Israel was created to solve Europe’s ‘Jewish Problem’

Israeli professor Shlomo Sand is the author of several controversial books on Israel and Judaism. The list includes The Invention of the Jewish People, and The Invention of the Land of Israel. His latest book to propagate more myths about Jews, Israel and Holocaust is How I Ceased To Be A Jew.

What Shlomo Sand and other Zionist and the so-called “anti-Zionist” writers refuse to admit that Zionist Jews used Europe’s centuries-old Jewish Problem to establish a Jewish homeland in Muslim-majority historic Palestine and the western powers including the US, Britain and USSR helped them to achieve their dream.

Initially, a great majority of British Jews were against the creation a ‘Jewish homeland’ on an Arab land. However, British hardcore Christian Zionist leaders, such as, Lord Balfour, Lord Shaftesburry and Lolyd George were driven by their ‘messianic fantasy’ that once a great majority of world Jewry assemble in the Holy Land (Palestine), it will usher the second-coming of Christ. Over 65 million evangelic Christian still believe that when Christ appears he will convert Jews to Christianity in the Holy Land and the ones who refuse to convert would be put to death.

The distorted interpretation of the Jewish Bible (OT) has been and still remains central to Western support for the Zionist entity. This support has generated over $3 trillion American aid to Israel since 1970s excluding $3 billion annual military aid and over 38 American vetoes at the UNSC to protect the Zionist entity being dragged to some international body on charges of war crimes.

On September 16, 2014, Janet C. Phelan, an investigative journalist and author, published an informative post, entitled, The United States and Israel: A Dance of Deception in which she shed some light over the European’s hatred towards Jews, Zionism, Israel, Israel’s Dumb Iron Dome and the new Jewish religion, the Holocaust.

To understand the dysfunctional US-Israel relationship which has been plagued with self-deception, betrayal and false intent from its inception. To begin with, one must understand that the state of Israel was in large part created by those who despised Jews,” Phelan said.

In fact, Roosevelt’s own personal racial ideas might be considered to be somewhat aligned with Hitler’s. His refusal to raise immigration quotas for Jews helped to ensure that Jews would be trapped in Eastern Europe. As reported by Rafael Medoff, director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies in an article for the Los Angeles Times:  “In 1923, as a member of the Harvard board of directors, Roosevelt decided there were too many Jewish students at the college and helped institute a quota to limit the number admitted. In 1938, he privately suggested that Jews in Poland were dominating the economy and were therefore to blame for provoking anti-Semitism there. In 1941, he remarked at a Cabinet meeting that there were too many Jews among federal employees in Oregon. In 1943, he told government officials in Allied-liberated North Africa that the number of local Jews in various professions “should be definitely limited” so as to “eliminate the specific and understandable complaints which the Germans bore towards the Jews in Germany,” Phelan said.

Interestingly, Benjamin H. Friedman (died 1984), a Jewish defector, had called  FDR a Jewish Pawn along with presidents Wilson, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, Lyndon Johnson and Nixon.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a captive of the Talmudists from the time he went to Albany as governor of the state of New York. President Roosevelt was long beholden to the Talmudists,” wrote Friedman.

Phelan claims that the American Jewish Congress (AJC) also collaborated with Nazis.

Phelan claims that the Zionist entity benefited from the 9/11 terrorist attacks the most. “The fact that the attacks of 911 were used as a rationale to go to war, first against Afghanistan and Iraq, then in a domino effect to attack Libya and threaten war against Syria and Iran, can only be seen as an effort to destabilize the entire region, an effort which may have fatal blowback for Israel,” She said.

S.A. Jew leader: Bishop Tutu is Adolf Hitler

rhodes-logoThe Jewish Lobby loves to honor every world leader who criticizes the Zionist regime by comparing him with Adolf Hitler, a Crypto Jew himself. South African Jewish weekly Jewish Report in a recent Op-Ed, entitled ‘Arch no better than Hitler or Stalin’ written by country’s Israeli Likud party president Leon Reich, equating South Africa’s former Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Adolf Hitler and Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Just as it was more important for Hitler to kill Jews than protect the fatherland in the last days of (WW II) war so it is more important for Tutu to kill Jews rather to protect his fellow Christians,” wrote Reich.

Reich also accused Tutu of “preying” on Israel together with Hamas, and said that two are working together towards the destruction of Israel.

Ant Katz, the media editor of the S.A. Jewish Report has supported the Tutu-Hitler comparison, but said that Tutu’s Hitler look-alike photo (above) was published by the Weekly and not by Reich, the author of the post.

I’m sure the self-denying Zionist Jew Reich knows that Josef Stalin’s all three wives were Jewish – and he also fathered the first Jewish state in Soviet in 1934. Stalin who destroyed thousands of churches and mosques during his rule over Soviet and Ukraine – never targeted even a single synagogue.

Anyone who has followed Bishop Tutu’s activities and writings would know that he is not in favor of the liberation of the historic Palestine occupied by foreign Jews since 1948. He just wants the Zionist regime to let native Muslim and Christian Palestinians establish an independent state of their own on the 22% (pre-1967) of their ancestral land. Last month, Tutu penned an Op-Ed for Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, entitled, Liberation of Palestine will liberate Israel, too.

The Jewish Lobby has accused Bishop Tutu of supporting BDS movement. Unfortunately, most supporters of BDS don’t realize that it in fact legalizes Jewish occupation of historic Palestine.

Both former Iranian president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Libyan leader Qaddafi are among the many world leaders who received that honor in the past.

Lobby: An independent Scotland is bad for Israel

On September 18, 2014, every Scottish person over the age of 18 year and living in Scotland, United Kingdom, European Union or a Commonwealth member country is eligible to vote for the independence of his/her motherland.

Scotland is home to more than 40,000 Muslims, most of them second, third and fourth generation citizens. A great majority of them along with other Scottish Asians see an independent Scotland more tolerant toward Muslim community and less controlled by the powerful UK Jewish Lobby.

The most celebrated Muslim Scot has been Queen Victoria’s controversial teacher and confident Abdul Karim.

UK’s ‘Islamophobe’ prime minister David Cameron has warned the ‘Scots for Israel’ that an independent Scotland would be more pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel than United Kingdom.

As usual, the “gate keepers” of the West’s political affairs, are advising the Scots to vote “Yes” or “No” on independence referendum based on what’s good for Israel if they want to remain accepted by the so-called “civilized world”.

Last week, David Folkerts-Landau (Jewish) Chief Economist of German Deutsche Bank warned Scots that they will face a “Great Depression” within an independent Scotland.

Israel First Australian-born British media billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who is accused for bribing Tony Blair to join George Bush’s 2003 war on Iraq for Israel tweeted his support for a “No” vote to Scottish independence.

On March 21, 2014, Adam Ramsay wrote an article, entitled, Scotland isn’t different, it’s Britain that’s bizarre in which he proved that an independent Scotland will be more prosperous, socialistic, family-oriented and human rights supportive than it’s now under English imperialism.

On September 8, 2014, Jerusalem-based The Times of Israel, a news website run by a British Zionist Jews published an Op-Ed by Brian Fink in which the writer claimed that since the Israel’s recent ‘Operation Protective Edge’, the Scottish Jewish community of 6000-7000 don’t feel safe in Scotland anymore as result of anti-Israel protesters have held rallies in front of several synagogues, rise in Boycott Israel (BDS) movement popularity, criticism of Israeli actions against Hamas at several universities, and some town halls displayed Palestinian flag.

Naturally, Fink has to pick some Muslim to blame for the centuries-old Jewish hatred even though England is the only country which had expelled its entire Jewish population for 350 years, from 1290 by King Edward I and were allowed to return in 1656 by Lord Oliver Cromwell, a Crypto Jew. Fink didn’t have to go far. He just missed a few Christian politicians who support Scotland’s independence like Craig Murray, Alistair Darling, Tommy Sheridan, Alex Salmond and others – and found a Muslim scapegoat, Yvonne Ridley, the British reporter who was captured by Taliban inside Afghanistan. Over a year after she was released by Taliban unconditionally, she converted to Islam.

British journalist Yvonne Ridley along with MP George Galloway and journalist Lauren Booth support Hamas against the Zionist regime which is an old-fashioned hatred toward Jews according to the organized Jewry.

Fink the ‘Zionist skunk’ believes that since George Galloway said last month that Bradford is Israel Free Zone, but wants Scots to say “No” to Scotland separation – Yvonne Ridley tweeted : “Zionist-free Scotland”, which shows her Muslim hatred toward Jews as Fink believes that the entire world Jewry of 12.7 million is Zionist.

Scotland and Wales have been occupied by the English crown since 1707. Scotland is the second largest country in the United Kingdom—smaller than England but larger in area and population than Wales and Northern Ireland combined. If revenues from oil and gas in Scotland’s waters are included, its gross domestic product (GDP) per capita would be significantly higher than that of the rest of the UK. If Scotland votes “yes” to a split, the U.K.’s population will drop by around 8 percent. There are just over five million Scots, according to the latest estimates. Two percent of Scotland’s population lives on its 93 inhabited islands

Israel says NO to American “Alliance against ISIS”

Thanks to John Kerry’s “diplomatic drive” and Obama’s arm twisting of America’s Arab allies next-door to the Zionist entity, ten Arab League members have agreed to bankroll Obama’s pledge to “ultimate degrade and destroy Israeli terrorists or ISIS. However, Kerry forgot asked America’s top regional ally Israel to join Zionist plan to occupy both Syria and Iraq under the cover of fighting ISIS. In addition, Washington has also asked Germany, France, Britain, Canada and Australia to join the coalition.

The Jewish media has given full support to Obama’s $500 million funds to rebels, allied to ISIS in the past, and Baghdad to continue their fight against Bashar al-Assad and ISIS. However, it has cautioned to let Israel’s neighbors, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to lead the fight against ISIS as the “terrorist militia” poses greater threat to them and not Israel.

The Zionists’ agenda is to let Muslims kill fellow Muslims while destroying any future military resistance to the Zionist entity.

Washington should try a new approach. The US should leave fight to those actually threatened by the enemy du jour, ISIS. In this case ISIS. Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, in particular, should act to degrade the Islamic group’s capabilities, shrink its territory, and defeat it, as the president hopes to do,” wrote Doug Bandow in an Op-Ed in Jewish Forbe magazine on September 13, 2014.

Professor Noah Smith (Stony Brook University) in a column at the Jewish Valley News on September 10, 2014, advised Barack Obama to bring on board Iran to fight ISIS, as Iran and Turkey are the only regional powers which can defeat ISIS. According to good Jewish professor, since Turkey is not a trusted ally of the United States, Iran must be embraced by every possible mean to join the bloody war against ISIS. Smith says that none of America’s Arab allies have the military power and guts to defeat ISIS.

US aerial firepower and Iranian troops could defeat ISIS, but more crucially, Iran is also in a position to stabilize the region. Assad is a monster, but if the United States and Iran were allied, he might be pressured into sharing power with the anti-ISIS rebels after ISIS goes down; as it is, our unrelenting commitment to get rid of Assad is assuring that Syria will remain in a state of anarchy, a vacuum that only an ISIS-type entity will ever fill. If anyone can pressure both Assad and the Iraqi Shiites into sharing power with local Sunnis, it’s an American-Iranian duo,” said Smith.

The ISIL or ISIS is an Israeli Project given birth in United States in 2007. Like the 9/11 and 2003 Iraq War, Israel First Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham played a significant part in nursing this anti-Muslim Zionist monster. Read the whole story here.

Listen to Lebanese academic and author of several books on Iran, Hizbullah and Syria, Amal Abdo Saad-Ghorayeb interview with the RT on Obama’s strategy against ISIS below.


Toronto’s $300 million Agha Khan Museum of Islamic Heritage

On Friday (September 12, 2014), the opening ceremony of the Agha Khan Museum was performed by the current Agha Khan (a hereditary title), leader of the 15 million Ismaili Shia community living in over thirty countries. The ceremony was attended by two Israel Firsters, Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper and the opposition leader of Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau. Both Zionist Christians supported Israel against Hamas. The Museum will be open to public on September 18, 2014. It’s located near Toronto’s Science Center in the borough of North York. Watch a video below.

Originally, the Agha Khan Islamic Center was planned to be built in London (UK) over land owned by St Thomas’s Hospital and King’s College in south London. The two owners backed-down from their earlier decision to sell the land to Agha Khan Development Network under pressure from country’s Jewish and Christian groups in the 1990s.

The UK-born Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, 77, a multi-billionaire, lives in Paris. He happens to be an honorary citizen of Canada. He was married twice. Earlier this year, he paid over $90 million to get rid of his second wife Princess Gabriele Zu Leinengen, 50 after a 10-year divorce battle. She is related to British Windsor royal family.

The Museum collection contains over one thousand artifacts and artworks which spans over one thousand years of Islamic history. The objects – in ceramic, metalwork, ivory, stone and wood, textile and carpet, glass and rock crystal objects, parchment and illustrated paintings on paper – present an overview of the artistic accomplishments of Muslim civilisations from the Iberian Peninsula to China.

In 2004, Agha Khan Trust for Culture (AGTC) opened Al-Azhar Park in Cairo. It took seven years to build the park at the cost of US$30 million. The 74-acre park is located on what was a huge 500 year old garbage heap (1.5 million cubic meters) in the middle of old Cairo city build by Fatimids in 969 CE. The park is named after world’s famous Muslim University, Al-Azhar University, which was build by Jawhar the Sicilian, commander of Fatimid troops. The mosque was opened for prayers on June 22, 972 CE. Watch a video below.

Kosher Pope Francis to visit Turkey for Israel

The Vatican announced yesterday that Kosher Pope Francis I has accepted an invitation from Greek Orthodox Church Patriarch Bartholomew to visit Istanbul on November 30, 2014. The visit has been billed as Francis’ first visit to a predominant Muslim (99%) nation state by the Jewish media though Francis is due to visit Albania next week. Albania has 70% Muslims and 30% Christian population. However, Albania is officially an Atheist state.

Many Muslims including myself wonder why Francis chose to visit Turkey which has a total Christian population of less than 120,000 including 4,000 followers of Greek Orthodox Church. Why didn’t the Pope chose Muslim-majority countries which are homes to much larger Christian populations like Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan or Indonesia. Indonesia is home to nearly 12 million Christians?

Istanbul has only one Christian historic landmark – the Aya (Hagia) Sofia, a church, which was turned into a mosque by Ottoman Sultan Mehmet in 1453 by removing all Christian symbol except the statue of Saint Mary. The mosque was turned into a national museum by the founder of modern Turkey, Gen. Kemal Pasha, a Crypto Jew.

Interestingly, the Vatican was recently criticized by Mehmet Görmez, head of Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate, for remaining ineffective in preventing attacks against Muslim minorities in the Christian-majority countries.

In May 2014, Pope Francis made “landmark” aliya (pilgrimage) to the anti-Christ Israel where he placed a wreath at the grave of Herzl Theodor, a criminal Zionist Jew who backstabbed Turkey.

Before arriving in Istanbul, Pope Francis will address the European Parliament on November 25, in Strasbourg in France on the invitation of European Parliament president Martin Schultz (Jewish). During his stay in France, Pope will meet with French president Hollande, a Zionist whore.

In June 2014, Pope Francis declared that there is a Jew hidden inside every Christian.

Looking at Francis’ past record as Argentina’s Archbishop; he made a secret visit to Israel and even co-authored a book with Argentina’s chief rabbi, I bet the Pope is going to Turkey not to “Save Jesus’ Sheep”, but to rekindle the old Turkish-Israel love affair against the Muslim world.


Iran’s political strategy is winning in Yemen

loveyemen[1]In 2010, Jew Senator Joe Lieberman had predicted that America’s future war will be in Yemen. Lieberman was indirectly stating the strategic importance of Yemen for the Zionist entity. Yemen’s coastal Red Sea (which leads to Suez Cannal, Mediterranean and Dead Sea) is the only international water-way which links the Zionist entity with the outside world.

It seems, Iran’s political support for the Shia-majority Houthi resistance against the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia  ‘Axis of Evil’ has started showing good results.

Viktor Titov PhD, a Russian geopolitical expert on Middle East affairs wrote on September 12, 2014: “If (Yemen’s) president and the prime minister do not rally their efforts, then the Houthis will get an easy victory without massive use of force or even efforts. This will result in creation of a pro-Iran Shia Islamic state in the north, which in turn force southerners to separate and create their own country and that is nothing less than a total rebalance of powers in the region.”

The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia have accused the Islamic Republic for interfering in Yemen’s internal affairs by providing support for the marginalized Houthis against the regime in Sana’a. Houthis tribes which make almost half of Yemeni population, have been waging decades-long struggle to secure their rightful place in Yemen. Their struggle is lead by Ansar Allah (supporters of Allah), an Islamist organization.

Yemen had been occupied by the Ottomans, British and Egypt in the past. Saudi Arabia has been meddling in Yemen affairs by running a proxy war the United States and Israel to contain Iranian influence even when the country was divided into the communist-ruled South and Shia Zaydi dynasty in the North until 1990 unification of the country. Currently, it is supporting the pro-USrael regime of president Abed Rabbo Mansour Haddi.

Last week, the security forces killed seven and wounded several dozens of Houthis demonstrators who have blamed the ruling Islamic Reform Party (al-Islah) being using the tactics of the former military dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was deposed in 2011.

On September 12, 2014, Labanese Al-Akhbar published an article written by Mona Safwan, entitle ‘How Iran succeeded in Yemen while Saudi Arabia failed’.

“You cannot run a country with only money. Had Saudi Arabia learned this lesson, it would have avoided its resounding failure in Yemen. The Kingdom could not protect its rear from the south as result of its mistaken policies in the small country. Whereas the geographically distant Iran knew how to manage its policies in Yemen by using “reasons” than money. The result is Iran surpass Saudi Arabia in Yemen,” she said.

That stands true for both the United States and its Zionist masters in Tel Aviv. On July 30, 2014, Jewish writer Robert Kozak posted an article entitled ‘Israel Faces Latin American Backlash‘ in the Wall Street Journal, in which he lamented that both Israel and the United States have been isolated thanks to Iranian foreign policy under former president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.