Washington’s new billion-dollar Embassy in Lebanon

1331334163_Lebanon-Flag[1]On May 27, 2015, US ambassador to Lebanon, David Hale, a Crypto Jew, announced that US is in the process of a new mega embassy complex in Lebanon. This will be second relocation of American embassy since Israeli Mossad bombing of US embassy and US Marine barracks in April 1983.

Hale told reporters that US needs a much larger space to advance US-Lebanon common interests and the two countries growing and deepening ties.

America is here to stay, to work with the Lebanese people for a secure, stable, prosperous, sovereign and free Lebanon,” Hale promised.

The Zionist idiot believes Lebanese forgot how the US and its allies helped Jewish army to carry out genocide of Lebanese people in Summer 2006. Washington only convened UN Security Council meeting after 33-day Israeli invasion failed to defeat Hizbullah and resulted in highest Israeli loses; 139 Israeli soldiers killed, 23 tanks destroyed, two F16 downed and two naval ships damaged.

One wonders what “common interests” Beirut have with Washington when Lebanon is at war with the Zionist entity since 1950s.

In May 2015, Paul Pillar revealed that Israel is planning to attack Lebanon to kill the nuclear deal between the US and Iran.

Now, why the US needs a new mega embassy complex in Beirut when it already a large embassy building? David Hale, as Obama’s Middle East Peace envoy was reported by Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, on October 29, 2011, saying that Arab Spring (a US-Israel creation), will sweep away Hamas from power in Gaza strip.

This huge American investment in Lebanon, an Arab country that is routinely targeted by Israeli terrorism since early 1980s raises some serious questions. America has been arming and financing the Jewish army by donating $3 billion taxpayers’ money annually since 1970s couldn’t have any other agenda than to counter the Iranian threat to Israel hoax.

Israeli leaders fear Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah more than they fear Syrian president Bashar al-Assad or Islamists ruling Iran. Why? Because, the Jewish army never faced Iranian military since its very birth in 1948. Syria has not battled with the Jewish army since 1973. On the other hand, the Jewish army received big thrashing from Hizbullah freedom-fighters in years 2000 and 2006. Several Israeli politicians and military leaders have admitted that Israel doesn’t know how to defeat Hizbullah.

Belen Fernanedez, 33, American journalist and author of book Coffee with Hezbullah, wrote on July 6, 2015:

In the words of Hale, the project represents a nearly $1bn dollar investment by the American government in our partnership between America and Lebanon and will give us more space to advance our common interests and reflect the growing and deepening ties between our two countries.

It would seem, of course, that better uses could be found for such gargantuan funds – both at home and abroad. Poor folks in the US and Lebanon alike could presumably rattle off a whole list of things that might mitigate the pain of daily existence more than the reinforcement of an (eco-friendly!) imperial presence outside Beirut.

And seeing as it is this very imperial entity that is responsible for inundating Israel with advanced weaponry that is regularly used against Lebanon, it’s not difficult to grasp why many Lebanese would fail to discern the existence of “common interests” with the US. Even less difficult when you consider the US role in the creation of the Islamic State, now dedicated to terrorizing the region.

In his May remarks, Ambassador Hale promised that the new embassy would leave no doubt about America’s commitments to the Lebanese: “America is here to stay, to work with the Lebanese people for a secure, stable, prosperous, sovereign, and free Lebanon.”

Unfortunately for Lebanon, the first half of the sentence precludes the second.

Naomi Klein, Pope Francis and the ‘Climate Change’

stuff090[1]Canadian-born political activist, author and Jewish feminist, Naomi Klein, attended a two-day conference on climate change on July 1 in the Catholic Holy Vatican City. She was invited by the kosher Pope Francis.

Pope Francis writes early on that Laudato Si’ is not only a teaching for the Catholic world but for ‘every person living on this planet.’ And I can say that as a secular Jewish feminist who was rather surprised to be invited to the Vatican, it certainly spoke to me,” Klein told reporters ahead of the conference, entitled, People and Planet First: the Imperative to Change Course.

Naomi Klein has long earned the title of self-hating Jew like her American Jewish Feminist sister, Naomi Wolf, from the Organized Jewry for supporting BDS movement, which in reality defends the Zionist entity. Hillel C. Neuer, executive director of Geneva-based Jewish UN Watch had this to say about Klein.

Klein has natured a strange rage against her own people, faith and (Israeli) national cause, from a remarkable young age. Interestingly, all her Goebbelslike venom – Israel as wicked, racist and depraved in its essence – as well as the article’s hysteria, rage and paranoia, are erased from Klein’s later accounts.”

On June 6, 2013, former United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) envoy, professor Richard Falk (Jewish) called on 47-nation body to “investigate” and if found guilty, expel the Geneva-based Israel lobby group, the UN Watch.

Naomi Klein is married to former Al-Jazeera (English) talk-show host, Avi Lewis, son of former leader of Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP), and Canadian ambassador to United Nations, Stephen Lewis, 78.

I admit I’m not in the Climate Change movement and I don’t know who are behind this “$22 billion per year Global Warming Scam” – as Jewish Newsmax claimed on July 6, 2014.

On September 16, 2012, Mark Henrickson, at Jewish Forbe Magazine, said: “Climate Change: ‘Hoax’ or Crime of the Century?”.

Maurice Newman, a top adviser to pro-Israel Australian government of Tony Abbott has called Climate Change: a Hoax by United Nations, reported by BBC on May 8, 2015.

Netanyahu told allies to condemn Israel at UNHRC!

3+monkeys[1]Here is another interesting episode of Israeli self-denial.

While American Jewish groups celebrated Homo Marriage victory during July 4 celebrations – the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) members ratified a UNHRC report, which presented evidence of war-crimes committed by the Jewish army (with $17.3 billion budget), and Hamas (without even a conventional army) during Israel’s invasion of tiny Gaza Strip, code name ‘Operation Protective Edge’ one year ago on that very day.

According to the report, the Jewish army killed 1,462 Palestinian civilians, one third of whom were children. Hamas fighters, on the other hand, were only able to kill 67 Jew soldiers and six civilians.

Forty-one out of the 47-member of the international HR organization voted in favor of the report. As usual, the United States was the only country to vote against it, while India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Paraguay and Macedonia abstained.

Zionist prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who rejected UNHRC investigation of war-crimes last year, blasted UNHRC decision in a statement issued by his office on July 4, 2015.

The UNHRC is not interested in facts and not really interested in human rights. The state of Israel acted to defend itself against a murderous terrorist organization,” said the statement.

Earlier this week, Netanyahu threatened to walk-out of UNHRC membership. “In light of the UN report on Gaza, we will consider whether or not to stay in Human Rights Council,” Netanyahu said.

Now, here is the ‘juicy’ Jewish self-denial story. On July 6, 2015, Stephen Pollard, editor UK’s Jewish Chronicle, claimed that Netanyahu in fact urged British, French and German governments to support the watered-down UNHRC report because the original report solely blamed Jewish army for the massacre of innocent Gaza people.

Israelis feared that, had the watered down resolution been overturned, the original resolution on the report by the Gaza Conflict Commission of Inquiry would have been revived,” Pollard claimed.

ISIS vows to defeat Hamas in Gaza

remote+control+bombing+of+Gaza[1]Taking cue from Hillary Clinton, the ISIS has declared Gaza-ruling Islamic resistance Hamas a threat to Islam for taking help from Iran and Syria – two enemies of Israel.

Gazzan Abu Azzam, ISIS leader in a recent video message, thanks to Jewish Rita Katz, has urged all practicing Muslims living in Gaza Strip to rise against ‘apostate’ Hamas. He called Hamas ‘tyrant’ by equating it with two anti-Israel resistance groups; Syrian president Assad and Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah.

He explained: “The Islamic State has its eyes set on Jerusalem and is getting closer day after day to Al-Aqsa Mosque along the path paved by Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and Sheikh Osama Bin Laden.”

The Zionist scrip writer forgot that Osama bin Laden collaborated with CIA all his life and never threatened the Zionist regime occupying Jerusalem. So was Takfiri Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.

A message to the tyrants of Hamas, you are nothing in our reckoning. You, Fatah and all the secularists, we count you as nothing. Allah willing, we shall uproot the state of the Jews. You are nothing but froth that will be gone as we move in. Allah willing, Gaza will be governed by Shariah despite you,” he continued.

Does the idiot know that the Jewish army, claimed to be world’s fourth strongest military force has failed to destroy Hamas since the later took power in Gaza in 2006. Furthermore, Jewish writer, Donald Neff claimed in March 2015 that Hamas has a nuclear bomb!

Hamas worships the idol of democracy other than God. By God, there are idols that are being worshipped apart from Allah just as in the time of Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him. By Allah, we shall punish you severely if you persist on this apostasy and disgrace. But if you believe in Allah alone, then you are our beloved ones and our brothers,” Abu Gazzan said.

If my memory serves me right – even Netanyahu has never accused Hamas of worshipping idols. History tell us that people worshipped idols during the times of all Biblical prophets who came after Abraham. The Jews worshipped idols (Holy Golden Calf) even when prophet Moses was alive.

Towards the end of the video and following the invitation made by the Gazan members of ISIS to Hamas to revert to the true Islamic faith, a number of Gazan ISIS members gathered together and renewed their pledge to “to listen and obey” the Caliphate Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

The mention of Caliph Al-Baghdadi is the stone which killed the Israeli dog behind the video. Sheikh Al-Baghdadi (born as Simon Elliot) is a Crypto Jew and Israeli Mossad agent. He received military training in Israel.

ISIS threatens to fight Hamas in Gaza! The video is another Israeli propaganda crap to convince its European and American allies that Hamas like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are all enemies of the west. In fact ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and al-Shabaab are all American created terrorist.

Powell Aid: Only Iran can calm the region

ayatollahkhamenei[1]Colonel (ret) Lawrence Wilkerson, the former Chief-of-Staff for former US Secretary of State, Gen. Colin Powell in a recent interview with Iran’s daily Tehran Times claimed that the US policy towards the Islamic Republic and its regional allies, particularly Syria has been against America’s national interests in the region. He asserted that a more economically successful Iran can keep the volatile Middle East region QUIET and PROSPEROUS.

I see Iran as a more stable, mature, increasingly successful, economically successful power, and if she become more successful economically, financially, regionally, and so forth, I think she will become more mature power, able to handle things like keeping the region quiet, and keeping the region prosperous,” Wilkerson said.

Wilkerson who had worked with Saudi Arabian military leaders, says that Saudi army can attack defenseless neighbors like Bahrain or Yemen – but even though it has the money to bribe foreign governments, it’s no match to Iranian military. Riyadh has always depended on the US and UK to defend its monarchy.

Wilkerson said that AKP’s setback in the recent election is a good sign for region. “I’m glad to see Erdogan lost so significantly his (AKP) majority in the Turkish parliament, because Erdogan was becoming a tyrant, a dictator, and he needed to be trimmed; he needed to be setback. Without Turkey and without Iran, and without them acting maturely, wisely and basically democratically, there is not ever going to be any peace in that region,” he said.

Wilkerson is also of the opinion that Barack Obama should apply his muscle against Israel to resolve Palestinian issue instead of bullying Iran.

Wilkerson has repeatedly said that Washington’s foreign policy is run by pro-Israel lobby groups – and Netanyahu is behind the BOMB, BOMB, Bomb Iran scare. Listen to Wilkerson below.

American Jewish professor Flynt Leverett (Pennsylvania State University) and former Fellow at the New American Foundation, a Jewish advocacy group headed by billionaire Eric Schmidt, CEO Google, said on June 9, 2015: “Today, neither Israel nor Saudi Arabia truly represents most of those it governs. Neither can endorse more participatory politics in the region; neither can endorse proliferation of regional states genuinely committed to foreign policy independence. This also mean that neither can exercise passive political influence to facilitate conflict resolution in contested regional arenas; on their own, Israel and Saudi Arabia can only make things worse.”

If one study Middle Eastern history from some objective source, he will find out that it was not Iran but the Western colonial powers which created the current turmoil in the region by dividing Arab countries into defenseless and failed entities on ethnic, tribal and religion basis. Iran has been victim of the US, Britain and Israeli aggression even before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The situation became worse after the Islamists took power in Tehran.

Hookers 4 Hillary!

hillary2008picture[1]One of America’s top pimps, Dennis Hoff’s (Jewish) hooker family at the Bunny Ranch has endorsed America’s former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, as country’s next president. The Nevada Bunny Ranch family has started their campaign with Hookers 4 Hillary web-page.

I bet, late Libyan leader Qaddafi must be saying inside his grave: “She came, she winked, and she won the hearts of millions of American hookers.”

During the past few days, Hillary Clinton has been busy assuring wealthy Jew donors that despite her support for a nuclear deal with Iran – she will look after Israeli interests better than Barack Obama, who has already proved to be the First Jewish President.

After failing to bring a pro-US-Israel regime change in Tehran by confrontation – Hillary Clinton and many other Zionist poodles, endorse Obama’s ‘Iran policy’ – believing that the only way left to destroy the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran would be from within by allying with Iranian government.

In April 2015, US-Israeli citizen and a close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, millionaire Haim Saban of Brookings Institute endorsed Hillary saying that “she would get along better with Netanyahu and be a good President toward Israel.”

As a political propaganda charade, on the other hand, some Jewish propagandists are trying to paint her as anti-Israel and pro-Muslims. For example, Sheldon Filger, a Zionist propagandist and author, in his best selling 2008 book, Hillary Clinton Nude: Naked Ambition, Hillary Clinton and America’s Demise, has painted her  a habitual liar, self-centered power-hungry and embodiment of all evils.

In April 2015, David Brock, the Jewish publisher of Media Matters, the so-called “internet media watch” blasted American Jewish author Peter Schweizer for painting a dark picture of Hillary Clinton in his new book, Clinton Cash: the Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich. According to some US media pundits, Hillary is worth over $50 million.

Schweizer is a partisan right-wing (Republican) activist whose writings have been marked with falsehood and retractions,” said Brock in a statement. One wonder which pro-Israel Zionist Jew is not telling a lie – Schweizer or Brock.

In 2012, Hillary Clinton whined about Libya by saying: “How can this happen in a country we liberate in a city (Benghazi) we helped save from destruction?” I bet she was lying from both ends of her Zionist mouth to cover Israeli hands in the destruction of Africa’s most liberal and rich nation. Watch a video below to find out the truth.

O’Canada: Jewish Lobby against Al-Quds Day

I invite Muslims all over the globe to consecrate the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan – which is a ‘Day of Fate’ and which could also become the day on which the fate of the Palestinian people might be determined – as Quds Day, and proclaim the international solidarity of Muslims in support of legitimate the Muslim people (of Palestine),” Imam Khomeini said on August 7, 1979.

On July 26, 2014, over 20,000 Canadians Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Jews gathered at Queen Park, Toronto, to attend International Al-Quds Day rally (watch a video below).

In April 2015, various Jewish and Christian Zionist groups led by B’nai B’rith (Canada) started a vicious campaign against such huge pro-Palestine demonstration at the Queens Park. According to latest report by the Jewish media campaigners, the Queen Park has refused to issue a permit for the Al-Quds rally claiming it being anti-Israel under Harper’s new Hate Crime Law (C-51) – authored by the Jewish Lobby to protect the Zionist regime from genuine criticism (watch a video below).

In 2013, a similar demand by B’nai B’rith was rejected by David Joseph Levac (Jewish), Speaker Ontario Legislative Assembly, saying: “These groups are exercising their rights to assemble and freedom of speech and are not subjected to censorship by the Legislative Assembly, except to ensure that Canadian law and our guidelines are observed.” Read the rest here.

The last Friday of Islamic month of Ramadan (Fasting) was declared as the International Al-Quds Day by Imam Khomeini, the Leader of Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979 to show support by the followers of all faiths for the recovery of Islam’s third most sacred city, Al-Quds (Jerusalem) after Makkah and Medinah. The first rally was carried out in Tehran in 1980, which drew close to one million people. Since then, gradually, it has become an international event. This year, the rallies are expected to be held in over 80 countries.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei and Iran’s president Sheikh Hasan Rouhani are expected to address world’s largest pro-Palestine rally in Tehran on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan.

Addressing the 2013 al-Quds rally in Tehran, then president-elect Hasan Rouhani, said: “In our region there’s been a wound for years on the body of the Muslim world under the shadow of the occupation of the holy land of Palestine and the beloved Al-Quds (Jerusalem).”