No anti-Israel slogans at Int. cricket matches, please!

The former Austrian batsman and currently an International Cricket Council (ICC) referee, David Clarence Boon, has warned England cricket team batsman, Moeen Munir Ali 27, not to wear anti-Israel wristband during the ICC matches.

Worcestershire all-rounder Moeen Ali wore wristbands during the third Test match against India on July 28 that read Save Gaza and Free Palestine, while batting during England’s first innings against India at the Rose Bowl in Southampton.

On July 28, England and Wales Cricket Board insisted they have no issue with Ali’s conduct. “As far as we are concerned, Ali has not committed any offense. It’s up to the ICC to decide what action, if any, Ali should face,” an ECB spokesperson said.

However, the record shows that the organized Jewry was not going to take criticism of Israel sitting down. Several Jewish groups have claimed Ali had donated money to the “anti-Semite” Hamas. They have claimed that recently Ali attended a fundraising event for the 1,200 Gaza victims of Israeli brutality.

Several former cricketers, such as, England’s Ajmal Shahzad and Kabir Ali, and Pakistan’s all-rounder Azhar Mahmood, supported Moeen Ali on twitter.

Several other sportsmen have come under Israel lobby’s axe in the past. On July 25, Malaysian cyclist Azizulhasni Awang was warned he risked being thrown out of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow if he repeated wearing gloves bearing the message Save Gaza. Awang was showing his support for Al-Quds Day.

Earlier this year, NBA basketball star, Tony Parker, came under powerful Jewish lobby group ADL, not even uttering a world against Holocaust or Israel – but for a picture taken with French comedian Dieudonne three years ago.

In March 2014, French footballer Nicolas Anelka was sacked by England’s West Bromwich Albion for showing a finger to the organized Jewry. Brazilian club Atletico Mineiro has backed-down from its earlier offer to Anelka fearing backlash from country’s Jewish groups.

In their attempts to keep (anti-Israel) politics out of sport, governing bodies are hypocritical. Players should be allowed to express their personalities. David Boon and the ICC have made a political statement of their own. It’s not Moeen Ali’s statement that is in the wrong, but theirs,” writes Ally Fogg at the UK daily Guardian, July 29, 2014.



Israel: ‘Mona Lisa converts to Islam’!

dublin1a[1]Israeli historian Israel Shahak was not kidding when he said: “Jewish Holy Talmud is the most hateful religious literature in the world.”

On July 29, 2014, The Irish Times reported that Israeli embassy in Dublin has superimposed several of its paintings including Mona Lisa and Molly Malone with weaponry and tradition Muslim headscarves to justify Israeli bloodshed in Gaza Strip.

Mona Lisa’s photo shows wearing Muslim “hijab” while holding Hamas rocket with Israeli warning: “Israel Now, Paris Next“.

Molly Malone was shown  as a Palestinian scarf-wearing “jihadi” with warning “Israel Now, Dublin Next“.

The other two Israeli Hasbara (propaganda in Hebrew) photos depicted Michaelangelo’s David, based on “David and Goliath” Jewish myth – wearing a skirt fashioned out of Palestinian explosives with warning “Israel Now, Italy Next“.

Another photo depicted Copenhagen’s (Denmark) famous statue of the Little Mermaid holding Hamas enormous gun with the words “Israel Now, Denmark Next”.

All four photos contained the caption “Israel is the last frontier of the free world”. I bet my Canadian dollar, the Israeli ambassador in Dublin, Boaz Modai, also believes that his “free world”, like Israel, is also child molester Jimmy Savile.

The “Islamized photos” were posted on Israel’s Dublin embassy’s official twitter on Friday but later removed after Israeli embassy received online backlash from angry viewers.

This is one of thousands examples, how Israeli officials and nearly 100,000 Israeli propagandists have been trained to lie without being ashamed.

No one knows the art of propaganda better than Nazi Goebbels’ Zionist allies. “In all of its conflicts, Tel Aviv invents and then seizes a constantly reinforced “moral” high ground, immediately positioning itself as a victim and defending its actions as defensive. That view is then relentlessly streamed 24/7 to the public by lobby groups, PR firms and government agencies to and through a well-orchestrated network of political allies and supporters worldwide,” says Danny Schechter, Jew film-maker, writer and blogger.

Richard Silverstein, a anti-Zionist Jewish blogger (I’m not allowed to post comments there) says: “Let’s talk about the faux ceasefire. Really a fraudulent ceasefire. Egypt’s ceasefire with no one. My Israeli source, who was consulted as part of the negotiations, tells me that this was not, in reality, an Egyptian proposal. It was, in fact, an Israeli proposal presented in the guise of an Egyptian proposal. Israel wrote the ceasefire protocol. The Egyptians rubber-stamped it and put it out under their letterhead as if it was their own.”

Israeli historian Dr. Ilan Pappe: “The Israeli propaganda machine attempts again and again to narrate its policies as out of context and turns the pretext it found for every new wave of destruction into the main justification for another spree of indiscriminate slaughter in the killing fields of Palestine.”

Israelis have been marketing their new religion, Holocaust, through pornography for decades.

Watch a video below in which American writer, author and founder of “If American Knew” website, Alison Weir, debunks various Israeli propaganda lies. Read her personal blog here.

Jew Comedian: “Israel is Jimmy Savile of nation states”

British comedian, columnist, actor, author and human rights activist, Alexei David Sayle, has fiercely condemned unprovoked Israeli bloodshed in Gaza, by comparing the Zionist regime’s behavior to that of prolific sex offender Sir Jimmy Savile.

Israel is the Jimmy Savile of nation states. It clearly doesn’t care about damaging the lives of children,” Sayle said during an interview with the Council for Arab-British Understanding (Caabu). Read up to date report on Israeli crimes in Gaza Strip here.

Sir Jimmy Savile, who died in 2011, was a prominent talk-show host at the BBC, and a great defender of the Zionist entity. British prosecutors have accused him sexually abusing nearly 4000 young men and children sometimes on the BBC premises, over a 40 year period.

On January 8, 2009, Alexei Sayle posted on his personal blog: “I have no particular affection for Hamas, Hizbullah or the current leadership in Iran. I am not even that keen on Fatah and have always felt that Yasser Arafat was a disgrace. It is one of the many tragedies surrounding the ordinary Palestinian people that they never had the leadership their courage and fortitude deserves. However sadly hundreds of years of colonialism followed by over forty years of occupation by a repressive military power, crushing poverty, broken promises and constant humiliation do not make you clear-sighted, tolerant or sensible twenty-four hours a day.”

Am I the only one who feel that Moshe Sayle is nothing but a Muslim-hating Zionist hiding behind “humanitarian skull-cap”. In one paragraph, he has demonized Hamas and its two major regional allies. However, I do agree with him that Yasser Arafat like Mahmoud Abbas was indeed a disgrace to Palestinian people.

Jeffrey Blankfort, an American Jewish writer, author and human-rights activist, had this to say about Yasser Arafat: “Having been a major “asset” for the Israelis for years, delivering the land of Palestine to Oslo, apparently the reason behind their placing $8 million a month in his personal bank account afterward, they had nothing to gain by killing him. People who didn’t know better believed the charade about him being a “prisoner” in his Ramallah compound when there was not a single Israeli in sight and from which he could have walked out at any time and the same ones have believed that he was a “hero” and “leader of his people” rather than what he was, a traitor and collaborator. Indeed, the Israelis helped to maintain the fiction. Whenever the people of the WB, who had no love for him, began to complain about the undemocratic practices of the PA, the Israelis would come to his aid by “threatening” him and, as anticipated, the Palestinians would put aside their complaints and rally around him.”

Israeli-born columnist for British daily Evening Standard, Mira Bar-Hillel, claims that many of Britain’s 260,000 Jews despise Israeli actions against Palestinians but would not speak out against the Zionist entity out of fear of being ex-communicated from their local community. For saying the truth, the British organized Jewry has declared her ‘antisemite’.


Chutzpah: Obama urges Netanyahu to stop killing Gazans!

Obama-Israel-holocaustl[1]After the 12-hour “humanitarian cease-fire” on Sunday, Israelis restarted shelling Gaza civilian targets to punish Gazans for electing Hamas to lead their struggle to recover some of their lands stolen by the foreign Jew terrorists since 1948. So far, more than 1000 Gaza people, 80% civilians among them, have been killed by Israeli shelling during the last 20 days.

Israeli media reported on Sunday that Barack Obama in a telephone chat with Benjamin Netanyahu urged him to extend the “humanitarian cease-fire” in order to save Israel from further world condemnation.

Obama’s non-stop knee-bending in front of Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is so pathetic that one cannot even laugh anymore. The president of the world’s most powerful nation which has shielded the Zionist entity since 1948 with over $3 trillion financial and military aid; over 47 vetoes at the UNSC and making Arabs and Muslims kill each other through direct and proxy wars – has become so weak that he cannot even tell Netanyahu to stop killing Gazan otherwise he would stop some of American support to Israel.

In 1956, Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower, using his Jewish family roots and being WW II hero confronted the Jewish Lobby by issuing a warning to Israel, Britain and France to cancel their plan to bring a regime change in Cairo while the Zionist entity occupy the entire Sinai Peninsula.

In April 1955, under pressure from Jewish Lobby, British prime minister Anthony Eden backed-down on his promise to sell arms to Colonel Nasser. Nasser in return nationalized the Suez Canal and told London to pull all its forces from Egypt. Eden told Israeli prime minister David Ben Gurion to invade Egyptian Sinai Peninsula to fulfill Zionists dream of the Greater Israel. Both London and Paris promised Gurion to provide military and diplomatic support to Israeli invasion.

When US President Eisenhower learned of the UK-French-Israeli plan to grab the Suez Canal and march on Cairo, he was furious. Ike ordered the British and French out of Egypt under threat of collapsing their weak currencies. Eisenhower told Israel to get out of Sinai – or else. Israel got out,” says Eric Margolis, Canada’s renowned war correspondent and author.

This event is worth recalling as we today watch US President Barack Obama and his hapless Secretary of State John Kerry plead with Israel to stop massacring Palestinians in Gaza,” says Margolis.

In order to honor Eisenhower’s starving 1.7 million anti-Semite Germans during the WW II, the Jewish lobby got the presidential resort to be named after Eisenhower’s grandson; the David Camp. Currently, the American sheep are paying for the construction of Eisenhower Memorial on a four-acre Federal land in Washington DC.

Sayed Kashua: Top Hebrew author leaves racist Israel

Sayed Kashua is a Palestinian Israeli citizen, and greatest living Hebrew writer, author and screen play-writer. On Thursday, he left Israel for good and has taken residence in New York along with his family. In his last post for daily Ha’aretz, he said that his dream of living within a tolerant Israeli society has been shattered by the rise of Israeli Jewish racism toward Palestinian people. He said that the current Israel’s unprovoked bloody military assault on 1.7 million Gaza people was the last straw which broke his life-long dream of Jews and Palestinians living together in peace.

Kashua’s decision to emigrate to Israel’s North American colony (USA) came in response to a series of events that were marked by violence and incitement against the Arab population, from the government to the street. One member of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, called for a war against the Palestinian people on her Facebook page. Another called an Arab legislator a “terrorist” during a parliamentary committee session, while still another, the leader of an ostensibly centrist party, submitted a proposal to ban an established Arab nationalist party with sitting members of the Knesset. The editor of a right-wing newspaper suggested that now was the time to transfer the Arab population out of the occupied West Bank. In Jerusalem, mobs of hyper nationalist youth rampaged through the cafe-lined downtown streets chanting “death to Arabs,” assaulting random passersby because they looked or sounded Palestinian. Most horrifically of all, a 17 year-old Palestinian boy from East Jerusalem was abducted from the street by six young Jewish men, three of them minors. The police found Mohammed Abu Khdeir’s corpse in the nearby Jerusalem Forest shortly after CCTV cameras recorded some young men forcing him into a car. He had been doused with gasoline and burned alive. Three of the six boys confessed to the crime and re-enacted it for the police.

The Jerusalem-based chain-smoking, whisky-loving Kashua was born in Tira, Israel. He is famous for his novels based on Israel-Palestinian folk-tales, and humoristic writings in Hebrew. He also wrote script for the Israeli movie Private (2004), based on the story of a Palestinian family trapped inside a house commandeered by Jew soldiers. Watch the movie below.

To prove Jewish racist mindset, on July 19, 2014, students from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, along with family members walked out of Graduation ceremony during Kashua speech when he made satirical comment about the three missing young Jew settlers. “Holland gave it to Spain 5-1 and Hamas gave it Israel 3-0,” said Kashua. Students also accused him of saying: “My children saw on television how Netanyahu speaks against terrorists and murderers. They asked me who he was talking about, and I replied that he is talking about me and them, my children.”

Kashua who worked as columnist for Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz for years is told by the paper’s publisher that he can write whatever he wants from New York. I bet, Israeli propaganda organs, The Jew York Times and Washington Times would love to have him on staff at any cost.

As typical Jewish mindset, Kashua’s decision to say good-by to racist Israel was labeled as being pessimistic.

You were supposed be optimistic, you were supposed to give us hope. Instead you are only proposing despair. So in contrast to you, Sayed, I decided to fight and keep dreaming of a more optimistic world where one can think differently. When it comes true, please do not stay in the US,” Maisalon Dallashi, a researcher at Tel Aviv University, wrote in letter to Syed Kashua.

BBC: ‘No to Israel’s critic’

The self-hating American Jewish professor Richard Falk (Princeton University) posted his recent experience with the British government-owned broadcasting corporation BBC over his scheduled interview concerning Israeli bloodshed in Gaza.

Dr. Falk says that he was invited by some “charming” BBC official four times during last week to tell BBC’s listeners and every time hours before his scheduled appearance, received a call from her, saying: “We apologize but we have to cancel today’s appearance.”

Anyone who has read UN Watch website would know why BBC has to do that. Simply put it, Falk hates Israel and Zionist Jews.

Falk claims that he is an American first and last. He has refused to take dictation from the organized Jewry. And worst, he has praised Leader of Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Ayatullah Khomeini, for establishing a real democracy in Iran, which is hardly found in Zionist occupied western countries.

Naturally, these are more than enough reasons for the Jewish Lobby to demonize Dr. Falk. On March 3, 2004, Israel daily Jerusalem Post and Geneva-based Jewish UN Watch blasted United Nations’ secretary-general Ban Ki-moon over the appointment of Falk’s Turk Jewish wife professor Hilal Elver as organization’s Special Rapporteur on Right to Food.

Falk in a recent interview he gave to Greek journalist and author C.J. Polychroniou said the United States is a complicit in Palestinian bloodshed. Falk said that 80% of Gazans killed by Israeli army proves that “Hamas has become more sophisticated in protecting its militants from Israeli firepower as compared to the results of the two earlier attacks.”

After being put on a rope by the BBC, Falk has posted this advice to his readers. “When BBC Calls, Don’t Answer. That is, don’t answer, if you’re a certified critic of Israeli policies and practices.”

Thanks Heaven, I don’t have to go through that humiliation, Richard Falk.

Indian Hindus love “macho” Israel

flags-india-israel[1]The pro-Israel Indian Outlookindia online news magazine in a recent article, entitled Holy Land’s Pin-Up Warriors claims that Israel’s current Gaza Massacre has made the Zionist entity a role model for Hindu extremists to deal with its (Muslim) neighbors (Pakistan and Bangladesh).

To a large number of Indians who want to see the country emerge as a “tough nation”, Israel is a ready role model. This is a country that has survived in the teeth of constant hostility, winning several wars against a united Arab force; and, as the legend goes, never gives in to hostage-takers, kidnappers and those who try and use ‘terror’ as a tool to marginalize it. Added to all this are accounts of its commando rescue operations in bestsellers like 90 minutes in Entebbe and incidents like that in Srinagar in June 1991, where five of six Israeli tourists escaped after managing to overpower their Kashmiri captors. Such events have bolstered its macho image and deepened Indians’ admiration,” claimed the article.

The above statement show the mindset of a brainwashed Zionist propagandists. Israel is colonial power like the British India 67 years ago. No Arab army ever invaded the Zionist entity since the West gave birth to it in May 1948. The Jewish army never fought a defensive war as Israel has always been the Aggressor.

Pity though, the Jewish army found its match in Hizbullah which defeated it in 2006.

According to British secret files released in 2007, the 1976 hijacking of an Air France plane to Entebbe (Uganda) by the so-called “Palestinian terrorists” belonging to the Front for the Liberation of Palestine, were part of an Israeli false flag operation. In the so-called “Israeli rescue operation”, Israeli prime minister Netanyahu’s brother, an Israeli army officer, was killed by the Israeli hired “Arab terrorists”.

The “six Israeli tourists” were Israeli military adviser to the 500,000-strong Indian occupation army in Jammu and Kashmir Valley. They’re captured by Muslim Kashmiri resistance fighters but five of them were able to escape with the help of RAW agents who have infiltrated among the Kashmiri Mujahideen.

If readers are still confused as to who’re behind the Outlookindia magazine? Here is one clue. On Friday, Patrick Youngblood, posted an article on the magazine, entitled, “All That You Wanted to Know About Israel-Palestine“… but were afraid to ask! He recommended some Jewish news media outlets which he described “most reliable” sources to understand the Israel-Palestine conflict. His choice included The Jew York Times, BBC, +972 (an Israeli  “Liberal Jewish” website, whose publisher called me “anti-Semite” and banned me from commenting a few months ago), Democracy Now!, Middle East Research and Information Project, and of course the Jewish Voice for Peace.

Youngblood concluded his masterpiece by saying that a great majority of Palestinians don’t support either Hamas or Fatah. In other words, the Israeli propagandist is trying to insult former US president Jimmy Carter, who personally observed the 2006 election in the Palestinian Territories (Gaza, West Bank, East Jerusalem) and confirmed the victory of Hamas over Fatah as result of the first-ever democratic election held in the occupied Palestine.

My guess is, the Outlookindia is Hindu-extension of the Jew York Times. Anyway, the article do have some facts about the “macho” Jew, which I’m already aware of. For example, Modi’s private secretary Sanjeev Shringla, an anti-Muslim Hindu fascist recently visited Israel just like his boss, who visited Israel as chief minister of Gujarat in the past. Yes, Israel is the second largest arm suppliers to India, which has become world’s largest arms buyer.

I would like to end this post with an article by Kim Patersen, editor Dissident Voice website published on July 24, 2014. It exposes the “Israel’s Gatekeeprs”, who are still arguing why Hamas is firing rockets against “innocent” Israeli Jews occupying Arab lands.