not only in Germany but also in the rest of Europe. However, the European Jewish leaders know that every time they yell “anti-Semitism”, they receive additional millions of dollar from German government. According to some German sources, Israel with the help of European organized Jewry has sucked more than $93 billion from German taxpayers since 1953 as Holocaust compensations to Israel and Jewish groups.

One got to understand Markel’s failure to root out German hatred of Jews for their treason during the WW I and WW II, due to the ‘Muslim factor’. There are more than four million Muslims including nearly a quarter-million German converts, which make them the second largest religious minority in Europe after France (7-8 million), who refuse to buy the Religion of Holocaust.

On September 29, 2014, Benjamin Weinthal posted a lengthy article at the Foreign Policy magazine in which he claimed that anti-Israel protests against country’s Operation Protective Edge have been used by many Germans to vent their old anti-Semitism. Weinthal quotes the whining of Dieter Graumann, president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, a pro-Israel lobby group, to support his claim in rise of German hatred toward Jews.

These are the worst times since the Nazi era. On the streets, you hear things like ‘The Jews should be gassed’, ‘The Jews should be burned’,” Graumann said.

Interestingly, Dr. Franciszek Piper, director of Auschwitz State Museum admitted in 2004 that the gas chambers shown to hundreds of thousands of Holocaust worshippers were fabricated by invading Red Army on the orders of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

But even as Berlin has delivered vital military assistance to Israel, civil society and others in German political life have done little to curtail the outbreak of anti-Jewish sentiment,” Weinthal lamented.

Argentina president blasts organized Jewry over Iran and Palestine

I must admit presidents, Ahmadinejad (Iran), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) and Cristina Fernadez de Kirchner (Argentina), are the only presidents who showed the courage to expose the crimes of the organized Jewry in front of the largest gathering of international leaders at the UN General Assembly sessions in New York.

Argentina president Kirchner (born 1953) a socialist and anti-capitalist, in her recent 14-minute speech at the UNGA on September 24, 2014, blasted IMF, WB and Vulture Fund, all controlled or owned by Jew bankers. She also criticized Argentina and world organized Jewry for running a vicious campaign against her government, even threatening her life since her government signed the Argentina-Iran Truth Commission to investigate and find out the real culprits behind the bombing of Jewish compound AMIA and Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires in the 1990s. The agreement was signed by Argentina’s Jewish foreign minister Hector Timerman and his Iranian counterpart Ali Akbar Salehi.

Kirchner accused the Jewish leaders being so obsessed with Iran that they prefer to call the country “Terrorist state of Iran” instead of “Islamic state of Iran”.

From Day One we´ve always said that the Republic of Iran, or the terrorist state of Iran, is not a valid partner since they are not trustworthy in any memorandum that seeks the truth. She (Fernandez) tried to turn victims into victimizers. We were victims of terrorism. We are the victims of the only demon which is the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Julio Schlosser, president of DAIA, the country’s Jewish political umbrella, told local media.

President Kirchner reiterated her government’s support for an independent Palestinian state besides Israel over the pre-1967 war borders. The so-called “two-state” solution to the Jewish occupation of historic Palestine has long been rejected by Israeli leaders. Listen to Kirchner’s speech below.

The organized Jewry hates Kirchner so much for her criticism of the Zionist entity, Jewish capitalist monetary institutions, and her friendly relations with Tehran that the Jewish-controlled media hardly ever mention her by her late husband’s name, Nestor Kirchner, a pro-Israel Christian Zionist.

On June 30, 2013, Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), reported that Argentina former interior minister, Jew Carlos Vladimir Corach (under former president Carlos Menem), was being investigated for bribing Carlos Telleldin, the car bomber, with $400,000 for blaming Hizbullah and Iran for the crime. Read more on this story here and here.

Argentina was the first south American country to establish diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity in 1949 under Juan Perón regime. Israeli Mossad returned the favor by kidnapping Adolf Eichmann, an Argentina citizen. Later he was executed for knowing too much of Zionist-collaboration with Nazis.

Kirchner exposed Obama’s lies about the US-Israel created ISIS by saying that when these throat cutters were working for the US imperialism in Syria and Libya, they were praised as “freedom fighters”. Now since ISIS seems to have gone out of control of its creators, it has become an “international terrorist group”.

Where do ISIS (ISIL) and Al-Qaeda take their guns from? Yesterday’s freedom fighters are today’s terrorists,” Kirchner said.

On September 24, during a summit meeting of the UN Security Council, Barack Obama rebuked Kirchner for not joining his Zionist crusade against ISIS. Kirchner who attended the summit replied: “The way in which we’ve been fighting terrorism has not been up to the job,” Kirchner said. “Something is not working.” She also referenced the provision of military aid by the United States to Sadaam Hussein and the Afghan mujheddin in the 1980s.

Very few American know that World Zionist movement initially wanted to establish a Jewish state in Patagonia, Argentina.

$8,000 gift for settling in Jewish state of Birobidjan

Recently, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that Moscow is offering 264,784 rubles ($8,000) to new immigrants to lure them to settle in the far eastern region of Russia, known as the Jewish Autonomous region of Birobidjan. The gift money is slightly less than the average annual income in Russia. Moscow’s “absorption basket” includes direct financial assistance, airline ticket, covering of moving expenses and health insurance.

The official announcement, called government decision No. 1361, reads as follows: “We have agreed to implement a plan of voluntary resettlement in the Jewish Autonomous Region in Birobidjan. The initiative is designed to help the Russian expatriates and their families.”

Signed: Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Medvedev is allegedly a secret Jew who during his assignment as leader of Russian secret service in the Nazi-occupied Ukraine rescued 160 Jewish men, women and children from a ghetto and protected them in a secret place for over one year until the Red Army entered Ukraine in 1944.

In the 1920s, the Jewish-dominated government of Soviet Union, floated the idea of establishing a Jewish state within the country to attract Jews around the world to increase Russian Jewish population and Jewish bankers’ support in order to sustain Marxist Zionist rule in Communist Russia.

On May 7, 1934, the Jewish state of Birobidjan was officially declared by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. Jews from the United States and East European nations migrated to the new state in large numbers. In 1947, Jewish population increased to 40,000. However, after the establishment of the state of Israel by the anti-Soviet western powers to solve their Jewish problem, most Jews left Birobidjan for Israel or United States.

Some of Stalin’s mass-murderers were Jews.

According to Alexander Zhuravsky, director of the Department of Interethnic Relations of the Ministry of Regional Development, anyone accepted to the place will be able to be an independent worker, a small-business owner or can even remain without any formal work. He said that the plan was to attract 2,220 heads of households within the next four years.

In 2013, two senior Russian Jew Senators, Vitaly Malkin and Boris Shpigel were forced to resigned on charges of their links to Jewish terrorist and money-laundering groups in France and Canada – and holding Israeli citizenship. Malkin was earlier denied immigration by Ottawa.

US Senate Candidate: ‘With Jews We Loose’

I must admit Robert Ransdell from Kentucky has snowball chance to win a US Senate seat in the coming election. With his campaign message which claims, “With Jews We Loose“, I believe either Ransdell is naïve or outright ignorant of the fact that the US Senate is controlled by Jewish Lobby.

American mainstream newspapers and TV Robert Ransdell calls “Jew Media” has already declared him a “White Supremacist, neoNazi and anti-Semite” for claiming to “show White people the facts regarding the Jewish role in America’s decline as well as highlight the destructive effects that multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness have had on this country”.

It seems Ransdell has been brainwashed by Islamophobes like Pat Buchanan and Dr. Kevin MacDonald. These two distinguished White American intellectuals believe; Jews not only have corrupted Western political elites, thrown western nations in to unnecessary wars, destroyed Christian civilization, but they also are bent on eradication of White race through non-White immigration mostly from the “savage” Muslim countries.

Robert Ransdell’s following beliefs, under US Constitution, certainly disqualify him to contest election for Congress, Senate or the White House.

1. Any American, Jew or Christian, who supports a foreign nation including Israel should be deported to the country he loves over United States.

2. Israel is a rich country. All US aid to it must be stopped. The money wasted on Israel should be used to uplift the social lives of loyal Americans.

3. The riots in Missouri are just another example of the failed experiment of “racial diversity” and failed notion of racial “equality”. The riots themselves were largely incited by the media, controlled by Jewish interests.

4.  The organized Jewry played a major role in the decline of America and the Western world, also their role historically in so many destructive events and programs through history, specifically the last 120 years, although it goes back much further than that. Ransdell claims his disgust for Jews does not stem from any bad experiences with them personally rather he is concerned about White people, and the negative effects Jewish power and control over their world has had on them.

5. Jews don’t belong to White race. They never tried to assimilate with the White race while living in Europe. They always looked for the interests of their tribal loyalties.

6. Abortion of White babies should not be allowed. Abortion industry is dominated by the organized Jewry.

7. Carrying firearm is American-way. The organized Jewry is against it.

Report: An orphan dies every two seconds

UK-based Save An Orphan recently reported that nearly 6,000 children are orphaned each day mostly victims of western wars over the third-world nation or abandoned by parents due to poverty.

In 2012, French-British academic, writer, journalist and TV talks-how host, Myriam Francois Cerrah (no relation to French Jew president Francois Hollande) produced a documentary (watch below) on the plight of orphans in Bangladesh. You may like to read her personal blog here.

India is home to over 18 million abandoned children, known as street children. Some sources claim there are nearly 40 million orphaned and street children in South America.

Kate Moulene, founder of Capian Enterprise reported in May 2011, that nearly 60,000 children are reported sexually or physically abused each week in world’s most “civilized” and “rich”, the United States. Among these, over 500,000 children are living in foster homes. In the US, children are put in foster care for physical abuse, extreme emotional abuse, sexual abuse or simply because there is no family member to look after them.

Yad Eliezer, an Israeli children-aid group claims there are over 50,000 abandoned children in the Zionist entity which has the highest per capita income in the Middle East.

In Islam, protecting the rights of an orphan, is one of the greatest acts of mercy. Islam forbids all kind of abuses against children especially female child including usurping an orphan’s property. Read more here.

A Jew in the ‘service’ of the Reich

Don’t get confused by the title of this post. In fact, more than 150,000 German Jews in addition to the Jewish terrorist groups were in the ‘service’ of the Reich between 1933 t0 1945.

The A Jew in the ‘service’ of the Reich is the autobiography of a Ukrainian-born Russian Jew spy Jacob Ingerman. Ingerman infiltrated Nazi Army during WW II and spied for the Red Army.

Very few Americans know the American Communist Party, dominated by Jews lobbied for USSR. Party’s secretary Earl Browder, a Christian Zionist married to Zionist Jew Raissa Berkmann was known for recruiting spies for the Soviet. Two of those spies, a Jewish couple, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed on April 5, 1953 for passing on atomic secrets to Russia.

Judith Socolov (aka Judith Coplon), an employee at US State Department in 1949 – was arrested for passing-on classified documents to a USSR agent Valetin Gubitchev, whom she claimed to be her lover. She was convicted but under pressure from the powerful Jewish groups – the case against her was dropped by US Justice Department in 1967 (you bet your $ it would not had happened if she had been a Muslim). Even the appeal court judge who overturned her conviction on technical ground believed she was guilty of espionage.

Several other American Jews have been investigated for spying for foreign countries, but thanks to the powerful Jewish lobby groups, they got scot free.

During the so-called ‘Cold War’, a significant numbers of espionage operative on both sides happened to be Jewish, including Andhi Fineberg, a member of American Jewish Committee, Harry Gold, David Greenglass, Martin Sobell, Harry Magdoff and millionaire Armand Hammer.

The two American Jews Jonathan Pollard and Alan Gross are currently serving jails in United States and Cuba on charges of spying for Israel. Their “persecution” have affected Washington foreign policy toward Middle East and South America. Israeli government and American Jewish Lobby have pressured every US president to get them released from jail so they can take residence in Israel. Both have been given Israeli citizenship.