Hajj tragedy and pro-Israel G4S security force

The recent stampede at Mina ( Makkah) killed nearly 2000 worshippers while injuring hundreds other. This happened when a route was closed for a Saudi prince to reach the front of the lines of pilgrims.

Among the worshippers killed, 464 were from Iran. Iranian government has blamed Saudi Arabia for not providing proper security for the safety of the pilgrims.

The western Jewish media and Christian Zionists are exploiting the tragedy to demonize Islam and Muslims for the benefits of the Zionist regime. The Newsweek claims that the tragedy has created an “open war” between Iran and Saudi Arabia, while the VOX tries to portray the annual pilgrim “a death trap”.

The stampede was planned by Saudis and foreign agents to divert world attention from Zionist regime’s ongoing onslaught on Al-Aqsa Mosque, and kill several Iranian elites performing hajj.

The previous large tragedy happened in 1990 when a stampede killed 1426 pilgrims inside an overcrowded pedestrian tunnel.

In 1987, Saudi forces with the help of French special forces killed 400 Iranian pilgrims during a rally against the US and Israeli policies in the region.

Surprisingly, the Western media is totally silent on the British-Danish security agency G4S (here) whose services Saudi ‘royals’ have contracted since 2010 for the protection of the royals and providing training and assistance to Saudi security forces at airports and other sensitive places during Hajj period. The Saudi subsidiary of G4S, the al-Majal G4S is headed by Khaled Baghdadi, a former Saudi security official (here).

G4S is world’s second largest private security firm. It operates over 50 countries including Israel where it provided protection to the illegal Jewish settlement and torture of Palestinian youth.

Canadian writer and author, Eric Walberg, in October 7 article has criticized Saudi ‘royals’ for their anti-Islam and anti-Muslim activities. “If Muslims showed their resolve and sense of self-sacrifice, this would convince the world to boycott the government of Saudi Arabia, as it did the government of apartheid South Africa, until the House of Saud brings democracy, civil society, human rights – including women rights – and a peaceful and tolerant interpretation of Islam to its people and the world,” he said.

I totally agree with Walberg’s suggestion that the numbers of pilgrims allowed to perform Hajj should be reduced under one million by allowing only those believers who have not performed this religious duty before. No Muslim, ‘chosen one’ or commoner should be allowed to perform Hajj more than once – because even the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) carried out this obligation only once just before his death.

Several members of Islamic movement have raised their voices once again for the removal of al-Saud’s control over Ka’aba and Prophet’s Mosque while calling al-Saud should be tried for war crimes.

Jew-hating Ezra Pound’s poem fetches £7,500

EzraPound[1]On Wednesday, American poet, writer, radio broadcaster and WWII war veteran, Ezra Pound’s unpublished poem was sold at a British auction for £7,500. Pound wrote the poem in praise of British painter Isabel Corington.

My post has nothing to do with Pound’s poetry because my favorite poet happens to be one of dreamers of Pakistan, Sir Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (d. 1938). It’s about what the powerful Jewish Lobby did to Pound for speaking the truth.

In one of broadcast from Italy during WWII Ezra Pound accused German Jewish bankers and businessmen being the reasons for the rise of Hitler and Nazis.

You have got to learn a little, at least a little, about the history of your allies,” he told his listeners. “About Jew-ruined England. About the wreckage of France, wrecked under yid control. Lousy with kikes.”

Pound, who died in 1972 at age 87, also called US president as Franklin D. Frankfurter Jewsfeld (here), and Chinese leader Chiang Kike Chek (here).

The Jewish groups viciously attacked his statement by calling him a Jew hater. Pound was arrested and convicted of treason for holding such anti-Semitic opinion. Convicted in 1947, he was kept 12-year in a lunatic asylum in a urine-soaked cell and forced to wear a straightjacket. For years he was not allowed to see visitors. After ten years, Pound was released as result of a campaign by fellow poets like T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, and others. Pound decided not to stay in United States. He returned to Italy and lived rest of his life in exile in Italy.

Ernest Hemingway wrote about Pound in 1925: “He defends his friends when they’re attacked, he gets them into magazines and out of jail. He loans them money. He writes articles about them. He introduces them to wealthy women. He gets publishers to take their books. He sit up all night with them when they claim to be dying (here).”

Pond was an admirer of Bento Mussolini. Both met on January 30, 1933 for a short chat. He loved Italy so much that he willed to be buried there instead of his motherland.

Netanyahu dumps Angela Markel

Benjamin Netanyahu has just announced that he wouldn’t be traveling to Bonn to meet German Chancellor Angela Markel at the 50th anniversary celebration of West Germany’s recognition of the Zionist entity in 1965. Markel was born and lived in communist-ruled East Germany which didn’t establish diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity until 1990. Markel is the first woman and East German native Chancellor.

Netanyahu’s excuse for cancelling the meeting at the last moment, according to Jewish media, is that Bibi cannot leave Israel which is threatened by regional events, such as Obama’s wooing Iran and Russian forces in Syria.

This week, Markel was to host Netanyahu and several of his cabinet ministers and military leaders at the 6th German-Israel annual mutual discussions over military, Holocaust repatriations, and trade matters.

Angela Markel, who until recently was hailed as “Israel’s best friend” in Israel, has lost her status very quickly as result of her planned visit to Iran this month. Furthermore, contrary to Israel’s objections, Markel has accepted several thousands of refugees, mostly Christians, from Syria, which has infuriated the anti-Muslim but pro-Israel Germans. In July, Markel did the greatest act of antisemitism – she attended a large Iftar party during the Muslim month of Fasting – and told Muslims at the gathering: Islam is part of Germany.

All of sudden, Angela Markel is being accused of not doing enough to combat antisemitism in Germany. New Jewish polls have claimed that more than 50% of German still hate Jews, and German textbooks still depict Jews as traitors and evil people.

It’s reported that Angela Markel has lost her popularity among the White supremacist, anti-immigration and pro-Israel German public. Even some members of her own party CDU have joined the so-called “NeoNazi” Die Linke party, which is headed by Jew Dr. Gregor Gysi.

Eldad Beck, last week interviewed Angela Markel in Bonn, which was published by Israel’s newspaper YNet on October 3, 2015. During the interview, she said that there are a few political issues between her and the Zionist regime – but like every German Chancellor, she is committed to the welfare and security of state of Israel.

Good relations require constant care; you have to speak with one another all the time, especially if there’s a difference of opinion. At the start of my term, I initiated the inter-governmental talks between Germany and Israel, which will take place next week for the sixth time. It’s an opportunity to talk in a very concrete way about wide aspects of our relations: For instance, the cooperation on scientific issues, the joint cultural work, the youth exchanges, and the development initiatives we’re implementing together in several countries,” Markel said.

We are doing this out of an awareness for Germany’s constant responsibility for the fracturing of civilization in the time of the Holocaust and an awareness for the shared values and interests. German-Israeli relations keep developing. Every time, we learn all over again that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. That’s the crucial point – even if we’re split on a few issues that have to do with the settlement policies, and even if we would have liked there to be a negotiation toward a two-state solution,” she added.

A New Crusade Against Muslims

Between the 17th-20th centuries, almost all 50 Muslim-majority states, with the exception of Turkey, in Asia, Middle East and Africa were colonized by European, Russian and Chinese powers in order to loot their natural resource under the smokescreen of “civilizing the heathens”.

After the fall of Turkey’s so-called “Ottoman Caliphate”, two major Islamic movements emerged to challenge the western colonists; Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Jamaat-e-Islami in British India. Both were established for the revival of true Islamic spirit among the Muslims who suffered under western colonial brutality for three to four generations. Both had no “terrorist wings” like World Zionist movement to fight against the foreign colonists or terrorize civilians in foreign lands.

The Muslim Brotherhood attracted  Islamists in Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, and Tunisia. However, Jamaat-e-Islami’s influence remained only within Indian sub-continent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). Both Islamic movement suffered at the hands of Western colonialists and later their local secularist and military rulers. Politically, both movements have been wiped off by the anti-Islam ruling elites with the exception of India and Pakistan.

After the WWII, United States and Soviet Union, both led by anti-Muslim Zionist Jews and Christians, divided all 57 former Muslim colonies into two blocks; the US and USSR to use as their playground during the so-called “Cold War”. During the 50 years of which neither of them attacked each other over their puppet regimes.

Both acted midwife to the Zionist entity in historic Muslim Palestine. Both were the first world powers to recognize the Zionist entity within hours when declared unilaterally by David Ben-Gurion on May 14, 1948. Washington provided the necessary funds while Moscow supplied Jewish population to replace Palestinian Muslim and Christian Natives.

In 1979 Iranian Islamic movement toppled USrael’s regional policeman King Reza Shah. Washington forced its puppets in Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to stop Iranian revolutionary spirit reaching Palestine. Saddam Hussein took the task of destroying Islamic Revolution in its infancy. However, after 8-year war which cost both Iraq and Iran more than $5 trillion and over one million dead, American plot failed, and Saddam Hussein was butchered to death by his western masters.

In 1979, Red Army moved in and occupied Kabul. A great majority of Afghan population is religious and tribal. They refused to live under an atheist/Jewish colonial power. They rebelled and after 9-year guerrilla war forced Red Army to withdraw from Afghanistan. United States saw it a golden opportunity to make the world a unipolar power, United States. Saudi Arabia and Gulf state supplied funds, the US, UK, Germany and France sold arms to Afghan Mujahideen via Pakistan’s ISI. The Mujahideen destroyed Soviet Union for United States. United States became the sole super power and USSR was reduced to the present-day Russia – a country with stockpile of nuclear arsenal but a demoralized army.

In order to replace Soviet influence among Muslim nation states, Washington decided to change the map of the Muslim world. It built new military bases in Muslim and Christian majority countries in Asia, Africa, and Middle East to contain re-emergence of political Islam, which naturally would become a threat to Israel’s security.

In order to gear public support at home and abroad needed to invade and kill millions of Muslims mainly children, the CIA, MI6, DGSC, Mossad, and RAW carried out false flag operations to demonize Muslims and Islam, such as 9/11, London bombing, Mumbai terrorist attacks, and Buenos Aires terrorism to name a few.

In order to portray Muslims being a great threat to world security and peace, CIA and Mossad created so-called “Islamic terrorists”, such as al-Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, and al-Shabaab to name a few.

The US State Department and Jewish lobbying groups created the Arab Spring to destabilize Arab countries neighboring Israel and provide an excuse for its proxies around the world to criminalize Muslims.

After the destruction legal governments in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Libya – the ‘Arab Spring’ is in full force to subjugate Syrian and Yemeni Arabs.

The current Russian airstrike in Syria is being cheered by many fools in Muslim world, calling Vladimir Putin being a ‘Savior’. One wonders why it took Putin over four years to help Syrian army, while the US, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia were funding, arming and training the rebels since 2011.

Many fools are predicting Syrian conflict as beginning of WWIII, because Iran and Hizbullah are actively involved in defending Bashar al-Assad’s elected government. United States, Russia and Israel don’t want a WWIII fought in the Middle East, because once nuclear bombs are used – it will not only kill tens of millions of Muslims and Christian, but also vaporize the entire Jewish population of Israel.

In Lebanon, more and more Christians are joining Hizbullah to fight their common enemy, ISIS and Israel. “We are in very dangerous situation. The only people who’re protecting us are the resistance of Hizbullah. The only one standing with the army is Hizbullah. Let’s not hide it anymore,” says Rifat Nasrallah, a Catholic businessman, who is funding a Christian militia.

Hizbullah has always received praises from patriotic Lebanese Christians – leaders, artists, and citizens. Watch a video below.

Federal Court rejects Harper’s anti-Hijab appeal

harper-haaretz-bibi[1]Canada’s pro-Israel Stephen Harper government’s bid to stop Muslim women wearing a face veil (Hijab) while taking the oath of citizenship has failed after the Federal Court of Appeal refused to suspend its ruling of last month calling government’s policy illegal.

The Appeal Court ruling is Harper’s third defeat in a row. Harper is well-known for his hatred toward Muslims to please his masters in Israel.

Danny Williams, former premier of Newfoundland and Labrador (2003-2010) has called Harper’s anti-Hijab policy bordering racism.

He doesn’t care if he isolate the issues of women or if he isolate the issues of minorities, and even crosses, possibly, that racism line. It doesn’t matter to him. It’s all about getting elected at the end of the day,” Williams, a leader of Harper’s Conservative party, said in a recent interview he gave to CBC News.

The Western elites have long been applying stereotype Muslim women issues to hide their own religious and social contempt for women, treating them as labor and sex slaves than humans with somewhat equal rights. For a practicing Muslim woman including political and social leader, nations’ First Lady, PhD holder, journalist, and house wife – Hijab is a sign of modesty. She refuses to walk half naked in bikini to become “civilized” as per western standards.

Wearing Hijab is both religious and cultural right of a Muslim woman. Its shape and style depends on climate and local culture. Personally, I don’t like the “one piece burqa or Nun’s headgear”, but a “stylish Hijab”, certainly makes a woman look more attractive.

For many Muslim women, wearing Hijab is sign of liberation (Feminism). Wearing Hijab has not stopped them participating in any field even the western-style beauty contests.

Most Canadian Muslim women don’t agree with bigots like Stephen Harper. They consider wearing Hijab as part of Feminism and not Oppression (here, here).

India: Muslim boy leaves prayer to save ‘Holy Cow’

Two revealing incidents within one week to show Hindu fascism in Mahatma Gandhi’s so-called ‘secular democratic India’.

A week ago, a mob of 200 Hindu worshippers beat to death a Muslim farm worker, Muhammad Akhlaq, 50, for suspecting he sacrificed a Holy Cow.

On October 5, 2015, several Indian newspapers reported that Lucknow administration “facilitated Muhammad Zaki, 20, of Bharat Bhakkan Mill in Aishbagh, who on Sunday jumped into a well to save a cow that fell into it by accident, while a dozen Hindus had gathered around the well, shouting for someone to call a crane to save the Holy Cow.

I saw a large number of people gathered around the open well looking at a cow that had fallen in and I volunteered to go down and save her (watch video below),” Muhammad Zaki was quoted saying by The Times of India. It’s also said that Zaki was on his way to perform daily prayers in the local mosque.

India, the so-called ‘largest democracy’ has over 206 million Holy Cows, which have more rights than Hindu Dalits. In India the upper-class Hindus can kill Dalits for no reason and get away with murder. But killing or slaughtering of a cow would certainly put you in jail or worse get you killed on the spot. Several Indian states promote drinking of cow urine and dung, while Dalits are forced to eat the shit and piss of upper caste Hindus.

Morarji Desai, former Indian prime minister (1977-79) in an interview with Barbra Walter admitted that he drinks Holy Cow urine everyday as a religious duty. Urine mixed soft drinks are becoming popular among religious and non-religious Hindus based on urine-therapy benefits (here).

India’s ruling party, BJP, like the Zionist regime in Palestine, is rewriting India’s history (ruled by Muslims for nearly 1000 years and united 5,000 Hindu princely states into one country). But these gatekeepers of Hinduism are not aware of the fact that a Hindu can and do eat beef.

Malala wants to be the ‘new’ Benazir Bhutto

flag_of_Pakistan[1]On December 27,  2007, the Western powers used Pakistan’s ‘whisky-loving’ first female prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, as sacrificial lamb to bring her unpopular party PPP back to power. The planned worked and 150 million Pakistanis were put under the boots of her husband, a western godfather Asif Ali Zardari.

Some Pakistanis believe Benazir Bhutto was a political pimp of Zionism.

Israel’s agenda to destroy Pakistan with the help of United States and India goes back to Israel’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion’s speech in Israeli Knesset in which he claimed Pakistan’s nuclear program as an ‘existential threat’ to the Zionist project in Palestine. Israel fulfilled half of its dream in creation of Bangladesh out of former eastern-wing of Pakistan.

For the last few years, the Jewish Lobby has been grooming Pakistan’s ‘wonder girl’ Malala Yousefzai to take place of Benazir Bhutto in the future. In an interview last week, Malala, 18, told IndiaToday TV host Rajdeep Sardessai that she was aiming to become prime minister of Pakistan like her idol Benazir Bhutto.

In order to help her future plan, Hollywood’s Jewish filmmaker and billionaire Davis Guggenheim, has just produced a movie on the ‘heroic life’ of Malala Yousefzai. Ironically, the title of the movie speaks some truth; He Named Me Malala.

To me, of all the movies I’ve ever made, this one inspired me the most, just being in proximity to her and her father…. They really made me come home to my home and say, ‘what kind of father am I? What kind of family do we have? I have two daughters. Do my daughters feel as equal, as empowered, as Malala feel? These last two years working with them making this movie has really played a big influence on me,” Guggenheim said.

I’m sure Guggenheim would never make the above statement about Umm Nidal’s family whose three boys were killed by Jewish soldiers. Watch an inspiring interview with her.