Netanyahu’s ‘Iran-Lausanne-Yemen’ Axis

bomb3[1]On March 29, JTA reported that Netanyahu told his cabinet on Sunday that after receiving briefings from US Senators Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid, he was shocked to learn that the Lausanne (Switzerland) framework deal between FMs John Kerry and Dr. Javad Zarif is worse than Israeli leaders had feared.

After the ‘Beirut-Damascus-Baghdad’ axis, Iran is carrying out a pincers movement in the south (Yemen) as well in order to take over and conquer the entire Middle East. The Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis is very dangerous for humanity and needs to be stopped,” Netanyahu told his anti-Muslim extremist Jew ministers.

McConnell told Netanyahu that if a preliminary agreement is inked this week, Senate Republicans will demand that the agreement come to the Republican-controlled Congress for approval. If there is no agreement, he said, the senators will work on to increase sanctions on Iran.

On Saturday, Zionist Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, director Wiesenthal Holocaust Propaganda Center, published a full-page advertisement in The Jew York Times calling on President Obama to refrain from appeasing Iran

Jewish-controlled media has claimed that Tehran has agreed to ship its stock of enriched uranium to Russia, and limit its uranium-enriching centrifuges to 6,000 for at least ten years. Both claims have been refuted by Tehran.

In response to Netanyahu’s ‘Bomb, Bomb, Bomb … Iran’ rhetoric, I found a good article by former US ambassador Dan Simpson and a statement made by an international lawyer Barry Grossman.

Grossman said that if the so-called P5+1 and Iran talks fail, Netanyahu and the traitors among the US lawmakers would be responsible for the next American Vietnam.

Israel has delivered three major body punches to the United States this month, which means it is time to hit back — unless our government wants to be perceived by Americans, Israelis and everyone else in the world as a bad joke as a world power,” Simpson said.

Simpson made the following suggestions to Barack Obama how to get his and America’s honor and sovereignty back.

1. The United States should expel from Washington Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer, a former Republican Party operative, as persona non grata. He helped organize with House Speaker John Boehner the March 2 Netanyahu speech to Congress. He was born in the United States. It would be educational for him to go live in Israel. A country can “png” another’s ambassador without breaking relations. The US government also could simply isolate Mr. Dermer, granting him no appointments with US officials. Let him talk to his friend Mr. Boehner, which should be a real treat.

2. The United States should eliminate its $3 billion (in real values it’s three-times more than that) in annual aid to Israel, a prosperous, developed country in any case.

3. The next time Israel gets into a war, with Hamas in Gaza, Hizbullah in Lebanon or whomever, as is its wont, and asks for more US arms, remind it of its March 2015 madness and sit on the request.

Lobby fears Nigeria’s new pro-Shari’ah president

nigeria[1]You will never succeed if you’re unjust to your people,” Maj. Gen. Mahammadu Buhari.

On Saturday, 177 million Nigerians (Muslims 51%, Christians 42% and Animists 7%) went to poll to choose country’s next president. Over a dozen candidates are contesting the election but the real fight is between the incumbent Christian president Goodluck Jonathan and a former Muslim president Maj. Gen.  Muhammadu Buhari.

Most analysts predict a victory for Buhari, an honest military officer with an iron fist, over Jonathan, a corrupt and IMF poodle. Buhari has pledged to share Nigeria’s oil fortune with ordinary Nigerian and get the nation rid of Boko Haram, the US-Israel’s Muslim proxy.

The election has been extended for another 24 hours due to some “technical difficulties”. The regions where voting were closed – Buhari shows leading so far, however it’s too early to predict the victory. As expected, there were tribal riots, which killed 25 people but the western media termed them “Muslim-Christian” communal riots.

Katy Lee claimed at VOX, a Jewish news website on March 28: “Jonathan’s time in office has been troubled by a weak economy, high corruption, and a badly worsening conflict with the Boko Haram extremist group based in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north. Jonathan’s critics say it has taken him years to fully take on the insurgency that has largely caused suffering to people in the predominantly Muslim north, where Jonathan, a Christian, is less popular. There are now signs that Nigerians from all ethnicities and religions, across the country, could be fed up enough to vote for the opposition.”

Andrew Harding (Jewish), the BBC Africa correspondent reported on March 28: “We’ve seen the impressive patience, discipline – and in the troubled north-east, pure courage – shown by most voters. Then there’s the increasingly sophisticated coalition of election observers, armed with cameras and social media, furiously publishing data and hunting for irregularities.”

Even though, Buhari had maintained good relations with the Zionist entity during his military dictatorship, some members of Zionist-Mafia don’t trust Buhari. For example, Christian Whiton, former senior advisor with State Department under George Bush presidency and the president of pro-Israel Hamilton Foundation, accused Barack Obama for “backing pro-Shari’ah populist Buhari in Nigeria” at Jewish The Commentator on March 27, 2015.

There is a real risk that a Buhari-led Nigeria would take the same path of Turkey over the last decade. There, a populist leader, Recep Erdogan, has fanned the flames of Islamist sentiment to augment his power. In so doing, he has transformed Turkey – nominally a member of NATO – into an ally in name only. Turkey now hosts leadership elements of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood and has aided attacks on Israel. What was once an iconic Muslim-majority nation that embraced modernity and separated mosque and state is now an antagonist of those virtues. An Erdogan scenario in a divided country like Nigeria might lead to sectarian war. Even if that extreme outcome is avoided, the West and its partners might still lose a democratic ally in the struggle against radical Islam,” whined the Talmudic moron.

Goodluck Jonathan met Netanyahu in Jerusalem on October 26, 2014. At a press conference, Netanyahu thanked Jonathan for killing the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN Security Council.

Nigeria has forged closer ties with the Zionist regime under president Goodluck Jonathan. In 2013, Jonathan visited the Zionist entity first time and signed an aviation deal to allow more Nigerian Christian pilgrims to visit the Holy land where Christians are spitted on by religious Jews.

Jewish actress equates Jews to ‘dogs’

On Friday, Abraham Foxman, the US Jew Supremacist condemned American Jew actress and writer of HBO show ‘Girl’, Lena Dunham, 28, for equating her Tribe with dogs in a recent satirical  piece, entitled, Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz, published by The Jew Yorker magazine in its March 30 issue.

In the article, Dunham asks 35 questions that begins by asking the readers “do the following statements refer to (a) my dog or (b) my Jewish boyfriend?

The article includes tidbits like “He doesn’t tip. And he never brings his wallet anywhere.” Another portion of the article adds: “He comes from a culture in which mothers focus every ounce of their attention on their offspring and don’t acknowledge their own need for independence as women. They are sucked dry by their children, who ultimately leave them as soon as they find suitable mates.”

Some will certainly find Lena Dunham’s stereotypes about cheap Jews offensive. Others will take issue with the very idea of comparing a dog and a Jewish boyfriend. The piece is particularly troubling because it evokes memories of the No Jews or Dogs Allowed signs from our own early history in this country, and also because, in a much more sinister way, many in the Muslim world today hatefully refer to Jews as dogs,” said Foxman.

One has to forgive Foxman, the highest-paid Israeli propagandist for demonizing Muslims. However, one of anti-Arab Jewish scholars, Dr. Bernard Lewis, in his book, The Jews of Islam, debunks Foxman, “For Muslims, hostility to the Jews is not part of the birth pangs of their religion, as it is for Christians. It is rather the usual attitude of the dominant to the subordinate, of the majority to the minority, without that additional theological and therefore psychological dimension that gives Christian anti-semitism its unique and special character.”

Jordana Horn, whined at Kveller, a Jewish parenting blog: “There are many people who seem to believe that if you’re from New York and consider yourself ‘culturally Jewish’, then you can say whatever you want about Jewish people“.

David Remnick, an editor of The Jew Yorker, has defended Dunham’s “Jewish rights” to make fun of fellow Jews:

The Jewish-comic tradition is rich with the mockery of, and playing with, stereotypes. Anyone who has ever heard Lenny Bruce or Larry David or Sarah Silverman or who has read ‘Portnoy’s Complaint’ knows that. Lena Dunham, who is Jewish and hugely talented, is a comic voice working in that vein. Richard Pryor and Chris Rock do the same about black stereotypes; Amy Schumer does it with women and gender. I don’t mind if one reader or another didn’t find the piece funny. People can differ on that. But considering all the real hatred and tragedy in the world, the people getting exercised about the so-called anti-Semitism of this comic piece, like those who railed at Philip Roth a generation or two ago, are, with respect, howling in the wrong direction,” Remnick responded to the paranoid Organized Jewry.

Incidentally, on March 23, 2015, The Jew Yorker magazine published an article penned by John Cassidy calling Ted Cruz, the GOP 2016 presidential hopeful “loudmouth”, who has no chance to win the election. As result of pressure from Israel lobby, the author and the magazine apologized to Ted Cruz, who last year told a Christian conference on Middle East that every good Christian must support Israel.

Some readers might be interested to know that in June 2011, a Jerusalem rabbinical court sentenced a wandering dog (considered an impure animal by Halacha) to death by stoning. Read more here.

Pakistanis against US-Israel-Saudi war on Yemen

After Friday prayer, tens of thousands of Muslims poured into Karachi streets to show their support for Yemen against Saudi-led US proxy war against Yemen. The protesters were carrying anti-Wahabbi, anti-US and anti-Israel banners.

Islamabad has confirmed that it received a request from Riyadh to join the US-Israel-Saudi coalition against Yemen. Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif during a cabinet meeting said that if attacked Pakistan army will defend Saudi Arabia, which is considered a token pledge of his loyalty to the Saudi ‘royals’. Sharif spent several years in Saudi Arabia as a ‘royal’ guest while exiled by Pakistan’s fourth military dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf.

Pakistani Muslims have great affection for Saudi Arabia due to Islam’s two most sacred cities – Makkah and Medinah. However, the great majority of them hate Saudi fitna of Wahabism and Salafism which brought religious sectarianism in Pakistan during the country’s second military dictatorship of Gen. Zia-ul-Haq and destroyed country’s history of religious tolerance.

Military officials from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Morocco, etc. routinely come to Pakistan’s military academy in Kakul for training. Pakistani military has always kept it presence in Saudi Arabia and Jordan to defend those countries against Israeli aggression. In previous Israeli aggression against Jordan, Syria and Egypt – Pakistani pilots participated in wars and shotdown 10 Israeli jets.

The Shia community in Pakistan makes more than 15% of country’s total population of 160 million, which is against Pakistan joining a war against Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. During Muslim independence movement against the British Raj, Shia community played a major role. The ‘Father of Pakistan’, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a Shia. Pakistan is also headquarter of Ismaili shias, whose ancestors, the Fatimid dynasty ruled Morocco and Egypt in the past.

Pakistan army, which like in Egypt, Sudan and Algeria, has ruled the country, direct or indirect, is already overstretched for a war which is fought to serve Israeli and not Pakistani interests in the region.

On Friday, sources in Sana’a confirmed that Israeli fighter jets took part in Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes on Houthis strongholds.

On Friday, Reuters reported that Shia Houthis fighters and allied army units seized the southern city of Shaqra in Abyan province gaining their first foothold on the Arabian Sea.

Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah said on Friday that his group is ready to join Saudi coalition if it’s against Israel.

When Israeli Jews buy a bomb from Hamas

Hamas is a pale image of Jewish Irgun and Lehi gangs, says Jewish author Donald Neff.

I don’t recall the warmongering Benjamin Netanyahu ever claimed that Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas posses a bomb. But Israeli-born New York city based Jewish playwright, director and actor Misha Shulman’s play, Martyrs Street, claims that the Zionist entity is threatened more by Israeli extremist Jew settlers than Hamas.

The Martyrs Street is produced as part of the so-called Jewish Play Project with the agenda of Israel’s legitimacy.

Directed by Ian Morgan, the drama is set in the West Bank city of Hebron where extremist Jews carried a massacre of Muslim worshipers in 1994. A group of militant Jew settlers buy a bomb from Hamas to settle score with an anti-settler Jew group in occupied Jerusalem.

The Zionist joke is that the so-called Islamic bomb which Hamas agrees to sell to the Jew settlers, was in fact made by two Israelis; an Orthodox Jew settler from Brooklyn named Dvorah, and a secular Palestinian named Nimer.

Shulman says that Hamas sold the bomb in order to start a civil among Jews which would help Palestinian cause in the play. Maybe Shulman never read American Jew Jack Bernstein’s biography in which he claims that European Jew settlers have been at throats of other Jews and Natives since 1948.

The play is based on Misha’s envisions of the Zionist entity in 2030, radicalized and yet seeking peace. A tense, taut thriller with messianic overtones, Martyrs Street is shown currently at the Theater for the New City.

Shulman, a former commander of the Israel Occupation Force (IOF), hopes that his plays will influence Israeli politics to get people to see the value of coexistence. However, Shulman worries that people will feel depressed that nothing will ever change. But he remains hopeful that America can play a role, by applying pressure on the Zionist regime to end the occupation.

Shulman’s plays often confront Jewish ethical conundrums like national duty and collective guilt from the viewpoint of a liberal Israeli dissident. A New Yorker now, he is founding director of the School for Creative Judaism and is currently in training to become a rabbi. Shulman’s first TNC production, “The Fist” (2004), portrayed the dilemma of Israeli Army refuseniks. Some of the dialogue was based on personal statements of Israeli army reservists who signed a public letter stating that they refused to serve in the West Bank and Gaza strip. His next TNC production, “Desert Sunrise” (2005), was a “tragedy with hope” that portrayed an encounter in the South Hebron Hills between an Israeli soldier, a Palestinian shepherd and a young, tormented Palestinian woman, revealing possibilities for “ta’ayush” (living together),” wrote Broadway World com. on February 24, 2015.

Lobby: Germanwings’ co-pilot was not a Terrorist

bn-hp395_0326lu_h_20150326103252[1]On Tuesday, a Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona (Spain) to Dusseldorf (Germany) crashed in the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board including 144 passengers and six crew members. The flight was being operated with an Airbus A320 aircraft.

The latest report in the investigation of the crash has claimed that the Flight co-pilot, Anreas Guenter Lubitz (a German Jew, 28) intentionally crashed the plane into the Alps in act of mass murder and suicide.

Was this terrorist act carried out by Israeli intelligence to punish Spanish and Germans for their parliaments’ antisemite acts of recognizing an independent Palestinian state? Well, this is something the Jewish-controlled media will never mention because the terrorist was not a Muslim.

Canada’s top anti-Muslim newspaper, The National Post, carried a headline: Anreas Lubitz had no terrorist background.

The Toronto Star claimed that Anreas Lubitz hid his illness (depression) from his employers. On the other hand, “he scored 100 per cent in his psychological testing to become a professional pilot,” said Carsten Spohr, chairman and CEO of Lufthansa, the parent company of Germanwings.

UK’s daily Telegraph also claimed that Lubitz, a German national with no known ties to terrorist groups.

Dina Elmuti, grand-daughter of a survivor of Deir Yassin massacre by Jewish terrorists, has the courage to say the truth.

Germanwings flight 9525 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed a plane and committed mass murder, but he was not Muslim so the word ‘terrorist’ has not and will not be associated with his name and the horrific crimes he committed. There was no Qur’an found in his locker, no last call to a friend named Muhammad, no donation to humanitarian causes in Palestine or Syria. As it stands, he is just a regular ole’ White non-Muslim. A ‘troubled’ soul. Therefore, his character and name deserve every protection. When mass murderers are called ‘mentally ill’, ‘depressed’, ‘emotionally unstable’ or ‘troubled’, it’s so much more than semantics. It’s about affording certain people, and only those people, the right to depth and complexity and humanness. In the eyes of the sensationalist media, everyone else is a two-dimensional approximation of human,” Elmuti said.

Jim Stone, an investigative journalist and blogger has a different theory on this CRASH.

Yemen under US Alliance attacks

On Thursday, the US puppet Arab regimes in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait began a US-Israel proxy war against Yemen controlled by anti-ISIS Shia Houthis fighters. Barack Obama has declared Saudi-led air strikes kosher against Houthis and civilian targets which have killed 20 civilians and wounded another 30 so far. Air strikes also targeted US-supplied military jets parked on ground.

While US forces are not taking direct military action in Yemen in support of this effort, we are establishing a Joint Planning Cell with Saudi Arabia to coordinate US military and intelligence support, said a Pentagon spokesperson.

Riyadh has claimed that pro-USrael regimes in both Egypt and Jordan have agreed to join US-alliance military attacks on Yemen if requested.

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, the president of Yemen has called Saudi Arabia “coward” and “puppet of the US and Israel”.

The Saudi invasion of Yemen has drawn condemnation from many countries such as Iran, Russia, Iraq and Syria, as well as the Lebanese resistance movement, Hizbullah. However, the Zionist-controlled United Nations and European Union have opted not to condemn the “US Alliance” for invading a sovereign Arab state.

Iran’s foreign minister Dr. Javad Zarif has urged Riyadh to end war on Yemen.

In 2010, former US Senator Joe Lieberman said on Fox News:”Iraq was yesterday war. Afghanistan is today’s war. If we don’t act preemptively, Yemen could be our next war. That’s the danger we face.”

On March 23, 2015, Damian Paletta wrote at Israeli mouthpiece, The Wall Street Journal: “The Obama administration’s calculated gamble during the past three years in Yemen has crumbled in recent days, leaving the country on the brink of a civil war with U.S. troops involved in counterterror operations withdrawing amid intense fighting.”

On March 24, 2015, Adam Garfinkle, the Zionist Jew speechwriter of two US secretaries of state, Gen. Colin Powell and Dr. Condoleeza Rice, blamed Obama on his website, The American Interest, for losing Yemen to Iran.

The long record of Administration miscalculations in the Middle East should give anyone pause: a policy that sought peace, reconciliation and stability finds itself with a region increasingly engulfed in flames, with one U.S. plan after another going awry. The Obama strategy of leaving Iraq and winning in Afghanistan has been a failure in both countries. Working with moderate Islamists to defuse terrorism and support democracy failed in both Egypt and Turkey. Libyan intervention and Syrian abstention both led to chaos and promoted the rise of jihadi groups. And now in Yemen, the core of the United States’ counterterrorism strategy has failed and has been hastily rolled up,” Garfinkle said.

No one with a sound mind can expect Garfinkle to believe that all these American wars and adventures were mainly for the security of the Zionist entity. In fact, with the fall of Yemen, which Barack Obama had called a success story on September 10, 2014, The US taxpayers have lost US$500 million arms Washington had provided to Sana’a since 2007 in order to keep the country’s Shia majority under control.

On Wednesday, pro-Israel L.A. Times reported that names of informants and US military plans in Yemen were given to Iranian officials by Yemini officials who switched allegiance to Houthi government. It shows that Yemen too has its Jonathan Pollard.