Kalam: The Father of ‘Hindu Bomb’ died

Kalam[1]Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, former Indian President (2002-2007) passed away on Monday while delivering a lecture at Indian Institute of Management in Shillong, Assam state. He was 83.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayi raji’un (Allah gives life and we all return to Him after death)

Dr. Kalam was known as the Father of India’s nuclear bomb, a title given to him by Modi’s BJP in 1998. Recently, Muslim-hating Indian prime minister Narendra Modi called him ‘Jewel of India’.

Dr. Kalam was never hunted by the Hindutva or the Organized Jewry like the Father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. However, Dr. Kalam has his Hindu critics (here and here) for invented an evil which killed thousands of Indian civilians as result of its tests.

Both these Muslim scientists are admired by their respective countrymen for their patriotism. While Dr. Kalam was a non-religious secularist, Dr. Khan is a religious person. None of them have been compared with Dr. Emil Julius Klaus Fuchs, a German Jewish physicist,who worked for both the US and UK authorities on the successful Atom Bomb and H Bomb Projects in the 1940s – and sold those secrets to the Soviet Union.

Dr. Khan in a recent interview he gave to Jewish-controlled BBC via telephone, said that APJ Abdul Kalam, otherwise known as “The Missile Man” was a simple man an ordinary scientist with no significant scientific invention to his credit – and the Indian missile program was achieved with major Russian input. He also claimed that the Muslim-hating Hindu supremacist political part BJP used Dr. Kalam to whitewash BJP’s Muslim massacre in Gujarat state and to ensure party’s Muslim vote bank of 140 million by installing Kalam as country’s president in 2002.

Kalam, came from a poor Tamil background. He used to distribute newspapers to keep the home fires burning. Some of his biographers give Kalam’s higher education to India’s first prime minister Pandit Nehru.

A few months ago, Ms. Neera Yadav, education minister of Jharkhand state while visiting India’s largest agricultural university, put a Tilak on Dr. Kalam’s picture considering him a dead Hindu leader.

I only put a Tilak on the picture and garlands were already placed on the pictures of other great leaders too,” said Yadav

abdul kalam dead

Huckabee: US-Iran deal is ‘door’ to new Holocaust

Both Republican and Democrat candidates lining-up for Jewish Lobby’s financial and media support are trying to beat even fanatic Israeli leaders when it come to Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hizbullah. The latest such stupid statement comes from former Arkansas governor and GOP hopeful for 2016 presidential nominee, Mike Huckabee, which was even slammed by some of Israeli leaders including Ron Dermer, Israeli ambassador in Washington, and the American Jewish lobby groups, such as, ADL, NJDC and AICE – but ZOA called Huckabee’s Holocaust comment appropriate.

According to Jewish propaganda Breitbart New, Huckabee said: “This President’s foreign policy is most feckless in American history. It’s so naïve so that he would trust Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of The Oven.”

For a sensible person, it’s become impossible to decide who to believe. For example the longest-serving Jewish Congressman, Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich) in a statement Tuesday, supported US-Iran nuclear deal claiming it will generate more financial, military and moral support from Washington.

In May 2015, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded $45 billion in aid from Obama administration in return for blessing the US-Iran deal.

Leon Wieseltier at Jewish The Atlantic claimed that in a photo-up during the signing of the agreement in Vienna, only Iranian foreign minister Dr. Javad Zarif was laughing. The Zionist propagandist deducted from the “laugh” that Iranian negotiating team won. In 2003, Wieseltier was so sure about Saddam Hussein’s WMDs that volunteered to help American soldiers to find them after the fall of Baghdad.

Peter Jenkins, former British diplomat who worked on Iran’s nuclear program as an ambassador to IAEA, wrote on July 27, 2015 that the UK, France and Germany could have got in 2005 what the so-called P5+1 got after 10 years if they had agreed to Iran’s rights under the NPT to enrich uranium for use as reactor fuel. Jenkins says that in August 2005, when Tehran refused to give-up its lawful rights as NPT signatory – Washington jumped into the arena to bully Iran on behalf of Israel.

The American and European approach to Iranian case has suffered greatly from Israel’s political influence in Washington and European capitals, and Israel’s security relation with the US. Israel is a regional rival of Iran. It resents Iran’s refusal to recognize it as a Jewish state. It suffers from Iranian support for the organizations which refuse to tolerate the way Israelis treat Palestinians. For more than 20 years, some Israeli politicians have seen political advantage in propagating belief in an Iranian nuclear threat to Israel,” Jenkins said.

No matter what the Jewish-controlled leaders and mainstream media tell you – one thing is sure; it was the Zionist regime which threatened the White House in 2011-2012 to drag the US into a war that it couldn’t control. One that would likely have devastating effects on both the US and Israel. “Thus started an urgent search for a nuclear deal. By clinching the deal with Iran, Obama has, above all, succeeded in averting a disastrous war that wouldn’t have prevented Tehran from acquiring nukes. And it was Netanyahu who made sure Obama thought war was on the horizon,” said Dr. Shibley Telhami, a senior fellow at Jewish Brookings Institute – quoted by Reuters July 21, 2015.

Nasrullah urges Global Resistance against Israel

Syria[1]On Tuesday, Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah, leader of Israel’s most feared Islamic Resistance group, Hizbullah, urged the Muslim World to continue military, diplomatic and media resistance against world’s most arrogant regime occupying Palestine. He said that the Zionist regime through his proxy regimes in the west and the region has declared an open war on Muslims.

Nasrullah made the statement during his address to the 1st annual meeting of the Conference of International Union of Resistance Scholars held in Beirut via TV. The meeting was attended by scholars representing different Islamic denominations.

Other scholars also urged Muslims to confront the Western evil agenda of Shia-Sunni divide which only serves the US-Israeli evil agenda in the Muslim world, particularly in the Middle East.

The academics described the Zionist entity being the root cause of conflicts, economic, political, racism, Islamophobia and cultural problems Muslims facing around the world.

American Jewish journalist and author, Steve Lendman, posted an article supporting Nasrullah’s stand against the Zionist regime, which debunks the US and Israeli lies about Hizbullah.

Hizbullah is a legitimate part of Lebanese government. It’s not a terrorist organization as Washington and Israel claim. It’s born out of Jewish army’s 1982 invasion – devastating naked aggression slaughtering nearly 18,000 people mostly civilians including Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camp massacres,” Lendman said.

The massacre was carried out on the orders of Gen Ariel Sharon, a Crypto-Jew, who was born to Jewish father and Russian Christian mother. Sharon never converted to Judaism based on Halaka, the Jewish Shari’ah laws.

Hizbullah is more than a political entity. It has a military wing for self-defense – not the naked aggression the way America and Israel operate. It provides vital social, charitable, educational and healthcare services. It established dozens of hospitals and schools. It enjoys widespread support, specially among Shias comprising over one-third of country’s total population,” Lendman added.

Israel’s high crimes take many forms. Muslims are targets for praying to the wrong G-d. Thousands are wrongfully imprisoned for political reasons,” Lendman claims.

French Zionist FM excited over visit to Iran

Europe’s most hawkish Zionist Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, an Israeli poodle, has praised Islamist regime in Tehran in an Op-Ed published in Iran Daily on July 28, 2015 ahead of his visit to the Islamic Republic on July 29.

The French have long been fascinated by Persia, with its great cultural heritage and outstanding contribution to the history of science and ideas. We are equally amazed by Iranian students; in French universities, they achieve excellence and are the embodiment of Iran. Now, everything is in place for us to step up our exchanges,” Fabius said.

As a professional Zionist liar, Fabius ignored to mention Imam Khomeini’s stay in Paris for nearly four months before toppling pro-US-Israel Reza Shah regime in 1979. After the revolution, many Iranian predicted that relations between Iran and France would become ‘brotherly’ as result of Imam’s stay in Paris. The revolutionaries in Tehran lauded French leaders for being hospitable toward their spiritual leader. They had no hatred of France, which lacked colonialist aspirations regarding Iran. However, when Iranians learned how significant military aid French government gave to Saddam Hussein during the 8-year Iraq-Iran war, they woke-up from fantasy about France. France under pressure from Jewish lobby groups started believing Islamist being an ‘existential threat’ to Israel due to Imam Khomeini’s open support for Palestinian cause.

Laurent Fabius played a major role in sabotaging nuclear talks in Vienna between the so-called P5+1 and Iran by insisting new demands which he knew Tehran would never agree. His anti-Iran tactics were admired by Netanyahu and French Jewish Lobby, CRIF.

Immediately after the UN Security Council declared the P5+1 agreement with Iran over latter’s non-existent nuclear bomb kosher – America’s partners in crime, the ZOG Germany, France and UK are rushing to dip into Iran’s pot of gold. Last week, Germany’s economy minister Sigmar Gabriel visited Tehran to revive Iran-Germany trade relations under King Reza Shah.

The US, UK, France and Germany have lost hundreds of billions dollars in trade by joining US-Israel sponsored sanctions against Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. These countries were replaced by Russia, China and India as Iran’s major trading partners during the last two decades.

Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the US and west Germany were Iran’s largest trading partners. Nearly 50,000 American worked and lived in Iran. Iran used to import 16% of its goods from United States. In 1978, the US exported $3.7 billion worth of good to Iran and imported $2.9 billion worth of goods from Iran.

The Americans were the biggest losers ($175.6 billion) as result of sanctions against the Islamic Republic between 1995-2012. Now add to that $55 billion Washington gave to Israel in military aid during the same period. It may take another decade before Iranian start considering American multi-national firms as trustworthy trading partners.

Laurent Fabius has served as French prime minister and minister of finance in the past. He was born to Jewish parents who later converted to Catholicism, France’s dominant religion, to escape anti-Semitism.

TPP serves Israel’s interests

The so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has nothing to do with establishing trade partnership with foreign countries. It’s a political bill authored by AIPAC to protect illegal Jewish settlements by forbidding signatories of TPP to boycott Israeli goods.

The bill with its hidden clauses gives the US president the power to negotiate the TPP trade deal without public scrutiny – require the president make combatting any boycott of the Zionist entity a principle trade objective and would require the president to report to Congress on any business that are participating in such boycotts. Watch a video below in which a US official explains TPP’s ‘secret clauses’.

Interestingly, the language of the bill specially includes “territories controlled by the state of Israel” – that is, territories occupied by the Jewish army during June 1967, which no country in world including United States, recognizes as part of Israel.

On June 29, 2015, Israel-First Congressman Peter Roskam boasted on his website: “This is an historic milestone in the fight against Israel’s enemies, as American opposition to insidious efforts to demonize and isolate the Jewish state is now the law of the land. The bipartisan bill enacted today conditions any free trade agreement with the European Union on its rejection of BDS. This will force companies like telecom giant Orange, which is partially owned by the French government, to think twice before engaging in economic warfare against Israel. No longer will these companies be able to freely attack a key U.S. ally without consequence. Nevertheless, what we accomplished today is just the beginning. As the BDS movement continues to evolve, so too must our response. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure the U.S.-Israel relationship remains strong now and in the future.”

Currently, Canada, New Zealand, Philippine, Japan, Chile, Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam are negotiating with the US to join this Israeli-controlled trading club.

Professor Gurdial Singh Nijar (University of Malaya) in a recent article wondered why a Muslim-majority nation like Malaysia that doesn’t recognize Israel, and has long been targeted by the US, Israel and Jewish groups (here, here and here) would be interested in joining TPP which is another whip to beat criticism of the Zionist regime.

The TPP text being negotiated is shrouded in secrecy and is not fully disclosed to the people of the countries involved: citizens, legislators, farmers and such like. Since Wikileaks started disclosing some chapters, the text is being made available on limited basis to some chosen people and groups. And they must sign a non-discloser agreement. The secrecy applies up to five years after the treaty comes into force,” says Nijar.

From reports and rumors, TPP will be a charter for multinational and big business. It has the potential of huge adverse impacts – upon country’s sovereignty and even the basic structure of the federal Constitution. The decision of country’s highest judiciary can be bypassed, as it happened in Australia over Tobacco companies dispute,” says Nijar.

A provision in the negotiating text prevents countries from imposing trade sanctions against Israel – although, ironically, the US has initiated the most number of sanctions against other countries ever in the world. Incredulous as this provision may sound, it advances the US-Israel Trade and Commerce Enhancement Act which requires US trade agreements to discourage “politically motivated actions to boycott, divest from, or sanction Israel and to seek the elimination of politically motivated non-tariff on Israeli commerce,” concludes Dr. Nijar.

But, naturally, such US requirement doesn’t apply the so-called the only democracy in the Middle East. The Zionist regime can use politically motivated boycott of Gaza, Sudan or even the US ally and anti-Assad Qatar.

Many pundits have claimed that TPP is to protect Israel from the BDS movement – while in fact the BDS itself defends 78% Jewish occupation of Palestine.

Netanyahu, Pollard and The Deal

On July 24, 2015, Devlin Barrett (no relation to 9/11 denier Kevin Barrett PhD) reported at Jewish Wall street Journal (WSJ) that Barack Obama administration is preparing to release Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard as a sweetener for Netanyahu to board on the US-Iran gravy-deal.

According to the Jewish daily Forward, the White House officials denied WSJ claim, saying that Pollard’s release on parole on the due date or earlier has nothing to do with Israeli opposition to the nuclear agreement between the so-called P5+1 and Iran.

However, as a pressure tactic to show American public that Obama administration is trying to sell a bad deal to Israel; first 50% increase in annual military aid to Israel and now the release of a convicted American Jew. The ‘smoking gun’ news was parroted by several Jewish newspapers and networks, such as, The Jew York times, Time Magazine, YNet, Newsweek, CNN, FoxNews, NPR, Daily Mail, Independent UK, etc.

Jonathan Pollard, a Jewish intelligence official at the US Navy, was found stealing over one million classified intelligence documents, many related to the Islamic Republic, and selling it to Israel. He was found guilty and sentenced to life by a US court thirty years ago. Now, he is due for a restricted parole on November 21, 2015.

Pollard has become a political PR for Netanyahu. Gordon Thomas, who is tied to Israeli Mossad, in his book, Seeds of Fire, says that Netanyahu tied Pollard’s release to talk with PA president Mahmoud Abbas – and destruction of secret tapes showing Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex affair in the White house. Jewish author, Daniel Halper, in book, Clinton Inc. has also confirm such offers from Netanyahu. The Insight magazine in an article published in 2000 claimed that Israel had “penetrated four White House telephone lines and was able to relay real-time conversations on those lines from a remote site outside the White House directly to Israel for listening and recording.”

Justin Raimondo wrote on July 27: Keep Pollard in Jail and throw away the keys.

And finally a truth from Israel’s newspaper YNet Op-Ed on December 10, 2014: “Pollard remains in prison and the Americans learned that Netanyahu is made of elastic material which one cannot rely on. He can be bent, but he quickly folds back to the opposite direction.”

Farrakhan speaks for Native American Rights


On July 10, 2015, the United National Tribal Youth (UNITY) held its 39th annual conference in a downtown Washington DC hotel. The conference was attended by nearly 1800 young Native American activists.

The leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, the Afro-American leader hated the most by Jewish ADL, was the keynote speaker.

When a stranger comes and take your land and takes his wealth off our land – that’s not a stranger, that’s an enemy. Take pride who you are. When you walk the earth, walk with a little heaviness because all this land belongs to yours,” Farrakhan said. Listen to his full speech below.

I guess US president Barack Obama has a lot to learn from Farrakhan’s speech about his Black heritage and PA president Mahmoud Abbas about Occupied Palestine.

Richard B. Muhammad, editor The Final Call describes the mood of the conference after Minister Farrakhan reminded the young Native Americans the glorious history of their ancestors long before Christopher Columbus discovered Americas accidently in late 1490s.

UNITY was founded in 1976 by J.R Cook, a member of Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma to help Native youth develop leadership and other skills.

Howard Zinn in his book, A People’s History of United States documents the brutal history of Native American Holocaust committed by the Judeo-Christian European settlers who followed Christopher Columbus, which resulted in the death of estimated over 100 million Natives (Arabs, Africans, Irish, Chinese, and others) in the so-called “New World”.

Native Americans in what is now the United States would continued to be killed by later settlers in enormous numbers, had their land stolen by the ‘world’s most civilized’ government, and see their rights trampled on. This is West’s legacy of bringing the non-White nations to “civilization, Christianity and Democracy” – and the effect of this violent campaign and decades of oppression afterward can still be seen today in the huge disparities between the Native American population and the population in general.